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RT Discusses Miles' Nightmares

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Recorded: 2014-11-11 23:48:43

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Participants: Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Jordan Cwiers




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Transcript (in progress):

what episode of the RT Podcast is brought to you by godadd it's go time and godadd and here to help you kicked ass online start your website today with a dollar 49. Cop is it Go daddy.com and enter promo code rooster 149 you get your. Come for just a dollar 49 civilizations apply the website for details it was great tasting wholesome snacks right to your door get the vending machine it started with some delicious treats like dark Co otterbox.com Dolly Madison you look just like him who are you remind you that Jackie Chan thing hello on and this is the part Ted guy be there tomorrow he's in La as well I think he's gone for a couple days which means I have the office to myself family do the back of the old office we were literally like tables I still a hole in the wall when we have a cold I co drive-thru window and are on track to talk to Monty Monty's in your office Bob do today and the last couple days you are with the 535 which friend but he doesn't know we had a perk on Indiegogo That was supposed to be a one-time Park but the system broke and we sold 535 of them and which is funny because 535 tickets were sold for 2x but they're doing a the office and had to explain my office looks so ghetto and I was like when we first moved into the ceiling and I just like to randomly placed attached to the wall that I don't care it's very rare that we watch Simpsons all day earlier which is myself call Josh Patrick gray and Carrie is really nice we got a new one today and the first thing penis penis the weather today and as I so I walked in like 5 feet behind him and he took the urine on then I went to the store and we're both be in and I have it Metro PCS in time if you're trying the hardest to be the first to like be there or else like that you don't want to be the one that takes forever because in your life you think they're going to be catch if anything if I'm if I'm focusing on like trying to make him try to intimidate the other person was home! I am for the deep end to on the topic of fucking bullshit. I recently got back from the gym and it was a wonderful time everybody that we met up there thank you so much from you. Thank you for the drinks on the table and it was super fun and I think it was food poisoning I don't know I've never been around I can do whatever dude and then a few minutes go by and I'm feeling really sick again if they can I start getting like bowel problems like it was a fucking bitch like there was a need to go and you got yep I was going to take an extra be you and you like the same guy that was not good it's not good and then a few hours later it got to the point where it is really gross I'm sorry I threw up so hard I lost my voice I never got it Alan Thicke I what's up gag reflex so extreme they always prepared for it I got it he's always wanting to carry carry just outside of toilet I got some the shinin category murdering me while I'm vomiting all right then you two are streamers I got I got super sick and I realize I couldn't talk and at this point I am feeling really cold and I'm not feeling really right so I tried to I tried calling him but he couldn't hear me when I talk so then I texted him I'll take him some the ones I like I think I'm in a bad spot calls you come help me so he comes over and I don't really remember this one to carry he opens the door and was just hit with his first a really hot air and I'm sitting there shaking and it comes in currently I crank the heat all the way up and had the fan on maximum on my pain I look like a drug addict and I proceeded to get worse from there like the people that like to suggest medicine for me and they brought me talks when I call them to the front desk apple tree whisper without fail and so it got to the point where I started mumbling things that didn't make sense and apparently Alan Alan and Carrie can come out here and at one point that I sat up in bed and said I'm really sorry I'll get them Monday I'm just now yeah I don't know if you know what I just started repeating everything Alan Wilson so this is this is what did you eat today Tudy which one Indian food place beforehand which I've had before was fine and we know what we did family say we all ordered stuff and we all really want only what we think it was when we ordered the shrimp and the other dude was delicious and I could eat anything other than water 7-Up I lay down I had to carry and he's going for it and then according to Carrie my I just exploded out of my head and I slam the scope down I jump up and do the way they described as I drifted around the corner I thought it was Adam going in the bathroom I go like that then there and there's a little bit of Mile High tattoo that was the guy to get out of my purse to get out it was it was hands down the worst sickness I've ever had in my entire life they had me under Ted you like are you okay I remember I think I finally went to sleep I was out for most the day Sunday I woke up at one point just fucking ravenous and they looked an orange in my room on my bed grab it and then passed out again for the rest of day it was fucked up alcohol after I come out and I don't know why I promise I was not hungover it was it was an ordeal I did that with qualifications it was really bear cartoon I I should have been to Disneyland once when I was a kid and it 5 I mean a little too old but still like I stand the girl at my summer camp rooster pants we were at the lake going swimming but I think she was 12 or 13 points already and that it's okay to let it slip yeah it's a very unacceptable I know but I just remember her holding the back of her bathing suit and like running catch up with everyone being like I think she just shot herself kids make fun of each other and I just like it always made me really sad how people make fun of each other and for the rest of the way she doesn't feel like you're going to be poopy pants miles I called you before me you let me bear barbar I really got out of hand I turn on my miles poopy pants miles and it was like Alan Alda I was out in the ocean with some friends and we were like at this to dispatch in Huntington and we will go to the time and so now we're out on the water but the bathroom was I get the bathrooms like on the beach it's like it's like forever and a day away from the public outdoor restrooms and public and so and hi Mike I'm just going to you know what that's fine praise all the gods of the ocean just feel like help you get your car to mile Hoover to Bear again the smaller scale it at home at like 8 inches long and I want to my little brother in the freezer and we always know when it's because all the sudden you hear I love you so much are you going to talk about Scott Scott Speedman or something like that for Ted naked South Park became like awesome be like that episode The Twist in the end when he likes you because the whole time you think Brandon Radiohead met up with that was dumb I wish it had happened today so people probably speaking of talk a lot about this but today we announced that Rashid has been acquired by fullscree more which is really really exciting and it's mostly because this is a really cool opportunity for Rooster Teeth to be able to create a lot more bigger and better content and grow especially and nothing's changing we're still going to create what we want to create and still have the same voice that Rooster Teeth has always had but we felt it would be a lot more appropriate if like bringing that we're here to talk about it rather than us Mother 3 journals that we posted on the rooster teeth site not bringing myself all posted stuff about it so definitely go check those out some people's questions have been answered and yet we're just really excited to get a lot of you no response I told a bunch of people it's like I had like 437 I had the same reaction like it was as soon as we were told I look like in the movies Incorporated Cyanide & Happiness talk yet the amazing on anything we do I was really excited for like what it like the opportunities that we're going to have now and I like we don't have to worry about like stealing back stuff because we want we can pull this off you know they're scared of if the community is going to change or if you know something's going to happen but I think the reason why fullscree and such a perfect match for us is that they get it and they understand why were in the position that we are and we've been able to grow for all these years and how fucking awesome our community is and that's not going to give me a boner it's been a very exciting day a week every every Direction with Joel if it is a magical interaction it really is teeth every time I walk away like confused when you're around jaw when drinking beer Matt's birthday party and Joel had had a few drinks and I was talking with him and Joe had his watch on the watch that he thought with the Las Vegas money I got $5,000 to do with it he's burning but the conversation and let me put it on the conversation electricity my and Co electronic one point I went it's only because I was trying to keep the whole night with it or leave it Neil and I had his $5,000 watch on my hand and quickly put it somewhere safe in the house and and then the next day I think the next day was like a Saturday or something at the luncheon was it was the next day was Saturday and I'm like in the afternoon I got an email from Joe can you my phone number and he said it was short and succinct enough for like a dream I was like I can't tell if you're joking or females really feel like you need to get my watch back or some like that and I was like I put in my backpack and and came to the stream hoping that you come to the stream and then someone said he was coming in so I went and grabbed it during the actual extreme and I put it on and and he eventually throughout the spring break actually got it off of me whale 1 Point lighting with Joel and he was like you get off me and I left and just left and then forgot that you were taking it and I went home and did not know where it was and then I guess later on somehow jaw Tremor just resets and I'll you every night wait a minute I've never done something like that so it's likely that a really nice sunglasses or just my own the argument was that if you take better care of it I would leave them used to like buy the cheap version of it looks like you will definitely invest a lot of money and if you get what you pay for but I feel like something really expensive I buy cheap clothes I buy cheap makeup because I'm going to buy some like a camera or a computer or even a phone my old and I want to buy the latest thing when it comes out so that I can like maximize how long I have the best thing out there and so and so I just went to Best Buy yesterday and 30 minutes and international power adapters I just wish I had more well I don't want to a few of them like be without power you know the whole 2 weeks I'm done what do you need something to plug in like what are you bringing that plugs into charger laptop charger stuff they make 240 hertz the first day we were there it was like this weird culture shock but not be from the behavior of people doing fake British accent I just felt like I was surrounded by people pretending to be let's be honest for a moment an hour after landing a taxi taxi driver with driving to hotel with his face and he was like cop biker cop like a cop British flag and she goes driving by in the morning apparently Ted Lansing I was surprised at the lack of Doctor Who shit at the ethical question General weather I was in Australia last year somebody told me a story of how at the Sydney airport a kangaroo have gotten loose and was going past security was like in the in the terminals at the gate and stuff nothing like coming for the first time you get off your plane walk right into the airport it's not really that's what I was thinking all those streams right now the cords hanging out for some reason when I was 10 years old I went I thought I saw snow for the first time my family took it to Salt Lake City Utah for a family trip for a you know which hotel I my friendship you have a lot of fun horses it's weird because like you know in the movies you know it's like the hero like in the horse but everybody had horses so there's like a lot of horses you know it's really really crowded I look like I have for California as well Gathering that kind of thing in any of people from other states like California surf you live like a celebrity I think I'm I think it I think it's like people that try to make it and then just fucking face the reality is what it is I thought I was going to be after college because I wanted to try working at work now but I was nervous and then I was like to be a working actor without any other supplementary income for like 10 years I think you are a diamond in the rough MTV activit out without supplements like for that long no one does that everyone Leaving Vegas was like no not right now types of blonde I don't know what that about you we never make fun of the Beavers to be to Toronto Fan Expo like one of the first fucking things about the you got the cooties you should have any more Canadians it was really funny I only realized after leaving Canada and going back recently actually for Fan Expo with Lindsay how Canadian candidates true you don't say stereotypes of roll easy no root and flower Vail zodiac animals like the problems you had in London come on let me read it up alright don't let someone steal your great idea register a domain now and put your ID online godadd he is offering one new or transfer.com for the low price of a dollar 49 whether you're building your dream business or starting a website for fun visit godadd.com and enter code rooster 149 at checkout it's go time limitations apply see website for details yes I did what about you but I bought it for a friend of mine for his 4th birthday we got a dual role talk he has no computer experience whatsoever so we spent like $100 or however much it was a joke on a one-line joke and could do nothing with her hair is probably why didn't he like put something on it text a be out of our group of friends but not really because he played MA county to you about computers like riding a be can do this and we guy coleman.com but I don't have it anymore so that's why I bought it because when I was in business school they said it was a good idea to have an online portfolio and resume for business card so I can you apply you can link people to your online resume business portfolio look like work you die if you got any other Graphics worked up like that everything makes me think of like trying to get as much land as possible that you know will become valuable one day okay actually hello baby yes I was talking about stuff like that I remember pulling there was everything on new grass seed I Will Survive guy gets crushed by the disco ball you know that all those others like you did with my dog Jerky Boys you bastard the same internet what my I have a old CD binder like as you're used to have like a lot of CDs of the software and put your bird and I'll call you back the other day and I went through the other day because we still like some DVDs and like some of those old things and we like a DVD player in the band that we play for the kids I was looking for stuff and I found that were labeled Red vs. blue season 1 Season 2 Season 3 season 4 and I was back when you can download I download them and burn them so I was like I'll be online for forever early download I was in Houston over the weekend hanging out with any reason for the world and pretend we were talking about something like common server at the land party and people would always use it takes a newborn has blue on it and it was like everyone else is watching what you think so have you ever been in a room of people watching porn at the same time you were all totally hard right now I feel like I feel like trading system your to talk about the 450 people like being in the same room with people I don't want to talk to anyone I forgot the end of the story is found River Saloon Neverland parties at my house so I can have enough I was the one kid out of my circle of friends that had an Xbox what everybody else is doing cubes and Playstation I can never do the lamp or teeth in Xbox Live parties with the best I did it once when I was I worked at a summer camp and our staff room had multiple Xboxes we would play Halo Combat Evolved bear you know that was only like Xbox One cyber cafe a teenager it was like all the games and then they had Monster Energy drink it was Bob Neil Diamond shame to say that this is like one of my prouder teenage moment they're my friends and I were playing in their plan and we're playing Halo and something for his birthday and he was like you guys you know when you're playing with little kids you let them win is like there's no fucking Mercy Cosmo yeah it's like when you're really good and the other teams probably not as good fucking high school moments catch the girls group be to 10 year old kid new friends flushing comes out I want I want to play a couple level I saw him screaming it's funny cuz that rooster teeth are really loud Bob a sick Co Michael Ray and just wanted and needed something overdrive funny commentary I see what it looks like yes I am to the traffic I just came in for a little bit play a little Halo Lake Bob Ross plays Xbox and beautiful Andy a link today that it found some of those on Ted a link of a video Someone put together of just the paint brush cleaning moment of Bob Ross I just compilation of everything Co Canal on his left hand big ass like his own little later squirrel hunting a little soft right way pictures of Paul I like burned out of pocket Neil form after Houston Apple it was so how do you feel how do you feel about the scenes for amazing fucking crazy anniversary to send one thing that bothered me was that they changed up some the shot and just like exact shot for shot you wasn't exactly I don't think it looks like on the inside he looks way better than like the weird like that yeah it would likely have a connection because that's the one that really is the One exclusive that I would get an Xbox One for I know I've been suckered into the PS4 a realm and I'm loving it it's a problem problem when I saw the cinematic trailer for Halo 2 Anniversary I would like my Xbox One commercial for Halo 3 Starry Night My I would absolutely pay money to go see an entire movie like that I was just like I'm sure we'll get it Alan Rickman to play some alien isolation and it off it's and it's it wasn't like I went back and I saw I watch part 2 because I couldn't believe how lucky we were there a trick to make a video like that because you never know what's going to happen if the garage sale and had no complaints there on an Android that are looking the fictional universe glowing red eyes in love great is great the whole game and in the narrative I guess I should have guessed it's really it's really good if anything I would you can craft weapons to distract monsters whenever she can run away and it really really well a little repetitive the droids what you wanted this like unauthorized area if they find you they just beat the shit out of you because whatever their faulty robot and that we have this moment where I'm looking at a camera and I'm like hey can I want to listen I just you the camera and he's played it and is also an asshole Co can I see on like the 2000 and I don't understand I look down look up and there's three of those coming right guy screams a lot my boy human I need to go with its throat and I can't recommend it if you're a fan of the first alien film really nailed the atmosphere it's not Colonial hurt more or less well okay now that comes down to personal I still like for me I don't do Co like this sounds dumb I would ever think anyone can do a ghost thought of no no no it wasn't because of crazy people starting on the light 1 hour who played a functioning until 3:30 in the morning because it's almost time to go into it and quit wasting time like everything else I couldn't I was too afraid to go home and get my car so I try to work another hour I fell asleep at my desk and I will go to like 5 in the morning was like okay this one might be coming up to and I got older I need open bottom cage like you're sitting with me right now parents are going to kill me I have no I have the same kind of experience the first time I saw Paranormal Activity the first one I watched it I watched it on this time I watched it at home and I get my do the setting of paranoia activity takes place at someone's home there's no reason they're having their house during the night and it's all like in the dark anything like that if that's the scary part of I watched in my house that my old house in California I was like a hundred year old house that made noise on its own and watched it in my bedroom which the movie takes place in the bedroom and watch someone sitting at about 11 o'clock at night do you like yourself horror films I like a good horror film do something be something not just scary moments / rooster actually like something unique or interesting I like that I like having the woods is a great example of like something bear you but you need to I have and so we are watching that and it got over and I just knew that was the worst decision I made in my life making noises like they're like the floor is made out of like what that's been around since she doesn't like I didn't sleep at all that night everything about that movie and and movies is that the person that you trust them like that was it be loved without trying to kill you the person that you love anymore it was horrible about the way it was that was that style of like a guy just have a camera and so it was a very realistic looking at like you know on the floor everything else is kind of ridiculous over-the-top Michael bear shit people still play at Prospect you pay your respects different games is that they're not going for a a in Mike's not going for it like a game play Future they're going for an emotional impact so everything needs to be firing on all cylinders the gameplay needs to be enough and more than enough to where it's not going to interrupt the story The Sound is I need to be absolutely perfect the lighting thief be absolutely perfect and that's do it like isolatio be nailed to a fucking love I think that you would think that horror games are scarier than movies because you're in control Hornets also with video games with horrible game this year you're literally you can only wear headphones on so the sounds are right. I think you're in front of light the martyrs write their entire world is godadd as you're doing and your control the it's it's it's immersive and until you pulled you in the fucking with the players on the computer was one of the radio look behind you horror movie but forgot one the models like once again with a few alterations in the demo go out and play and don't look behind you whatever you do say something like that you can't forget it like the to the girls down the hallway and the little cut like like like like the pool at Hilton come up I'll never forget that never forget the good that was like real human skulls and she had a lot of practical effects Party City Star you ever get freaked out by what they look like and how to a supposedly haunted insane asylum place they went to during the day you can actually drive in and check it out and if that building is on the property of an actual still working I guess it's on it's on the still working a job and there was this a lot over where I used to live that was used to be years ago military housing it's like a whole neighborhood but it's been abandoned for years and have been gutted so like all the windows up and knocked out there were no lights electricity you would even like closed off but of course like that kind of place that would like all these empty houses like in his old neighborhood like a ghost town without be like a magnet for teenager to go and hang out I can show my friends I walk around in the dark and you know go to these abandoned houses with that have like you know do you know floors in that kind of thing and the others there's a chance. I want I my friends are walking through the whole kind of thing from Addams thing and we are walking to her house and she found a bottle and he was to do that obviously my friend and if so then we started going through houses and everything he found us and then found the bottle and manage to just Chuck the ball at one point at the flight out of wall not buy it but close enough scared the living shit out of screen iPhone but yeah that was it was under a I said your ass in there the other day traumatizing childhood memories poltergeis if there's one thing that haunts my memories from a horror movie it's one of the only horse I've ever seen because my friends wanted to go to it and I would like had to be pulled into the theater was Gothica with Halle Berry it's a scene where she's in with the solitary solitary confinement the room like a prison and she like be something go by under the door and she looked down on the creek and then she can pick up the dead girls like right behind ice cream so fucking loud I was bear in the movie theater I had I had experience in the movie theater I got scared and I shouldn't have been that scared and I was just because I was a little bit like I didn't really watch a lot from like very like extreme films I had a movie where I got so scared I was I was much too old to get this Karen but I actually walked out the movie theater the movie Independence Day day of my life legend of the fog you like that starting salaries in MA the data from Star Trek slammed up against the glass I was totally like it since I was a kid and now I'm totally like I can do those kind of moving the problem like those movies don't scare me at all something that I I don't think I could do it if you think I do it before I didn't wanna make logical jaw the shark and then jumped onto the whale carcass was getting eaten by great white sharks how much surf that building Court Clerk I shitmyself be cool and then report him as soon as I got there I realized it was 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start snacking smart go to naturebox.com / rooster to get a free trial box of delicious snacks I should do that you're fat the day after Halloween and I go to Target and get that candy clearance aisle I want the whole bag of the new Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Minis show me your my entire bag of those under the bottom of this for us I don't think she ever had a single god-damn recent entire bag world of wonder Twix ice cream bars they are like La Quinta let's go to H-E-B right I have I got in my car to go to McDonalds 11911 at night tonight I just sit there like a do with the problems like naked all the time buy exercise equipment my way to the gym the gym for the first time since crunch ended and I'm so like the gym it's really crunch begin I just wanted to do it do it do it I just wanted to hear all the time that I've been to that one that was on the middle nowhere and they're like we're here in Georgia in this house looks really fun godadd Christ because I agree with what they're doing they said that they're being like this a lot of people to just whatever risinge gladiatorial fucked up entertainment shit going on with that one where the guy goes crazy even even them tackle you and him guy scared to show some face time like this for myself sign the release and go on talk to her and let those terrible situations in life find a really tired so I'm going to come down here on cop every channel a haunting cop what and watch them like Saturday's I would just confront every channel it was like bullshit the narrator jaw look at I don't know I was a dick I know Mike Rowe narrator Deadliest Catch star the crab crab today we're here the haunted house fucking thank you that was it was always like Hayden to life and every episode dramatization dramatization like the way all the time younger there are some episodes where the person talking would be blurred out and they would have worked aboard and drove with her horse and in my mind I was like this it happened because all those other fuckers are on camera they're crazy just want attention this is a person that legitimately think this happened to them what doesn't want people to know that it would like you like me alien the fuck up Neil I know you weren't you just wanted to talk to you but these people didn't want to be known the truth need to get out there what are we watching Ted guy looking at a I remember it was the end of it would always have liked it we can and then you would be like blank white eyes on the piano gryll to watch it was it was for lack of anything else very entertaining out there try Patrick Gypsy traumatized by having the cameras never go voice over for Deadliest Catch but you didn't know who Alan ritchson was alright at the time Alan ritchson do that mac and cheese it I was pooping my pants so I I mentioned him know what what is fine I know I did not you said what the fuck is Alan ritchson and we had we had a moment where it was it was up in the bunch of extras were all really really nice Ted and a crack shot and I think was Adam goes that guy will not come out of the guy looks like an actor named after just trying to get me an insulator watch from barbar everybody shut up Alan Tudy to do just that do you like your da was watching a show and or cartoon and she will have to the voice actors I had to be there that's awesome and I know it the show I shouldn't be alive OverWatch that along with the Dual Survival I did was Ma for conservative like military dude and I know she she be like super liberal dude that he had their own ways of surviving the Wilderness actually kind of interesting what you bear it was like it was very good a shooter scripted moments of life live action show bear gryll survivor man who's not there because Bear Grylls on the very entertaining it is also his name is bear gryll and Tuesday is Bear Grylls any panties British British again with the letter r the whole crew and everything and like nowhere in life the episode does it say like he actually stayed out a lot of times it was rumored that they feel a bit like something in them or that carry all of his equipment on his back and there was actually a beautiful and very human Downriver and then dropped and equipment to cameras look like with and cutting do anything like this Human Centipede 2 baby he gave himself an enema on his show act like a base camp naked Davis athletic guy like when he was in like a British Special Forces like older guys like a witch can eat your own shit what time do hikers got lost in his do it and I had to eat their own shit you watch me do it story of some kind and very safe area to eat it now watch me fucking with everybody there the great parody guy be where he takes like celebrities outfit really yeah a place either like been snowing here the sooner he does it but he just special back where he did I think there are there okay and everything the episode of human Will Ferrell is fantastic Will Ferrell like was like there's like moment vitamins and Will Ferrell insect that was that made the whole trip worthwhile for whale bear gryll adamantium how do you bear it spray tan afraid to people I think it's usually a man and woman are left naked with like one tool dick or anything like that but like a knife or something and they're like left into it like the Wilderness to survive a lot of time like like the Discovery Channel I feel like I'm a little bit early because it's like okay as long as there's some educational piece to it naked maybe if they had more Cold War maybe then you get some more fucking educational ship coming in Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos yeah yeah be right back in the Neil talk about the planet a wild world fade from one thing to the other and it's like you're zooming into the thing it turns into another thing and it's like you don't even like it there on the field Bob shaped like flat like Chrome sync with a with a ball in the middle cop and it's lies and turns everything it's like and it's a Neil talk it there's like a whole sequence where he goes he turned all of existence is the time in to a calendar year that my favorite people find annoying is that comes out he'll be like oh you know here's all the things like that it's not that he's just there I didn't see anything Ted for criticism but it's just like sex education started with that one comment about Titanic what whale the wrong starting stars wear over a the Titanic go to bed on the on your entryway spinning the wrong direction I was just so I would like that like I really don't like TED talks and some other things that it's like entertaining and also educational opening by the way if you have a surf board looks like it's pretty much an exercise in like your attention and like he does this whole thing you shall explode weird angle I don't want to pay for his trunk and he pulled out of McDonald's cup assholes you responding go home take your cardboard cup take the time to rinse it out try it does get bad and then put it in the bathroom like cups in the trash can outside the restaurant it's clean enough should never be like a phrase you say I have a trash can to you it was a pretty be with you mighty fine you get those reusable cup I can't even be bothered to bring that back to the restaurant what you're supposed to do and I'd like that I'd like to have an experience I think wasn't washed properly and he had a Coke in the Rudy cop and he finished a Coke and then look at the bottom and there was mold on and you know gothik putrid air comes out of it and they were right out of a cartoon that looks like somebody sprayed with styrofoam and Gorilla Glue is like the story of patient zero like make me I can't I can't I can't do it change your opinion like he just projectile pooped all over something when I was really young my babysitter I would like my my my best friend's mom was my babysitter I feel like my early life and a mother for her little sister and she did gymnastics so whenever she would have to go to gymnastics we would like to go along or whatever and I remember I was very young and that this particular gymnastics and they had a challenge that was a huge rope climb to the top of the touch the feeling the talk was about and I was really little I never ever see anybody do when you were a toddler jorda and a my babysitter said I kicked down the door and I will tell if you want that was like hanging out I just ran out in the middle of a good gymnastics practice my pants sounds like I would prefer that you were making out with your kids the characters when you get kids whale poop story that started Gathering Jeff a 2.2 engine what is a ginger in his finger he like tasted it and he's like that's probably completely incorrect but I remember the first time when only my youngest was really young and you know she's in the bathroom and she graduated getting into the actual full on tonight and and she was and she was and she was old enough she can hold herself up and sit in the tub and hold them make sure they live keep this thing and so she told her she could set up and everything and I'm sitting there and there's other stuff like that and all of a sudden so a little something put in the tub now and I'm sitting in the bathroom he just heard me and I just got yellow now cop in the cop pulling your I just like and that's what you have to do do you like back it up or something foreign the kids like your groceries factor of like so if you're like me you're okay with those wet like my my mom's house I'm my youngest she recently had another poop incident where she was napping and I have to nap and I heard her crying and I was like what you guys on that when they cry it's I got there first and I was downstairs and I was outside doing yard work Alamo and and you shut up I need you right now and I went into my daughter's room and she's she's sitting up in her crib and there's a way and then smear it everywhere all over restroom in the universe breaking out and she's like what are you do what are you like you need to calm down first or just going to clean up and it's fine it's I picked up and I don't want to freak out my little girls some I take a bath and she's kicked dropping it off you're like this is just this is just this is all Day-Day do that kind of stuff and you do with it get right now at all pretty funny stuff too just messing with you I'm not like I love my kids are awesome because they're just like guy the limit I'm visible Everything is Awesome all the time I love kids if you think that's a terrible thing like really little and my dad took me out of the my tricycle I was running around and I just I just fucken went across the street without looking both ways whatever and it's carcas on its breaking out like when you get older just like I was a piece of shit weird the best part of being a parent is getting to make stuff out of makeup American Vision a little kid and I'm going to look into seeing if people you know walk around dressed up as the characters and and I remember being over by like Splash Mountain and pointing over at like I think the bear from what's that racist cartoon the one that he never talks about you I was walking around and I never fight the talk in at Disneyland and my dad Thanks for a quick second he thought this up quicker than he should have and he goes well today do they talk in the cartoons and I like how they do it while they're not in the cartoons you can't talk that's like and I believe that something on the front I was running from something in my dream I just remember thinking it's okay my dad's in the Next Room I don't I don't remember seeing my dad at all for that dream whatever but like I just knew I was godadd I got yeah I know we have had dreams where I should have my underwear sometimes like ants I ever had and I don't remember my dreams anymore and I think I'm going to be able to remember them I don't dream anymore run anyone the television broadcast of a live-action production of the Peter Pan musical godadd percent the crocodile comes out talks and goes catch some reason that I still had this dream from being a kid that was in my living room poltergeis only light is coming from like the white noise of the TV and I'm standing on the rug Messi shoes in alligator or crocodile starts coming around the corner around my neighborhood around my living room and of course I start running and I'm just like running in place on this rug was my dream horrifying yeah I hate those dreams where I can fly and then I can't struggling to get up in the air just like normal but honestly to say really bizarre like giant animals or some sort of like what I remember them vividly it was a giant pigeon attacking my elementary school and we are on the roof trying to Calvin and Hobbes I remember having it in my hand a bad guy from Power Rangers showed up at I remember there was a puddle of the party trying to help anything the round it was like trending miles being friends you want to talk about your new friend worst friend ever in my life that was not related and their work the girlfriend you should see what the text message you sent and we talked for a while and that he's a cool dude and we start talking shit I was like I just got school then just tell me because yeah I'm kind of in a Magic the card game quarter behind your head Alan Jay Kia he said I be like yeah no my uncle right now A really a $10,000 kind of so we finally threw it like a million times like when we get out we have the advantage of I don't know your name haha my phone won't text message I said I'm sitting here in apartment 616 taking everything of you and less of a new friendship Co pre First Tennessee he did but he didn't text me till the next one what's better last night and dreamed of Ted friendship Bible set I posted that could have like 2 hours of I said and I got no response I like send a text to choco-tac a picture what you look like the man told you this but the pens are you trying to fuck him the Cards Against Humanity stream to go play Cards Against Humanity with my neighbors and friends to hang out to wrap up the parking bumpers owner info based off teeth Neil a second-story going to be tomorrow or today that was from Migos new album's Red vs. blue season 12 soundtrack is in stores digitally now and soon physically the disk and the but the album art is fucking awesome that he was tired I really on that album and it's fucking it's amazing to listen to in the car that's like my favorite place to look in the truck so it's blue and you want to support them and what talk about on the phone new game show every Thursday if I've always tried to I want to I cannot seem Bob to come back anyway to defend their title Grandville be going up frien Polo t-shirt that right