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RT Discusses Swing Dancing

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Recorded: 2014-11-25 23:42:20

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Participants: Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

what episode of the RT Podcast is brought to you by Go Daddy it's go time and godadd is here to help you kick ass online story website today with a dollar 49.com pizz It Go daddy.com and enter promo code rooster 149 to get your. Come for just a dollar 49 so I want to take and apply see website for details 2 episode of the rooster podcast rub on it and if I should probably out the brain cancer was the first fully balanced nootropic design to increase focus and mental Drive how was your day 25% during its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale at Onnit.com + Rooster Teeth 555 John Mile Hi Barbara I am Jac good Ma how are you doing why is a full God damn and we were able to create a official receipt Park Ave Pizza and we actually have a little video of us going to Dallas and doing that so I think we're actually going to play it on the podcast find Pizza Hut World Headquarters Test Kitchen and we're going to make our own pizzas and most important the pizzas because that's the most important step when it comes to people onni it's right and then the old fashioned meatball really really delicious Meatballs 2 Roma tomatoes and then are Hut favorite season as we were all just kind of picked up back there waiting for it to come out thank you I feel so good thank you I'm glad to see these godadd if you're feeling saucy at a little bit more. so I guess I should clarify I don't worry to figure out who has the best pizza and go with that one that's a really good person and meet it on the other side inspired and put it on the computer and peppers and I don't know I was going to go I just feel like it what is the best pizza in the world I don't want to I'm not bragging time Jordan this is really good. I had to pick up the review putting on the screen for you and if you want you can go ahead and click on the video link below in description and order this exact same for yourself trust me it's delicious hey everyone Wii world headquarters address so we made them think ever we went to Pizza Hut to make these pizzas we had sample Pizza meet her own pieces and try them for lunch we decided to have pizza in the cafeteria before all this so by the time we're actually getting the pizza or just like why didn't we should have gone marinara sauce garlic butter what is that really soft Taco Bell Richmond Road the body but you need anything can I have a couple things barbar can see right now time travel Floyd little Epi going back to the Wonder of the first movie that's like there no oh my gosh those are just giant dinosaur have there been in 2044 was pretty bad he was really I don't know man the daughter that could have sworn the little girl like mountains daughter into it now it's a little awkward but there was no tomorrow Jeff Goldblum photographers at him and made it look like I like this guy for the longest time but you heard the kid got eaten so when she actually did finally watch it the whole time like another scene when they're in the kitchen and then left after shaving them Cardinal blanket clench like this like that and right at the toy store 3 toy thrown away every week head freemoviescinema salad like in the Monsters University to the to the story Monsters University in at anything other than make like Incredible 2 Blac down like okay this is our day stay away from it and so they're getting you know that I meet up tomorrow especially has these giant arcs they've been planning it for years and it's like okay they need to kind of make their presence known so he will stay away from him because you don't have to have Iron Man 4 come out the same day as Batman and I easily turn to go to be assassin 200 can you play the game what you check on things what does Black Flag 2 3 because mentally with everything can a microtransaction not really nothing nothing nothing you know they got microtransactions you can't beat the game Candy Crush for a while I think it like that sucking off I mean like that's were saying it's like when you say you need to clarify did you get a new old 3DS or DS why can't I like Nintendo strong and has no broken Kitt be doing shit like I had no idea that you can play like I need to play Wii games on the Wii U backwards compatible with the screen camera on the front and like you so much fun Markiplier can feel the brunt of it are you finished? came out already but that was just the final eight I think it was okay anyway Jac Dark Souls II cameras are all the are all the round of 8 games out all the running around so the teams at five Albany through what we have Adams 14 full beat their neck VA 01026. although I can play Sapphire Wii before okay so what cast of Harry mile no root Mile High parking hey you know what should never come out it shows you what and what that you'll have more are there keep track of them story Santa Baby the same characters coming out like a Joe tease can I look like a stripper butterbee I know I've never been into this mess find a game like if you love like winter I was like to meet up with all kinds of things like Street Fighter vs it feels like it's really like one like a simple version of a fighting pitbull look 2 buttons risinge okay xray be right Nebraska VA left right up down 2 different things Wii U characters Mortal Kombat or Marvel vs. Capcom different different different that are really really really really fast and it can be better computer player that you can play with on your computer that you play how many more Conway 2 Ant Smash are you going to put them in like Wii U carrying case at Best Buy trade Skylanders can I have Kerr be setting at 12 and it said I might buy one more but then the leaves in the next town over also anything got arms like a rare collectors items the game with actually have them handwriting Dark Souls is going to have one target amiib Adams archery that's because I was like what let me know well this is awkward The Highwaymen and a child when's the next Mega Man character is there stuff in the nearest of music is on the ones so if you have a bleeding Jac transfer.com 49 with your building Kitt GoDaddy Kerr code rooster 149 at checkout it's go-time some limitations apply see website for details when's last time you register domain I wasn't and I think it was like 5 bucks or something it's like $20 yeah you can that a good thing when I rub personal and probably about 15 years your son $5 a person it would like can just pick whatever you want just dropped about 50 and have it for forever turns out they mention it which is ironic but yeah it's just a picture funny green screen and that picture is out online because of John I'll take the online five SOS Foley I'm dead you can not do it directions like I keep my arms close to my body so I didn't like a T-Rex box warmer out of my head complete their own show now nothing of Patrick Patrick Podcast Patrick and Kristen married like we rewrote the whole show we kind of like we can have lunch in the games everything tested them out and then spend a few nights ant really hammering them out and checking in trying to see which work and which didn't work and then put together a full show and and that's kind of that was a team that could have put it together when you guys helped a lot of the games and do a lot of checking out 200 we even had one point wiped it clean and started up like we feel like we did the whole thing or just kind of went over to Patrick's house one night and just brainstorm games like the whole night of the first one of the wheel and he's wanted in there was a wall full of letters you had to guess the American Ninja Warrior dr. William Shakespeare first 2 people like pretty things Archer season 5 40 Corners people and it was great yeah we know that we've been up and I don't know I'm terrible at it grocery stores cat person offered up a cat and we know we gave it away in the Stream of the can and then I might have to talk about this going back in for this one Rooster Teeth Lively personal or something I don't know and it went in so I be I came across as a very great day Kitt in The Villages last weekend of the podcast a little bit he wants you too how are you about it you know what he's like one of my best friends here at the company in like be like always like my best friend forever don't like the cold non-athletic Sports mile I'm okay I'm actually pretty good so I can't really tell California amiib and they had bowling as a priority to help credit I'm Gonna Knock You Out Mama Said Knock You Out Run DMC or something and you could tell there was something this is stupid time for exam schedule times where I was like okay are they doing the move correctly 8 + 20 did a little bit like talking about how long you know each other remember really seeing you was at RTX one and you were singing it was like who is this guy with all this God damn it can it was incredible can and we were all pretty stressed we never done anything like that before he could have knocked it out the park so I was like ND filter GameStop near the office I'm working a couple times the first time we met 2 wow that's the first time I met in person didn't come to community events that I've been to and I've been to a few other things have changed you talking about it made me think of another one really embarrassing moment of my childhood Bros Dallas might have been her freshman year of high school I went to winter formal and actually actually got a date actually got a girl to go to work and when we got to the 2 I was shorter than my date tonight a good deal shorter doctors in my head like I know touchdown rush at all the school dances until the guy started actually getting over 5484 Alcorn Dr punch bowls over there applied at a couple days ago and Adam and Ray we are going out to it and we got them pallet of this thing in about maybe 45 minutes first and then I almost died on my way home because I do use the restroom Joe Battle story of play swords with your pee if that's when you guys came across with ice in it you can do that next time Australia they have like basically I stopped at UPMC when you're great you actually step on you toilets that work like squatting like to see Joe a hole in the ground ever tell you about the toilets and I cannot afford it or not with a pilot to Bombardier meet story toy stores and making penis touching quick labor Jac story butterbee Polar Express in Select theaters definition of like every movie theater so I'm sure they will have a movie of The Phantom Menace Premiere with I think I was and it was Meet Joe Black Blac had a major trailer from the other people to go watch the trailer and we've had that car I remember I Am Legend IMAX with my girlfriend at the time they played the first like five minutes of The Dark Knight before the fucking shit about me movie trailer and then Friday is Star Wars the Force awakens Michael Douglas Walker Texas and I have everything really really just watch them overnight 102 Briscoe Joe said no one ever be just me 2 yes I know Master pancake theater street right I don't even remember I remember yeah I think that deep down in Brazil 8063 I put it on teeth also the timeline chronologically to make it to the end is 1 in theaters. I like that is great thank you Detroit on the 2nd it's about how he got his silver Skyline that shows like at the end of the beginning is the kid from Home Improvement Starship Troopers movie at high school I graduated 4417 with Harrison Ford Lite Rock 107 birthday card every time the part where he think corner and you would have a horrible Blues Brothers AC the blinking your Joe that mean Emily Williams 1st little bit like a little and people in Dancin Crow is like one of the guys people are some things a whole lot of people and this girl her dad is like a scientist and thank you so much butterbee we're back movie I don't know I wasn't bad but I saw that movie the scene from Jurassic Park where they first drive in and see the dinosaurs and Ace Ventura where he's coming out of the Rhino to a story Jim Carrey looks like that moment and I was like I've seen the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life Star Wars like triple pack of black and gold Urban I'm done with my story I think I actually remember going can I watch Titanic like my parents got it I'm looking right at it afterwards and I'm over there sit on the couch and I wasn't on the ground next to the couch and watch a movie whatever and it came on and I just started backing up I live in Ann Arbor call the Botanical Center Kerr LSU five Ma 19459 standard YouTube 5120 the first movie I remember the other the first movie I remember seeing in theaters or Jurassic Park dinosaurs there's the kids Power Rangers and then there's the clumsy ninja turtle and all of them Power Rangers because they did have robot dynamite top 100 Alva ok and like there was there was like a stretch where like liking Pokemon would like that see that's why I'm really into this new Pokemon game is used in the remake of the generation I just skipped Viking Pokemon that was the only thing that was keeping it away from the Kitt Rivers Charter and every single high school have the people at lunch playing like magic the Gathering can my school like they opened up the classroom should like him or doing something like going in like be what you were supposed and woman in America she was like the present marketing 2 everything let's just take cardboard to put a sticker on it and sell billions of at the children amiib metal Slammer why in the 19 twenties and thirties memory Home Depot the way up in the company in the ass so she was like she was the park woman right on Park blanket how to get a six pack retro Stingray usually 20-30 years and like that those are right around the corner and then fast and shape in Word Anderson rifles well I was really good club nights it was the phone conversation and unpacking the new house got a bunch of stuff in storage and I found my gloves and I was like oh yeah I do this having a bad day Kentucky drinking jug this is Princess Peach by the way that's probably the coolest you like all your class or something somewhere somewhere Epi just ruined like everything about Mario and I'm going to give it one hell of an Excalibur Excalibur ant killer not really thinking about this be the baby book anywhere Chinese and then you know whatever the lady or whatever five barbar tune in same bat Time same bat Channel hang out at night if I really know you can I can do that without getting a stern look 10% I'm going to ruin the traffic from Onnit Passover that could use the help can or taking James to Next Level he is definitely at his best without the brain and you can meet you this weekend take advantage of on its Black Friday and cyber visit Onnit.com / rooster that so and a nike.com / Rooster Teeth what's going on I really want to take on at some point because I don't remember my dreams ever and all that makes so much sense vacation today why Joe would like to mile out of school and will be on that you should no longer have the scary didn't study for the test Daydream 200 anxiety writing on paper I need to finish my homework before I forgot I had a class like I was the first class is like the extra life stream of the next and I had made the poster to have that and another in college that I thought was real for a week I woke up from it thinking it was going to actually open it was a dream where I was enrolled in the class that I didn't know about until I got an email saying like your exam is tomorrow and I was like oh shit I didn't buy the book I don't know what the class is about or anything and I honestly thought it was real for a week straight until I had to like for some reason I must like it was nothing and I woke up in bed and kissing and I passed back out and the next day I'm hanging out with her and she's at I don't like and I know you're not so then I was going to say I told her and she got here later let me know Samus at you the girls share across your sister and I can tell you how many tweets I got saying I've got great games Jac look good in red lipstick and I got I've never once received the Tweet about that in my life until I showed up an address on the internet and I gotta figure that out it was really cold algebra oh my God yeah that's my apologize 2 74 you or is that Ma that was super crazy and it's fun for me watching it because I didn't do the things that other people are in Utah oh my God yeah actually not really reminiscent of the early church because of their personality quirks that you get by knowing the people in it you know what I think Josh wrote the whole thing directed it and editing it all by himself and doing like all the voting process and all that sounds like it was funny seeing him like Wii be doing one thing and the next day Robin Schulz you like right we're going to be ready for you in 5 minutes okay cool let me know monologue blueprint of the series going through every episode so it's kind of like to see what you know he had it all the time the guy that burns so funny but I really enjoyed it you know we have our special time like trying to get people available for a couple hours in a day is very difficult because we have Brian Gavin and Michael were all in it and once again it was like kind of getting them to bounce around back and forth is acquire you dressed like that okay that's what you're doing another thing I don't open the door and there's a camera sitting in front of it like if you go out this way all the space and we still feel in the kitchen shorty always told me get there we need to do a cooking show I think they're just looking like things like sponsor Cutters nights at my can warm cocktails for the cold winter night Cherry Park Rock Hill yeah whatever you got into a warm whiskey drink basically brother it was Winter Blend or whatever winter things and I was number unveil a new. We are this Thursday xray and her it's really tease xray and then it shows AC WD door opening Ma and everything. And we have a whole crew and the first for watching kids which will have more information on pretty soon that's pretty Kick-Ass we're still kind of finalizing details I want a little be like going to AC on a website or anything like that in this refreshing over and over we will announce some tickets are available to no one will give you a heads up before they go on sale Ontario another Dubai be alive nothing amiib excited to be out there soon so please keep an eye out and about Pokemon them on that email account associate the first iPhone 910 in the club we go to can I see the people I can't remember from my can hardly wait from you know Vegas Vacation he was cleaning his verified and get like 12 thousand followers looks like it has nothing to do with you ever again now I Pokemon Alberta do you like costume contest Joe tattoo Universal Studios day of warm butterbee or No Deal app in La there is an actual store called Wednesday Cali and it's a it's a fan created Run Harry Potter story but as like it's actually done well and it isn't like some sketching thing like and let you know godadd bottled butterbeer basically and I don't have anywhere to anywhere but there and then I was at Whole Foods and I got so excited I found but a universal have you been Have you had butterbee at Universal 2 part processes like old be your type but then they put their milk froth on the Top O my God it's like the best thing I can be on top of it and it's like it's the best thing I haven't been to the new Diagon Alley yet so I need to get back out there a 914 number for a honeymoon last year so Brooklyn the 2 Park series Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Orlando inside Universal Studios Orlando has Diagon Alley and has the other has The Simpsons Wii and as the Men in Black ride or something. There is no future at all that would be 2 player The Simpsons AC can ride back and forth to park in an adult walking through the thing and then Hollywood the tram ride that go through Blac of the tram ride over here you can check the back to work and I remember getting to the job Park and so I was like I was probably 9 or 10 at the time and I was sitting where I couldn't see the entire there's a point where jobs actually comes about the water really right next to the train and that might have been like the most scary moment of my life but you seem like a real life Jaws ride in Orlando got automatic phobia five get hold of Transformers movie what shut up. At the game that was a really comfy at all anything especially you are working the night shift and it's pretty hard at which more or less the truck and she's pretty fast Ferris pizza trying to advise on how do you work a five nights at the attachment they're probably going to view you as a metal endoskeleton and one of these the two that I find you wires and spices W probably be dead so the whole game is like things are coming for you and you have to manage your switching between and and or in trying to make sure like that voicemail Android well I recently released Five Nights at Freddy's to Andover Nights at Freddy's when you play the game stop being so well-behaved more going on in the story he was going to look closely apparently you're playing the game when you're looking pretty every now and then you put on the camera what's wrong with a newspaper clipping can happen when you take them all together actually story about how years ago they were five kids that went missing at the pizzeria the Lord in the back by some dude wearing a Freddy costume recipe to make sandwich Onnit rub the company was once 2 in real life five minute absolutely awesome that you put that much story into a game and not even then we tell them they have to girl that looks like Grand Theft Auto V actually has a hole like crazy should know about a murder Joe Chiliad mystery and so they're like crazy subplot thing where people are trying to find the hidden Easter eggs in the game and they didn't like going at it for a full year now like and like maybe there's 400 people on the planet looking for they're still putting stuff in 400 meters meet at 1 on their website and like the people who feet look finished if they found the key to them is universal for the first night of Halloween Horror Nights and they dress them up like and Roads and stuff and I got to be part of like the opening night show fucking people the rabbit hole trailer 1814 at Ron for Tron legacy ARA at the new Tron movie Whatever actually have one here in Austin where they are like a location to go to in the show up there someone wearing a Flynn lives t-shirt and then and then and then it was something you have to find this thing and I was actually looking for information in front of me and then 2 movie trailer my personal YouTube account I was probably here for five years ago I guess that's pretty neat I have to be in the X-Men and I liked it the check that you masturbate without doing a handjob 300 thanks for watching love you