#3 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth has now taken hold and is a regular feature!

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-3

Recorded: 2009-04-17 18:00:00

Runtime: 00:36:47 (2207.98 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Zackhardrock






Transcript (in progress):

BURNIE: and I'm recording... Gus go with the theme song

GUS: Nah, I don't do that


GUS: I'm not a bitch

GEOFF: para pa pa pa - rooster teeth, is that how that goes?

BURNIE: You are listening to the 51th Rooster Teeth podcast

GUS: more like 53 now, aren't we? somewhere around there

BURNIE: I think so, somewhere around there

GEOFF: If everything goes right this could be the third one to actually make it to the site

GUS: Yeah, not gonna happen

                     BURNIE: so welcome                                                                                 GEOFF: probably not

BURNIE:  and last week we talked about what?

GEOFF: we talked about the first quarter of 2009

BURNIE: I gotta take issue with you guys, you guys said that I'm a secret WOW player and I wouldn't admitt it. I went back and listened to the thing - when i was out of the room - I don't play WOW. I don't play. I'm Burnie by the way.

GUS: Now you don't play. the day after the podcast you said your 10 day trial ran out  and you refused to renew it and you haven't played since the podcast 

BURNIE: If I was a player I would renew my -  

GUS: It's because we called you out and we found your secret, and you're embarrased, so now you quit playing, I mean it's totally clinical!

GEOFF: you turned the game back on at level 59 and when you stopped you where at level 63? is that right? 

GUS: 65

GEOFF: 65, so you got 6 levels in your sixties, thats playing the game

BURNIE: 66, thank you very much 

GEOFF: 66, come on dude 

BURNIE: ...lets give credit where credit is due 

GEOFF: thats like a million xp, probably more than that

GUS: 7 levels in 10 days, it's way more than that 

GEOFF: It's, it's a lot

BURNIE: But what I am saying is that if I really played the game,  I would have a subscription, I would be a player of the game and I'm not

GUS: So you are trying to beg for a free subscription, is what we are getting at here?

BURNIE: I was gonna say, has that ever worked ever? Maserati?  

GUS: I got one

BURNIE: Did you really? 

GUS: yeah

GEOFF: you son of a bitch

BURNIE: Who gave you a free subscription to WOW?

GUS: ahh... JB

BURNIE: Get the fuck out of here

GUS: Yeah


BURNIE: you know you have to report that.. to the IRS. Did you report that?

GUS: totally, yeah 

BURNIE: What is like the reason, like the made up guys reason for that?

GUS: No, no, he just works there so he gets like 5 free subscriptions or something like that

GEOFF: and you get to be one of the 5

GUS: Yeah, I'm in the circle 

BURNIE: Can we about him? it's like secret JB. He is also that dude who.. there is a store at Microsoft that not many people know about and it's like a friends and family store, where you can go and buy stuff that Microsoft makes for like nothing, like how much is a copy of Office at the Microsoft store? 

GUS: I think, I think it's like 40 bucks 

GEOFF: yeah, 40 bucks

BURNIE: like 35 , 40 bucks, and thats cool, but they only get so much money per year they can spend there, like a budget that they can run through

GUS: and they put stickers on all the software that says like, this was purchased by Microsoft employee number XXXX, and I bought a used copy of HALO 3 in Seattle last summer from Game Stop that said, this was bought at the Mic- , it had the sticker on it that said this was bought at the Microsoft store by the employee, you know,  XXXX

(phone rings)

BURNIE: fucking dammit

GEOFF: What the hell is that?

GUS: jesus, is that a phone?

BURNIE: so what did they do? they - 

GUS: I guess someone who bought it at the Microsoft store and the sold it                                (phone rings)                                                  back to game stop?

GEOFF: Why would you sell a copy of HALO 3?

GUS: They probably sold it for more money than -                                                                             (phone rings)  

BURNIE: people sell back 

(phone rings)  

GUS: who the fuck is this?

GEOFF: well, answer the phone                                                            BURNIE: answer the phone from there 

GUS: rooster teeth, this is Gus speaking... Yes

BURNIE: do you want us to leave the room?

GUS: (at the phone) yes 

BURNIE: You know, one of the first steps of making a podcast that you should always do 

GEOFF: turn the fucking phone off 

BURNIE: turn off -                                                                                    

GUS:    it's a fan (at the phone) we are doing the podcast right now 

BURNIE: put him on speaker                                                                GEOFF: random fan 

GUS: we are gonna put you on speaker, we are gonna put you on... how do you turn the speaker on, it's, speaker.  Alright, who's this?

DAVID KELLER: this is David Keller 

GUS: David Keller, you are interrupting our podcast

BURNIE: Why are you interrupting our podcast, David Keller?

DAVID KELLER: I'm sorry, I didn't know. I'm on a break and I found a number (inaudible) in the internet and I wanted to talk to you guys. Big, big fan. I own all the DVD's. Watched all the commentary 

GUS: this is probably a bad precedent for future podcasts... having people call us

GEOFF: the fucking internet has our phone number

BURNIE: Alright, well, what can we do for you? do you have a question?


BURNIE: as the first call - 

DAVID KELLER: well, one, my friend is kinda starting his little skit show, he wants to (inaudible) on youtube or whatever

GUS: we are gonna sue

DAVID KELLER: he came up with an idea, I wanna get your guy's permission first 

BURNIE: Oh oh 

DAVID KELLER: using you guy's wines kinda like in a restaurant setting but pretty much like... hey? yeah? you ever wonder why we are here? and it's kinda like this little clips like ah you know pretty much word for word. but i wanted to get you guy's permission first. I didn't wanna just do it and get hit with copyright or something  

BURNIE: Ok, well. I'll tell you what, if you can send that, actually, can you send that to [email protected] I'm yelling cause I'm - 

GEOFF: now they know our fucking email address! 

BURNIE: well... that's out there

GUS: yeah, just send us an email at [email protected], and talk to me about that, and we'll get back to you, we are normally pretty good about answering that kinda stuff

BURNIE: yeah, no, no, no mocks Gus (we are normally pretty good about answering that kinda stuff) yeah.. but, uh, you know, usually the thing is as long as, just tell us how you are gonna use it, whether or not it's gonna be sold anywhere or anything like that, cause that would make a difference 

DAVID KELLER: (inaudible) not a plan for there to be anything sold, I'ts just a (inaudible,  something about a fucking christian show)   

                                                                                             (BURNIE MUTES THEIR MIC)

BURNIE: Red vs Blue would be a good mix to that I think                                   DAVID KELLER: (inaudible) 

GEOFF: yeah                                                                                                                DAVID KELLER: (inaudible) 

BURNIE: strong christian themes I would say, most of our RvB                         DAVID KELLER: (inaudible) 

DAVID KELLER: ...situational humor kinda, like all of the sudden it's like a restaurant. I though it would be kinda funny, little tweaks here and there from war to restaurant, but a lot of it just - ...

BURNIE: you ever wonder - little tweaks from restaurant to                                                                             DAVID KELLER: (inaudible) 

                                     BURNIE: war                                                                GUS: to war                                    DAVID KELLER: (inaudible) 

BURNIE: just little tiny tweaks. it's like killing people and eating animals                                                      DAVID KELLER: (inaudible) 

DAVID KELLER: (inaudible) 

BURNIE: instead of getting bombed, you get your check                                                                                 DAVID KELLER: (inaudible) 

GEOFF: instead of machine gun, they have salad forks                                                                                   DAVID KELLER: (inaudible) 

DAVID KELLER: ... I was just watching season 1 just now 

                                                                                           (GUS UNMUTES THEIR MIC)

GUS: cool                 

DAVID KELLER: I've been a big fan, I've always kinda wanted to meet you guys, I just, I live in Southern Michigan so I don't really get to go anywhere 

BURNIE: wow, Southern Michigan... do people in Southern Michigan, do they have to differentiate themselves from people in Northern Michigan, is that a big deal? like is Northern Michigan considered really a part of the state? 

DAVID KELLER: well... I couldn't hear you 

GUS:  do people in Southern Michigan have to differentiate themselves from people in Northern Michigan, like is there a big rivalry, is it a different part of the state, like are they dumb up in the north or something?

DAVID KELLER: kinda, (inaudible) the higher up you get the more (?) you get (inaudible) a lot more people with canadian accent 

GUS: too much canadian in them

BURNIE: with canadian... - canadian accents

GUS: Alright, well uh, send us an email, we should be able to take care of that for you dude

DAVID KELLER: ... i know you guys are doing a thing next week, uh, the online

GUS: oh, the tournaments?

DAVID KELLER: yeah and uh 

GUS: thats called a segway in the business

                                   BURNIE: awesome dude                                               GEOFF: yeah that's great 

BURNIE: this guy's like reading of our topic list 

DAVID KELLER: ...I don't really have a team, I'm a part of rooster teeth and I'm a part of uh... HALO... xbox on- u live, so... do I have to have a team? or uh (inaudible) can I be a lone guy and just team up with people uh... (inaudible)

BURNIE: well, I would say that for a team game, yeah having a team would actually be kind of an important thing uh but I tell you what


BURNIE: David Keller of Southern Michigan, you can go into the tournaments