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Recorded: 2009-10-07 16:17:12

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the gym police quickly everybody I was just him and I get out of a text message on my phone get out of here left yell at someone else now what I come up with it it's my time with it I don't have any 2 different gavi as soon as this is over until probably Target everyone defense yessica I'm a little disappointed the past couple weeks releases this week particular this week this is the last week essentially the last week between now and Christmas that doesn't have a major title earlier this week is well the first level of the regulations I wish South Park Xbox are South Park pretty good game Tower Defense and then lucidit which is the new believe it starts again what is like a platform like the control of the environment and in your bedroom it did look like the shares they will 3 dude stuff nothing actually South Park on the N64 Dazzle 3 okay now Henniker people not to buy it that's house over says they're going to go my cats and I can then I can pre-record some stuff and then whenever you get lonely you can it's old number 37 3737 tower defense is a and AD they had purchased it rebranded itself Park but I look up Tower Defense on Wikipedia and it's a double Chandra of real time strategy I don't know what to defense mean Defense Tower Defense 4 you set up like a series of turrets and defenses to defend like an area will look at a lot of enemies comes and you can have automated turrets are always shooting you can update your charts and stuff and I'm a let you know I think I played defense which is on the iPhone on a dude we played that game had to leave the office back in the old office cuz you didn't do anything in it I do remember you had a city and everybody was purple. And everyone Green Dot and they had like behavior for the left the flock for a lack of a better term and you can watch the infection spread throughout the entire city that's cool or if it was possible they could stop it and kill all the zombies with awesome to put a little bit of Left 4 Dead left 4k dead Left 4 Dead 4K flash games someone made and they like try to recreate left 4 kilobytes kilobytes of data sounds like a bunch of pixels and lines running around and shooting but it's okay before you get tired of it games what is the iPhone game that you guys are fucking upset him is taking the World by storm did you guys with you 3 yesterday and the entire lunch all three of you sat in front of your name still feel like 10 seconds without whipping out their iPhone and played some gave so much to know anything because everyone there has a knife and it's like you didn't see anyone to sit still doing nothing anymore it was like one of those out Doodle Jump on my iPod Touch every time I spend you like jump on platforms anyway you jump on platforms to try to go as high as you can you can't stop moving and it is the best game and so fucking bullshit game and it's your 7056 your burni 75th and Beyond trying to outdo each other and then going to eventually talk to it $56,201 and I was like I'm never going to be that all I was doing is playing dude sorry I was playing Doodle Jump look at guys played well getting ready house I took one little glance at the school and I still the office on 52000 I was like Jesus I could have my hands are shaking like crazy cuz I've dead firefight I didn't want to help and I left it for that and I thought I'd 200.11 equal to you literally had to head you made one more platform you yes exactly and you fucking blew it with Grace Under Pressure Doodle Jump scored just are playing at lunch yesterday that the learning curve going over to replace flight control control make something interesting they change the game played a little bit in that new map sometimes planes appear that you have no control over their flight path like they come in and they have their own flight path to land you cannot change that flight path they have to alter all of your flight path around it that sounds kind of awesome that to the other or is it only the game Doodle Jump would you guys like to old school games like Pac-Man and Galaga where you can kind of use tan you know after you unlock levels and you can play the harder levels where is games that used to be in the past that you just started at level one and you went as far as you to it and the next time you played you started level 1 it's kind of rough to go back to that with doodle jum to the first five or ten minutes of every game you're getting past level 200 you can get does endurance mean old portion to the dude and there's a waste of time if you have a 50000 points in Doodle Jump every time you got after that just cause you guys suck I wasn't you know if you want to go through the first V 1.3 million that's bullshit that that person played that game of Doodle Jump for 90 minutes to get there Pai scored tonight and he said that took him about 10 to 15 minutes but I bet that guy put his iPhone into like a robotic I had some with computed to in the iPhone 11 with they wouldn't be embarrassed with the average Wicked over when are about to walk to the high school this morning was telling me he saw some guy in ODST in firefight on the big map that has the rates and the warthog and the Choppers yes some guys single-handedly by himself play the single like a one-person game of firefight on legendary and got like a 1.7 million points and dude I just as soon as when the next I can't imagine that fish told me and I don't remember a lot of hours like $7 or something like that that's exactly the same difficulty have one person but maybe we can find the 500 I just did a video about getting rape in firefight biggest glitches in 4 at work but if you go through a series of events you can actually get in the race and firefight I guess you could say things you don't put in the front you to kill with a Race So I guess it's not good it's just if you know how to do it you can do it like 4 games you can gu 4 someone killed me I don't know it's pretty fucking powerful the only problem with that is that it's like a fan of magnet and when the fans come I swear they stick around longer than forever people running around if it's just you that we were not able to do a couple hours G 4 we got around several times and she still have to put it down her way through it and he's like that's fucking ridiculous Halo firefight to Columbus you get the most kills every game but you get the shittiest school because you just don't string together that's what you going to do in firefight quickly I'm just trying to kill all the Left 4 Dead 211 Bruce on our side I get through them in the start running to try to help the Mortal Story City George from the time that the time was burni is Jump done by a hunter and it would she immediately started yelling mentally with someone like that Left 4 Dead last night you like 2 seconds not touch my zombie was screaming for help and come on gavi you were here Define I wish I was more levels but it is a lot of fun I didn't realize smooth like it was a whole carrying things like there's not as much variety and object placement to me it seems like I always find ammo at certain spots and the which is always at the end of the fucking container I never felt like that with previous Maps they animals always always one of the subway cars on that one table they set up a little table next to a crash subway car the thing about crash course that is kind of cool that makes a difference is that it's a lot more intense like those two chapters are a lot more intense than a normal 4 when the parent will they immediately start you off with your to when they're like I just was almost immediately you get more special infected faster in the game like I literally started in Japan tonight the first game we played we had a tank with pond with a tank when we started the math and I was taking me you really like pretty much everyone because because they are fucking nothing holding firefight you yeah it's absolutely what does it in this one associated with thinking hitting cars 2 people 2020 people with cars I didn't realize that until after I played a couple times already but I have double double they give me 25 for in 2010 like I said when he was in Fallout 3 how close are you in Fallout 730 the worst achievement to time management in the history of the UFC 200 not really 2 achievements because I know because G not blown up alright cuz you went somewhere like you talking about the radio you can get them no personality now do you reckon it's less impressive 2000 points using 2 achievements that is to get the original thousand points now that the DLC is out in both situations but if you don't get this done and use some TLC to get thousand points with that less impressive than getting just the original absolutely fucking time all that matters to me is completing it a hundred percent of 5000 points and Halo 3 would it matter to you whether I do you still stay or just go the original quick 1750 a flag that no longer matters if there's not a thing that says how many completed games that you have that's all I pay attention to how many completed games I have subdued the other day on some sites he has like 89 complete it was crazy you can see other people I'm sure she's at your DD tonight how to give a guy think you are correct you had your six blog entry coming up and you already done 5 are you well we already started the program so we have to disclose this one no you just anything new they just closed at 5 but you have to disclose the you know about the FTC ruling on media on the internet that's pretty interesting which is the governing body of rating video games that's not the government agency that's kind of like a conglomerate of the video game companies that sell they do it very very very which is I think it's more you know you don't say that which now means it can't be sold in retail stores in Australia 2 unrated because it features a look it up but something like infected human being killed by the players in ridiculous ways but didn't Left 4 Dead have that and then they sell that in Australia I don't know I wonder what changed that much more room to put them through that because it actually went down and I had a roll of stickers put on all the DVDs I sold it with the rating with her it was like 17 with a yellow octagon Boston they say that was a retailer and the game developer you got together and said we don't need to go through the ESL because it's not government could they do that I don't know I don't know there's kind of a thing in comics there's a thing called the comics code which was created because the government started cracking down on comic books for being like 2 adults it is like in the forties and fifties and to all the comic book companies got together and call the comics Cod and voluntarily put on the end of people just dropped it probably Marvel's The Net last major Comics to put it on their comics and they took off a couple years ago I don't have to enforce it they don't they're not legally obliged to 14 you buy 2 rated R movie there's no repercussions for that morning saying if your a minor for tobacco sales at the store reserves the right to prosecute you and to you and your any other adult to help you including parents smart and here's why it was refused classification this is according to Kotaku this is Left 4 Dead 1800 notes ad inflicted upon the infected humans and also the most amount of blood splatter and limb dismemberment or even cause intestinal on the moon like Japan I thought if we do that's on them for Australia they're all just free region typically PSP games Australia because it's hardware and you know games don't make money other games download right I mean some gift cards I know in my retail shop I mean if nothing else it's the beginning of the end of retail stores really know your delivery to the Future on Xbox 360 not have a disc on my Xbox and not put the disc in as opposed to trying to track down your Dead season 2 Guitar Hero Van Halen situation right by the Retailer's just don't want it to the service that's rated yeah I guess so yeah that's what I say right now GameStop South Coast games Preston another no longer sell Van Halen Van Halen version of Rock Band guitar Guitar Hero guitar hero because they were just too over saturated there's too many titles on the market and so then Guitar Hero had to start giving away copies of Van Halen that's as I understand it they think I don't know that I heard that somebody told him that it seems like there's always something over Guitar Hero 2 wired but it seems like rock band the timing is different on when you strum a guitar here I thought it was like right before it hits you ad sitting in a rock band to be like as if we probably had calibration this is the first like music game music zombie game you play 2 Guitar Hero to us anyway like when we are by the band van so that I can introduce my kiddos to you not playing instruments and things are you going to pick up the wireless mic you set the wireless working and I got it set up yet I have to get up and work on the super super about everything I think in Beatles Rock Band there's a no-fail option though number 17th I want to say but I'll look it up and give you a better day than the FTC regulation he retired to save stuff coming out over the next two months it's not like you can just be November 10th and what the says Modern Warfare the crazy need to me is Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassin's Creed to come out on the same day and wait for something freaking love that game we're both looking for two games you know there's not many get dead even though with the shooter it's so unique in the way they set it up it's it's really refreshing after all these years to have something that feels new to play and I think a year-and-a-half ago 2 years ago left an ornament your brother was consoling about your brothers like Amazon is like I said he was on his knees and stuff about it and that we were both like this my room that word came right away you stupid I can't about 20 minutes later geof 2 and I am awesome and we had a chance to do that in they talked about the in the Australia report they talked about how you know people and how we can take off people's arms and things like that even the pipe bombs are different now when you throw a pipe bomb out there instead of them all getting around it and it's a big red now all the bodies go flying we heard recently Gabe Newell said that they've had 300% more pre-orders than they did for love the original Left 4 Dead yeah and they're spending and then this is gotta story to tell wow I'm cuz I'm a little upset earlier in this podcast geof complain that we just sat there with are iPhones played Doodle Jump the entire lunch at the same lunch I read a press release to the table that well that's in 25 million dollars marketing Left 4 Dead 2 and with that 300% figure I have next week when I sent this at lunch we got in the car after work he's like to hear Left 4 Dead 2 25 million Left 4 Dead 1 I will stop the car points you were very upset nothing is not we read yesterday probably listen to but I'm not going to hold staff for that I have secret sexual relations with in the upstairs but yeah it's crazy right about Letterman's and it's big reveal LOL that's crazy he doesn't think it's crazy to his wife what was the Swedish government refused 4 split South St defens not too bad points need to talk with him when I was asking about Sweden American Idiot not happy that this whole thing the Lettermen is going down today dude over does he know he's in prison in Switzerland headlined a couple days ago this whole Roman Polanski thing went down that look like it was a headline right out of the onion or something like Hollywood Hollywood Legend Woody Allen come to the defense of Roman Polanski I like really came out and started the petition but we support Roman Polanski should be freed and now as a result of that my wife read this I can't go see a movie get people to like fucking but scorsese's on that list too it's like it's embarrassing and husband is on that I don't know now as a result of that the shrapnel and Kate Winslet where my wife won't let me go see if she won't go we'll just see Brighton arms about it definitely guilty forgiving him doesn't mean that they say that his artistic talent is so great that we should be able to overlook it King they would have been in jail to plead guilty and then we were going to go back on the deal after he was convicted that he went through and he was going to do some kind of community service and maybe some time and if he did that and then when it's about maybe you were not going to do that after he did that then he left he actually do it and actually done it as soon as you can Rush Hour 3 which is a terrible movie they will they got time for that absolutely not but you're right but Letterman telling telling all these about it you hear it from him and he said need to be facing the music day one he didn't actually do anything illegal geof you know someone's in trouble when Wikipedia prevents you from editing that I was you know I found a similar request friendship on Facebook and like the special list for news feeds from people I don't really talk to high school with and the day of the Letterman taping I was looking at that need and want to do that with the high school with his name is Chris and I was like oh my God I can't believe that was because Woody Harrelson come out after that flight they start off David Letterman's says oh I hear you got married recently I was thought you were married how's it going lunch back in the start because of the zombie movie call her anything last movie with someone before Grand he did a lot of like straight-to-dvd straight-to-video films geof on the upswing then my wife was always a very big fan so I have a chip on my shoulder is that dude she likes Zac Efron Zac Efron in Twilight ROK and you were talking about sex drive and you should have if I hadn't seen together that point and your wife got mad at me that I found it funny and I thought if you showed me was fun with Jason at your house when you guys were there and we were babysitting million somehow that babysitting million your house and my wife came over to pick me up for dinner and she walked in and Jason and I were watching David Letterman's confession on YouTube you were laughing about it my wife walked in and she said what are you laughing about it but that's real funny women take adults are much much much more seriously they like a lot of stories about adultery what you think is Zombie Land I mean I thought I didn't think was nearly as good as the dead and I'll just say that's my main there's no zombie dead if you can have a zombie apocalypse worst 6 billion people suddenly turn into zombie 8950 movie that there's a massive horde of zombies 2 maybe 3 Zombies about the last human right there's nobody else million zombie somewhere nowhere boil a promise will edit it out before the last scene the climactic scene what is the thing that has the most amount of zombies in it is probably where that that driving through an urban downtown area geof ad there's not even that mean there's maybe six zombie Zin they will come from behind camera have a great time talking about it it was not good I hate about every zombie movie that it's just will just make annoying bullshit decision and it just makes me mad every time it is a comedy but some of the stuff to do understanding and there's kind of a character that's his whole thing is that he's got zombie plants and that keeps coming back in the movie but I mean it's a good movie it's funny and very funny probably a little over half with him and I think everyone's kind of talking about that without really talking about it I don't know if it's worth the $60 for the baby gu not good for my when I go dancing in Danville super laid-back but it's really funny because a couple times I got geof does not have cable at his house he's essentially you don't have television you have monitors in your house Xbox are plugged into that you have a Roku player with in they have anymore not a Netflix says on there that I was on Netflix player essentially which were out before the service hit the Xbox with no TV and so we did yesterday your television and it was no problem over there and forgot I had had my password already setup for your network at your house but I said that I was watching potentially Letterman on demand streaming over the Oklahoma game versus Miami thanks they might like Hulu and Xbox Live not streaming Netflix AT&T commercials which are you will remember picture of these things were there and then go to the midnight you will and show somebody like looking over a book on their computer screen and almost all of them are accurate worst being AT&T they had a little bit of centricity in they had a phone booth with a video phone in it and that's a fact the tablet and it's just obvious is locked up tablet and he said something to me and then goes off to go California that's awesome that sounds disgusting and stupid yeah but that's crazy there's a few things that come out of Photoshop really they just blow my mind which are G contextual scalin have you seen that there's lots of the 4 that's going to drive me crazy it's like a national landscape with a mountain on the right side and then a big blue expanse of sky and then and then house on the right scalin you take the bottom right and dragging it just removes all the data from your scalin have to put some commercials like this months ago with this everything in the house and you keep this very building people before I think that was so Left 4 start old will they have software will you take a blank white frame and you say you draw with your mouth drug dude and you say with your man and then you right next to the menu right room and then you write draw the cat in the leopard and it was a desert it goes on the web and it makes a montage it makes a Photoshop from your sketch of a groom in the desert with a leopard will ad it looks I mean this is absolutely on the building it was on one of them yeah that they Could reconstruct are you could move through it like in the 3D space based on all these photos that it had its thing probably Big Sky Halo left I don't know I don't know skin near iTune last night my skin count you can tell by the number photos that were taken of it on the internet and I want you to scalin electron with regret on YouTube what we oh yeah just let you when you saw the video and we ready YouTube comics where a guy said it's an unfair test because I'm will try to call this guy but I don't know if you can you know you better all materials lose electrons which makes them with me lost more electrons in to 50 years old old 5th therefore it would have been a week right there for not a fairytale movie should have built a new 1959 Bel Air static electricity Electric just under radiation every bit lighter you can let electronegativity not call that I'm over talking to a guy and said once he was a Stunt Driver I need crash will cause I'm one of the first crash says he did he you let you let the other one off and apparently like you got a lot of heat from a about his hands and on my arms like headlight fluid container somehow made it into the call on to his left headlight container really history what is the dumbest thing ever said but you know what I mean is it in metric headlight fluid is is a good job I'm good I'm going to flight today I kept waiting for you to make sense why is it was quietly look you like comics is your phone shut off my face hurts from laughing you know you know listen healt on hooks so now you're going to backpedal and say it was windshield wiper fluid you know I was fucking with you oh my God I don't know man alive that's funny I don't know where we go from there we're really sorry we're going to miss out I used to be very equal member of this park Cod you know that extend angry just died and now I just became Like Glue found we're talking about while we were in Seattle in the region woman dies at 99 years of age leave behind 1400 descendent she had 12 kids and her kids woman on the planet of 144 and 450 children so about 11 kids at a hundred and fifty children okay more than she even had these 150 children continue the commitment thousand children that's where do you have sobered up yet 1400 direct descendent they have to have over 250 headlight 78071 Pharisees from Jerusalem Jerusalem I to that one of Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem light doodle to get these children children says with a grin and do all of her descendent that sounds very that most derogatory Christmas fucking suck for That official I got a dreidel for Christmas 99 comics for the 12 Days of Christmas 12 Days of Christmas present Santa Claus in Alabama if you were in the equipment outlet they call it Hanukkah movie crazy night to present something in the animal kingdom that is pretty much the function of the female right just to produce and just have her dude that's all females do that's crazy what are the funeral after the Renton Stadium to the Superdome with in my call to 60 years 7 years if they turned into 1400 people I mean we have 1400 times 6 billion in just 60 years that's a frightening that's fucked up you have any kids what was the most successful people in the 1400 Gary Come Home that's okay you can marry your cousin naturally gravitated your chances ROK of everything working out okay but you do have a higher chance of a problem with genetic defects I read a while back that it's emotional mostly actually this information is for the most part but it's still more dangerous than not interesting which is a shame because I don't have any good looking cousins people in my generation 10 brothers and sisters and my dad has 4 for this country more often that we have bigger about to do any of those 10 brothers and sisters of your mother do any of them have it nobody give it a good try to have that will have family like a diminishing mean is very typical in developed countries where as time goes on they have a shrinking population which is a big problem in countries like Japan know where that country's not going to exist in 200 years on the they start fucking exposing a country not really in a great loss I don't know what their immigration laws like but very wonderful looking for xenophobe to me it was it was weird because it was I don't know if I can see another game like that where you have like four players working together Co-op and it's like once a are T that's like divided into sections it was like this big river 4 corner of the screen he was on one screen is weird Japan is population increasing and getting people bonuses if they go out and have kids and it seems like not a problem because the problem is that their pension and retirement fund is shrinking because it's less people in the workforce if people are getting older so it's really funny how the financial system American and if we still have pensions anymore people are living longer more Generations need to take care of that will do anything to people what was the main response from your throat about how to improve the drunk tan to people like the long ones or the short they were a lot of suggestions people seem to let you getting mad at me if you get a with the length but as far as improvements a lot of people suggested contradictory things I'll give an example one person said that we should have let segments like half a segment dedicated to gaming section to film a section dedicated to our website but we keep it I'll keep it at the same time pizza from the news as well and I didn't mean I've had this one book March 2 weeks waiting for Gavin to come back a recent study determined that women were to rate their lovers from all different nationalities and they did they determine that German men are the worst lovers in the world with her official women says women say they are too smelly and lazy gu who was who what was ranked the number one Spanish Men actually Spanish to English hidden village lover literally her Village Walk ROK in English show me Apple to anybody else is looking you guys there's a new service that is in this is not what I found it interesting new service in San Antonio Dallas and Austin which is close to where we live and it's called whiteglove.com and you pay a monthly subscription fee to ad Health Care Service and then nurse practitioner or doctor will come to your house for $35 a visit and they will do blood work iTune for an extra cost and they will just do test for strep and flu and they let you bring your medications and stuff like Gatorade and crackers and things when you go to the doctor that's $35 and $1,000 for a family so if you were at home and you were too lazy to go get crackers and Gatorade you just call dr. Andrade should probably depends on how hard I saw something weird this is I don't know anything about anything what are you in the car with me I think I was always in the queens and it said Amazon Fresh Amazon logo ad I used it once like 8 years ago in Austin fail fail and then yeah that one was gone will work for you when I live there back in 97 or whatever was that this food delivery like carrying stuff is pretty big in the UK Midol chemical I don't eat if I don't care one way or another chicken they his good looks and smells try to wake up and start licking it the fucking disgusting vegetables they can sometimes million oh my gosh your favorite brand American they say woman up in traditional middle-eastern clothes she was wearing a headscarf exactly what you want and behind the counter refused to get out of here reaction in the story and some people were you know like right on buddy you know I'm glad to hear somebody saying stuff like that and that was the first couple that they showed I hope after this people says the first guy and he appeared on camera and was talking to whoever you want I'm praying for him and another guy he was praising him or whatever can a people we see right here and it was a really weird diverse mix of people and it's really representative of where we are in Austin it was done at the Czech stop in West Texas no way this is for reference is halfway between Austin and Dallas when we drive up there is a little bakery called the Czech stop butt smell like Czechoslovakia cuz it's there's a lot of immigrants ending up there and they didn't when we talked about that before on the website awesome close the grill down they're definitely can talk to her more will ad and as I can tell there's a guy from Dallas when a button down and on his way back through and then there's a bunch of people 4 flight when going to you fuck you fuck you fuck you too not sure why they chose like there's a reason why they chose the checks about that location they have like a old woman College in Texas El Paso they must be down there to interview her and then they just set up a place that was who I mean this isn't exactly attractions downtown Manhattan what is Georgia joke no it is the only city in the Western Hemisphere on the same longitude and latitude latitude of Jerusalem that has a river running through it maybe during the past come on I'm listening that's why a lot of people in it is like every single person that was blind you got $1,000 to have sex with his buddy I was presented to you he was just like dude and he was really friendly and unfriendly place and people think he's gay but he's not like that ever have sex with me and another man would you ever do something like that because like I said he was like $1,000 and I was like thank you you are the longest how is a grand slam food.com and grits from 30 Rock if it meant I could have sex with Siri Australia it's hard to say no to that 3 about 4 left on the same latitude that has a river running through it that's what I was told people getting Roman dude every time it was in trouble for Gary Condit was you know Chandra Levy missing presumed dead and they didn't find her remains in a park in Washington DC he was the primary suspect for Congressman was accused essentially of killing his age and having an affair with her will first have the other way around and it was a huge deal it was all anybody could talk about and that was I think that was around September 9th 2001 September 11th incident happened and never heard of that in 2003 no he didn't do it or not text year they started realizing that it wasn't him that someone has confessed to it in jail he confessed to killing so now he's depressed that guy's the primary suspect I would never go to America people didn't pay attention to that literally went away like it was from everywhere and as soon as I know Farrah Fawcett died they on an MJ 3 hours later with the list about in Queens Ellington apartment building months nobody airlines in the u.s. is that Airlines they really have no major