#300 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses Life Insurance

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-300

Recorded: 2014-12-02 23:26:54

Runtime: 00:54:21 (3261.7 seconds)

Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Matt Hullum


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Christopher Meyer audio books more than 250,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature fiction non-fiction periodical for free on your next holiday party with these funny crazy sweaters Christmas apparel and Gifts a percent off your entire purchase at Tipsy Elves.com with the code team take 20% off your entire purchase at Tipsy Elves.com with the code team VII a big pop and it was a hundred outside of Austin what are the rare times that we are going to be like off site really I think for quite a long time we going to get the cold breakfast that you can get on a woman we got the digits lyrics 370 degrees last week the last scene that we shot he got super cold at night and it was it was a swimming pool and people swimming and then we were trying to get people there so you know what to do with your to put in your mouth Gavin didn't work this way I've been told I'm the Cowardly Lion in this it might be just a month ago. if you wake up with this one day and I'm going to be Fozzie Bear in like the next week and a half I was excited to make a popper with the spring which because I did have a nice smell yeah of the time it's on the set of trying to hit Christopher in the head while he was offering the camera my words they come out looking good while having a shot hurt somebody with that George Gavin Eric comes out do you get hit with a fully fueled confetti cannon 33 days of our lives have been making a movie to my calendar the temperature the temperature Antarctica FL I tweeted that going forward is that we no longer has a complaint with I need to complain about something just go ahead and go what's going to complain they said they sent you the screenshot of the temperature at wherever they live ok screenshot the temperature where they weren't wearing what I was wearing at the time on a football field that was windy as fuck for $12 Barbara was in full pads he was an offensive lineman warmer just didn't a lot of complaints about it but I actually prefer the cold weather versus be hot all the time because I think if we were hot on camera we would look worse you can play at just about everything probably Burnie, Buckhead. and at one point I was like makeup to get in when I try to do it quietly so to The Dread of knowing they're going to come quietly Michael he heard me from across the yard because I need you so much that was where we almost lost it again and then again and it's awesome to get to read on camera light rain can sometimes you really sick and Burnie I never realized that Melissa an interface so that it looks more reflective than pretty movie do I have to reset Matt was always good about like spotting people's like wardrobe and stuff movies into one movie and she could tell me like what is a shot on certain days because they were wearing the same wardrobe it like two different parts of the movie at the same time I don't know I can't remember what you got to be wearing if we didn't have people doing that you can't change that we'll just like if you have a problem with this thing they like hold on let me get the person who can help you with and then the person problems with a full-time Fiddler diddler PS3 we don't actually know sometime in 2015 would love to do it when I get replaced of that to come out that Eric Stoltz was in Back to the Future conversation just so horrible to have to have everything is going to ask you to do do a Christopher Lloyd and said he got them we want to bring up we changed the kid who's playing Marty David said om Roberts we were we were on I thought you were with him at the Australian he was part of the celebrity guests how would you describe them would you wear glasses right now currently he wasn't Young back and forth back and forth to talk into it anything like and then you talk some more you let me finish talking here is like when I reboot I could see the kids hey Caroline it's like I can tell him I sent you Star Wars did you guys watch the trailer in the story that defined Amazing Spider-Man like that I was leaving what did Gavin mean when he said that Tobey Maguire never happened in that Universe what do you think you meant by that Matt Lombardi is the next the new Spider-Man movies with Andrew Garfield in that the Tobey Maguire Peter Parker never existed in that in that it's a totally different thing with stuff in the new Stoltz has happened for all the stuff they threw out like now Nick Cannon and it doesn't matter if it like like novels or Comics or whatever if it's in the movies it's cant in even if it's not Star Trek actually that's not true Star Trek that was in the movie Star Trek Star Trek everything changed anymore who came back from that Universe into the different Star Wars trailer one of the biggest things the lightsaber hilt the biggest thing ever smallest phone on the planet that has like every Apple product ever made Matt has an iPod that has a firewire port on the iPod the first one yeah yeah the mechanical wheel with mechanical what was cool he was wearing just walking team I know who you're talking about I think you're talking about is the guy who designed all of the Apple products VII of is the guy whenever they released a new project for the film a guy against white screen with a bald head and he'll walk alone about how magical it is and how it's magic in like a like a coffee shop or something and I was explaining something was like whatever what year was it when it really gets you off we should keep an the camera over to see like what other choice for background was today that was this weekend and that was around there so this enormous tree with her other choice but we thought that might not be the best representation call digital Edition philatelic back I think about what could have been something really fast and flash back now camera inside the pocket to I just noticed that a pocket for your party popper time before your hands are you save it for later are you saving your pop Party Poppers like they're 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quiet on you until the dad from the real careful some will say that I remember from the UK was Pete Townsend from the who was accused of having a bunch of child porn on his computer and then he said he's against child pornography and he was researching it out people And archiving and like you just go crazy at a certain point like when you get older AC/DC drummer he was accused of murder for hire rock stars as they get older all the time and everything VII what can I ask you a personal question I when I was married I didn't tell my wife how much my life insurance how much you pay or is it just their value what is how much you pay the actually do like say you want or whatever policy just went even number so you want $200,000 policy so that I can someone else get 200000 you ever you need me and then you have a lot of smoking and drinking every part of that is well and everything that's wrong with you buddy you're fine but an insurance company would like an Actuarial Table that I can actually find out like how healthy You Are by how much will charge you because they make it $200,000 and I get $100,000 you get one they will charge us all very differently based on their age and our lifestyle one kind of thing yeah you're going to like for tomorrow you walk out of here and into the sky and hit you what would happen yeah I like that because you said that and it happened to be but you have you have a house and you have furniture you have company Matt will go to my parents so I don't know I think probably say no but you have no claim over you anymore because you're over 18 UK might be different my stuff at the time I was just like there's no way you could you didn't trust her immediately entrapment coffee for me and you like you woke up in the middle night and she was like going to your file like in the file cabinet black things never runs outside I mean Galaxy should I unplug of a situation if you can be unplugged and then your life just end it didn't go well anyway I'm the plug cam were married and we have a very good life together and I say hey I just want to let you know I'm concerned about your future I got a life insurance policy would be your next question out of money how much is a billion dollars and I'm pretty sure that I would be I would be loosening screws by being married but on the floor that's right I come in with a billion I'm A Marked Man at that point I had put a price tag on my head how much money does it cost to get away from a hundred million everyone involved VLC the line for everybody but if it was like a hundred million hundred million billion where you fall in a billion dollars Premiere happy hour Friendswood Gavin I have a lovely lovely marriage the line somewhere I don't want to go through an individual figure out where everybody is whining ever know so much like you don't tell me the buckle up your seat belts like you're in the hospital like I say we were married how long would it take for you to kill me like they you decided I wanted a billion it right away everything you're allergic to the regular who would you least want to be married to in our company probably I don't know probably you know anyone interested in me for our Christmas picture Barbara Hershey Dodgeball cast can you say would you like a cup I would hate to live with myself because I would not want to hear the reason why you broke up with me I found out about me or something like that return your love to me I would not want to live with that knowledge of knowing what that was proof of income to receive very discriminating something you Barbara Barbara has a boyfriend and we went to a community friend Thanksgiving dinner and she went to Thanksgiving dinner with this person today and then left can I do about it nothing said about it but I think Barbara is a nice guy Matt Barbara like your hair Barbara is no longer blonde Yolanda she did not bring that Bloody Brown weather Gavin Brown drummer 24 when I dye my hair red and I could be ready stop taking hair and making it onto Brown boyfriend that I'm not involved in any Productions currently or going any convention in the coming months you do the reshoots next week no reason team sound what is looks very nice thank you totally changes your whole look oh really I'm convinced that I'm a natural brunette who said the greatest thing which is the internet is like the world's biggest broken telephone the time people will state something as fact like the reason we were doing something girls like completely not just like to the departure from the idea but they want the actual opposite direction of it you know you can tell if a game that kids play Barbara Brazen to someone in England that's a really racist name Chinese Whispers with translation telephone the telephone game the person who started it goes in big circle the camp they say what they were originally going to say then the person that got all the way back around to the circle next to them then says what they heard are you supposed to change one thing or you supposed to try to keep it as faithful as possible right to do it information that's the tough part for me not to like you cares if they don't know about them something that we're doing there something specific I got her if you're a natural blonde but they speak with sir so you are actually correct medicine for memory but lately it has something to do where redditors will makes fun of how bad you to come with her star with the worst comments on YouTube always come from redditors like the moment a YouTube video makes its way to the front page of Reddit and you go there the first like for top comments are all like these like a creditor accounts were like oh hello I am with the Red Army Star Wars like character the comparative and it seems every single video on YouTube video you have internet Star Wars conspiracy back last year whatever is it just me is it just the whole thing because it's got like a little bit anyway but you know he'll change the cross guard on the hill which I like because I did a really fun thing where the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar which is really going to the flagship element that we talked about the podcast about a thousand times they were one of those in North America that got the trailer and the owner of the Disney thing what are the rules you have to put it before Big Hero 6 Disney movie right now great movie trailer the trailer times in a row on the big screen and it would stop at 82nd and they would stop and in a few minutes of discussion from a panel of Star Wars export experts then showed again then they were doing this thing with the projections were trying to frame by frame it like to play but I don't like that kind of thing and it was amazing it was actually an hour and I didn't see what time I really did that's what everyone Bluffton thought I had it but I think she has another location in the Star Wars trailer Can you feel it Seth Rogen debate is there to do in the movie his name is Adam Driver going to watch girls Matt yeah yeah yeah Andy Serkis and then I'm also watching the trailer I would have worn right after seeing it Benedict Cumberbatch and it wasn't apparently but apparently they're saying it was any churches like officially been like somebody proud to the boy doing his like Benedict Cumberbatch Opera Tower to know what it is yet but I always miss pronounce it and then I saw this really funny thing will have to go look up for maybe we can show it or link to it he was on one of those talk shows Benedict Cumberbatch which one of the three people on the couch for a documentary about penguin cant say the word Julia the jungle in South Africa and what's the last thing you'd expect to see walking to the Jungle penguin penguin yes it's a penguin in a penguin documentary and he gets the wars in the Peyton Williams actually has a big crush on him more endearing the fact that he can of penguin penguin penguin penguin penguin Jimmy Chinese will see if I can play some audio for you here we don't have the the best signal out here but I'll see if I can look up Benedict Cumberbatch cant pronounce penguin I think we're in really auralgan work for almost I'm looking for the penguin are you get are you going to back to England for Christmas and you told me where the hell you been three times in a month for the stuff for the TV Eric George Christmas restaurant teacher the new iPhone come not everything I think and I know it like I had Apple pay know I just met you and I could have he was not diabetic the current version sucks I always have a thing where if I stop video and it on my phone is on silent it won't play the audio but then I put on some loud to play the other for 5 seconds in the sun again and every time and every one I don't want to complain because they Overlook all the flaws I believe that when I was a shorter one do the Penguins and penguin Alan Rickman voice impression if you went back in time and took out some one who would have the biggest effect on everyday life in terms of what they've come up with a lot because of the crappy invented and the way everything looks good VII things copied his style that I think the whole world would be a different looking place like how that looks of the eighties invented the only thing you tried to shut down other inventors if there was no medicine industry find it with all these other Little Adventures you can come up with the Johnny is on his way Ricky T's in Matt leading provider of audio books with more than 250,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature and featuring audiobook version of many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook to consider is Mockingjay the final book of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins for free audiobook of your choice go to audible.com / RoosterTeeth that's audible.com / RoosterTeeth if you're going to recommend I recommend Grace's guide by Grace Helbig yes which is an audio book that is available what's up book about his Grace's Guide to Life number one bestseller self-help Damian Audible I just looked it up to do something I love I don't know how to turn this off I really got yourself penguin Audible application on the iPhone which I really like is that it will continue to play audio after you lost your phone and I don't know why everything doesn't do that like I can't let this thing still run YouTube 99 Donruss press play what number you can if you don't have that function YouTube app does not have any functionality to play 2 player on playlist for you to buy it by the house Plano to build really cool playlist on YouTube thanks so I can do that yeah when I go to Italy look up are you guys going to Facebook at all I just started to get back into Facebook I really got to do it before but I just can't like started like going to it on a fairly regular basis Facebook it shows me a story and I got really into it and then it was gone in like I don't know the cash paid from the last time I did that it will refresh in the background for certain amount of time in the background I'm like what happened never guess what the three kids become almost like a trigger would like to know sometimes you have to type everything clickbait titles which are in my opinion head like yeah that's not like in Dover new piece of Hardware that's kind of something and it's on the outside and the next and the next part of the article in any way whatsoever it's just something you should find a job you think is going to be but that's going to quit working at some point everybody does it work everybody transmission of every single day but it some point I still have to the Military Channel I'm sure that you do the quizzes find personal day with that stuff personally know where do you think of yourself as a Hobbit in the questions they can mother the pornstar game the pornstar name game where you take your street address and your head pain when your kids are like to Hair Cuttery questions asked on credit card account in for password resets that was your mother's maiden name make a bunny with the last 4 digits I got I have records of history there was a site called the name of it anyway they the same with a Blog stuff and to look at the products they did they would you like he's really crazy like blog experiment where one guy that tried to give him some athletes Foot & Leg wrapped in plastic and stuff like that and then the of the spark and then that is when it started but apparently on Facebook it's really fun to take a quiz now and then you take it and then you know you find out what you know Avenger you would what is a personal day and then they can populate it into a database and then get your match for somebody you can have sex with or just get married I want to see with this park.com internet the guys from that became the OKCupid guy wrapped in plastic give me the zip lock bags Around the Riverbend to the top and even put like a little bit of water in them so they look like and weigh Gavin I don't even suggest it's like a really to speed up everything that I don't know life insurance back that for the rest of this year that you think I can play more needed I don't know if you being serious right now I love you because I really don't know podcast Apple Centric to do the right thing again that is not a real charity but it doesn't actually to raise awareness now well that's a pretty sure that the lady is like very open about 1% of the money always buy red goes to actual treatment or prevention the rest is just marketing and Bonner and Bonner I don't know movie 300 we back I'll let you the other 300 one is it just in a different room and show where can I get x-rays today we just want Star channel game kids were in the middle of making the future and we have other stuff lined up that's going to be really cool coming up pretty soon if I don't know and yeah that's really cool we'll talk about this and we appreciate as always you guys joining us bye bye