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RT Discusses Plane Etiquette

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Recorded: 2014-12-09 23:36:09

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini




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Transcript (in progress):

Chris up to receive podcast is brought you by Shari's Berries order giant freshly dipped strawberries starting at 1999 that's over 40% of all the berries for just $10 more to go to very.com click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and use code teeth that's Berrie.com Amoco to this Sho with Spotify naturebo your ships great tasting wholesome snacks right here don't forget the vending machine and start snacking Smarter with some delicious treats like dark cocoa almonds podcast free sample box in nature box.com / naturebox.com class Chris Christie it's been 3 weeks 5 weeks up that I was on was November 3rd looking the podcast not jealous of you for that rule it's Chris are you going to talk to Sal podcast your mouth numb now it's gotten better I was really worried meaning but I'm guy and he's like I haven't really looked OK and I know where the other one I got no man I got back home I can't talk on the phone did not want to show up with you know you're to fold clothes so you brush your teeth but you didn't have time so you rushed in the car your husband's brother with the flu like I told you I was busy and I was kind of that way for a while but I like eating pizza for the podcast and Chris was like take a bite out of it was like similar to it for a while but otherwise life is really good we going to the gym and take a shower and stuff and LA Chris quite spicy it's funny I went to the dentist like a year ago and actually don't have to do the recap like right as soon as I got back one half my face is still numb so you could see me like talking and it life I want to see that one Alan Arnette first time yesterday and everything Krypton brainstorming class 3 cavities but I went to the time for the three years once every 10 years Boise does ape born without wisdom teeth but never had to get them pulled and I think I've only ever had like 3 cavities in those when I was a kid and I got to be alone where can I buy fish it out of my check they told me I might have all my teeth capped because apparently I grind my teeth and every time I go to the dentist the last four years will I need to wear a mouthguard like I'm not going to do that so it's nice and smooth technology doctor's office advance so much more so than that the perception that yet so I'll go there is no scheduled me for 6 months and the future and then I'll get a call from them asking you know hey do you want to schedule your appointment and I'll call back and leave a voicemail I won't hear back for day isn't like I'm sorry do you want to schedule your computer already sent me a text message telling me to be there tomorrow morning Southlake the system is easier I think we go to the same dentist because I have to get like a text message alert like to melbourn yes that is super Shady sorry I went to the dentist I was across the street from there and to this day that sake dentist office text me happy birthday on my birthday I'm searching for my text messages for birthday now what is something really fucked up in your mouth as far as it would hurt but I guess it didn't hurt either I just want to the most recent happy birthday from everyone at our office! We love having you as a patient full ship their practice name at the end so I've been a lot of places in the last month and I'm going to try to talk about all of them so we'll go no more deat to but I went to the Hale Obama been in La I went to Australia for a couple weeks and this past weekend I was at the Sony PlayStation experienc in Vegas we get a lot of fun I didn't get you anything I'm sorry about something Park on of the thing when you 2 guy a little bit not a lot but a little bit like I said I went down to Australia and then someone in Brisbane said they were tired of seeing their tired of seeing Bernie in the Sydney roosters have all the time to give me a Brisbane Broncos jersey LOL Carolina Auto Trim up wired and otherwise I could turn rugby guy story about rugby players and I was like I'm never doing that apparently you know that lady you know what's going on and apparently there was a player in professional League to try to get the ball by shoving his thumb up some other dudes but is it I have a headache from that I was away from that right before the podcast and I commented on how 40 dude while you're here maybe 2 years ago rise days of things just trying to justify the new just like you're there for me and it was more like regular doctor for some reason you did prostate 2 of 2 I think it's too if you would like to no I didn't and they just inflated Edge but he didn't like it was okay if I put it in and like maybe but I was work good can I get you from the parking lot of breakdowns Brando to the day for the first time of God so we already already asleep I'm up next cleaning everything out the undercarriage handicap showers man that's with the bed or the shower can you the thing that you can take off of the little while and then stick it up your butt your butt your cars on a car wash and then underneath but anyway back to something with the top your house talking about seriously the flight to and from Australia so it's like I looked it up LA to melbourn Sony life the 15th longest route in the world is 14 longer flights you can take like 15 and a half hours or some shit so it's like all you do is sit there for 15 hours and watch every move you've missed or like the last but I've not seen Guardians of Galaxy I finally watched it Bradley Cooper 90 reckon think you like the three-dimensional character like he of the most interesting backstory only have literally 2 backstory and you know how to change the scene at the end where they all like grab each other and they're able to express it I thought I lost it I was so good to watch 22 Jump Street which might be funnier than 21 Jump Street yeah it's really good it was really fucking good Alan I was really surprised with 21 Jump Stree I like dumb really dumb comment 22 jump your 75% of 21 to be happier than that yeah and they make fun of the fact that it's a movie and how they're just going to redo the first movie and you know 21 Jump Street that's an address I get house and so that burned down so they move to 22 Jump Street across the street and as I walk into it you see that a condos being built at 23 Jump Street but across the street 27 Jump Street La Montage 2034 movie you got it like take seriously yeah and I know I mean that's what makes a good and I feel like they're making fun of a lot of other movies in the genre like people don't know like like Horrible Bosses 2 boxes one is good he's good it's a movie but like everyone Horrible Bosses 2 life if that's 75% of the first lot of movies Rise of the Planet of the Apes okay it's all really yeah it's good but it just wasn't as good as his word is old Edge communicate like this sign language so a lot of the movie is subtitled it's pretty much all subtitles your the star of dirty old man not in the movie Berrie Steve he's in the movie is pretty much in the trailer so weird in the the star is like life also featuring Gary Oldman and it's like I don't even know who the primary executive decisions like on the cover and he's in all the trailers and then in like 15 minutes then breaks up and he just don't believe it girl does not like guy or anything before surgery what about Steven Seagal with you rise to watch dark territory to know guy get kicked off the train of course and he's trying to catch up to it he just find this truck on the side of the road open the hood find 2 wires and then hit the wires together in the truck started and then takes off so cool too many new movies are having females really wanted to say sorry watching a lot of stuff everyone tomorro the great movie I didn't watch it in the theater right now watching the theater when I'm alone days absolutely watch it at the price of the first time I thought they had like a 10-minute preview on the Xbox One sake the first 10 minutes of the movie and I'll watch it with you can we push it to watch it yeah it's always pretended not to see your highness the movie with James Franco Tony the flight so I only saw like the first 20 minutes and it was really really funny and then I got home and I bought it and will pay the $5 and then it was like really shitty after that I felt like that movie right he is the father so he doesn't even babe I think you the farmer well he seemed so kind in that it's like the office that is First Federal tomorro but I never watched Days of Future Past as well highnes life like that like do you have to pay for every movie or there's a good deal but just like on demand you just watch Life movie you want you got like your home screen and you just let me know if you think about Days of Future Past is so it's like you don't really like to start a movie at this film has been modified to fit your screen or whatever give the disclaimer and I watched it and that you're days that typical boilerplate and then it said something like also be aware of this but things like this film contains scenes of a traumatic flight sequence Please be aware of those around you controlling the planet make it and I was like yeah I can put them in there I didn't put the movie Flight on the flight or Final Destination pretty traumatic for me what about what the president of Korea Force One Air Force One he saves the plane then it didn't go down there right there first one watching when I'm president of my contacts Air Force 1 your timing like I've seen like all the movies I wanted to see I've seen every watched a bunch of movies already and that the flight is still really long because you know that I'm really into rocket to keep watch later for a video that you meet someone it's like another trailer for with apple trailers the proceed YouTube I mean that's how I watched everything and it's cool how many but we have all the time in fact talked about this on the podcast several times before but when episode 1 first time 2 trailer if you wanted to watch the large surgeon possible on the internet you have to have Quicktime Pro and walking through the apple trailers website so it's like they're there up Sal does hazing but with trailers and I was not I know it's dumb because I was not aware of the Exodus movie Exodus gods and Kings until I watched the trailer on the flight I left day and it's like super Ridley Scott like super epic scale of crazy so excited to see that because you guys have seen that Charlton Heston it was really that's going to be done in this day and her and yeah Sho like small in the trailer they sell small Snippets of like The Parting of the Red Sea but you don't get to see the whole thing but I think it's smart but it's like you don't want to spoil life what was frogs I like frogs how do you say there's so many frogs like you're driving over frogs I like when my first born son is killed first born just in case he forgets all the other kids 2 movie being so popular that really up the life they knew they had to do this one right was watching it I was like this is there you gotta see these really catastrophic events in CGI but they're they're more Dynamic the contact is a lot cooler and it is scarier leaving the for the frogs the frogs did you ever see the Prince of Egypt the animated version of it no yeah I saw that that was a long time ago La 90 first time in the office and I got really confused because I thought it was Noah husky wanted Christian Bale to be Noah in the Noah movie but there was a scheduling conflict at to get Russell Crowe instead did you try to stay in character all the time which would be terrifying for a lot of movies but for Moses that'd be pretty cool right like you think I'm getting the door for people parting the Red Sea staff anyone to like synagogue every day just to let them get in the mindset and what are you doing synagogue train stuff and I don't remember it's been like 15 years since I've been in Sony guy or something like that or just like charge you like $0.14 when I was 12 imagine there's like 30 people fighting like dreidels your I want to ruin this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Nature Box 2 or 2 people 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Drawn do what I do start snacking smarter go to naturebox.com / 3 get a free trial box of delicious snacks your welcome I think 2 boxes of your box and because I've been gone for a while the best part of you being out of town for so long is that I ate all their naturebo we like steal them from Patrick we just have them in our office I just have to hide on with your to do really different people in The Old City I know it was a Common Thread life example we got a high the fucking makeup wipes again does big giant tub of makeup wipes so that when we're done shooting we can swipe her face. They just disappear I speculate that and I've said this before I think someone taking a pic in there butt wipes still doing it I would burn how many men who had it now they're going to think that we think that they do so she like out of the movie talk we're doing screenplay tomorro Chris and I we have something cooked up were excited about what is it we can't say there's a drawn to see what with the movie of the week would be and they were meet Brandon and Blaine Together We Heart It he really got mad so we can see what we can do tomorrow but first we have some tomorrow I love to have you if you want to watch him die hard in the face like a legitimately good Christmas movie like you Google top Christmas movies it's always on Alan you want to why would you see the first one I don't hate you I want to help you but I was saying was I think it was on or something at least the first time during Thanksgiving I didn't realize that you have to return it like right away or else they charge you per day that you have it I thought it was like a rental fee I paid 36 bucks for keep it for three over a year rise Mysterious Skin 414 Mile Bridge Over the River Kwai for like $13 43 the X-Men Days Future Past and I'm sure which ship something there has not blown away definitely would not want to see in theaters guy trying to adelaid which is the sister city to Austin adelaid to like sleepy flexor for town it's on the coast beachfront beautiful but apparently I did I didn't notice I didn't completely from adelaid of you know about adelaid please let me know on Twitter hashtag RT Podcast with multiple people that adelaid has this weird like it's beautiful beautiful beautiful picture although the the fruit and vegetables and everything 604 Edge but apparently it has this weird distinction where I think I forgot it's like the highest number of murders per capita than any city in the world it's like there are more I don't know you think I don't know I just got eyes for that small town and we've had a lot of weird like serial killers and murderers so like this is weird undertone of danger all the other murders like we should go Bernard bendok La Film Festival previously when I was like six or seven years ago we did a panel for Rooster Teeth Red vs. blue at one point I was walking through like one of the open-air mall sake that they have there and it was like a band playing live music out in the middle of Life the courtyard and they were fucking playing I Come From A Land Down Under what things are like they play that song America but it's alright in the song little song yeah there's Part Of Me music video the biggest American flag ever seen in my life who makes American flags that big Thursday they make like I mean this is like the size of a bill for the American flag and what do you do with it after you're done with them using salute the hell out of and you can't with someone who has recently and I was really intimidated how big are we talking felt like I shouldn't say cancel if you could play trash cans out on my own it wasn't like a really big weiner rocket it sometimes I mean I guess it's not all the time correlation but I think someone bumped my adelaid comment or was it but then Twitter crash recording of zero fut Twitter he says adelaid isn't the murder capital it's a myth that was in a documentary that started that rumor disappointed actually I don't know how to comment on it so we'll see if the serial killer then after the adelaid of and we went out to Wellington New Zealand it like a fan meet up with him and so we thought that it was really sunny out today when do the meet up and there's like the botanical gardens there so that you can meet up with the botanical gardens but of course it was in the morning what are draining with all afternoon sometime so we took like this so to public transportation up to the to the Botanical Garden to the right we're going to meet at the bar back-up plan is to meet at the cafe in the Botanical Garden City to walk there or is it will come out the other side approaching the café and as we're getting close I see like everyone in the café like turning their heads and look at me and was like a lot of people and I was thinking your 30 we walk into the restaurant area and then if you want we can rest assure the people in this restaurant but everyone so like you're not like these half litre beers and walking around a table table talking everyone and as I'm getting close to the end of the room like a good time at work but one of the guys working at listen your kind of blocking with the answer to Mexico see not that it's fine whatever but you might like moving to the greenhouse with the green eyes like it's a building that's attached to this one is gu life through that door and I go through the door and is like another 200 people flown in from other cities and I was off so I guy tweeted a picture of it but someone gave Jordan I like these little containers of chocolate milk and I was like oh cool and then like I said I didn't know what it was and it has handed to us I could hear like a murmur spreading through the crowd like milk New York is chocolate milk made by Chocolate Company New Zealand call Whitaker's and it's like super desirable make very much of it and I guess stores have to hire extra security guards when they get the milk because like people like you will go crazy trying to get the milk everyone was just like so I went back to the hotel will add a contact to this and give it to us who's really he had a cell phone that look like it could only called 1992 no it's my cell phone it was like there's no way that's actually phon I don't know if you could approve it I feel like the people who have those really old ones are proud of it like you don't know he doesn't like will get for you to become something to brag about feel like to barbar barbar me about it without tomorro he probably forgot or need anything try to get a few people who are like actually that's all I need for some reason also proud of you like technology hipsters yeah I like to think that guy dad was like 7 years old and had an iPhone to think deat life Black Ops 3 the restaurant but that was the first satellite look like I kind of like you put in your pocket the guy that set the other life come back the guy that does the bo life but he's very professional very you know very sharp and he still has like a one of those old cell phones that hooks up to his belt and it's like as soon as I can get to call it life so cool like nobody uses anymore sold in stores 50 and above businessman or woman I don't know what my dad has one older dudes for wearing sandals and socks but hey there's no way to BP truck dealers yeah I know drug dealers yeah yeah to hang out with a drug dealer can't they do I'm going to tell me one of my first jobs I had was a deeper repairman what sounds like oh cool yeah but all I did was like take them apart and stroke up the spray compressed air on them and put them back together and vibrating it is like a little weight that spins around so you just like to take that weight off and put another one on there did you go into speed your way you just like I can do that I can do that whenever you apply for another job in the future did you secretly hope that the guy interviewing you had a broken beeper MLB something I can fix those anymore someone I mean that there well yeah up in the club get a Blackberry during the his initial election the president has his own phone red phone that would ring when things went down right equivalent thing about modern days getting a Snapchat they might be insulted sake Zen special like Senator texting app or something worse like I know it's not a big market for that LA Furniture Galaxy what's going on here but I could never get it back so I can get it actually so that metabolism up for sale for that much and I was actually sold for stupid fucking idiot so he was asking about you Zealand I think that's pretty much of the fender that was great you really should go back I think it's been like 6 years maybe it was something simple like 2 or 3 days it was like how you kind of met up with them like that first initial encounter we're in Vegas so we had a meet up with the RT Vegas crew and we had somebody recording you in this bar waiting for everybody could like asking me really cool it was really happy and then was like waiting waiting waiting and then finally like people like tapped me on the back and they have come through the back way well this is an anti-climax we will we were was raining and we were walking down the Steep Hill to the rest that we were going to slip and fall in love men from Wellington we flew back just really went to Brisbane and apparently so like we were getting red and we're checking the weather in Brisbane like oh it's going to be raining this afternoon when we land I guy that sucks I hope the rain passes apparently it was the worst storm that hit Brisbane it like 30 years there was baseball-sized hail crazy flooding we had to divert a circle for an hour before we could land and scary when we did our first turn away from the airport the plane got struck by lightning life right outside of my feet your shirt looks bad and then I saw it and felt it like I could feel the heat but I was like watch battery like shaking like this we were still allowed with any screaming screaming on a plane with any party that one see if you could like move stuff with your mind Esther slept through it or someone's with root Hollies look through it I don't know I don't know it wasn't me or wasn't her Blazers prepared for them it's no big deal they just the planet rugby Wellington Court Wellington so it was it was a rough take off and really get scared I remember there's a site where people were screaming it's up and I was just annoyed because they were waking me up some 100 with the NXT Supreme is asking if I was Thunderstruck very good yeah so we landed and it look like you didn't say that until a couple of days later but we landed and she was like you know what we landed in a natural disaster like downtown was just like broken glass and tree limbs everywhere from the Hale can I get the train had to stop running because of the flooding so everyone who work downtown and commuted was stuck downtown so you saw just like hundreds of people walking down the street together trying to find a taxi it's crazy we went to like this restaurant and I guess their employees couldn't get there to work the shift so they only have like one waitress and it was like the restaurant was packed as a result because nobody could leave Downton oh my God it was worse can I see if you safe and totally fine would you want to go to a plane crash but your 2 water new like you got a ride that little bit sweets LA but they always tease you it's like a rollercoaster maybe just lives everyone around and might be dead 100 feet in the air maybe a plane Falls for like 5 minutes I don't like 6 or 7 miles in the air yeah I imagine you're just fucked up for life so I would not worry or like even if you had survived through it like any time you would hit turbulence or have like a little drop for a minute it is happening again this is the final evolution Berrie LA Clipper cigarettes can you buy but you sit in those boxes and then you like to try to arrange everything in your car to get it Chris Rock Final Destination your self-worth about that stuff I remember driving and then when I was a kid having to put my hand on a boxer's with the ottobar sedan I'm just like mine Sony getting stuck in the doors and then it like going up to figure out what I'm going to do every time because I saw the phon guy messes with my head I can't just trust things but I that's why I was like how many islands make sure that the elevators are there and it's not just an empty shaft just heard the other day because I with my eyes I made in a high rise if it was in New York who had called the elevator and that she was backing up with her card the elevator doors opened she was backing up to get into she fell down the shaft but I don't think so probably on the shaft of the penis your great with your mind episode of the podcast is also brought to you by Shari's Berries the shopping season brings on long lines at the mall standing the separate line for every gift you need to buy takes time meet a One-Stop destination for all the people on your list sharis Paris allows you to buy and send your gift in one place I get freshly dipped strawberries for sharis Barry starting at 1999 that's over 40% savings or double the berries for just $10 more to use promo code Keith to take advantage of this so just go to Berrie the practice go to berries berries click on the microphone in the top right corner and type teeth teeth I said this before the last time sharis with a sponsor they specifically told me our listeners are the worst properly Redeeming the code Rite Aid and use promo code teeth they say that our listeners Bible money off but you don't get the full amount off if you don't do it the right way so click on the microphone we have sharis but I am still happy mother podcast today your box and sharis belt American Stree sorry I don't even think about it anymore Bo custom barbar so so you know the whole thing with with Supernova is there's a bunch of black guy that he see if I can get some there's a bunch of celebrity guests that they have there at the event so I guess when I was there was a Jack Gleeson who plays Joffrey in Game of Thrones that's a picture I took a picture of them are really nice flexible super talkative and meet him up on YouTube and there's a video I guess we didn't and it took me just told him delivery the line my God it's sunny outside delivery once as yourself and deliver it the second time as a villain and it just like a 30 second clip of him like them giving the line as himself like a normal person and then just like delivery your shoulders and like he would look at his little little things that he does when he's acting he's there all night. I'm sure people were so rude to him and meet him new really good child actor balloon the internet so I also talked a lot with the Alan Tudy was wash on a firefly that's awesome he was in he is well I think what I don't know is there a Grand Bahama from Mythbusters and talk to him all the time and yes definitely be aware of James Kyson if it was his name he was Endo and heroes Ando Heroes friend he was there all the time he is fucking but every morning he would go out for a run and I don't think that he was crazy anything Carrot Top think it's hard work and determination and love and how many times have you been to Australia supanov of course it was my first time for supanov but I think I'm trying to talk to La territory something from Stargate Atlantis and Neve McIntosh from Doctor Who she plays the green alien ocean never subscribe to an end YouTube Chas on the Subscribe 2 years rise of the 90 years there really is no equivalent of taking steroids for your brain right you can't like in love your face smart your brain until a hyperactive mode but I don't know if it increases your intelligence like steroids make you stronger right the onion day also have bad effects but you know they're very rich your sponsor I normally don't like chocolate and white chocolate strawberries on the next between the strawberry definitely that's what I recommend if you get Chas Berrie to just get as many white chocolate with but we can roll and combine them together and have them together the only one China life is just get a thing of Oreos warm in a bowl and put mil where is the Lunchable with Chris last week and we went to a Greek place kind of clothes to the office that I've never been to before and we're driving there and I'm like is this place any good and Chris go to give you a lot of food that is good really cheap yogurt Austin & Ally when did you start hating your job because you do get a lot for Berrie with sacrifice quality for quantity okay that's about as far as I can see to it that it was really hard I guess you take your shoes on the carpet barefoot Google Western I think it was as it was an interview with engineering with some director who said that he did that all the time cuz it by heart he would always say no every time you travel to try to avoid it like your take it take it speed up to get out of it she was in level one of shag carpet he said that he doing it for years and it's probably that one day you have to do it for 15 years so he stopped and thought this was just a plot device to get dropped off that's funny actually do anything for Jack refer to the monkey thought it was you I was like what do you think shag carpet the carpet look I can't I want to take my shoes off and I don't have jet lag but anyway for my event Bernie alright the miniature barbed wire easily could have been a thing hint hint and nobody really wants to see you Tony specifically said meet him maybe some of the people that have someone Exodus up to give me a letter to give to you what I did I delivered it and they gave me a letter to give to Jack and Ray and I give him that 2 The Letter 2 Jack and Ray Ray joke it was like sweet I was there for someone else ever again but I don't give a shit to get anyone else I'm not doing it can dogs have fruit sniffing dog 3003 Georgia new RT the dog hits I haven't met a drug dog I don't know what I need there's nothing there's no warning like their Berrie weight transfer everywhere new drug sniffing dog wanting to the airport mil cuz it Sal don't murder anyone who lifted rule dark drug sniffing dog does I don't have never been an airport where I have drugs or anything like your mother I don't know I just like I think I was going in and out really bad and you don't when you to pick up your bags and then you go through like the black the dogs, the smelly stuff and then you go to like customs and immigration there was one dude standing next to waiting for bags his back came off the belt he picked it up put it down and write them the dog was coming by and it smelled his bag and sat down so I was like I can't go through your bag sir I don't send it right next to me for my back still pull everything out of his bag looked everywhere there's nothing in it up everything out of the jug but nothing but it's like you said I was afraid of this like I go to my Stoner friends house and I'm like near him too much or something ;-) yeah really feel like to have a large quantity your money length of every day for Chris I went to 2 years ago a long time ago eight or nine years ago I went to to Tokyo and over there next to the veterans it legal to life Sudafed used to make meth I was convinced that I had it in my bag by accident I finally went outside I don't but he did all that work to make sure you have to decide then you went to the airport and you realize you had a mess interpath Japan did you hear it but the band would play in pun and China I didn't hear that China day bans people making pun does that mean being you to insult the government or something not read that I think they just said it cuz it's not funny but guess who's been treated bad everyday all day Dark Souls how to not go to China because I make fun because I can't help myself I don't want to be thrown in prison then they probably don't make pun signs this is over but also talked about Brisbane we came back another long flight back on the way back I had the most shipper flight attendant ever with it but I first was fine it's like okay this guy is really upbeat with him by like 4:10 or like what the fuck is wrong with you like every single thing he said to me was a joke oh my God that's not good because like if Michael Scott from the office was your flight attendant wish you good luck I couldn't I feel bad I don't know when your life with someone you can't leave and I can't leave her up there 90 true you're obligated to LA but everything you said 2 your receipt and it was like a flight attendant jump seat like facing me so I take off take off your before this like 15/2 hour flight the flight attendant sits down she's super chatty and I'm like well she might be my flight attendant so la Geral like to laugh at our stupid stories and whatever don't like that she's right she won't shut up with find to take off she goes to bed your job like okay well she's the first class but I'm not going to take the whole flight do you know comes time to land your 15 hours later she was back to sit and she's still Super China rest life benefits warm nut something warm nut first got it I don't know about them on international flights but one time Bernie gave me his first class seat and he said like in the back with someone else and they give you warm nut like a bowl of warm nut I have enough miles to where I got upgraded on the way back to business first for the flight from Australia they had a build-your-own sundae bar what do you future a with a carrot salted nuts and chocolate sauce and cherries and whipped cream big with the planet like an actual bar the fresh fruit in first class they have a fresh fruit and wine bar looks like it's constantly any time during the flight you can get up and you can go to it and like his bottles of wine and fruit and cheese just laid out really and you can just like you can get whatever you want for your going-away la why warm nuts better like that I don't know nevermind nope everything was first class and someone gave you room temperature nut so would you like Bo imagine like for example catches you like cashews I'm going to serve microwave LA Clippers the hotels and I surely see any blankets we have the hot towel your nutrition up clean hockey jersey in the rest I look like a piece of shit what's going to happen I know but I felt like really out of place because I was surrounded by businessmen who are all like in their mid-fifties or something and I think I would like 22 at the time yeah on the way back I could 5094 up on the LA to Austin flight I was really tired I was trying to sleep but I would like to meet at arm rest on the plane like I was inside my arm rest of my arm not even on the arm rest but the next we was working on a presentation on his laptop and was like telling me in my seat the whole fucking three hour flight from LA dude I just want to close my eyes and I hope your business fails spacebattles on a on a plane not like speed metal PlayStation day today I thought about like you have your arm or somewhere and then they put their arm there and you're like no one was here all right now touch your toe and someone else with but whatever this is not my arm out of the way person doesn't get her arm rest the middle person gets both of them and then the I'll see if that's the one on the understand that and I understand that but not so Sakura but when they're in the pool where is that signs of the arm rest rule that they should put that in there for like you're in the middle of tomorro bother someone if you need to get up to the bathroom which is my least favorite thing to do on a because I'm still Canadian that I can't be like that's why I said that's why I prefer all is well but I don't want to talk to anyone I don't deal with yeah yeah I'll see closest to the front of the plane I'm on fire I hate I hate waiting I hate sitting there probably go but I just cannot watch for lightning that only the aisle that's just one seat in but it's like you get Bo Thai Lan with Chri to time yes playing then yeah you're stupid but they're going to fucking be there I just left my backpack there never to bring to work I got some clothes in there and it was fucking amazing about the same because I was there like overnight you know because we brought nothing with us to Dallas like not even a bag I didn't even take my backpack on your social so much pizza to order pizza there is there such a thing as too much meet sake we had pizza for lunch before curing the pizza I wasn't thinking with the time like we did today to talk about the pizza at the time do all this new stuff and your stuff that they're selling out you don't like him to come to the cafeteria they have a baseline to compare it to nut head other stuff too it's also the same company owns Taco Bell and KFC as well NFC belt it was for somebody so much and then we tried 3 different Pizza Hut Alan too many la days of Beggars Pizza transported in the back of first time I've eaten it since we actually made it cuz I think the menu launched when I was traveling yeah so I just like this first time I've been back and had a chance to try it on my own parents that they watch the podcast and everything and they know about the podcast pizza and I told him that ordered it to my apartment because I wanted to have it one day and they're just like the old the person delivery and be like oh your does your pizza and I'd like to know because they just work at Pizza Hut they don't they're not all RoosterTeeth fan Edge but I was like yeah that be cool if we got it for free but funny though the kid was like delivering it and you open the door can you see where I would think like it sake first kiss Rooster Teeth they didn't know what if you didn't order the roost Tudy we're back in the NFL the NX really got delivery and I remember there was that one time that we threw a party for a delivery driver when he came don't think so Google it actually is birthday but you know we just wanted to throw a party for them Alan it was like 10 minutes to the pas 40 degrees what about that this summer during the heat of the summer and now that it's getting cold outside so we don't have those heaters hidden around when you say we day we didn't have the heaters around me what do you mean you're not doing too good and I don't know who has you do for school I don't but last year Brandon got me a secret santa but it was last December and Brandon came in and he had a gift bag with an elderly excited because everyone is getting is really thoughtful gifts for everybody and you came in and handed to me because you know here this is for you Barbara I really don't like and it would have liked thing is that like he gave that to me and he's like all right and he's like you know haha okay thanks where's the real good this is like what I got you have like no really you think I was out of who I shared an office with the time we're so like they felt so bad for me cuz I was like visibly upset that they went out to Target and bought me like a present the long con but the astronauts do delivery wish you could have gone to that Christmas stuff crazy 3 more years with me we're stuck with you 30 more years arm processor like 2 years ago I had to like start the conversation with you like do you want to stay should we work on starting the renewal process Cherokee marry them and I don't I don't think it's like you have to be married to them to them for a while I think it's just like if to know them for a while before getting married you can't get it until you're married for a while right get married and get your green card but you can stay as long as you're married and Jack of the year and I don't know maybe this exception for some countries that show on TLC for a while earlier this year on here so it's called 90 Day Fiance does guys meet women on the internet and they come to the u.s. and they have like a 90 day visa to decide whether or not they want to go back home or they decide to get married in days to figure it out high speed chase in LA to get away from the cops high speed chases and they always end the same way let me know the corner you and then you get out and you can only run away and I talk with you this guy had a longboard skateboard but he jump rise Lodi 30 of them the cops to get him I'm just saying how there so many reality TV shows 2 the guy that gives up on the skateboard starts running then like this big pickup truck tries to block him then he runs around the truck and the truck like Cuts him off and I'm really pretty with a pencil against the wall the dude was driving the truck used to have a reality TV show who won car repossession reality TV show where to go background everybody's in everybody's reality TV oh god it feels like the kid ever does Giant in up he was talking like a little cradle and under those big weather balloon and he wasn't in there and they found out that he was hiding in the Attic but it turned out that the dad had like created this big stunt publicity stunt and made his son lie about it and that used to have their own reality show on up Wife Swap but it was you your cookie cookie dark ring up the way to get famous now it's to be on a cereal commercial cereal yeah I don't know if you tell them you don't read it it's like stars before they were famous they all did serial commercial arm up what's the name for Breaking Bad your commercial wish I could do more of them but it was no problem honey, it was fun talking to Tony Hale Buster Arrested Development was on a lot of really famous TV commercials he was on the first yo quiero Taco Bell commercial really yeah he was in that car commercial where he's like doing other the robot up and then they open the door energetic show me some big mama to make video games no download a video game but I kind of want to PlayStation experienc with anniversary PS4 but I can still try to let go to the Sony store on my phone was like he was loading so slow and I could try to add to cart and like the store kept crashing so I guess they had so much traffic never have to order one thing about this play there that's cool wish I could I wish I got to see a lot of meet at that MLB the show had the best I've ever seen at any to be mean just because they basically made it working sports bar in the convention center with all the displays were MLB the show if you can walk up to him play and it was a bar you could buy fucking beer at with me. Yeah that's really cool totally recreate the actual like they're down to the fact you could buy your beer and watch baseball you know it's really really cool if you want to like certain things when they put in that extra effort you know all the big attention to detail and like and it's not a scene like that everybody does does it give me a notification inch anybody who started a is entered any chance to win a signed Rooster Teeth but I already boxed up so if you of any other stories UK Australia or the international store if you buy something anything does it matter what today so if you're watching this life you still the chance to to or listening to this it's over will the school need to go into the store now from Ruby if anybody not familiar with it and then 15% of church right now in the store as well so go check it out Monday December 2014 belt nut day to get stuff is the 16th of November you remember us and we have everything on the front page of the website all the different cut-off dates for different types of shipping everywhere in the world I want PlayStation Chris little more but before I talk about that I want to say I'm sorry I missed podcast 300 does podcast 301 I felt like it was such a big milestone sake like I don't want to wait till 404 3:50 or to do something nice careful when you do something we will do something special for for 3:50 and start working on it now it was a huge in the section as well and I went through and I'll talk to but you the guy that played a bunch of games there a lot of Indie developers from Central and South America really it really stood out to me enough that it like start out like holy crap there's quite a few here with different games that's really cool have the games on there I mean you see a lot of influence I play the one that called it was like a combination of like kind of like everything of Super Meat Boy Meets The Stanley Parable kinda guy they're going to because I remember the name of it started with a mil with Lucas I can't help your body feel terrible now bans to but it was good singer from Ecuador pas but this feels me upcoming Tony alright I'm not going to go out to eat it later or I'll make a drawn tree but it was like the Sho was there and all the big huge main Ballroom yes she was there for sure that you're there for the game awards which was unrelated to PlayStation experienc but I'm sure they would somehow relate executive Like A Time to Kill days for NAB or something and she was hosting we trained In Her Shoes hosted something else she's a lot of fun like she's one of the nicest people that I've met like outside the company like arm extremely hard and I don't think she gets recognized for that a lot now it's just super super down-to-earth traveling day after the game awards in Vegas to San Jose to do something I didn't do we're talking about earlier today and I said jeans and if people thought that was weird and phone number La Salsa Cantina to himself drawn to death which is that new game be announced which is like the shooter but has like a like a Doodle look to it on a CD of the of the game player the concert part it's like imagine it's like a Sketchbook like for someone to do it like your bored at school and that's what the game looks like first person shooter always videos stickman fighting to the gym if you don't want to wear the stickmen to leave the screen and they're fighting in La tormenta ya ya computer that you had that was like 2000 like that was like the really popular video series that's what I do when to PlayStation experienc with the Hale La guy want to try to explain to rise Malco Yellow Cab so she like overseas like I didn't want any receipts that I spent most of last week trying to get caught up on everything that we've released and it's up to the fucking great dumpling place or do the place in Brisbane call Harajuku gyoza of the school and they have this thing called frosted beer where you order a beer and it comes in a glass and the top is like you know like I see it would be really cool it's like normal beer and then topped with a beer I see did they have really good if you order sake everyone comes to starts screaming at you in Japanese and ape or the sake and life with her. once so that we could get a video of it and I'm off to a little bit of it but yeah it's that place was fucking loud no I think it's pretty good qm Chopsticks and he likes laying the table until it falls in a really intense rule the name of the screaming Harajuku gyoza do they have waiters or waitresses with like really crazy costumes because that's like it you could District but they're wearing like crazy the name was Klaus Klaus to transfer it but it wasn't that long but my time is so limited I was trying to make sure I could see what I'm doing Torchy's Tacos by our office 3112 the line was like 30 minutes long so we went next door to this the Kabob place and I was just thinking their slogan should be 22 long come to her place yeah I want to leave getting with 10 minutes in the line not even I think they like 30 minutes to get the food we're to park at the HEB parking lot was crazy there was no parking Rabbi the Torches I was like where's the most convenient dentist possible right before you had to go Edge matches usually last about 20 minutes and tonight and Chris is like right with are playing now and will likely why you reckon he's like La after the dentist over time your appointment is at 3 o'clock its 2:30 now you should be leaving now yeah when we're pretty solid team I think we could take anybody on in the office I want to have another Smite tournament I think we would when we pick her own team 5 vs 5 but I was really upset when I said that he wasn't going to be on our team yeah it's so no you were in that game yeah I was no no supper for the kids like Thursday and Williams playing a new character and he was just like talking like you just not having a good game concerts playing got the more aggressive first character you just like a lashing out at everybody trailer you try to get like always her but official Smite term but are you really going up that report he got to a point where balloon the character was getting attacked by like a puma like a cat in the game we always like watching them that you are named Blaze does figured your Chris Bo he's probably going to keep being angry and saying mean things probably part with her wrap it up so they can watch it tomorrow I guess these guys have something planned I plan to talk to some die-hard with her excited about and movies Chris August I saw Nightcrawler lot up front at 4 p.m. Central and Central and it will come out on Wednesday afternoon on the dark night to Wednesday at 4 we stream the patch and then Thursday we stream on the spot at 3 o'clock are you on this week I think I could remember tomorrow so you can watch it the next day or something next Monday at with RT Podcast guy