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RT Discusses Austin Traffic

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Recorded: 2014-12-17 02:28:53

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Transcript (in progress):

this absurdity podcast is brought you by Shari's Berries freshly dipped strawberries starting at 1999 that's over 40% doubl the berries for just $10 more could have Berrie.com click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and use code cheese best berries.com and the code t this episode is brought to you by Tipsy elve.com turn head hey everyone know what a podcast a lovely threesome with you start podcast that burni Gavin and I have not been on a podcast together September 3rd just the three of us on a podcast you never never ever it was only just Jeffrey one as well the podcast was sweet of you to be recorded like my one of the people in the podcast was sitting there like running the level seatin when we first started mites from balanced on the arm of our couch in the back room with you don't even Hunte a room at the time it was a crappy Ikea couch so it's like kid do not BB and Jeff was on the one overdoing it seatin and then it was we gave up the room when Jack came on because of Jackson map I know it was it was really good fuck this one up front room where there's actually air conditioning converted women's bathroom that no longer had the windows or the air conditioning for some reason all the way catalog like old or something one night Gavin I just got back from shooting for 40 days of lazer.team 40 days already and I don't know what that was Eminem Like interior locations it makes a lot of sense to shoot at night because you have access to it so I went to locations I can't say but let's be honest I like 6:07 in the morning with the feeling of being tired like about to go to sleep and then I'll just be off at the oldest I'm just alone in the dark with my mind real Metro shower that's the only time I have every other time I like looking at something to him on the phone but yourself but not going our last 40 days of shooting and honestly nothing's more interesting than talk about movie times the line culture in Austin I think maybe it took me like 2 hours opening hours at Torchy Dover Austin and everything in Austin there's a there's a listener who is listen from College Station and it would correct me and says that they also have in College Station as well like yourself City somewhere else somewhere to the east of here by the way the home residence nominated for two independent Spirit awards for Kumiko greatest things ever to come out of college station game it and don't have symmetry and Johnny whatever's name is the dog the people we were on on the side thum the people who were here at the Stage 5 at the studio came out to the set they were telling us that the Torchy's Taco restaurant right next door to you just open it would be under construction for a few months coming soon Banner for a long time now I think I understand first annual grand opening they had A4 hour line to go get a taco at Torchy's Tacos XX Co 10132 $3.50 x 7 people people have thought they would love to wait in line for shit they want me there so much traffic in Austin there's a place to have a picture of it are not an improvisation lineup for 6 hours ago but it's not like YouTube line free on that right there would you do Dan said they should have charged I wouldn't do that I would be one bottom line culture in Austin YouTube crowded everything is and how much traffic there is there's a traffic jam on the main Highway of Austin for about 20 blocks there's a traffic jam on them 365 days a year I 35 between Riverside and like 3 other states as well you know how the interview of numbers odd numbers are north to south even numbers are left to right and you and you don't drive I put something to show you that's so weird ring the training the Mopac Trail when they moved from having just pay at the door seatin like a normal movie theater when you had to show up 2 hours early to go see a two-hour movie Horrible when they said finally after like what 7 years of being in business and people we could buy to get to the bans people fucking protected because they didn't ruin the culture of and it was there at wins yeah I know like a brother but now they're going to have like 40 locations San Francisco did you like your life America American to get a piece of food out of them what is like 40 different yeah I don't like people his original location to Freebirds doesn't like it could be yeah you got food poisoning short nails full meal and then all the sudden in the night I need to go to vomit and I was like Lin over the phone that I needed to put that down for a poop that was Liquid in the middle of doing that for me so I just threw my head into the sand football field the whole bottom of the box is like I don't try to 11 my father scallop and I just totally different Michael doesn't um yeah you don't you see shrimp no no okay why you like that bottom-feeding insect what does it taste like shrimp what is it does seem to be like the starter Seafood BB kids like to fish with shrimp would you have a prawn cocktail or two like they're broken arrow little bit of that pink sauce on it the movie the last night they gave us shrimp and prime rib is that right yeah you're worried about your food poisoning anymore 217 the mall at his catering service is just my arch-nemesis would just be a fucking candy card that just follows you around wherever you go don't put paid Chris $50 to USD I was either like on set or your back at the base milwaukees work at the time I came back and this was outdoors and I could smell it in the air the octopus smell in the air after they had done it XX it really was it balut yet like rotten fermented fish the octopus in the book Pringles and Light Energy Savers MN short reserved seats I didn't think you would director in there a technical director running missed your call who how you doing treasure Nations without cutting yourself what happened yesterday Audi RS7 said I'm shooting for getting a driver's license when we were shooting one night they were just we were in a car and Gavin was about they basically would just put the car in neutral and people would put it on a rope like an ass because he could what is the distance to drive who are the Giants Rail and put the whole thing on top sitting in the front seat with a Dan like sit on Dad's lap put the wheel back and forth I look more attractive right now right and I said what is that guys like when they are guys who can drive a more attractive with an attractive thing driver driver should I train my kids about public transportation and how that fuck it backfired for map Austin the proposition to get more public transportation like now YouTube it's totally totally legitimate complaint because they put it in that referendum and it came up I said he learned about public transportation today the catch Beloit rail doing it took us probably about you and a half hours to get across Austin on public transportation we get up there line that we built in Austin Beyonce it you didn't like my mom it's two and a half mile walk from the station to Lakeline Mall. It's just in a few if it's something I think somebody like implemented it on purpose poorly like to get to the mall I'm sure the kids eat 1912 that you can actually just go somewhere and you can get yourself like across this field then head across the freeway across from 183 underneath the underpass I shall try to be responsible then this last one the one to break up but now that's really shitty I voted for so I can least get something piece of shit fucking artificial light that is burni yeah that's it I'm going to send you the Google Maps from this Patrick Cummins engine Google Map so yes BB fucking a reminder where to buy Shari's Berries the shopping season brings on low holidays for his this is all messed up Give me the definition for all the people on your list sharis Berrie Celeste YouTube one place so we don't have any right now to the steel the only way to get this 1999 deal is to visit berries.com that's beat microphone in the top right-hand corner and type in t that's teeth it's a perfect gift without the hassle but Berrie.com click on the microphone typing teeth order them today normally we have them double chocolate wins are definitely my favorite if someone even know what to get them to find some chocolate strawberries who doesn't like that I have a complaint about the current state of the planet and in the world and everyone in it hardware and the software sucks I might like this I got a new phone I have one iPhone 6 plus it's gigantic and I love it on camera what anything it was for an old lady I warned about this one it's decent for console in terms of Hardware please game it doesn't the cops just suck the first time you going to treatment you might wait like 50 seconds to see what he may discover that the time will be yeah I'm something it had let me catch the vision of that all I can achieve when I got lost on a plane no answer but we got it and you just I think I don't care about that I care to know what I did to trigger I know it's like that it's like HRC like Tri to get Gavin on the Snap Chat the other day like to try to get him a Snapchat account and I watch Gavin Give Up on Snapchat like your granddad with a kid with a kid trying to show me a toy she was like let me twist it and liked it just the right I know you can do this Dan house so I don't understand what the point of Snapchat image the fucking mad if you don't that's okay hey everybody the guy who owns that land pays them to write it out there for commercial development right more like till I get to put this oil thing is fucking stand it Dan the carpet is like minutes you'll feel a thing you can have a metro parking what are 7 years maybe I do not see forgot that we're on 6th Street drunk and obnoxious to hold what the deal was with that pipe like it wasn't a party tonight right they let just anyone come in here a privateer in of the whole club until from like 7 to 10 p.m. do they open at the clock wrong DJ or whether they were to be iPhone the river within traffi one okay for sure I show up right at the beginning stay up reset you did did I say hello to you know you stopped me I be mad at you YouTube they walk up and be like hey and I start to say something and as I'm talking Gavins Rey walking up the stairs and walk straight away for you over there what the fuck you literally walked away from it the possibilities are endless they are both in that Mission and you pass a cop going to do it right Adam mom's other and I told you mice without their iPhone a party trick that I learned so the best to lose what was left was a boy gavi evening this morning Sunday night you know and we had to wait love you for life can I just go down to Homeslice and pick it up and then just walk away are you laughing about homeslic when we were alone star UK like oh shit we have no money all of like young poor people drink this tonight are you cold water breaking in a keg of Shiner with 80 bucks and you had to run a special Tap 42 when something is really celebrating so much fucking Shiner Bock I just got sick of it but in my car because I was also. When I probably drink the most in my life so it's like I got sick off of sugar more than a few times that's what Barb that was in the fridge with no tattoos and their little their beers and then she brought to meet you so it's not a beer it's a what is it Nat the marketing mix lager margarita lime beer with a toothache and wine coolers over someone beer lager make the perfect bow National Tri one it is I an emotional time is not short I'm really not don't you dare click that mother fucker I'm trying to set the shirt back on the T will egg whites to hold it down with everything and I guess she saw like some like some Stray flyaways by here on my right so it's like she started flipping out then I don't the phone of my eye so I close my eyes he's doing if he's kind of like my eyebrow and eye should more about the military pork chop and Trim in the middle of it still bush what the fuck can I tell you your eyebrows of night she looks so bad she didn't not delivery it's not you don't do that don't do that unless you could you cut the cake there Superman crash 202 right there for tailoring was it did you get upset about the trailer and a lightsaber Gus I thought it was dumb that they did a review of it we'll talk about that along with what was 2 weeks ago 32 weeks I love you should never build it right I know I just want to get it like a man I mean it's crazy I'm like the secret to keeping everything his back in the day and he's in there pre-teen early teen adventure movies from the eighties usfloors for Goonies explorers yes and yes oh yeah you think it's a scam which please remind me of the way the whole thing started no one understands IMAX Nat is a place where you have to buy your tickets in advance otherwise it'll sell out of what she for a big everything else is like like dinosaurs roam the Earth in 3D IMAX to you but he's right letter format but there's not a lot I'm at Short than that no light look different physically than the other half I think that when you change the aspect ratio on a movie not many people noticed that like they did that latest one was the last one that came out when she goes up the elevator to go into the arena the aspect ratio changes when they cut the black so the aspect ratio for the actual Hunger Games themselves is different than the rest of movie he'll cut back and forth to show that like literally go from the floor to the seat yeah I mean it's very true in the front row and it was not good on the neck general admission so then we showed up early we showed up 15 minutes early for the movie 90505 Buccaneer Ln right there it's right by the university so it's like tailgating traffic all the are not natural this is what you want fully commit to whatever it is you're going to do in 17 days interstella coming out I hope I get a good recommendation from you watch it I mean really you're not go and you can hide too much hair problem Guardians of the Galaxy did you watch that movie 3 times while I was overseas what does it mean I feel like eating my words only words we hated the trailer I think it's totally raccoon is going to reach that was fucking awesome YouTube Stanley Marvel comic podcast and you want to come out there but I just like they're setting up Suicide Squad and Justice League and all that stuff I don't even know what suicide one chance of success okay I think they get a commuted sentence and that's what they have to do okay that makes sense like the government tells them to do I want like the Hope Diamond okay I don't like me comics when I was going up there can we pick up my Jeep Fox sports live stream for Titanfall because you asked Lazer team Gus is that somehow or stunt crew found a stunt double that looks just like Gavin multiple speakers his picture until we've shown some of the Wardrobe I miss from the rap I'd like to be sure that Johnny Cash what was it what did he look at you when you're driving Christmas oh my God you got time okay which one is it you want we have technology broke after I got there plus iPhone 6 Plus Iowa I was right it was the song Whatever Google working hard I'm at YouTube to make it work XX I always forget that is going to do it on the on Xbox One to set the story at least sometimes can spray so just deal with stuff like I was sneaking up on a cat before it's okay my backpack game clip recorded scope and then why do they do that automatically we went through a lot of people's game Clips on the Xbox Live libraries the libraries I think it did libraries and we were going to Gavin independent ticket at the desk inflow My Family Guy The Company You Keep reviews reason Crossroad in between Richard II and Achievement Hunter RC me let's play Channel because it's bigger on the inside his more family one much broader audience of just like more family-friendly content game kids but it's just family friendly hey can you guys like me iPhone youtube.com / think it's weird that everywhere they test for mono and dominating like the ones back in the day you never go back and listen and I'll give you updates like what coming out the next one and it sounds like news reporters like this time they have Enderman so weird everyday like you to watch the cheese and guide you did in 2008 would you not think differently differently burnies podcast right but you sound different do I need lost it for me I'll go look at it now with an anchor University of Austin podcast three decades to the Columbus ears pierced Young Twitter like when they One Republic Tipsy elve the answer is Tipsy Elves.com Tipsy Elves.com make a splash at your next holiday party with a sweater from Tipsy elve.com funny sweaters offensive sweater both men and as seen on Shark Tank your One Stop Shop for all your jumpsuits men women shirts leggings pants be nice car shocks and other holiday gifts our listeners can get 20% off your entire purchase when you go to Tipsy elve.com and enter code T want to make a splash your next holiday party it's easy to go to Tipsy elve.com remember to enter code to get 20% off your purchase when one of the jumpsuits right now they approached us about doing a sponsorship and they're like oh you can pick the sweater to wear jumpsuits and also like the pump plugged in safe but the people responding saying that if United Xbox 360 got changed went through updates to the same thing but it's correct I'm going to wear I got exactly what Gavin is saying on the Xbox 360 existed by the way my Xbox 360 hoodi is still fucking rock and have a photo from my Twitter on it but gu we got lettering on his Xbox 360 Mojave Desert November 2005 does the letters can't do it can't be bothered because when you first came out the blade fucking slow like outside broke what it seems like what they need whatever the improvements just keep it that way keep the improve friends achievement all that stuff with load in that little one and now it's 17 different apps and none of them work well together another day it's such a fucking -24 start the patch because it was right around the time that they're announcing and it was the way of the future and I don't know I realize all of that and when I austi 795 for Xbox one of those great thanks put it back Gavin I bought my first gift avatar on Blu-ray the 3D version cuz I just got the love that I was in the store and I'm not really that it is a Ultra high-def it is a curved television curved out till like I'd only let of Destiny and service every pick so it kind of the same distance from the right kind of wraps around a little bit well it's also way higher rightly know that's That's mighty big of her yes someone has followed in your footsteps Burnie today sure enough somebody came in they bought a curved TV just feel like talking about it he was like I'll give him a taste of his seatin how old is Christmas okay so the only way to watch stuff in 4k at the moment if they have one of those old hard drive Netflix in and pay like an extra Buck or two a month and you can get 4k what is the answer to 3 years old you want the best possible quality for the 4K movie there's no way the compression that is pretty fucking amazing it's really crazy you should take your stic Nat lager Tri selfie you know what sucks one of reason that the connection is a gun loaded Montpelier anything else or just Netflix I was fucking awesome that was really cool that was anything that must be it must have been the box that has 10 movies preloaded on it all came down to that not everything is going to make the transition to ultra high-definition even like Avatar and the Avengers I mean we have to go back in and it off okay if they projected it in the movie theater 4K which is not half it's like a quarter of the size of it cuz it's square footage vs. linear footage basically for resolution for two days about a quarter the size one will normal feeling to get it for a lot of it I mean most of it it's okay whatever resolution they one his mental so that is just like 7800 pics of a cross that's four times the size of 4K TV resolution what do you do with that I do things I don't want on stuff anymore I don't we're done with these we have no on Skype I mean where I'm fucking done with paper stickers on kid papers stic people make metalcraft and we'll make Austin map of stunt cheese Igloo sticker price tag on it that you can't fucking get off or God forbid piece of shit stuck in my mug forever Bucktown bucking bull Burnie it's not that it's almost like it looks too clear is one it really got to wear like 50 she looks like all that's clearly different than that and I think that's a Clarity issue not a draining its or resolution issue let me know just haven't put like filmic look on the Fiji looks that way and I did. Try to make that 20% that if they've gotten that problem to a caveman really very outrageous just become commonplace and they become accepted religion sure why not like a religion it's outrageous religion outrageous each other millions of people worship something I mean that kind of stuff takes place we were at his house real then religion of you can redeem of monetary system for goods his very well 5 times please give me something feature on it to where I can take a photo of myself that's the thing and it's like a thing that like slowly worked its way into our culture that like taking a photo of yourself as a regular normal things taking camera into the phone so I can have a camera on both sides a normal thing it's the memories right you want to make memories Tri your life away to you and people who can't see the podcast can I listen to it I'm going to take a picture of my beard and take a picture of it take a picture holder let me where camera like you seem to selfie cheapest liquor two transmitters people sticking up people's Gus again North Pole that's kind of what we were being taken on the thing because they're legally for a while had to have make a shutter noise that you couldn't silence the shutter noise when you take a photo. Anywhere for whatever reason he will set up his phone that the LED flash blinks when you get the text one or two iPhone Dan Deboer Gavins texting and all that his flash was on I can I've been with you several times for people have like turkeys usually girls are like you should that's enough friends and Lin Dan crunchy broke his Thum yeah yeah what you doing yeah it was snowing in Mystic gravel Atlanta 937 IPA T the Heat how do you see how that you can't take a joke you know broke making him feel like holding one hand still will try to use it that's one to go for and still be operable in a video game you still look around and I never seen him never seen it swapped controller the left and right are swapped with the sticker on the right and the buttons on the left there were six or On the Run and usually said that in there but now I'm almost to 6 yeah but your left your left thumb is the one you use for the main control for the stic T typically and are used to look for the right for me and like me your face for the controller and you I'm sure you can swap with the sticks to what I'm saying the whole thing it's not like an orientation you hit the buttons with your left the left stic his lower too I know it's not that way on PS4 yet but why would you want that I can just never seen that was most people are right-handed you want the butt no I get it but that they've wired controllers that people get because they think you're faster than the girls are also people with a left-handed mice there's a market for this right anymore special equipment and controllers recording killing only person actually what if you start young enough controller when you started playing game Gavin McInnes Tri and of course best time guys watching the telling me that this is mr. red T for your help when I'm sorry Samsung has Ableton the TV so I will have to come check it out for you take his word for it but you don't consult an incredible three years I've been having to deal with strict Nat at home I finally figured it out but I finally saw that I have so great White Tower sandwic of this time capsule default Apple router does not allow I'll be able to call tomato tunnels have to go to the A help on a problem to come out to bring the console to let your fucking years first probably right it has Nat why did they put whatever this fucking protocol what your fridge of the pumps what what if you hear I hear exactly what you're saying the problems with my network and problems with my fucking router right right okay then you tell me why in the History XX years of playing PC games I've never had a fucking Nat issue in the same parking lot as ever I bet you have ever had a Nat issue on a PC game ever his check and if you do get to work because it makes the frame rate bad in the game you're playing American 247 Twitter or on my journal Insight swing 84801 Xbox home and I have I have 3 consoles in my house at 4, iPhone if you do a bit of Philly on one console you're going to get the fucking Star Trek chicken and everything or whatever you talking about here that works for a bit this ride you're going to tell me Kevin connect the Xbox to Xbox Live why would you want that I don't know that's IPA do this but they could not guarantee work and then I was going to ask you with so many bunch of Internet who should get a bunch of events that would fix the problem so when I was out I forgot to tell the story last week I had one of the strangest experience you've ever had you'll get a kick out of it. He doesn't Berrie I got to the airport were flying get to the airport 30 minutes for Pinger to take off that alright we're getting ready to board the plane ever get on the plane we are bored we all get on just like normal it's time to take off and we're just sitting there I'm like well the door still open this I guess we're too late I guess something's wrong you know it's like 10 minutes password supposed to take off still nothing finally first officer comes on the intercom they say everyone glad you're flying with us today our pilot need to leave what plane did the pilot we have to do we have to replace Tipsy the home right now mileage from Brisbane to Melbourne it was a family and therefore when the asshole fucking day take their shoes off and start rubbing your feet together together like sticking their feet and like all men with their hands just like putting their feet up together Eminem rapping over it was really bizarre yeah you could do that the State issue going on no idea cheese and tomato sandwiches together the feet it was buttered bread with the crusts cut off with cheese and Little Slice of Cherry tomatoes in it grossed some of that everything that is wrong with it sandwic Gus Bradley sandwic trouble does bread that's a two piece of bread is not a sandwic right correct you need something in there we got to have him there vegetable shortening butter stuff I just recently have given up on and I've learned a couple things I did some research today looking at breakfast is a big deal in my house I think about it for like every weekend morning for the kids I make like eggs and waffles and bacon and hash browns his like you're throwing up food and eating monster making you said you know your bacon I love bacon Jamaican appearing as a process to set up sure enough bacon is not a raw meat product that gets short bacon is Acure products or you could just eat it you totally could do that wish list butterfly chicken tell me not to text you this slimy like a chicken chili is gross what's a good way of cooking like smoking and stuff like that has cured when you have it sure you don't feel like you have to cook ham to see the video about McDonalds chicken nuggets it shows how I like it nice and good it is and it sounded like nicely cut white meat of the chicken and stuff help now they partially cook them in and send them on and they get finished cooking at the factory to finish cooking best 3-year from Macbeth call chicken nugget shapes to come did some people who I got into this and I think I got for horseshoes in this wonderful day balut the only games I can paraphrase how they make the chicken McNugget you take one of those cute little yellow Burnie Bowl crazy BB one UK process treasure you taking a little hello 6 right and you put into a tennis racket Supersize Me That Morgan Spurlock documentary where they showed the pink slime I Saw The Light short the kids are shown how their food is made how gross it is and they said was real chicken sliced up and put breading on it all the stuff which one you want because you're awesome totally awesome buffalo sauce and sweet and sour hot mustard barbecue barbecue something weird to me about putting sauce on food I'm not a big fan of other things like like some condiments on a sandwich like I'd like to finish it and I even like ketchup and fries and I don't want to do that I will not eat ketchup with fries and ketchup is fine I will occasionally get ketchup on a hamburger and Gavin here but you would ever like to catch up I would just feel like defrosting a fly you just getting off or I can order something offline flower anatomy Torchy no it's like a frosting please on frosting a cake giant Thum the please let's take a lovely bath Cornerstone Brewing City people tripping very American thing we don't put anything on our steaks. Metropolis take place at 4115 that you like so much yeah a lovely bit of roast beef and horseradish I just I don't know whatever it is it is a restaurant like burn it and I've never been to him until like last month I can best cargo best prime rib horseradish bartletts YouTube even if you ask for it believe in Christ great horseradish cream people in Australia because what differentiates the steak places from one another is the quality of their sauces and we were like they're like well here's our sausage whichever you like and want to talk to him 6 weeks one stic and it's like they were like we were very upset that we didn't want soft of any kind of shows that you also check out some places and if you ask for it I got I want to trip to Australia because a developer in Sydney called me out on Twitter somebody said somebody posted something that he Burnie have you played this game one more line and then they tagged me and they take the developer and the developer came back and said if you beat 115 on our game will fly you down to our studio in Sydney for a high five and I got there they put up here I got 199 I play them I was playing on the set I got it I got it on 266 I think it's very hard to beat Flappy Bird play it and it's like you just try to beat your own top scorer and it's like in the last like a minute or two every game but it's very easy game to learn the hard game to master that one of my favorite games or you on the 6 Plus iPhone on an iPad that's why I came out that you haven't she said she has really really I said that they would be there if you could lend itself to a Teleport Metro you can destroy people's lives the bureaucracy anywhere you want so I can go that's like your dream you must be so much one can play that game the visceral gut level reaction you have any fuck up at papers please have you ever I think you I don't think you fantastic it was please. Where is that works in real life from Gus whatever works you walked out his nose apparently via the App Store the IOS app store rejected that game first because there's nudity in it the a misunderstanding and it's going to be back in my favorite thing is when there's a debug image that popped up at 8 can I get in Halo 2 but it was on the PC build you can access it was Guided by their console if you decide to go through with stickers that game it was an extension of God was one of us what is 84 problem and my problem is that my I have a New Year's party at my house and Jack also has a need for his house and that's happening again this year was the last year should I not have a New Year's party at my house or should I do it anyway do it anyway do it the other options anyway please have you been Gavins you know I saw them Google Street View 17 clay wins you have a good day I did invite you I did when did you invite me off Romeo yes and I said you should come over sometime let's do it but best of all we have in there Gavin fault who's Caldwell drywall I love myself in the gym we have a little scrap of something before the podcast was buttoning up his pants why do you have them with your underwear with board you never mind tell me about it what's going on would you going to make it interesting and now I'm wearing some underwear but I know they belong to me all the old crap. I'm slipping all over the place what is more comfortable that or your dancers belt sweet dreams Gavin you in Philly underwear I want to bet all the way till midnight or just to work so your Burnie Kumiko fit in a lot better than she was pushing on a door and she wanted to get me but she couldn't come to wrestling you have no scrap are not powerful so you call those big dude some hold the door closed she pushes against the door with me and there's a little behind to the point where the door is like cracking on more stop and then I'm just going to went through the wall what makes his only 30% of what the other the second time he locked himself in the room a little bit he was told the first time wall me to Chris and he couldn't lock yourself in there or she would do it again more than one today need a ride home if you wear her underwear ads $350 rental Gwinnett drywall repair the protector on it going to do the test and come back into the texture is what it is when I saw that house in that mental place called America I don't really know how much stuff costs anyway and I was thinking some dollars I really don't like it but now I'm just like he's like three hundred bucks and then I'll be like Torchy Tri to hang a whiteboard and some have made but for different hole in the wall the magazine that she thought you the way you have a whiteboard with him to jam it into the wall by one corner apparently what it sounds like he's very expensive is there anything about putting trying to mount a whiteboard no doubt of it but I realize that if I was like Brightwell do you want to see much of that here what time will I have to do something in the NAT and Pat the treasure comes a photo hopefully that'll go but use the latest photos that yours nope that's my father's name reputation there is still that it's coming yet you should also know that also talk about at work what you the past couple years we've had some controversy because some good will well I guess we would move that the screenplay all right we'll do our own company first the second weekend and week of January they're starting to look at my stunt of us is not impressed by that expression you would do super hairy and Nat doing with that really knows me knows I was on the YouTube Rewind video which is cool but you were thinking it and roll it they wanted to fly me somewhere today I couldn't make it there before I wasn't hungry in it and they cut apart they were going to have a ruby game the other night when you combine the two of them together and animation I guess they felt didn't fit in with everything else so they got it thanks YouTube Hunte I guess I should I guess we can't lie cover torture by the United States of America very briefly then apologized the next memorable thing in the world just awful to be in the country were torturing people did you see the SNL skit with it at the office and Lord of the Rings I don't know how you can bring it up there but there's a really cool short Australian films cargo zombie movie Zombie short film but you should totally check it out anyway I know zombies are a little bit played out but you know The Walking Dead is off the air right for them whatever you should check out cargo or you can see it on YouTube very very cool short but I was in every minute but not here not sure what everyone will be back tomorrow with the screenplay went through the pass then the know-it-all and I'm just want also later this week and then we'll do it all again next week get in line