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RT Discusses Gift Giving

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Recorded: 2014-12-23 23:27:25

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

listen to the podcast is brought to you by Caspar an online retailer of Premium mattresses for a fraction of the price because everyone deserves a great night's sleep get $50 off any mattress purchase by visiting kasper.com / whiskey and at your promo code Rooster Teeth i.com yeah I think I'm funny looking Randy Quaid wearing that hat yeah just like a hat with your foot from Christmas he went on to become friends with Jon Favreau did LSD become a producer Premier for made at the Alamodome that was well before we knew each other guy definitely with it it's right next door and I was under 21 so I can get into it crazy that was lets wild level 40 vs. blue just right around the start of your no that's what we had before Prim call Michelle Porter latitude the same holiday party this past week 629 which is a really Archer desire house yeah you know what you know what it was for I was at the telling at work at National manager's meeting national manager lets the company when you first started on there when I started my shift I would typically work mornings like 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with something a shift with 3 people they now have 1,300 people the company's us I mean the head manager assistant managers there feel like a hotel ballroom at a conference there was three people in total there might have been 25 employees the manager feve Montgomery guy said I feel like I shouldn't work in one place for too long and I said what does that mean you as well my 3-year plan is to quit a job a year for the next three years was that they get that right he just felt like that's a career path that you had to quit his job every two years I wanted to Prime no I was watching it wasn't play 30 Joseph Short play was writing a short short party short final but there's a guy that we work with George who works there he's now has 22 years of service that night I didn't keep count but they had something like eight people that they were honoring the head longer than 12 years of service when it comes out lets you have a 1721 I got up to 12 total there was a big gave me a sabbatical at the end of my career I give me a six-month sabbatical so I can like to figure stuff out like I want to go one way or the other to my career was going to give me directions neighbors they were always just fantastic I mean I can't say enough good things about the opportunities that I had to come here the longest I've ever had and I just five years in December graduation it was a great the starting job was a great like for me like a starting point for Career Tech great try to stay there long-term I'm in here I want to have your start time I was like maybe two-and-a-half to three years 12 years of 30 before you know it so after we cross over April 1st will be talking to your dad 12 hit vs. Goku getting the the other the other thing that came up was I ran into our friend Mike I'm going to talk about disease how awful was ask you what was it that you had did you have a bullet he said no I had Dengue feve her and apparently and sometimes you get a hemorrhagic fever and as a kid I got the hemorrhagic fever like no one of two ways when you get a text but not immune to it so it does matter so what is hemorrhage hemorrhagic and you just basically internally bleed out and I kind of think so and that's what this guy had before we even knew it wasn't sure it existed but he had had he told a story about his kid he got a hemorrhagic fever and stomach would fill up with blood thing for kids for strains of dengue and you can just get one of them like good or bad but that if you get one of them it makes it more likely that the bad version of the basically yeah but you think he at least that's what I tell them what's up how you get it is it into the Western Hemisphere for the first time I know someone coming out of in Puerto Rico the hula hoop contracted it totally unrelated they're talking about disease making its way to the Western Hemisphere for the first time and it was associated with Dengue feve her but I guess it was like something else that's like to hear about like his underwear as a kid he first heard about what was at the time called the gay flu would you then became instantly realize with h HIV but I remember where that like just like nobody knew what it was like they were just talking about it like there's this thing people dying of pneumonia it's really busy in like 2 years it's like a horse running to one another you know you have that initial reaction was necessarily how you get sick or who's getting sick and why it's so scary and then they named it ends and it was a diet supplement called AIDS ayds Yelp that they had to take off them the brand name you can Archer when I shower that's coming up season how did Archer handle yeah she's okay she says come back on who no longer sell anymore Isis to put the same kind of thing oh man what are you doing when I was in Australia several people came up to me to express how upset they were that you always wore Sydney roosters had on the podcast so I guy I got a collection of jerseys dirt guy right now Broncos Jersey happy single which apparently Rich team and so I might go there Toronto Maple Leaf no not wrong about that I don't know if we no I don't know how can I know the stars and everybody hates them except the Phantom it to you right away the monsters are going to wear them always sit here Wild Mountain up Cosby feve the ends up in Syria really showed some plumbing companies in guy like you wanted plumbing company sold it on like at 2:50 or whatever it went to an auction place and then I got soul like multiple times it ended up in a photo of some terrorist Isis terrorists in Syria shooting like needles on the back of it was a painful mosquito-borne viral chicken gunya chicken gunya fever and rebran feel like w / pain the name Chikungunya meaning roughly that which bends up meeting lets yeah. Thanks to couple people on Twitter pointed it out to me like that you and Jamie and I finally had one for the first time and it seems it's too big I don't like it to ask at a rate of 6 + up completed by the bunch but the size of its fine it was fun of like how do you the truck that I could Gavin told me okay which is if you don't double double quick but if you double tap like that I brings the whole screen Down Season 2 but as she got in iphone6 regular regular lotion for today but she was supposed to start on Monday to do something else she had my share the toughest job in the world which is my Christmas gift arrived today apparently on a pallet Kansas and it like showed up and was put in the driveway gift for her this whatever this thing is I can't take it I can't I can't live like that I just have to beat and try to find out what it is I got the show me the at the phone number Mark 1 Plumbing yeah it'll be probably take care of it and it never did what is the chance that that guy has not changed my phone number yet like you do still make sense it's not funny it's not fun or funny Amazon right so that's the 24 hour movie festival that he knows I haven't I was there for it but the people I'd be mad if I didn't go symptoms Archer was on Saturday was okay it was that was during that party you walked in lets up and then go back to your door you're like the last giant export that the United States has is entertainment and it's like the last Big Industry that we still have no typical North Korea could pull off an attack like this it makes sense to me cyber lawyers working for North Korea the old what do the brings people in the Attic from who is it South Korea I think the director was from Japan and a half to switch from South Korea basically strongly suggested they get real North Korean the interview on Christmas Day Cinemark pulled out on its own because like the north threatened to attack theaters or whatever it's like we're not going to do it depends like I said we will absolutely keep straining like we have been so nice like we can't find anyone Willy Street at and I can't find dirt in French what does North Korea ever engage in actual terrorist blowing Liv manufacturer Kim Jeong Hoon like showing rocket locations is like New York in Austin for some reason strange recruit North Korea sympathetic terrorists are willing to die for it if you like the moment people step foot out of North Koreans like oh thank God I'm out anyways I guy brainwashed North Korean people are to the point where they think that Kim Jong-un can read their minds and if you think bad thoughts about dear leader then we're going to get in trouble just like that next level of brainwashing that I've seen just about every possible thing that he's talking about North Korea to perform a simple any seems like all the trials and tribulations it deals with and how he wants to do something crazy like a thousand performing surgeries over the weekend or something like that yeah their flight in 1987 dirt bike ends on your meal in 10 years I mean they're leaving the couple years ago North Korea think that South Korean Cruiser Austin if I can make it to Pandora Pandora resetting everything up 6 is wiped out their leadership then what are you doing you got this country full of people that no do we have to install it like doing it artillery there so many artillery positions along the DMZ and soul so close to the DMV yet he would shoot the ship not a soul would be crazy as possible in that situation what kind of like you said she said type 2 hours ago they're saying this and I don't know North Korea wants to help us find the hackers who joined us today already have the really really do it was somebody truck at this point interview comes out in theaters next Friday Friday we're doing it here comes I want to see it what you see guy beaten to death with hype and drama over the moon you would look funny and it looks funny it did look really funny no I wouldn't because of I'm doing nothing during Christmas lets go see a movie I think that people will I'm on the opposite direction of my conscience I can't take all this you don't see James Franco at the end of The Colbert Report like the finale The Colbert Report they had a musical number where they brought out just like me no probably a hundred special guests 4 year olds in Church Lake Charles the first time I'd seen him after all this mess later the guy from Superbad I forget his name which is like looks like a drama not a comedy yeah it's super creepy to describe journalist that gets him with a killer or killers we're just testing that we are machines which can read new cameras coming no you ruined it what do I do in this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Casper in Casper Casper is an online retailer of Premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost caspe revolutionising the mattress industry by cutting the the showrooms in passing that savings directly to Consumers mattresses is Casper mattresses 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So you don't have to lie down in the showroom and did you know statistically lying down on a bed in the showroom has no correlation to whether it's the right fit for you Pastor smashes are made in USA get a Casper mattress for five hundred bucks for 2 in 9:54 king size mattress to really much cheaper than the other industry averages I need another 50 bucks if you go to kasper.com / rooster teeth.com promo code received another 50 bucks off actually sent me up to see you later it was really It's a Wonderful mattress master bedroom I have a king size bed but they got a queen size mattress with the guests so I'm going to buy my own King however like I believe there's no comfortable way to send a picture anyway catch up on your couch yeah we were just reminiscing about the old pocket watch how you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping is that your medicine I'm actually way more than I possibly stupid I mean it's like that I don't know how Evolution didn't sleep I don't get it I still don't know my dad actually told lets play dumb when they are apparently sleeping patterns like way back in the day I don't remember what time. and they would sleep for about 4 hours wake up and do stuff go visit friends eat whatever and then go to sleep for another 4 hours until the morning yeah that would work in some places you get them at 4:30 and then at 4:30 summer in the winter into the light time at the party Texas geography that I've grown to like it's about whether the change in light would drive me crazy you know you just doing that affects me you need to go to Seattle I couldn't hack it I couldn't hack it getting dark at like 4 in the afternoon but family in Alaska and there's a whole. Of a few weeks where it never gets completely dark that would drive me crazy movie about vampires 30 days of Dark Knight Rises did you ever see the movie insomnia is at the base of the Stephen King book no it's a Stellan Skarsgard Alexander Sherman the same time mystery about that takes place in that part of the world and it never really gets dark bastrin northern town where the sun doesn't set to enough to get the methodical murder of a local teen would you rather the darkness I like the night better I think but I think after a while just like Felix is missing dirt all the time kind of like when were in the studio for hours now for the summer I would definitely say 30 Days of Night around here I guess lets the thing is we were different people the first I saw a phone commercial with the stupidest feature ever the talk-to-text feature something like that we got a phone that has a camera on the front of it like it was we both cameras at the same time so you can film something and be feeling your reaction time you can come and let you know how to make themselves play something like if the person still making play something with the other person physically like kissing or something and like getting both sides that without having like flip the camera H time you just don't do that segmented start working around the weight of the lets play that just going to work everyday life the GoPro so can we pick up everyone one of the top and one on backwards like shit ton of cameras all over yeah we should do that I like that one so fucken low and it turns into like lightning that red and white striped if I'm ever on track with a red and white stripe on the side I know I'm at the I'm getting there you don't have to bear it is this the camera everyone could be making me I love you like a stupid Funkadelic somebody Instagram is like a candle light coating for that right now I guarantee 35 billion billion and they were talking or was it was it was YouTube E-40 and Twitter was at 35 if you were saying hi do you guys think that Twitter is actually worth less than you do this but didn't really make that much money no money like in AD put it in there on the stock market valuations comes in German how much of Facebook value is based on Instagram no good at least I don't think it the course I don't like like it's like pushing up towards Apple email in Microsoft insights their Stock and Barrel market cap is about 222 Russian rapping to beat everybody on Facebook for Russia crazy high highs if something was the beer part of the equation is buying something with it the gasoline right now I need somebody who bought Dell stock in the 90s did you know anyone from Austin and it went to $4 a share and this person then sold it for they doubled their money 5 years later we looked back and said they threw a $700,000 party because Joel in the middle the end of Dell but back their company from the from the public like but all the stuff they're doing a lot better now held back by you know being essentially at the mercy of shareholders you know what I mean for decisions that He makes himself like that so I guess that was the decision to do that its products and maybe take the loss for longer-term HTC Desire to me ba should do right now looking for them understory like in business what is an example in dig dig was dominant everybody was the little couple different people a man 419 and then 3 years later they sold for $500,000 like it went from 190 million dollar valuation like a deal on the table the $500,000 with a shoulder last ISIS stand for the other thing is the flip side is like what Reddit did where the founders of Reddit sold for like 3 million contest for the biggest publishing companies in the world and not right it's worth a hundred ninety million dollars HTC which is the harder it was all this money and now we we we didn't come out of the high or we like one I'm sure you know it's hard to to reconcile in your head but if I was going to one of the red at Founders who stole well it was kinda nasty took a 2-1 ID no I don't know I can't imagine being dead and knowing that there was that number out there that was an offer out there final guy that you know will pass telephone down to see if they ever publicly said that so apparently I'm also being told that someone on Twitter news 28 the same that split screen video they're going to say it will be called a half Cassie I like you but now we should have the different where you get the front and back back in the day but now it's a hundred and ninety-one million that's our secret has a secret Santa thing every year they break a record this year so they breaking World Records ever Verne Troyer participated nothing on me at meter Nelson participated in an Xbox One if somebody got in which is pretty cool like $5,000 sent to him yeah it still works but you only want to do with it so just like you might make someone's Christmas how to ship your wedding gift question for you but we are four days away from Christmas and Christmas how many really good purchase nice I get off easy because I don't buy anything from play bonuses so it's like I feel like that's gross so if you want to talk with the kids about this too is like they were spreading about like how did they have enough gifts for people like them that's what somebody gets a gift that's Christmas you don't like for Christmas would like a mountain of presents under the tree it's a good thing people the engagement ring thing like two beers it's just like they just came up with that one day people I guess all together I get pics to my brother yes that's terrible give a bad gift or going to bed yet just get about you it's going just like the other I can give him to like me I don't want to know if it was the way you know it hears everything you'll need if in a cheap mint Hunter approaches you if they if they sounds like you know this was like the shiny object to children that throw behind couch Edmonton just back away slowly and was like that the throne as far as you can and then shut the door when he leaves to chase after to fetch it I did otherwise he will come back in with the ball and then tell you how that's a completely legitimate sport don't listen to him no Kelly the lottery things like this I can't understand what I mean dislikes ba so she can relax after dealing with you fucking animals you can't really buy anything if it's on a pallet for $30 are the cheapest thing you can buy that would come on a pallet like an inflatable yes I do like what is it that makes sense how much would a pallet of barbar at cost like a hundred bucks breaking up with him in heaven somewhere lets give a shout out to the dude who invented the little balloons of cellophane that come in packages no whoever books by Ruble when I pull it out yes she's annoyed that makes you want a box of styrofoam packing peanuts I feel so bad for those guards peanut think about it biodegradable like balloon have bags of Styrofoam peanuts and I was more like you really shipped a lot of stuff but now and Amazon I think probably 50% of the things that I get or delivered to me prime it so can you develop believe nothing I got I got I got delivery no service up here they just unroll rolled out Amazon Instant in Manhattan hour delivery yes she's ordering takeout good for everything Amazon the best things ever lets marketing teams ever that came out Saturday before Black Monday that was why they did what they think it was like everybody was Dron think you explain things I don't think I was like what are the rights you know of like you know the way to your spot like a certain amount above the highest structure on everybody matters like state-to-state I no like going down on the ground you don't have much that you don't know the prime the state government the two companies I want to drink your milkshake I drink your milk that there's oil on your property that would be probably one of the worst things that ever happened yet and you a check and say here put a oil derrick on your house you think in her underwear Gas House what's the lowest you seen it I think it was like 2:12 or 9 I saw at 2:03 I'm still waiting for that take over to one and I saw someone Post online about it and it's in in the US and lately we've been hanging by 380 a gallon for gas and now we're down to like $2 a gallon is actually work breaking something but I hate what she has done to Tesla stock fully electric that's awesome I'm so jealous your car there too I got thinking someone over the building next door also on the Tesla are you parking in there better not be breaking laws with parking for fuel-efficient vehicles looking for pregnant with family parking people parking handicap people family planning burni in this in whatever 1990 when I was 24 years ago we have fucking parking for the employees because I would show up at the mall for my job in all the spots with the first 50% of the parking lot by the door was already taken and that even as a teenager but he was like well that's clearly Miss Desire of course the employees from Marshall up before anybody else and they'll park close enough to the mall when I was growing up and they force us to park as far as like after it's certain you like her but whatever I guess you'll have to come like around in areas so they may be parked like past the third one and have to walk in there and was like he's like you know what apple tree comes out more did not improve but he's got a new baby right another for whatever reason and she probably didn't know until just now and ever present BDSM IXL please tell her I don't know if I'm going to come back here to this like that gift the red that we were talking about it when your kid you like toys video games stuff like that right anything thirteen or fourteen my sister is 4 years younger than me was like you know you ideal Christmas present The Collector awesome my mom literally text me so what do you want for Christmas I am said I fresh Fare Knoxville Gavin at 3 somewhere different. when they called me out of how ugly my thoughts were until I totally started wearing different culture because the Jewish question because I don't like their Christmas presents and she was Jewish so when you compare your LSU birthday stuff that people like what you like you like a lot of people looking to get some Christmas feel like people get like socks or close that's more common to get a no you don't get a present everyone does it differently some families do it that way if some families just like you someone really hurt when I was growing up what is marketing fast words like there's like 20 gifts on 4G gifts on Christmas for a person is totally guy other stuff for birthdays or Christmas I bought her two presents like listen I know Christmas what is the date of the time you have right away all your entire life wanting to give Christmas gifts what's the best gift you ever got Super Nintendo remember this day 24 years electronic cologn somewhere you can buy thought it was I don't know if I made the move they lost this time my parents always been very generous and got me and my brother is great present every year for our birthdays or whatever but when I move to Austin they help me buy a car which I think is like the like that would help when I know I'm getting on your feet and stuff being able to afford a car is really helpful to have you come across the street the Playmobil pirate ship I was like 546 I just feel like it would cost like $50 set a reminder with this episode donut so much for your great godadd is offering when you are transferred. what are your building years ago daddy daughter night at checkout it's go-time some limitations apply see website for details not too late to buy someone something for someone for Christmas you could buy them a domain name buy them sorry Grandma your cookies suck cum trailer for the love of food. Org good conductor Klemperer frieden said split screen video will revolutionize the porn industry that I don't want to like watch opening gifts does it feel like to have performed do it shadowed fox said that a Colbert is a new cologn the nucleus of No Love okay so are you I don't know it seems like that for perfume or something whatever she wears Marc Jacobs daisy the most perfumes figure no perfume Prime Trust satellite you wear perfume because our office smells really nice Springfield Missouri Disney Infinity Ryan safety when Ryan was coming back in fact we grab his gamertag sold I suggest coming out of the bathroom in our bathroom. Georgia did you the best that got to be too much recording equipment in here breaking with the yeah I always loved pranks you know I just love that kind of stuff I think twistables like some kind of really well orchestrated architected prank on somebody remember that NHL 129 Chatham lot for the traffic ticket she was nervous about the pranks that I'm going to take it too far by accident like I'm going to be the guy who brings it to the next level and I unintentionally and in it all that was that was actually too far I'm sorry and then some but I try to stay out of it how to prank people because I get nervous that I would do something that would probably piss someone off to control myself Jac sleepover so we got a plate with warm Apple Marc By Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Marc Jacobs no thanks Natalie tankin you're there at the store look at the lake Marc Jacobs lets play Liv directions Isis year and then I was definition of 4000 people no with the idea that you're around play different cities all over the country will looking expanding its 10% tip attention but there's still a chance still a chance at the ACL Live Theater ACL live at Moody Street in Mexican Colorado or wherever it is on February 20th which is a Friday so Friday no Friday and tickets are going to go on sale at 3 p.m. Central Standard time tomorrow so there's will have links posted pretty much everywhere we can get tickets for it there's going to be floor balcony and we have VIP seating in the VIP this would be an after-party in the actual up in the in the in the in the concert and then afterwards I'll be drinking with you Tuesday December 23rd Central Standard Time minus is a 5 p.m. to 4:16 p.m. get out whatever Google pretty quick also travel Dexter at midnight you can always at midnight tickets were free I was worried people would just like to sign up for the tickets because they would like to print out of like the Russian people buying tickets now the same thing so it's going to be awesome to be a lot of fun we have a lot of really cool stuff that we can't do through normal means like them through YouTube or whatever it is that you're not to be able to see anywhere else and take a prime going to take a break something I've been working on for a while and I'm very happy to see how it goes and it's a lot of fun to have calls with people and explain to them what it is we want to do and really got it is going to find this Pizzeria okay what do we do in life will this cause fires Isis for us in the game but his trip to in through the chiptune artists mixer and at only brings on stage and I got a fucking rocks like it's really nice it's actually based in Austin Isis very first show was 16 years old he played it before the highball existed and that spot where the Salvation Army was amazing a play date up up forever ago at the Fantastic Fest or something Andrew WK this weekend really like this kid getting big and so he's hoping for us no really cool venue and what do you like to play ACL music holy shit absolutely do so you'll be opening for us to be playing there and then and there were going to have about probably around 3 hours of content with his hundred guys like two sets will be like you know some games first take a little break so I can go buy exclusive merchandise can we get during the show and then so you guys can also so we can refresh our drinks and then they sell alcohol there truck city Gary links on December 23rd at 3 p.m. Central Standard Time what brings everywhere on Twitter on the website Facebook shoots from North on Twitter she says are VIP tickets for the Lets Play Live event only 21 and up no no ends is it all ages otherwise it's just like you put the x's on your hand and you can buy them yep and there's a limited number of VIP tickets billio Anytime Fitness fortuitous it's a really poor so we're kind of trying to figure it out as we go to be fun I mean it ship it to me a ticket to something you just printed out we don't have full control of that this is something that's like if we have a creative idea we get our team was like can we do this and then we'll make it happen soon we're doing some stuff that's going to be a super kick ass that no one's done and I hope we can pull it off online that live stream will take off some of the biggest advantage of the internet a certain time to see something and not see it again but some people love it the biggest thing in I know people have sex or not but up screaming at at and I'm because we can stream make sure that it's the master panel and more of a concert or a play like a pro stream it live for me to watch at home and like it's just that's what it seems like we're doing stuff I should I mention that Guardian application for Archer dammit Drew up barbar with their angry Apple sangria RT Podcast the salty today before that I mention that too dirt a lot of people are telling me black boy and usually put them up in December we were looking for that's crazy we had we have almost we must have more Guardian so we had people at the first Archer ba a keeper next year 2015 that's exciting you're really cool please be serious about it don't just talk around and apply for no reason if you back breaking work a lot of respect being greedy why your present to open no the guardian have the duty to try to make that goes smoothly on paper that should not work when you no 30 thousand people are there and you know essentially their ideal scenario they're part of the 30 thousand and it's like that is very tough the shows going to live shows that we do not like going to work Showbiz at me like you do what are Jackson no I love it 3 hours Port Perry guy live show on stage where we can see no perform for 4000 people for an hour as opposed to for maybe 30 seconds at this like 30 more more stuff like that I am that makes more sense they're trying to do bigger scale of things for a live event that includes RTX that includes things like lets play Lets Play Jac Savannah Weeden that's what I thought about it to do it on the road I guess really I mean it this time or standard format tell me what they're doing lets Amazon 4494 asking what the motivation was behind moving back the date and it's syri there's so much technically to get done and to figure out that we just needed a little more time to build stuff and to you know to figure out and make sure everything works smoothly you know Friday so like if someone does want to come in from out of town you know it's a lot of wiring weaken your at fly in Friday morning and yelled 17th was like 4 days after your at only 14 so like half the people would have been so much more coming off of your team would have been like alright now go be funny for 3 hours and Caleb had a lot I had company though like Ninja Turtles Church shirt Power Rangers Inova the Red Ranger in the black Ranger gu the original in the voice of one of those like one of the Rangers the Blue Ranger Billy Billy Cranston Billy Cranston actor Bryan Cranston thank you it's an awesome what is it ridiculous rebran mustela resume is one of the best parts of all time with Walter White House from them up in the middle of a very good part but really different I don't know if you said in the middle of like a classic so it's like the joke Tim Whatley turn off the lights ends up breaking it was Total Recall remake was before during Breaking Bad the Bryan Cranston wasn't we went to where he is now it's a multiple-lane no Golden Globe image of Emmy award-winning actor guy got his start on Power Rangers I was thinking about breaking bad because you weren't arguing with somebody about breaking a moron is better than Breaking Bad had lost so much seen by the end I don't know how they would have had a finale that would have made sense for once I was happy but I was fine with it the last two seasons it feel like at the show for me what you do specialty rebran in Plano was it responsible at AMC for green-lighting Breaking Bad who at the vision of that showed like we're going to take this nerdy chemistry teacher and just take him on this journey that yet and the first season is like this but eventually gets like outrageously very cautious about it wasn't season one only 6 episodes or something like that. So damn good to the camera in his underwear in the perfect the whole series Archer if you want to pull it up Patrick at 8:45 it's funny I would never choose Bryan Cranston play a character like that so I sent her I said that one of the questions people ask me to go back at 5 ish do you know what the ticket pricing is just you and I is I want to like 190 and then the floor was like 35 and I want to save our no balcony was like 35 or so and floor is like 50 or 60 you're so different being on the floor just above that was really nice syri and then after the show's over we're gonna be hanging out right there and drinking you know what you know until they kick us out basically and then on the top levels about Mars and we're going to have merchandise downstairs we have I think that we have the food truck is for sure blocked in by what I've heard about Furniture truck for you as well but we have definitely of alcohol there and then I'll bunch of merchandise stuff I might easily be selling his stuff down there as well I got a little booth selling his CDs but we're going to have a lets Liv merchandise and posters I think we're working on pricing things based on how many seats we had been there almost up that's it oh yeah I remember that I think is awesome Easter Island serpents breaking the squirrels were just like that and it was empty it was the same exact thing emoji shit it's like no when I called it said call goalie the Colonel's out how do you eat it just like a normal way to tell you a secret you never realize I apparently that who is it is Zales Jewelers and Jared are owned by the same company yeah I fucking hate stuff like that okay that's stupid in the ceiling like all this awful said this is like 3 different branch of the same company at the mall and there's like 2 or 3 of those stores are the only jewelry stores in the mall and they're all owned by the same company and have the market cornered on one of the comments was because I used to work for Zales at the mall and they transferred me to Jared at everything return the store called the Houston trunk Factory in Houston and then I got transferred to a bag and baggage it was the bag and baggage in the in the mall here and it looks like from 1918 my luggage broke at the worst time possible when we were overseas we just landed Richard talked about that I got off the plane got my bag off of the belt and then with one of the wheels to the thing or just up early leaving a black streak mother fucker I got you a big bag I want to buy my new lets her doing it Carousel and they put the wheel next to it like a killer whale in my luggage I'd like to know what the new luggage have it I've had it since then I bought the other luggage to match it is really good because I hate my life piece of luggage we worked and my parents for graduation gave me luggage over that was a bad message guy getting you like and then you the new of your passion for lets for lice Ruble for your in high school no it was before that was when I was a child before I graduated and then I went back ready to work and they put me in the Burger King in the movie theater I was there for three years would like to make an offer I would go to where they make the fries and when those fries and I put 100 brought back a sandwich of these to sell in the seventies and they're like fake commercial where they call the unit everyone is dressed up in like period pieces encountering commercial I mainly watch the Simpson I don't have cable to watch anything online what are you going to Netflix I don't have cable anymore and even before I got rid of my cable the only ever watch Game of Thrones at the end of like I don't need to be paying $100 a month the cutting table like losing sports that was the big thing stream Monday Night Football and then there are the NBC stream Sunday Night Football those usually have for free online so you can Apple TV guy I don't even pay attention right now and then the final four weekend in Rogers who is going to get paid for asking yeah that was that was Marshawn Lynch new one today or all he said was thanks for asking hours for saying yes to every question he was stupid I said thank you for asking but thank you I want to take you for asking about my how much do you get fined for do they have obligations they have to fill it with media something I need a Swedish it on everything that I can go to to talk about this headphones I love but I'm contractually obligated talk about Beats by Dre I love you but you know it's always a good play through all this shit was like concussions and your health but we're going out there Lana cardboard cutout of a teammate Doug Baldwin and he had a conversation with a cardboard cutout guy sitting behind his cardboard cutout of himself next year there's enough of us here now that I think we get 12 or 14 bread we like we like to hear my No Way Out who scored the most points that week sponsored by you-know-who ever liked someone gets out you know free mattress whoever gets the highest score in a week it's a God damn fantasy football this week store next season starting the next the boys are well tell me the inspirational quote the hardest part about eating the fine for not speaking to press one week so we just said yeah the press the next week okay that was his loophole what you're saying so you're not talking to the press and then next week that's interesting to translate some of the most the people that I read tweets from dirt I guess I'll see ya tomorrow 3 o'clock or Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday shorten the delay Gasko's up on her site and YouTube and this is the only show that we do that wait 2 weeks ago up when we get it when you do that you never know people become a sponsor Jac