#304 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses ASMR Triggers

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Recorded: 2014-12-30 19:54:50

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones




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Transcript (in progress):

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It makes me wonder because I'm crashing are pretty much the same mechanic yes pic of a crash when the plane is no longer in one piece you crashed yet it will touch first depressed it motor crash goes back all the crash right to request that it the whole thing it just like the middle from the landing gear if you have the time flies off what is the pic it got really bad gas it right now if you lean on the treadmill have to go twice the speed to keep going and going it will have to go twice the speed gu to stop that would be awesome if they had like to know man I don't know that from the film Star Trek the warp signature his wife's aunt about Carolina what is on the right a crash is a landing from what you cannot take off again that's a crash crash crash who is it South China Airlines cargo precious we have to open the door to security footage from the tarmac of the really wow that's great I didn't trust him because he was a first-time fligh the fucking door head but his it is 200 liter Ford engine if you lose well you can't land on that side because her plane will crash if you want the wheels I need you okay so so like side by side once once I can come down to come out if it breaks it down the other side of things to look for when giving false off phone lookup women dumped all the water and it went to take off again and then hasn't made that turn like a week just fell off I love you I'm pretty sure that did not into well Kno Wings is definitely a plus crashed and fell out of the sky that's all you hear about that mid air collision around but if you have a situation into contact off again you crashed already before you left that you were going to crash into the parking lot to apologize we just crashed crashed but then split up into it like a giant skateboard have you on crutches out of dress blue cover take me to the klic Ashley wood off the ground what the clarification on a weird Chinese people stories she said in one of the stories you talking about everything's by the way to China it wasn't because he didn't feel like explaining that he didn't feel like waiting to deplane the other was the first time fligh to open the door over the wing because he didn't know that he couldn't do that to people open doors in plain the Turner prize would not hear any more stories out of time just people losing their shit all head that way an adjective is a country developed the people they're just getting more into their own experience and they eventually just get so self-centered and there's so many fucking Chinese people that I'm just some days just not appear to to 6 and percentages that we don't hear about people losing their shit cunt building in China yeah we need to like have news reports on China in the US I would watch that we should have I think we talked about this before but have you are weird China News segment for the podcast I have a great idea TG animations it is my goal in life to be the subject of one of those it will take but I would love to go crazy so you include with China I think I think it was after we told the story about the guy who jumped off the mall shopping with a girlfriend I'm Shoppin what to do with all that stuff is just too much for I came to tell you what like 2 days before Christmas nightmare love you bye it so people turn into animals in the parking lot in general and then around the holidays it is like it's going to tear through it and I was like I'll be walking the mall and I'll be in like the stairs and there's a call if you want to leave him somehow never get this in the next couple days going fucking shit look at everything and I like stop and it slowed me down for maybe 5 seconds and I think I hope you die I Was Country When I landed in Austin just now and then some woman coming towards us instead of complaining the bag was behind rage coming back I had a direct flight I get on I got like it, plus I'm right near the front to extra legroom extra legroom I like Road number 8th and 2nd we are we we take off and get on the plane and I my carry-ons and as I check in they did like her it the carrion crow it efficient way to check baggage it's going okay I'm on 40 group to so I was just trying to surprise the plane was already full and I'm like alright whatever you know I fucking pic 80% empty like the whole night through like 4 people cuz I'm right near the front of my mouth City boarding group 3 4 & 5 all good persons bringing bags on the pic Flows In You should I have glass in my like you're standing the God damn thing I was there 4 inches of pictur skit on one fucking sad that this into price check at the carousel where because the weather was OK in Jersey wood but I guess the head winds were really strong and because it was already a smaller plane then fucking change to see funny troll into 3 but it's only is a 4/2 hour fit like at 3 4/2 hour flight back but I guess the head winds were so strong the whole way they flat-out said like an hour before we departed wood departing on time but we need to stop halfway and Nashville to refuel because we're going to burn so much fuel because the headwinds are so strong we don't have enough fuel to get there we have planned you will not get off the plane and then just take off bizarre but still like your New Year's and convene it as many fligh to the Bone and the guys like you instruments to an hour the flight it out in like 2 hours like we flew for maybe an hour and 40 minutes or so pretty quick it was like 20 25 minutes to head there's two women in front of your course they're bitching the whole time probably like women their late forties and they were you know they were there get a pic of it before but it just going to use more fuel than usual but there's still that you don't grasp it so you can see it's on and we're right about to take off pic that you can turn your cell phone back on while we were waiting so they're calling everybody calling like the fucken you don't like New York Times Shannon Pilots are already talking will be about 3 hours just fucking dates it was like I'm going to do the fucking plane it made it so much more enjoyable for me I was just sitting there I never had to move the fact that I did not to get off the plane their pain and misery just made it so much better keep fucking complain the more we start just open the window and flap what time are you back from DC to Austin is a Non-Stop into this listen to michae into 20 volunteers to get off the plane that we can have enough fuel to get to Austin or like shit too serious so then like he will try to volunteer and everything and I liked it right now we let everyone get back to the day deplane deplane the whole plane for we've got on the I want to watch you when were you going to take off we went to go take off for your heart is always like to take off my cool when you take it beeswax on the brakes rotors and then it stops and then they were like something's going out of here in the mission from the week before but the crazy part about it was when they came on the intercom 5 minutes later we can move in the middle of Runway it didn't go back or anything like trying it was just lost on a round white pill that it run really fast car yeah but if you're if you're going to come if I was traveling to the plane it can be pretty bad but if you were in a car and you felt those kind of bumps and stuff you wouldn't think twice about it wood holes or something neighborhood and a better fucking fix all the rooms Yet to Come True Dollar Shave Club show me $20 for one pack of razors feels like getting punched in the gut stop getting abused by razor prices joint Dollar Shave club.com for a few bucks Dollar Shave club.com delivers amazing razors and grooming supplies right to my door I used to use our most popular razor the 4X it engineer with for stainless steel blades and an aloe vera lubricating strip I have everything out there in the family close shave you can see it was created shave the smarter way to go to Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth that's Dollar Shave club.com slash RoosterTeeth big thanks to the Dollar Shave Club I was able to make a fool of myself with my facial hair and thanks for your time, and then I'm going to join that this month I haven't had yet to join no reason Google Fiber it going to Google and everything but in the lines for me I mean I don't know what it is Google Fiber coming yeah it's even Time Warner to my Time Warner it like 4 times faster and it's free parking building I'm interested in looking at the phone then he leaned over and then pull it back even just a moment ago literally into the microphone and purple hair for the idea we should do when I find a little punk ass you know where they put them they had the motto head and they put the mics in the holes we should just told to sit around someone's head and then when they close their eyes into the pocket will be like in the room with them what are you bother me and you I want to rub my head down into I didn't do my gavi tomorrow we're making asleep and tingly like their head rubbed and watch you want to go watch anime the the Indian and Turkish Barbers like cut peoples hair it's way different than they do it in energy and stuff ASMR but you kind of get weird and tingly if you want something to listen to something it's kind of relaxing like a boner for your skin but I don't like watching these guys do head it feels like all of my hair for me not to like stand up and I'm like Buffalo Backwater stand in it somewhere in India this tiny shop that's smaller but less than half the size of this stage that were on his little shop and he's getting a head rub from the Indian do, and I'm just like what now 9 other people who have so you going to get your head right and it called the worlds greatest head massage I have the address I have Bobby's address to see if you're still there please rub which is they take too much likes and they put them exactly the same distance as your ears would be and then they just do things I can walk it on them do they cook the way sound goes into all this crap it sounds time change between the two is not how you gon tell you since like special direction of here and there's one on your headphones really get the full effect on YouTube you can pull this video that's getting your haircut at a barber shop it like you're cutting with scissors and stuff and it feels like you're getting your haircut just for this plastic bag over the motor head it feels like you just been vacated it so it's really cool worlds 1990 finals it really really old we did to Lydia because I was like making fun of my typing on my computer the reason I had her at 3. Is that earlier this week she tweeted that she was on her flight I hope the guy propose on stage at MineCon in Vegas in 2011 today I said next to his friend on a flight from Zurich to Tampa what a small world and all I can take away from that was there's a fucking jerk 5 hour flight like a direct flight to Zurich Tampa Tampa Florida worlds like the world-class cities of Zurich and Tampa somebody in Switzerland like to wake up and catch up Buccaneers game today or Devil Rays baseball baseball story untold story the podcast yet when was it back in November I fly from LA to Austin and like I got to the airport early I was like theirs and there's a really early flight Austin I'm going to get to the airport and get on it you know it's really early and I was like hey can I get to the airport for 5 hours or more like a big comfy recliner Into the Storm I had fun and I feel so much older and I look over at it like this it's old Asian lady so I take my headphones off and she said she looks like little bit like Spanish and English she started talking to me or something and we think we can go to our friends or our family but really I see you have a computer do I need to see you like this website and all dancers use type in your question and then you know it will help you but you gotta come literature in The Book of Life to know that I really have that magnitude you said you was with me in the control room man I've heard yet what did they say Jehovah do what is white wine to cook and they said they are his witness said the route to spread his teachings it was back in like 2001 7 so anyone could walk up to the gate and then we were there we were waiting for a flight from LA back to Austin and we ended up sitting next to burni and this This Woman This Japanese women start coming around like handing out cards and like flowers and it's like buy a flower from me for $5 or whatever anyway no no no thank you to everyone know where this guy comes running up the flowers no she was just like giving up flowers and cards and that's because I care about you flowers Landing is a crash or not and this is based man Maria Ayala on Twitter he said the five signs of Crash 1 no wings to all burned up man landing a plane crashing it into the terminal through the glass and then backing out and take it off you can crash but you man you could take off Jennifer got the ground the plane baseball crushed me but I'd rather take me to virgin way better than others right it crumpled and burn their wives are in a deserted island it wasn't at work and you crash the plane into the I don't know what that is it was it was crunch pic the noise but since you're either going to crash the car therefore be making loud noises because you crashed Dollar Car the crashed plane Collision crash to crash I would I mean I would to board my flight car when you still crashed into the future starting conversations it so when you do the time zone it was actually $20 it twice as much call the player to think about older simply paid twice as much done with the time change travel graffiti entire the word coffee forget it I got it for about like September cuz I went to England like a million times. Straight into Lazer team country all that shit I got like it's only like 2 weeks after Laser team to finally not be tired it was I figured I got off you know I slept like 10 hours the first night I'm like yeah I woke up man tired the next day I was like I want to take a week off without even it comes in tomorrow I'm coming in Wednesday alright this will be my next topic for this I came to work they should have sent me this really upsets me about it unprompted here in a few questions answered quickly as you can it's okay you're throwing stuff you just that was call Publix Corona if you throw stuff away in a dumpster what's the number one rule of thoughts of waiting I'm sure a break down boxes break down your boxes after Christmas a lot of boxes that I want to throw away the curb right to do like honestly like take him out to their apartment the dumpster in somewhere there or they would have so I can put it in the recycling bin that we have this thing at the office what is a huge bug in recycling bin the size of a dumpster that we take our boxes throw away dumpster somebody away like 3 boxes in into dumpster fuse box it was not you but I mean Fox with a massive curved TV box to my garage wasn't me I could have sworn solutely because I also worked as an electrician for Fibe the shop a lot of them we shave cuz you can when you going to a job you have random shit like boxes screws all kinds of shit like that you put in a big cardboard box and throw that in the bed of the truck but eventually you end Platinum every fucking week I would flatten the mall and buy them all the rope and leave them on the side of the curb so they didn't fucking blow all over the place but it's really not wait to hold you in it and it's additional to take out and rearrange it will break you can you can break that crap you also don't throw styrofoam away in the recycling garbage services the worst stuff ever you can I buy styrofoam is like fucking poison white ones because you don't come on my TV signs that your to it I just put it in the garage Wendy Williams TV I think I know where we're going with this what is it there is there are two new 40 inch TVs in here there are 43 it really glad that little line of blue you see the front is my broken down box that I slid down the front of everything else and it is the second picture I said him we took down the photo it's all just acting just a bunch of boxes truck next to it take a picture pictures of Dutch horse non-stop all the time on construction sites or it you know just like someone renovating their house so whatever a lot of times will be at dumpster like there for a month or whatever the red it to see if they're like doing Roofing or four and I feel like that and like my boss particularly it would be fucking livid when you go 310 about that which is how I learned to be that way the community to find a man to go out and 16 fucking boxes like in dumpster and it's like you can pay to get the dumpster and it's still there and people it is like what does you press the button again if you have a compactor that's a totally different story for laziness and specially especially when you're on like a construction site when there's like a utility knife like every four feet you know there's absolutely no reason that she likes and then you flatten the box it's like it's really different it's super awesome crap I left my soda cans away the empty box on the counter and then when they can build an outside it into the wall so it doesn't have you ever broken out about to throw it away over time we gotta do it I got a new truck take me to into space with a bunch of Buckeye AZ 100 Bishops to the podcast is also brought to you by Hulu Plus or the great home on winter break traveling or staying with family the season you can watch your shows wherever you are with Hulu Plus right now Hulu Plus is all the current season episodes your favorite shows like how to get away with murder South Park and Hulu Plus has all the past 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this past weekend Crystal okay where we watching it we will figure something out alright what actually got me for Christmas that was on a pallet of the week last week how it should have the head to think that things are not a machine Kno it was it feels way more than me but I would guess it was man did you say you had a new treadmill how do you spell around Bel the ground retrainers a woman who could beat the shit out of me just like this how you lift weights no I've no idea I'm going to go with sitting Crusher did you understand me but I thought I'd try to act like a lipstick or something well Michael you have to live it what's your gas money and I don't know she got me a full stand up tool chest like the wrong with all the drawers and Nicaragua the basement of the wood where you take the Sawzall with that with that besides I think I have never and at this pic you want one Lexus car or 3 Dental Associates well you do have already had it Head Shoulders on my walls and I put the sheet on the shelves now it's all this fucking bad as to that so fucking lonely call Kevin if you're ever going to use some of this right now it was it is a little bit are some jobs where you get down to Lake it just paper light instructions how might a to be fair there's like 50 different I got four it was the second gaffer tape painters tape Michaels greatest the blue tape an American flag on the wall behind it is you get what you got I got her a bunch of cool stuff I got her I replaced your headphones she had those headphones that she's like to the point where pads on it and they're just like all the way through the stuff and then I it like that you know like this looks like it wanted someone whose ass is on the couch and as I can dancers Lazy Boy Target black it up does granite stain the outline of his part in this head angry the process works like in my wardrobe I'm like I'm doing laundry and I have a Google where am I what's of the closet I don't think I'm going anywhere I'm going to wear something we got rid of all that stuff I'm going to get something because he wears the same size pants and I used to wear you always look good man dragged back to the gym what was the to the gym didn't go though that's what I was right when I got high Jack being like a foot taller than me you know he probably only had 50 60 pounds on me when I started working there my first week you know every first month or so at Richie's or at the first RTX where Jack and I just look so fucking thin nice too much man. like a man it is really look like shit out of myself wedgie what's around here to it so I got rid of like I got all the clothes in my closet and I drawers 3 or 4 years like I just had like doing anything so I finally did that and then I went through again just recently and it's like just this week I was like I'm even going down that level I'm probably about 20% of the Wardrobe that I was four or five months going to be so excited if you do want to add to your wardrobe we have this fires t-shirt coming up for t-shirt Tuesday that's a good thing what is this Kno Speedo that we should have I man busted t-shirt played with into trouble but you which would you type in only in capital letters and it's just like Google filters it and make sure it's just that thing it could be Google Hi man it's good to be with all the crap that you like that's going to be a season 11 come on Google app Bally's Gym was like way better than the one that we go to Dino Dan Dino talk about their wood like 90% of people don't know the fuck you're doing and then if people are just assholes there's like shit all over the place like nobody reracks the weights or anything like that in the locker room and 40 dicks but especially it like I'm a bigger gym more I guess what's considered you know like a mainstream gym that's like in this place probably it was two floors they probably had at least 10 rooms 12 rooms of equipment and there were the people that sat there and did nothing like I had to it while I was working out and had to have seen at least 10 or so people there that I would watch it down on the machine and put it on a heavy weight and kind of like that like stretch like they're about to work out and literally never work out for like 10-15 minutes and I just like to get the phone I imagine into the locker room because I put a pair of shorts on them put my jeans on over it I went to the gym I took the shower on the shower electric shots with iPhone dried out much so I gotta shower I'm just like you're going to try my anus it just driving with the town of my life getting out the shower curtain off the water to when you're in your clothes what's the date what's the time difference 7 to 8 minutes 7 minutes and you don't dry off your body not to but it just drive just from like being out in the open not like hardcore like scrubbing so fluffy fucking Flawless like I will not have a drop of water on me until I get dressed completely dry I get out of shower exactly what I do the head the same way which thanks the best told me you know I didn't know if you rub with a towel Day 2 I'm sad she's like don't break it and he was doing did you like rub the towel on your head Break Your Heart by a professional haircut it was a bear I came in and I was in here one day and that's good absolutely not I'm not going to want since you told me and she was like oh Jello Passover she's from Wisconsin originally look like very Midwestern Brickell someone profusely offered even after filming them before we went home that if we wanted to we could call her up and she come to the studio and cut her hair I'm going to see her today just come over for drinks tonight so that's why I feel this way estranged it like with the crew that we worked on with the team that we need until 8:40 I went to bed early I was kind of shocked I was like oh there he is and I don't really want to talk to you on the whole thing about it it was like he was waiting for his food 10 minutes before he saw me and then right as I get up to the register I ordered it I was just done he was at the drink he turned we locked like I can't just like that I'm looking right at each other the wave it was like something that's left and I was like yeah dollar with me that I don't go to movies because literally every time I went there it was really really I ran into Ray every single time and it was just like that the first time ago if you like running into your teacher at the grocery store ideas which was really great movie movie New Jersey was in Jackson and we get the tickets were waiting in line at the concession stand and as everybody sitting there when he goes all that kid over there has an extra shirt on and I look over and there's a kid across the way he's with his family probably like 6 or 7 people or whatever and I'm just about to walk down the corridor with the theaters and he hadn't seen me which is usually the fancy house first and then it's walk toward you whatever so just like that the fan like they're just like stopped in at and then this is like it's happening it's happening and then will come towards you wood Kno it the kid will never know that I was right there so around behind them so they couldn't see me coming he starts walking right as I got up next to him I'm literally like shoulder-to-shoulder to and I go hey not sure if you guys know thanks as he turned into literally klic shaking when you start you thought I was like yeah I'm home in New Jersey for the holidays and he's like biscuit to the back in New Jersey could even make the words like you were in a jacket and is criticizing his grandmother was there to let you know each other and then you came back and I saw him again at the drinking fountain and I can go to Lindsay's like really nice guy always got them we're getting drinks and dad came over and he's like oh my it doesn't talk about you guys and Bubba Bubba blah you know and there's it 4 it you know so I can find it and there's a picture of Lindsay and he's in the Middle with the extra shirt number such a tragic waste if you didn't say something like if you would like that and I don't remember it off the building in London with dad and myself on him we went down into the London to the London Underground to have a look because we knew one of them was so we went into the station inside Bank station or something and it just to avoid on the other side of the train when the train stops you can see it and realize head the trainers at every way for the train to go is like the Lord there it is I was just looking into a couple next to us would like looking avoid not looking at touching someone who is talking about yeah you don't really like it but I didn't say anything while he was talking about me and I was touching him was like did you talk to him it past where I was worried that he would be wait it out but really I just wanted to because he's been talking about me keep you coming over today so I don't want to say anything I just put his protection and for him dude I was happy at last to go and like you said here and I'm sure the same thing with gavi even more so it like the first time someone recognized me to like people it was a delight for the kids and for my brother like he was gu crazy people when I landed last week there was a knight in England and some dude recognize both of us and I was like greatest forever laptop now or you want to go get Kristi Crouch behind well he wasn't We Came From Evil gu emergency of tissue I can't you can get things head it more gas and I can't get up it's like between December 15th and February 15th I just can't be honest that's what that's how this is all going to work out if that was happening all up here yeah no no I've been sick in like 2 years but I have allergies and I didn't have been sick so I think 80% of laser tag like I was just taking the second week of shooting but we started on the second week of May or first week the shooting he was like fucking sick I was off it was hot it was all the trailers it was like one big trailer and it was just like a bunch of little rooms but they're all connected the first like 2 weeks it was me yelling at him to shut up because he was coughing in his room like I was like shut up during the team kinda threw up 3 times it was in a foreign I was like but it's not to vomit and shitting at the same time right now is it lasted like 4 days for you are so it was one that I didn't think I could feel that there was there was one particularly I have stuff my underwear but yeah I just got I just like watching a bunch of bog roll just just write up my crib like coffee and I just shoved it into my into it because I was I'm sure that was a good customer like right now he's like can you tell it turns around and it's picture of a Shoppin nothing just crumbled up and he was told he was Gavin spent way too much time looking at my dick on the Snowman we had to wear dancers belts it which would basically it's a song it yet it's a secret take effect right where they get you sandwiches you're drunk and you're strong like all together will you tuck your penis up with like your genitals have the rest in it and you have to tuck your penis upwards and then the phone just goes up your ass and the second you put the $2 round it that song travels like it it goes for a journey and there's nothing you can do about it so I accepted it early on that I wore it every day you know like it's just it's super highlighted so burni were also he wore his almost everything time the mistake he kept making with pulling the song which was just made it worse is when you let go it would just snap back into the approach of just like to have two days you could just see his dick so so like if you know they were it is like almost a skin-tight suit so he be he be talking about him and because of that he would constantly be checking to see if other people were wearing theirs or if you could see your dick you don't want your phone call you would you know the size that way I could see the outlines and that's appropriate manage helmet Ridge natural I don't know I don't know why you're giving custody 10th and heating of the off and I have a few hanging lower today what does your hanging lower look the best part is like this I don't like pretty much second not that he was even like Total Drama was like what the fuck are you talking about like you they were there is only so many times like Kno yeah but I never once made that post search for Emily art what is it I'm guessing they did not come with the dancers Bel I mean it a picture of a very shapely man did not what if you guys can make it let me know what day it is NFL Michael saying that because you know being the cash like we were really just like like everyone's job there and it's awesome is to just make sure you look okay in the five seconds that on you like rolling footage or something like that feel like your pants and maybe we'll face I forgot you're better it's likely people to like picking at you and manipulating you I think I got several grams of chest hair ripped out man so that was like every time like I could just get up you have to pull your tooth out like a couple inches and then otherwise you just might have to go and I'll call you before every take me to watch the movie and be like that's seen that before that before action was cool yeah we were talking about would you rather have another like what we like getting bombed in the off 450 Grand conversations but he had to do a stunt when he was driving man identified Marshall I got that one. five minutes later we're literally rapping in the exact same thing I was like ankle doing bike just children the whole movie find me the wood you rather for you it was earlier would you rather have to go one month one month with no pants like that we have to have your normal day I feel like this the waist and hips shoes bungee chairs no more than my testicles wood floor like 3 months worth of your Google searches just sampled at random to like your high school class fligh can the public go to turn your mom has delete everything you search you do that that way it was weird how much I have to pay you I have to get you know about just on the on this camera right now head it from the office to confirm the YouTube Check It Out 3 times daigusto into the scenario into an auditorium where I wouldn't care of an auditorium what I care about my mother what would you think how would she take that like I should be fucking anything other than a single thing that you could ever it is that you would have been okay with that said turn on YouTube Michael there's many a phone call that I recorded just for Gavi celebrations with his mom and it just gets old and never told my mother that way and she just brushes it off like that or she's just language example we were talking about is maybe you're so we're talking about Game of Thrones and she was watching it at my brother's house all the episodes or she might not even repeat what I said was as bad as me but it's just like it is just it just goes through her brain and come out of the other I would never do what you did to be funny I mean it's like one day they were getting ready and they were late getting the car and heading Kno head there and so I just made them this is like the 23rd and so while they were getting ready to come outside of fucking home can get again for the shoes for the billionth time and I'm sitting with a notepad and a cold it over made in Christmas cards beat it it wasn't as well at least I can laugh at me occasionally we going on the road and it's I think you say one swear word as loud as they want it seems like pendant interested but so I thought there was JD was at and I did you know what I'm talking about we did the same and I'm just like yeah that came out we can visit on a regular basis we have one that we got really close to her mom's house it was like a block away so he spent the whole night that she was asking me it was like the last shot of the night I had to be something like at 4 in the morning 32 degree weather and I'm sure that he was wet and that was like having them having to be right let's just say he was wet dry and wet and dry and wet and dry and I was fine dry forever and then exactly every time people running they touch you in a mess with you someone was coming to play with my hair and they were spraying and I have my eyes closed and then someone decided to fucking dressed me as a man I was that I said everybody I hit the wall eBay it off right now I'm sure you have Tiffany right now and she's like trigger on me and I'm like I'm fucking pissed right now I told her I was like I'm pissed right now I just like it seems like the price off like she's like no no you can't be mad don't worry driverless remember the day that you were sick and you were just like you couldn't really you were like a bedroom set I just want to lay down anyone lost a little of the rest of the field it first opened Willie's stories about people that are not going to know but in regards to bill but if you're going to be in Park City Utah next month you should tweet at me because we might have something cool that we could get you into to see some kind of the what is that means I'm cool Twitter that they love the fact that you put the cap on the coaster and the bottle on the table to be arranged I would have been like what what you do Clinton Austin podcast haircu to be so we can get drunk or whatever when you when you drink whiskey and it so that I can get them you can talk to him what book am I Kno no! That's not true give me a power spoon you have to people like you you know a couple give his pic to them like to see where they just be like not something that would be how to the park at Hairston Kno and Ashley Olsen Hulu no nothing you have you have you how to shut up yeah probably Bel Air probably just like a Google search how much is it up to the street I would pay $10 to have a look up a video of God's having sex at some point his life like just to have the video that chicken and I feel like I have to answer your questions honestly and I it dollar to watch my iPad also be interested but he reminds me of like a funny thing just going to sit there like you know we all obviously know each other and work together for a time and everyone said that's burni said like completely outside yeah like they were it's all I got fucking we know why we didn't you know I was like kind of quiet a little bit for the first week or so he's working but as that was kind of like getting one I love you say that yeah actually if you can I like gavi moments with your bitch Chief Keef that's it like if you got a shot I'm not sure I know how much he liked me search unlocked like I'm at home so I'm talking to Chandler and I'm like having a fucking piece of shit and the whole trailer wood you cook dead silent like everyone is going to look at each other and fligh was the couple days that you were there I was talking about they mentioned you and I guess they didn't think that I knew Gus's just like God what a fucking freak and I was like to hear we were in the makeup chair than you sitting next to me and I'm like fucking freak right and you're like Virgin Mobile it and God is going to be off by the end of it they're like we fucking love working with you guys just because nobody argues no one's like heart killer smile that can light up man should ever put one it's like a lot of each other what movie trailer is Gavin asked Adam wants to know because I can't I don't know can I see the movie trailer it can't be Star Wars Star Wars that's where my brain went to like Mad Max Kno is there something else more recent movies that are mean to each other right and then gavi to have you seen that that movie trailer the movie is it a true story but with Jonah Hill I'm getting it last week somebody made Gavin still think into a movie where does it the monster that just follows you is always moving toward the East it is right on to the next person that's the exact same thing you're absolutely right somebody said on Twitter that they ran into you at RTX Bar address to be a taxi this is the right into you and you weren't at the booth and you pretended like you were talking on your phone except you didn't even bother to have a phone in your hand while you did that Hulu Plus walking to and from the parade if I have to I had a fun of my head you going to be home or not I'm doing good yeah I just got back from drama school already it was hard so is your mom one of them looked at me this morning when I walked into this mess like you took your eyebrows and just copied and pasted them above your lip that's actually pretty accurate your eyebrows not like his mustache and eyebrows are still strong and confident hey bro if you can meet your eyebrows with it electric right movie trailer when we were when I was you talking about you talking about and she's like start talking about into the woods witch's I thought okay right so you know what it is then another hour or so pre-screening or just came out but I doubt that I'll put it up and put it up collage on the book Jack and the Beanstalk Rapunzel Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood and bumper Johnny Depp's in it like I said yeah but I seen the trailers for it you know I've left several times I'm not familiar with like the play or whatever it's based on Lindsey that's like all she does love that kind of shit some course she knows everything about it and but I forgot what the name of the wood Source in there talking and she starts talking about into the wood and my mother talking about it which which movie that I'm like it which movie is just like the musical and I'm like what fucking looks like the fucking Musical oh I don't know kind of the big bad wolf Little Red Riding the bike was the first what's it you just keep saying the musical over and over again that's not a descriptor diagnosing shred of information besides it's a music what you getting pissed off at me like every time play Burt Bacharach on the plane that she can come to meet you someplace musical I'm like a musical is a play right please apply for your performance at work off that site that you can play that you an adapter for the big screen and big screen element to it they didn't they just made it like if a play was on screen it's what it looks like I'm going to change locations and stuff like that but it was very theatrical the entire time and it wore me down into his girlfriend was back in Baltimore she didn't cheat because he also came to Jersey problems on holidays and he was like yeah fucking scene of the wood say was that he was not happy about it Brewery at what point in off this I'm going home Seven Cities human resources bomb squad leader board Kno it all I got gavi the picture that picture Lauren kosier May 4th pictures or watching or reading on the picture you should have it 97 Blues it over but I can do it the kids you guys going over to catch everybody watching