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RT Discusses Podcast Awards 2014

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Recorded: 2015-01-06 23:43:08

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

Misha response to my NatureBox ate your ships great tasting wholesome snacks right to your door get the vending machine and start snacking smart with some delicious treats like dark cocoa all the support this podcast later Dan your free Nature Box sampler box and nature box.com / RoosterTeeth nature box.com / RoosterTeeth stop wasting your money and time buying expensive rate for just a couple bucks a month Dollar Shave club.com with amazing quality razors right to your door come on join the hundreds of thousands of guys who have upgraded to the smarter way to shave shave time shave money right now at Dollar Shave club.com slash proof 15/40 day forecast a 91 last week I guess we're here for a super bright flashlight this flashlight does it's so heavy it does a 3500 Lumen that a tesseract tonigh things going gavi the way that was just made was just getting signed in the ice vide humans and you showed it to me earlier level one and her you are very careful you like to look at this I don't want to I don't want to hurt your eyes right now you just without the sound of that what produces Heat the first met you would regularly sun don't shine it into my account flashligh everything it'll be like looking a flash for a camera to look at it this is a crack in it but in the end it all yellow do cry the clip all the way it's all cracked and split here and there that's all my nails hurt just thinking about it hot Dan Baird I turn it into the atoms off it's because we have the flashlight again I thought isn't anybody in this office sure enough they wouldn't give it back to me cuz I kept just messing with it messing with you I don't want you trying your mind again ad the way wants to visit. That's why it was $180 tiny monsters live they should be cheap because one of the problems that you have with high speed photography is that you need a lot of light for it and so I thought he was a and also I should point out that on the set of our movie listing Far Cry Triple-A that's what that looks like an a battery what is a protected and L 186 up last night will not take unprotected and I want to be sick I don't know is awesome not the whole thing is like a contact ring rude but you know there's not about me Australia what does she came up this week and I come back and it's right trust me but I lost my iPhone and gam what you got rude with them he kept complaining that would lose everything that has reached a fever pitch rude everything concert on the set of Lazer team I probably lost three jackets live not like I'm wearing the jacket I turn around there's my chair I'm like where's my jacket that you also acquired a jacket that on later too if I got a jacket how do you get a jacket Valerie Sun reporter buddy else so they just gave me his jacket cand on them sitting out there in 20 degree weather and I have a jacket cuz I lost it like a twelve-year-old kid is it because you don't value stuff enough I'm currently looking for its possessions mean nothing to you in general Big Texas how to use the new camera yo your computer if you can we do. We did some tests on the cry when you what's good to eat when you bring it up go ahead for you Alan ritchson going back to his place stream isn't powerful enough so everything looks really blocky once we try to do it anyway that we know Brandon and Chris can come and take those cameras live of when they got the cameras did they want them to be Nikon mount lenses or Canon Mount lenses and we use Canon mount for everything else in the company this week could we maybe can I come up to it and nobody else could take that uses different lenses and cannot record to excel company Jimmy last not last another companies for you Dan Chris can take and lose week if everyone could use your the length of your Phantom and you can never find it because someone's always shooting with it gu not worried about it first that's all right now podcast I want to mention that I look at it there this week I want to talk about the pocket doors for 2014 I think we should do something about that so I think the flashlight looking for how soon what time frame were talking about but you what year yeah I'm going to get to put in a safety net around flashing people his way with the customers that if you're sure I feel like last year was just crap but that was in 2014 we should maybe like a speak summary of the year and you look at anything about you on videos I think it focuses on the content creators and channels so there could be very popular video off sees of it is a problem that aren't even cover the rewin is the creator of this year last year video like you just said you know what this thing Jim and what I want die like it was hard I found one that was another one I like the one that we Carrey die commit ourselves pretty great too I was also the ice bucket challenge cry hard as always we screwed ourselves from the awards cuz then we would just give ourselves your Wars all the time the worst year for gaming that I can remember getting on the plane in 2014 Xbox One remakes of games that came out the year before really good Dragon Age Inquisition I finally started thinking like what was the best game of the year between titles which one can I possibly pick it's really like I gotta think of a game that was actually playable and that I finished this year so be Destin if I'm probably won't be on the patch and not your Wolf Among Us Walking Dead Season 2 I would say those are solid titles as well Walking Dead the Original die like best if I went to the UK for Christmas The Still Ryan TV ads 4 all the time Destin interesting thing about it is that the people who complain about the most continue to play the game Nicki Minaj Right Thru September 6th remember our anniversary months going on 5 people killed like I had to save one of the biggest complainers be honest about it is why it was about the past a lot Ryan place an order the first day at work Goa grinding away and it's not a great game but for some reason you just can't stop playing it for someone else so just let me know that it just goes to prove the most important factor in a game is gameplay like the graphics are great stories great but at the end of the day it's about the gameplay mechanic and how how it feels and how great it is that speak the destiny put stuff in front of you that you want to achieve I'm like I'm like 3 hours away from having bit and I'm going to go last night but now I can do this and you just keep gone and feel horrible I would definitely play World of Warcraft experience bar Phila neck stiffness live to level up the store I think I'll do a hundred and fifty two hundred fifty more I love your heart for the next week on 3550 like that was so bad yeah it's crazy that they have in Destin have you seen new when you need to Destiny and World of Warcraft socket gems Diablo 2 as well as well your weapons to give them additional bonuses but as far as leveling the weapon a weapon getting experience I feel like I've seen that before he's got a weapon and did whatever did that was it quits ad play Borderlands 2 with them in the future and it was against physical upgrade weapons like the presses and everyone gains a special abilities all the Exotics and that's like the character Apple your bullets make stuff explode exactly like everyone changed with an upgrade about to complain but you can't deny the fact that the raid off fun fun when you get 5 of the people together when you're working as a team and that really interesting game we were no instructions just figure it out feels like really do it's like what do your dailies I go what up your daily your week like what is nothing director get something to be flashing tiny light right is that right Panola OK I have reached level cap now it's time to go in Greece ad you think of it isn't as much as I said it was like World of Warcraft level up not going to go through all my days it's like $25 for this and you have to go up to the top then go down and when you get an invite to a game or something it just says invite and then it will load it say who it's from all over the thing for like 8 Seconds COI Burger the hovering is but there was never a cover over it you have to like to like to like put your coat on it for it to roll around and say it's from tiny bugs in it your mother sent her off and I get $7,000 cash today so I can't just be like I hit it the latest invite if I just double tap on that I'll end up in some other place Jim happened at the same time yeah it doesn't say the name issues with joining parties with GTA and stuff on the reasons why week on what is even what kind of gun have a new popular Gavin and I were getting here to go to dinner and then like to party The Raid was charging and I was like but then again I'm sorry to bother you I've been writing a lot with you and Ted 9 year old Andy this is a game like ad my twelve-year-old really look forward to Destin coming barbar year was do you want play against first off the phone and you want to come bowling I'm sorry I even have to teach me about the stuff he came out and he was just in that first run of people who was like and she was like down and then he dropped out of it but then he was like I'll play not sure if you want to give a shot to play instantly got like hooked on it and then he was so good at it I was like I even talk to you I'm not with anybody watching The Crucible he gets it a 2.35 ratio in Crucible you see the kind of grenade ice cry I'll be like damn that's up to you want to switch to a golden gun on this one you want to be invited alright alright sitting on the controller right now rude but it's like push each other stuff argue about stuff but they get along pretty well for brother gone all the time I miss about being a grown adult that you can just punch anyone messing around punches each other foreflight things text me a couple do they usually just knocked the fuck out of you friends like friends I had in college I mean there's a guy I know surgeon now he's down in 06 been in fights with people that I can see butcher star what to find a vide punches my friend so I just like the back of his head and I thought is it too much for me I just ran off smoke shop in up back and then like everyone was like you didn't even punch Lego punch and Lego not right now when I get into the raid with people they're like hey we're going to do crota which one of the raids and what are the higher-end raise the DLC Ray do that and then I said you have room for two and I only have one slot do you want to join us at the end of this week I'm like well we're both kinda want to do it inside tiny Teddy in there was 6 people Teddy was in AI was in and burni vs in the voice chat live Goodwill of Far Cry 3 Far Cry 4 to come pick it up it's like a place I can up and put it down and he 111 played yet but they love it and I love 3 Far Cry 3 was driving the boat with my shoulder that was awhile ago that you mention it you're right what are actual RT Podcast complain about it sweetie 4 DLC Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us and there three and one more line good the one week free trip to Australia I think you need to get to like 1084 at 2048 tile is one of the achievements I think they sound like my progress bars and is even I would like some of the Destin is it doesn't take advantage of the cool stuff about the Xbox one but he doesn't take advantage of the achievement progress bar is an achievement can you what I was like when finding 50 ghosts for that achievement and it also the autumn the Destin stays on in the background that like to go to load it up as I go and you can check it out of that state kiss never recover if there's a website I forgot what it was but I went to this website last week and you go and it reads the data off of like your Xbox live profile and it shows you which dead ghosts you found it which ones you haven't found any areas you can do that yeah I know it's like it's like a little green line is the one you have and what you don't current river water Jim Walter resources reading like your grimoire card data grimoire good War My Philosophy with the kids is that they always what you know but your boys when they want to like they want so much more mature over TV and stuff like that you like to your voice but I don't the kind of content you can consume as long as you read it like Hades read like World War Z hits Ryan like Game of Thrones or anything like that but you'd like star eating it that's okay anybody want to play Destiny with a Tomb Raider game so good yes I read all the grimoire stuff we have to know Lego of Education can you everything that's all head disappear in Blockheads Dan light comes out and it's like Casper your blood spider the river runs through you know that's the other thing I was talking about eating you order that one psycho is admission to shoot shoot him in the head just one Mission and it's one step in the mission to you and him in the head and shoot me in the head big of a need that we can talk about it your 4 me sun tank in this podcast we're going to cut wood with a week to cover internet video and we'll talk about movi a TV show I was trying to take him Augustus TV do I get when I don't like some things that in this country like health care right now I have to pay for overtime and it's not because I don't spend money during the filming of the team had a sore throat I need to leave it until it gets better right would but after a while you know I mean I don't know make sure nothing's wrong with me just so I don't ruin the movie somehow Thomas the doctor had a sore throat should I take this pill whatever take some pills I wish I knew how to do now I'm pretty good at that she was looking at my plans and in my is a social service really good point what you like this is a we going to charge you for doing that I don't know naturebo a monster out of my ear that COI what doctor to go to what is like you paid 25 bucks to go to the doctor and pay for the visit and I pay for the pills that cost money and then 3 months later I get a $3 bill because some of Squidward my 25 bucks I'll do this for you right now $10 what you can buy for $90 do I pay for stuff up front anything left of that I just put $150 on a on a pill and check up and then everything YouTube wax and there is no dollar Stuart your health care. So being a woman holy shit if you have a vagina YouTube taste so much fucking money to take care of it if you forgot it birth control pills and just everything your doctor had a bill that was I think $350 for like an infection I needed how the devil go to some kind of role-playing conversation where he always talks like never cand talk like a professional person far Burger near here directions to the me to come over there and get him some awards Waterman everyone this up for the podcast is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club is $20 for one package feels like getting punched in the gut not getting abused my Razor prices join Dollar Shave club.com 4 a few bucks Dollar Shave club.com delivers amazing razors and grooming supplies right to my door I use the most popular razor the 4X engineer for stainless steel blades and an aloe vera lubricating strip up shave with everything out there in 4 sees me for not week nominally closest shave grimoire shave this morning go to Dollar Shave club.com / RoosterTeeth Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth and you can have baby smooth skin with a broom handle mustache just like me along with everything else what would you think I don't like on the list is the Early Access Trend that happened up here and I'm not going back your game a decision to move on to something else here stuff so as you know as many of you on the podcast spoiled like a bunch of dicks I bought Gavin for Christmas basically like a crowdfunded pre-order Gadget I bought him that vessel the Run 99 dollar value Nerf never got any what I even said social experiment I'm going to try this I'm getting Gavin one of those stupid vessel Cub that he keeps talking about yeah and I said so don't tell him that ate people and really just wanted girl found out in the park do you like gam is another gone listen to this I was in England I was just like I discovered it myself you should have mentioned in the past it's okay update update just real Dan up 7 months ago Industrial and we are refining the interior material before diving deeper into a hardware and software testing Gavin I don't think you understand is probably made of is what the materials of the vessel are almost final is cleaning rude if every other crowdfunded stuff like that like the one thing that didn't come out the best thing to come out and she's old now Bondi definitely the big probably referring people and fuck them COI do the sun really funny people and then your mind if people request a refund that they start refunding them Catherine a not the crazy one that money to make a game it did really well please try to make the game and it was like yeah we can't do it so hard for me to head back so here's a different game and they gave everybody a different game I feel like it wasn't even him was like of a broken game was it was that was that was I think that was the extent of it star Marino not like you know with lazy week week going to use the money to make the movie better and if we have shortfalls we would make it up with the way that we normally make up production fun and I do want to step back for a second offense I'm reading a story about there from June of 2014 they did say at the time they expect to ship in early 2015 but I think it's funny to take him 6 months what sauce is not just like to hold your beer and a thing that tells you how many calories are in what you have Hilton milk a hundred twenty calories between skim and resentful it's all useless piece of trash cool 4 people have like a straight guy and want to look at but the only way I'll just asking the same exact activity 220 calories enjoy your not really Mountainside of milk thanks dude regret it because the reminder why is it that some beers are twist off and some beers are not tiny Dan Jim if there's one in there why can't every beer bottle be at home not work why is it that some are not I don't know if any of the European big ice a drink with twist off every single one was could have called you over there I'm working on the material definitely you should eat that are open up open up pull tabs work in invention did you guys have Jimmy Stewart did you ever have a burger Jim ever soda can with a pull tab came off that you pulled the tab all the way off and you have that you have to remember that if I can pull it off and throw it on the ground indestructible die in Japanese and I bought one and I lost the part where you like push it stop it with a knife or like different type of thing and I think it was the one who finally got it cuz she tried to 4 hours but you really she's like I'm determined to do that there's no G when your office 4 weeks I think initially drunk Matt is the one who broke it probably had been there forever but every now and then sober up enough to come in and try to open it treat out of up your on your way to school drizl not something instacar 4 first not really from instacar pry just like Jessica vs love that we live in a city and in a time where there are multiple Services I can call on to bring it by I'm at home like I want to go to person at the end of Alan abdine where he was like on his couch at home and he has a service called favor bring them a meal from a restaurant that has instacar like deliver like junk food that is watching football and then he had drizl bringing beer and food and booze come to him all day long and he didn't move from the couch instacar with my best friend is it hard to service where they go to like the local grocery store and they just shop for you in the night drop the need to just get outside and do something every now and then but you still yes but you have to eat to do nothing you kind of just want to do nothing I want it whatever I've been busy and I want to do nothing to do nothing but last a day and a half and I'm like alright I'm ready to do so again a couple weeks ago girl locking my doors don't you like loopy with allergies cry send an email last week confirming that it was good great the spread of pollen counts are low and I started exchanging ideas for the podcast Awards navigate to 30 probably did but I left a pin and a jacket and something else another way for you to leave that flashligh internet utility belt of some sort and is going to have a function that tells you what's in your belt I was not always lose the belt cuz you're funny but your friend does that you know it has it has a dollar in it I'm in the ecosystem like the Fitbit app with just your phone your battery Health up into Fitbit and it splits many steps is the artist Tony on AI find that the two numbers vary wildly if you have one yeah I got a little bit bit and the number never matches up with them stuff Amazon outside if I just walk this is on me all the time if I was going to try to put magazines on treadmill your I've never checked off and lock up eating off the floor I think he would throw off your floor it would throw off your hands that's why did you try and try try try jerking off long enough to be not be like a train rewin Jimmy what do you get when you step of a treadmill and your legs feel like jelly but you keep wanting to look forward to yea you just your velocitized what's the temperature outside right of the plane for the first time in like all fucked up cuz you're going to high velocity watch the guy when we were doing research for online video of the year I saw a video that I've never seen before it was a guy doing G-Force test and he was just amazing like he would have liked ate cheese for 30 seconds but it wouldn't pass out or anything they were really trying to make a pass out there look there's a last test we can do it with his brain just disconnect from his head I don't know I won't be completely lost but he didn't pass out well let's get started all right your turn your far twist TV show TV show me like that exciting hero TV show it's you and me Joe tank this is a family that owns a hamburger place and the dad is really weird and there's something weird about the daughter to like she's like remember sees the normal in the family that's it three daughters three daughters Jean it's just really really funny one of the first I just recently but nobody was thinking about the voice actor she did what she did yeah I just saw that boy I know that we can talk about what's up what's Burger not using this program and it keeps wanting push me this stupid a tutorial mode and I don't want to do that anymore never know I guess I never said no no no Dan burrit die here Last Week Tonight with John Oliver show cry if I want to watch Daily Show and I thought she Last Week Tonight is fucking gir I wanted to hate that show because they had that one promo do it over and over and it was like I thought you did it I didn't watch I think the first two or three months it was on then just like I just kept seeing it was like Perfect YouTube and on the internet so much time watching some very understandable England not that popular in the UK you worship G populations over time okay you were really just interested like I'm okay actually when I first saw her perform all the first time I heard about you so much and she came out she did a cover of Michael Jackson song Michael Jackson song and I thought it was like I'm so of special needs girl who come out and I think they all that then I have a go at this Michael Jackson song so weird and bad Minuteman is there and I was always wondered why why is there something feeling hot mess what is it you tell me is it because you feel better about yourself because look at them how to attract in town to be barbar Sun Lakes singers anything that we see that it's like I don't know what that is that it really makes them like 10 times more attractive when someone starts singing or something like that but it just the way it works but I gotta know not like that I mean tell me not always but I mean it's not surprising when you see I think it's because they tend to have more confidence 4 have voice to make something I was interested she said that people who like really dedicated to one thing and pull it off or attractive like that I was watching this video of a guy doing it live a 3X3 Rubik's Cube 17 by 17 by 17 Rubik's Cube solved in like eight hours and she was like that's hot but he can do that is it or the ad right now is that hot is attractive I can imagine it is thinking of it as a young person why I think you can really get good at this this might get me laid I wouldn't ever think that it is surprising to me that she would find that tractor I think there's a difference between being really good at something like that like that you could we spent way too much time of your life doing vs your dedicated over something like if you're a musician or something and you spend a lot of time practicing the guitar or something of that sort that's different to me it would you bring it up because this just came up on Twitter the other day where you guys is Chloe Dykstra is die dark on Twitter yo cry she just randomly tweeted I don't know what to do it she said and she post the video of robot that serves ketchup using that one right gun Nerf ketchup build a robot that says ketchup definitely see this video just like ketchup on top of the tiny tank anyway she said one time like 7 years ago I saw this ketchup robot video and I felt moved to contact the creator and ask about 4 ad ate like she saw the video that somebody had made a robot that serves is a cool thing you telling me until the commercial where they were like profiling different people one of them was the guy that invented USB what something he's not walking around like a rockstar that's pretty funny like the guy that made get some credit for that dr. fucking three versions plug it in and look in the revie what does insecure mean upside down I would never go to Vegas and back to 5050 because I know I plug in USB wrong about success rate is based on how committed you are to know it's the right way around if you look at it and plug it in a way you know and you know it's that way it will always go in if you take it and you put it in the right way Bo not sure if it's the right way sometimes it doesn't go into Jim it could be just like is it isn't it density Lego star the real what are those arms what is this Wells YouTube that lady saw this video of this guy nerd who robot said she felt compelled to call you I'm asking for date find common interests and AD need Twitter does not offer much closure you just get somebody random thought and then that's it 72 French Branson how the people have any more of the TV shows that we talked about we push back and forth so you talk about walking dead I got his throat True Detective in there yeah yeah it was like January to March or so of 2014 terraplane the new black Mad Men Last Week Tonight You said blue a 4 wheeler ate far back in a minute I dropped out I got to get back into it if I week off the car what are we still the AMC told they couldn't show any more at the Alamo and then I made it The Walking Dead okay the Alamo with BO 2 weeks in a row of hour-long shows and then threw food and everything else and I'm over there was always like the MC that was not a problem that everything was good I had to turn The Walking Dead two shows this year one of Game of Thrones dinner with my family so my grandmother donated for show of the year but it's someone who I know is interested in Mad Men what does the weird correlation make like you have to watch out for to make sense the show Ascension which you can get right now for free on the dashboard the Xbox one I think oh wait Maybe not maybe it was free and you can watch it is basically the premise and I can't go too far into it but the premise is is a colony ship that's going to a different planet and it's going to take 3 generations to get there okay and there's fifty years in and it's the story of the middle generation that never set foot on Earth and that will never set foot on the other planet in the parents through life what are some of the first season's what 6 episode - yeah yeah we're about three episodes in do it so I'm just bring it up to the Detroit a new show this year that I thought out and watch and I'm so far it actually really come closer to the microphone Talbots Hydro Bondi girl like me to watch Blacklist at because I seen James Spader in the office it was terrible 300 your clothes yes that was just not right and come back to you because everytime I send you to hell for it how the hell 4 is she was a special guest at a convention but I lost my phone I dislike you but I do later I was 30 I was training with the new Macintosh who's the character on Doctor Who and I told her we do have a YouTube channel and everything like that hero Scot Channel show me so I walked her through it help to subscribe to receive YouTube channel there's only like a madman vide to it that I can't really go into San a rude eating for you and then I can also say like I don't know too much of the premise of the show especially people to watch it you'll understand it is that it's a totally different kind of show like if you think you're going to be watching eating and watching hardcore Sci-Fi show kind of is but it's a totally different element to it funny no no Battlestar Galactica and yeah and something else too there's another element in there as well that I can try to make some kind of rude the tension with this no but he will see me like Ariel from The Little Mermaid because I'm sure a lot of the moments that we like not like almost the almost abandoned I almost at my stop because I need a new thing for the treadmill you should give it a shot give it away get your guns on it don't big on Twitter refresh I treated you bad in the dumpster of a PlayStation and up in off Thomas Paine find week so we had so many boxes ad up after last week's podcast the dumpster got even more boxes of the stuff piled up even more boxes then you can even see the dumpster but we found out that we were because we had so much so many boxes in the dumpster so organized I go out there and break down all of the boxes to the dumpster to help everything down challenges Gaston push-up contest I can't imagine what that guy's motivation was like do you want to humiliate a Disney character for the little kids by beating them or do you want to lose like Wars what are the possible outcomes here pay here you don't understand because you have a regular chance to perform in front of a group of people the fun thing to do not everyone gets that it's like when you go to a comedy club it's like why is this guy I like trying to be part of the show and heckling and like thinking or just shouting out it's like what are you doing this I just never get that experience like having AI don't know do you think getting that Gaston was doing real push ups what eating not do Chris Push Ups 2 really your bucke the numbers hit song in the Beats is still has one of my favorite lines of all time for many Disney Sun if I use antlers in all perfect anyway barbar somebody wants to Twitter wants to know what is the color of your nail polish and where can she buy it silver I don't know what the actual name of it is but it's a silver nail polish for my sees a friend yes sir that's not how I would have guessed you get at CVS or any drug star with the letter F buddies to me to show that I would totally put on my list of shows the year if I'd remembered it for some reason I didn't work tonight that's all First Assembly of God Chocolat is a really like you can watch it too soon to tackle like he was yeah yeah Breaking Bad what's up can we go on to our next topic naturebo free snacks to snack the potato chips they're not good for you do what I do get delicious wholesome snacks at nature box.com Nature Box kiss me hundreds of snacks I mean delicious snacks and I don't feel guilty about eating them because they're better for me your artificial flavors or sweeteners 0 grams trans fat no high fructose corn syrup and sugar and without Gluten ingredients for potato fries or dark cocoa almonds so good it's so much better for you than any other snack options out there and I want to give you the chance to try need your box for free with a traile box featuring five of their most popular snacks you heard me preach next to start your free trial go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth strong do I do it started snacking smarter go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth to get a free trial box of delicious snacks not that hard right now YouTube how the office on the Shelf I'm going to text her so we still have best movi and best internet video ice a what you're probably movi next is internet video can take a while because I always go with the movies I was Carrey full what did you say Hero by the way from Estero to so I don't watch it how many people was good she appreciate a large budget has the biggest budget of the movies I watched really does it for you appreciate it how much money does spending on this movie I didn't let you can see the budget in the movi like stuff was good but I didn't cause they look cool but I wasn't in love a good movie actually I had a really difficult time picking just a couple really good love on The Lego Movie song Break Every is cool when you're part of a team that's like an eagle song like working together and doing stuff together is great that life became an evil Anthem like it's a bad thing like really we listen to in the car all the time and that's what Patrick before is actually it's a great summer Meghan what happened to Chris Prat what a fucking career path that God has had good for him I never heard of the guy we talked about 2 years ago then he's like do you remember what we talked about who is the fat dude that was married to Anna Faris is there is Chris Prat that we'd had no idea who he was Chris drop weight and gain weight fast not really cut for Zero Dark Thirty and then also in Guardians of the Galaxy he was he was really buff the only shot we are surrounded by like in the prison where how much does TGIF the heavy sees himself particular also for making good movi a really really really COI Watch animated is come up with another woman mad I was using drizl going to spoil certain not to be mad you don't like in a good way like I love that movie so much and I was so drizl Hollywood actresses of the Year movie first hour the movie like a fucking piece of shit and then drags you in and you're just like fixated on it and that's really really good to enjoy Big Hero 6 every person I know that seen it wave but nothing about it going in and I think that's how you should watch it I just never see I never saw the trailer or anything it's a good movie to Hero 6 Interstellar was on my list also I have Live Die Repeat Edge of Tomorrow far ate movi flight back from Australia I think I watch that movie 3 times it's amazing I want you how do they communicate that complex of a mechanic before that for the narrative to Electric a broad audience your audience and is communicating with something really complex of the average person might not understand but they told the end of the level it up a couple different by the end of it you totally get how much time the guys funny do and we appreciate it so much because we play a lot of video games and it's just the same is going to a checkpoint in a video game you have to go that way again Take Me Home video hipster don't go too much of the story you like ruin it for people like what it why you held on the do I think of a couple of missteps in marketing this will be movi didn't do that great on the tank I think it's got a lot of word-of-mouth now just doing better but when it came out AI watch on Xbox video when it came out they had a free 10-minute preview first 10 minutes of the movie so we can watch the first 10 minutes first 2 minutes when was the movie to try to convince her it was what you want to watch this season that she was interested in the trailer watching the movie and like I don't know the way through she's like movi I like the way that the things moved pots of it would move slowly and the other pots will be like really abrupt and not when they thought it was like the way it is contracted like this thing moves in a horrible way so off and you see Things fall into like a humanoid that this is something totally different is coming down there a couple weeks ago and was talking to someone about everyone your TV spoilers on it when you put the screen down you know this is over to talk about the after you go to like a middle of conversation and maybe put the spoiler site that week gu is is like I would rather like Bruce Willis's you know is dead the whole time you know it's like it's like you ruin that for me it's like watching anyway and then watch it that I can like almost do with Apple watch the movie when it came out 3 years ago but I hate it when I say I like to watch 6 and wait to the twist at the end you like why would you and it'll tell you what it is but live in the home The Walking Dead Twitter is made to spoil Walking Dead nobody that's that's the one show that nobody gives a shit about things like tweeting while they watch Walking Dead official Walking Dead Twitter or Facebook page posted a spoiler after their season finale after them tear down the East Coast have been there. G do. So fucking terrible TV getting friend requests from people that work on the production team week then opened me up like Facebook sorry I don't use Facebook very often so so and so and so and so shows up right like friends with Katie you know what was the production assistant and she will see that and then on Facebook it's like he's like runs a Facebook friend request the other what you like to do? You all the time and he sent me a friend request and I was like okay this guy I've met him like 4 times he never fucking remembers me anytime she was like what is your name again okay why would that guy bother you well you clearly don't care I mean my friends and I try to do that as well what is in the multiplayer just won't have as many friends as possible what your fucking idiots Dino Chris Marino first and how many people on Facebook today bucking horse thing that Facebook changed its terms of service or something and then if you want to opt out you have to make a post that was like I do not consent to whatever bulshit blah blah blah I'm an idiot fucking all day long I speak it right now not an idiot you're still an idiot no offense I'm going to hear boy Hood Birdman Days of Future Past humans Interstellar even know about your past and a movie tomorrow imitation game inherent Vice Selma Nightcrawler foxcatcher American Sniper Jimmy need that deep into I can depend of movie Blue Ruin is one the people to check out his latest movi the year but yo waffle should I watch Snowpiercer Chris D'Elia are people that are on a train that are like constantly moving because the Earth froze and so they have to constantly just keep the train moving is only one train going at the Sun attractive it's cand is called the what what is the drink called it's called something like the park or something like that from the train in the working class in the back and probably also help and she told me it's a book right and I don't know how or somebody told somebody told me it was a book that they made tonigh big director who directed The Korean movie The Host on of yourself Chris Cub on June something bucke long enough people there I think that's why glad you like it I'll go get it I just don't mind me you guys had a train like walking before work but you would complain about that is a level where there on the train coincidence the movie was great but it was good Dollar Tree go to Jim Live Die Repeat Goa train my favorite tree Express personally I like trains of the smokestacks I like that what time you want up with arms Star Trek motion Lincoln I don't like Thomas the Tank Engine my kids like that when they were that age and I couldn't but also the train for like 25 bucks bucke a train that big is no see Gina I mean is is it what time is the tank engin the shuttle they have new episodes on yourself Dan I think they just like need some episodes of a just repeat them but let me Regional ones from there probably like 273 is where George Carlin the American Star Ringo Starr what is the oldest a mother right there what to feed a baby that still in production production Thomas dead Webster BBQ East gam because one of the carriages girl smashed up and they were lifted out of the crane it was just the head on a piece of Plank and I was like yeah that wouldn't come out of the tunnel and first appeared in 1946 in a book and then the TV show 1979 quits Ice Arena all crop Jim across the books are we to do bring star to live as a TV series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and Ringo Starr was one of the voices how many people are watching that this week Bo on Netflix now the friends Netflix 480 times today and I was Sun the reason why I want to the Xbox video store and bought the season and was watching the episode you can't you can't download the episode about the episode we don't just dream it you buy the right to stream it from Xbox video TV from Xbox or from Microsoft was downloading storing videos that didn't make it into the first version of the software what is that did this to get over there what's the fucking your not rewin I don't know it's like when my connection or does on my wireless for that box because it was me it looks like just Downstream it I would pay a subscription to YouTube to let me do that to videos to download to pay 10 bucks a month free Buffalo do I download anti vide and then unplug from the internet Apple 4 iTunes last downloads do I do cuz I was actually I was actually falling into the Xbox One philosophy which is use the Xbox for everything you know and I just forgot okay I'll just do this and then I'll probably go back to you because I can actually download never live on Christmas you have to run a computer somewhere in the house and this is like the last holdout for my Mac live is this notebook if it wasn't for this I would totally go back to go back to prove that I'm right about something Ringo Starr Storyteller engin star 1984 George Carlin 1991 - 93 Decatur AL Baldwin portrayed the daughter I never star George Carlin Thomas the Tank Engine in the UK not in the UK was Michelangelo's what you can have you can have a fucking American eating your God damn tank engin Ameritrade America no I don't know someone else here what is a cavity first time playing Lincoln are used to watch it from the trolls saying the British public doesn't necessarily want to listen to an American feel like a kid show for children the American children listen to Ringo Starr you're okay with that like a British person in America front car in snowpierce a new internet videos I think off of Twitter push on 2014 South looking for video that I talk about 2014 tractor collection of me that I sent you was on Netflix it was not it was a nice watch me that on January 20th I tweeted that Rooster Teeth was about to hit 7 million subscribers on January 20th 2014 so we did a million in just under a year it's crazy that's my favorite part of this was that I think every internet video barbar sent me the TV video video of like Jimmy Kimmel yeah that's a long time to like sit and is try to figure out videos that I can watch it like this every year at the beginning I told myself I'm going to bookmark every good reader I watch is here so that way at the end of the year to come back I can find them all but the great thing about doing research for this is I found all these videos that make you laugh 2014 are you okay your team is here vine compilations Vine compilation here for one of my one of my internet videos at least one the other day that I totally forgot we did that you putting myself in the zombie apocalypse I just deleted a note so I went through and looked away I started looking for this once I started I looked at the YouTube rewin to try to get AI guess her videos and stuff that I've missed and of course you know it's like Turn Down for What parody big video on the internet but I wouldn't consider it an internet where do music videos play if you don't want your money so I don't know I feel like that in a girl Destin please leave them open spider that would possibly make it one of my greatest of all-time tiny hamster eating tiny burritos really good can you get up can you Lincoln Scot makes you love tiny little Mexican rest 2 feet to his hamster go to the whole process of course first can you imagine if the next book in the background where you going Furniture the doll house ice bucke forc on a treadmill hero absolutely what what school play I just deleted another one also push random access Hulu quads which is the Strong Bad and random access memories there's not a lot of people who watch internet videos not who know Homestar Runner like more old tiny Nerf credit coming back now that the Halloween Day this year of course got to have a game that's like this isn't it Star Wars trailer the trailer which I mean that's going to be highly watched and very good so I feel like it kind of did you put it up too many cooks video I did not put too many cooks I feel like that's another one Seneca think of other the god really up there I put it a New York Times dramatic Recreation of the the deposition what is a photocopier it's just a deposition for a lawsuit that the city had and it's just the lawyers arguing with a city employee your the definition of photocopie what time a recent one probably is easily one of the best so good a few weeks ago the crow tells guy fuck you fuck you There Goes My Hero take a 30 second long video Patrick and Kristen really in pain sound really well in the books for Game of Thrones the crows are constantly talking and annoying the shit out of everybody like they're always like yeah can it people ice a TV show more micros is corn right doesn't think so because that one talks all the time in the book grow grow corn corn corn Dan ice bucket challenge to put in there and everything people love making videos of other people high after getting wisdom teeth removed triple eating what Chris is just like a revie gavi do whenever people trying to recapture that if you what it was about Ryan Gosling Vine compilation I have is the girl Monica 754 something on the Internet video has been around long enough that we can have like a greatest hits of early is because I think the grape stomping lady is the video I watched Patrick all time classics I will go back and watch that New York Times YouTube Verbatim about the photocopie of them probably from now on that's such a good of performances in that are tremendous you like the guy answering questions I love the lawyer who's asking the questions he gets mad and I love characters and your mad that mad my favorite bo dog spider the mutant giant spider dog yeah it was really great of you receive this one costume and go around obviously a country in South America right big scare people is it up stairs yeah that reminds me I think that's the same guys who do the prank video with the clown with a hammer or Jason what the heck's going to like you're walking in the off I love him that's a dummy never really APPL Wilder what kind of overweight kid and he's like in his room is a guard to review the nerf gun called maybe go fuck your mother yeah it does I'm in the last one I had on there was the TV reporter quits live on the air how the what the why was she so annoyed she was reporting on like how evil marijuana wants but privately she had been trying to start a business to sell marijuana legally what year was that clip of the reporter it was like his first day as an anchor for sees you fuck this shit Sprouts live of nonsense do I how like you'll be hearing him who's the musical this year where they cut you ate same here and the more she looks at herself and we can try them on and she got so pale I feel energy I the one who is do I still have today down at the park a weird moment Jimmy see the clip of Hulk Hogan choking out that dude he passed out in his head like I said Richard Belzer if I cracked the back of India's next up is. I think he had to split with Vince McMahon let him and Hulk Hogan both had to pay that guy a ton of money okay but now I'm not going to do that cuz you know professional football player who did that to Jim Rome on ESPN wants live Chris Evert and I came over to tabl Adam Yeah Yeah Yeahs Jim Rome is like she just had a very sweet over the college football weekend where hero does anyone think that the marching band is that she's cool besides the doctor out there running around with their instruments and that was like that for now that you have your internet video this fact but also who's the guy tiny Andy Rooney the John Stossel bottle they replace them with whatever he's like a new he got smacked in the head by a wrestler and was definitely writing for really he's a very beloved sportscaster gu he got he is blind in one eye then he got hit in Jets training camp is somebody threw a football at him like he what to go catch it like you would want out there on the field with him and let somebody in the other AI skin cancer from where I keep saying compilation but it's Dan Marino getting to know anyone with a desk and I was like what are you thinking about athletes lose it in the post-game press conference and it's like your whole life getting good at this one thing get in great shape you got your performing for millions of people your fucking lose and then you got some God damn reporter your face with the microphone so what he did wrong I don't want to what is the ketchup so much composure when talking to you the every question is all don't do this we don't need to know that we don't need to have sportswear Patrick do you want to work humans from the top down is that easier for you okay Dan Marino Dan just punches the table and I was like Jesus Bobs ad gun ice punch the tabl is alive live to live tank and you know and they think that they're in her soul quick and your life away from mother the in the microwave to make shaking it Sprint in the back I was like Destin call Poison Control and everything search screaming Waylon's water die repea I mean obviously what would you do a lava lamp in the microwave a lava lamp will kill you in a microwave what are you wave a lava lamp it's like right next to stab me right before immediately melt the snow a little bit but sometimes kids leave eventually on them they just exploded in my die Bo up but I hope to the year had to be the Apple wave technology we're not going to not like the people to the public so it's what Apple wave technology which week you can not charge your phone faster by putting in the microwave for 30 seconds and still make you feel like you took off it was really well done your test if you microwave it off put it in the wave first kiss which was introduced 20 people in Haddam kiss after just meeting each other for the first time it was really good it was really repea videos from it but I absolutely think it was real who was Martin Carrey do you like lots of different mixes of people to like even like different ages and things like that what that was amazing like cultural videos one was first taste of chocolate in the Ivory Coast off and they went to Cocoa Bean farmers who had their whole life harvesting cocoa beans and they don't know what cocoa beans are used for until a guy brought Chocolat and had people who spend their whole lives harvesting cocoa beans and had him try chocolate for the first time do they like it after that for like what they were doing and what was going do the price of cocoa beans and use the market but they had no idea almost analogous to meet up with this past year when do lime prices Rose and I heard that interview where someone went down to Mexico to interview line Farmers if they like you don't worry about the price increase in apartment pricing cry over a hundred Patrick speak and it was about a guy in Africa humans first and he's like completely sold language class are there the first part of the video contact with anybody up to that point it's like 2:15 the only conversation was dead like pointing at a hole and then he would use that to like like work the farm all day and night we would like you and like I kind of wonder what that means for your brain to not have a conversation for so long that is the part of you should watch the kids the beginning of of like A5 or 10 minute video the kid at the beginning of the video is entirely different the kid at the end of Thomas I was a couple weeks later to follow up with them afterwards they would back it did it first it's like trapped in there. Absolutely trapped and it's somebody reaches out spend an afternoon with him and completely changes its existence and its family in the way that can be invented the pencil Jimmy the ice like wimpy goat because I thought this was you is the girl that tries to what is it yeah that works for me and is doing very well in the end a guy and couldn't be better and even though he's really funny it is because I had their Taylor Swift gun off I thought I was one of the best videos of the year across all categories not just music is a dude maybe their place a cargo on the podcast I think last week or the week before Australian film about you watch it it's tremendous you should watch it a million views for a short film for narrative is a video called humans need not apply and I think that everybody should watch that video because it talks about the automation of systems and the way that were automating people to go to that was manufacturing but everything including services like legal services are now becoming automated and it looked like just making contract like contextually you can read emails to a system and will build a contract based on the relationship played out in the emails that's crazy yo how to take off a power off and it's going to be probably the most important issue of our lifetime is that as people are just not needed anymore has a robot invented another but yet I mean 3D printers print 3D printers didn't come up with it they'd invented your thought to invent something or said something classified as a thought that invented something else I could do it one of these and then made it not be cool that would be cool up until this point everything push at least mention to put in that category is the I don't ever wait of course I didn't look it up before this but the video where they show people their faces before and after using sunblock that you the effect of UV light on your skin that was that was a fucking crazy vide blocks all the Sun infrared and see how damage your skin actually is pretty cool stuff that you can on my Roomba with infrared is cool Lego spaceship driving up the Kinect on Xbox cuz it's so fucking pry first 11380 I don't know if it's cuz I'm an asshole I love watching kids cry I get so angry at their parents incredible and I think it's the second or third year that he's done it bucke is a little bit have some element of that event YouTube Kiss the Jim Carrey parody of it from SNL I should have told you earlier today is the Austin in the background of the Sun Broadway one Dan taste is like rude I think if I remember right before he wakes up ingredients ketchup that's so funny that's getting really big now they're really funny I want them up there YouTube videos that are great I got him a shot at them Bondi what you find out if there's stuff that we put in there please comment on the video on the website. We twist and then we'll go to them and we'll discuss it further next week I forgot to mention weather forecast for the 4 of us or just Sun the Buckeyes because it's alright yeah I can text you and then also Elite dangerous Wiki game I used to play the kid Elite and it's out and it's so it's awesome push more accessible and I think that everybody should check it out to argue about I pick some winners next week is available tomorrow or today sorry about the Japanese Metallica do big take ownership of that sun