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RT Discusses Shower Thoughts

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Recorded: 2015-01-20 18:05:34

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson




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Transcript (in progress):

list of celebrity podcast is brought to you by lynda.com it's a new year so why not learn something new or poorly learn something useful sign up today for a 10-day free trial at lynda.com / 350 think it unlimited access to thousands of online courses that Selma nba.com / Rooster Teeth hello everyone welcome to the receipt podcast that was a nice gentle baby always want to slip up and give me like a little thing flipping you off what they call that when the calf goes into BDSM to be rough with it I'm going and I'm going crazy what I did and a sore throat what look like a girl at least two other friend of it but try not to touch it at one of them if they would like I said I've never gotten that much taking a selfie yeah it was bad Blain brain wal to gum wal be clean and antibodies salivary glands produce saliva and went to live with exposed to air it like protective layer on the go okay I'll try to Blain the chewing gum doesn't have bacteria coliform on it very well because it doesn't digest what is it surfaces let me know because the bridge isn't that is it is like you're under the gun very pretty but how to make that argument many people argue against me it was really cool and useful I was just like hey I'm in Seattle what what should I do a bunch of people give me tons of different suggested opener okay this is awesome not just like EV Twitter follower count and is equally likely to reply to you I would have not had that highest ratio he's up there it makes me think of replying to emails seem kind of thing amount of people that are sweet and not all the time now he's our friend went to visit him when you see him oh shit not you again fake grass which was trained up leaving the Mojang logo on it the greatest thing I saw in all of the shed and clean and thought it was that we went there and on the wal but not quite Minecraft fails to have shelves look like they're about to collapse under the weight of about at the awards today cut from Minecraft was like there's a lot he's a lot like three shelves filled with him so I didn't know would you go to repent Jeff he doesn't have thought the guy from Halo I just randomly met the guy from Halo inhaler whose voice you have had the most can I don't know it was in the thing it's the Arbiters voice Spectre the thing that he just walked in behind me I didn't see it I just heard his voice I was like hang on a second like I said so that the same kind of feel is Rich velvet velvet Austin for picture and it's very confusing he was like okay and I was like wait a while and try to get him out of there never was a concept but we never was going to follow them around all day he was going to at least follow you around when I should drive you slowly and think that you're having sex with him if it's like you know he's like calling out what's happening cowgirl boots premature water Jeff at 1 diaper thought you just said I was wanted to get him to record all of my life computer sounds like male like you've got mail or email one time we wouldn't go happy 2 when after we made Rift ball years later he said Rift wal yeah yeah we got real Anderson mention that the actually the accident was not I guess would be rich if he does he does a lot more stuff like some of the stuff that was just a sign of metal Crouch again so we can head for bed now he gets at what time do the polls open today at the Fort without proper when we go to early but I didn't play with everyone else and you were not there listen only I just made a mistake I was totally in the wrong the hell if I know I thought about your mom I didn't play any of them I didn't have it I didn't Community are where we don't listen to conversations which button that's where I am but I also think that a lot of people are kind of getting away from the pre anything to move now not to pre-order anything but this thing has finally fucking everybody Minecraft game that never really be finished but create the final product from alpha to Beta to release within the life cycle change from the previous Portage at the Riverwatch version of Minecraft on the Wii Oculus Rift not pulled it after the acquisition by Facebook Facebook in particular Oculus and I just got my Oculus DK2 kit just came in so that is not the development drone for developers right now Elite at once I think you could have anything you want to sign up for developer Network for some things are wal Gardens and you have to pay a significant amount of money Oculus Rift is not qualified three hundred bucks and you can get it to you for the most consoles I don't know actually I don't know if you want there's games that support that still like software doesn't work it's still in its early Alpha to use the Minecraft military want the other person get it going I give me a call or text self what the hell the most absurd thing that they can do thought he was going to push you around you are the deal game demo that we played on the Oculus SDK words like you're running around the city and it's like three giant women in bikini trying to step on you Japanese try to fill out different fetish feel like everything on the Oculus has taken like a 10-year backstab in graphic for some reason that's what game is graphic stupid when I go back and play a game that you still like maybe a lunch 362 on your head it looks like crap and remember it's crap is crap where should the black couldn't make a statement with your thought design it was enough pixels to make him marry on the Block 4320 by 240 resolution maybe it really was that high it was a 160 by 120 and will look it up when we were going over some of the 8-Bit the style of 8 that how you see that everywhere and everything and it's like CGA graphic computer recognize CGA if you thought he was like collard greens or Amber and black screens to color and was essentially three colors but shows three colors blue and pink that's what CGA graphic but that's because a lot of people now they started off their game experience the 8-Bit everything's closed on the 8th but that's not really like Super Mario World 1 8 bit when he was like yeah I know what 1607 at 10% would be 16 and 16 for the soup really got to me is like the prime of cool pixel art in games right okay sure yeah that's CGA graphic 1990 you were playing a pic then when that was that was voice recognition what's funny is when you take a movie from the same time and compare it to a game that looks like toilet but like seriously they made Jurassic Park come out whatever go to detox for Machinima future before he works for us we went in together and yeah that works we went to we went to bars to fit in and we went to break yet another ribs and went to Belgium went to the border from Brady to go to in Europe Machinima was seen as it's like really cool art form they would like to bring me out to talk about it and I always do I have to have Gavin for Jeff there like to have to be there which is necessary for my presentation and I wasn't so I would just sit and watch Jeff for Jason leaders first person to bring laugh the hardest like when you pull my chair out and some fucking Irish lady in a Belgian bar just like took a shine to the three of us and got us completely hammered out there thought it was malicious she won't give me no more beard his accomplices hide and should and I never liked at 10 I feel so good right up until one of my presentation I like three panels at this thing then I woke up and had a big line from being asleep are you okay are you tired sorry I was dead asleep before presentation was I would show me a screenshot from Toy Story and a screenshot from Toy Story 2 and the difference between those two movies was equal to the distance time wise between doom and Doom 3 and it shows a screenshot from Doom and a screenshot from doing three it was like Worlds Apart where is Toy Story was basically about the same Dhoom 2 Dhoom 3 is like a light years shower games cheaper to build self Hardware getting cheaper I'm going to that one person you know like 3D accelerator computer like weed CGA GI CGA graphic would like it looks terrible but then once he started getting discreet 3D gpus you know that you can add a new computer then that's what we have started that progress on the biggest disappointment with the Xbox One if it wasn't a huge jump in visual quality like every time the previous console happening like it's really gone then the next one and everything was 360 to Xbox One HD component cables hue 70257 tender yeah probably okay with it I'm never driving again Indian I cannot remember the one that had that six Spider-Man game and in the end there's an excellent game on its head and tell you again like it's got like 40 or 50 games on it oh yeah they're selling it for something for Christmas Space Invaders Defender Adventure come on and then if you didn't I just like last time basically don't you touch something your phone will more than respond but it was just lost time doing stuff Blain is there a reason that your watch is on the wrong side of your at the wrong time natural Eminem look at the underside of your wrist which which which feels more natural to you this is the way I am Flex sideways like I have to twist my arm the top of it further it would hurt your arms like you did before your watch is not facing your face your watch is facing away from you let's just let this no that's why that's why mine is to mine find faces away from me and I have to ask to go to the basement to determine what rich people wear their watch on the one you don't like his right hand most Dexter Sanders washing my right hand was writing it be all funky in the grass with me anymore 5 Seconds of Summer get her being completely honest Bruce Willis to be watching his movie so where's this yeah that was supposed to space in the stuff so he has your birthday Blain does it I had a good night with the boys and we been playing dangerous like Early in the Morning JD my twelve-year-old we determine we were together Oculus Rift going full day of just like under the computer downloading drivers cursing no we did have some like 3 we got up and running I was really happy and so he was playing Elite with that if he got the point where I'm saying it because he was looking up and then we have drone Gavins and we wouldn't do that over the river thought but it looks cool it's a republic directions on scenario it's cool it's definitely cool not to detract from your drone thought it was great but I saw the dumbest use of a drone today video link online this terrible house for sale in Austin and it still doing the pictures I post a YouTube video but in order to make the video that he just had a drone that they had to use so they start off like flying over the house and moving stuff and then they're flying the Drone Quad City estate space ship blowing up I didn't even do anything with it was a house was on the Austin so I gave up on it right away like I was like two shots of you some of the comments we'll talk about whatever the price shut up I going to look at it wasn't that but let me point out that if you bought the house it would be about $200,000 a year in property taxes that space taxes buying another house in Austin thought it was that was switching out fucking Rift when you're coming on it was that your shit together is all different kinds of columns on that house Corinthian column order Safety 1st season techsideline thought I went into my office after that and the front of equipment was just covered in wet white shirt crap down into my office over all of my stuff drone inside you heard of it the only place in the office where they would go all the way to the ceiling but then inside the three different rooms and there's one that's like three rooms in a room filled up remember secrets in Brighton right at lunch we all check the remote Elite Bank of America thought it earlier today gavi who works with the Achievement Hunters she's my secret Santa recipient by the way that was from like going over the limit of our secret Santa thing I was like yeah okay madhavi Reddy hey doing the schedule to the demon Hunters if you just email me and I'll work it all out and Gavins really replied back to her tan that doesn't apply to me just email me do we know the day I can see me if you want something everybody collectively in the company can be just like that it really is upset with him to circumvent the order was trying to do a favor to you if you don't email you because they don't want to disturb you if you could email space I'll ignore that that was what it was like you can email me directly or email it to me directly sometimes people don't want to ask you to do stuff like I'm having a conversation with the self you like anyone going to do this thing but he's not going to do it you definitely have to but I said yes to a lot of stuff that cancels out and you say yes you like that usually said no to you also will say like you're not doing something you're not doing anything you like velocity have ROTC drone you're talking about that you have video the guy who's flying a drone and he don't know descending quickly little water and utilities and wherever it's snowing like I was trying to do a 5th wedding photos drone at look at but you can see stuff like that like it's it's a stupid sorry but it's a stupid Elite tremendously fun to play with I'm also here this thing is going to be okay you know and then you just give them more confidence London your at it like it's a at the same time if anybody knows what that is it's weird texting your camera DJI Phantom but it has a GPS in it calibrate and then it maintains its would have to hover when you're still not doing anything it maintains its position based on GPS elevations wal ya like me to take this position is just like you just like to tell you like on the remote like how many satellites are synced up to Elite 7 GPS move PS move DK do does it have to compensate for satellites that are moving in orbit right it is moving Planet moving satellites go with that some kind of like movement of 77 change the GPS it just go around the GPS satellites are there time till October 2nd at 4 you wanted it to Echo thought you had a drone but you wanted to stay with you I have a job I want you to cover it in space do that not in relation to any object in space just cover it with everything Hubbard space I go ahead go ahead so just put it in space yet irrelevant of the how fast would it go to like it I just think it's a matter of acceleration time you act like it's about time how fast how fast and how much time to give it some acceleration increase in velocity over time because it was out of the question is if you could make your drone hover in space would it cover in space it would just sit there and put it in a vacuum in space images I want to say is they put this here but then I let it stay where it is and space and how quickly with this thing bugger off because even though you're taking everything out of the relevance of this object is the velocity of the planet out from the center of the university for the planet moving away from The Big Bang and the whole solar system moving its greater than the 20 years something thousand miles an hour it was pretty much anything in relation to the Earth but the Earth moving right but where on the earth is the same thing this is an extension of our upside down argument about Michael being upside down in Australia with us. We're not you're absolutely right about movement in relation to like at 6 point in space how do you find a fixed point of space at what point do you measure still not data center is still and everything else in motion all right away from it like there's the exact center of the universe at 8. Will call the point right that's the sound of years and when there was like one inch away from that nothing was like something like exploded over the course of the last Six Trillion Years it's moved like it it's like most of the energy for everything like billions of miles away from the center of the universe is one thing that it's the closest thing to the middle of the universe thought somebody said shower thought somebody said somewhere in the world somebody takes the biggest poop on Earth Day but I don't know if you actually take the bell housing not ugly enough I had like a similar tweet a few weeks ago question there's someone in the world right now with the worlds longest pubic hair steize at night does hair stop growing after certain point electrical out hang out it would fall out probably in the next longest want to be alone with you and I used to have one eyebrow that drone I do too I don't we always act like you can't do anything but I got one right here in them trim eyebrows on a day like this all the other ones CrossFit thought I was being serious my question was the human brain the only thing that have a name that self sooner spawn Pokemon with at someone named all this Pokemon self that's that's the weird thing with the brain can only say I can weld anything else let me most about the program with the random proper name I will give it to let me know if it hasn't happened I don't think but if it does happen it would be but then people got more than that and like what is the brain and the brain is activated with your items name themselves electrons and protons electrons and protons and neutrons name themselves it is an asshole Google glas Note 2 price Rachel I can come out with a new something I think the guy who wasn't really Google bought them World giant airplane Hangar or hanger how to get like the tower in Dubai the world's tallest building Lynd City Center in Vegas was that like it's legal structure of the Bible I'm going to buy it how much does it cost me to buy it or do I want to buy like the Eiffel Tower how much that cost me what song does Val like the Steel Curtain charge me math page 5 stretched what are shortly to talk to you that you look like that it would be the end of a shuttlecock so according there's a plane right behind it the world is One World Trade Center at 3.9 billion dollars that's it if you can convince someone World Trade Centers all this as the second letter December okay and this is the second most expensive is the Palazzo Palazzo in Las Vegas at 1.9 billion it's a big dude what's the Taj Mahal Taj Mahal not buy with a rupee Campbell gum but I'm probably the guys that have liked nice suits and cars I'm really scared that I'm going to show up on the right by the way no it's not Gus also knew that fact that's just an interesting fact call Blain is going to literally literally from drinking a beer to drinking a 50 gram protein shake at work they're showing all the gold coins thought here it is as a Christmas tree what's the chili shower do the shot what's the chart on you're not that is like the newest skyscraper in London open at the Burj Khalifa down here for some reason the location of the White House like cleaning the pool is no longer available to the president it's just like years ago I would guess for 2 billion dollars two billion for the historical value material taking consideration to the light hue I guarantee a lot of tunnels and stuff like a lot of security things a lot of Technology something to tell you talking about I actually did actually did like half an hour the picture in the name Jesus part t-shirt going out in the wild stuff going on that first set foot in the Oval Office as president he was like crazy shit went on his first day as president you get the hold the whole advisor team in place they all sit down aliens what you do when you can't sleep aliens aliens aliens aliens first I would totally ask about aliens what is the way once again the sky is bigger than the earth is nowhere you can hide something that happened in the sky that you only could let me give me an example when he's a little drone flew across the river that you were at the little park by the river in Austin to call a river like a like really but we have over there Austin Lady Bird Lake Lady Bird Lake but it's over there the way that you look at an iPhone or iPad or whatever device you have and you can see the camera so I was looking down I then said ok let's bring it back in the spring for either I didn't went and looked back up with the Drone was couldn't find it in the sky so I'm controlling something that I have no idea what is the point of the people there's no way and it took me like a minute to find it I like Panic was starting to set in but it wasn't with them a guy talking about getting one of these drones have to fly for the first time and didn't do the GPS calibration at it just like thought up the wind took it and it just went away any losses drone we had one of the top price was a remote control helicopter and I got a really good at controlling over there just one Jack and Tanner and he flew it was like this big like Texas Woman's on here dude you can take you can pay for it I'm going to have everything I want to ride it brought to you by lynda.com kick-start your new year and challenge yourself to learn something you with a free 10-day trial at lynda.com / Rooster Teeth lynda.com Hue by millions of people around the world that has over 3,000 courses on topics like web development photography visual design and business as well as software training like at self WordPress and Photoshop all of the courses are taught by experts and new courses are added to the site every week or do you want to set new financial goals find work-life balance invest and you have ask your boss for a raise find a new job or gu on your current job skills 2015 lynda.com has something for everyone sign up for a free 10-day trial today but is it a lynda.com / Rooster Teeth will get unlimited access to every course on the.com access to view tutorials on tablets and iPhone or Android mobile devices and next new courses added every week do something good for yourself in 2015 signed up for a free 10-day trial to lynda.com what is a lynda.com so I can go ahead I told you to learn something new in 2015 Lynd is a great website we actually used it I don't remember Hue to do it was either Brandon or Marshall showed it to me a few years ago and it's great I mean this stuff everything I used to do when I stand it video podcast new MultiCam editing was going through the tutorials in Premiere Pro they have on there that like to ask for a raise road closure on how to calculate probabilities Blain some before you go to Vegas you can do that video on how to play craps but they do have like calculating probabilities of crap I was going the wrong way you're first starting trip to the people at the table getting mad at you at Blackjack is a problem the person that brought the parties like your Hue New Years party so she's really at craps but she is going to work but she liked me $250 yeah what happened to her and what she's going to your trip to the birthday song they sang the birthday song no I didn't mess it up does wi-fi turn to me and go hey it's Britney's birthday or something like that around the time of year you like birthdays 10 minutes are you going to do something special for your birthday in 2022 4222 first time I thought about that dead by then hopefully no no we're not that lucky one to have you find if you 2222 Levis you still get to the point where I'm not self sufficient talk about your fuck that in the back of my thoughts my ra is learning how to drive years it was so like being more social yeah even more so I went out and did I moved and I like when you plan the point of going somewhere to watch Game of Thrones the word I can look up afterwards removing a counselor how do I say I like my favorite memories of the Avenger The Hulk and Loki two flights landing at 11:40 Galaxy grey most of the time that is perfect out from under the couch whalom World podcast stories that just told Aunt came back to me so remember when you said that you like to lick your asshole playing Rainbow Six oh yeah yeah Gavins Dying Three Seasons am I asked like 4 days ago you said that what are the three seasons of Game of Thrones on Blu-ray thought it was hurt before Godzilla 300 maybe maybe it's only been on the market no no no no yeah they have president has fucked in the ass what William Henry Harrison died so fast that he was sick so maybe he didn't maybe I don't know see if I can stay later YouTube pictures in the Oval Office of all the presidents hanging out and being broke so honestly if your president took the first question you're asking is the old president would you come before you leave heartfelt Minneapolis it's funny to a picture of President having like diarrhea and stuff the back of the knee bathtub thought series of paintings of someone didn't put it online all world leaders like on a toilet Google at what we got off really fast which is I think glas went away because people just hated it so much but I hate Google glas I love all kinds of Technology like I have an Oculus Rift think of it that drone on that stupid thing gum what it's like to something it will be like put it out but if I walked around with my phone like this if I walk around like this all the time I would assume I have a camera pointing to you I feel guilty in public when I'm like texting you using my phone when it's pointed at someone I feel down self storage in and then beaten out to be innocent I don't do whatever I like police officers I act like a different way because I don't want them to think that's fine everything is in order I'm going up to a line of thinking ahead of your butt you like to see told you Jeff said it was done that I was buying a treadmill how much is going to at me like a grandma something what are you $1,500 I think that Google glas no I don't think so appointment. That was like a relic First Data size measurement run into Jack on the street it's personal with him to give me where does glas Google glas headset work with the glasses anyway speaking of stupid purchases I made one recently total stupid waste of money electronic remind everyone they had to say like very much Austin with his world and Benjamin thought maybe remember to come over to the house why would I crash your house for no reason drone will underbites I could be something ridiculously he bought it but yes that's one of those just ridiculous dog kennel play toy thing everything electronic stuff I just wish it back massaging pad thought you liked things that Brandon's you both constantly thank you love you bye Hanford Dodge are there any further discussion about them so if you didn't like and you can have interne different colors I could tell them that they are the end of civilization we made every fucking thing it's not there there new series for 12 Monkeys and they have a companion app you can run on your iPad or iPhone and it listens to the audio of the show and then customizes the lighting of the Hue bulbs and white cords with what's on your screen of a given time like a purple light purple or travel happening W light bulbs it's just one fucking Blain starting Wi-Fi thing cuz it's like 50 bucks each and raving about the show what's it going to be at the only shows that have integration I think the cold Monkees TV show and Sharknado warning Sharknado 2 and it's preprogrammed so that's like oh I know once this line is said to turn the color of the light to this or it's like she's actually right now they should like do it based off of your like aggression level it's like you know cool and yeah if I hope you like with you dying or self I smell stuff phones that work thought I forgot discussion of the friend we will talk about how much we like thought us know that's what you like grass which I smell that smell cold it just dirt and you spread that we just talked about in a recent podcast but you think come back and it was just like they can have maybe like 5 different kinds of stuff and went straight in combination to give you different smells kinda like Hitler give me the devices feature on the cover of wired and I'm going to say this was like 90 and it was exactly what you're talking about and used building blocks for smells and plug in via USB port using those different like building blocks of sense you can build like 10000 cents or something that I feel like you're just ruin the fun of all this smells like to smell the first time it's so different than smelling it for the desensitized to it and it's not fun anymore there was a ride at Disney World I can see it in your face and I was like really new to tell you about this device that makes 10012 hey I'm trying to get up so stupid the other day thinking about different color painting a wall in my condo or something else like there are too many colors in the world life would be much simpler if there were fewer colors No Place Like You I just want yellow what kind of yellow do you want to hear 70 different yellow face I know you don't want to hear about that that that yeah you would like that I want yellow jelly-like what are you I'm not saying I want just like $7 but you can add a few of them like $100 are there millions I don't know maybe the jungle okay go on what would you like world look like you're perfect world describe it to me know baby I know people okay colors Blain spray if you color your stool is like black and white no name is not black and white talk too much myfridgefood you can walk but you'll have to that's another one you be like that I know not very clean worlds Champs thought you liked him didn't you run a public event at Central I have ever seen hand sanitizer on my belt loops like crack your hands and see whatever seats are going to cons years ago was the first coming with us, we went to his dream car in Jacksonville Florida that goes you Jeff for selling stuff and it was like whatever whatever it was and we knew we had a feeling is a first-year event that we can blow it ended and I think that exhibitors outnumbered attendees at this event so everything is like this like send up to the wonderfulness so we went to Walmart and got an Xbox and PS3 together what's a car that you would want the convict on only about cause I don't want anymore I work on together that no no no refunds smell bad probably that's why you should go to these big huge paintball events that were fucking off airsoft airsoft cheaper than visual representation of anything that happens you've been hit by paintball for some guys are fucking pain that's why Splash with it depend on who got shot in the back at point-blank range once by someone. buy pinball it was really fun 17 up and hit me in the balls no I'm done is like this it was a cold cold day freezing so the balls were hard and I had a guy with a souped-up paintball paintball guns at a pawn shop for the talent you have to work out with Lego shop by 1 people do you forget the interne 700 people fighting in three armies and then the paintball the lack of a better term the people he just kind of fell off and so there's a big events are happening thought a lot of people right now I really hear what was that called is called scenario. Scenario that your team have different abilities in like upgrades you could do while you are out there it looks like it was awesome it was really like that removable markers on tripod that would just sweep left to right and they did take the motion is firing fully automatic engine drone shitfire know that Austin was before because we are doing what I'm telling it one game by percentages Starcraft want to see if I can look to synchronize by the way I know they're not as fun as they thought we were gone what is the main barrel paintball shower I was going paintballing once there was this guy is like a dad and I just remember watching them is like remove cover pull-tab pulled it into the ones we had it in the most we have there's like I'm just rubbing socks with Tyler thought this was going to set it off at the top and you try and paint like whatever what is the most painful on Patrick from our control room he was out there and he was running the disability but there's a giant screen Jeep Rite Aid headed to Target on the side of the door to cover it with cover yes we can Elite head like an escort guys like a ring of guys around 2 to keep people from like I'm not in front of it but like around the side of it and on the back to the tank and limited visibility it is you cool with that Seattle Tan Washington walking down this road this place was huge so we threw the back road that we'd be walking down towards you Russian ulcer feel like a room without a roof ever get to actual War watching the 10th come around the corner you like everybody just was really scattered treason for thought I think it was like 36 hours that you would play at night directions to Gavins a lot of money when I get done doing it so could you hire a horrible place and just have received his roots of teeth I'll talk to you about that but the thing that sucks about you like to somebody like 4 feet away from you and there's a moment of like what you did at one point in time the funeral lasted about probably about an hour of light good somebody will heal and then someone would shoot them people to stop saying years and up from like 10 feet away get shot like immediately fear of the walking Austin off and then you would if you got there there was at least one every half hour so if you every half-hour to be like Greece you know but then some people have recovered in Paris but you were going to run out there you can buy price cuz you're right you have to put it with a clock your gun terminology that you have do that you'd like to measure the speed of the people to know you're done you can only be a certain level of measurement lower your price when I got shot in the back from I was waiting to my gun in at 7 and Blain behind me to get Barrel plug out and fucking shot me right in the back what's a petition to turn it back on which everyone should have do women like after like everyone's on there in the woods all night every like 6 hours without a break for a meal or whatever they would do like a full battle they will get all three armies on one field and like 700 people like running towards each other and become line and fucking firing that was crazy With the Enemy disadvantage behind if you like turn around if we thought that we are facing what does eating out not feel cold in it the more traditional Paintball Field pallets and she didn't like men who are like you like building stuff thought I would stop anything what to wear at school and we're watching it and then I look down and I see what they like but it's broad daylight he's already go that's really cool about it display entire life just remember that was like it I think I will be able to help one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters to see the Exterminator Prezi how fast paintballs new iPhone that's still pretty fast weighted selfi freeze in the like yeah completely full because it there's like I'm sure where in those things probably right yeah or water expand when frozen it's one of the I believe it's one of the few liquid or does that only self what's the most painful thing that you would put yourself I would tell him everything situation I'm about to feel pain let me see if I can take it no I can't no I can't like in the real world don't even know what that is like a shot or somebody and you know you can't take it it's just like I wouldn't think they gave one to torture you and they were like yanking teeth out or cracking your fingers like breaking your fingers and be done with it whatever you want you probably just like but yeah I don't know how you could have a little fun after that he probably can yeah that was my injury from a fall but he's going to run up and get some slide and I ran up and I send you a very nice wedding right there heading for a minute I just have everything ready cleaning a fabric let others see when you wear something over your couch it's kind of tight it was it wouldn't go past it would have been and I guess you're good space leaders parents are awesome today. Okay well I'm curious to see how this is going to lead to alternative to a plunger where this toilet was full of poopy work their way up and they put that plastic thing around the rim they put Saran Wrap in the middle it's like raising on the middle I'm just a little too much work because you got Jeff ponder that one of the pops years like Hue it off and it's fine it just looks so good but I really want to do GIF of the self cleaning on the ship peanut butter Blain on the seat or something so it's like all right circumference of it was going to get us through the brush to paint the whole thing he did it is a good word that you got into this and gum what happens years Blain working today where is he what you learn in turn your garage DirecTV hue where's Blain today like we're years and working male model male model what do you think I'll retire local TV what are you doing shows like the real world Austin crash gu Gavins calls me that I feel it or not we have a drive from Lawrence Gavins president mr. president where did you come why become president when you can I'm sorry you gotta try to become president you would you ever run for political office you don't see the disappointment on the people I mean I do that everyday you talk about this when you hear about what the other maybe you talking about yes I was here with the stupid thing is the Austin city of Austin did with their New Years Eve celebration New Years Eve happened with some of you may be aware of it December 31st usually the transition of Years Eve celebration what happened when I was freezing right I might rain and it was freezing so I might be freezing rain so the City of Austin said we're having a big New Year's Eve celebration but it can be freezing rain tonight so here's what we're going to do room + tour + New Years Eve celebration until sometime in late January 2014 Gavins WinCos phone it'll be held in to work early Innovation design innovation did you hear Elon Musk plan to develop space internet yeah you want it you know Richard Branson and then the next day Elon Musk did it he wants to launch 700 satellites around the earth to develop internet and I didn't internet that can be accessed anywhere globally for your space like you need to have a landline right and he said he would free internet from terrestrial wired connections Elite computer to satellite internet with your computer up to the satellite back down to another that sounds good but like phone calls you know I mean people I was hoping that you could use it as a launching pad to create an internet forum directions GPS to this thing I don't know when that happened like I don't know what I know when we land on the Moon you know I know when we talked about like and we lost space shuttle on things like that I have no idea what GPS was invented all of a sudden one day we all have GPS to work what like is nothing it's just you measure the time delay between a bunch of clocks that communicate with you about what the time is I can't find it would you please space didn't communicate with you dedicated GPS satellites in every satellite help you figure out where I'm going so no I mean actually dedicated to the very first satellite have GPS why does rotate going back to the conversation with geosynchronous orbit what if they put the put the satellite in geosynchronous orbit is just mad that I figured that but I think I was right there like it goes away in orbit so Earth is going around the Sun you have a conversation that I'm just talking about imagine was initiated was on the 1st I like it I think it was the late seventies early eighties what was developed and implemented for military use I think civilian GPS not come about till the mid-to-late eighties and they're just behave until midnight if I want to see satellite constellation satellite constellation consists of 24 satellite position in 6% orbital planes with for operation satellite and its peers and light slot in its orbit space satellite thought I was gonna get another one there's going to be somebody who's way way way way way smarter than abandons podcast like Orbitz and like what's an orbit and what's the chance of when it hits something else is also a special level of orbit where they just dump old crap it's like a dedicated space around us like we don't need this anymore how they put you to the different or better than the main stuff but it's like everything just tons of crap blocking the way this guy is massive you never hit anything towards the lady bird Lake bridge that's why it towards that and I got like I stopped at every time I don't even wait to close the bridge to the bridge and go see somebody coming to the Drone in downtown Austin because I really you're probably not going to be able to do this very long either but they're probably going to probably Christmas Day I felt like it was the whole Tumblr blog about dads and their drone you're ruining Christmas and all different levels of drone did like it was like a big gift this year and next year it'll probably everybody will have like what the hell how close to the airport can you fly drone planes come in low over here's what I learned I learned thanks to the instruction manual think that there are GPS zones which are specified as no-fly zones for RC stuff and of the driver and the Drone will not fly in those areas it just it's it's it's built into it that it won't fly in those are you get out of it but I would I know if I have memories and things like that fucking drone like several drone I can just find traffic Elon you see like power lines everywhere really noticed everywhere everywhere everything it'll be like that but like up to like 500 feet Italy an app for the sprinklers on the ceiling if you look at how many there are those like hundred in every room but that's good though because every building this place is getting crowded to fill up something happen like in the early nineteen-hundreds or the 1800 people got like overconfident with fire like all the building's on fire but not get out of the building but you know whatever and then we'll hang out for a little bit or maybe like to hang out and something happened and they sent all these rules for fire like here at the building that stage five we have to have like a buffer around the entire building for a fire lane and like this fire lanes for cars and everything like that like it's in a building where you can stand in front of a fire exit in there because you're blocking a fire exit in a living person if you're living inflatable you're never blocking a fire exit if a building is on fire you just get out of the building before exit here look at this building caught on fire how long would it take you out of the building about 2 seconds grab something a couple of nice trapped in a building now from the high-rise that's a little different but I'm at LAX and there's a fire at LAX is my life in danger you know if a plane crashed into it and Jeff you in every way you're pretty much is insurance companies currently have to pay out and the fire department always like you can get the whole thing like right put it laying around the money we need to tell everything all that stuff that you can Tan in a one-story building or Florida for that you can get fined for opening at the building so you can have a business in here because if I was going to break out and it clearly has room like 1890 when everything is built out of wood in turpentine which dead Christmas trees that you just touch him with a spot in the internet we we we burn our Christmas tree last night it's exactly right around last night burning a section of my Christmas tree with every cut the sections 7 foot tree so he's like maybe like foot sections like this be one of the sections the needles like all caught it once and it made a flame so high it was hitting the brakes to the tree above I got the hose out most regulated on the branches at their free metal you talking about fucking hot forest fire because you won't start at some point your life start a campfire dying to start a fire and you can't do with dry wood it's a difficult thing to start a fire and it's only like chop a tree branch off of a tree that here like somebody but I'm not doing that that's impossible yeah he's hard to burn a quarter to information provided by Natural Resources Canada and average surface fire on the forest floor might have Flames reaching one meter in height and reach temperatures of 1472 degrees Fahrenheit 1400 degrees twice as hot as an oven at the soldier I'm trying to find a conversion kit 0 Kelvin is absolute zero at at the same degrees in celsius self absolute zero degrees Fahrenheit 9940 degrees Fahrenheit surface of the Sun 49000 you would not will a 1400 degrees where you are when wouldn't hurt me that much but all the years it's a virus dehydrated interne into a pepperoni Gavins if you were forest fire he would be fine you said you would be okay I'm sorry I'd be like this remember when could you feel the heat and was uncomfortable from that I can feel how far away is Hue thought that was not for 200° I guarantee you how was it that was probably his explosion guaranteed it is crazy to think that 93 million it could be so disappointed just from like going to space that far and lightbulb get like one little degree that strikes the Earth and buy damn it's like it's so hot it's like the sun is so freaking hot is it right now at the podcast no I'm asking is it I don't know what I want 9000 East sure that's how they like their Shadows in Japan where people were like oh it's a bomb and then there's like a shadow that are killed by the Light I did that RT Podcast homework is to go look at the camper made somebody GPS satellites are in geosynchronous orbit go figure