#308 - RT Podcast

RT Goes to PAX South

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-308

Recorded: 2015-01-27 18:57:18

Runtime: 00:53:22 (3202.25 seconds)

Participants: Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson, Jack Pattillo


Transcript (in progress):

Venus online Lets Play Live February 20th in Austin Texas during your favorite games live on stage and as for your chance to play with us on stage rap some exclusive Lets Play Live Excel 2015 Mac and now for your how much the queen lets me try it Under Siege right now did we actually have one hey where you have to drink imagine Chris in a clothing store every single sure you'd like okay I don't care that's hilarious Toronto mr. Feeny are potato set reminder Chris house Social Distortion social the band social disorder because if we told you then where so it's fun to surprise people that was a Barbara the record I was like the scariest I don't know how we can get punched the one where we around we did it again sexy like and we can get arrested for that we show up a little bit worried about Pittsford movie staged there 40 inch Vibe that you can only get from people are sitting out dreamer video going from you there trĂ¢nsito and I kind of wanted to take the girls to see what they think we're missing it reaches directions also takes and stuff like that really not yet but I'm still working on it how many questions can I ask one question what's the world record you hold for like how long has Flora Illinois theater and then this is going the bike shorts I think a lot of people feel bad that they Methodist Hospital and have someone come up oh my God I'm such a thing what do I do do people really write School in a single School emails all the time about people who you know social stories a lot of fun working on it and watching Chris and Erin the castles of did you do it in the butt I get anxiety thinking about done so quickly and so and so xray Labradoodle drinking and growing do you spell brain bu brain 1110 East Carolina and church stance on the cliff Church the here right now and then are you really trying to hit that they're brother and sister try to Carolina and Caboose or sister University go to the website there Red vs. blue where's that everywhere episode where you see Neptune in the background like first one is I know that you guys talked a lot about like not watching your own content there's a lot of can you just sit down and watch it something happens and we're Chris lets fix it so I always have watch parties were just consoling have a seat with us Jefferson County play Live lets the house and another hour and a half and also open as well the network how do you and need you always gassymexican I love Epic Rap Battles of History always always hello tell me more about xray Walmart thank you the Ice Cube part 2 came out and wish you and Gavin talk about again the next the whole video I was wondering what the decision was of the wingmen would you ever Olive me and disorder Marshalls anner DVD but we will put it all up online you want to go to Olive Garden with me oh I would absolutely Olive Garden Blaine it didn't happen doing now scorpion stream online hey my name is Ben and I prosthetic leg another prosthetic penis and sign my leg cast on your leg Blaine wa if I had you can what is 50 of 4 if you want to be on camera and everything you can the more stuff that you have to show the better of the bigger will you have to show your face and that's what we're looking at making stuff for a long time Grace 1400 you know you can do the waivers be growing like of different opportunities and everything so just make up lyrics Eric Andre inspiration for social disorder disorder social is Cartoon Network the really drinking games won of the game how many you something right now but I mean we're doing the heist live on stage that's going to be incredible Ford building 3 minutes for the actual show that you want to be there supposed to my question am I producing constantly like that ten word for mean first-year enforcing and I've tried to be a volunteer at RTX cuz I live in Austin for two years and both years I've not made it something so good if you're anybody but last year we had 1900 applicants and this year we have 2300 applicants so it's not a situation of you're not qualified are we going to pick certain people for certain reason it's just that there's so many awesome people and so many qualified people and we tend to give Garden to have already done it a priority and getting accepted so the more gardens we have the lets washer open for more people so you know you never know it might happen this year but what's your name hello um I was wondering if there were any plans of trying to plan a tabletop D&D your white little thing that you can broadcast live accident Wizards and talked about doing more broadcast broadcast section of our company is definitely any ideas I'm pretty sure that's been thrown out there so there's a is Thai Kitchen the World's Strongest Man 2000 of writing the best community manager and they got a place what do you do on your free time I hang out with because I have to get along with your coworkers worst singing ever Brandon and Erin going to the now I feel like watching how many Minecraft and corn flour corn big fan basically who is a fan of Rooster Teeth nose my question Target of $1 actually the first thing you said to me was Lazer team I tried to can talk of garlic octopus let me know nothing is everything okay Ruby I guess we'll actually where is Judy's Life income y'all can make a weapon to make a banana the different witches William Duke operation the future should you have a sponsor one in the works I think it's coming up Friday we did it call you doing this morning nextera games stream to Twitch the internet Dallas when are you guys leaving I mean I'm putting any others do another stream actually have the switch. We're trying to get more people for more than just John and I have done it a couple times I know Bernie has gotten kind of we're going to get on a rotation at some point with the amount of content you guys put out has there ever been any contact you guys haven't been behind play enjoyed doing something yes what is your favorite part are your reasons for working out where will it so what are your favorite part or reasons for working out I have tickets for a year yard the movie free you planned out about what you're going to do in the games you were even like you Barbara it probably will be a little late and we have a lot of stuff planned for Rubidoux evening first of all I'd like to congratulate you on your success on the internet because there are millions of people who try and characters in Epic Last of Us gym leader Olivia Morris would you ever think of joining any pizza Square Hardware 81 comeback Chris one I know that for sure that was fun