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RT Remembers Monty Oum

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Recorded: 2015-02-03 21:44:33

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Gray Haddock


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welcome to the first resolution receive podcast this week we're joined by Burnie Burns Matt hullum CEO gray haddock supervising producer and Gus sorola as usual and I don't know there's some of you I'm sure that I'm watching the podcast you might not read the website or might not follow us in various forms of social media but for those of you who weren't aware already the last Thursday our dear friend Monty oum had a simple medical procedure and afterwards he had an extremely allergic reaction he lost Consciousness and had over the course of the last week he's been hospitalized he did not regain Consciousness and we are very sorry to say that money passed away yesterday Sunday February 1st at about 4:34 in the afternoon last week we missed the podcast we did not have a live edition of it we showed the Pax panel because we were dealing with this crisis at a time but we weren't yet comfortable enough to really talk about it publicly because Monty lost Consciousness he didn't really have a chance to tell us what his wishes would be so we wanted to respect his privacy as much as we could if we missed to podcasts in a row on Monty behalf I don't think Monty would have liked that very much I don't think you'll be here Monday or he would be in his office and he was watching something and making something at the same time that was kind of it we have Richie podcast on and then he would stop to make sure to tweet at me that we already talked about this in a way that I was looking for some time the dating scene Monty Corner in the back row Journal talking about some of his memories of Monty today to put on the website he told a story I'd forgotten about which was when we were shooting the first immersion which was the video game car that you know we're between take somewhere between sit-ups and we're all standing around we're like heavy metal music coming from the first time I experienced Monty and power download it was just off to the side with his headphones in how to turn that down a bit it was loud enough that outside with the wind blowing 20 miles per hour in this big wide open space and everybody's running around yelling that it sounded like music sleeping is amazing you don't want to try to keep the tradition of an animation department is just blessing us and sister from time to time just to keep everyone should be right of initiation life during an all-nighter on the team has to wear the headphones away from where we are now we came out to the airport because what we thought we could run this truck privately without the cops stopping as you know whatever blow up dolls and Monty and rice recipe that's right so Monty have been working for it in total secrecy so we can work with them done that much outside the office and you never know somebody when you go out on the hunt or in the field personally like to be different in the office enjoy where is my view the time I said I felt nervous by asking to play like it's actually an Asian character in a sketch class and that of course she's completely fine with it and the crazy 3570 that point it's crazy to think like Monty being a guy was so much presented everything was so meticulous about the way he presented himself at convention all the time dress to the nines and never dressed the same way twice that I can recall it was amazing to me that somebody knowing him now in hindsight with like zero Limelight working so hard and just knowing you know I was thinking about that today asking about the time will be premiered his work there a taxi stand first taxi stand and I never thought about it till today that's the building where I met him for the first time I met him at Anime Boston in 2007 right now the week that he is really haloid and remember we thought we shared it overlooks the office like crazy and I think independently all of us email him immediately said you need to come work for us and I think it's one of the few Fanboy moments ever had at a convention was email me back and I was like I'm going to get to meet Monty like I was so excited about it he can buy the booze then we went off and got coffee there and we talked for like an hour about how we did things so it's really cool three years later he came back it was three years later the big unveiling can be there with him we showed off the warthog breaking through the wall email him names like Four Freshmen in this conversation that we had we were like yeah so we should do that together and he was like okay cool cool okay well let's work together now so anybody went to work for Midway and then moved out to the West Coast after a paint job in the video game industry and that's when I caught up with him again is he went on a Matt said he had a panel and he invited me to be on it was like there was Monty oum and after we tried to hire in the first two that we were not the man you know the beautiful Gus and then all the way to Congress like half way through Congress and the panel together and you know Monty is very sure of himself but he doesn't talk a lot in those days he doesn't he doesn't do that kind of thing for the first time I guess you guys are at 369 so he's been with you guys for what the laser face shot Spartan laser like taking money like I remember you in order to try to play it correctly and make it look like you cover the television and post it notes to remember that can I get back up again you only worth like trying to expose the parts of a shot they were supposed to line up everything was covered with Post-it notes that's what he was like Matt shot in theater mode haloid we would have to do that but right now that's why I met him early in an RV be 9 and I was just doing VFX at the time and a bunch of us were in the upstairs part of the office and I think you know Monty more or less had the downstairs like the entire back soundstage Greens in the area was his domain and you know guys are happy with one or two more plugs for occupying that's fast but it was just kind of crazy downstairs and see where all the stuff is spread out and see all the chemicals in the props and costumes around here stairs want to say hello and I think I distinctly remember that the first word out of them or the conversation I think you still going to show up in square foot orderly like a penalty very quiet on the podcast usually somebody who was so dedicated to his work but that's what he wanted to impress people was that way at the same time you know I think everyone here to tell the story of like being here for whatever reason to like midnight or 10 a.m. or 10 p.m. tonight just for whatever reason they were here and then they get into our conversation with Monty Matrix movies or everything everything lots of different stuff so many different things losing sense of time while talking to him Rotterdam did like basically everything in the world you know ever going to contact me wasn't cynical about anything I never liked can't remember a time where he made fun of somebody else's work or something else wasn't cool enough for you or whatever you just like we could always find something really interesting compelling about everything and wants to talk about everything from movies to anything pretty much anything he would always find something that was unique that you hadn't thought about it as well using the space to take your screen in the world and turn around as if you action the filter and then like create something new and exciting you know based on the total aggregate experience of everything that you said that when you first came to work for us to see him work and all the time have something in a secondary monitor that he was watching at the same time observing remember when years after he'd been here for a few years Avatar come out on Blu-ray to watch Avatar on half speed on a loop non-stop the whole movie at half speed and just wanted to see the way everybody move the actors moved and you know the computer-generated characters moved in just to try to study the motion which seems like most people wouldn't even think to look at that as I go it looks good so you ignore it but no you look so good you want to drill down and understand it you never stop being a student as good as he got that everything else that he can never stop learning and I was wondering if there was nothing there was a Hollywood A-list title or something someone puts on their owners through online or whatever that there's always something you can learn in terms of why torture is sometimes a chance to talk to you during the week want something not figure out how to get it or they couldn't afford it and he would just build it find a way to build it himself and I thought it was really special to me that she got a chance to come here and look at his work like always action back into something else from different objects multiple objects and combine them and make them into new ways some stories that I heard in the last week which explains so much apparently in the house were growing up you couldn't leave him unattended with electronics because you would leave there was another one running around all the time here it was a period when I first got that mocap suit is so excited about having no cap in the office that I don't think he took this for life just down the block with the balls on it after Heating 3D model eating a sandwich that's why the one of the harder moments that I've had in the past week was I came back in here in his his mocap suit was hanging on the hook on the back of the door and that was not used to seeing that thing talking about being desperate to get Lego blocks like Star Wars package Legos or whatever like you know by today but it's just desperate to create all the time he was that way throughout his life he was just like desperately creating so much that he wanted to get out and is like how much time you spent on it was enough that's why does anybody know people told him don't hear that I just figured I got to talk about how he is a sleep cycle was different and the Men in Black sleep cycles I remember once we were down there and the studio was fully fleshed-out was still a meeting we were doing the planning for our 2012 I think and the meeting room the carpet was taken then let's just go out and have a meeting and I just ate and I feel something under the table curled up to you just like I said it to you know take a nap there right by his computer how to become a major deadline I've been spending the last week of my time making the recognized robotic angel wings anyway you look at it a sin to answer what I can make them Flex on their own just for a cosplay I was like you have any built himself I don't know what time that that he wasn't working on three things at once crunching on on anything and there's the show in front of them there's the next thing he's running on the side it could be just for a video game or or what have you and then he's always thinking when you're out in terms of like the next show of your money do you know you talk about how he's always building things and you take things apart and put them together you know that emoji with the hearts for eyes I think that was his face when he saw the 3D printer QC department for all of May here right now I don't know how many times you have the money because he just finding new ways to try and prove it was you guys actually do this when something was constantly in production printing making stuff in it big part of Monty life was dealing with the limitations of things I always feel like Monty was currently coming about the location but also have an appreciation for the limitations to be made it that much more creative trying to figure out how to get that boundless entertainment that he wanted to create that within the limitations that we're just standing by when he was making entertainment actually saw him and we talked about his way to come around limitations Creative Solutions like ripping keys on the keyboard so that he won't hurt him really expensive really nice laptop time we were shooting the company and not by your computer yet everybody super nice laptop I was so jealous and literally one day later like half the keys are ripped off and it was a catch Bennett me know it messes up the way I work in the program so I make sure I never hit it and I was like that makes perfect sense RT keyboard in there at my desk I mean we're It Ralph ablanedo I lost my office and then I was intercourse build Galaxy Monty rheumatologist Preston I'd forgotten about and it should it does she know it was like it was it off and said I think I scratched it a scam I need new ones like okay and I came down and looked at it like this you just came from all the crazy stuff you would use for the boxes and all that stuff just in case one was working with 832 he was he was busy what is your what is your absolute favorite Monty oum efficiency tips so for people don't know the microwave it's if you have to put something in the microwave for a minute instead of hitting 60 you hit 55 right cuz it's 1 number and it's pretty much a minute and that was faster than I thought you did it but if it's life and it's the same thing that extra second that you would take to move your hand to hit the different Keys was too much repetitively Indiana Runner like the last time he was over the house like I was washing dishes and he was like I was talking he's like looking at me answer me Gus your sink is not very efficient like a bullet through the hole and that's there's not much to it was like I can find a way to make it but I think I'll make you a letter stating everything 3D printer everybody's person responsible for me finally learning life of Windows OS keyboard shortcuts symbol we were you know there was a little quieter can usually you just get this hand of his eyes were doing editorial reviews and if you dare use the mouse to navigate to get the flower or whatever those are precious another computer store he held on to Windows XP forever if you don't like the interface and because they change the shortcuts and then finally we just could not buy a new computer with Windows XP as I'm sorry windows from 20 years ago fractures like listen I want computer you have for sale on your website but I want the old is like can we just get old copy of Windows XP phone though we don't have the drivers for like I know you got a guy you got some eventually got him off of that on the Windows 7 but I would say we can we have to go through and then I just seem to give it the XP the classic because all the arrow stuff took too much resources and he didn't want his computer wasting time generating lurches when it could be a rendering faster and doing those other things there is that of course I mean if you think he's that way about animation software don't have it right now it's getting people interesting that we already told podcast story about money in the microwave just keeping the dream alive Monty I know I just there's so many cool things about Monty and I just think the way he lived his life or he just anime about what everybody else thought he was just thinking it was really cool I don't know what time we went to up there like really the first like to say we never been to Hollywood RT taxes and let you know before the red carpet to walk down the red carpet real like literally right behind LL Cool J We're all excited about it and Monty had gone and made himself one of his amazing outfit then looked of course completely different than anybody else that the carpets and we go out there for the walk and you know we start we walk across and all this last fall to me machine gun cameras doing all the celebrities and as soon as Burnie a night walk through all the cameras take one picture of us and we looking super cool and just like you know like somebody of this world enough you know a grand entrance he was always prepared to fight Michael Jackson or K-pop video broke out just taking pictures of my crazy cousin anyway somebody have to wrestle you want me to tell Russell Simmons world famous producer wanted to I think I know what they look like Rockstar animator he was so impossible RT access your game in terms of our fashion something you guys come on you wear this around your t-shirts we're going to be back at RTX 2012 we rented a Pump It Up machine and put it on the floor so that he could go out and dance on it and that have exhibitions showing people how awesome he wasn't with this giant Banner printed up and remember it's at the Monty oums Xperia I found it the other couple weeks couple months ago going to storage and nobody wants it over and I found it we have to do something with that some of the store banners that we had his up there you guys it sounds like some people stop by his office Beverly this week you know and then we took a sister and a walk-through as well yeah it's different different Yahoo didn't work from home a lot you know just because he'd like to know where he was most comfortable in the car since he was out of town he would vacations were like torture at least one laptop and the latest 2013 where we are flying up there was supposed to be Austin to Dallas to Boston to Boston flight cancelled so I had to scramble and rebook all of us to fly to New York in the winter rental van to drive from New York to Boston and we're going to be premiering the trailer so we landed in New York and it's like A3 hour drive in three and a half hour drive so we got in the car started driving and Monty but his laptop until the laptop until the battery was gone look it up if you power down at 11 RT life video of that you just head down and powered down and restarted so I think our download without moving his head reached out and punched I was sorry I was driving I looked in the rearview mirror I wish I wish I was back there he did have eyes in the back of his head life everywhere is crazy we talked about how we came from somewhere where the guy came up into the lemonpunch yeah I think that was one of the standout memories that I always equate with Monty I feel lucky to have been on the stage yeah I think one of the hardest things in all this is like everything is working just in the process of talking with Mike next to me that's how it is no Monty it done about 3 Seasons trailer so I feel safe and that but I do feel sad about the loss of those things that will never see you know that we didn't have time there's um yeah I think the question what would you do is probably be coming up a lot you're talking about the office a little bit ago there was no we were wondering looking for just a little crazy furniture yeah it's not going to be the same but we can only inspired by him and we can keep raising the bar in the middle production production is always with you the study go explore go refill your creative well as it were but keep moving forward and then we will get back together again and we will get on the next thing and it's every single day last week I don't know what I love that that was afraid of his because you know you don't what is an amazing thing to be in town I'm really inspired us in a lot of ways will continue to inspire you know it's it's it's very sad that he's gone but accomplished everything it's amazing it's like it's almost like Monty has been so you know if his limited time because of the urgency that he had in his life you know and in a way his gray sending me a bill was basically time such a tragedy you know and he made the heat haddock literally every moment he tried to like make it as good as it can possibly be and small level whenever we were working on Project it was a waste time with the factor of like this has to come out at 1 to make it bigger and better bigger and better bigger better and there's always time with the 1 part of it whenever there was a couple times I mean it wasn't the person in charge this is done tomorrow morning 7 a.m. there's not time to 448 more shot and see what I can do it let me do it because I want to get this done a couple things that we got in there the last night I mean is it is forever let's go ahead and you want to come on tonight because no Monty was really valued and really life probably I just don't see how much we already have any closing thoughts dragon big fan I was a big fat alright well we actually we actually prepared a little video to show you Monty work isn't very bright light burn for a short time 33 years but we love him very much and miss you Mom mr. Monty oum hello Burnie I was very excited about the moment my first scene showed up at a convention no one had any idea what to expect Red vs Blue and Rooster Teeth has company there's a lot of things we hope to create to make people happy in ways they couldn't red white black and yellow cover vision you working at something so you just work never enough time so the thing you got to learn to we end up making Sara Lee in giving everything favorite thing this time around was sharing it with everyone else in college my friends who all worked on this project for the longest time was just assuming we ended up here for some reason that we don't need to stop us from doing things everything is something very unique place where if I want to make a costume something I can also make your character that is things to keep your eyes open it's a lot of Destiny really I mean very few people have the luxury of doing exactly what they want to do as their job there's never a day where I forget that moving forward is always think about what's next so life I'm super excited to finish what we have so that I can just start working on something else