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Rooster Teeth goes crazy with plugs and making fun of Jack

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Recorded: 2009-10-14 19:46:19

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




    "Saw Achievement guide that Geoff and Gus did together" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVkZ_vsI1PM"
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    "Modern Warfare 2 E3 Demo" => "http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-09-modern-warfare/50040"
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    "Whoopi Goldberg defending Roman Polanski" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fasb7tHv8XU"
    "Game On Austin" => "http://www.austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/Market/GameOn"
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Transcript (in progress):

I just wasted I like to make fun of the song and then gets mad at me for the chickenbranc chickenbranc woman I don't have enough characters convertible by the way the next 52 that he would have to deposit chickenbranc Rooster Teeth and Gus I'm Joel I'm Jack machine Hunter and Gus this week is especially pleasurable for us because Matt and Bonnie are out of town and go back to England so we're celebrating by getting drunk already this podcast yeah it's called work for a reason right as it is I'm really surprised it's not to the point yet where is soon as Jack walked into the office you guys just don't run up and punch him right in the balls I've lived a rough life I don't have a lot of being picked up curfew and I was thinking they were going to Jack in Austin at you but you are living your 27 and you do have a college degree yes and you're living at home with your parents right now what do you think went wrong in your life that you ended up this miserable husk of a man I just moved back to town and I'm not sure exactly what the next few months you did together to get 3 months or so I just don't think that you're relatively new to the people on the internet and know a lot about you so I'm trying to how are you doing I was doing your piece of shit have you have you heard about this trend and Gus his defense this is Ben very long have you heard of the T-Mobile outage with their Sidekick phones I think so I think I read something about that are saying that he's going to do his work to this mobile phone apparently cloud computing in about like having Google for mail so I might be able to access all my information on any computer I said in front of Saw do people with Microsoft Word and of course they will lose all of their context of their SMS messages Siri are you going to ask your parents to change your plan to the that feel like Verizon no no not right now we we have security is that there's no accountability where's my tickets because I have my personal email setup through Google apps program which is awesome and like I have my IMAP email through my personal account anywhere I go and get to and I was saying we should do that was something like Achievement Hunter I'm a female get the fucking Brutal Legend stuff all over finally the fruits of our labor start dancing Big Man game and right now as of this recording were missing only three in the whole game in that only about 8:06 I think we're the ones that we didn't like me and Geoff together found all the six items in the game probably how much more and Austin can drive around in circles for 20 hours and still not want to stab your face and look at it I mean actually went to the store to pick up a copy of it and I will gladly play through it at the third fourth maybe it's time to get the final achievement difficult to have fun that game 46 achievement first time I put your purse it will not be what was the final score 2 more came to me it was the phone it was all the achievement you get for killing people with different weapons in the game gun shops in Miami wow I'm old it doesn't do that who's been pursuing jigsaw and gift connection there are five or six on the other side and it's like someone comes out looking again I saw the first one and four or five the same bad guy over and over again yes I know but you like guide Veronica that really you don't know is a real word if this if this thing turns into Japanese on 47425 I was giving you the last time I was on Earth speaking of Good Times what is going on in your life Gus you know I noticed that once again you're not showing up for the night so my phone can you fix your house hopefully better World of Warcraft old school D&D that's a tough question I think of people who are old enough to actually play the old school rolling guide select the first option for advanced Dungeons dragons that was Dungeons & Dragons and I started playing that like fucking hell am I playing that almost 20 years ago I read somewhere that it's bikini models yeah way before Wizards of the Coast Wizards of the Coast on the 15th for like 5 years ago eight or nine Ministers of the coast you before magic or was that they're big getting fucking wizard tower ghost House of Cards down at people and we should hurry up and try to take them looking for group my Arkansas I figured you'd come back after I drink alone Joel getting murdered so Jack you I don't know why I guess I mean you moved out of your parents or your while Republic that was the whole point for a while I was going to play was to get some MMO experience working you know like the whole system all the acronyms all that crap that will most likely transfer to Old Republic animation reference can I ask you why like what was the decision to choose where did you have a chance I'm curious as to why you chose Joel made as your character I like rain characters I like the idea of doing damage from a distance that running in and getting myself motivated like I prefer the more tactical characters what is the Warfare 2 and run in and you know or a tank or something I like the idea of it back and I'll send you a text like that but seriously look at the 3 ranged characters Mage priest and what's the other one warlock warlock priest in Fort Wayne that and I went with me I'm waiting for no I just actually was coming up to make a character at the same time I created mind so we went through like the first with at 7 levels literally side-by-side like the first time you mention while around Gus he's already started to make a character playing well he said I'm already like you don't have to text me I'm already research her up last night and it has did all the work and I was just throwing my Fireball from a distance and then collecting all the time my pet on the grass like 11:14 last night what is your 44 how do you like playing the lamest it's the last class I hadn't played every other class at least 2 level 50 I think so I'm Hunters only one I hadn't done yet profession profession something else Gathering professions be just like herbalism miners that way every morning or you see and every herb you see you can pick up any trying to sell in the auction house to get money do you make a ton of money don't hit Level 80 did you work on your freshman for real okay so I mean I'm sure there's something nice popular video games for did you watch the big game Life hey Joel email okay so I got another speeding ticket and defensive player in Buffalo 6 more hours at the office whenever I go down then when I put the right there's a door there from whatever has Transportation hey you have this many points on your record 6 months please don't take this wrong way but have you considered not driving like a dick head anymore there's 2 different things driving fast and driving like a dick head or two separate things you do NASCAR how did you okay I can changing this reminds me of a story about a friend of ours named Frank isn't very good for the Gus that I got for them he has a very similar driving trajectory as what I'm seeing out of you like lost his license for about 5 years because he got something in the neighborhood of 30 tickets and smart guy book smart no common sense sweet as can be but a fucking moron and he will do stuff like call you up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday and say hey can you take me to work today I wrecked my car last night and you feel like driving 45 minutes to your job never conveniently located and is always changing every two months because one time I drove this is at like 7 a.m. on a Saturday I had to pick up try to put my fucking kid in the car drive pick up Frank at his house which is inconvenient then on one part of town then drive them all the way I'm like what what's going on here Frank was a complaint on this windy road Iowa I just lost control because you learned what did you want and With all sincerity he said I need to buy a performance vehicle the Franklin the podcast now my car and give me the money that is a 1992 Geo Metro Joel I'm going to rope light underneath the Rockford Rockford Fosgate speakers and amp with a game you looking forward to the most from now to Christmas I can breathe again Modern Warfare 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 the story if you had to pick her island with power and Xbox Live connection but no I'll be closer to 303 I would love to satisfy you that way that way to the end of it no no it was talking about which it which is weird most looking at a nice walk maybe more you drive it or do you write on a shooting there is a difference I have to wait to find out if there was Modern Warfare 1 that was the Porsche in Forza game where you shot out the back of the controller in Madden 13 the infinity Warfare trailer and it always has always will I actually like that again I didn't get a bad rap there was nothing wrong with that let you play did the bullshit beautiful feet pokevision and Veteran on Treyarch they fucking shit like dirty cheaters I was on his abortion on the second level right on the beach and had to lay some targets so fucking plan to come by and drop them off or whatever it is people somebody was getting fucking murdered right and I couldn't get past this point in the game because anytime I put my head up one shot killing me okay I'm going to run from A to B and I didn't and maybe one in a thousand also my fucking AI teammates are awesome eventually if I sat there long enough the the enemy would rush me and they would run by all of my AI cohorts who would still shoot forward and not even from around the building 19 in Japanese did on the bottom they be like what's up anyway looking that there might be somebody that you know and I was like I'm going to be looking at as many as appear in a game they just come out everywhere I need a fucking crazy and awesome that he said if you plan any of this again probably Modern Combat I'd like 2 more right tremendous tremendous tremendous game like Call of Duty Call of Duty 5 install wood Modern Warfare did so good and we got to do this and are game four times what they did what they did so well and like the idea of taking away your character Controller Modern Warfare that could have been the first you go and you can switch between Mario and Luigi galaxy and Luigi Toad and princess bed toadsuck McDonald's Joel it's always awkward sexual moments we had a moment talking about hot chicks from Comic Con past and we mentioned the couple with one leg that they put the machine gun on her leg and I was at Comic Con for Planet Terror and how hot she was and then all the sudden you got quiet Doodle Jump for you can you have a body picture I don't get the perfect talk about that dangerous Sports Authority who killed at now actually that's okay with you guys that's okay with me someone who did the theme song for the drunk tank a couple weeks ago if you remember him the Boy Wonder I saw his journal on Richard I guess he has a show at the beauty bar in Austin October 25th he was going to show October 25th starts at 6:30 p.m. that's a beauty bar down on the river I think it for him unfortunately for me I got a the University of Texas guys playing that on guitar any given day at night any given night go to college 2 brief semester-long stint of college like life at the college with Uncle Sam game in a training accident the training I'm shot white on top of the on top of the track and as soon as I look up in the sky was on fire 3 Fairfax Connector the worst way to die in the military in a training accident but I will say that I did briefly go to I briefly went to the University of South Carolina and then I also went to Rutgers Scarlet Knights picture of the devil and I remember like that the one game they finally lost those on the ESPN 2 they went like today luckily I didn't get a first down because I don't know this week good and well English ruler known elements of my head dead reporter College not for you jack can't speak good the convenience store to the coffee shop next door and I mean give me a break coffee shops in Troy there's a Starbucks right so so delicious try the new Pike Street roast totally believable the first game but I'm looking forward to this one to Assassin's Creed 2 because of the flags I love making Maps other collectibles you need to make a map did Gundam in my defense I'm lazy fucking ass I have to work for do that I really appreciate Assassin's Creed obviously what it what else do you think is coming out in the next few months that would require map Left 4 Dead Intel is in Call of Duty 4 personal conviction a blessing 2004 November no probably will well very like you know I'm going to fucking I'm going to bed but you know it probably isn't on the map what's up on charted to and Gus as a copy of the Hill were little behind schedule just came out so we're going to make up for that game Brandon Brandon 2 PS3 Starbucks loveliness this is your fucking three months earlier this year it was pretty weird to the airport and then go home and not have him whining about how we would play video games first time new Super Mario Bros game on the DS that he's coming to us and we haven't had our new supplier Brothers face off as that don't you always win you know he wanted to and I scored every second with him because he can't be bothered be fucking his ass kicked number to child support one out for the homies really good at making people not talk not talking the Saw movies movie theater we're going to set in Austin and we're not filming Austin can you confirm whip it in Zambia leaving Austin I think there's something like that University in Austin and then with it takes place in Austin a fictional Town North Austin and downtown Austin is there roller derby takes place inside the Michigan Journal about whippet that Gus and I were both creeped out by paragraph girl in the movie was in different ways and different did Ellen Page is freaking great in the movie and the chick who is maybe on Arrested Development is still an organism no problem with it block that kick now you probably hate because you turn on the Republic Kingston Rhode Island so he fucking fucking found out where her parents live that he drove by their house charms remember it was a long long time sorry I don't remember too well Scott on The View and open her mouth that show the terrifying shadow man yeah it's something else they're not happy with right now I don't know if there's a you also never watch a show can you imagine what the show con trailer once again I had to step out of the room what was fuckinv you with old people what is good about the view you know what's good for you and why is she currently on she defending Roman Polanski was in that group of people doesn't it make sure supporter of pedophile did she say what you say it's getting awfully serious at all you think I'm socially it so there's life there's fucking a 13 year old well I guess that I did that I guess I don't really have 10 minutes to put the explicit tag PS3 was going to send him to an extra life 40 days in prison so we decide he want to do that so he left so poor unemployed he had to flee America and he's been exiled from American Fork 43 game did and cut would you spell Jesus that's a bad question so what's up Mountain World War II game it's raining and how many calories is creepy pretty awesome she was on Joy Behar show called Blossom Jack and come up to me I guess so good luck Gus will be looking forward to playing on an Xbox the next couple weeks but you don't actually I'm going to direct that question a little I'm looking forward to playing on Charter 2 right now okay I thought you were saying that was how to play Uncharted Journal prepare to transport you like me to the Assassin's Creed you're playing the sequel before you play the original you're about to have you start playing it's hard when you know you're going to love the voice acting personal back in place 2 and it's working pretty good I just got the game I mean opened it yet but I'm looking forward to checking it out there I have no idea what that's about it so hopefully next week I'll talk about it the dude who is Lara Croft awesome what's going on this week you want to talk about plugged in Austin if you live in game on game on it so I get the chronicle and screen burn it's Thursday October 15th 7 to 10 p.m. at the Mohawk which is at the on 9th and Red River it's an all-ages event I guess you can play in all kinds of new games that are coming out and there's a rock band tournament and I guess if you when you get like free South by Southwest badge that's pretty fucking good try to go Geoff that he can't go practice or something Jack said he wants to go screen burn-in panels were before in the past and place in a nice building but it's tough going south on Red River and you get at that red light right there and if you look at the big red vertical line it's just slightly off-kilter and it fucking in the on your computer and I find myself always thinking the club like love you and we both went years ago swing dancing and shit there oh yeah they do work with at the old place was the end of swing dancing together with him because he would never never how many square feet will a 50 Jack number for work I'm not very well with words guide that upstairs and downstairs all this week supposed to let up by Thursday I think I would say three quarters of the day I've been back in Austin it's rained record of the dance was getting put up on my house I gotta wait for the rain to stop to have everything dry out so I have mold in my house grouted and sealed so no one can be there right now had to take my wife to call this morning because she can't be in the house and that she will get her after work oh yeah for the trailer freaks me out and apparently it looks if you 2 million people I can't 3 p.m. saw I really don't know I didn't do it on October 7th 2002 gamer for more than a hundred game and communities around the world extra life video that the people from the comfort of your own living room get more information online now does it extra life. 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