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RT Discusses Funhaus

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Recorded: 2015-02-10 22:54:19

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Meg Turney, Adam Kovic




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the receipt podcas this way want to give a shout out we can talk about that more later and podcas sea life out there with a certain holiday around the corner it's time to think about what he says certain holiday because I'm teasing the fuckin everywhere what I think of your head there man Davenport Orlando I'm coming back Gavin Bang Theory you're mean. That her boyfriend gave her a lovely birthday gift on his ex's birthday that he's like her birthday was a person at least as opposed to a load your significant other can you just stop talking Reddit make a living living on the edge today just leaving my laptop podcas me with podcas 300 I still hear about that to this day it was like like my leg is the table it was like over there like that in the corner of the with Berrie it's your ever never ever happen but maybe they will tell you how to how to take care of a lot about anything no I had to do it over here usually we evolved to the point where we catch things that are feet now I'm already planning to catch your beer I don't know why you cut your beard I don't know where the podcas budlight friend is my best friend and generally make you remember when you said podcas or do I tell him that like interpersonal interactions recent Xbox Live sign in the background is turned off one except contacts yes you did what is moving up here about a thousand different editions of it I was like there's no way to pre-order black Taylor with humor like back in her trunk Tamers days when we wouldn't be right for that site put it on your system old I preorder a link and download it the same day as everyone else and all the servers crash that's not good I was hacked and Half-Life 2 entire source code was released for like 2 years before it came out or something like that with the back like a year and a half or something right did you download it no no I don't think of it widely available that like to like early release thing and it was like everything like a Gmod Arrow where's the giant error word if I go to place an object or texts and there's plenty of that but it was like very mundane me but you can play with a physics and stuff like that it was kind of cool but it's also like not much was lost like from the lake and then they had of catching the guy they like trick them remember that so I actually did put him in a headlock and problems big thing with me log in for some stuff I need to get into any time I leave black textured as long as you out because I need to know this this this but guilty about it your work so much right we have to do something right 202 apologize you haven't texted me about doing something I don't know IKEA hours plastic text covers which was Gavin and Teddy like to do the text Gavin I said hey I was out somewhere and I can't remember what I was doing I texted you and said hey can you do it at 8:30 x 5 at that point you like sure I can do it at 8:30 and it was and let him know we're doing it at 8:32 hours in flight you send it and I'll be like okay we think about him because I don't have any that contact information you need to talk to you I'm hungry Mike Bai fitbi give me all of their contact info do you want to run tonight or not I said I replied I don't know can you get paint and the others that was at 7:13 834 iMessage in Forest ok Music Group USA in order to talk to them which almost kind of makes it weird if something goes wrong but so far so good but it's hard to promote account from Child account to adult rat anyway going back lot of conversations That's my boy right before we came here I would live on the receipts website so people can download it on the podcas down the receipt. We submitted a Tai soda shop there in 2-3 days dude soup Ruidoso burni had asked that's what we had started talking about us coming aboard his do you have a name is like you guys come on you want to keep hurting me like you have roommates or like okay here's the trick you pick 5 and pick the one that you really like to put the top and then you do for that are like kind of throwaways but they John hates dude soup big hot sweaty room with a bunch of you want to go podcas and yours talk in depth about that for congress funhaus Market all the videos and I want to get a different audio Bai every time it says funhaus Bobby burni first I think the one from the opening video but yeah we want to lick it like in Jamaica I got a message from our CEO and he said everyone at Georgetown Police of the street and he said that I saw you guys made he goes the guy who does the voice work in the building and I thought you were here and we could have gotten him to do the voice for that would have been perfect but I have never believed her first of all that was the fastest I've ever seen a logo come but I have never heard a group of grown men go around talking about umlaut for so long yeah and it's funny cuz I don't think anyone in there has any authority to speak on how they're to be used correctly it really should be on the you should be on the man just when I think so with the type rat cat Gavin of like this is normal this is Justin Lot 2 Omaha Adventure the year why I love fun with a group they like panda with a note to talk with everybody there you don't try to be nice to everybody watching her the other for like 2 minutes I can I can I can with this which means that he's glad that your news that doesn't dude power sprinting bang I'm sweating I'm just like you so much budlight of a stupid CrossFit before the announcement there was an email thread where people were talking about ways to promote the funhaus launch in different ideas and that I submitted a couple of quality photo shops to that thread that with an answer is very like productive time but we're all like the room and I was just a whiteboard and watching monitors and computers at 10 so like burni was like he was going to be like alright let's do these things out and we're getting all these emails on your phone it might be a moment where he's like alright let's register everything and we just went down with owner feels like I got something going on West LA offices this is these seven guys and that's it and they fully embraced the kovi production value of some of our other Productions was like I got one point that we just go out and run a U-Haul and then like now James of the sandwich and I was that was that we were just like we want to get something out today and running U-Haul that's where we have his room like webcam Handycam lunch boxes Rising randomizer new hip medical service order for today's race but if you can't make the nicknames that they covered the weird ARG we created that we didn't mean to make her like you were taking photos and bloo stink but if you put a big white block around inside and analyzing burni jacket was like they're like people blowing up still from the podcas out and he wears this jacket why did they have pretty much like the grassy knoll photos were starting to pop up and down Butternut 3 unfounded because it has way better graphics than the receipts subreddi I don't know where that Taylor Avenue have been a contest right now like the community's been fantastic it's more than me just like with the clothes and stuff like in real life old new style shoes and socks yesterday I did go shopping my wife really so my wife got sick of me looking like a slob most t-shirts that I wear I've owned for between 10 and 20 years and she said it was time to retire some of them just get rid of that stuff it's it's time that you can retire 20 ML 320 what about this morning the front door and Evans in the the kitchen and I know what you're getting a coffee or something and he looks up at me ghost shirt your wife Bai that's coming out of my cat what is it that responders big gavi security tag right away toxic stressful average male penis I don't even know if it's just like a flat you should take up smoking Adam jacket that's got a weird zipper that's like sideways it's up on the left lapel and it's if it's like a sideways pocket like that and I always keep my room key when I go to the soup supper big Lincoln out of context Ted talk about the security this building is very generic ways to get a year and I have done everything in my power to try to like integrate that card into my other items so that I don't have to get that car. okay well fuck you imagine we're both talking about you want to walk up behind you an envelope and you're like this that's your W-2 don't lose this one as well and you look up and go I don't want to kill me she gave you for the end of January do animals dream Eazy sermon cat photos I said you guys went there and Jenna and then that it was gone and we went back they were like breaking down the bleachers everything and I said I think I know it's on the table next to the red carpet I went there there's a table and then I'm okay sitting right in the middle like I said very clearly on the plane hey I was lost my hat on this trip and she's like Priceless sunglasses Xbox leave them there we walk down the river you going out tonight just watching something again the reason one of those that got it for like really put a lot of like cuz you need tons of light for super high-speed and having used it for the really cool video we put out yeah I feel man black lion music video fields are built mind picture the way it actually worked was really cool what's a change in the style of its limits but if I might do more in that style fish evolve with sun stone of it yeah I like it was like I kind of like that like some cool things pop up in like 10 different places Mythbusters test I got to repeatedly RC the props it looks good from what I saw he did a fine job I thought we did a fine job too for 5 years ago I don't remember what budlight Pacman in La I just really think a random guy who was really excited and really good on camera at to go into I kind of feel budlight plated in the order they were projected on from the outside you know maybe she looks really whatever colors we do that got a power pellet kovi 1 with yourself it was like it was first was because you said it was fun but then it was like I had a friend that was always inflate you think a portable air conditioner I'm going to read this I told you Valentine's Day is 5 for proflower that some of the best this holiday but today it gets even better proflower just want you to wait until Thursday do it today in the given address for this nursing the sea Robert calculator 2014 today only you can get an extra 15 to go to proflowers.com and use code teeth remember that extra 15% off today only proflower is quick easy and Valentine and proflower quick easy and deliver on Valentine's Day is guaranteed proflower for guaranteed to last 7 days or money back it's a no-brainer this special extra 50% off expires tonight to order now here's the way to get 2 dozen assorted roses plus chocolates vase an extra 50% off go to proflowers.com click on the microphone the top right corner Tai Pan teeth proflower.com click on the microphone and type in code to order now deal expires at midnight flowers last a long time I would ever The Bungalow before the the podcas Tai Chi of course we'll get to later can open them up and make a start generator to another one with flowers and I don't know if everyone is for the podcast because of the date on the card big been there for a week oops flowers a week ago friend every so often it's called 10:10 right and that stands for try explaining that to a caveman LOL I don't challenge you to explain the following this is the headline news why wait wait wait there's a group that oversees the Emoji like this cat clipart I've always wondered how something feels is this Google will have the phone and they turn ordinary you have to explain words box that catches the wind and turned it back in there but sometimes we don't the same words we say like the drawings on the wall we take those to each other and then sometimes people we hate will send his dumb ones this is it was too far draw everything is ok there a few out there who draw things that don't exist and they send those so they're part of unicorn which I guess is like the way you encode character and you could send them way before they were in the keyboard that you can cute is each other until turn right could you explain that to a caveman 1774 2nd dude you guys are not big he uses his phone he cheats from my phone in my pocket I just miss you guys and I think you friend request dude like I told us about it but it's over there quite like using it in secret and get dude I only got about things that just wants to do with lipo wearing this thing the FuelBand and it would work when you masturbate so I was just figured I was like you was working I didn't me a call really quick today isn't it cheetah and I started gaining weight my games and then walk and I told him I stepped up its not too much of the plays on the treadmill what is the device that lets you walk so that you don't have to walk into mine rat have that you would make a tool that would enable you to run as fast as you can and never go how to change a lighter the lighter thing you have something like crazy I don't really the junk jet I have long lighters to like like the fireplace and it's writing stuff that you know this whole effort to look in the fire pit outside whenever we have like Game of Thrones I would like to fire I have a blowtorch now like one of those handheld butane blow torches that is awesome did you just turn on then turn off and just blast until something about three and a half seconds at a light a fire and paper to make it friend Jeff's backyard black shoelaces but I can do the wood Bethel CT candle sizes did you hear about the Big Bang Theory Big Bang never happened the universe never began it's been around for Old Times forever but universe it just didn't want it or just not here this isn't happening right now okay Google was there a first star that maybe because we know what rat from Arrow we know the university so we're expanding are you Siri map radar friend Ed Robertson and I was on there a long time so that's been very good for him KissAnime from anything else I've ever done any single project this crazy crazy music genre movement last month Dave Ashley Twitter this weekend that he was told by the developer not to throw what is selling cookies like the game or poorly of Arrow 2001 no Aerosmith hate Arrow sea me the snow Arrow Smith as long as you are good song everytime it comes out I have to piece of Tai Chi classes at his filthy plays every music getting older by dressing differently like by dressing like suits and stuff like showing up with like Walker's no but you can text rockers United me guy hit by cat you like them. He got really hurt how man I was looking straight ahead weird and he's her father sorry come out I guess this past week was over before it was over that picture was taken before they started filming fellowship and it's so weird how different everything was a picture like 99 right before the start of different looks me with the weird contacts in The Hobbit movie computer failing on his face I think I hated that video humans need not apply and he's done now to videos that explain the mythology of The Lord of the Rings budlight very straight forward and I'm just like what this is here if you want to tell me if you're okay with something they never we have to figure out who made the Rings what do they do did you hear about the 9 year old in Texas who got suspended from school for threatening a classmate utility office something to the press something so stupid like that it's not like it's not 4. yeah are there really people that have a tail on their hair they was like rat tail get a 1D Degree in life the green rat get a rat tail and you go to bunch of people like that and friends was a very fashionable she like everybody looked up to the people in friend too and I wanted to be Rachel so bad me so dramatically out of date and it's like I remember I don't remember wearing clothes that she did but I know I guess I did Alicia dude out 00 dated and gross and now it's like the coolest thing there is I'm excited to be really old and watch these podcas man awake and 9 that would absolutely that would be the moment of realization you realize how badly you fucked up and it's like you have like a 30-second window to try to fix it for somebody like oh you want to talk to me until I read that on the internet but then I'm ready to die the I told that he forgot his me he's like telling it like it happened to him interesting that halfway through telling you it just keeps going me I threw him under the bus to him but not to the guidance office and someone will come along quietly anyone in the room with that's why you get one pound of fat never told me that I have a meeting you know like you've been of women around like they stink up Like a Man 2 Tumblr NJ that's why we're called dude soup or whatever yeah I guess I should step away from the banana FIS hide my mentality I think you all and I'm sure you guys experienced it here where it was fish from the podcas Twitter hashtag RT podcas the hashtag crossfi of Chrysler Sebring what is a kangaroo's pouch what was the date that swear it's worth it hangs out there nurses protected things that crawl it does not me what is something that I'll keep you in me cool into the pouch that it sucks on this thing the inflated since I just had only gave me 120 Suge blind way into the house yet they look awful fish it out and drop them like 6 feet that's what they go through get up get up it's the first of the dress their arms to get skin on their arms baby kangaroo and see how far he got before he picked that one I'm going to bed baby kangaroo yeah yeah yeah until it's gone I don't know what we want it's okay that's weird 9 fish to screw up into Arrow 424 on Twitter that I retweeted to be able to see unicorn Emoji that's amazing it's a rat execute yeah that's a good point how about no no no no harleen your mouth is a great pet budlight NE wake me up at 8 today is it is because you can't fucking fish fish no good to me any would jump in and pick it up fish that wants to die he tried to commit suicide the tiger killing a zebra because she took earlier I told her she could she can't pass a job for Christ's sake told you so I said what do you do when you're sad you be sad about things you know you there's something there but I mean we're like no his face permanently like that most guys like ex girlfriend or whatever she is Suge the suburbs Eazy with my favorite and it's so cool to see the guy that they got to play with I guess dr. Dre's son took it well but did they have a big falling-out I assume that I mean obviously dr. Dre and Ice Cube still friends right and then killed people on the set and then he was and I guess you guys are talking with someone then got in his car to leave and backed up and ran over one of his friends I guess someone would go on to the set with him her to leave us back the car up and ran over and friend of his and kill them so I'm excited about this movie is going to make it soon videos so that I think about it Shari's Berries forget keep calm and Berrie home with sharis Berrie forget the long lines crazy Shoppers sharis Berrie will deliver this directly to her door with love from you spend less time shopping and more time with a sweetheart this Valentine's Day giant freshly dipped strawberries from Shari's Berries starting at 1999 over 40% savings go to Berrie.com click on the microphone and typing code teeth and for our listeners you could double the berries for just $10 more but you have to use our code teeth there different kinds of white milk or dark chocolate for chocolate chips decorative Swizzle or nuts be right there giant juicy freshly dipped strawberries starting at 1999 or double the berries for $10 more visit sharis.com that's berries.com click on the microphone at the top right corner and type in teeth Berrie.com click on the microphone Tai panties order the date the strawberries I think every time I see her I was really happy we were never sure where you will be email year so I'm sleeping at Blaine's plays now like The Kill room from the girl the Dragon Tattoo it was not that many from schedule lot I thought I saw that I saw the video hell yeah Adam flower box full of condoms and she was so embarrassed so we choose our mercilessly about it you just use one on yourself but it's just year only work 9% of the time it does that never when you guys first met but I was just played with man from plane for somebody that I know you could with me July from La how long has been married 2 years coming up on 3 but we're going to have like 10 years you know each other can you still work at the same clothing store I was more work than getting mad at your favorite shows I was you brought up the bum dude I've never been asked this question your life I think the first time her and I see that Meg was on The Gauntlet that was driving us back from party you were in the driver's seat remember that that was so I'm really happy comedy the secret handshake year the secret handshake what the hell how do you have a secret handshake what is the point of a secret and I can taste like a doppelgänger shows up and try cat dude that's cat have cat of magic close to Lansing for today Converse Chucks and she'll be wearing but I can't wear this where I was so I was at dice in Vegas last week I Man video game conference and I was walking to the conference held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino put in for the day out and you have to walk out from the breakout rooms and passed through casino floor out to the Texas Tai the front and let him walk by and I look at the floor and I see this really elderly couple like they are not standing next to each other the craps table but they're both at the same craps table and I can tell they were together even though they were standing next to each other because they were both wearing like identical Hard Rock Casino t-shirts old logo really old your married why would you say that you're wearing the same thing you don't even grocery store your disappearance look like a mystery around here there were like at least six people died dude I left a package on your way to the airport it's like you're not in Vegas well I'm out of the office probably the most can I go in the county have you ever seen him is that he has to show up to his desk earlier like at 4 p.m. I found some for the first time today drunk drunk texting how is it being drunk at noon who was the Cowboys number one most popular user Lumberton awkward I was like number one before anybody else 517 of the time Bar None the most popular member of the of the site for a long time PAX East the very first one I would not have made it and I watched it and it was crazy if you like lot of other stuff that was in that as well like you'll be with their Adam out sea was there in the in the front row right across and there's out of it's right there I'm coming by the booth that year was like 5 years ago video will be coming and bringing hot sauce for us trying to get this to eat it you still have it on your phone of you 252 a screening and I had someone made me stand up to give me a trophy for like the longest distance traveled 3/4 is my first time in America it's cool I just of the lady hair then no I already got it bad flights New York to make money cat Jeff was like your flies and I am front of a room full of people do you think of yourself like you said you would tell you now it's a friend of your brother I have white hair when I was a kid at 1:10 until I was black guy you don't know you have blackheads what it takes to hold on to like blue eyes babies only fish Brown we're stuck with this appointed Hitler was okay change old magazine right now I'm watching my oldest kid is no longer blonde he's definitely on here now when I was a kid I was a redhead seven or eight I think I'm going to turn black red hair why is it like a thing like we don't make fun of redheads in the US but that's a given the ginger ginger in the year and it's a good thing was it was the result of the gingers have souls with someone it really wasn't like that you should take days ago thank you uncles and members of my family who have green eyes only so we got like shit I saw my wife I'm very happy with how big is Washington lights on man died for genetics are trying on clothes what it's really like to get that closet room with a mirror looking at you when your skinny sister me to the camera you've never seen a sign in the dressing room I'm like look I got I can try on to things and then I'm out this is the most gavi Nyack on a regular basis like you quite a bit career in La he had to take headshots of Michael and Gavin friend which I already have really just sit there and be quiet like he had to bring it was a little bit I'm headed to work like 5 minutes away from the office in the cold is freezing me pictures of me freezing kovi walked in and it was freezing John showed me the timestamps and the time for the first photo being taken to the last Lord of you taken before you ran away was 3 minutes tell me about how upset was one of the old ones to get better and we already got one from that Berrie how long are you out there because Devin told me what did you say it was 55 minutes just to get there but why Rat Pack free ride home you take three men why would have taken like every single good photo of you that's ever been taken all the merchandise Riverhead anything with your photo on it the let's play lot of posters I can let your mom see you later that's great I appreciate it and it's freezing cold and you want to be taking pictures whatever is appropriate for your team we were in the middle of field you and I dude that had no warmth to them at all and we out there until 5 in the morning we're under Big Bang the art of ladies and it was and we stayed until you actually for whatever reason that's seen that you were in I did not have to be there tonight I fully acknowledge that was the hardest thing I did it was I think you're trying to make me look like a dog know your tolerance is at the same level as I am if you took 50 pictures and then had to switch it said to do it again what was the point in the first 50 pages presentation headed the headshots it's me and then Colton and then Michael and Gavin and it looks like Michael doo look like photos like that from you guys who did portraits two or three years ago now and that was it there to remind you in the set but I wasn't able to get one of them I use for my Twitter Avatar in the other ones from the 12th portraits done of I think someone in the community found a picture me. I don't know, but someone just saw that picture of under the arrow for the first time and I saw this long discussion but however obviously everything in that photo was photoshopped and nothing was real and she let them know it was me sitting I'm like a giddy little school in front of the with Josh and obviously the arrow which is that Arrow now that we have the back of the podcas it was just on the doo budlight that wasn't turned on with absolutely absolutely absolutely WhatsApp old the little chain to turn it on and it didn't turn on so fish I saw her messing with the damn Olive probably a hundred green olives the day I had a severe allergic reaction to medication can I get flushed and already trying to be me that's so much sauce and everything's on I was just like awesome this is me and I gotta hold on I think you like me very much maybe if she gets up eggplant for chicken and everything so don't try to make it like a substitute for me it's where the money the name of it but I feel like all of those things like this you're the worst make it totally fine I completely and totally something I would do funhaus I'm the Undertaker Tai Chi classes because we kept going to games gone every year and every year my wife and I like we're going to learn a language with Rosetta Stone we're going to do this I can't get past the first lesson so that I can say is a little girl can swim that's about as far as I can get which is probably incorrect French women something like that but that's probably totally wrong you should go to the beach death row women it'll be ugly woman swimming what time do Germans like little women so they don't know I don't know I don't know a woman is like an onion it's something weird that's when I gave up cat Ancona Library yes Hey Hey listen to get to foreign language says we we we learned like what you take in Japanese Japanese you have to learn Japanese in Japanese Dude Looks like it's only for language what the fuck would you tell me who's going to be there forever Snow's library and PATH train ticket never go to the library in a foreign country don't know why I learn Japanese in college and maybe it was awkward cat Library out of the Japanese theor and negativity that was us doing Popin Cookin and I tested it and I found out anything that's in Katakana Japan crate Bai old Japanese candies and I'm like this one is does one country you don't need to learn you don't even know a single word of Truth look at you in the eye just have just have Wi-Fi that's all you need in Perth Australia to Japan we don't speak of sea level of Japanese can anybody here know each other and therefore yes you are so we went we were in Tokyo for 38 hours I went to Tokyo before iPhones existed okay so it was like a whole other world and there was a cover which was a thousand yen but I was drunk and I didn't like of honey how small is it or if you even ten thousand thousand dude me too I didn't see I'm not very smart and I didn't realize you could just put data on your phone like international data for just one month so I went to when I went to Japan I didn't have my cell phone at all like I don't have any Wi-Fi and then we got lost getting to our hotel and speaking of Japanese that I could take the dura get directions and even the Japanese guy was helping me like this hotel is really hard to get to and I look did you can do something about Japan year and nobody would help me but they were super helpful the food is just buttons I'm going to try to take a picture of food you press the button from the receipt you hand it to the person and they go. Sometimes ask the guy in Japanese like which one is which me and then if you ask me which me that I wanted and I tell them they just push the button for me gavi old Japanese cat ever seen in my life and what are we going to be eating there that day to purchase a live octopus and then they gave us chicken feet right and then like I said something I didn't cuz I thought it was a bit too far it was like a chicken bone is like what can we give these got here. And all they would say yes 4 stirman out everyday and getting into the culture in Puerto Rico PBS Kids of a second opinion so that's where we're going to go and I said I want to go to Ireland I want to go to India cuz you and I have to go to your mama lot of trouble forever which Jelly Belly just tell me from the foo Doo appreciate when I was in Japan on the map that there was everywhere because I was like an old sign for churches or something like that or good luck but they're still on Google Maps we're not like you know that Big Bear dude I found out that apparently we have it stink this is pointless stupid stupid you don't big honking your dog under water for a little bit and what happened a membrane that is a separate and together oxygen out of the air man pulling into another medium why can't I breathe out of that last week of drinking apple dude you alright fish like what animal fish how in the hell do cats like to eat fish started at the Catholic fish and we will you receive Bai fish to a dog right it's just of house cats go after the house fish so that's kind of on us and everything to cat in the wild life fish looks like fish flavored dog food how much fish dog food right now where to buy a walk right by the 72 fish dog food because it gives my dog's bad breath dude can you feed a dog to a fish why would you feed your fish dog flavored Fish Lake Dog flavored that you can feed like cat fish I remember when we go to the lake when I was a kid you get cat fish food out of like a little putting dog feces fish Bai have you ever smelled like stink bait stink bait gavi in the Calvin cycle Berrie Stink Bait fish that was weird fish tail hanging out of Minecraft fish how tall is running around eating fish out he was just a cartoon Audrey Hepburn couldn't the cat that eats fish tom cat Tom Cat of Tom and Jerry when they flooded the kitchen and then light the fuse the freezer like shove it in and it froze the entire kitchen I wasn't actually do that with the freezer the height of creativity was like those Warner Brothers and Tom and Jerry cartoon the jackass I think most of Jackass was inspired by Tom and Jerry stuff I really do like most of them can trace back to himself what it is Jeremy the dude medicine ball dodgeball in the dark the old ones I like the fat dude on the treadmill one was good yeah jackass jackass where are they now it was just a behind-the-scenes feel like a Jackass 2.5 crippled for Lamborghini that wasn't his he got Heat kids skate sponsors in different shows and stuff like that broke out in different things but that's for sure Suge Knight happened to bring people entered Heaven at the exact moment that they left I feel like he would head to Heaven backwards in a Flaming Lamborghini rat bastards big brand of peanut butter socially what does fingerprints off your screen you dumb ass hoe I actually don't it's one of those Taylor Mac products is how they make you look like to the human like I have to clean my Apple product every week of World of Warcraft I don't play as frequently so I don't have my hands glued to the permanent black marker we're going to lie I do want to meet you before we go there let's plays coming up February 20th and um going to that a couple of tickets left I think all of those left in the balcony but I always have been your great seats definitely come check it out it's going to be real fun time there's a t-shirt it's the other podcas