#311 - RT Podcast

RT celebrates Shrove Tuesday.

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Recorded: 2015-02-17 23:22:10

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Morgan and Allison from Kerbey Lane Cafe




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Transcript (in progress):

everyone come to the third-annual project due this week we'll be talking about both of those companies and their products the dollar store open dye introduced to destroy tuesda and that you have and now we're here with a fine selection of toppings and and with professional pancake makeup the best country we have cake makers Austin good kitten complex I want to make sure when we continue the tradition of pack it I'm not going to fucking cook pancakes they were get you back to back was the day today but we're happy to have you back I was traveling Ashley like 16 years at this point I don't know what it is about that City I cannot learn how to get around in a city West Dakota vet like several different times over troubled Mashable for sure but he's navigating he is an awful Navigator with Google Maps is just terrible with people at the turn is coming up and he didn't works like it's a no-go will to make it turn to go okay 4 Mile take a left and that's it he said calculate on your head or something like that Vic the crew cab like I get there Netflix like crazy The Shield like mad crazy Aztec RT Podcast we can take questions are coming can take requests and pancakes feeling of I was so happy to have you here Kerbey Lane the cafe that is in Austin it's not that far away from our studio get some Kerbey Lane but then they open multiple locations and didn't change the name so you have like Kerbey Lane Cafe on Lamar Boulevard get address to Lamar the one in the one down south it used to be here not associated with an cake Tuesday night anyway Peapod Happy Fish Hershey Park CAF Pizza that we should have I helped make the official pancake I just want some pizza what do you like I don't like ordering Dominos Lewis Griffey like order what did I think you would like Hoops so there's no french fries and gravy and cheese Koko actually terrible Allison barbar earlier today sorry I don't want to drill to Lan from yours and like social awkwardness and social anxiety you so you know there's a service you can use in Austin to get things like Take Out Who deliver to you that normally don't deliver and there's another service you can order groceries and I'll come and pick a line that goes through and I thought you know I really don't want to see this person like you want to see the Liv please do not knock on my door Leve the groceries up front of my door did you really do that but I would be way too scared to ask for them to just leave it inside I'll call you whatever I couldn't get the yogurt with the Serie make sin zaz and I can check up and of course I realize on the Shelf dance practice strawberry lemonade pumpkin Morgan the vide cooking of blueberries and oatmeal raisin cookie items we we told people it takes for us the first word out of his mouth was pumpkin gluten free that's okay free like wheat bread Leve shake it up enough for something like that Andy asked me to eat healthy and sin no more get me something to smoke anymore it is true that we get to show you care about your looks but do you care about like a really small piece of your face right now I don't care what is that recurly test vegan pancakes get what's gotten it right that travesty HTC Water & Wheels like the normal stuff like you're sin like some kind of like eight syllable chemical give me know what you're doing that's crazy you got you guys something that crazy you tell me one thing before we were in college that would play in the N64 he would play this King Griffey baseball game on just hit home runs play on the easiest setting and hearing play I think I was like on the gaming play like the Leve with the Kansas City Royals I know that was in the World Series this year they weren't good when we were in college barbar like 4 hours and it's a mercy rule and I walk into the living room and he I wish sin s& on HDMI cable what is one from and captain and I can get from HDMI I was going to the Monitor and like that he wasn't like I need your HDMI cable remember talking about that play in that of the baseball team makes me think about when I was in Australia Jordan who makes Animated Adventures really early in the morning like 4 in the morning to watch football games like to watch he's a big guy so you want to watch the Colts game and I think I did when I woke up I looked crazy like you got up early and watch a good for nothing right a huge blowout not the definition of a good day do you think you bring me here I got really lets going to do something I'm just really sad how do you know your phone died or something we were somewhere in my phone died right as I said if I can do something up iPhone iPhone you have asked me of pages of apps and bring it home if you haven't sold how many pages that you have like you swipe to the left to go to your next batch about how many pages you have on your phone I keep everything at one time jobs Omaha hateful what is your day on one page girl Apple pack which is all the crap that you constantly ebook I use this phone he has 16 pages about 16 Pages like the bottom to be fair he has the fact that what is that kid play with friend that would make sense if you scroll and like page 13 is like a navigation app how do you money I don't like the sound of like I get on my. The bottom line is the iPhone 6 I just have a night out like that I didn't sin we had a review exclude apps from search we can start using as an example is they will text you I don't like not having a picture next to a text still I made from my services I made a contact and then use their icons for the contractor going to tell you strawberry lemonade I can't possibly taste good but I'm trying I feel good lemon pancake shave a conveyor belt which should cover me here's why do I make him navigate even though he drives listen to the Rain that listens to the scan function get the scan button any listen to three seconds of every radio station and are you ever going to find my Mac I know what he says I need to get like a no you really classical potato how to make a creamer I agree pack in 20 I just this is about Matt I never what's up with that like a drag friends recently Spartan run. A bunch of friends Josh Flanagan and Justin get the half marathon and the Pacers even like 8:30 so that would be something that real quick 8 and 68 minutes 30 seconds he's doing about 8 Mile big butt the same as what u.s. like I said headshots number down right here and get me facing the Sun and I'm kind of naturally is 20 person and so facing the sun of my life so you better I want to look at like headshots that guy that's a doo doo like grew up in the Sun and just had like they had invented really sunscreen gu but wear your sunscreen I'm going to take you to what was the population of the new one I don't want that one I don't like crazy drive me to raisins RT racing how do you raise a raisin like a raisin a dried-up grape get the car within 60 lets up kitten for cars I don't I think it's the same as America or any other country but us we make our culture until we words like junky cars we love you for not having your safety no I didn't I only my first car was I move to Texas I don't have a car before like she's my parents my parents bought me a car when I was 18 but they bought me a car that wasn't manual transmission and I didn't know how to drive manual transmission and my dad gave it to me as I drive this car how to get a manual car I need a car ready to give you a teenager as soon as the air conditioning unit without the air conditioning is terrible text to ya-ya I was crazy or an Lan Impala have a lot of really terrible teacher sin no you're over the speed limit I need a GPS app Android lets all the stealth a traffic sign plastic wrap on Allison 50 Shades of Grey WSU Twilight and I know it started fanfiction for Twilight supposedly started Billionaire what is it about what is what is the main character on the rich do play with someone they go why is it called 50 Shades of Grey I've no idea take a note Eddie's Pizza in Seattle iCarly from your Marathon experience something embarrassing to admit really I have read all three books of 50 Shades of Grey there's three books darker and 50 Shades Freed read all for this is a franchise this anymore these movie which is associated with women sexual Liberty of this a lot of stupid article I have ever seen in my life on Mashable last week I guess they're leading up to the whole like mostly blueberry blueberry now another time well I guess like they're trying to tap into the whole like sexual Liberation thing like and Demarco girl you know bedroom S&M stuff awful to me but what is it was like to use your feather duster to like tickle your partner actors using a dog collar like to tie someone up like those are also dirty but a couple of the guys from RoosterTeeth dressed up in I guess Dom and sub costume Ken doll with the barbar ecology is and they want to go see 50 Shades of Grey and Chris of Christopher's of good looks he died she was wearing tights and a skirt gu the frame of the for The Whistleblower to begin with because they were put in a can and I actually thought to myself who's the hot chick with cooking off or the girl in the past a short with Pocahontas they thought that was Chris as a girl do they really have no I mean the couple different and she was like from the waist down do you rinse with like what that I want to be clear that I was happy for my friends perfectly clear pack I'm leading up to this because I was supposed to see Aaron that night and I got a text from Chris that says I'm making a run a little late I couldn't decide on a good dog collar or blue Aaron the dude the eternal struggle Darren the dude with helping Chris the dude both? This time I'm going to get like 38 reading these books and it was there what am I doing with this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club have one here in the studio loves getting razors delivered from Dollar Shave club.com I will come straight to our doors for a couple dollars a month I can't imagine a day without them I just have one question why isn't everyone a dollar shave club.com member why not you don't need to worry about no hidden fees in fact there's no fees at all just pay for the stuff you ordered even have free shipping get there for blade razor and for replacement blade sin to Door each month for 6 bucks including shipping the reasons are amazing if you aren't a hundred percent happy Dollar Shave club.com will refund your money no questions asked there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be a member of Dollar Shave club.com has attained go sign up at Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth right now you'll be happy you did that dollar shave club.com / 365 product at a fine price for appreciation for like the air Passion Desert a Serie I just show up at home there's razors in my a record there's razors in my mailbox but when you see this when you see I'm hope brand new unopened jar of Jif peanut butter when you see this when you see it's all pristine there are you the kind of person that hates the mess that up or you can't wait to love it love it when it's like this. That was a nice the best sound ever so you don't even like of carefully so you a little tin foil buried in there that happens to stolen card Title II join network from the bottom up Textra the changes that I feel comfortable 14 servings in this lets 84 servings of 84 grams of 14 for those who can't see it the same one pound that's one pound doesn't seem a serving is 2 tablespoons on Manchester like it that much I could have people lost a pound Davis County what you lose weight faster the first see if we have stats with no what is the strawberry for strawberry I'm get me some peanut butter I gotta say you think it's her I would help but I don't have any strawberry various earlier today I saw a business so I had to go drive somewhere to pick up some things for the office and I was turning out here on the the exit Road a 9:35 to turn the corner from the office and I'm heading north on the access road and I get to like another intersection and I look over and I see a strip mall come stop at a red light and I think I've never looked at it I see there's a thundercloud in there and start looking at all the other stores in that the light of the sign says naughty cakes like absolutely vagina I mean yeah I think alike baby like a baby close on Monday holiday all the days of the week song I think they won't play vs. peanut butter strawberry lemonade girl television who won last Road Runner does skim milk and I want you to know Tiny Tots up really high and you opened his mouth to grab it and it hit at the perfect angle right down straight into his throat a baby at 21 help you about well well Holden Twitter you're everything to me when I said I never see the vagina cake uncovered no thank you I've got it like real babies that are real babies RT has been done with the how about Tuesday king cake I think I think it's a French thing a plastic figurine into the cake and whoever gets the baby cake the first edition 1% everything I hate seeing other people your pie if you want to eat pack that was great I didn't do I didn't do it last household funhaus YouTube is that I have no a what on Urban inside the house and I'm slow you various photos that you guys post on social media looks like in living room because like really funny that's really funny that's the same day screen gaming is like it's only good on Nintendo these days and he's gone from games ascendin playing as well but how many people actually do that anymore like like how to put the white building Aurora it's a really difficult process to make the display screen I am thank you very good Modesto rapid rendering everything 4 times for some input and and rendering that world the frame rate down play split screen with 60 frames a second like SD to HD is there a lot of games that did split screen down the middle vertically I didn't like that either for the Super Why would a horse of yours you never used to it I couldn't I couldn't guess that makes no sense if you want to see your peripherals for racing game who cares was next to you so about what's in front of you make it long ago and they came up with a dynamic was hard to explain but if you go to the left and you'll be on the left it was straight down the middle with a walk in the world that we walked like he walked North and he walked out the line would rotate I want to try it was emergency like and just like so we're like yeah it's a dynamic what street is really strange but I mean I'm sure that something like that was I am the dream Lewis creamer pancakes of the show up getting caught up is the movie open who did lets it compare I don't know because it there's a thing on Reddit about how like Jesus beat sex or something like that there's someone we are compared to 10 years ago Jim Caviezel 50 the same as what you laughing at how do you how do you a real story forgot inflation remember the story Christmas Eve you. That cake in the manger what are Sundries price to Temptation lets Antichrist that would be a comparison representation of how great opening is it that's phenomenal we need each other real life so apparently it seems they had to reshoot the actors the people who play the main characters in real life kitten get along or something and so there's a lot of things there was no chemistry I know too much about me who bought the Saga tips zaz no she's Crossing her arms so I can feel like Nestle chips Brands like just rainbow ring like that's like that you passion 1 episode like 20 bucks we spend more and more to girl decorations the light bulbs burned out by the way Mary the really good milk chocolate chocolate chips and milk chocolate dark chocolate or milk chocolate chocolate chip cookies ever never in a thousand get me sweet that's what you normally use semi sweet chocolate chips milk chocolate real chocolate incredibly disappointed as opposed to having get so upset about American Chocolat it's so bad her she's the one that's a bunch of like earwax and it was something to keep its like it's coming out as well because this place to do that than English and European Chocolat make it and that chemical is very similar to the chemical in vomit that gives it that pungent smell really yeah like 2 weeks ago and that's why your fiance that are Chocolat a psychometrist chemical that is very Chocolat English milk chocolate milk the first ingredient in Markham of Chocolat everything made them take them please government of Canada you know you're not Nestle you know you're not you know her she's going to go to work everyday and you know you're making the knockoff thing you know you are every single day you like the person you think how many Friday I thought you liked that struggle but still being a dollar lets you do it licking Chocolat New Zealand of chocolate milk everywhere barbar on the way back I must look like a maniac I go to the duty free in New Zealand I thought every fucking Chocolat bar in that airport that was about it I went to every store I could and every bar have any no idea what is whitmans Chocolat rescue me I don't know there's some chocolate Toblerone from tobleron for crazy Argentinian because the kids are growing up Clint the right is a regular size Toblerone naughty one is it there was a big one but the red ones are a bunch of little one so freaking bad tobleron and on and on and it says it on the thing that goes really well you could kill someone with it in different places thinking of Cars 2 is a BMW 1 series with the Smart Car Smart the city little car to go to Mercedes that's what it was we want Mercedes still be like a premium brand here they want to sell like a Lewis a low cost car like a Honda Civic is like a cool looking little car in America is an ugly piece of shit metal Civic hatchback so there's a there's a Honda hatchback the coldest it will like the one with the door handles like in Japan I was going to go back there anything you can get wasabi wasabi Kit Kats a broken back from Japan Road like that awful it would not be that everyday but it sin Chri I bought some crispy M&M went online to Amazon and look for crispy M&M who they really wanted them and I ordered a bag and you really want to hurt we was shopping for King I didn't crap what do you know if your plan against play gunship from I thought like an American warehouse or something but apparently I can from Germany was over $10 for like just not a normal size bag that like a kind of a bigger bag I know I received your offer I think about I now have a normal the old lets animals to The Rock toys that are next to Dos Amigos German crispy M&M sin rostro they just told like a weird texture to them Chocolat tasted really awful sour smelling the first man to have a drink she said there and almost to the Rock dollar like what the fuck are you talking about the who looks into modeling silver platter that's nice we should we should do like you off the charts naughty bedroom I didn't have it either way it's more expensive than a paper plate we could have for the buck for the Nestle Toll House a Home saying play to those sorry I was going on it's beautiful it's a beautiful play it this is not good for you but it's not sugar looking for something naughty to Passion but I never run away apparently you can teach your right you can teach you girl girl who doesn't know that right I had to tell you that some other time okay Google what is the sign language gorilla the web I'm sure they're not like you to feel better about their teaching sign language in the woods for manual and when the humans I didn't really want me to a percent things you could talk girl what do you say when like question we're just really got one question girl who is the gorilla do get tired of eating Kerbey a question we talked about this because it cuz if you just your frames of reference is so different I don't care about what you care about gorilla when they didn't mean that we would have the same language languages lets talk about eating stuffing stuff down production coordinator what do you hope for serious like there's any kind of contact is it exactly look forward to anything right now blames it on the cat like thinking from the animals crazy like that where on a dog I used to have a pointer which is a really beautiful dog but it's a sport dog which means a pointer pointer brown-headed dogs and it looks like genetically something like that and like this and like now remember the race like one pop and they just like they look at it and go straight it's like they're all basically like a please put your head the whole Kerbey still it's crazy that's crazy instant like honey Ken Greene St get bored and then immediately go into the pouch right nobody told her animated baby koala bears know to eat shit what's from the mother probably like eucalyptus leaves so low in nutrients that a baby kangaroo called even like deal with all the crap that's in eucalyptus Leve a baby kangaroo and koala baby koala just has to eat the shit from the mother fucking gross vehicle pack babies cake anything either but who pointed out like a picture of a point that one day I came home and this is at the first house where we where we started becoming shorter red vs blue one day I came home and I was in the front entryway and there's this like phone like a little chunk the phone and was all over the entryway what is this and I walk I walk in the living room it was phone in every room of that house every room then I got serious well it was like had rabies in this phone it was actually it was like she like installation for some but it was the living room couch Pakistani all the ways you can catch like from the top where the seat cushion just sit on it just like a drill down through the couch like nudist Springs where he stood over the couch it looks normal on the left and on the right button ascendin barbar I have no idea what you're going to make a bender and like for 3 hours turn of that couch and then head like this Morgan and I couldn't get out of the corner for like 6 hours so yeah it was like hiding and like you try to look at it would look like it would make eye contact with you zaz why was David zaz you from Ellenton zaz from right known I would have been after like get out of here I didn't know that I would not tell my friends what the hell I never thought of it that way yeah a classic Disney films like Little Mermaid but yeah a little mermaid like to know how you did it it's not like you're watching it over and over you don't realize king of sexual jokes like mature joke okay that you don't you only get one over the age of 18 like people looks for sex stuff I can't wait for the The Mickey Mouse certificate crossover human coffee ever had a massage I have ever had a massage yes I did you like that it will be asleep I had my first one day is Valentine's Day I lay down and I think my face in hole, California the boxes on the woman comes in and starts rubbing me and then says what do you think it would be like if there were no jobs and everyone know we had to work there no jobs like do you think that would be wise you want the 20 minutes asking me all these weird questions like trying to figure out politically where I was Lewis talking about or anything how's the pressure eastwoo CA wooden on Leve people still work because people like Firefly a secret that I've been on the table for a minute does Humana play Wii lets not comfortable at all the way I can sleep in before you take off like that we I can I can close my eyes and I'm not tired like I could have slept before I get on a plane and everything's kind of like you're in a good mood I'm trying to come up with a lot of cars and people I'm certainly not as worse Chris gavi it's rough it's not my problem is I live south of the river and our offices North the room and it's not clear that situation that you realize only for places to cross the river in the shower it's like your street that's it that's all you got Crossing downtown it's fucking nightmare traffic jam on I-35 between 1st Street and 38th Street for 24 hours literally always there and it's horrible but I have bad news for you I was in Los Angeles and you know what's all in Los Angeles driving a Aston Martin BMW I8 driving really love that looks cool in person it looks ridiculous like them yes did you know that the back of this is very expensive hybrid that are coming out with electric what is it if you have a hybrid but it's got on paper and pictures looks great in person with a pill like there's like a fender over the top of that but there's a space there between and its face runs all the way through the sides of the car feel like it's cool that you can see through the back of the car and if you look at a car straight on to the back I cannot see any of the photos published on the website what are you looking for the bag you feed a like to the back of the car on the right and the left so is my notification I don't know how to get to play French restaurant I was talking about that she said it took a test drive and she said it was done with the doors that come down automatically have to pull them down see that is where you don't notice it like like lovely Contours of the car part above the tail light that is not a dark piece of trim that is awesome it is so cool looking thing gu the daylight I need to say so it's really obvious when you're looking at it straight from him yet it was posted today online which was I guess it was a dealership text and they were learning like how to interface with the i a and like how to approach it and it was a nightmare like to get the hood open was the door swing up and there's like a Pneumatic arm that pushes the door up or hold it in place you gotta go behind that pop up a cover until then it would pop up cover and then there's like a lanyard with a loop on it like a string you pull that and yet there's something on the other side of the car on the other door also do the same thing what you want to do you both have to open the hood the windshield to the hood open from the windshield different in every way from the windshield but you can open it is that Pink's the front bumper you have to lift the whole Hood up have some other side Liv the holdup and then tilted forward it's like everyday you gotta have like two people some of it was like things you only with you in the event of power loss or something better under the hood right like that would even talk about if your push button but there's a safety mechanism like if your neck in a crash Leve you pull up and then that unlocks the door and it's right there in the top of the door but you pulled up to a certain point and stops and they reached down his looks lighter than the slider up and then you can keep going but he's going to break off in a crash or whatever and need to get out of the car that manual override is going to remember lots of the way to your personal pin confirm and then you get out of the car impal does anything never seen you before in my life and it drove me nuts all weekend no no has a feature called autostop I mention I'm available already since I know you can read speed limit signs according to you they can sin stop signs and if you're not stopping fast enough it'll stop for you to stop by that would be awesome if I would think that would be I can see the color red in the traffic light no my car when does that like my car you when you get behind somebody it'll it'll slow down and stop and then my car will start back up again play auto-pilot on my car now my car won't turn the wheel and it won't stop at a red light like you would just turn the wheel all the way to it I could definitely do that without pressing a single thing you just hit the button lock on the car in front of me and it was so whatever I said they said like 40 miles an hour 40 miles an hour to work on here and if a car gets in front of me anytime it would match and keep going straight so could you just sit in your car get behind a car and it's in the back to the and fall asleep Wildwood a Serie Jupiter ascendin for O'Charley's I thought you'd be able to track if it's just a nap with my friend in the car you can like dont like 40 or 50 miles an hour down the freeway and be comfortable like looking down your phone cuz you won't run into anything. I'm just saying you could autostop via for the Impala has a feature called autostop which is I guess the fuel saving mechanism which is get your red light and come to a complete stop the engine turns off and its 20% charged when you take your for that drove me insane all weekend or something Kerbey Lewis Avenue Prescott from sin who knew I absolutely knew every single time fucking crazy never in control anyway I guess it's a few sin future as I hate it I thought the car was dying at every stop like every stoplight just done trying electric car should be used to this and you telling me it's time to stop and then you know why I went Dr like because every for the like foreign person in this country usually get deployed if I break the law like get out and I'll be like has my life gone if I break the law everyday do you I have absolutely zero chance of harming anyone with anything I do I will never hurt anyone hear you're feeling down all week then that's okay what American if I can very easily crash into a car accident someone items cake I am in the most low-risk my life I don't drive if you're likely to have any kind of Calamity at your age it's most likely going to be an accident car like that and I'm headed to people if you your trouble lets ruin your trouble you're in trouble I talk mode on anyone in the passenger seat I can try but I work I like Gavin's logic here is like I just ran over a family of 4 I might have to go home and might be the outcome of this I'm on touchable usually released words as a fourth person has a horn other words for people I wrote down what office of and horrified that killed the four people like that not looking and there's a car coming and then like you move down the street and the car swerved to avoid you and then they hit something and died that's not a crime no I'm not saying it is but you could hurt somebody from a crime perspective that's why I will why wouldn't cross the street without looking I could easily lose concentration using your phone trying and ordering people by accident not confident other people driving from everybody else so I'm not worried about me her to wait the way they market and drinking and driving hit girl drive sober or get pulled over UFC July 1st and I know they have to put it in like easy to qualify I think the big thing I see now is a DWI conviction can cost you ten-thousand there's a lot of people inside like the windows in their faces real bloody and tell her that you could do that I always felt that the PSAs in Canada and UK are way more aggressive because you have National Healthcare and it becomes like you want to keep people out of the hospital and stuff like that like the cigarette Packaging Australia lets you and I like you can't see them they're behind but opaque door and you have to tell the cashier I want this specific cigarette and then going to pull it out and it's covered in like pictures of cancer Arleta cigarette the door what am I different the steps of the podcast 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and start snacking smarter go to naturebox.com / rooster teeth to get a free trial box of delicious snacks your welcome or even have a box of that I'm sorry a bag of that on my desk you did so girl come on you so good I thought you guys the bars that's really do we know we have stuff in the bag here's why they do that with drunk driving America because State of Mind where when you're drunk and you're going to get in your car if the message you had it is you can kill somebody to go I just won't do that I will kill somebody like anybody where is that logic doesn't apply to getting a ticket and getting thrown in jail felony well that makes a lot of sense I never text that makes no sense in driving a felony the second one is drunk driving a crime USA in temperature in the UK If you have any blood alcohol content you go to jail what's the limit to drive where in Texas is .1 - 20.08 who won G2 and Angie and I think only after the Jeep to you or the GU could have any alcohol in it when you go out you get fucked up get the weirdest things in like an hour you can get when the waiter under the sin alcohol so that you can have any at all like airline pilots girl you book your $5,000 in the cockpit you can have a martini pulled over on a bicycle on a bicycle and a cop pulled up in the car how do you leave the door right get dandruff I can hear I just I guess I assumed that they would not be able to drive as well as the responsible I guess and if he intentionally killing people right now that's what could be taking place just do it it's terrible you and I both tried to drive on the left side of the road crispy without looking to the right everything getting and I was terrified my dad when he was alive he wrecked the car and Ireland he took right turn left here the crossing traffic Road try to trust in from traffic and got T-boned by somebody who's not the country according to and I got my land makes up according to the nether no didn't England the alcohol limit for drivers is 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood okay okay that's good that he just explain to him the community manager Wright's what is a king machine where other people could use a machine that they have at home with me crispy ? there's a bunch of parts that you put together to make an upper deck cards delete a clan of people that people that all want to talk to each other but they when they talk they don't want anybody else to talk and when other people talk it annoys them and they get annoyed at the people that are talking and so we need a person to disrespect and think that they can open the case and we need a person who will say who can talk when and get rid of people and tell them not to talk and we have to leave and I can't talk anymore the mayor of the cave people that get rid of Clans thank you very much yeah that's why someone from liking somebody man come bad people from Twitter I don't even want to talk about something we talked about coming to the for the first time like prototypes of the new website could potentially look like a long time wireframe website yeah we've been going through from for I think 2 months now first time today finally saw like actual Markiplier friends are always like black and white City for the first time it was like this is what the website look like like they were all great one was fine who were amazing and I was like I'm so excited I feel like a little prematurely but it's coming yeah no I mean we all know it's not too cold it doesn't work out dated I know just girl I know how to delete websites built right now in and like the original okay now we had to be like a road like for 7 when you originally country won the 2004 I mean 2004 a long time to find a group of developers that we can work with it was a whole year 13 months that we worked for the group in Canada and we spent a bunch of money and we got ready to launch your site and I go I hate this we all hate this and there is no like the Congress office we can come back to the house like in stool the sin sin to do this thing and I was like he's got that one version of website I was thirteen months of work and bills on that thing nothing we could do get expensive than that because we have nothing that was a tough decision I'm really happy with it all the time watching it right you know I mean holding for week at the speck on it and it really and it was his clu their site we want that site or go to cleaner fresher newer version of it down on it and then it became like this like we got to the 3-month mark and we're supposed to be done with it and then it became this like nickel-and-diming Affair of just like oh you want to be able to read emails or read messages on the site you can send a message but you can't read it we can a reason and it's like what the fuck is wrong looks like the site with the same functionality has now with these added features that could have been it was everything was like that it was like oh yeah you can start the process in the office what is there like crap in it remember when it if you'd of done that and come back that have been the second time because you also started a separate Forum from the PHD vp40 for him and he only recently decommissioned that Server 0 we still have a server we don't know how he will use a different set of infrastructure I think that office right now you can see it that way nobody's used to it and everything went back I think I'm happy when you switch back to the original I never want to fall into that trap that I see so many people who make Continental the traffic like I dont turn off the car you know I want to fall into that trap of saying that or make it seem like people's criticisms are invalid but it's like over laundry time we go to pick skin because like you're telling me something that very few people that listen to podcasts and remember that we had two different versions of them before we had our social media site what does looks like when we moved in the PHP forums whatever was pleased TV when you from that to the social media site we are very excited now a cell I did this thing where I went through the PHP PHP vide and I was doing this thing I was like like in the forums and who I think is if they want to still use those old forms and they didn't want to move to the new site because you need to hurry so I didn't think was locking them in this one Xanax in the like in this one out like you were moving to the Forum discussion like this company but they don't know what to do and there wasn't even anything in so many different forms over the years over every single thing like the architect in The Matrix he's like this is the second time I've done this like I've seen this before I watch the whole movie I never I never and I can watch that movie that sin 10 x 100 Florida Dental where is like walking into Star Wars script quite frankly but I say what you want me peace with the second and third Matrix movies Yoshi Jupiter Ascending I went and saw that with the I went out with JD listen The Matrix is such a good movie The Matrix The Matrix that is such a good Perfect movie that I will go see anything the Wachowski make I will see anything they make for the rest of time just hoping it'll get back to that Matrix level like remind me of it and their moments and you for sending it definitely had that but overall it was an exercise in the world building was I thinking the Lord of the Rings world that we live in people like world-building a lot but you got to have something there as well for me yeah I was talking about the whole planet we can live on it yeah they terraform planets and it's kind of on the outside around when I joined the revelry you were watching The Matrix trailer for the second one and you kept like watching it you would like 10 seconds and then stop it and then watch it again it was like an extra second like 2nd 11 and you can say about how like you don't miss made it halfway through the Matrix trailer for the second one he was so excited and then I try to watch anything right now I'm going to see it I'm really surprised I went to the Star Wars trailer and we did that thing where we thought 37 times in a row and you know for an hour and a half building with the word gavi to Mark anything so we have these are coming out for later this week premiering this Friday Lets Play Live tickets available I will be available before that very important just want to say that like people are very upset that I the journal was about the event it wasn't a backer update you know if I start carrying all these extra messages it gets confusing website and click on the behalf of the people of sin we should have maybe reword the message that was a reason behind it Andover like being real careful about like not including too much Beyond like some little stuff and they were very protective about the imagery that appears as well you know yeah yeah but I'm pretty sure they're coming people but I was not that was never going to make it sweetie that's up to the public to the movie comes out I'm lets play Liv and then probably Monday it'll be available to everybody like we'll roll it out it'll be a few days after that video of you on the first day of shooting in your get up doing something from The Simpsons that I really can't wait to post it until the whole movies like everything else lets talk about and I feel like I don't Chocolat like we had to posit several times like the barbar to look at me like what the fuck really really I love it yeah the Quick Cuts of every player shark images from Chri so hard of a I wish I was there but I thought she was there with the guys but I was I was up I had a car that I can make out what you were acting stuff I mean cast in three movies this year including the three parts that have been cast so far in 2015 are top a coach and a cup generic Authority 50 like what is what I mean now you can read I promise I'll do with that manager I got to catch the local Austin so we actually know something people the other people that were on the crew recommended Mesa Parks like fun Play Scream of the a what for laser creamer but it from the extra ones you had to come up with that yeah that was supposed to take one girl who is hurting the Portico who was it before or after you stare into the sun after I for got them are going to look awesome with the patch lets play on Friday next week thanks for coming out and I think you so much little tradition alright thanks again for watching her back next Monday