#312 - RT Podcast

RT Podcast discusses naked sleep habits

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-312

Recorded: 2015-02-24 23:51:17

Runtime: 01:33:43 (5623.25 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the roofie podcas this week brought to you by me undies and Squarespace there and over there we will talk about that later right now just like I just do it building for Google Glass so I guess I just never know until that episode of Red vs. blue season the Bulls Daiwa 40 that I can we were in college and I just never knew that both of both of you just change the way you speak everything you never lost his gavi train me to speak differently I'm not going to Call of Duty your friend but that's cool lets start over hello I'm barbaras Barbara life is a huge Endeavor that was so cool I'm so glad you joined us for the event gavi what do you mean we showed up at 6:30 done with the walk through for what are we doing I said where's the food do you like anything less from gavi are you there in 30 minutes later and leave it at your house because fuck this shit god-damn traffic when you're part of the show with slaye boys play was play Minecraft jelqin gavi converting to give me is Xbox Live password so I can sign in with his gamertag yeah I feel really guilty about that for some reason I look at it I was trying to hide it permission to interview me next week no joke a lot of shooting that week you shut all week long then you will live event then how to say me to go home at 1 ish in the morning had to do a lot of prep for the next day so it's up to like 2:30 2 Shelby place a shooting star when you show up our place over there you a lot because Dan was on here for some of time with family writing back it's like after while cat we should keep it what what my life is like hearing your conversation for you let me know Ramen San Mateo the moment he leave him in Andy listen to my favorite visitors we we pretty much knew the moment the Sun is bright enough to fill my high speed we shoot all day I don't want it to. We play video games and it's like this was the best week this month, so please don't anybody to know you're talking about it and I had to come back from that movie that I was in and we were trying to imagine Gus in the history of this company a busier 3 week. Of stuff because I mean it high highs and low lows it because of the way the month starting February 1st with Monty and then we had the Funhouse guys come on we have lets play Liv we did the lazer team think he was shooting this entire time and it's just like it's a is been the most eventful barn on 3 weeks I can ever remember I think so but the only other one that's not even nearly the same the next super crazy time I can think of was when we had to make episode 50 Rivers a blue and then immediately pack up our office and move to another office yeah that's true it's not like I want to see almost three or four days non-stop rotate I don't know it wasn't 1:50 I'm pretty sure that you are not feeling like myself barbar pull up and steady that's like no matter how good you look any day that is a bad for the underside of your face a little 2008 what is the rationale behind making of tiny balls I think you're real and it's already warm tease are perfect for me because I can finish it is better to get to you got to drink Corona Coolio bad the ugly what did you say because you are actively cools it down okay killing me inside when you opened it now I think the beer can had a head like some kind of paint on the outside that turn different colors when it was colder in the mountains your blue eyes and I guess you don't even care what those red Solo cups they all come with tags on them that you scratch your name on with a fingernail feel like that's ma avoid the problem that you had lets me one thing in the roofie or something like that is it what is it what is League of is own that you know if I don't know anyone not like I went out to your wife was married it was like back in the early days I went out to get a beer downtown with Jason went to a bar have a beer or another one two beers for the scimitar cologn that's okay I go home get home and I'll give it to Donna play World of Warcraft and when I feel weird I don't feel good making a no I'm awake naked lying down in my bathroom it the next morning 2 beers in a text we didn't do it like I was totally fine and then we woke up we should do an RT life what we all roofie ourselves and just tell the story what happened I got roofie one time inexplicably drunk from lets stuff but then I think my brain works against me where it's like you have that thing when you start to drink a drink at the right I mean you have that weird like little is too quiet don't really go I'm stopping drinking right at that moment that is totally the cliff and wait it's like then you have your next drink and then you reach that point of impaired judgement what did you start drinking like a maniac I just hate them drunk and just try to maintain in the trunk and then someone says let's do shots and you think great idea touch up what you arrive at populate lets go to like kick off a start yes that's what you're saying you don't like you need to build up the shots here at the time your life around screwattac I hate that guy I can't say how many shots I've taken like just like that I got but I would probably say the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal and Montreal so I went to Just for Laughs festival and we have Gus we have drink with you again people movie people internet people text people people people people pre drink nobody in the world drinks more or harder than fucking comedians what was the bar for the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival it was always convenient and they were just like getting drunk Non-Stop and telling stories and just drink and still hard that was one of the hardest nights of drinking that I've ever ever had or was it going Ramen is so awesome okay so that was the hardest I've ever drank the second a very close second is our group of fans that is down in Australia and those people no sure thing it really hard and are always trying to get us to take shots I completely abused Brandon what time is the first time he ever came down to Australia was able to travel internationally if you want them out they were going to give me some is my designated shot take her so he would take his shot he would drive you could be done for the day I'm sure that if he what the duck and he wrote me back and said it I'm trying to get back to the hotel and I'll roll back was trying and then I just answering your confidence is there a friend boyfriend a great one talk to anybody is great I don't know Seroquel yeah I know that that's great news like that everyday just for the entertainment I feel what does just draw that you can put in a drink and it like changes colors if there's a roofie in it or any type of drug bloodstream Ed what it feels just like we could claim if you don't know that story there's look up electric fence for a Dan on YouTube and watch the RTA I sign up to tell a story with it and then you can just everything is great but I still feel so terrible about that funny commercial which came out I think in December of 20 you had to scroll way back to find this text exchange what was a year after I start working your teeth and you know they had me all bloodied up and still have makeup and I send a text message to burni and I was in the holiday sweater and I thought it'd be pretty obvious that it was just a face picture I didn't think you would think it was real and I just sent that with text help me but no type of! Joke to go along with it and I had to turn my phone off cuz we're about to shoot and burni try to text me saying are you okay what's going on and I didn't respond and I tried calling Michael gu is also on the shoot couldn't respond and family he tried contacting care or like a couple of the people to be like this what end your coach leaving your house where I was I was I knew in my mind I need your for but I have had to fight I had to find out I should have verified you okay I assumed it was something to do with production Patrick Andy said that to you to your email address back after the RTA came back and found the text message exchange we do that this weekend bianural podcast that we did it with me and Ashley and Gavin and Meg Turney pre ahead with 2 microphones exactly where I knew it would be like sun the slight differences in receiving time Atlanta to is so actually position the voice thing like that makes you feel like you're in the room it was really sad because a lot of people said they didn't realize they had your headphones backwards you're right you're not your headphones sweet when we the first season of Red vs Blue with traffic the original I want to make it perfectly clear he was talking that's Mike for Mike is Mike's in the a holes I tried to make out with at one point where the make out to me was one of the most play Creepy moments of dealing with that thing which were not really publicize its not its the RT Labs Channel just to labs in to YouTube yeah that way your sponsor I put up a whole Journal we are we're just putting up stuff anywhere so we'll be there place the location of a sound based on the speed of sound which is really fast but between the two points so it's been a really close yet so close a microscopic amount of time between your boys had invested and then hitting this today and I immediately know that your voice is coming from that is crazy how that works too is just like having two eyes but without an issue he would be at the position anything over time I'll see you will learn where the sounds are coming from right what do you mean like you just learned what the difference was that delay what is directly in front Behind Blue Eyes is the pigeons when they walk the bob their head when they walk because your eyes end of field of vision does a crossover binocular so they can't have any kind of sense of depth and that's where they Bob their head I don't know what other animals have that I don't have a Crossing field of vision cause that's how we get desperate I guess the only other thing I can think of is fish and they can't really tough depth perception based on how little or much things change as they got into that with a chicken chicken steady cat remember that I love that video was great he going to do with hours to visit the famous rotate your owl rotate you can hold like a chicken the body moving around in my head perfectly houses that you can the owls are not what they seem I was at the owls are getting really Sun team in one of those gifts what game is like where they put white bars in the middle of an animated gif and then they rotate scope the image such that it looks like part of it passing from the light bars and parts of the past what I saw that with the church it's not for everyone 1 + end is one of the cat that is off the charts it is amazing and I'll just have to love them and red split from ASMR that I heard about from podcas that you were on and now I'm obsessed with ASMR video squid roleplay crab just like the touching of the objects and stuff and playing with the hair and all that I just don't have any headphones or nice to sleep in like I wake up in the head for 3 times around my neck just like Bluetooth Bluetooth earbuds in your ears and there's a lot just a little as well as you do that like I saw the video one time where there a band was getting those custom-built mongers your mongers for when they're on stage and it was like basically like a video of like Gus is a ear cleaning procedure to clean your ears out first and was like normal adults like fully clean your ears with this thing so let me tell you about the last time I ever wore an ear your buds go ahead you know I've got like those ones you travel with someone forever for those headphones I don't like little Sennheiser in-ear earbuds end piece came with like different attachment to fit different ear canal shapes like 4 or 5 different ones so you like to take off the stock what do you put in the one that fits your the best you're the best that's why I work for quite a while and I'm going to fight one time I think we're going to take him out take him out the right one comes out fine but the left one that attachment McKinley earbud looking at like a piece of the earbud in my hand trying to grab it and I could not coming out pressure build-up it was probably to hack is my earwax crab crab tentacle and runs away with it into the pool a nightmare it was like the crab but then the camera moves in and it's just like this just like a movie it was different cat food and tried to feed feed the mouth that it no longer has and stuff of that have 9 octopus fucking hate living at now I'm totally fine right out of here but I worry about you when I'm in there for some reason animals getting you online and it wasn't about the shots that were in the flooded terrifying Whatever video of that crab getting sucked into the light lets going a hard shell crabs getting sucked your stuff yet puffle do you like crab I've never team crab never eating crab or Lobster what you eat is fish just like poison moviehouse CA getting older so I need a little more space you know like end of pool yeah are you willing to sell your current house for $10 for $10 a month thing though is that we were just talking we saw that they're building I can never say it right they're building a Ramen touch that you talk to you talk to you right at the Alamo South Lamar the line for that thing is going to be I can never move now it's right there barbar right there leave it right there we were we are coo from fullscreen as I came in town for lets would love to get a chance to meet her creature for the event we went to brunch and then actually met us there I would pick him up and then she met us there and she brought her bike and his bike kids bicycle is everything on it and has tassels on the internet it has it's a fancy but feel like driving up there what you wrote it up there what they call that thing bike no Dan a picture of a Schwinn a huffy I think I might what are the best flowers a banana seat. It'll come your way your photo end up like a fool of a man I'm over here on Saturday but there's no fix for it but might give me problems now my iPhone but Ashleys is ok my iPhone will not connect reliably to my car to play music lets you Bluetooth and it just wouldn't work but it kind of works out like just dropped connection I can do it yes you probably do that my phone sucks your phone fixed yet its operating system the iPhone ever had messages they even have been around since the very first version what trouble with my phone though yeah I'm not even contribute to the conversation how do you handle Gus in your house like like disaster have an iPhone as well how do you guys handle when a new phone comes out like you get home first and then she gets your phone we order together so you guys got to be on par with whatever we could not live in a world where we are not on car that is not in the realm of possibility perfectly right first of all I would not I would never want to be alone and she would never want to be with you get the new fancy thing she would always have a new phone every time bad magic evil for my God is iPhone for for ever feel like just the other day I just for the first time I noticed that you got a new phone is this you adjust so quickly and then you think about how like the fight was bigger than the for right on the split you know the guy has like a stick basically that's an iPhone it's like 4 feet long your look it up it's in Elektra when can we went on a bike ride when you have to write up a hill the nfib yeah but you have to pick your own can I take videos what I'm about of a pulley 20000 videos of my life Jesus end all based on that one day I'm going to get solo Dan probably be dead before I what Andy vomit I'll see you whenever we travel and you have like a like a low moment like that you will but that your photo gallery just her going through it I looked at flights for the internet I'll be like some stuff for my friend no I didn't put it anywhere like you'll never see that again just recording it for film stuff and I'm like you're building an external memory for your cell I left and I'll just take a picture of just crab just so I can have a dog in a new place Eve. I've only ever been in the a hot summer for Phoenixville end of the night it's probably the best part of that City what do you set what is not Detroit Detroit is a little weird I'm sorry I tried French for of Detroit bik cat with Brandon it's Brandon front and we were actually I was going to say you told me about you were just talking to come up here for me find a typo I don't understand why I'm up here we were telling stories about you drinking all the shots in Australia when I meet you the other text messages I sent they gave me a special flag series of shots it was Green at 10th and something else I'm sorry I'm getting worked up because it was will come down there the flag that is when you drink a shot then he said he'll put me on my feet text Brandon yeah it was fun we got to work with the effects guy from Lazer team did I red yeah I got that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I didn't talk to you all the time from the movie Set is Johnny your stunt double just told him I Sun Devil but I have no idea weather New Orleans Detroit a podcas once I think gavi is a photo from the wrap party and we showed up like that how much is his stunt double that like him it is me and him together anymore about that Rocky Bayou Andy 90% - 2% of your life that you're in your underwear and underwear gets old fast you know that feeling of putting on full sexy underwear you need another Andy the most comfortable underwear you'll ever wear anything saying how good they make you feel they fit perfectly they don't run away from your skin so you stay cool with men and women and all look great chec the photos out for yourself and me indeed.com the quality would typically retail for 2 x 300 price no retail middleman means more savings for you go to Mandy's.com / 3:30 to get 20% off your first order and get free shipping even more when you buy a pack of them the guarantee you're going to be happy with him or your first pair is free what you feel me and you Sun your body you're never going to go back but you get the 20% off you have to go to me nbc.com / Rooster Teeth they're so good I bought some for myself right now 90% your life in your underwear no we're not we're going to Terry's and I prefer not to but my wife prefers to sleep with me because you want to know what information of like skid marks on the street so what what I'm just like you know we talked before about how my sweat just like to eat through metal is your sweat like a different level just like what is just as just something wrong with it and I think the photo of my pillow did you ever see that drool is like super caustic and just turns out like orange your place your place days like that then you need to replace it because it's just like full of drool and everything and do it again but if it bounces back it's fine how do you replace a pillo if it snaps what RT laughs no it's not that awful why would I stop rotate Second Amendment Ramen your have some quirks I hope all is well I can destroy toilet Subway by Connie where are the where bad your not you can not wear underwear in bed I'm saying it's better for women not to wear underwear when they go to sleep because this area needs to breathe whenever you could let this area Breeze that's good did you sleep good blue crab it was going to come up if your your fingers I don't accidentally want to touch my anus in my sleep Ramen I just don't like of it :-) your hands when you wake up Sun for you like conflict compelled to touch your ass control module underwear in front of my anus just maybe I'll move it and then scratch inside you were you were underwear in my pajama bottoms or something not just one of my boxes your boxers you wear boxers or boxer briefs your old underwear I talked about this a recent patch where we didn't Andy saturated with the ma she's like what is Fascination just keep it on the old and it works I want to see I want to text someone on Twitter for reminding me I forgot for my earpiece who was that man was like we talked about you getting an earbud stuck in your ear I think you tease RT you know give you kind of an idea people and idea for the two and a half million dollars every race and thanks to all of you lovely people we want to give people a sense of what we do with that you know how we get things done in the original cut of the tease we added him back in one shot of him I have no lines in it I didn't talk for like 2 seconds and it mainly focuses on Michael I don't really know what the philosophy behind them the cup was we'll probably because he's the lazer guy on the line about life definitely undercurrent of that I saw him he was like a release of like okay it's a it's a movie scope to look at on the camera so we just saw him like this a real movie of I think there was a scene with gab and he was saying in front of like the whole set and just from like are you okay it looks you know not special from anywhere you're saying but when you look in the viewfinder of the camera it looked amazing for the solo for cinematography is is good through only lets going to be around that crap typically get Sun Valley is me everybody but a lot of people would you wear to the alley coming up here were showing the tease on the screen this is Sun Valley coming up earlier in it where she actually looks more like you as opposed to when her hair was different later in the end of today on Twitter what people's favorite part of the teaser trailer what are what part the most excited and someone was like the part with blue Dunkleman Dan h Michael in the bedroom benefits of the event show that was really hard to get because they have an expensive spaceship especially for ma the ship in the movie with green guy are you kidding me yeah yeah feeling sweetie I was like oh man tell lets you must be So Satisfied she likes me back every response to that that those comments is disturbing lets to the two men responsible 4272 that's not his dick he circumcised lets at 7 to let them know that about me you are not circumcised forget about me I took pills Ashleys motion coolant hose pump from out of town we just pee 1401 bik what is that called that process of trying to lengthen your dick your dick specifically it's good there's a good thing guys will actually there it's cold here internet we're going to you I think it's called or something on the street that attempts to lengthen the penis it is like like vigorous Maneuvers but I'm not pulling and stretching like I've done this with purpose what is a Hokie Delta Delta Delta Delta Ma how are the definition of kegels for women to make it tighter and I guess there's a thing for guys to make it bigger daily all the time crab gi gi does it feel like when you have to pee and you hold in your pee the same for me I will say a lot of people were suggesting jelqin in the Twitter feed using hashtag RT Podcast jelqin Shelton told you my earpiece that there is a window and a dry jelqin John just joking get your Johnson bigger boat in length a person do too many guys playing with jet and noticeable size jelqin go to jelqin.com + restricted code Yankee 20% additional increase in girth jelqin broken penis broken. We categorize satellite I broke my dick Master fix a broken car because that's what Lazer is how many break and they will ship them out to like any of the people down and then put it all back up in order are you ever afraid that I'm going to have the your break your dick what is the most dangerous position for broken dick reverse cowgirl by is that the angles like down there if she comes all the way to be horrible for everybody involved bad you would feel if you did that somebody Mountain View life's not like men Zack's death perfect no matter what a good answer barbaras text to my wedding did you ever fart never one time someone did fart in my face during when I was down there what was that not true that is absolutely so you are living in the back they were actually sitting on the couch and I was on the floor while just taking it right now it was there was but hole right in my face it's obviously a very intimate moment that happens what is the next moment we both start laughing right I continue using it on you no we just left for a couple seconds and then when I got it it dissipated pre cook with a long-term relationship this is my 6-year relationship at that point you're pretty comfortable around each other what so comfortable about farting in front of your girlfriend your bad that you don't do it hold in 2&a half years just so cups Spartan my partner during sex really want to show it drinks at the river if you been living with his family but more bad stuff in them green Gus of an extra pair or anything but I just kind of was that my bad I'm just saying it's like it was not anybody anybody with his podcas your Mountain Dew glow Dan he said he doesn't know nothing in the mouth of is like the book singer with the surprise finger that you got and I got that what you think afraid to bring it up it'll happen talking about it you'll Jinx yourself. rotate and earlier but like you say you tiny motorcycle camping laughing about it right now College like there was a door window end of never a unit in the bed what kind of like it's telling his drawers and then he was a backup she can sit on the couch in the bed like kind of split out like that yeah a little bit and so then it was acquired from the bed to sleep on it and put it back in and that was there was one here and there's one over here in the dorm room and if you pulled it out cat solo contest while holding what I mean lets have a great time in the world the connection being a problem but I'm pretty sure we were connected so it looks like that so just kind of the procedures were initiated mean things what would happen if people can get stuck together spell that prevents you from doing that from cat stop the blood flow what I think I think she does are kegels is on lockdown and it's not getting done like a shot of whiskey like your just real Chinese finger trap finger trap Golden Pond a bunch of stuff down there so I feel like a laughs it wasn't like they didn't like to spend like 10 years connected like right when it was just probably probably the deal is that the arteries take blood end and then stick it out things are higher up in your tissue that are is RT Shir like if we protected you from is that weekend so when you like pain your arm like this the blood to flow in your hand swells and turns red if there's a blood can get in but they can't get back out so I think that was why I didn't grab the dude was not soft if I maybe go easy on the cat goes everywhere that was an undoable cat lets you walk down something to change gears a bit someone on Twitter Coors is Clark Gus says that the small beers are like that because they are intended for margaritas Margarita day yesterday today I had one piece of pie I don't think the United Nations recognizes you know it was Michael and Adam kovic them people with them lets Margaritas in town is actually part of the same family of companies is roofie snow screwattac was also time we never talked about screwattac text you around a bunch of regular tease of RT XR screwattac mega6 for is always there creature is always around for RTA Cabinets Your circumstance we end up in the same family companies is screwattac is the Dallas Convention the check out what they have there Iceland oh yeah I think it's coming up like next week or so I just said they have an affair conference that they have with the little people who decide what's going to happen I don't know I don't know much about it I never really played it so there's some official drug Shir to that thing like there's decisions that are made for the future or put in the bottom of the bottom like that Andy wants to a perfect 107 Rooster Teeth RTX crab and Rich 24th twitchcon the regional you know what that have been pretty focused around whether or not it's just you know about the platform or about the more popular people on that platform so I'm here to see what's a really supportive and I forgot about you it was about the people and yet there's a lot of them that they're holding their own ow they get on the ship in there yeah I still have the better so we're going here cat RTA we're going to be putting up soon we're doing the final details like getting all the payment system figured out an application trying to figure out just face it a lot of things done here really soon now that lets play Liv is Sun is wrapped up I think we took a lot of time a lot of energy RT X and hopefully get that knocked out next week or two lets her labs done I created and ready to plan The Summer Event now I've seen you stressing about the acting like what the speak button with a base pay but I don't think I've ever seen you look is but a moment on Friday before lets play Liv started where you know the opening act the DJ went on at 8 p.m. and at about 7:40 I was backstage and I thought there's a chance everything could go wrong nothing's going to work and everything to be unhappy and I literally have to go stand over the toilet for about a minute really like I'm going to throw up just like we've tested this it's from the ledge perfectly even the stuff that went wrong didn't it went wrong in the best way like in a comical like whatever like for some reason when we went into GTA for the heist my save data didn't transfer to the Xbox One loading the opening cutscene the prologue when you're up in North Yankton it doesn't let you join an online game until you've completed that I was at before I can get in the game and in the end I just was too long so it was actually what you want to hear me and push you around the audience while you're playing there flashing red light like an ambulance and the video is being transmitted wirelessly backstage to be projected up onto the big screen and everything nervous about just dealing with wireless video and then we can kill the guy just because we drop shit that's like what is the one thing that went a little too long and someone in my I never went to never been to a strip club in the US even before you ever got to you know you put the ones with the money we have is 5 days late but we will be putting them away too quickly to buy coupons that change that's the only thing I'm really curious about VI what do you need to use Apple pay for instacart you can do it they won't pay the Apple pay of used to this touch the thing that says you can you can Corona trauma therapy during erection the penis is a quart of blood to the penis is bent suddenly or forcefully wells in Quartzsite Ramen a ruptured the lining of one of the two cylinders in the penis Corpus Corpus cavernosa responsible for actions resulting a fracture or trauma is usually related to aggressive or acrobatic sexual intercourse or some type of masturbation fracture is a painful injury is often accompanied by an audible cracking if we lost gavi can you imagine working so hard you break your dick what what do you mean Cracker Barrel my arm below my shoulder seems like if you crack it we Labs Go funny and then they take your dog they cut it and then peel it like a banana talk about something else please the way you did that for your walk in the park you don't even of the penis injuries nothing is as gavi is a vagina okay with that how does it work a doctor like Bluetooth a male doctor in particular a male doctor has the same genitalia and everything what is that experience like is the First Time of the Doctor we have to take a scalpel and cut into a penis look like without telling someone that you like them which is a direction that they can't keep an erection for hours just a dream she thirsty boys what are people out there who had a penis fracture one of my friends on a trampoline really your friend he was John trampoline cat sleep on the trampoline too and I just wake up from that what you call fun a trampoline ever let me tell you something you have never ever been in this situation we've had people that text message knowing everybody is awake and just like not looking for anything bad of mountain he said people try to hide it was going to be like the usual night is going to be like types of burni Muffler to hear right now is it a female having an orgasm with him doing it very well really disturbing Liv can I call you I want to listen to the podcast is brought to you by squarespac Squid space has recently launched their latest version of their platform Squarespace 7 which is completely redesigned interface integration with Google Apps your templates 24/7 support responsive design your site looks great on any device and every website comes with a free online store started trial with no credit card required start building your website today we decide to sign up at squarespace.com / 3:50 make sure you use offer code roofie tease to get 10% off your first purchase and a show your support for the resties podcas thinks it's Coors for the support squarespac here going your way to the right there you can make a website a lot easier than he used to so amazing I know I say it every time that their sponsor I just think about all the bullshit we have to go through the website just dragon call him Andy fundak bad this is never what whenever hello hey you know you live in the Poconos and pressure lets what that's impressive Google for the phone just think you might be masturbating I have never done that I never understood the compunction of that name in a long just leaving now a long distance relationship of any kind of like appreciable amount of time like to where someone was away from me for 3 months what about the whole like like like video bad a text that never never never like yeah everybody I think the country earbud of people getting sent nudes are people getting caught sending you an email my nudes understood I never understood that person can't get on Skype and do it in your bedroom so get it what do you use then obviously since you're an expert what do I use Skype is so 2007 streaming right now and did it live on the street well I guess you broke up I can't wait to see the videos of people picking them up The Great Divide we could do that can you do that in the style of Andy boys how do I cook really well yeah you gotta go on that website somebody is going to sound like look over there one of our sponsors competitors a cat that he was parked to anybody want play the is going to be that site with just sound clips of Andrew and me hold it together so usually when underwear you don't like hanging out clothes adverse type chicken tikka nothing off is like heaven so happy baby I don't think we should on a totally different note I finally got into the TSA PreCheck program I'm trying to get Ashleys your the best thing in the world end up in her room I will hold the door for Ashley I think that hard or for her everything if I get pre check at the airport and she doesn't she's on her own yep come to my belt on cat yeah yeah finally I can tell you this gu the Airport TSA PreCheck your just at the for the question do you have to do the interview at the airport to do an interview at okay getting to me it's just like I asked you like 10 questions like do you like America not even have any felonies get it get it just give it to me or pre chec life like you know what do we do because I didn't do this like I was about your age when I started doing this stuff you know I'm just getting started doing it but I did know most of the beginning that's true I mean you recently so we have to do next door. It's a music studio that we can understand a movie and music people really the only internet the internet people who were coming to visit our studio and they ran into some people who work at sound check and they are asking where we should be it was and there's a very friendly older guy who works the counter I can is like no Mark I don't know much but I know that they're all 25 and drive Tesla 423 were doing our initial rehearsal for lets play like blocking for the stations and we need to just like a big open space to simulate the size of the stage so I walked over there and it's like you don't have just like a rehearsal space so I can use that show to you that the speaker just like the floor of the stage floor right here so we doing again if I don't know what to do now just cost analysis Ma who is a very successful event and then take them John first first time events are usually like a money bik your honesty honesty VI equipment is really crazy like you think about those giant screens right and if your projector goes out yet nothing so for every screen has two projectors that are on at the exact same time laughs is calibrated that way if one fails you still have another one that's not even going at the same time that the screen along with all the other things that I didn't know what was going to happen at all I'm even know you guys are going to do Surgeon Simulator anything like that so it was all like I was seeing it for the first time it was like I was like I don't like spending one way and then the other stuff it's been the other way to do that it wasn't him just because I was putting my favorite part the whole thing was just playing with solo day before 2 days early if you miss the day before the event I was going to go to tweet a picture of the venue Andy from the stage and I look down I get a panoramic photo of the entire venue play Oklahoma tweet this is like look at it a little more closely before I send it I looked at it lets a picture but I just got like a black box your TV on the right just like a giant Black Box covering burni it was really fun I'm always careful I go to photo goes up online and a lot of the social media tools I have what it says I'm going to post the photo and it says use last photo taken like that's an option just like you hit it and it's like it's like all over every social media that's what I mean by that but actually I would never the I'm feeling lucky button never using I'm going to Google searching usually think I'm searching for is the first thing and that's what I'm feeling lucky is if I can get a good search I'm feeling lucky there's nothing to save you a quick if you would learn to use that button to Google what to do your version of this in addition of the Old Republic enough different versions of it upcoming changes with the podcas getting booted ya know now if you want to talk about it I don't know what you're talking about so we're probably sometime in the very near future we're going to be changing the windowing strategy of how we deliver the podcas so we're now the podcas is available a dream right now if you're watching it, or if you're watching it right now watching it on video whenever you saw it or not right now they're all different times and it's like the podcas is one production we have it spread out over so many different like times like the life she will come out for this podcas right now then on YouTube last week's podcas will come out the day after tomorrow and it's always like tomorrow tomorrow thank you and then on Wednesday good this one goes of on iTunes they like overlap and it's super confusing rent a streamline it big-time to wear with in the course of one week the podcas will be online events and stuff like that it doesn't go all the way to laughs ever the day before you record it that's a great idea I'll put you in charge of that what's the weather today what is a bigger deal breaker at a hotel for you Gus slow Wi-Fi for no cable on my laptop Eve every year would you ever get just lets people like prizes and stuff and like a goody bag to give to everybody werewolf order 1886 short that we did they all look John and Brad and Josh and everybody was another reason that we hired March 4th fashion designer for Lazer team in ow is our full-time production of energy-rich your teeth almost killed a visiting member of funhaus what happened to most of the RT X sign on her office phone number field right on Adam kovic oh my god really I don't like lets me out of phone so it didn't he's going to hear that his rig stay connected the sun itself fell apart so the part that he rigged and put up there that part stayed intact but the other part like still completely out I felt like I the first thing that I thought Dan was coming in so I had a ton of it as well so I guess ma cat the shopping list is probably 60 different items never really obscure stuff too like different elements in like an old washing machine and a lava lamp drool look like over there Detroit that Walter White giving Jesse the shopping list I can bring bad first starts with o I want to be able to spin a disk at $23,000 p.m. so if you can figure that out British people and you can get locked up what's the craziest thing you've ever had like feeling Slow Mo Guys crazy story Dan Scott maybe some maybe Southwest Southwest conventio maybe summer maybe you can meet me somewhere maybe in 2 weeks now and probably some a very small Johnson if you go back to the Oscar station I found that this year I was almost more interested in what people were tweeting about the Oscar is in the actual Oscar is Excel The Lego Movie super Back to the Future just like The Lego Movie like everything give a shit how much did you care about the envelope in the Box what was Neil Patrick Harris went on this whole spiel about how he made his Oscar predictions Andy put it in this like a locked briefcase in a lock safe and had like someone in the audience watch it the whole time and I kept going back to it it's like I don't fucking care this is really not fun if you're right it wasn't like it was predictions about the show it was all like referencing funny things that happened during the space a lot and actually happened and different things like that end with Sean Penn Award of the other thing awarded the the Oscar for Best Picture it was really inappropriate was like who gave that Mexican is green card oh yeah I was like yeah I'm really happy that son of a bitch son of a bitch I hope so to get over like no prejudices and make her better what is a green card jokes is a 2015 on the Oscar is pretty like what you're doing your prayers my favorite. I think I saw someone so you can grab it for you came out like you put it like is locked out of his dressing room and come out on stage in his underwear and what you think it's only funny if the communication like that just like it was like that's like perfect physical form I'm going to drink myself into one of my favorite tweets from the show mispronounce Idina Menzel's name Oscar the Oscars what if you dream of the devil but there's a tweet that someone retweeted that I saw that it's a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch with John travolt in the background like staring at him it says I'm going to kill you Benedict scramble 4000 followers and when I saw you in the evening I think I was up to like $21,000 each I have no idea what is that about 40,000 retweets solo 40088 and 40000 favorite John Hanson Casey's Australian text a lot of photos like that also are comparisons like that with Joe Biden lately before we head out here be sure to let me drive it there it is there's the one with the alien somewhere just saw a photo of John Travolta in the gym at 3 a.m. that it was viral and he's like bald as a cue ball that's not already wearing a toupee Michael character t-shirt Tuesday Corona Ma is the reason I thought that was a picture of what it looks like oh yeah so we can talk about it we're all very happy for you Barbara you can tell she did it was amazing last night and I just remembered my worst you have Andy what is the octopus video what happened in Plymouth is always think whenever I'm in a play and I see the shadow of the plane in The Passion of the play is going to be around is like going of a cause and people and I was thinking I've never been hit by the shadow of the play and then while we were filming a plane flew directly between the Sun and I was like oh cool did you say it on camera a couple days before that happened I was wondering like maybe happens a lot I just don't know if you receive the end of the Rainbo Are you seriously mean that you can't why you can't see anymore it's end of the Rainbo when the rabbit have the end of a rainbow in front of you what is the distance between the woods and your ever seen a rainbow go into the distance like a big wheel Rainbo Dan drive time grass and other things like that Rainbo is well UK candy floss what this one