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RT Podcast discusses meeting in-laws.

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Recorded: 2015-03-10 21:52:25

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini


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hello everyone the water Dorothy Parker are you the most punctual startup podcast ever this week even one second late this week brought to you by Dollar Shave Club and squarespac for my Graphics a baby are you almost out your penis every week you just do without you just answer is no one else like just do it cabin Free Press Nathan Diaz no no no no I'm speaking of but Brando did something very nice for me earlier today I was just about to take to use the bathroom over the Bungalow across the ground in the parking lot he's like I just hate you going to the bathroom in there and do my business make sure you use the second one don't go into the first one he saw he didn't know I was at the liquor store earlier and I saw this look like a big bottle of water but it's a big bottle of Soju Korean liquor the brand I normally drink come to run but would you like some Chum Chum Chum I would but I would very much like something just because of the name because it's fucking plastic ball 1.75 liter plastic ball that looks like it's water but it's filled with alcohol Ki imagine being really fast and if you get a track runner drunk what's the percentage on that we can grab some water after drinking before and the water is actually vodka like hanging out under 21 so I had a water bottle of vodka on the spot I didn't realize that when I bought them but apparently they're like little shot glasses Singapore shot if you wanted to have to go somewhere or something that's like a reversible Sears Chum it kind of is like water not to take it so lightly alcoholic water bottle brand but it'll do it'll get the job done sometime never had soju sweet potato sweet potato and alcohol you can make anything alcohol what is wrong with you that's weird I don't know that you can make alcohol from a couple weeks ago during prohibition some company wood mail if you if you ordered it they would mail you basically like a brick of concentrated grape juice along with like water in a package of yeast and instructions it said do not combine all of this and stored for three weeks otherwise it would become alcohol garage people will develop to get around law that they don't agree with me about the stuff that would have talked to read it but from in the past before right at the top from like the 19 hundreds or felt sorry like for the 1910 newspaper no no no I'm serious like a credit for people just post like funny stuff it was that year right missing I can't picture it said Britney does his all time he was like okay yeah it's a little funny and then it just gets old where can I find a man he was walking in the park at today thanks Brandon. Thanks for letting me know that I know new Ki yet decided he would say he was feeling too sick you're still under the weather I just did 3 nights sheets you just do 3 night shifts yeah but I don't ever have a picture of you look like you were passed out like at 4 in the morning with my face and your face look like you from the rainbow when you actually are probably work or school or something when your balls hurt National Christmas Tree I mean you were like when was your next day at work was it are you still just weekends so you like that kind of thing that was the time recently was absolutely right in the middle of a big scene and I don't take it off because you're like screw the whole shoot I just feel like something will happen for like a week and I can't get out of bed and then every morning I wake up with a fever yeah yeah yeah yeah wrong with me viral and was like what's that I just give it some time tomorrow it'll be at the top of it tomorrow why can't you just give me something just told me that there's an antibiotic or something to cure and give it to me cuz I got you it means I don't know that's something I don't know what it is yet did anybody here see the vice special episode documentary about curing cancer in there like 2 weeks ago and take a 40-minute long pieces on HBO and they talk about how there's researchers in the United States as we have it everywhere will like one of them was at the Mayo Clinic one of them was at the MD Anderson Center in Houston and another one was in Muncy Pennsylvania somewhere but it's like these different research the different doctors were doing this research where they are taking diseases to kill cancer in the human body to like one of them had nipple ated the genetic makeup of smallpox and was infecting people with this genetically modified smallpox to remove the cancer from your body just like this a free way to call me like the adenovirus it's because of the cold and the other one was using HIV getting AIDs that he didn't have cancer I wanted to wear the Mayo Clinic. Could be wrong on that but maybe they showed this case I want to see this little girl was eight years old had leukemia so they gave her this genetically modified HIV injected her with it she said that she developed like a fever like a hundred for like a month and it was pretty much bedridden couldn't do anything completely non-functional for a month and that after the month for leukemia was gone and that was like I want to say like 4 or 5 years ago and now does nude poses a possible cure for cancer or a cure for HIV it's always like some post about like someone who might have gotten the Cure but it's never at least five stories about the cure for HIV like possibly going to keep people optimistic but it's three different groups of protein in 3 different ways great let me talk to really in depth about the small pocket a lot more intelligently intelligently about that one but they modified the genetic makeup of the smallpox so that it wanted to bind to cancer cells Like A protein that it would bind to what is the protein that was found in a cancer cell but not found in normal self so it would go and it would bind to them and when it would do that and normally I get cancer always tried to suppress your immune system your immune system doesn't fight it so when the smallpox wood a tacit it would hurt your immune system to the cancer as well going to come take the kid out then it would the smallpox wood cancer explode other cancer system and it exploded Catherine on his house and seeing like a fire and be like yes you know I probably would because I feel bad I guess you through it there's no way if you a call they wouldn't do it for us if you still the stuff to be doing them a favor at least it's some use it so you're like yeah WK been around it's okay if you feel like bugs in the house and Burn It Down Nicole Curtis a bit weird but I miss you I really thought like fucking huge disgusting and when it started running around with a couple until today I've been pretty grossed out by it chocolate Dixie cups think that I'm a couple many things probably would get the couple of the Ki someone to set up battle box was a Spartan smile said the third battle blocks it should be battlbox pretty good so thanks for that Apple press conference I'm going to run to experiment with wood cabin here so you know anything about it they announced three different watches like 3 different tiers how much do you think it Apple watch wood cost which one say the last year 3 inch box 4900 Elmore a mid-tier starting price 500 pretty close 5:49 to meet here to 1492 man talk to you how much is the most what price does the most expensive 2049 dollar what do you say well my initial guess was the low here was 800 I don't know I mean I guess 5000 South starts at $10,000 $17,000 option 349 + 1 349 what was the one that wasn't the most expensive 49 340-9549 $10,000 the lady said it was on the 17th at 10:10 is the base price for like that to you it's I think it's also cold but then I think it was $70,000 when it was cold or something get out of it I only buy watches for the things that you buy Rolex at that point at least if you buy a Rolex fucking expensive Rolex Rolex isn't making a fucking watch next year that makes your watch on how old how old how old is Mila Kunis for 2 years I changed Alot Like You never enrolled the modern features Apple I don't think so let's just watch some people just have to buy $15,000 watches and then that's just anything like that like some rich-ass like ten Grand and it didn't do anything but it's like her class trip yeah and it's just like well I bought it how do you know absolutely on iPad 4 the iPad 2 came out mil fuck me OK I Used to Know by the first version of stuff is crap but I did buy the phone probably 1:50 bring it on it's like this thing that I have a phone what time is it the time 7:40 Astor Place also and it's don't have the date on my phone okay like sometimes I'm talking to people I think the I think sometimes when I'm making plans with people they think I'm an idiot because you know they'll be like oh why don't we meet up on the 13th or something that we do watches it's a nice way of saying I'm busy like you going strong like if anything we should be thankful for Apple and Samsung that all these Pebble things to keep in an old piece of crap a lifetime in the hundreds of years with this wood would confuse the kids like doing that but then when I said I was checking my phone now it's like you go like this when kids like pretend to talk on the phone to this heard from a friend who's a teacher they just make the head flat anymore I'll just go like this interesting kids to be really old and Dad one day I can record something like that probably not right now we're just watching anything just read it play Someone Like describing what I did and they said oh he like video tape stuff and I was like I didn't Nathan email that people still use tape for backup some crap yeah yeah but like I don't know videotaping yeah we just had a meeting this morning about how we're doing backups to tape an hour and a half to me why would I do that what you missed this conversation about taping start special summary meeting for you I'm doing the podcast over things that you must be some kind of company a ticket cuz I was so ready to send a response to the next person to do a reply-all whenever someone send out an important email to the company and it's just like I don't know like me more like a dumb joke let me guess you get how many emails you can add a couple hundred two hundred so it's annoying when you get spammed by something that you don't need to read and I was just like you know Indian in Daniel for my department send the dumbest animal I can't say anything cuz everybody going to be in a frustrating for anybody else I don't get this because I like what like 20 people at the company for me I can only receive emails from a selected few prohibition Saints going to go to the whole list is long last Nathan your on to them but then if I liked all the rest of the company you guys here you asshole you guys are the one of their problem even though like we done it like I don't know like once every like 2 months and it's usually funny no no no no no that's funny I don't know free time so true just like what you working on that you have time to like me whatever you not really I don't know that Chris has the last time I remember doing was when they were like 12 people in the office no I'm serious I remember when there were too many people and then people started writing emails that it's like there's too many people I'm done I'm done writing group emails a peek into the thought process of customers do you have anyone blocked company I'm pretty sure I have people outside company blocked I try to do what I did for a long time when I tried to just sit a complex series of filters right so that everything will get sorted into the appropriate folder that I new that stuff that made it through all the filters I didn't really need to look at right away but I've given up on that I had so many fun a screenshot on the Mac you can go through and like this like that like to move around managing your time is like doing this work so that you can do more work later I hate email because I feel like any time I respond to an email or just generate another email so I try to respond as little as possible man I like without any questions right for a conversation seems like the conversation complete I won't reply was like okay thanks I would ever just like a week before email really became super for you have to see someone face-to-face I only have a few missing person people who do not know how to answer questions so I'll go out of my way sometimes question question question you didn't answer anything that they should do an email they should have a mode where you can make a form in the email and the person can't reply until they complete field Nathan complain about this reply with an answer but it doesn't answer the question everything so fucking frustrated I try to make it as easy as possible I don't get it a little a little on edge right now so when I get to the podcast is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club here in the studio getting razors delivered from Dollar Shave club.com stores for a couple dollars a month I kind of met your shave without them I just have one question why isn't everyone a dollar shave club.com member you don't need to worry about commitment Dollar Shave club.com has no contract and if you don't want this for a month or two they won't send any and you don't pay a dime there's no hidden fees in fact there's no fees at all just pay for the stuff you ordered they even have free shipping get there for blade razor and a for replacement plates in your door each month for 6 bucks including shipping there is they're amazing and you're a hundred percent happy Dollar Shave club.com will refund your money no questions asked there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be a member of Dollar Shave club.com stop hesitating go sign up at Dollar Shave club.com / Russia right now you'll be happy you did that's Dollar Shave club.com / 3:15 seriously if you need a razor it's super cheap there's no reason not to but probably the easiest because it's just like instacar 30 minutes past like the window of time I selected for this person to show up 30 minutes late and she was like I'm sorry I'm late getting my groceries like yours or someone else's I want to have it available as a single window for in this time did you complain to them they did not give a 5-star review I remember one time I ate my phone was on silent I realize it and the guy had been like waiting down there for like 10 minutes and I was like aw that sucks. That happens a lot so I went downstairs and I looked at him and he had a tear tattoo and then I like changing yo was like I'm so sorry for her look at your tattoos like right there maximum Skype in about an Apple Watch $10,000 yeah that should be a rule with the God damn driving through but if you've only got to see a copy of a driving next to U and u I feel kinda like that. for it or do not do that yet and my driver had a buddy and they were just in the front seat finish it and that's where the guy he was driving was really annoyed and he was like going through a divorce in the other guy was trying to calm him down inside I just feel bad if I had somebody but you have to write them again like the bad experience run like I used to be a used to be I think overly generous like I would I wouldn't care to keep people Mac some reason lately I feel like I'm becoming not generous enough for giving a little ratings a lot more than getting really Ki to make you feel good for Lyft drivers that are eligible to drive in a bad mood because of all the emails were really busy with the South by Southwest we just finished we had fun we went out everything I want to say it yet but we do we definitely have space at the Palmer Center which we normally do not meet and greet game streaming from their questions answered Uber drivers Hoover drivers love talking about Uber and get a man I've never had that never had that oh my God the wonderful Uber driver will they pick up it's like what are we going to talk about Uber you don't have to talk not talk just it that's just rude I took a lot but I appreciate the work and then I'm like I mean I just in terms of conversation turn your head and maybe they don't everybody and have a I got my hair cut again like it was when I went I went to the barber shop the whole bunch of Barbers and I sat down and I just looks really familiar I don't know why I cut my hair the electricity of the haircut she went after the eyebrows what's the wood how much does a tram look up here I can feel it goodbye Michelle sex and in the middle she's like a when I was it when I was in high school I said to Barbara I had a big pimple on my ear like you might know it's like I'm right around here and then it pops I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I didn't want to be like no it's cool I just the pimple like that's all right it's not like I didn't know how to respond to don't worry about it that's what I was going to get my haircut and I felt a big splash of liquid and it was blood running down my face and my neck and she like the fleshy part of a hand but she was moving my head she just stepped into a flash Steelers someone else offender still looks like blood be like if it was something that was in your mouth who is going into the bloodstream is it no cuz it goes and you're the only soju in 10 minutes going to be like it's like you can eat a lot of crap and it doesn't really go into your blood okay a like drinking AIDS blood to talk to like you don't listen when I talk to a cab driver or not I'm the same way I'm not a talkative person but I don't know someone I don't talk to him ever watch the TV show Nathan for you coming to shop with her business is her business Implement his benefits or does it benefit the company wants an iPad system where people in the backseat of a cab could choose where they want to have a conversation or not have a conversation and it would tell the driver and if they did want to have a conversation had a list of topics of the driving you about them sex for the driver to tell you and everybody said no conversation a switch on the back for like chat with no check I'm sure I've only tried it on and how many people really want to be talk to Stranger in a cab but it didn't look like it was just some dudes car and I started getting really scared and freaked out and said no idea where we're going and I'll just try to like calm down by talking to the guy and I can ask him but I like it I like the Yankees or this or that and he would answer me and like one or two sentences and then he immediately change the subject back to Michael Jackson because like this is when all the last stuff was going on I'd like to hear Michael Jackson in the kids man what he's doing them is like John from the topic like 5 minutes ago and it's like the longer it went on the creepier it when and where we were going and he was always always is Michael Jackson kids think you would have I got a new neighbor I found out we got a letter in the mail from you lately did he hit you back no no no I got a letter in the mail saying it's like a sex predator what do you have to register a letter that said it's like so and so has moved into your neighborhood this person is a high-risk yeah but I looked it up I don't think I'm at risk cabin not that no that's not it somewhere I guess I don't know what the perimeter is but you know something my complex something exactly knock on your door and ask to borrow like flower if I recognize them I maybe we could just send it with a picture what do they say that he did know what I looked it up what are you doing he was up you know showed himself to some coffee Betty in the right leg doesn't mind how many kids did live there do any of that he just showed them how about a reminder I'm going to finish but yeah crazy huh yeah Christmas to find out what he actually lives yeah I mean I think I need to be worried who's going to want to move in with like A2 year old I guess so you know sex predators in it would devalue everything they just had their inability to let her I'm pretty sure they're scattered no matter where you are there's one nearby I mean there's a lot of people to get arrested for a crime you know that is one in ten people what is the how many sex like I can only figure out how many neighbors do you have how far a bigger wider mil imagine it's probably in a couple mile radius you know how to determine the perimeter is like what's the capital of Texas I like all my mail goes to a place that I never live that it is against the law to not read my on big because I didn't read my emails next kids new lawyer I hear anything important with them certified and that was that oh yeah it can prove that you received it I have a room and somebody else go ahead and not neighbor girlfriend so it's like you know stop by the other house just to get mil and I know and you do that day after day for like 6 months you know what happens this on the house right down the road I just paid to do this couch and it's fucking cat ripped up my couch I didn't even do that no I was just at the end of every month I'm just like I'm getting because just fucked up Cabazon space you know you can always say I can go I always go home to his on his other house see you at two places like what we have and why would I move no my point is I stay at my girlfriend's place all the time so I'm saying so that's why but I don't know because something happens like all the stuff now for the work I was like I guess we'll just stay together Elsa has kids so I can catch anything Fallout 4 The Impossible breakup you don't hear that I hope not unless your parents are in town and her parents be with her but I don't live there I hope the secret secret love yeah we've already heard stories of the Dog and Its strange taste in Dublin watch for their family I think so no I don't you told on the podcast so I've only met her dad like twice and we went to another Dead Heat alpha male site for very strong you know it's very intimidating physically demanding and very proper yeah I'm also like I'm not like I'm the perfect boyfriend for like the third daughter will a rabbit Easy Auto disappointment and putting in their house and it's like movie night and I was like thinking like what's a great movie that they would like and I was like so cool like Cabin in the Woods research watch cabin in the wood you know 11 year old brother and then the movie and then they start taking off clothes and exposed Rhett and like very very like I want to like some point someone's making out with like a bore and then at one point the dad just like put his hands up in the I can't I can't do that stormed out and like take the brother with him look like a completely was like you know what is the word like brought them to this house porno lyrics great story I don't want to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre wouldn't go for like a movie with like that hard R rating that you pick them up real good and feel good and the thing is like you understand what's happening but it's a slow process because you don't you can either be like okay guys sorry this movie's bad you just sitting there like images of putting his hand through my hair and just like we'd still have it how old was the child he's like 12 161 yo for blood so well I don't drink wine I drink liquor which I think that you know respectable and he's like can you recommend a wine and I just kind of like pick something randomly and then they were like that's not what I was like I'm starting early and I know they give him his wineglass the great go to wine glass you never let us a respectable they give me mine and they classified as a dessert wine to the very sweet so they give me like the smallest cutest little wine glass and I'm like who and then her straight saying sorry what you doing I don't really drink wine much as I love you new family movies a cabin because he was like Ki change the time would you like for the kiddos and I can change it why no I mean like I mean I don't know what is Chri the first time I had to you know but you figured out like I put the car up like I use the jacket looked at the car and I was like okay this looks like a good first step so then I was like I seen this and do that so I put them on walnuts and I'm like yanking it and the whole car is just like shooting oh shit maybe have to unscrew it before fluoride put the car back down on this last you to do like I'm not scared like I'm not scared like I never get like this really nervous I just always feel like a disappointment and it's just like everyday what this is this is a no-win situation I live my life I love you I love your stories about your interactions with that have to do it anymore and it done that your in-laws don't speak it very well so you make someone fall in the water video watch frag dude for a long time she relented and let them very quickly and sold them to their face hoping that they wouldn't want new service dimensions of I would give you I will give Blackwell phrases to slip in when he's talking to a friend about pricing and stuff and I'll be like your next challenge before 1:30 you go to sleep in floppy vagina and you be like what the shit so you know what's 22 for 30 this one over here you get with the hats and stuff in vagina a place that I like so well and people would be like okay nobody anyone ever question what you said you put it in context So Far Eminem well I've been on the other but I thought was the other side of that were the first time we went down a New Zealand we working an event there and he sticks to the attendees came up to us and like if you like Thai food there's a reason for this because I placed on the road it's called Monsoon poon sounds like poo mean the same thing mil a year starting to like yeah I was like okay muffins killing that pussy the Thai place do you think people are more likely to buy a shirt if they like didn't realize you said sloppy jalopy vagina but it's just like subconsciously registered in their mind and I can I call you at like 4:15 and by the sex of consciously know the one I went to was missing Auckland and Wellington right now they have some really spicy dish to go with chicken it's like everything is awesome missing but until you were more Chris Walters I had a birthday rent a birthday and so I was talking to his girlfriend Paula about like they're going to go out and then they're going to beat you know a group of people were going to surprise him at a bar and be like a have a quiet singing just the two of us so we like organized this whole thing where it's like we're too no texting back and forth thing it's all right we're here all right we'll we'll probably get here at 8 or 9:30 so everyone be there by 9:30 like me for my birthday can never hang out with you but I feel weird like I feel it's almost like somebody hang out my birthday they're going to do it I feel obligated to do that so it's weird yes oh so like she was like okay we're on our way will be there in like 15 minutes and this if you know this but there's like you know a group of people waiting till like surprise kind of thing right yeah and so we get there at this the place that Christmas I know what your deal is she picked a bar that you suggested independently as you like what you want to go and we were already at yo so sweet Betty knew that he liked that he knew that his girlfriend knew that he liked to start and that's what she told us to meet and he independently suggested going to it yeah it was Vice party for you there like on the way to go to Play Store about to walk in and she stops me and I'm like what she's like look I tell you something like what all your friends are inside kind of confused like who you talking about why are they here friend and then i a kept walking in and then is it legal to smell like the most like massive like dump or something like I was just like unsatisfactory surprise like be super pissed and like move back to my Galaxy party in the world will I think he's like last year I didn't tell her it was my birthday so she didn't know until the day and I was like oh I should probably tell you before you get mad at me in the face birthday and then I was like how can you can get that you know answer she had to like run out and like so so this time to do something together but warns you so maybe ready to be able to see it here's the deal missing you and I thought you the wind and I was like I saw that he didn't like didn't show up for like 5 minutes or so or not 5 minutes but like longer than it takes to walk from here to here so I was just like did I not see them and then they walk out and then bring that has this like farts smell look on his face and I like it world time for me to sit down and start socializing because it wasn't like this big I had no idea it was that much I don't understand the situation because there's a diction to imagery no you don't know someone invited me to go there like that day and I was like 4 hours you just have to look at words like all the on the Facebook and all the sudden it's your birthday in there and this is weird that it's my birthday a different day on my birthday so I get no messages and then switch it back after it's not moving it never actually happens if somebody leaves their Facebook open on your computer and you change their name from the birthday like 2 days from then because I cannot in all the sudden everybody can write on the wall happy birthday actual birthday you changed your birthday too a day after the actual day so that they don't get any notice their birthday present 12 and see if we get any action for some predators now I know why you were so happy when Chris got that letter he was always right generic last night did he write on it like for good on you do you have to block out your a person is Godzilla real a chance just like a little postcar thing that they print out and mail it looks like it looks like junk mail new for arrest a new restaurant or a sex predator I don't know feel like a mil and put the children on the mil because I don't have to go to what is it like the milk industry has to give up like one of the sides of their package at yeah really I've never seen a picture of it I don't I don't TV mother know what I'm saying turn off the amber alerts on your phone I had to finally recently said the noise is just so scary it's really jarring at 3 a.m. that's what I feel like when you get them it's like flash flood warning I'm upset for your loss old person I missing the signs for a lot of people I feel like you want to help but then you always run the risk of just being a female see the sign for lost I'll leave in like for this week shit Orange 3.7 persons like wait am I that lost for good scary WWE would it be to put out a lost but if I put up at for like last God please keep a lookout and never will try to find you a list that can I do that in trouble for that one that's taking advantage of The Falls fire something or is it a robbery WhatsApp on killing in a fire or we get there we'll what if you don't alert the Police of the authority make you sound like an advertisement will you put it on the board I wish it you know when we were driving back from you and then there was a billboard address to Gus from Bernie talking about except it was called Berne and I a bit like it was so hard for me to believe that it wasn't actually Bernie when I was new to the F1 congratulations or something it was an expensive Billboards and local television also aux input Rooster Teeth I think it is gone keeps in his ears a lot of you I know you don't like it why would you want not want an attorney with dreads Betty Blackwell commercials what's a jarring because I said that's like a local Austin at that ran for years I mean it's no joke that commercial probably runs like 20 years without any updating the file I think about 5 years ago to head to update it and it was weird seeing the old commercial to now because all the sudden she aged 20 years from One commercial whatever works you never know her name the old one this is awful local ad for a open YouVersion YouVersion + 20 years and she looks good but there's no way we can actually make it to the local tattoo shop Commercial which one they use songs from like the app and then they had these two still photos of a dog and they use the end of the mouth like animation software that we use for Vick from likely know the first few seasons of already being so stupid and they are not just any non-stop flights from last words in her age that quickly the worst the worst is that fucking Toyota dealership up north the guy who does that the Austin Powers impression glad that everything that was fucking terrible they announced the updated versions of the Mac Book Air updated version I think of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with gold belt and a new line called gold MacBook it's between one of the ones they took away well if it's a 12 inch laptop that's smaller than the MacBook Air 11-inch MacBook Air it's only two pounds and it comes in gold silver and grey but wasn't correct why isn't there like in the latest report on it in to charge it but that's also if you want to use a USB to plug into USB hub in there charge it and you can drive you can't you have to just have like an adapter that passes the current through and also passed the day that they could have like maybe had a chart like a little maybe can't charge it yeah them to lose that it after that you're going on there is future-proofed that can you put in your a doctor's on it I did not limited by the truth that seven year-old Hardware this on your laptop and 7 as well but that's assuming that the input for is fast enough that it can you know it's faster than whatever is going to come from the future right job documentary right sorry about everything today to fix apple as he came in computer lines that do the same thing he's like we're going to have two different laptops consumer for two different like in a desktop and so he vanishes he goes away and then not be immediately start immediately just start like friendship between it's just like it most complicated for us but I can't imagine being like a seventy-year-old walking to the Apple Store to be like I don't know what I want so badly my stepfather was really asking about like you like my Mac Book Air you like I want to buy one of them to wait until the update and I'll let you know when they updated it and then I'll send you Mac smaller and lighter than the one I use but it's more powerful giving it to they're like well like who who are they targeting for each one slightly less rich but like what who which one is which there might be people the Lesser one only get a pro for the pros too expensive still like your the laptop we're not going to call the air so you can kind of think that you're getting the middle ones you're getting like you know the average in not getting the lowest Vision cuz otherwise there's no point like this is a MacBook more expensive or more expensive it starts at 12:19 I love these conversations because we're going to be so dumb they look a decade from now listen to this the front-facing FaceTime camera only 480 really yeah really yeah it's probably the whole thing during the press conference about how they had to redesign and reinvent the keyboard I'll try to join Life come out brilliant problem have you ever been unhappy with the way when you press a key that it goes like one side goes in and out the other side now that you said that they like them rocks in the bed the new Mac Book doesn't do that. I've been in a butterfly support for it so that a uniform look like but it when it comes out as a Little Caesars a man on the right is in your butterfly mechanism that some of the fans and in more than that looks like they just messed up his life you know I told Mac say like the the field I think is the cube or something that all of the Mac like before it was like before we see things from back to Mac in like the eighties whatever he made the cube and he didn't have any way you could let me know the next the next Ki feel like wood no offense is like one of the first computers to have a optical drive a few times they were confusing as fuck NeXT computers 31 the point last function in Windows right now function in Windows is the health system who goes to hell there's other people that want some help right now and it's annoying Health Network troubleshooter no let me try and connect to the internet didn't work sorry old on YouTube the problem is at all doesn't tell you if your ethernet cables plugged in anybody know last year right after it failed to send a diagnostic diagnostic report if there's somebody there organ reminder when this episode of the podcast is also brought to you by squarespac Squarespace recently launched their latest version of their platform Squarespace 7 because it completely redesigned interface integration with Google apps new templates 24/7 support responsive design their site looks great on any device and every website comes with a free online store started trial no credit card required to start building your website today when decide to sign up at squarespace.com / RoosterTeeth make sure you use all for good reason to get 10% off your first purchase be sure to show your support for Their Teeth podcast sex the score for the support squarespac start here go anywhere so I'm putting off making websites talked about how to use these next few when I was younger it was a computer lab in the next few weeks and making my first website it looks like Mac OS what in the upper right it was like an icon you can click that would open up like a Unix terminal and it's a good combination of like eunuchs and Mac OS so you could create your website in the Unix terminal and then like navigate to your files in Mac OS when I right click on them and be like I want to share this with the world and it was so it was so fucking dumb it was called Blue Oyster Cult fan page Garba Alberni and Jeff found it years later when I was working at the call center and they for knitting I took over Bernie's burnie.com website and Bernie sex which turned into the animated adventures Burnie Tasmania takedown do you like based on like you know your valve and back then we started involved in the weapon and operating systems to where we are now like what's the thing that you never thought would happen to the internet in your pocket and it's super fast and you could scream like video and audio and everything just works on my phone everywhere even have to be wired we're connected that's still crazy to me he just flying around and it's like you're playing you just have everything when I was a kid there was no internet so the first what is the for I think that one time when I was like I was I was probably like 14 hours an article about how this new thing called the world wide web and people were putting corn on it and they had like a screenshot of like the Playboy website as part of the article I was like oh my God chicken sandwiches and I like type to be addressed Nevada have to like use my arrows in like it download initiate like a modem transfer phone to download anything it would take a minute to download 10 kilobytes / jpg was like 50 kilobytes to Take 5 minutes to download killing a last time I also have to the states my screen is just like a data transfer and it saved it and then I can a bit like Western for on right which was the type of stuff I don't know it's like this the ability to like go somewhere and then see naked people is let me know it might have been sketches first right yeah I like yeah that's what where was like just born here to there was back at the front shit in the last two cats in this in that case the gypsies everywhere tell if your in a cat some people are annoying no yo what up some people are in their on animals call me personally but I'm overdrawn a buffalo or bison no one can read my mind Kaiser bill picture of a human with everything like in the movies where people get together and they watch like porn films right it's like a whole event it's like you gotta meet at the time you got to get a projector the screen on does that make it more special that they're so much like work that goes into it and if his presentation I can I really want to watch this one was like $0.40 yes can finish because when you were yo course there was that doesn't exist anymore does it a day when I was a kid it's it's it's a channel that you don't get it but they're playing porn so it's not like they would line up just right you can kind of sort of like simulator I think it is so how could it be just you know but after 9 p.m. though that they turned off and you as I don't have the other one service right what you do here do you like static and every once awhile you see a figure of like to come hang out of my house you said you had to say Animal Planet who would be the first and gotta go back to this what you mean like what am I in and out like that that's not what happened at all it did it on its own accord I like jumped up and jumped on tables like a thing is to read it so fast and like hungry they eat everything like that's all they do is they just eat so it it does this crazy acrobatic stuff when you can smell something that smells like food don't like jumps and flips and then yeah I just ate a bunch of like a whole bottle of New York will strawberries are just not a I got so disgusting the doctor twice he's ok popular money never be the same call Poison Control Betty even if it's late that's why it flavored. That you're not 10 pound dog would you call me I got an emergency my dog is. A little later cat trying to get brand name on the phone and they immediately were like oh well there's all these different types like based on the information given I'm not the only one this happened to probably I mean why would they have all this other stuff to send you New River got anything that should have been in some a good dog owner for my dog you up when I'm home I can I know I would never let them eat an entire bottle of lube I don't even think you could eat as much as you want I don't think it's going to do anything Aids on the market what can you eat to survive you can survive only probably right I believe it's organic he lives there but does anybody have Lube on them I get their nutrition cance but Yes actually I do have all the time and not organic really pushing this okay do you want me to Danny likes a for anything no it just means you pay like $5 getting something that means it means it's made of organic matter right you know what organic cyanide yo bro what does it mean Google Voice a organic cyanide last man on Earth you have that you tweeted about it and I know you didn't really who is that funny I wish it was like everyone on Earth is gone all the time and it's been a couple of years and it's like what does he do or how to survive can you eat that's not funny the first episode of keeping up with any shows that I can watch right now I'm waiting for Game of Thrones a new Game of Thrones trailer during the Apple thing today so they announce the HBO now which is genius even now subscribed to HBO without needing cable they're launching it exclusively on Apple TV but you also watch on web browser killing Frost having Apple TV 3 exclusive for like three months right and it starts in April when the time comes and they lowered the price on Apple TV and HBO now is 45939 on Netflix. Netflix you know it's also the way to integrate the other content to like going to buy movies from another like you no Outlet like everything is just everything about it is easy like every single thing you can click on it just like an easy watching scream and I feel like sign out of stuff and then like you need to validate your phone number and all that shit solid I was going to ask you like if you were the last man on Earth just like it is there anyone who is there a woman that would that you would be placed with that you would be like I'm not going to sleep with her probably was eart will there be someone who would like made the cut off for you like this person is too annoying or like to yes yes yes absolutely have that person in mind I have many people like that in mind absolutely will the human race be happy with the human race die with my G from me WhatsApp 2 well let me know if you and I can I find a way or whatever you know we just keep you kids that shave each other until one of them wasn't a mutant and then that one would have to check the next one that was normal and hope for the best this is not going to good podcast for babies first you try to make alcohol for him and now you're claiming them what is it makes sense doesn't it all anyway is no one follow the logic here I'll get you guys are almost in the logic that's what everything I'm just saying if they're in the drawing and there's a lot of cats with on with it was alright I'll wait till you have another one you could go like oh I think I can okay that's cool which is great because you always had to make sure the holes on the plug on the top I never got that the holes on the plug on one side has two holes on it because you know that you've been wrong the other way what you doing over there missing people develop some other time tennis and now you going to be like on your finger what podcast number is this on here before 10 or 3:15 I will report your number 14 fight that Mary was wrong that's why I said 14 Happy Everything a dick pic do I have yo man I never never know if you don't see nobody yeah but it wasn't me so you taking a picture of someone else to take you try to pass it off as your own what do you mean it wasn't yours use someone else's a picture of someone else's I wasn't what is the man about to say what I'm talking about have you taken right will come on finish your story what are you saying so what we're doing am I short work address to take a dick pic you didn't work for real but it's like it was like you think the conversation is like how do you take how do you take a dick pic or like what you know I'm a selfie small deck attached to it and then I was like talking and then I went to the gym with Aaron we're like working out and stuff and I was like talking about Dick Pics really loudly and then I was like yeah it doesn't help when you're talking about 15 dick but yes it is it's like Hercules 50% of the world has not taken a dick pic all right well they were the founders of the world has either taken or received one I'm interested on industry so what to send a dick pic right now just people are looking lyrics I talk loud yeah it's funny cuz we were talking about this conversation that he had out here what in the podcast right now and I have no idea wood in 03 what was the story that talks about taking a people look at you weird when you talk about dick pics but I think it's something that most people of people looking a dick I think I talk loud is part of the problem but you're self-conscious about it I don't think I don't think at this point I'm taking a long time we don't want to take me to sell it so I don't have my anus intrusive it was like discussion about someone's penis for like 5 minutes probably like what was it like to be on his plate brownies what is a dick say anything about you as a person Kids React and I feel like we just got that fancy too much confidence anything to you lately but you know that I know yeah it's like no one knows why what else whatever let me know alright well we got to go so we back on Wednesday with an episode of the patch Thursday with on the spot and then again next Monday with the special episode of RT Podcast so that for watching everyone