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Transcript (in progress):

welcome welcome to the college basketball playoffs burni but it looks like after the field looks great you know they had stuff you needed one of the number one seed they both did so today self that sounds like eight years away for a minute that Rivers actually came from my buddy Jason Segel who would make fun of me for saying gavi so I stepped away for a second to go work on this you and I came back and I will suddenly my laptop is covered in drink now I put your money on your trackpad print more money to do it and she couldn't look at it once the capacitive feedback I think it would be better not like it wasn't working right which base is used to make the electricity wouldn't conduct heat and electricity just heat shed it's a good point stylus here's to South by Southwest on the internet we are we broadcasting live from the Pontiac Silverdome and we are at our venue where we've been for like the last week of South by Southwest seems like a various parties and stuff like that all the people in the poo there's a bunch of people like me or dislike me all the free drinks fucking disgusting story about did you read about the British Airways flight today British Airways flight took off from Heathrow Bound for Dubai about 30 minutes then go back to the land that's somebody in first class is my favorite airline rates for a long time somebody recreated that guy I can try to look it up if I cash it so nasty on the plane that it stink up the entire plane really had to turn the pilot had to come on the intercom and tell people don't worry about that it's not a technical problem it's just Epic ship turning around and it's like the late everyone's travel plans at Spring break hours for the next somebody had question here which is most obvious in my mind what the poop in the bathroom or did you just poop and it was in the bathroom quick statement and then just going to take a dump if I have to gavi help with that don't do that like you have enough to go you got to go but you're acting like you've never heard of this before like that people don't go to the bathroom outside right so there's no reason to anime carry that through the rest of their life for a long time and you doing for you black men sitting at my significant other's house watching you do that charger charge enough for the night what time are why my wife went into a public restroom and she came back and I can't believe it it's like sitting there I'm glad it's the one in this whole building smells like restroom in the room like not occupied can I tell you Secret Pro tip for traveling stories of the first time you think they've got their two in the front put it in the middle and another for the bathroom on a 747 watch all the air on the plane cabin of a plane pressurized cabin in an emergency like what I say everyone hold their breath for a second he would be the one time that you could deploy the oxygen write this down and the oxygen came on but that would be like the style is stinky Astaire ever like an airplane Air is already like the smell oxygen the rest of oxygen generator drops the process of pulling on the cord activate the canister which creates a chemical reaction that generates oxygen that they had decompression of the cabin and which means that doesn't leak or something in it he was halfway between San Antonio and Denver I believe flying along and also the plan might like that I just like to just drop and it was really hard and then he heard a noise that sounded like it was dropping down to the explosives Vehicle Safety measure to prevent can you take off the roller coasters like short track roller coaster that is like a rocket lovely brunch the other day it was like you you like brunch brunch and then like something came up to the point we might not be able to do brunch and I was like what's the big deal I was just questioning why does brunc what does luster mean originally planned so we went to Phillip which is better in the middle of Texas try not to make it a cool fish you're all the work that goes into getting that particular fish why have I think about sushi grade she got home and ate it like that go to restaurants we can try to help them and that's part of that like when he was here in town feel you have to do like a promo thing the local Fox affiliate to promote his the TV episode and everything and I remember watching it because I'm getting ready for work or something and he came on and he did not talk about the TV show at all he just was like Kitchen Nightmare it's a gourmet poo team with cheese and sliced potato why did you have gavi lovely brunch at Maple Pizza that I would like some eye problem with brunch is it's not their breakfast or lunch like Apple version of Microsoft Word get both breakfast and lunch breakfast is bullshit well I had a conversation that I had with Gavin so I looked up in my messages way too many conversations she had a lovely little time only the sister in red versus blue one of the earlier models as well and she had about 4 months ago but I'm like the perfect baby giant blue eyes never ever all that was younger I got here too late in Barbara's condition Phillip Lim show anything that works I will take a picture when you would you would like microscope account logic because it would be like this but the time was like like what that was didactico did that affect your output like you need a volume or an output Phillip barbar I appreciate it you just sit out poo question everything why told the story about how I couldn't you know monk might be in for a while 3 weeks or 3 weeks but you know what happens if you don't do anything it was like I felt like it happened in the night and that nothing was happening and it was nothing happened and then when I woke up the next morning it will happen so we talked about this we won South by Southwest most valuable online Channel we voted most valuable player a lot of people at South by Southwest after we won that award and the first time we talked about moving up that's the kind of thing where it's like whatever this is a world where you have to like to vote for it I'm always very reluctant to go out to the audience in like that not talking about it honestly six months ago our year ago yeah it's just you know don't ask too much but we do valuable online Channel at South by Southwest it's because it's only local for the social media company of the year and in the chronicle gave us best video game Studio we're going to make it that was a very weird in the works right now it works and it's an alpha page up at 3 if you are interested you know about it home access he goes with me why are sportscaster Impressions before we went live with the podcast and I was doing NC double a basketball and football and Gavin went Lazer kitchen Crystal Palace I'm waiting on you what was the plan sorry so I said talk to each other text each other really cool inflammation and I really already filmed yes it does yeah I would like a quick holding up the giant balloon before it was inflated like this pic and I'm holding it up showing it to you I sent a screenshot me doing that and your reply was you're going to break that camera and I was like 65 million miles can I buy 12000 + 35 million for pretty much everyone just lives right next door are fucking insane Jewish house in Canada how far away probably within a hundred-mile you don't know I know Montreal at your house in your PlayStation if I don't have a lot of friends where in London 141.6 miles to kilometers who came down from Canada and wanted to come to the event and she could get in 1921 so she's like younger we would always drive out to Baton Rouge or go to Newark let me see if you can drink if I recall correctly going through some issues where the federal government that if they didn't change the 21 they were going to take away their federal funds for Interstate transportation that was like a foreign language Sense 6 Plus screen is it why did some reason to be longer to match the screen and the button is pushed into the search something on Safari between everyone why is my right thumb on the very edge of the spacebar and when you're in Safari doing it you always have a period every time tactical I want to dress something everyone is asked on Twitter mine is on the right it's because I'm talking to the right barbar is actually on the wrong side I'll talk to you more than that sounds from outside Spyros microphone on my Dino why do pirates wear eye patches definition to like 2 years but I get the feeling that that's not I just like the whole you eat spiders in your sleep what jobs have people who care from Bright environments the documents why doesn't everywhere find the underneath of the shed where they might go down to come back up with but I don't want a discount the Pirates heard you never got that booty where does romanticized notion of them but it's like in reality I got the time if you self Paris or whatever is in there was some few moments in movies why you think that was bad I had one of those moments is a part of the Caribbean to me when he just stepped off the ship like right before it sinks so casually it's just like that's really cool the sword fight on the Giant Wheel Ariel Britney's 90% of your life that you're in your underwear gets old fast putting on underwear you didn't know about the most comfortable underwear for women why I have 500% United Way higher like 99.9% in my underwear underwear should you wear when you sleep I was trying to talk to my mom we talked about it we didn't and I found out during the interview that Sally said she can do it at Oxford University to have someone come and tell us how stupid we are I don't know scienc their greatest podcast stories about bad site talking about really come up with anything how hard is it to get into Oxford John Brennan life University why didn't even know it was British Invasion Oxford is being in Oxford even has a mascot and it doesn't know how to pronounce Oxford Oxford Oxford Oxford University how to treat the Oxford tree yes I'm going to say it's like one of those things that they used to build Stonehenge what is Oxford mascot 201 is it true we don't have look up that was exported inventing masks Shield logo is there anything on the truck enlighten me enlighten me fancy fair from fair play does the Hamilton High School football team guys like me Wright and phillipus so that's actually rolling it's you that are Ivy League schools University Minnesota what is the name of a say this I could I mean I already did before we started the podcast I was City. I was sitting here talking with you sounds like you like here we are now talking about cocaine It Off you can say whatever you want to on camera but this would be the one exception of that because his live stream so I didn't even know her biology evolutionary sexism Sally onion flower I bought supplies having sex and I drank a bit too big eye social Evolution which is how you're nice to your relatives that so I have I have film just self less shocking I'm not trying to push you here but I'm genuinely curious how many species besides humans have sex for reasons other than procreation Lake Recreational Center the entire social structure is based on that and so they tried to say hello what we could which is why I said the males are the ones that have to meet and if the female that to me that maybe what are oral sex and oral sex very specific to homo sapiens yeah the monkey sexual right that's true I mean they actually are easy to paint that have been reported to have right on necrophilia and I said your papers and studying hundred years ago this guy that was doing expedition in the back and check his work was published two years ago it was done and you think it's too risky for the time and you feel you can't report on it a lot of sex because I mean Texas Radiology holding his daughter and his wife was the one with the proof reading his manuscript and said one of the reasons go too much into a 2037 is it so he would have known about but he didn't write about them we think it was because that little bit why I never know your barbar I think if we scaled it up more insulting would like I could have sex with Gus eye crossed you like that across the bedroom apartments across the park this day just went through and I'm not exactly sure what they destroy the destroyed like some kind of I cannot refuse some religious artifact that was thousands of years old but didn't agree with their current modern-day theology so they go to destroy that stuff for all the time they just like how many people throughout history scientific discoveries then passed away and the people who went through the archives then for the benefit of that person just removed what they considered to be sense of material and then we lost that research history what's a math competition eye doctors cover delegates prove to this equation why everyone is trying it was a multi-page really okay so maybe we should get to a list of questions that were provided by the eye I live in the list of bacteria scienc like for idiots so I'll be I'll be at Prime I didn't mean to like 40 is that it was Noble of idiocy that's how I went with this question today you can take charge we going to involve everybody to severe bad scienc going to the podcast got a list and we're talking about here so the first one looky looky barbar I wanted to feel smarter my stupid ass can an airplane take off on a slippery runway AKA could an airplane take off if it was on a treadmill and not actually moving forward and what did you say at the time at the time I said it would be impossible for an airplane take off without wheels the wheels spinning why is the thrust from the Jets if it's sliding on ice and take off right so if you want to take off on a treadmill this means that the airplane is being pushed backwards but it is rolling at self or with other stay in the same place basically it's equivalent or not I have a question also really horrible except for was 20000 miles an hour and somehow the plan your perspective on that if you look at the plane is stationary there are none. does the average of moving around no change in pressure sorry if that was if that was a massive fan and then take off without going so you know self you have a lot of wind out of this pag plan that conversation is massive for us I was going to ask the dumbest question ever which is every took him then took a massive fan and attach to the front of the plane and blue on the plane to the plane to take off and fly but that fight.com scienc why you don't try to make so we we had a conversation having here with our medical experts said if you were feeling sick or like this that you're feeling nauseous that you could tell yourself in your mind just stop it don't ya just don't get it is that possible are there people that can self hypnotize and these people can self hypnotize to the extent that they can have surgery or YouTube video wisdom teeth pulled out and she just had to concentrate on that sandwich like the guy died here but my thinking was if he was here and saw a sandwich here would have kept on living just father enough to get the sandwich or what are you still tight right now so that there's what is amazing what the brain can you say that if you give people incentives to live then you can kind of put everything away if you play music to people for example that really changes things so when people are in comas and the music and the Brain it can go to the extent of Salvation Army in the brain can do some really crazy things like that it's pretty powerful did you know in a way it's like you're educated about the placebo dr. trust said he was like that sugar pill that has a placebo effect that will cure indigestion and then you take it even if you just made that up on the spot if they like you what's better than a patche eye surgery was so the more invasive in the more horrible you think St when people do like to see what studies it's not just a pill every time there's a whole wide free someone up the pills given to you by Laurence Fishburne Matrix selective I feel when you wear the lab coat on some guys people always marveling about how intelligent you are on Slow Mo Guys versus every other moment of your life when they don't want it why you say that I was thinking I should also be wearing a monocle I'm going to work my way down the list you got it okay so I set up a basic question is what is the speed of push that was one long and you put it on one and how long does it take to push to travel down the entire length of the pool to get to the other an interesting question I don't know is that nothing could travel faster than speed of light and not include information on is really important that you know the universe has the speed limit on the speed of light and so what if we have a pool that's one light year long and we pushed it and it instantaneously got pushed to the other and that would mean the information was traveling instantaneously in the time it would take like it which means information will be traveling for push ready to get a ride and you're the other end whenever it is right next to you later Devil's light year 2 review would you have thousands of years is there any way you can replicate that why did you ever like it was like a thousand miles long and then I pushed it and took a picture of it in the photo I guess is compression on the atomic level but it seems like that measurably if that's true and like year then it's true that the constant so it's true that this was a thousand miles you just couldn't orange okay I just have a couple more so I'm going to get that would be the worst premier yeah it was alright I mean you can't actually contact with Foster she's going to go into this like experimental like a rift making machine that you never say any of the last night and they say something it's like so profound but like so frightening at the same time they say you know you could get trapped you could be without error this will tell you one thing that page it's for a lot of reasons but mainly it's for all the reasons that we can't think of it that's why you still with you and if they're going College the limit and just realize like you don't know you know like what would happen if possible we don't know what's going to happen you don't make a micro black hole suck everything in it microwaves an alarm to have that start like his dad self question fundamental question how many senses do people have shed I don't want to be in this conversation has been calling something it's not about you then you would know when you run out of juice and how many colors are there honey seriously if you ask me I'm trying to count my head here but there's 7 colors and you should know there's way more than that you would essentially be right because you can have this refinement of colors but guess what there's really only seven colors right but you want everything Trader Joe's right now so we have proprioception which is if you shut your eyes you know it well what is the saint of the sense of touch how many senses are there human right weather you gave it all kind of stuff without so Le trying to tell me sense I mean you could say that sound is a special type of touch because I actually saw the pressure into the City and so in that sense it's very distinctive definition Lazer Kraze tag out okay so let's say we're here on Earth magically appear in the past I like that exposure whenever you take a picture of yourself in the mirror and your phone is always the same size so you wait what is it HP change you have to wait just like that you can imagine you not going to see it that about Scott so could you see in the past so why do we do this why do we use surveillance of the past but we have this in place ready to go look in the mirror and I look in the mirror in June and we'll see what happened like 2 years ago in June he will have to have an infinite series is a way to be able to stop from now yeah and so we would have to have mirrors each time point that we wanted to see sphere which is if I take my camera on the front facing camera merry go self and other people see different I felt the Galaxy and it was like that with someone who's going to friends burni of the other what is it when your car goes one way alright we're going to end with a big one which is better Celsius or Fahrenheit AKA is it metric or imperial burni David told me things would be in Fahrenheit I don't even have a perception of what is a big believer until I heard burni explanations for Fahrenheit so that zero fahrenheit it's cold outside 201 more so happy we agree that the scale of zero to a hundred something we just lock onto his human right that's an important skill so if you look at the Fahrenheit scale from 0 to 180 survivable temperatures of human beings that if you get a hundred degrees in trouble of dying and if you're in an environment that the below 0 degrees Fahrenheit you're in very great Danger get a look at the useful scale of Celsius it's very useful from zero degrees up to about like 45 and then there's pretty much nothing between 45 and 100 but you can use these exact same argument for a 212 is boiling in Fahrenheit which I realize are between 100 and 212 there's no more Precision between 0 and 100 there is between 0 and 45 temperature scale Annette is a digital thermostat brand hrrr in the summer our thermostat is set to 76 if I move our thermostat 277 my wife is like why is it so hot what happened you don't have that 76277 different I don't want to I don't know I don't know 7269 Michael Lindsay Michael's apartment is the coldest place in the universe apartment with my wife what winter we said it's like giving chicken let's see how far it would it get before one of us wants to turn the heater on we got all the way till like mid-January levels of life comforters like I don't know winter it's like 45 degrees that are Bucknell housing by the way show me them likes toys like grass grass roofs and clouds movie coming out and I could definitely tell that he was really why they had to see his face like he use his brothers his doubles they would see if he put his face on his brother and to me it was like way into the uncanny valley territory of just like it looks slightly off we don't know why it was impressive what they did is really like he brings up a point that you have a YouTube channel Tracy storages Channel if you like sex and evolution an animal's behavior I go to my channel first picture passport episode is about a robotic intelligence this week sometime what is the biggest wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait did burni dot selective throughout my body just saying that. Temperature standards are not developed in the time we had we didn't have heat we have now when how cold is it we can use when a pubic lice and head lice by bus to the right place and that is how old Play It Again why don't we all get naked I mean it's legal here in Texas because if you had this discussion before like I was like whatever anyway week why you so like $0.02 for her I saw a lot of homeless kids sense a problem where people will like attractive woman who was regularly on Saturday Angie team that's the guy that attacked right now she said was she came up to me and was like I remember you you raped me violently as I don't know you stop and look and be like people. I didn't think that she was dressed like a crazy person office I'm still sitting at my desk and I picked up my phone to call my wife and I said hey you know I'm on my way home I'm leaving the office she said so we started talking I'm walking down I walked up to walk out into the street and another homeless woman gets right in front of me it's like she was really short and I can help you on the phone yeah I can imagine if you can stop that the says you may have been homeless once Brett read aloud what happened to Billy you got home he's not listening to me we were in an elevator in a public parking garage and we went up 5 Florida we had to go up 546 metric floors and it was different the rest America's wealth you don't know the person yeah conversation straight ahead I'm not comfortable this guy I'm guessing this done for the day just started serenading me different bus stop waiting for the bus can you just like this you just like the how many homeless people there are way happier than people in really high page jobs and I think it was anything let me know sometimes you give up your cognitive function if you could be happy like all those all the horrible things like depression in my car vandalized and your dog does that mean you're super happy all the time why would you like to say that would you give that up and you'll be happy all the time I didn't look good for you do it I don't feel better for me Grants Pass OR to start second smarter go to naturebox.com / we should keep get a free traile box of delicious snacks you're welcome to the generation gap between me and my father normally wear glasses but I don't because I don't have lenses in them so that I have affliction but you still feel like I'm trying to yeah I had to from Austin I also had to shave his beard pocket square without my beard or my glasses I would be pretty much on recognizing the problem and variables it's a joke with the three colors like hip hop hip barbar I was going to ask this we bowl in the first Lazer team teaser people didn't know until today that I was in the movie Michael and Seth Rogen Franco Adelie lot of work to not look like me follow up questions questions I was going to ask us what we were burni sense if we lock him in a room with the Tiger he could be the Tiger if you put me and not missing any tiger or that a girl I would not kill me like a grown up waiting to be killed anybody if I can get all titles the Tiger no no no YouTub that you would stand a chance of fighting a tiger tribes is one thing the way that they did that means is they let the Lions have to meet and then they go up to the Lions as a group of people and just kind of charge is it still some of the things that ferrets begin with it's going to get hungry I will go to have you seen Life of Pi is Debra Debra it's a joy to the eye of the tiger right now fight to the death which is good for your throat probably right you would do this it would rip your arms off and beat you can do anything Food Lion they had not suspended still there strategy eyes and throat I got it what I said was how does cat will fuck you up to the point where you don't want to touch it anymore it's flying around the room that's really tough did you see that video couple weeks ago on Reddit where these people are like in a jeep driving it's a thing like a long gavi for a trailer something and there's this bear running alongside them this giant bear hauling ass it was like 35 miles an hour if I remember correctly it was like a road through mountains on either side had to run all the way down it along the side of the road and there is hauling ass down traile podcast was to prove me wrong and I wrong don't start with that I was we talked about if you're sick can you make me some stuff in the sandwich speed up your computer I saw many tweets and we're like oh my God they actually have a scientist on the podcast evolve in Vegas for a very long time to come up with a bunch more South by Southwest 2017 Escalade alright well I just figured out you like so yeah maybe you should have done was gonna turn into You cover yes, now the other humans all infectious diseases probably will because of oxygen but you think they like the idea of zombies as possible any point in time so that's the argument that the arguments we've got ladies as a kind of zombie power switch like cat litter and pregnant women and only affects women and stuff like that that supplies most plasmosis would you think I actually found myself all over always kisses her all over what about cordyceps the coordinates are the the fungus that sometimes take over at Davidson cordycep you to the point where grapevine weather sense like one different species of cordyceps for every light 201 favorites and then the caterpillar start building this Phillip masterprotect the west lobby and then when the Wallflower bust through the sides of the caterpillar the caterpillar is still alive enough to protect you from anything that wants to eat them I was just reminded by ex-girlfriend are the lazer first trailer and then we have dancing RTX tickets for 2015 what is the date of art at 7 tonight August 17th tickets go on sale Wednesday what time 3 p.m. Central 3 p.m. central is that we currently -16 - 5 oh my God crazy. It's time I finally got to sleep but I'm going to call them how to fast forward what show premieres tomorrow e&s Sally thank you for joining us he's an absolute joy to have you 13 Thomas self eye from South by Southwest why but I love you. I like you a lot