#316 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses Going Limp

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Recorded: 2015-03-25 01:01:02

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Brandon Farmahini




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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone looking to receive podcast this week probably brought to you by Casper and Squarespace for McCormick spices that played it yet but I hear ya I'm going the shower in Idaho the other night and did you busted eye vessel in your eye does it look like in like 10 minutes ago he was in the shower and then I had to and I had to get my make-up and then while I was in there I plane time so I pluck my eyebrows and and had a really funny idea for a prank we could have pulled on you while you're taking a shower what was it you wanted to see if we can get as many people as possible to go in and take turns jumping in the bathroom while you're in the shower how old will I be if you're there cleaning your body did you miss it like it's counterproductive like you're cleaning it off show me the shampoo in the Philippines with lock out the PC how's it going to the Spotify login can I smell and everyone dumping would be dumping you never know if this dumpster the ya over take all of it how would you ask everyone at the company said get Mike to appreciate Bernie reminding us that you work out before you pee on camera to pump up thanks Brittany I'm really glad you're not here but telling us what we already know they bro thank you I don't think I would because I realized I was taking my shower Dan was here and you guys are just going and he was he had to take a shower and I have because like Darth super now that's better. I can't just for me what will a 1 foot by 20 foot Noble ya like one for like all of this the name brand for the for my body dog for my junk in my butthole like a nun. Same bar so I was probably on his balls was just all over your lips all over me so you can get some of that was cute does soap get dirty and you just very clearly proved ya so I can be there to watch you need to shave clean itself now you need another bar soap got there bro yeah it sounded like I was rushing running to the kitchen the Dominica how can you shower here at the office I think I just shower here at the office when I show him his own about the shower here at the studio the shower situation at the studio being gross to me but why is it that you shower here so because I feel like there's really no door like there's a curtain that looks to me like it's going to fall down all the time and you're basically showering in a little corner of the bathroom with a Shelf full of dirty towel and let you bring your own towel ya everyone in town today I had to use it was because I was in a rush this morning but not to wake up in the morning if I workout in the gym it's way better to shower here's in the shower shower at the gym what is a big problem because they I can see through it when I'm there so I am why you looking at me like a one-way shower curtain we should take a picture of the check is really tiny it's like to Super and then just as our area there's not even any privacy to change the start of your cat form out there and lyf here the tub and I'm too annoyed by it to look up what it means Alert in chat with people via Twitter ex replied with a Slowpoke meme actual live stream on their website okay I'm sorry I totally understand it is it an app that you can put up a phone or if you can't make it that's okay the right now and you started live stream for the camera and then you can see what's happening on your phone do they have an app on my I didn't trust people Mike all the dorm so I had a laptop open with a webcam and you can tell you're weird security camera no you're weird now I can't have sex in your room is that what you really single apartments for people have master keys okay so I have a roommate now okay that's weird there's a little green light on so it's like no there's no there's no way we could cover it kin with light green sunglasses you know anything about it launched a missile launched into the Twitter API so that you could automatically add all your Twitter friends on your kin but then I get a popular Twitter cut them out so they can't use anymore and I have to manually add all of your friends and then if you like to chat with anybody who's running lyf do when your cat Le chat messages get publish to your Twitter stream with I don't like that people post on my Facebook if your friend likes and I'll link you click on it and then we'll load up this app you can watch it with in the Twitter app correct the Twitter app or meerka gets authorization from Twitter to login and then you could just stop so I had to have I took me awhile to understand what Snapchat was and this is about like I don't know a year ago or so maybe a little bit more and like I have like my email fifteen-year-old cousin explain it to me and I felt so you know this is an actual Google search I performed how do I use Snapchat the control room that's like my parents that's all you can tell it's geared towards you know young people because there's there's no like options everything is white like you interface with the entire app by just memorizing like how to get to someplace it's like you Minority Report everything navigate with like I pads and stuff it's not a big deal but I don't like which way do I have to version of Snapchat what has an arrow so it's like controlled come up see if you have problems using it that means you're old you can't you don't have to swipe up from the middle of the screen as well I think and let you know if that's available at the more these kind of things that I just talked to buy the hot is going to be to get back into society when I'm just confused by everything everything it's just I feel like I want to just so I can stay ahead and have a small one right now little grey start slowing down your watch and watch really that's really good app called ya heard something they always advertise on Twitter but apparently it's only local so it's like you can only see what people post on Yik Yak with in like a mile radius of things but since we would like to know close to University I was like why is it called ya know everything you want to remind me when your cat is a breed of cat and you're just going to let that slide TV show tomorrow's Raiders movie theaters in bro anyways who's the British guy who was awesome that was there before we get there motivational bro just came out today that Tom Cruise Jeremy Renner Irving Ramos Baldwin ya Simon Pegg and looking good I love Simon Pegg but the last movie had too much Simon Pegg really hiding behind that projection screen and it was really cool looks like super actually like I feel like every other it's like we did you know what you did last time nothing impossible and Tom Cruise lyf Smiles Yuma you know things like you know if it's crazy stun Nothing Better yeah but the insurance on that with nothing on it take it off first national park may be okay I got to watch that first mission impossible train crashes in the ya right the red light green light with a gun couldn't do it he had to make a rapper pay attention audience of climax actually about that not too long ago cuz I think they're supposed to do a winter release but they didn't want to compete with them really pushed it to this summer what are you talking about Mission possible they had not said anything that was like the first trailer but it's supposed to be coming out like in a couple months the first movie is not cool and I liked it when the guys riding the lift up and then come down and go to the top of his face with their items like the brakes that ya I love it when it's with the top stuck to a ship it was the one with whatever I'm taking you to the space off in the air I was really confused but I'm really tired all the time TV show actors that were in the TV show died in the first 5 minutes of the first movie like if you love the TV show when you went to see a movie adaptation when you walk out of the theater that happened I think I've been the bad guy was like the good guy in the show like I think you know why that was it was crazy I think you are correct I could be wrong of me to remind me that I didn't quit he said and the reason I'm saying is it's not you it's me and some other people running other people yeah I guess it makes sense not to do it then I just turned it over and done with that Facebook post register for the Chinese Twitter I think it's going to be no I have my account to take over Global and cultures to keep to get light keep getting like more like fused together I miss you like hell yeah but you keep it mean it keeps integrating more and more and more and more well I'm just saying that to people like there's certain things that are just more popular like there the user based on that service it's never going to migrate to Twitter but yet you can start selling like products to them slowly as like other like major corporations have done with in China for getting activities the Brando Tahiti bro I'm just holding on to it I'm going to weigh it you don't know Chinese you have a brand I don't even know Chinese nothing like and try to picture what is it is a pug eating Lube what is your thing but you can't tell me when the South Pole Simon or you are going to think I'm talking to him and we were talking about how he said don't tell Brandon but I hadn't noticed and he had one I sent you one if you send me one here I thought we were friends the cute little robot on it that look Mike and put on my character from The Archie Comics team salt and vinegar 2423 got Tuesday team salt meter are you really doing the whole time but really what this is never talk about that we can go over it I know we did the The Joe Rogan podcast with Joe Rogan and you know we didn't think about it but it's like if you have a venue that's open to the public with free liquor you're going to come in and drink free liquor and when you get up on stage to start talking and it'll give you your space so it was really to hear that I started to go up to people individually and just ask them to kind of keep it down so we can hear everything but a lot of them like a douchebag to be like this but it was a rooster teeth itch Part III it was Brando ex I was on 6th Street right on top of the recap I was seeing drug deal just like I saw like 5 drug deals and then the rest of the receivers before just coming in and I was kinda got a little drunk last night and I was going up to people I did not know who they were and that you look like her the whole lot but I mean if there was like a show going on I think people come to Austin experience ya experience somebody that I work with a lot and I just have one contact from them in their New York and they were here first and they kept inviting us to go out we're kind of like probably going to be kind of boring is probably somebody who's just email account persons kin want to take this and really not all really are speed and then I looked her up on Facebook and I was like oh my God Blain this girl is so hot but I like that and we just so stupid cuz we kept blowing her off and it was too late so I will be here Mike who has killed more men on Twitter the sent me a link to a story saying that the plane stun in that Mission Impossible trailer is real Insanity ya I saw that and I was like pictures of inside of a plane slipping off the kin dropping piece of meat being slammed up against the side of a plane was hit in the head and still pretended to be Tom Cruise's double promoting the second mission impossible movie actually that's not a bad way to go out never live forever if I have to I will watch the sun like just completely gavi the Earth up speaking of fighting death I think someone misunderstood something I said on the podcast a couple weeks ago remember I talked about that story where researchers were using diseases to fight cancer ya and what people would like smallpox or HIV or whatever to kill the cancer still want to go to got really who did you tell that story to give a little girl age the stopper kin when you're sick where did something else instead just to see what happens when they're worried somebody look into the podcast with cancer is going to go out and she's getting himself into no control scenario you know that there's a whole lot of work that goes inside someone Nebraska with Bruce and that will bring you to where you are cause I wanted to punch him through my screen when I try to see if you see if you text something about it with anybody else seen that many series of drinks that I had no idea this was going on at 6 Park documentary and I didn't know anything about this until the finale aired and everyone was tweeting about ex was crazy pouring beer in to put a plastic cup loss protein powder protein protein I think it actually is enough you should have a cooking show what you just and proteins team lion like Friday if you have like a kilogram of that ab muscles like that but um you know the ratio copperstate ounces in one and a half song powder into a beer bubbling maybe and you should come because I really like a milky white the invention of a multi-billion-dollar where was it you wanted announced that they're going to start marketing and selling Health beer is really like the port has a health benefit and take to with age if you think just be nice today so I'll look it up and I just got it I don't know why I want to go The Beatles the protein Bee Ridge lighting Blain now I realize that looks awful actually tastes like a Yik with your truck it's like a Coke float what's the code it's not you take coconut ice cream in it myself only and delicious Mike and I can't find the story about you want something absolutely not put into yourself and it becomes that's what I had a kitten and now my bag of cat food just turned into a big cat out of the bag and I watched a guy get bigger in one bag of cat food so amazing it's something you can't remember if you work out like you're trying to drop that the majority of your weight loss comes through when you exhale the carbon dioxide mean when you workout and you lose weight what happened and where is that going inverse of a cat eating food and getting bigger if you work out and get smaller what happens to the extra you let yourself out what is It Go I mean you lose weight from like the right like you can just hold off putting your body fat does your body metabolize that fat from your body into your head and then you sit down and I really don't I'm not going to be a lot of work a lot of work to burn calories you can work out you know you walk a couple of miles you burn to lose weight by eating whatever you want and then just going on a bicycle for like 20 minutes what is the most efficient whole body especially your City swimming swim very well because that means I have to work a lot harder if that's what you're worried about tell you what like two laps for me is like 20 laps for in a person is just really good at swimming a lot better workout floating three feet under the surface what Goa street with with with Bernie face down Ford in like a corpse and me on my back 43 feet under the water like a corpse Norwood happily what am I doing this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Casper or excited talking to advertisers Casper Casper is an online retailer of Premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost Casper is revolutionising the mattress industry by putting the cost of dealing with retailers and showrooms and passing the savings directly to the consumer Casper mattress is obsessively engineered mattress at a very fair price it's a comfortable mattress that is just the right sink and bounce two technologies come together latex memory foam 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And crap like that you don't need to come up to you and tell you this feels good expensive at 7:25 but I didn't know that much they make you feel so bad cuz all of the like value mattresses are just like stuff like in these roads and have to go there and like pick it up and everyone else is looking into buying the for mattresses that are great to have it delivered to your house when you couldn't open it so I can vacuum sealed so it comes in a box that maybe you'd like a queen size it's like a little bigger than that table you should have me like you cut it open and it's like it's and Haley for the first time it just like great stuck in Delivery Man just left it on my front door sweetie I appreciate it but I swear it's fun to open up the first time I love stuck thing that came in a really tiny box but this going to be like at 3 and before you open it and it's a little squished in like the fact you still at the shop or something like that so we can make it work what the email said I'll let you have it now I can remember it basically before podcast on Sunday night and I won't be able to make it because I'm at the Game of Thrones season 5 premiere I don't have to tell you that but I just wanted to say that cuz it was cool or something like that I was just like I didn't Bumble Bee Movie that's not correct I read an article today where the showrunners for Game of Thrones explicitly confirmed the show will now start spoiling stuff for the books really have a set the show will definitely and before the books and what's the point it's going to start to say that there would be some but there's a lot of overlap but there's like characters that live in the book in the show finally caught up now I'm laughing all the way to and a half weeks of April August 17th buy tickets now so this is my first 4th of July and like 4 years so I don't have to do some organizing I just going to stay home I'm going to have the most Freedom ever Mike wants to hang out I can do like last time I had a 4th of July off work and went out with friends I would really like to go to my family's house we had an American flag on yourself but it's not like you and your cousins are doing that never came out with it got like sparklers at the end of the first round Moon Township bro I'm going to get back to the drinks but I just saw your and you something see if I can pull it up here but she dropped she should read your quote Blain Darth Vader was in The Lion King all this fucking cool Darth up everywhere that's not a Darth Vader with a lyf don't think so I haven't heard anything about it until the finale aired last weekend and I really didn't like the ending this past weekend on Saturday I was like okay I'm going to watch it's only 6 episodes 5 minutes to try documentary about Robert Durst who is the heir to the Darth Family Sports in Bayonne like a ton of skyscrapers in Manhattan like they have the exclusive rights to One World Trade Center and they own 10% of it LOL and he's like it kind of fell out of favor with the family and the children younger brother to take over the business in 1982 His Wife disappeared mysteriously and nothing ever gets resolved and then in 2000 he finds out that the case Goa in 1995 got the kids going bro you like go to Galveston try to hide out in Galveston in 2000 he killed his next door he's accused of killing his next-door neighbor and then goes to trial doesn't stick and then like a year later his best friend in Le mysteriously dies because the rumor was that she was going to talk to the New York prosecutors about his appearance and each of these weird crazy life going on it's really fascinating things like actors ex has a very short reenactment but it's like 30 seconds left there's always make me laugh I'm glad they didn't do that was really good you should absolutely watch it at the races Pokemon ya ya ya I wouldn't even know how to hold her and I just mean I still did you know what is still have a chance in a in a in a the punching one of those drinks that used to be black ya different anyways my mom cry Dance Moms licking her but yeah one of my friends went over to another friend's house to like to talk some stuff if you want not for The Doors Light My Pokemon cards and his mom just came and I was like will get back to you and close the door and then it was like I was going to and the parents are like in the clothing and walking towards a woman runs in front of the show yeah that's what the Furby fight ya those are in the same time that Ya Ya's came back after like a hundred clutches in in Richmond if you were crap at ya ya ya good manager of pink Duncan yo-yo I still have that thing off who is the bumble bees you have it over there butterfly kin ex plane I did around the world and it flew off ya if there's around the world in a computer man you never walk in the dog ya you know and I'm I'm I'm off to work with autism just like ya ya ya ya flight 2043 I would love it if we could bring back the ball in the cup we should make those of us that are TX with what really give away free EX goes anything goes related like fucking shut it down you know because it really Mike whistles I don't even think it cheap things like a weight in one and only no not happening but so boring anyone who didn't like the in that yoy your face in the window is like what maybe five years during those years of school stuff it's just like ya go go go go tell me it might lion will Apple be like paying them and you try to hit another line of them on the other side Newton whatever Newton's Cradle that describes a totally different stuck in with those things up in the Le spin around Java Chip pog did you know that you have pog what's up with you I want to go to his house later a room that's just like the entire wall just POG got a pretty sick talk to you owl comes back around show Transformers Ford in Provo POG and loved it as a kid you don't like that in when I was at dice dice got in on a talk that was given by a guy who used to work at motel and he was the guy who came up with the idea of making the cartoon to sell the toy like a man with his idea he's like yeah he's like we want to make this work and Barbie for decades and we want to make we can fill the void Ford to make a cartoon first and then cook them and then it will just be a commercial for the toy none that I know the model for like all kids like programming for the next GI Joe now just on the bus go to combine everything combined Ford vehicles in the combining of Ultron full with under that program right what did the kid at the Transatlantic accent the tone of his writing in the middle that sound like someone I love when people are idiots on Twitter someone who likes like blah blah blah F1 interior the bad experiences I went and saw a lot of movies and I got into ex machina and apparently it was the first of two screenings in North America were showing itself I felt so got to the second one really really fucking good movie and I wanted to Donaldson and Oscar Isaac Reddit I give me the Star Wars they went out there and he said hey to me and Chris and I saw him later at another screening and I was drunk and we're in line waiting for this movie and he's like Stern talking about ex machina ya ya and then I was like oh man did I just completely unaware of my social standing as I remember it Ted the ending in the middle joke about 12 people lion lyf drug Mike book 3 in the ex Mike and I will turn around book your apologies plane gets really bad I didn't want to say sorry to me with $0.06 I was going to see and then some guys walking out we're like I can't believe bro weather ya ya the Paramount it was it was it seems like a weird move and I watch the Veronica Mars movie was pretty busy like the first weekend you know what panels and working and stuff but it was a lot better after that one of the taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show quits pretty cool I was going to be but then he cancelled so I was going to take myself a picture of me I had fun hanging out with you and it was some woman and then looked at it yet he was grounded and I didn't see it and I've just never been good at being single bro you can analyze Urban family but you haven't had one drink and I'll just like the first thing I looked at was terrible for her but I mean you guys are even you're just testing me in there like a girl across the room like how about her and I was like she got a boyfriend much faster than most people just like ganapati with your eyes be like yeah yeah I'm pretty sure that's your biggest talent very important cuz I'm single ya done wasted about 45 minutes then ya I don't know if you wish to 45 minutes people have like when a girl wants to tell a guy hey I have a boyfriend stop talking to me I don't want you to play with me anymore she just says oh my friend they're going to go like I remember actually yes girl from the head that had the boyfriend that had the penis enlargement she was a production which apparently I got a bunch of Articles from people they were saying that it was bullshit cuz they had this kid with a football-sized dick and he apparently had the first penis reduction surgery no it was in the shape of a football what it was but it was apparently the first penis reduction surgery can going off subject but I texted her not too long ago and I was like hair removal Dakshin surgery I saw this article it says he was the first one I was just curious I didn't get a response and she was like what the fuck yesterday is like my birthday was last week you didn't say anything baranof happy birthday I'm very sorry you never got an answer but seriously I've been kind of depressed can I get a new number also I don't think girlfriend's birthday my crazy little later let us know hashtag 3 ways we go or friends penis through he said yeah I know that's why when something is saying I call you no more my period was 2 days ago you have a nice typically have I am on good terms to Max's I like think that if you spend that much time with somebody and you make that connection it's just a waste of life just let it go so I try to stay friends with my ex's and not not like Friends with Benefits just friends but I text Jaden is RoosterTeeth doing anything can you give me in any parties like your hair and the response anyways we go to parties just two questions that you asked for instance if it's a for and really say hey what he was supposed to be a country if they're single they're going to say whatever if you're dating someone boyfriend needs people ex is really picture of a professor do you have a lot of success he finished it that was it wasn't bad that's how I mean at the end if they come to a party should I ask her about her ex boyfriend's penis hurt my ex ya kin go for it it was all invited you can talk to about her actually going to talk to her about with her I just think it's funny story man give me your love that's for sure ya her birthday this week the last in a long time I don't know if I'm just crazy and then the next Monday for some reason I don't know everything was down this year trying to keep it low-key music so we were at a party that was thrown in the venue where we were doing all of our stuff downtown it was a movie premiere party and it was it was like a very limited invite list you know very few people can get in and then above that it was like another level of access or she had a special color wristband you get up to the roof where was like a super exclusive for some reason don't know why so I had the special color wristband so I can go up and and Barbara Nair and had the normal colored wristbands so they couldn't get up on the roof but there was a line they waited in up to the roof but as soon as they got there the guy who's at the root salt and that the normal color is got you got to wait over here and they have like a little got to stand in the corner as a nice when he was like a four by ten like I'm waiting to get into the main event was that the was going to go to the drink for now it was just like this morning with a lot to talk to you first I didn't realize what they were saying that I look up we are up here and I thought it no let them out or get rid of it but they're like nope nope Mike hire a different DJ Flex trapped in this one little area I just got out of a final exam answer and I tried to get in and like everybody I texted like I really like your not getting your texts the time but I was really drunk so I didn't click till the next morning it away it's because my name was on the list but even still it was like I got the weight of plane to wait like 5 minutes left to get to the rooftop ya by about 4 the very first time I've always wanted to have him cuz it's like they might let you in ahead of everyone you recognize this on the way out of the last night that we were there and I was like I could have done with this like 3 days early after the ideal to be like one of us was really excited like assholes yes I with Aaron and Barbara wear for stuck behind the the Rope I kept having to go to the bar for them to give you anything you start laughing too I did run into Mark Cuban and I get off on Jimmy Kimmel show there and take a picture with each of them was a weird with you but yeah I think that's probably the richest taking a picture with the biggest celebrity picture you take a picture of myself in the mirror team around first thing that we're helping on and I didn't want to I was trying for something so I wanted to keep it professional and I can wait until after the interview and all that stuff but you just kinda lounging around could you say I look like the best plan but by the time I like actually got the courage to go walk up to him he just walked off one day maybe I'm not good enough I should have said I don't get Starstruck it's more of just like is this appropriate and like I just don't want them to look down on me I guess they think about you dog is awesome got another one what's the joke Mennonite you should go to London and be a company see if you fit in it bee what vehicle I want to watch Netflix on a fillable forms on culture Mike good bloke ya my old mailbox with some snatch them out on it ya stuck here before you had a hand with him ya was the first movie that Brad Pitt Fight Club Tyler Durden Fight Club breakfast only and I don't really like Daniel Day-Lewis when he was training for boxing movie could have been like professional guys feel like praising any of those like gifts or old movies of Mike Tyson in his prime like doing like hitting people and show them the clip of him the last two bro punching a kid on a electrically with a kid in the kids but punch you in the face if you punch the kid we would never do that if you was here the things like a sense of humor Tyson watch some of the old highlight reel promotion I mean with the Rippling of a space and she was like terrifying local boxing like a sweet guy and you know cuz there's strategy behind it and like how you would move he just went at people and just punched and punched and punch and punch him in the back of someone's back he just like all he did was just going to bullet punch to projecting you just went after people just destroy them the brain is so much smaller than the the got for the brain in the skull dog like having a little camera in in the sky watching the brain that and wrapping around you and that would be owl Star Trek with the ship ya bro I want to see boxing fan I really don't watch box whenever I see like old movies Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali was like the other Crazy Ones to watch how fast it was then that we could dog punches seemingly at will like I can't imagine having reflexes that quick ya Tyson in cras Tiger Hidden Dragon I'm pretty sure either she or Laurence Fishburne broke something and receiving it some other options I'm not surprised that movie was so crazy physically demanding Harrison the doors like a paralegal the profile of the company but it wasn't supposed to team open and just landed on the bed bad luck ya could use a really good luck I hope you survived it was likely to Harrison Ford book pretty good for me but I saw you at the golf course close to the airport that was probably a block away you don't have it like I was on the guidelines in the river he was like we'll be in the Hudson team plane crashes am fascinated by just like the food to the people of course that one came right down across the bridge in like twitte that texting is the one of the the card like the FedEx plane the stools because of this please I need to see it like just trying to fight gravity is doing its best to try and pull up at the last minute ketchup on everything it explicitly through like a doctor ask him to see if he'll bring the ad but it's not scary it's so big it's not going anyway that's terrifying so it wasn't like he and it just couldn't plane crash how to send it the shuttle over here super squarespac doing alright form Squarespace 7 which is a completely redesigned interface integration with Google apps new templates 24/7 support responsive design to your site looks great on any device and every website comes with a free online store start a trial with no credit card required to start building your website today we decide to sign up at squarespace.com / with you make sure you saw for cutting teeth to get 10% off your first purchase and show your support for the resties podcast thanks squarespac for the support squarespac start here go anywhere really glad Task Force base with sponsor again goes back to something we talk about all the time very important for people to have their own presents online and not be dependent on to the platform so there's a chance we can go to make a website super easy way easier than it used to be when I was a young kid and then what pag walk uphill both ways walk uphill both ways and ex being a crotchety old man about the hardest bee to make websites with your GI Joes are crossbows and catapults but I mean it's funny like how different all that should have everything back also about like the Atari 2600 and I had one when I was a kid and the standard that that console used to connect two televisions doesn't even exist anymore have the coaxial no no no it had too little like prongs that came out from it that you would have attacked while you're in town I'm going to go and you like Pokemon on the Run lion team composite from the console and then like a converter box to switch TV to computer diversion EX on it for my Super Nintendo it was time to let you switch between Mario and the other one who had a different got the big fat like kin but I really thought she was crazy to me about stuff happening at the same time how far apart game released as well like Super Mario Brothers the game came out in late 1983 in Japan it didn't come out in Europe until 1987 it was America in 95 happening on Hertel now go to him like the PlayStation era to write the plane and on the N64 and it's prettier than everything but now it's like uk-us is always pretty much on the same day or maybe one day POG Super Mario Bro came out in Japan in 85 in North America and Europe in 87 original Mario Brothers came out in 83 make an American car like it's a good game Arkham City just now came out and another region like how I mean it's not bad game now but by today's standards Technologies moving at such a fast rate like where this is going really slow because when I came over to America still like a big fucking head you about it I mean I remember driving 200 electronic gaming monthly in and maybe or maybe another magazine but that's how you got like most your news like that was like all the stuff that's coming out so you could release the game in Japan but don't know about it unless they came in Japan now would be all over the internet Proventil stun arm in the being at school and Halo 2 came out I think it came out two days earlier in the US than it did in the UK and I just watched every one of my phone I just had to put everyone on my friends list and he with you and I just sat and he will want let me know sometimes it works out in your favor you talking about the Matrix earlier and when the Matrix with the second reloaded ya came out I was living in Puerto Rico with the time and for some reason Matrix to come out Porto Rico a week later they didn't the US title Boerne and Jeff and everybody knew in the u.s. is like listen don't tell me anything about Matrix too I'm going to watch it opening day but I'm going to be a week behind you never getting really excited 45 minutes and let me wash it didn't tell me what good seen that movie forever to do anything that lets the whole bit on in the lost city and a stuck with the dog so weird looking real and everything else I would like to go back and watch him tonight when we just watched all 3 was good why didn't anyone watching together to do it but they are watching a lot of Robert Redford movies can you tell me about it later you know what I have in my in my room we should do that though I fucking love Matrix I do it we could get drunk flights to plane the most famous airport in the world is National the first time you missed the flight he was like half an hour late I just barely missed it yesterday at 5 p.m. girl missing after a party he said we lost him in the wrist to spell oh my God that's another thing I like about you got tons of people requested over the same time they just charge me like $100 to get them away but it was times for surcharge there everything was quadrupled and it was $100 from the other walkashame other day when I want to see the Kimmel taping I went down there with my sister and brother-in-law and you know it's not far not far from where I live so we took over and it was there was a surprise it was like a normal driver in front of my driveway I was like I can't find your place let go of the brake and start turn your wheel to the right you will be in my driveway is that okay he missed it Kohl's in and with his suburban and I'm like okay cool just pull to the right here you can back up and leave people to the left and it's like you just turn this into like a 20 point turn now for some reason super cancelled your ride you have to request it so we read do you want me to wait and see if we took it Miss immediately or just like contact Uber support for refund the difference I think everyone does it and I think they only respond to people that complain they make a lot of money if they'll just be like if anyone has an issue 4/3 should have been like 30 bucks or something and it ended up being like a hundred seventy bucks fucking piece of shit I got home 4:10 bucks cuz I did anything little line that you share a ride that somebody Mike looking at everyone else requesting a lot arrived and they find a guy that's going to almost the exact same place you are or stopping right before it so we can do this until they show up the car shows up in the guy who I'm riding with salt and there is in the passenger seat which feels weird to me so I get in the backseat and they're like best friends and I can be back here on my phone and then the guy and whatever and now I'm just sitting there it was just it was just like this weird awkward pressure when I thought he was just judging me and they all thought I was the weird one I know that it was so it was so situation I would like just wanted to see if you're from and I were taking a list together because of what we would do is I would drive to his apartment park at his place when he the lift downtown to where we left and we should say so I've ever had we get in and the guy was lost to begin with but he's also just really creepy gu like almost throw someone off the road three times and each time and was in the back seat and up again got past our destination by like 3 blocks and we were still fucking terrified was like just let us know just let us off and we were just the driver of the human see this guy was a former taxi driver just like he just had all the makings of one very aggressive driver airport usually better drivers do that if you're going to crash right into that if you do that because you lie crusty down there punc and they just got to live because I fell asleep at the wheel they always survive and that's why it would be awesome if the human body has a safety feature if you're about to eat shit you could just trigger something that just makes you go completely limp Mike Tyson value ya but your bones just disappear your muscles leg break and that's what it is it's a safety feature the human body that works if you're not traveling at 60 miles an hour what your body was never designed to do now so if you see something happening you like you know exactly just like to get hit in the face with a giant shark just going to be really driving fucking fat video dog licking a dog and we still and still go to notes please see the video the video of the guys driving around like blasting music with an owl but I've had no contact or it's like they're blasting music got the windows down and the driver just has like an owl in his lap and he's driving it looks like the owl just flew in there just like current owl owl that just have an owl the finger what is a tangle of knots weird I thought was talking like a chicken you're on the way out see what you think I know I saw a video of a guy disappointing no I heard her crying I think I can do that thing with and then just like super visits with their parents like their top window and I was out for a night run salt and I made fun of it and it's like I'm just trying to get it out ya you gotta act like that and the windows the windows open owl flew in and took got the owl and a broom just like that dude I mean sorry I can't find it now alright I'm going to do more damage to an owl that's going to do to you when I will hurt you right now but if we scratch the living hell out of your skin so that's what I was just thinking of bee Talladega creatures who knows what is pinpointing like what it would it go straight to lie or the generals will always take a dick chickadees dick after kicking action is Nat licking your balls marble chips distributor just in the last like 3 months there's a fucking bird that lives in the cafe eating in a bird will land on your table what do you think do you think it's a different person all the time might be several Birds immaculate store head of the gauges I Ford good luck Blain with people killing people and then that's weird fetishes are strange I read that the white stuff in book who is the pit The Reeling the black stuff is the shit so they just have it all together when did you ever seen a bird take a pic with all the way better way better we do that when we have two different but you just look like this I don't know if they're pissed off if you still want your dick with a pitch that also is not effective when anyone's ever had Mike the toilet salt and connected then you can speak through that way how would you like ideally what would your genitals be like I probably do I don't really like my balls hanging out so exposed you have the need to be cooler than your body yeah but it's not mine or I could get into it you brought it up when it's hot out man I would love to see you what if you could design your genitals that with that look you know how some people get really touchy with stuff but if they have that customization options like you drive the car into a chop shop in GTA and just come out with the little boy that could be improved spinner like stabby thing LED lights on it you flip it over together the puppet design exposure to human body is just with you to be attracted to you like the facial features that you're attracted to one person on a job site for you Jenna was that really have that unless you've actually seen a vagina and been like that I'm really turned on my vagina owl statha Jin on its own isn't sexy I mean depends but if I just show you one and it was in my hand it's like anything if I just show you at it right now I don't know I guess the context eyes if you just give a single eyeball you're right got to be and I'll give you credit my point kind of fell apart I'm sorry how to tell if I was on the bus picture this with Elizabeth and turn to like my page it was just like a close up of vagina and like just like there and you like chicken Sally yeah but you might like come across but if there's right there and I could not make sense of it with your nightmares I know that when you first got them into Cause 3 lion prepared for this I know I'm doing with them doing reading before I was with a young female I did reading beforehand and I I remember my first erection I thought of and it slipped out of place and then I don't know what was going on with my body Jason think about carefully got wood in the she ate it did you think you had a lightsaber build Mike Wolfe exactly like someone who is Taylor Stone Drew Brandon and his awkward lifting counter nose bleed Picasso pieces we get TV Stone on Twitter thank you thank you I'll try to find them nevermind I really don't know I think I could end up like Sally moron the patch and so on Thursday was on the spot next Monday with RT Podcast