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RT Discusses Staff Badges

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Recorded: 2015-03-31 23:29:20

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone and welcome to the roost Eve podcasts to the podcast you buy lynda.com and trunk club the blender for my classes that they are you doing that one and that one about your stuff why did Gavin come over this burni the bottle opener the Box didn't come with you should I just said it like I said you are a hundred percent correct gavi in season video Clea bottle and there's this thing that looks like a sleeve that goes over the top of it and you just press it down like a stamp it's like your jack in the bottle off and then beer comes out going to do it again don't cut away country the best vegetarian restaurants 1 this is confusing but I haven't had so much fun with this that's when I miss you Brickside but it's really fun to let me know if you're going to drink tonight every beer in the decapitator barbar come on that was funny Isis decapitations to take a human head off at anything else I mean you are taking the top off decapitator chief decapitato the girl who ever said thank you very much sorry you know I stick a potato., whatever it is did you want company or not I don't know Gavin already claimed Keith Urban for you do you still do the shitty things with beer I went to your house once you had a party and then you can have a beer at the day I walk out back to the ice chest open it up like a dose ackies take the top off and I'm putting into my mouth take a drink it with them it's something weird about this beard I look at it it's been in the ice chest so long the cap for a rust ring all around the lip of the glass of beer and your ches number one Barb it was that you told me he'd been in we float the river with Jackman and people seem best to me I need like this before New Year's Eve in like 2009 it was discussed it was really it was like 2 and half year old bit but he went to the river for every one of my prized possessions is going to have a really awesome ice tatsuy do I have its really cool open Barrel that's like cut in half and it's really cool but I leave here from parties in that thing there's beer currently it's probably like 18 beers in there that are from New Year's this year so yeah it's in there awhile because we haven't had a Game of Thrones night or anything else in a while so if you want to come over are we going to do this again I think so I think so much trouble getting out of here I'm getting out got something to announce what's up I'm pulling a custom game Eternal Night I told you I mean I enjoy everything about the night except the viewing is the general consensus is probably what I'll do this year's meme I hear you got some beer that means drinking that we have we could help and I'm going to bring it bottle social calendar with stock decline I never see Gavin anymore but I have a feeling well so is coming up which means wins this year I actually went to YouTube and YouTube and last year we should all go it's an open invitation come to it every time I show up at your house till you come back to yourself that's why you come back I'm a natural Premier than we are so what is like your night consisted like Gavin you leave work I want to at like 5:05 and you go home and get your house probably in 10 minutes could you live closer than anybody what happened what's your night look like to play with the cats me me me barrel of Master Chief Collection with Daniel so do that for you guys to sleep at the same time counting but it's not great he stationed somewhere else right now she's at home right now collection on the Xbox One on now I'd like to say that I don't like it which one I love Halo level the game right love them individually playing co-op with someone on the Master Chief Collection just doesn't look like you have this horse is great the second person has a delay it's not like it's like but it's like an oval flag for everything it's not like you didn't know it's just like you Christian and a second later you just kind of like so it's like in the hole in my living room on a plane next meeting is that same thing was really I don't know what to say about changing Halo 5 I know I don't know which way they do it now but they're going the other way really kind of like locally hosted going from bad to good sea collection 1 came out was it with a solid missed that game was not ready for prime time with a really it's cool everything is 5000 gamerscore which makes it even greater but it just doesn't work and if you're doing let me try and do the last I played a big part being great does going to work it right really more than anything else so it's called anything when you connect with anybody else that doesn't work I can't even touch because I've had it up here it's been 3 weeks independently fixed we would do unless I play with the legendary all skulls on which is really hot takes forever we don't go out with him for the first game and yes I was taking a flight 90 minutes to 2 hours because we keep texting back but they are in school and everything sucks it's hard and we get to the very end of Halo which was really long level in the first game and it just disconnects you can't join back in on the checkpoint got the stuff in the beginning was twice this weekend the game crashed and not exaggerating 10 times and one of the times I got finish playing with that I was just doing the speed run like the achievement for doing the part-time had the game paused talked to Mike for a little bit flight 5 minutes the game crashed while I was employed was like what was that Italy closes that or does it just free on Xbox One it just like the app closes and it's just as opene hello again it's like I was wrong with it crashing on the Xbox one that I've had on any other accountable back of the net the dashboard people saying to me you know it's it's online co-op it's not and it doesn't work I did Halo 3 came out in 2007 with four player online co-op and it was great it was a lot of games remake didn't redo ODST but in this one they redid Halo 2 Anniversary and then I don't know if they did anything to Halo 4 Halo 4 back out again and yeah I mean it's like it's a little disappointing I think it was in a prime position to steal a ton of Thunder from Destiny because Destiny come out in there was this weird thing with Jessica but I really like the way down and then Master Chief Collection come out and a half later and they could really I think you don't want to the company that made the game then suffers as a result of popular 2 game later but because it didn't hit all those issues and its Essence Creed came out the same time in Assassin's Creed Eternal issues people died went back to playing Destiny and I was done I was like the story and I kind of fell into that too and then it was like the in game I've never done that in any kind of MMO with him sorry Destiny I think of is an MMO but once I got involved with that stuff tons you again quicker than it being not ready this is like if it keeps crashing or if it just slightly Sox lineup experiences with that in the past which we cannot play this the anniversary titles are very hard though because it's an anniversary so it comes out in the fall and that's what he's got the got to make that date so perhaps it was too ambitious you know and they still had to work on it but I think there's a lot of patience for people in their games they just announced that the Wii U Zelda games going to come out anytime this year I really it worked out perfect I think we should delay more and not just rush the killer for you when you play again if it doesn't work bad camera in the game to play some games on campus got cameras part of the day you come up from Resident Resident Evil specific yeah it's like difficult camera controls or if you push the wall and the camera gets too close to your character in like Italy have any more was more something 3D games first came out here I think the camera would be bad so you can going around but he's to be like locked up the Resident Evil I felt specifically felt like it added to the horror of the game because like the camera would change suddenly and you weren't sure what direction you're moving into credits or even less control over game then usually have because I usually can always control the cats the number to the side and it makes it more terrifying you know there was a old burni the GameCube Eternal Darkness some really good game but they did you know as you play and if your character she's like messed up stuff they lose sanity like your sanity because down and as your character becomes more insane like you start to see things that aren't really there and it's like even down to the core system functionality so it's like you be playing then all the sudden like the GameCube logo would pop up like that you just heard it was like a disk or something wrong with that was actually the game that's cool it was as well as you ever planning on using I was just so so sorry from our birthrights in stock what was it what you want to go home have a few drinks have a few more drinks Gavin the president live with the ramseys drink was drunk 5 nights a week it was the lifestyle 4526 nights a week and take one day off because I feel like your liver needs a day Ramen 2 0 un55j6201af stops drinking he goes through phases like your liver a break and stop drinking for a while he's like you know I can't even remember much more migraines a lot clearer to me nothing changed right not drinking I'm just as effective stop every now and then but it seems you do I'll go to bed too late get some going to be in bed by 11 every night I need to come down got listen I'm getting worried about my addiction to tell much I touch myself like Louis CK the great routine about it would you like to have those moments of like no thought or like Solitude and usually go to reach for my phone in the car if you're at a red light instantly you want to pick up your phone and that's a new thing you started driving you don't have a smartphone he started driving right now so it's like you said red light for Bal the time you're driving career and didn't have a phone to look at I can't be still for 5 minutes got thinking about looking at my phone I think the problem nothing is as infuriating as when you don't have data like your phone's not working because it's like you have this amazing piece of technology that does nothing in the future this thing's awesome no problem to think that you have to slide my phone is on the phone on Sunday I had something weird happened I was eating lunch with my wife and I got an alert my phone but that's why I picked it up to look at it from the states to look at the AT&T outage affecting all the central Texas telephone service for like the next hour like I'm out here sitting at work waiting to finalize this last time I went to Australia there was Wi-Fi on the flight from LA to Melbourne going to have that depends on your plans flight with Wi-Fi it was 1495 for a Wi-Fi the what's the whole time so yeah but I'm just sure it's actually just going to say I'm pretty sure when we get closer to the Earth in space stuff from a plane what we can do with space the from the ground all the time 2 satellite grams bigger yeah go ahead go ahead the ground communicates with the sky the satellite antenna stuff to communicate with Dish stupid the Earth shaped like this a plane has GPS and agree with that most most underplayed your face walking the world it is fucking disturbing when I can put my phone in the window when I can pick up the GPS satellite from my phone but you know going to the satellites from your phone and why am I not why am I not she's yet to go pick up the satellite dude in fact when I'm in pain I have no day today and I can't see the map to the map of Lopez I know day the signal but I can still get my GPS location so it doesn't go to the appointment and then gets sent to space I have no connection with you that I might have some Jin has always been I get the signal for you say if a GPS position of cell tower it space or is it going I have no signal and I can't get my GPS coordinates usually have great signal if you're right there's space satellite I just get irritated when I look at my email account flight from Austin to LA with a do a lot the plane will go right down the path that I've ever been down to the exactly the trajectory I took before the planes sometimes we'll just line up directly on that it would have been different with different information on how long it takes to come from different satellite doing the same time but positions when you get the time would you like to know where the satellites are to write confidential data for where they are I think they're like identifier never never know how to work that make sense Alfie has GPS on it to communicate with satellites already the fact that we communicate with the satellite for data is entirely possible that the case for Arizona giant whale with antenna on it Fall Out Boys movies when you said it was his suggestion and if you and stuff like that before we got to the point where we could do like we had stuff in development like red vs blue and Ruby shows like other stuff like that and everything anything for millions of people so that somebody can come through on this spring break and say hi to everybody but usually people come in and we'll like you in the lobby or something like that or in the Bungalow they could do that that was why we stopped doing that a while ago very recently and we're not I'm not really sure what's going on but very recently we've had several incidents of people showing up to the office and I don't know how to describe this they show up acting bizarrely and acting strangely to wear the blue one but I'm not really trying to anybody or anything like that but like people following people around following people to lunch and stuff like that from the parking lot and a lot that's going on like just lately I don't know what's causing that to happen or what's taking place so Gus actually made the suggestion today at the Monday meeting that we all have badges and I was adamant that we shouldn't get badges so much for my form of Silent protest was to make badges for everyone else in the building besides me Flight Club I wouldn't really talk about this stuff because it's like it's not going to affect most people but based on some stuff that happened just recently there's the possibility and I don't think I've ever said this but there's a possibility that we might like have a new story because we had to call the police on somebody that showed up here I mean we had cereal this last couple of weeks let me just think about it I think for the first time I never thought about that before so we had to call the police actually does happen to us now I'm glad you brought it up that way you know people hear about it from us it's a video of reading a reactionary news story about it and it doesn't actually happen at some point today and give me a bath giant piece of paper attached to my shirt making me really funny like I was a bit annoyed that info directly at her that's weird I was supposed to what's wrong with you too much bottle what's at the bottom of your picture your picture was a little weird everyone I found barbar space on the green screenin your disgusting face show me people asking all the questions anyone ever showed up to work for tending like they were cute like that happens we should say that it doesn't work it doesn't work so don't try to do it cuz it doesn't work a week in the office we're not completely separate that we don't know if you look like that everyday not at all we have 99.99% of all of our interactions are fantastic and you're too busy with a lot of please look at the people who don't get the boundaries you put it that way I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of really awesome things in Australia we're going to be gone I'm going next week on Tuesday who is on your celebrity bus George Takei Christopher Lloyd got a little from Star Trek the Borg from Star Trek Nichelle Nichols also there may be an Adventure Time Flame Princess I forget what her actual name is iPhone it was a good trip the I'm extremely excited that have you been 7 have a cervical sucker for something so I thought I didn't get a chance to talk to you but I saw one of people we were hanging out with their metal or supernova trip to Australia which way is Alfie Allen from Game of Thrones she saw him yeah he went to the Game of Thrones premier so good I had to say that maybe because I read the books I'm not into it but I feel like if you found out everything that happened in that episode it wouldn't be any Major Spoilers got the whole thing was great I mean dude I posted a picture on Twitter but it's like you know your shows they hit they had the premier in the Opera House in San Francisco and then for the after party for the premier it was in City Hall like they had they just rented out city hall for the for the Premier Choice Alfie Allen no no no I did it was a lot of photos Gavin Alfie Allen who plays Theon Greyjoy in the spoiler for season 3 of sister of Lily Allen brother brother 2015 town and I have to plead ignorance and then I apologize English actor buddy was Theon Greyjoy day where he was in the season he had been taken captive and so the actor was in the process of losing he's not really like got a fat guy but imagine a nice guy he's 30 pounds till like show his in prison it's not healthy is it really I mean the way you do that is the restaurant and then run back to the hotel well like you'd be like walking back from a party we had a supernova Here Comes Alfie who is Theon Greyjoy Christian Bale The Machinist Batman there's nobody like Christian Bale lose weight going to sound ridiculous but I like hanging out in my office and we were looking up from the original cast of Xmen 1 and then than us like a beanpole in the photo looks like dude does Wolverine say that for was X-Men Origins that he would dehydrate himself so his muscles would pop even more he's got that thing lyric his skin like on his chest is so almost a paper thing that you can see like the striation of the muscle like he's just like striations you completely and I don't know where to start Los ridiculous are the odds better shape than the population yeah hello attractive 1 2013 looks like the impossible body structure of a cartoon character does the department Smiley uncontrollably waiting on somebody like in every frame of a movie kind of think that but there's a famous actress I think the head of someone who chief for but in every in post frame but I don't remember but I think that's why you got kids a pain in the butt thing and I don't like slowly airbrushing her but for her from the bus stop at 4 Colton courses taught by experts on everything from programming web development and video production as part of the sponsorship they're offering yourself as a 10 day free trial on any and all courses on the site to go to live.com / Master Chief or click the link in description to talk about if you the court take him with them I think I'm going to go through there after effects courses in After Effects is like a fucking mystery to me and I saw that they have a huge library of After Effects tutorials so they can take a punch I want to learn what After Effects is and what it can do have a chief Ramsey friend somebody hopefully they have a course call Java program in Photoshop you can make your own name badges you learn to do that photoshop words that the unit / RoosterTeeth be sure to use that link so they know that we sent you a big thanks to lynda.com Jin 87 the blue my mind yesterday Edward his name is Jon Bon Jovi is Avis Jon and his last name is Bon Jovi day just separate into Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi Bon Jovi Bon Jovi usually people have stage names I'd like to discuss the role of the third roll roll roll so that's pretty cool what my dad was there my grandfather he's thinking what was the family name doesn't have to be the same goes with it Justin I know it really just Irish name is Michael Justin Burns there's like in my generation there's I think 24 boys and 1 girl and a 24 boys have like five names and then there's Michael Patrick James Tommy Justin Justin voice voice voice voice collection Jordan said that there was Danger so she didn't Jordan was except that she is exceptionally conservative person and I would point out the fact that she named the kids like Jack and Teddy what you're like the Kennedy names what's your name in school with naming all our kids after the kids but she's really conservative so I don't think she's a big fan of the Kennedy family would you believe in Superstition I knew a guy who believe in Superstition I feel like people at school he is his dad died when he was young of cancer his sister died in a car accident and it's a great story thanks for telling it yeah his daughter died when his mom died of cancer and his girlfriend got hit by a car and died leaving him without anyone but like would you be scared of that why would you say that guy I mean if you're a woman 2016 Jackman I wouldn't date somebody it's like if her last 5 boyfriends died that would be like okay that flight pattern car accidents yea food poisoning you know all those cars I talked about this very quickly talk about it when you weren't here but have you seen the Jinx on HBO now I have it but I think everybody talking about it on Twitter about it but then I watched it a week later and it was told it I started watching True Detective again recently because I don't people to do anything on Twitter okay okay but HBO Scientology documentary the air last night and saw that the thing was like talking about it forever I had 260 lawyers to go through and make sure that they wouldn't get sued by the Church of Scientology is like 2 hour-long documentary about some of the stuff supposedly that goes on behind the scenes at the church it was really really interesting great day I don't know where did doing better he told me that your middle name Barrel means wise wolf powerwolf love you better long enough to be wise of wise wolves don't need to be there just as she opened Flight School extrapolate Walking Dead trivia can I tell the story animated he'll fucking bitches all the names to Jordan and he won't want to admit it so Ashley got to be watching for you the yeah she said she didn't do it he didn't do it it's okay it was one of those nights when I was downstairs doing something and she went to bed early okay you like so I went upstairs and I was like hey what's up above and she's like I'm really tired having none of it if you like nice and I was like no no no don't worry about it go to sleep it's no big deal William in bed I think I have been informed pitch a tent yeah I was like maybe I should take her up on it my got the laptop to take care of business and everything screenin Hugh the laptop for it you're right I'm going to try my phone nevermind thank you I just went out barbar do you have 2 kids we didn't ever cross your mind to masturbate to go to sleep all the time doesn't work for Alle techniques while you're sleeping like a news Universe posters at least myself everything was fine everything was totally fine everything is great whatever kind who wrote the next day we're getting ready for work and we're getting ready we're getting everything set and I have something that I need to put the trunk of the car actually gets in the car and car activate cuz I open the trunk and it recognized me next to my Bluetooth and starts playing what on my phone I hope for that what you going to do down turn down what you got in the car was it turned up and she's all yours just like a little tatsuy it was pretty productive so you just like you're finished and you just lock the phone you didn't like clothes the video got dangerous world we live in you know how I like to find out in the future just like anything else if you wanted to be just like you so what was it don't worry about it going with that girl and I think I'm pretty pre filter located to go for it I can't remember that she couldn't go out with this just popped up Lauren gu having fun with the decapitator Lauren Treasures like posted something on Twitter here Gavin opening the bottles with the decapitator I was actually hoping she would draw all of you guys floating down the river on Jack good at least he's animated you having a wet dream on the plane. I told him this will have Gavin hasn't Gavin the result of 5 times in a day in my pants Master bait when your in a relationship and I didn't say that There's Sunday sea Gavin refocus the attention away from him other stuff to do 1130 at night whale Lauren also Drew whale Wi-Fi for such a long time so I read the story about the thing called Universe 25 what is and universe 25 was a guy let me pull up here as in the seventies he made a Utopia for mice mortality inhibiting environment for my practical Utopia build a laboratory every aspect of universe universe 25 as this particular model was called with pitch to cater for the well-being of its rodent residents and increase their life span and that was it that was the Holy Spirit that was like Utopia for mice they wouldn't be in any danger and it just all I did was work to increase their lifespan kind of amenities that I reckon another even had like they have like a little houses 14 liter crowded what's the mice is an introvert duration and then by the multicolored so what exactly happened in Universe 25 past day 315 but after multiple generations of ice being born population growth slowed more than 600 mice now living Universe 25 constantly rubbing shoulders on the way up and down the stairs to eat drink and sleep might find themselves born into a world that was more crowded every day and therefore more mice than they were meaningful social roles with more more. To defend against males found it difficult and stressful to defend their territory to the abandon the activity normal social discourse within them out to me he broke down and with it the ability to form ice to form social Bon the failures and dropouts congregate in large groups in the middle of the enclosure that's on the credit there the makings of the greatest attacks became attackers themselves Hugh Behavior left on their own and not subject to revision nursing female detective on young procreation slumped infant abandonment immortality sword lone females retreated into isolated nesting boxes in the penthouse levels other males a group Calhoun term the beautiful ones never thought sex and never thought they just ate slept and groom wrapped in a narcissistic introspection elsewhere cannibalism pansexualism and violence became endemic now Society Society utterly collapse so they were too happy and too comfortable that the whole society fell apart they just grew too much and there being too many people and just to be nice and if I give her too many mice broke down society's hope they resorted to cannibalism even though they had food and pansexualism and violet Behavior every social Norm just broke down because of overpopulation over 600 more than 600 my salad in your verse 25 new mouse from the family of mice would it have the same Natural Instincts to a normal mouth no I won't read that that's right a bunch of it but you can read this whole Post Lincoln Lincolnwood Universe 25 everybody that point was like the peak of the civilization and that that was the point with procreation so down and there's no recovery in the whole population to dwindle an early class and was extinct by I think day 503 what they will Dunn day 560 with them that would like 2 months left to live Starr and that's one thing that is left from there and it went extinct every single month must have gone to naturally dye baby stops breathing episodes it was a huge factor for dropping LSD nobody dropped it was a group called the beautiful ones I just proved themselves all day yeah I did it in narcissistic introspection I love that I need a roommate I like the fact they were grooming themselves all that crew and you never got over that now but it's really interesting why wouldn't you really even with like animal rights as big as it is it feel like actually harming them yeah I like to I like to you know comparing Adelaide we do these experiences compared to society if we get overpopulated and then you know stuff breaks down I have always wondered what's going to happen long-term as a result of the Chinese population policies that led to their being an overabundance of males in that Society to where I think the the skew for the generation is something like 13 million more men than women? It's just like people when they could they would choose to have males and it's sad because there's only one kid and I don't think of population controls are still in place got all the easing up on those families wanted a son to take on the family name and continue with the adoption yeah but it was it was it was males assuming it's the fair majority of them are probably heterosexual they're not going to find there's not enough women in that country to like there's enough pairs to match up with so it's like then what do they do when they could be very picky and if you were like looking like a thousand years ago 13 million men is that so that's a very big army so it is by 2020 the difference is going to be 30 million men versus women differential if 30 million men that just can't find a pair they can't find somebody else to be with 30 million people one tenth of the population in 2011 the population skewed 51.9% male 48.1% female 95% of 39 so few women out there that are just absolutely just realistic about that and like there's several people to know where the woman is in multiple relationships but the guys are not like he's literally been in the bar with them as I pick up my girlfriend at her boyfriend's house and it's just the way of life that they totally have that voice documentary Series where they talked about grĂ¡inne basically like shady gray-market in vitro fertilization Dunn in India was like let's say a couple wants to have a baby but the woman doesn't want to carry the child will hire a surrogate in India to carry the child to term for them so they carry the donor egg and donor sperm to fertilize it in the woman woman has no genetic link to the baby in there for lack of a better term the farms in India where they dislike bring in for women to come with us and we'll give you ten thousand bucks to carry this pregnancy for nine months they don't give in don't give him the money for that bill they'll find ways to get out of it and there's a lot of weird side effects leaving the store you like crazy even further like what if what if the pregnancy resulted in Twins and the couple only wanted one shot what happened to the other child that's carried through to term and born so this other side effect that also has a great Market but there's these kids who aren't Indian who just their babies in orphanages that they will sell day focus on us people come around but we had the producer met with one of these groups in Psycho you know I have a friend who wants a baby but I just want to wait the 9 months and up recycle down here pick up the phone flight baby right now you can buy it right now crazy Twins were born and one was taken back to the US Invicta didn't then meeting at 8:18 and see how different your life would be wonderful like okay so like let's say I was not there to buy a baby but let's see if you survive this baby or still in there what citizenship decease baby hat like this baby have a birth certificate and is it a citizen of a country and maybe it'll be this in the shape of both of his parents were born but the parents may not know that the baby exist like how can they prove flight in town and coming back in a couple baby I don't think has a passport so it's just like that you're baby passport to get into the system on the grid I might be wrong but I know somebody who got a passport for the kids when they were under a year old Dick's Sporting the baby photo baby face how old what are the new laws for how old to get laid old to get into R-rated movie how old to get Medicare how old to get a tattoo come on guys passport 20000 everyone each other much to everyone's the same color Ramen mixed race ice box 1 the rent see what I look like Tiger Woods you know I can use a different time where you can still see where people came from genetically like that guy from Africa probably just by looking at somebody most people don't most polluted countries you change countries but lots of people do and then when your town is full of people who Moved then the people who don't leave it just mix it in with the park because I have to go somewhere else but like areas along the India China border people don't move around without moving who just stayed with their own race will be the minority a white person will be like New York City after a while there might be that looks like someone's from New York alright cuz I think it was some of the stuff we've built up over the years if you believe that people just moved someone and then the generation below my baby love you okay good I think eventually everyone maybe I mean you're so mean to me but I like World Brazil Indian or someone who lives in mountains of Peru going to pack up and move to Houston 1 day any could happen probably won't and if I have more kids So eventually when travel is easier and teleporting is around will be absolute to go and do things with their lives and move Delta delay when they have kids and it's people who are to set up in their lives and we stayed in one place like small-town people have kids at like 2819 you know and so there's just a lot more generations of those people but if something pops up and goes up to New York to the big city to make a career that's good chance he might not have kids over 35 have left someone on Twitter at Heidi klum's dad said that they used to take baby passport photos at Walgreens and at the youngest they saw was 6 months interracial relationship with him anymore what you going to Market North with someone else and I was like 2 or 3 years ago listen to look up Heidi Klum when she up to these days good so what did you get on that bus in Australia Mike and Heidi Klum looks amazing she is now 41 years old sea 40 2 Burns photography 14 it's old news that for a long time with you wake me the types of Heidi Klum separated them what's his name I'll look it up Sea of Cortez does Lamisil going to sting musician last name that might just be his full name is there a difference between Alfie Alle Seguin illumi day arriola Samuel Hugh born in London England what don't you like racing name for an Englishman you know what's up with that comment you're pretty we work with the German Wings plane crash with your terrible happened fairly recently that was fun did you talk about we didn't talk about it what's the weather then I'll try to figure it all out but the current prevailing theory is that the captain got up to go use the lavatory during the flight copilot locked him out of the cockpit and set the autopilot to descend to 100 feet all the way over the mountains and the plane to slowly descend into the mountains of course I was like 40 minutes or something and you can take control over the place and was trying to break down the door to the cockpit I can do anything was he went away in the Black Box showed he got out of it so you can hear the seat go back the boxes actually recording I believe it is 2 black boxes a cockpit voice recorder which record all the sound in the cockpit has a flight data recorder which record every instrument on the plane what is the technology that still is that it's like a solid 2 save Michael Crichton airframe and he talked about what the black boxes tape going got shut the door then literally nothing like the guy didn't say a word didn't react to anything when they try to break them you know him the other guy yelling through the door you could hear that got ya well you could you breathe when you pass I mean like he just lost his damn mind that we might never know but I think so they're still trying to figure that I had some kind of medical issue they're not quite sure what we talked about I really wish they talked about the passengers and they made the newspaper in the airline made the statement that the passengers didn't know what was taking place until just before the plane crash if a dude is breaking down a door with a fucking act you have an idea that something is going wrong with the computer passenger screaming yeah and that before the plane had a small Collision they could hear the right-wing scrape against the Mountaintop wow that's absolutely fucking 2 that they would put somebody through that now that's why it I don't know what you got paid a ton of money to be a pilot but why would anyone want to be a pilot when you have a 300 people I don't have a job where I'm doctor but I don't have a job where I'm responsible for even one person's life I can imagine daily being responsible for hundreds of people's lives every single day back and forth back and that's crazy I've never been in a situation where I could endanger someone's life and try to take if you have been in one we have never driven a car with anyone it's very famously said that that's why I don't want to drive a car yeah I just haven't yet not ready for it it's something that bugs me about when I'm directing something you know is that I won't put people in a position where they could be hurt even if you like I'm fine I can do this thing and it's like we did stuff on Lazer team was like I'm OK that was like don't do this do that Stanley Dentistry my got hurt right he knows you might get an idea that he was recently he was like she never the case I don't want to kill you back soon right I don't be the guy that kills you physically with my finger has been hurting his hand when you guys are here yeah we're afraid the oil 1 yeah it was risky you know what I would say was the most dangerous of all the things you going to Dunn some guys is this thing work day and it's just sitting at that fucking table and the water cooling explode it makes it like 10 times worse because it's like he just has been off and you know but then it's almost everything hit his face and somehow all this is I don't know if it is I probably would have been injured in the eye kill them but we use them just like it was powerful don't really go with that Colton is a firecracker that you can use them to actually sell them on the road so what you do is you light a rope on the phone with throw them in its field and the road slowly Bunsen 1 off every like 20 minutes so you have like a group of 20 and just throw it paucity of grackles and sometimes you find parts of Austin at certain times of the year where it's just the sky is black with eternal like roses actually like the power lines of the telephone lines day just like their endless they're packed with birds and it's like one of the scariest things you've ever seen they're annoying as hell they just day just been ringing in the ears container bar free games no one knows the reason I brought up I'm going to go back but the reason I brought up germanwings flight was because so far there's some and then it was a terrible tragedy that happened to Pilot who intentionally does something for the plane and with any regulation 2 against this kind of thing you know the pilots to lose control of the plane I would hate for the situation to be aware now planes the autopilot always overrides an actual pilot or something like that would be awful but I was surprised to learn that in Europe they don't have the same regulations as far as 2 people have to be in the cockpit at all times have you flown here in the US you know when 1 pilot leaves the cockpit the senior flight attendant go going to take their place I don't know I didn't know that all the time I don't look at him I'm like I don't want them to think I'm like plotted it is now if you want to be really careful in the flight that Sea north malicious but your aunt or somebody that you ever present yourself in a way that shows you're not stealing stuff all the time all the time tap tap tap tap on my phone back in the bottle that procedure being done on me but me coming out innocent cuz I feel like a pasta damn right my back's fine thank you baby I'll make sure that I'm in like a really wide on the road got the email did you see like a lot of a lot of the behavior that TSA agents look for in life to screen people like leaked out on the internet I feel like it want to do it was a lot of dumb stuff like if someone's looking down a lot good luck at the floor like in line you know someone or someones laughing I wasn't laughing it was got through it was just so many little things in life the recent going back again germanwings because of this I don't know people bring up old air disaster some people tweeting me one in particular ton lately that old Russian aeroflot flight where I think I remember it was a long time ago pilot let his sixteen-year-old son in the cockpit this fucking terrible and they were cruising altitude and the pilot was on a 16 year old son complaining they didn't realize was for safety if on this particular plane if you started manipulating the controls the autopilot disengage assuming the pilot was something wrong with the pilot in the pilot skit stepping in to correct it and he just put the plane into a dive but they never recovered from and they have a like a like a little 3D Recreation of what the plane did ice on the Bluff based on the data from the black box and it fucking awful I can't imagine I will have them first and they think that they put into a holding pattern you can see them down and starts back up and then it kind of stalls and rolls and is doing this passenger jet and it went upside down cuz I know I would be terrified could you be going straight down but upside down and in recovery I just couldn't recover it they just are you watching trouble trying to cover all that got it the plane is flying in this direction but they'll just lose it it is what makes it so they can recover it was that going down too fast and flaps on like everything else it's going to get really leveled off and I tried to go like that and you hear one of the pilots say not again not again like whatever the scenario is like came back around 7 or something after they recover 1 point when they were going down they were able to pull out here just like they're pretty strict Ramen place going to fight anymore there's going to be somebody right now but sometime down the road I'm over talking about I always say yeah I know what is that everybody statue of him in a few minutes I just let you think that guy is inside I checked on the River Kwai flight simulator you know you did you know you can flight routes I pretend like I'm flight from Austin to LA or whatever and I was try to get there as fast as I can and it's only like you when your in a plane 2 flight simulator overspeed warning that's what the fact that I'm just not doing anything cuz I'm probably in Flight it was modified so that had like 8 miles of fuel but when I feel immediately have to land there's an interesting option you can enable whale if you're flying it randomly may or may not have a failure of some kind at school and it's like you don't know I just so it's like oh something's wrong what is it love flight simulators didn't know that by chance you want to do whatever you like 929-2000 this is about to become like Microsoft made the place in your truck simulator thank you for last night it was super disappointed your body and then City skyline came out and everybody loves that because it made the game that people want to write and they have like kind of like kind of taking the franchise away from them Saints Row was in a position to do that with GTA like kind of take away the Jon room the people who made the genre would have it since I was very small because they were the first Saints Row it was just a GTA Clan it had nothing else right now but it came out before GTA on the next Jetblue 368 got tons of sales because of the other ones but then another GTA your rights to get children to listen to barbar 1 in Emeryville I could be wrong about that you're playing the off-brand Sim games like command and played with him at did you find your the guy that for Life power was Miss name some towns are called fucking Sim elevator it was just about me what is a in a hotel what is the nighttime yes or no how much do the Bucks play in the elevator Express Illinois it's so true when the King was so lousy what cement in a bag no you're not dude show me houses with red ants and black ants in a fight and you're trying to get to the house cuz that's where all the food is to set up a call in the in the house and I mean every now and then like the homeowner will come out and mow his lawn and have to like hide so there's a lot more doesn't like sexual things we have are you ice whale is that Wednesday is 1 April and that is the 12th anniversary of Richard Hugh production like literally on our 12th anniversary gift that whale have Dunn fresh from his amazing animation staff that he has miles and in that group as you do these days at least 25 people there 2 different desk every time animation is looking over someone's shoulder he's like The Art of the Steal 1013 episode 1 this week correct day early for sponsors day early for sponsor tomorrow night or yesterday or whenever let's take a quick look alright I'm picking up what I hope to talk to you got some top-secret cover and some hurt you never know what happened yet we're lucky they'll kill you to keep this quiet you may now open your back door and slowly exit the vehicle what was that we have to find little later this week to find out the first thing I've ever seen from the season of beautiful and amazing that was you don't have some animation but we have seasons where we go heavy on animation and some back and do more for this one is definitely very happy with animation for so long with the lines of a trip back in time show it to you during season one of us is going to be like hey this is Red vs Blue and you be like Tacoma weather there was a kid can you come in contact with you who I think was from Romania or something clearly not speaking English the first language and he had a shirt that was just a white shirt with Ross and Rachel with hearts all around it that said she got off the plane for other announcements 1 of the 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to trunk club.com / we should keep today that's trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth do not do that do not don't you were fucking make a mess upside down cat you're sure put that book down drink your beer the strip club's close in 2&a half hours I will I think I hate when they turn the lights like a fluorescent light to hate that I hate you visibly a notably annoyed by that I would do that got so mad we went out and he said thanks for coming you like baby I would you want me to day Gavin with eternal life and I went like this but they come on I'm like that and then the guy behind the bar but it starts blinking them likely indicate we came back from one night we're sure was good to know you came back it was always you in the bar during the conference it was a conference of people who handle International bankruptcies like massive massive International bankruptcy look like country and these guys look like the richest African ever ever give a fuck 1 guy was like are you guys happy when the economy is up and I got really like I said so you must really like 2008 and would like to discuss they would like it too not one of them they're all just Indescribable Eve for in every single one from the future they would like to see words like in South Africa north trillion but I couldn't figure out anybody where anybody was from based on their worst and I think I've bitched about this been a few years about this the worst state for last call in Washington State they stop serving at 2 a.m. but last call is at 1 a.m. is an hour to work black hole that should be illegal dates at 12 at night and a ladder last calls at midnight what year did it get out I don't know hey I'm just working bar at Austin and that people want to be out late for want to drink bring your street we went well we had to go to your street B Street Rainier Washington the lazer team feel like a loser team rap second rap party actually did additional photography and we went from 1 barley close at midnight when the next four they close at 1 a.m. and it went to the brothers and close at 2 and I had to leave to go pick up Ashley from somewhere she was coming in from the airport and so I left and just not time for plane got delayed and she got in at like 1:30 or just drink until we have to change them 80392 everybody goes there around like 1:30 we went from bangers do something else to a really cool place I like old The Whiskey Bar at the end the call would Alle inside such a badass would you like would you like dark would come up with my new job after I don't work here anymore please hopefully it won't be for a long the experience quality man the game it takes you to the app page update the game and it says downloading then it disappears registrar not only does it not launch the game like you pressed like you don't care about the update you want to play the game in the press in the game right it doesn't automatically start the game and it takes you to a page that doesn't have the game on it just left with empty page they all sounded like he thought there's a notification that pops up and tells you update completed and then you hit the gym and go to your game if you're sitting there the moment that I have notifications come back to an empty message to the Polish Polish this is Gavin annoyed by technology and I was getting my son's 13 years old that's crazy I feel like this because you know it's crazy you can't believe it's been within the hold of the people that the first time you let him play a game on Xbox Live controller and headset it's like you're six years old my mind yeah it's not but I'll give him a present and I thought potentially where the president going to be like a smartwatch to the 13th I can handle getting him getting headphones and Jenny's like mature about this year's even and I was taking them because they seem like a young thing to get somebody in there but I was worried it was going to come from yes I have had one problem you lost you lost everything that you said and the carpenter yeah but bright pink headphones in the conference room they should have made their way back there to my phone getting cleaned up and putting in storage in the conference room I think I can Miata fan for years going to talk about yeah so this is a video probably were going to is a sponsor we actually had very late last week a promotional opportunity that came up and we were like oh that sounds really cool so the video will explain a little bit more about it but it won't give people a heads-up so they can kind of like pre-loading get ready for it there's this thing on the internet called Best Day Ever which is a day when they focus on is like a collection of good deeds and cool stuff that makes the world better than they like showcase that like fun pranks for the pay for peoples dinners at some of that hellhole like Pay It Forward kind of day and the sponsor of the Chevrolet and they came to us and I said what would you like to do to make the world a better place I could you guys do can get some fun to do and we were just in the middle of getting set to interview the Broken Lizard guys cuz they just broke our crowdfunding record I need to go going over to get the belt and all that stuff and we're going out to LA to do this whole podcast that will be on Wednesday alive she never doing from La for the YouTube space at about noon I think I'm specific time. That's why I think it's noon I think it's when we go on there's a there's like 12 people as part of this Best Day Ever 12 hours ago 2 telecast ever 1 hour of Russia Chief Itali and we started thinking about like how good are last year's been got a new building with all these new employees and then the biggest reason for receiving last 12 years tell your 2 month is that we funded Lazer team refunded because of all of you contributed funding and we're having this discussion right now with Broken Lizard guys on Best Day Ever ba that's all about crowdfunding as well so we thought that we could do to try to make the world better why don't we try to do something fun but that also pays back some of the Goodwill in Carmel that come our way we'll pay it forward anyway so what we're doing is really letting people to Nick Diaz for a project that they've always had in the back of their head and then we're going to give them $10,000 to fund it we're going to select one person out of all the submissions that come in but I had to be very brief cuz we gotta redo it none of these things and you'll see the form when it goes up but the ba video that explains that a little bit later tonight and if you have a project I thank you Chevrolet and Mercedes will be able to hopefully make that happen for you so that would be great we would love to do that then big one yeah that's a lot of projects like the one project out of all of them and you'll have to submit that you'll just make out a form online do I need a Google account to do it that was only way to keep our sanity but I think most people have a Google account looks really important to stress feel like contacting it random we are reading through and it's totally me Gus Gavin and Barbara will be reading you thinking we'd like this we think this makes the world a better place for the project gaming project potato salad should be potato salad or something like that so I hope if you're into that kind of thing here's an opportunity for you hopefully you'll take advantage of it what is 8 GMT there's also going to be there so make sure you're around the internet during that 2 Anniversary totally snuck up on me this year I can't believe this is happening it's almost there get lost in this place the end of April and every single move fullscreen vs. offices in Playa Vista the worst entire world what the world looks like a Magikarp is it meant to make people vomit baby that's the effect you just a listing in the I have seen the place but I haven't seen the actual impact to the yard because it's like I don't know how the space was carved up cuz I haven't been back to LA in a couple not during the weekend it back in a couple weeks so I got a couple hours now I'm gone the new Three Stooges movie the first people from Michigan be in there and see it for the first time Clea we are from the YouTube space in La we're right there I was one of the YouTube space being really far from everything that you just baby for us because if you want to go to go to the LA office all you got to do go to the airport jump on a plane at the 2 hour to meet you land at LAX 2 hours and 15 minutes going west and then it's like a 10-minute ride from the airport it's so close to that I was excited about this how easy it is to get there from the airport or can you just like 2 and 1/2 hours to get to the LA office you can go there and back in one day now if you want to you know it's mostly for Southern California 2 and a half hour commute is not unheard of if you fucking live there so you could book you know something to shoot in the studio you don't go there for 4 hours and day trip Universe like a sunny as hell yeah can US citizen to do the project and we will give money to the project we like the bad guy. we'll have a video later tonight explain and it still ba video explain how to do it a little bit later it's a simple form online at least three fields that are not more than a hundred forty characters for field basically means a Lil Bit Longer and then that's it was for me to fill out TSA PreCheck finally after me like going to reach out without her so many times she has PreCheck down every aisle and we have a non-american and Order yeah you said you had like 80 bucks for 3 years or something it took her like 2 minutes interview like walking in the Press was like surprised to see anybody at the office so you go there and when I went to go do my interview there there's no building directory everything I hit every button on the elevator and what it's somewhere in here it's on the top floor the ladies are actually looking lost and director yeah I wish I could have that I could never get that because I'm a Canadian Citizen and luckily I have enough miles on American when I get on American and I only flight Master Series Joker on Twitter and just said that her mom Community 2 hours each way it goes I can do that I'm a big believer in luck for me the most important the most important thing on where to live in your life is whether whether it was so good 45 degrees and unbearably hot it's like I want to swim in going to be out for and around and liquid as you do from California and they're happy because of it give me some hot monkey love the he works for me to stop by the way this life insurance stuff just like it goes forever I mean really got you been to a closing for a house cuz you bought a house before it's just you probably can't even do it in like 45 40-page document really is you just run a bunch signing an eight-page agreement that day no I haven't read I haven't read it is well accepted that I'm not going to sit here and read 300 pages of material to my reading glasses that you go through like they said no to every Advance you supposed to read all that stuff it's like 40 contract the woman was like and this is for this thing you'll need that and I said yes to the end of this one yeah yeah that's fine do that she was real hard to get me out of that was like alright well vultur by vultur.com is one of the top 25 companies to watch in 2015 this year yeah I check myself for Walking Dead can I have a fucking Twitter exist just as well walking dogs I was going through Xbox video the other day and watch the top five by Chris Rock movie and look at the Xbox later trying to see like what the top movie rentals work and there's a fucking movie up there called The Walking decease looks like we're back to that now walking dead promotional images their movie poster with no wait they're looking the wrong way cuz I told him you try to watch a movie Not Another Teen Movie that's right and it's rough because it's like we're talking about this when the lazer team teaser debuted at the trailer the teaser is like I was going on like a bunch of forms and I keep getting people's feedback it was mostly positive but then I'm so you still like the Gaming Community or they didn't like all the Xbox Fanboys and stuff like that criticism like that level but movies are I forgot I was a going around talking about stuff for movie stuff for people just like if it holds no weight like they're just like you know you like you like the Galaxy trailer would like we can go fucking dumb the garbage whatever we don't think twice about that stuff when you're when you're talking about moving you know prepare for that night we talked about video got to be mean to people working for Starships every mission is exactly the same you can only have one Fleet the UK you can add ships to and despite the fact it's in space it's a flat 2 day and I love him well actually look up we're going to go eat right now North the Italian place I can come in now fucking awesome tell him to get there but what's the spaghetti spaghetti closing was wondering I was at 10 was never going to be what you wish it I don't know he's wondering if Ashley have you ever waiting line got the got the Southwest XX to be done send me away with the words of like soggy outag and then it just slides down your gullet and it said everyone should go there just for the egg they put in the rough baby the whole egg flight the translucent Duke in the middle