#319 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses Blood Oaths

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Recorded: 2015-04-14 23:37:42

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Participants: Chris Demarais, Brandon Farmahini, Kerry Shawcross, Matt Hullum




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Transcript (in progress):

hey this is Brandon I'm at I'm sorry I'm pretty sure did not no thank you very much to these wonderful sponsors for being such a great friend Brando Carrie Carrie ask Chris if you remembered to go to the bathroom before paper the 10 minutes a day no don't do it I would like a minute on writing or called her it feels like he's sitting there he didn't you see he's got a nice wallet in her wallet I took a lot of cash he had a $2 bill that the only Brooks laich when they're put I didn't in the seventies to get rid of the ones finger to the wind the $1 bill I didn't work out at all clearly we had it all ball jars filled with some strange liquid as currency to get rid of pennies the nasty currently you can put them in the machine that switc them and remind you about dinosaurs I can can I buy metal guys feel like he pay me for all this know what you're talking about very small return that no one's realized I think Bernie's in France right now no he liked call the kid that killed himself blood little Care Bear I didn't help them because my wife said I agree with that. before the internet like you get to San Diego chicken air sorry to leave money I didn't know I would be dollar bill Lazer will my grandpa Capitol Hill Seattle when you lost a tooth the first black election I voted in I really was Bill Clinton na actually it wasn't so long ago that they may I want to go to the lake no way there's not even tea parties or something the three parties are multiple and even though it's only like in the 15th District werthers only pay plane no it's just there's only one guy if you don't you know he has to go back to the farm honey I know you have been replaced with the Mason Jar full of urine Chugalug Chugalug you can get something different people is it always you three know I'm OK the know spotif automatic at how we do this I I use me to wipe out a lot and I don't you guys remember the short what was the one care switc you crushed my spinal mat key is more than a normal person like you is hard but it's like you somehow Adams and sit from the universe like what like a superhero superhero the line between continenta my shoulder I was like and what you up to speed like 150 pounds of muscle cuz I know it's like I told her I did the reason I was mad was because I think we are like rushing to try to get in your shot in the dark at the gym they got a new machine and they're waiting they just felt really really heavy and realize they were mislabeled like how much they were and I'm in the area and then Aaron at the gym guy like what to do with these weights and goes they are they are my did the guy who sold it to us said that they were just really 10 34 that we have a new business is going on right now we do or any difference right now another trip right now in Las Vegas what are you doing I care that much no I would not divorce because this week so we have this opportunity where to go to What's called the vet and I forgot and forth mipt television sales and film sales not doing anything not yes yes oh so we're going to go to anything it's in canne France switc I always feel like I miss pronouncing but I believe it is can is it okay if you want to go or something right but it's kid and we're in the present there is going to be awesome and and I'm like great and I know what I've done but I know I messed up or something and I my usual bullshittin was justified in France right on the company cuz she's a Francophile I'm afraid about to be awesome what the people of Frank frankfurters people who have any kind of prank but I'm like honey guess what 41 in France King of France mat yesterday air 2014 purchased think things through pink slip I got fired from my house but she forget me sit with them thank you so the next week or next weekend we will go to France and then the other strippers in Vegas welcome Queen a little while ago Brian or graphic Josh shot equipment honey the kid was the first time I went to Vegas right that was like 2 years ago I got money to you when I can no know it was going Like an Egyptian whatever money was in my pocket to evaporate Furious there it was awful it was the worst I've ever done that was the only that was the best I've ever done I've never made money like that every other time I've even broken even or last and then that drinking a drink dining at the Y Tida yellow giant fish bowls for alcohol and we can finish them walking around with the class I mean you do that for the rest I don't have the same like know I like it here the same ammo vodka what you want would weigh more I man they're different I mean by it's going to be just fine yeah I mean you know they talked about it and we're my what about spotted this week check-up the episode air check it out by visiting take part. town and you can click the link in the description which one weighs more water vodka they probably no first lesson of the story you joking about the whole divorce thing apparently like I think I know you just got served Pineapple Express I was like you Kerr Junior traile I could not find them like we talking like you know the judge gave his wife permission to serve him court papers through Facebook not that I don't like that's where we're going the death of Lou Reed Facebook know if you look at and I don't like that ant the right at 20 minutes you never replied okay clearly got hit by a bus it's not me it's them you know but it's never turned it on my space I don't want to clean my face had read receipt you needed that and it really messes up my space yeah I had yeah I was your friend my face now it's on yeah they like revamped Beaver bicycle that okay good I'm really not happy but I will I don't I don't really get it but I mean I guess all of this like really big artist yes he's made some kind of exclusive contract with them to only stream on titles that right but it's cool Will Mumford and Sons or saying like you get home did my title car title they had a illuminati press conference where they all talked about how this is going to be better for the people and then signed a document together they all went but like are you in full costume but you know how your jeans I pretend with you know I know but if it's a boy I think that it's just you know Siri na 10 in real life honey of The Wine Sampler Lynd will want I was thinking about blood pact course 10 I thought about you like vampire blood what have you been wanting to used to be a thing where it's like you make it you take a blood oat or you'd like that your hand in and Shake on it right you put your hand and it's like no we were like this is blood brothers or whatever Tida we're going to I'm not going to touch you we got space out your skin like with a friend and I only like the 4th grader 5th grade or something like that. 4021 Evergreen and they were like we had a night that we were going to cut her hands because we seem like drinking urine Tida know that your friend is going on paper you signed out the water was only the Russian I don't speak proper that's what I meant to say was my first office in Europe first FTS the wood floors that I got a plan so you can Lynd let everything kid ever said about the the Congress office will try to help out again sometime soon here and people like eerily quiet yeah kinda like and unlike I wonder if he could have had that if they killed him no cuz you sensually Nathan mat and like all the deaths were just like pushed together it was pretty crazy it was like A3 bedroom right that's really good we did have a full kitchen but all the kitchen used for his trash talk Jack the trash before it falls over whenever is over here doing it even backed up against the wall who's the top you had on sway from MTV come out there was I can't remember story I the night that had like they were going to sway impersonation I was but I guess when you can there's like no and he had the crazy Rastafarian like anything like like 888 blood sway like come in and if you can take her eyes off her and she was like this and talk about it but horribly awkward did we get up to the front the order and she says I love your hat na sit at your people are so quick populated so that was pretty chill right sway Cool It Now universal blood Annapolis High School or the middle school probably like to the Core on a desk like a quarter across the table and hit them with it the most and then you just keep that was intended for the worst black eyes of a panther that would be like prisoners yeah we did we're terrible Elementary School students on that subject welding courses stop by experts on everything from programming as a part of this RoosterTeeth Man 3 traile of any and all courses on the site just go to lynda.com / 3:52 the future no more like 3D animation programs to like Maya so if you're interested in any one of those things give them a shot to different software the software it's also like a hundred different things with each one of those things and they're entertaining and funny sounds like he's getting boring and it's it's super super super helpful Lynda I was a person image of a woman woman trash Route 30 and 33 traile you guys see that a bunch of Megan Josh and plane went and ran a 10K I thought I ant Owens in Josh finished right before the elderly gentleman old man and Josh is right in front of them and then on the the old man is right in front of him eyes of time in na overtaken by the 70 year old man I don't know beatiful throne what is the plot of people running after finished I love you like a friend out or something I am convinced that they were done if you had hidden FB when you can find thing in the world to me like everything it the balloon pop reading books that's what they do when they're bored and and you didn't know I did and we'll talk about it but no no no I'm saying you're crazy you can talk to me should I know when I can come in but you didn't nobody believes me about anything anymore I kind of got him I would never lie to people about things that don't matter like the other black and I or people to believe me why did you people of air can but I don't think anyone's going to be know you got a haircut I got a couple people in there for people to trust me I like to think he went on the lam in investigation your Barber no it's not yeah we should compulsively fucking with people and only do it because I have no compassion email people like have to touch a doorknob like 3 times or like you know like I gotta love it weird shit like that thing yeah I went out the kid accidentally like left the faucet on in will my bathroom sink flooded the entire bathroom we discover stop for like ever since then like I went through a phase like every single night I had to go check to make sure the pocket eyes like a couple times I will check for sure the doors locked like that I mean like a couple weird like I don't but I have when I was a kid I feel like I know you did last summer and for like a year I had to sleep with the closet door open there is one thing I cannot go to the bathroom without putting on the sink turning it on water summe it's worth it what are you doing 3101 P time it takes to go down I got a little and they can hear me pain in the other room that's just weird me out and I hear someone peeing like a lady not going to happen but I did have when I was at 1 who for some reason we got on the same piece schedule and like every time you got to be where I was like you just like with like 500 up right next to me werthers na was like that for whatever reason like we were always good enough for me I know that was weird the I worked at another I would come back to work I would come to work the next day like I had like in my own office space and I would come to work the next day and I can tell somebody been using my computer and I was like this is really weird and I couldn't figure it out 3 degrees and pretty but he had 100 you didn't will a storyboard artist Furious 8 players never come in and do storyboards and go home and I didn't hear like I was like I was back before porn with Joey URL mason jar the awkward Furious.com know that I was like oh my God who I tell about this I don't know what to do about reorganized my desk or something or just change stuff that I can know and I know the rose Clinic mirroring and everyone he won the Academy Award incline house Sprint eyes I cannot live in this apartment where they bring out is like A3 bedroom apartment and rent out each room different people for and she was gone for the summer and me and errands are leases were up and we had like a month layover we didn't have an apartment so we just like I'll just crash there that because he had this nice 3-bedroom place but they'd only rent out one of the rooms and then while we were staying there with they were showing the apartment places showing the room to other people trying to fill the two empty rooms but we have all of our stuff in his apartment to apartment. Plus there's stuff all in one space and we also and then we set up like and his desktop computer in the living room and whenever we found out they were showing people that was like a week I think stop it so we need everything up and we set up to his computer and we just put lotion ant TV and computer I'm looking at an apartment in the same complex that the way it works with like the nicer places or twelve apartments and you can actually just go in and see an apartment like they don't do that you have to look at the floor plan you started like knocking on doors like a fantasy and like the first the first flight people like super awesome it's kind of like let me in and I was like okay and then I went to another unit and then like the guy that answered was like really really creepy and I didn't know why I was there and I'll come on in I can't not go eyes in Korean they're currently living in in the middle of know anybody Lazer people you live with your girlfriend she's know blood man who is Matthew I leave more like trunk out and she lose more like tea cups look like tea or like later plane trunk what you look like cupcake pictures creamy frame Lynd I go on a date with brand Christopher Walken used to do will do nothing to help me out with anything like hold the camera I don't like him and I'm sleeping so difficult my girlfriend probably didn't want to help me so we did not I'm going to need it the meaning of digress the 100 Ant Man I know was the reaction the reaction online better than the first one cuz it seem like you decidedly man looking forward to it yeah there angry that it's not doing that actually turns out like the trailer looks like but maybe that's Elizabet the only way I can wait like with this one I got it I Shrunk the Kids did it like you see the world amazing Disney ride to will you look at it like what's the name freezes everything yeah it's Pleasant to watch the way they do the effects I don't know remember what was one of the dead in apartment kiss my penis you know that would be like where you're going with it right I mean why would you want to why would you want me know someone I had a very serious conversation ques your high school about what life would be like with a 30-foot long day that sounds so serious it was I can imagine just did phuc yea did everything I got everything I got Deep Pockets the shot spot the new feature 3033 summe na just no like dinner or I can try to make it Tida become a bucket of ice what that means like it would be like to die there's something missing you pictures anyway like Howard Stern either or as well will you never be able to human life I used to you saying that if you have a 30 foot decking what you I probably do it I mean you can probably make money for you I'm actually I still the hand anyway we can go flying I feel like know what I should do drive ins na Authority no last or dick will a giant giant penis is like in Japan Richard tie people up with it it's basically like the stretch the guy who can stretch he can he can stretches and shrinks who carries proposing in know you got you it's just you have to live with it na yeah that's why Tida Seattle are you getting it the barber I understand kisses plane plane disasters game space like air disaster enjoying my closet I like that kind of stuff that you use to ignite a rocket and like plane goes to voicemail show as always and that was the light at where they were about 20 minutes and a slight and everybody heard like a banging and nobody knew what it was just like a banging coming from you know the bottom of the plane so I started freaking out and like the pilot turned around and let you know that there was like a no cops there a minute. na open up the bottom of the plane and it's like a baggage guy yesterday right not paper plane ticket and just hold on what you die how will they don't make it area ant you speak on some house hold on I'm just saying I never and in the end it's like because it gets really really cold or at a point in the atmosphere when they're on talk out of that people really do it look I I believe I don't live or no Italy McLendon Mission Impossible was it Rogue assassin with na does riding on a plane like riding on a cro what do you really want to go maybe do it if you will they do the old Batman 2 I mean like big airports like when they're sitting on the construction of whatever last time I was there and I had to do that it was the weirdest thing to get to another and got on the plane on the tarmac and I was thinking Laborers Local traffic controller directly across the street from another plane or just go to Lynd like they're little they care for it too, and they just like care about anyone else up in the air make a model of it in like Microsoft flight simulator first with testing rockets in rocket to take off from Nevada videos from when NASA was the America's first trip taking out how to get in the space it what they did is they you know repurpose all these old water rocket and there's some great footage of like one going up and then feeling like a hundred and eighty degrees an exploding know what they're doing I know thousands and thousands of pounds of fuel that you just Lighting on fire people on it rocket science man like to you didn't like underneath it can I be on bottle or what the Martian it's like Venus clu or High Country shot off in the area so it didn't freeze like everything else. Give me that water to California Throne robot robot little car robot will robots and everything is real that 10. Here's the deal doesn't drive for you? If so let's do it wake up wake up you look so we can recognize your face and see your eyes are drooping and you know what else I can do the wheels can turn 360 degrees and so can you no they cannot the wheels cannot turn Tida drive up to Wheels turned in you drive to the returning 302 what do will continue Furious 10 in any dragon you space and you can drive do you like the convenience you don't like drive you don't like shopping either I shrunk love.com email you a list of what you approve that's it a better wardrobe will do that my wife is currently I no want to look into it she go to Trunk Club I needed that bonfire texting just like grilling and all that I'm seeing it na look and I Michael my boy the breed I was in front of a fire you there already Paul my paper so I'm not looking at it I'm like that all I feel both as well Queen a timer I had a boat will keep your legs closed eyes I I could suddenly you have eyes now you know I just really have your pants take off your pants you're looking Galaxy people from getting the ball I am know that it was reading too everybody got I want to watch it stop know about sit there like they're caught up with the books and some storylines summe storyline so of stuff to go so they're going to start this season go beyond what's written that the entirety of the last season will be out before the last TV show that made it such a part of the culture Game of Thrones Josh people like really like walking dead beginning and then trailed off I don't know I'm just not HBO everything out HBO now are they outside HBO na no type of cable television for know or online I think this is the final straw for cable to realize that they have to get on the internet bandwagon that would be great quote was that the goal is for you to have Netflix for Netflix HBO faster than HBO can become Netflix and HBO guy said we just try to copy Rooster Teeth do you really need a real TV with antenna Red vs. blue season one that you guys kind of use that a contact it wasn't that's totally true don't even bother to look up if we can coordinate the only one ever lose a negative review and we're reading it I was like I went back to liking on everything key no publicity you're representing the company and he goes the writer says with so much technology the fingertips why do these guys insist on making clerks meets Star Wars real life so yeah that was a little bit that's awesome I'll take ant leader if you didn't like clerks or start what you doing Baku werthers stop the British queen or likes on musically I think she was and her son waiting for parents to. Hunter King blood like when she's going to Bear any other agent in the agent how do you think you like it's kind of like every time he sees her it's like kind of stumble upon Josh did you have a fun weekend I heard somebody 23580 Drake I think it was a good show yeah it's going on right now lose your or whatever and then told me inspecting the Drake Peele I grab them thangs like and unlike kisses my and he goes he's like like he looks like he's about to throw you got that one thing The Village you just got Madonna man I know what I couldn't come in stop letting me know why did I just get what you what sit what the Shake It Off Shake It Off I'm doing you know and I'll just get ready for this accident and get away hot drak that you are in you just did something wrong but this is just like colorful like Rihanna honey plane what else has this tasted like how many deck right well thinking it had the LOL it's like a my grandmother just something like and then they got into my what's the oldest woman you make out with thunder na 10 minutes after I want to get one of those yes I thought I said yeah I guess I was alive that day that's why I cut off or a million anybody I buy sketc of Cassat Avenue I probably like a the ground with Madonna I got this got to be special guest Madonna right here. and it was everything blowing up and perfect moment in I don't know partly shot out of I fucking love it without being depressing about it like what did they do about Paul Walker they had his brother they shot most the movie The did some rewriting to reconstruction clu wasn't in it The Hills brothers come in and play him and then they like did digital face replacement very interesting for a movie where they they have a light break the fourth wall and like this character is pretty much there like acknowledging that he died and they have like a little in Memorial in memoriam texting with a flashback all the movies and they have a thing where he's at the movies first one and I gave you one of the coaches pack Blu-ray you can watch 500,000,000 / the 808 honey it's going to be really fun in China everything else to him every every all the other footage except for a lot the I think that there are a couple things were like they were there was like a scene where he was just his wife talking on the phone or I'm like will that probably would've been him talking on the phone instead of saying what he's doing right now like that of the Moon movie trailer so I'm the first fast and furious was in production came out and it was like a lot of people who are working on both and going back and forth really you know it's a bad movie know it was a movie Fast and Furious movie I think and of course going to work because they've gotten Drive in 237 in production diesel your status so many movies movies done absolutely nowhere the amazing meeting go tonight how exciting why I never got any calls today the last Capitol is there anything happening I was so happy now know now na Air Show I want it was really important blood in the kid messages the show had a game cable but you know the kid was like the nights on TV Land Game Show Network I think it's like everyone know old folks home the gorilla at the people who are currently old was Bill Unifour the going or forever hold and preserve them currently mat I thought about it you've never been in or maybe my know I mean it couldn't have any I did a little people Fisher Lake friends of grandparents I did a karate demonstration in Oklahoma ant stores were there metal but they weren't sharp the hot somebody one of the stores in the plane flew off into the crowd and I figured I didn't tell anybody she doesn't believe me anymore I know I know healthy relationship Paris who are they what do they do I thought you were going there to teach karate at 2:30 the thing phone number is it has a future in last 70 years and now you must live weather news Lynd room in your pocket happy birthday cards weather radar The Eyes of Texas I would like a real thing and they have burnt orange Road what do they do ant you key with you know a huge service University and they have like this thing at Gregory Gym and like will fucking I would get the road that they were like red robes or you know like even like him like white or black what they're burnt orange robes to that the color what is .4 of 8 no allegedly they were also because the daily Texan did a paper on some kind of Scandal student government or some shit and everything was on lockdown and I was like holy shit this is like crazy they would let me leave so I went down to the bottom floor the Texans the scope things out and I like you no talk to the guy who maintains the printing press that they had at the time for that paper 20 minutes later the cops came up to our floor and then I found me the lecture can we see your ID and I'm like what and apparently the guy had to talk to you call the police because he thought I looked suspicious what Rachel and the capitol but every single time I saw him after that military reported me for no reason that was supposed to so it had to be just straight-up racist like profiling trunk my game profile you know what you get into this club I don't know the like for tornadoes look like when they initiate people they actually have iron spikes and they go na just like game time in the ground like a shitload of werthers original drive werthers you make a word no why would you say that are there roads that are what the fuck can have whatever you want shot summe I was doing you know you're never just going to be like I just think what you want anything na just Mom I think so anything that you have to be invited I want to be invited to what is it called beautifulpeople.com so I don't know who told me about it though there's a website where it's called beautiful people in the only way you have to sign up and then you submit pictures and the only way to get on is it the people who are currently on the website vote you as beautiful enough the first one was rejected will be good for you it's not looking good he's like that's a bad thing as a bad picture Brando I went through and I thought of Kerr and then I made it and then like you know come 10 the whole process and height I like it just like everybody was getting in a fight I love people just curious he would have been those web sites like Hot or Not does what sit still around I think that I know girlfriend who met her boyfriend through hot or not he rated her as hot as he could send a message to her and then that out there hopefully here in or so I know hooking up with people it was like that one of her Facebook just getting back to me on Facebook easy way of saying don't give me your number ant like this Facebook do that anymore I think you're right let me add you on Facebook there what no Pope people can make it. And come look at your dog and then like a Race So they wanted to it later that was fast alright I will be here at 3:35 o'clock thank you for joining in doing the Queen of England football tackling in the paper I'm writing we keep asking for sponsor videos where people just read fanfics about themselves maybe one day every other space at the end of every week which I think I've been pretty or the 3 of them conclusion na