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Rooster Teeth loves Japanese game shows

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Recorded: 2009-10-21 19:04:45

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey




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    "Prank show goes wrong" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2LE77J8rMI"
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Transcript (in progress):

Frenzy not over now can I ask did you check and make sure that's not a storm is on the voice right now theme song was stolen the death right where do you think it was infringed do we do anything to change that I should look I should Google I just wasted 10 seconds of your time with you it comes up and I thought of everything video number 5 was like I know this frustrating our life since I am a good shower I want to put that shower this I don't know everything about it toilet in the of I have tried to license music for Productions before that's a very difficult thing to do and I don't really know that I understand that it can be done or how to do different for whoever is providing the food for the boxes of CDs from record labels and mail them please check this out 22nd Street right over 22nd with that scenario are they build do they have a department that handles that who you pay reality you know just like what you can do radio talk shows on the radio I think it's 8 seconds is what I read if I'm not mistaken but saw this at me like a guy like girl totally legal stuff and then just pay the fine when it comes up it might actually be an easier process to do that I just want to see the girl talk guy use video instead of AR do they have done that on YouTube videos on YouTube they have like what they use the actual video for the song is not as cool as you think if you don't own the copyright your on YouTube but they're just not as clever as in music saw you know that I have to react to that in some way because the other talk show and the DJ was like yeah I was going to buy that song on iTunes and use it here on the show but you know those guys over there at 7 so guy got mad at me to tell me not to buy stuff on iTunes first to use anymore that we should just go to YouTube and get it like that for free arm is red and a in was about one is better and how wrong they would have the riaa was and someone in the thread said hey you stole my it's like back in the day when that kid posted that we might look kind of that kid posted I Love Lucy images drawing images tennis profile and you went over there is really cool he's great he's like thanks one ever told me own and I found them but if you could drunk and it really cool goes your sugar if it's bad and I'm sorry to hear he took information from the lines and did this really cool character designs of the RV bee characters and I saw them and I finally found one kid like you said that had all of them and I said hey are these are really great can we put this on the front page goes yes he does but I want to make sure that I get the proper credit for his my name is going to be credited on a hunch I said what did you made these rights no credit for finding them get right onto finder's fee sorry I can't work today they guy hasn't paid me yet so I did miss last week and we had a good time making jacket ever want to be in the play people don't make you hit in other words goes no you can't help punch anybody in the room no I wouldn't go that route to fight let me know that's really the main thing no way I would ever even think about trying to find in Seattle for a week working on a commercial that should be out very soon and I had a great time I very rarely work on the commercials in this is one that I wanted to work on and it was an absolute blast I think you did an excellent job thank you thank you and we can talk about it in Seattle and of us and bought us dinner Under the Stars just recognized and paid for our dinner me and mat and one of the guys we are working with mat was very very very cool and I want to say thank you to whoever did that already said what city was everything right it was Obama Vick I didn't want to do anything but sit there and you can actually tell blue figures no yeah that was a the whole way and it's like a whole with chocolate bars and refrigerators work hope and just garbage far as I can see if he stops now. I think I've never eaten this poorly as I have been working on commercials and visiting game developers commercial in Santa Monica as a backward on some of the stuff like that and stuff and they would have a girl who would bring a tray around of with Gummy Bears on it and like peanuts and you like licorice was like it was like every 20 minutes she sounds like the most beautiful person in multiplication ever talking rain drink anywhere else but in a video game or a commercial Studio like any kind of like professional production events sparkling water never seen it anywhere else have you guys talking about that I had a similar experience with our friend Lori Liquid Lunch liquid was sitting at the bar eating some guy looked at a double-take walk this path because I think guy is taking pictures he walked behind the planter in like parted it like a dirty Paparazzi and had his tiny little camera put it was taking pictures of us through the freeway I'm going to say yes because I want to start a fight in the afternoon they have wine and cheese hour no I have guess you haven't no only if you in burni have I have a question for you does in the tenure of our relationship I don't know that I've ever seen you like a movie no it's there do you remember Sophie's Choice wrestler Joel I think Joel tennis terms of endearment Joel like movies less the more than other people like them. So that's the first thing Joe that's what was talking with a chaplain film do you agree with my criticism zombie movies like to formulate whatever works beginning middle and end for Netflix pretending to be a zombie a celebrity who survives in tennis in there somewhere and things we found it Vick clearly wouldn't find it important that they still dude I forgot was the thing that I want the course like every idea if you think okay who's in Zombieland everyone who's going to see Zombieland hit by now probably from what I understand they got him at the very last minute and I didn't know it was going to be him and they wrote everything for him and they shot all of his stuff and I think today contact me that they made the move your 4:12 million dollars on You Gotta Give him credit it seems like a movie was made for a lot more than 12 number they did some I don't even a zombie well but they did the land well the Land part of it which they just cleared everything out it was like there was no one around there's a scene with what's-his-name Jesse Eisenberg is ever going to answer the question what are we doing Michael Cera and the freeway where everything on the freeway and I don't know where the Wild Things Are generally true things like as time goes on you grow up movies girl on you that is true and I guess maybe I can come over you like more gu in the end of Ajax and you walk out the movie in was 4 miles away you will like that movie so yeah it was really my opinion of movies is very Dynamic to everybody's expectations going into it so important to hold your friend's the greatest movie in the world you go in there it's ok it's ok it was in the trailer he's just always you are like them and try to appease them and it first you think it's friendly in the news and everything just super hot in that movie and it's charging but I don't know it was awesome they are really really was perfect I don't want to I mean like of the video Spider-Man Spider-Man totally different totally different in the movie The Trailer the trailer was embarrassing and we were all laughing about it and I thought maybe if it wasn't so the trailer is also out of context if that makes sense anymore since you're actually watching them looking at the on that experience actually see all the detail and look he sounds fine what time will tell that's crazy hello on a brighter note I finished Uncharted 2 this week is because I very clearly remember before Titanic came out how this was going to sink James Cameron's Titanic and that it was never no one was going to see this movie your mat and was garbage and it was a great movie and it was the most successful movie how could you build a boat in Mexico and we have the capability of taking repeatedly and have that looked at what was the deal that sounds great I think you understand what it like at 90% scale and that's what you go through all that trouble and make it a hundred percent was a lot more money James Cameron does not make bad movies Joe Torre so far so stick with it has never steered us wrong the other people are probably building it up more for him that he's doing it himself I mean I haven't seen it was coming I will goes to keep my expectations low so maybe I'll be set up I just go ahead and play it too funny it's still a feature video on YouTube right now nothing to do what can I say really enjoying your video I'm happy to have them the next on your plate I don't know actually this morning I think someone's already working on that this morning create was like wow okay do you realize is a pre-order business that I don't think so I don't like him but I do realize that I'm just going to go get my car and drive it across the Interstate the Best Buy and buy it I'm going to play the game for three days and then come back to see if you have copies your cell was going to go somewhere else because of that I walk in there and I'm like factoring the death certificate that is not the expensive part but they've got to make it easier on stores to return product and that be okay you know and then I guess they just make it hard for these getting stops and getting crazy you have to go to this crazy crap it's like and they had weed at the store and they said we literally can't saw them till Sunday. We've been out for a month at that time alright but for some reason they said yeah they don't they don't corporate doesn't want us to put them on the shelves a problem a circular that was it was for the holiday weekend since just ever just feel like so burned example you're saying it's like I just don't want to come back I'm crazy and then now I just don't want to go there because it's no the two types of ever body in crazy like I have to fight them to not get like the disc refinishing service or whatever bullshit they sell warranty for the closing 260 stores across the u.s. it's like they're trying so hard to battle the oncoming threat it's like to have all these weird in of the pre-order in this that the other thing a digital delivery the two years that have passed I don't know this is an ad on TV last night for Netflix where there in a normal at least commercial the commercial I saw last night was Netflix $9 a month stream any movie for stream all the videos you want like they're no longer pushing the DVD through mail option you guys get the feeling many year from now we won't have that anymore so now I don't know why I feel the baby kick deal with the toilet paper I did get paid like a in the service of the family and it disappear for like a month in the title one on in this country right now we take simple things like finance and we make them needlessly complex by credit card agreement exactly simple own or something of that nature you know we have a retail store you have a product that just makes sense on a fundamental level your child and explain why the item is sitting behind the counter and they can't sell it until a certain date or until certain people who have a $5 contract on that item in the option expires then we can buy it just doesn't make sense the first time we put a DVD for ever to come out with the DVD for the shorts and a DVD for recreation was right now but season 1 and season 2 out of my living room and your living room boxes where the was Jefferson Jefferson Washington of the Washington I had to go we would go but we will buy all of your $0.83 stamps and it was amazing the reaction that we got to I want to buy your stamp they would say how many do you need and we stay I just need all of them every $0.83 stamp you have and see what you can just say all of them I need to know how many you need I need a thousand and if they only have $0.33 and the other sheets all of those well I can't do that because I still owe you $0.83 and then someone comes in you're guaranteed you're going to tell imaginary person like situation that's going to arise between the Moon and that's what is like a coupon the post office doesn't make your money from Shipping packages they make the money to buy it they make the same gift card Tour de France or whatever it's weird complicated government agencies sponsor a Tour de France team I still wonder how they do that well that's what I'm saying Rai government stuff no I don't want to with the issue of Bugs Bunny stamp at some kind of strange and on the negative one stamp they have that whole thing kin Office Depot or something like it's like this whatever little barcode goes on it and whatever picture you want kin Youth of the Nation bee balm was nothing with it where they had married Charles Manson one or they were trying to do or try to print Charles Manson stamp remember that I do not remember Dynamic IP environment of them a corporation like Michael Jackson ever Michael Vick a bulldog jerseys NBC no Sprint NFL jersey for your dog Joe or something it was you may have to qualify that there was twin ever there was a case Ron Mexico with a pseudonym he used when he went to the clinic to get treated for herpes dude and so for a while we could buy them for nfl.com you get Michael number 7 Atlanta Falcons with Mexico on the back but then they stopped allowing you to do that Ron Mexico Michael Vick to remember it right now you want it for a while even if it out eventually how to cut prime rib in the NBC Primetime lineup Into the dumper Now it's a big deal is now here the local news stations are not getting any ratings on NBC and they're losing all of the revenue from commercial they would not leave you behind on their late night news and it's just it's just that I'm at the store I think it's a variety shows every week and I'm happy to hear that but what I hope is that I don't know talking about Mandrell Sisters and pay closer attention to this why do people watch Leno or Letterman because you're choosing between Leno or Letterman show and occasionally they have had to put news on gu no meaning at night and you know it's your choice you have to choose between one of those so I think he will have a choice between four varieties are going to go to the store and hopefully put the brakes on the whole thing as we can put it show up as long as it's cheap enough we can make money from dependence of money and resources NBC was I dreaming or did Comcast was thinking about buying NBC I've heard that I heard I heard that you buying me the part of universal yeah I heard what was the name Murdock was I could be wrong to be totally shut the door on Ce NBC where he was maybe making a bit for it but he wanted to buy them but they had to get like a 20% stake away from her vanity that's got to be a whole universe would like prices getting depressed at Comcast a provider will know that she OWN Network as well Comcast own and the OMG for they do own NBC who ever try to come up with more entertainment cheaper and cheaper and cheaper and cheaper you know when it's greater than any other form of entertainment other than their the Comcast Entertainment Group includes internet and their Works changed my life brother to brother a little something to show you want stamp video hey clearly when we put variety television up against cool narratives which of the late-night narratives the late-night narratives beat the shit out of her and stuff so maybe we can extrapolate this up above even further and have for a while would be on our times on 1030 have at 10:30 narrative that's maybe a little bit closer to see the showtime and HBO style they could split it the first time at the local news I need help how do you ensure you look good feel better program no at the end but you know they're really plot lines through them what is a couple years ago because I remember for a while there there was like a neutered version of Sex and the City that showed on one of the big three after like 11 on Sunday what times are the Letterman comes on at 11:30 on the East Coast come on in California Joel 1034 us 1130 East Coast West Coast East Coast time 11:30 and 11:30 what you don't see very often you don't see Joe is graduating from the lower networks to the higher networks and by that I mean Battlestar Galactica was a huge hit on Syfy network and it was never any talk of it coming up to NBC at any point in time to the family the family of channels I should say it is probably want to use it to push out to SciFi to the smaller Network gu saying if it works where it is leave it there right now because of his convenience tits on Hulu was my Letterman and have it on a plane while having the TV on in the background it was readily available, can I get you right I'm not going out of my way for it I heard that you are currently trying with the wild give me the first hit for free and then he started what's Jack's a very hard-working noble guy if there's any girls out there a guy with a girlfriend should not be allowed 2 or so I think level 21 Old Republic now when I come back of course we will probably one I've been meaning to play and I haven't played it yet those games at all and I'm considering Old Republic counterpart that's something to be aware of that gotta understand why are you upset because I'm buying guy person my whole life and I do Microsoft certified the next computer NT server 4.0 which is like 8 million years ago the only certification ever got was for like Solaris Solaris say something Administration I don't even fucking remember I went to go see if I can get Microsoft certified I went in to take the test so I would know what to study for and I passed the test with the score the exact score you need to pass just going in blind and taking it that's how we got Microsoft wrestler which is like the tulip fields for you on other internet sites travel the thing that in the pain has to fill out just being usurped by other efficiently love it I like kin is the daily picture I go just to look at the picture of it some for the caterpillar in the pretty regularly I like a travel site that doesn't force me to book through the travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity the major function of travel is Expedia that are the main ones to put you through that doesn't put you through Orbitz Travelocity and Expedia a checkbox for it but it's not the level of integration I would have said so hotels.com and Travelocity and those are great if you find a last-minute deal they're not so great if you ever have travel that needs to be flexible and anyway life is nothing worse than talking to an airline person working out your ticket and then saying I can't change this you have to call Travelocity and have them change it and then you might as well just be no wrestler to start walking back to her get yourself there no that's the worse for that reason he is the first option I don't know you probably seen it it doesn't seem like a real game to me the middle why midnight launches at like 1300 GameStop sorry for everything I did this is a triple under AR what I've heard about it but now it doesn't seem like it's been on the radar there's only no name 363 Heather Street actually big games coming out this week two of them are nowhere on my radar I don't think anybody else in the office is SmackDown vs. raw was always selling and which supposedly is the fastest selling game of all time hunting video game developers at 2 or getting to games a year TV commercial is ever likely to do that the Cabela's in Buda is supposed to be the second largest tourist spot in Texas your no face a million tourists a year I don't know if you know this Joel but the last two Cabela's games that have come out have happened to incidentally come out on the same day as Halo game launches last game came out the same day as ODST in the previous Cabela's game come out the same day as hit in the mega64 guys did very funny videos mega64 video dude from Germany who is arm wrestling champion where's the best high fives ever that's pretty freaky if you like watch that episode no idea to remind me to cut off the blood to keep the blood inside is healthier than this I'd be weird now I'm sure lower back pain how far is back with that go at his chest and he needs in conjunction at the same time so why not like what you doing taxes arm on his right arm is 18 inches around a 4x4 arm crazy really crazy another visual thing we haven't seen the drunkest guy ever try to buy beer by last night no absolutely not Exxon hit like an invisible force keeping him down or something original Star Trek was keeping him up when he was walking in I don't know how to dude was walking it doesn't look possible like Michael Jackson the video Tony leans forward as they had help with that Walker you know when they lean forward in the when does a big-money forward in their shoes in the video they did it with cables and the cables out this sucks for you to find out that something you thought was you know I probably well allegedly no a regular person have one giant AR like that dude car dealership Toledo this weekend goes I'm doing this weekend I don't know hopefully we'll play some picture of dragons yeah I don't know what's was play tonight but I don't feel about the community 420 just for the fuck of it why not why not indeed Apple introduced a new mouse today among other things but I think the only thing that affects us would be the mouse the Magic Mouse is at was called the S2 bee sting on the mouth panic button yet has multi-touch scroll up the greatest room on it and I think this thing has pictures own as well that's the most useful function of all time. On my phone I was youth a double tap to zoom in what is the function on the iPhone the screen the sides for whatever reasons good turn sideways on him they need to function for to go back to normal because Guy freaking out over the phone or shake the phone or whatever it will not go back to normal fine until like 2 weeks ago when I try to get the upgrade he started shaking and his equipment every time they come in did Joe had a problem get video and so I got on there and was checking on the table I don't that's the thing I don't know what that is at all the cables to the death probably please stop guy terrible there's also I just got my dad left and I got my computer back so gradually from Gavin thank you very much now I have my workstation back I was using talking to Gavin was here I don't remember people needing the computer constantly when Gavin was here I don't remember that and then everyone's on the computer doing stuff you look so down I believe it was for a little this morning and you weren't here yet when I was leaving that was sitting down at your computer to work and when I came in you soundtrack for mat to get up and the second that gets up you go sit down in your computer you go ahead let set up a shotgun so somehow I mean we'd have to get the one thing I don't remember mat guy who just started working in the office here his first day in the office I'm at my computer trying to filter lines for the episode we're putting out last night I could not hit the road I couldn't Ur a database and getting something to eat what's going on I can't connect to the Rave got to get it done someone help me what's going on finally he said check your network cable Manhattan computer right next to mine mat with my cable and I was testing something everything went yesterday and we have a cat here that mat and so I put a bunch of catnip get paid everything that stands for create the idea of the cat and now I have to I have to find a new home for the cat I really do have to find a home for sale oh yeah for sure I know I love you and I want visitation rights was awesome I had more trouble can your cat get rid of no dude I just want you to know I hope so I hope so Joe from the front like I like a person the way I have two cats that don't shed at all ever usually something I guess Joe has white hair in addition to own chair and sit on the couch all day really concentrating on right now you should give me some internet people hiding your cat nip and other people's clothes have a great at work to get it out mat was perplexed it was like 11 o'clock at night I was bored no in production burni coming to be so mad he would look over that stuff can just unplug every wire and cable get directions a great Vindication because at the end of the whole thing mat realize that he was taking screenshots what you was doing for the cover of the DVD he was taking screenshots on a profile called butthole 69 that God had set up and if you take screenshots on an on live enabled profile you have no way to get the three shots you can put him down so I had to go and make Michael 69 to join live and make a new account the price 69 was not available profile profile deleted immediately pulled down you know what he's talking about or something why am I the only one still spelling things correctly I got the cinnamon comes across if I just start pounding keyboard open system you I'm sure there's a folder called calendar and calendar is Goldie AR at the end and I have not tried to a first and all I can think of one person notoriously a great spell already time to check at the door I know you're about to spell something incorrectly something about how to make a folder like there's no way to do that could you make like a little USB device to plug in your keyboard and it would let you know always if you're misspelling something the red light comes on how is everything you wanted you're trying to use accurately before you can use it at the door before you kin with everything and had things like it has one word in it was like a keyword that's like why would you go to the effort of May Brian does not always spell drunk they don't get the joke it's them it's the most misunderstood me mat I hate drunk me nuts to try to picture them so those are words certain things like there's just no end there's no end to the no your not exposed to other people no Ron a lot well let's keep in touch with people we moved around a lot stamp calling has been suspended true calling is really expensive and it's not like it is USB prank device will make your office mates hate you have you missed cuz I didn't bring with us I would use it on you so you could go out I'm talking about because I would definitely buy this and use on your computer you plug it into USB port and you set the time delay and he said you want to fix the keyboard and mouse and it will turn your caps lock on and off and then make your keyboard on your computer move around at random intervals without your control and it won't hit the enter key no damage done it's um it's available from thumbs up UK so it's going to have some kind of currency that I'm not from there with I'm sure that you're OK or something dollars arm stock no price is 19 pounds ninety-nine Pence seems like a lot of money from the $0.50 teenagers can hear certain sound wave is kin or whatever they have things to do birds at Whole Foods the recent but would say no more than two teenagers at the store anytime or two students leave your backpack at the door or whatever like no loafing a glittering but no is it like that they were all over South Carolina loafing in Florida while loafing was so official that could be on a sundial they also have the same as I the keychain device the fog that you can use to turn off any television set and her mother fuckers videos with people watching a soccer game or something and some guy will be outside the pub and turn it off and the whole bar freaks out so funny that such a riot it's only good that I would your own dude giving presentations livelihood depends on talking I should be the one with a shot no that's all right is called Panic face kin Sturgis face thing a game show where they would go into Japanese people's bedrooms while they were sleeping and they would we land a gigantic Cannon and in and shut the kin of course you know it's like they're like I don't have dude and like they be sitting down and then there's like anything she was just like in in their game shows over here everybody was like the ones we like the people The Runaway crowd of a hundred people run at them getting all the jackass guys get away with a murderer and he was going to use the Porta-Potty and in the porta potties roof open and it would Elevate the naked elevator lift them up so they're out in the a it's funnier if you were to describe than it is to watch for some reason I don't know what it is video just fell flat for me to girl things happen in that space though this week that I'm very happy about that you guys see the video of the prank show with the guy walked up and some kind of prominade and put a plastic bag over another guy's head is a prank and then ran away and nobody understood what was happening and he runs by a dude who did a round house and took him out. Was out like a light finally that happened to somebody somebody somebody got it back because nobody knew what was going on and then the other one is all these people are out spending money Blake just called I was actually upset I was watching it and I try to fight for that yeah where you talking about Michael 22 the family Colorado call the police because they have to Giant weather balloon in their backyard that look like a UFO you sit there like 6 year old son crowd into it and the Bluetooth off and went to like a thousand feet in the air and started drifting away so what happened it will hit was going to is the cops and EMS in all kinds of people were out trying to find this kid because in their was a story that maybe there's some people even not in the blue knit was in a box under the balloon and that they saw something fall from a balloon it so everybody thought this poor kid fell 10,000 feet you know to a horrible death or that he was just scared shitless hanging out this balloon in the balloon down and putting all the clothes Denver International Airport the putting all these resources towards finding the balloon and in the box and it's supposedly that it was all a hoax perpetrated by the dad who was trying to get a TV series about science was going to use the publicity to do like a mad science kind of show and now he's been criminally but the getting the feds are involved because the guy who looks like a criminal throw the book at somebody for being at attention whoring unbelievable too much too much time at airports because that's like the thing that I can't I even called you the parents are letting other people put themselves in danger and not telling people if they knew about it absolutely hit more attention to the show will ever not every parent is a good influence a reality show about a dude in Prison Break balloon death Blu-ray at the balloon the Flight of the Navigator ship they built it I think it was like a family project told me the guy was like really big in the lake friends and have been doing a lot of experiments and should give me over under is getting too much attention towards him first first ever television shows dude oh yeah just science so they could film it hit in his crotch in slow motion was good they could test his fucking heart rate heart rate of 180 beats per minute guess what he did you find your startle your wife a lot no I think it's pretty easy for me, I think that you know me if I'm walking down the hall you know what burni coming or you can sneak up on you to do to my wife the shit out of her unintentionally about 4 times a day honey please I'm talking to look at me kin you Olivia your house now I live in the house but they they used to meet with the team or the summer then that one night a week to do a puppet Workshop in my stool there might be at your house or something and they want to Pour It Up tons of beer I have to buy a beer for the last like 4 months they will keep the little mini fridge in the studio stock I just want to say you can't come to my house and dude seven days a week at the office computer right next to DVD and I had to remind her that we were all in our house for a year-and-a-half making red vs blue and she kicked us the hell out of here I would like a year old yet it seems like it's a lot dude I think we just a when your home with a just with a kid that kind of changes your frame of reference okay and I don't think you'll have it but I should have a lot of people in Slammer for any kind of adult conversation but everything's okay now and things like that that sounds awesome and you have your own house everything geof for you work some long hours maybe I don't know nothing comes to mind but I mean I definitely had some weird times after season one when we would stay up all night Thursday night especially for a year straight and I felt like I got so out of sync with the world that nothing mattered and we were going to the Lincoln Center to premiere season 2 and I was working on that and my wife comes in and she says it's after midnight and I said okay CE goes after midnight all the time what's the big deal why it's after midnight happy New Year and walked out of my work to the new no it was really really weird yeah that must understand that is the reason is because having the weekend to work on Sunday back when he had a job that was a lot harder different life back then a long time was we were talking about just today we had the first DVD for Red vs. blue season one and it was complete and we were ready to ship it over sitting in your office during in a FedEx envelope and in which we had already made and I should have more extra features first DVD ever made DVD second look each other for about 10 or 15 minutes and I just took it out of the package and said yes we can take it back and put some more stuff on it let me take an extra week and put deleted scenes on it and all that and I'm really glad hard to say I mean which one 4513 oarlock every single episode if you can't find it we can put them in your computer and play them I can Windows Media Player and it will show them all as separate titles and chapters and I was going to talk to the audience to decide about it I understand what you're saying here though I think our DVDs are too complex or not they're hard to navigate or anything but weed we have outtakes and deleted scenes and Easter eggs and mini series at all getting the food now I'm the main one the one with the bonus disc is awesome and I put another disk and it's just play movie well I think the difference with us is we're trying to offer our audience a different experience in their getting online watching a show right very generous to give them as much material as we can do better than that for us the DVD of the story but let's say that what day of the week or two that we were making the DVD if we spent that week or two making a couple extra episodes of Red vs Blue to put on the web I think I would like that better but it's just that's the thing I always want a better product for the people buying it I'm sure it's a queer people think shorts are in there protesting in my shorts 10 minute rule simple it's not that we sit down with metrics and say well this is probably performing but at least we just seem like people seem to like it but no one really wants nobody likes it like that exactly right nobody likes it like that gu no dude you guys appreciate the DVD if you like that they're so complex or is it or have you ever have you ever bought a DVD and you just had no idea there was so much extra content on it but I wondered if we can do a good job should I get no explaining of how much extra stuff we put that you just can't get online one dude comments in the group