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RT Discusses The Color Purple

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Recorded: 2015-04-22 02:43:52

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Brandon Farmahini, Aaron Marquis




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Transcript (in progress):

who will go to the podcast this week brought to you by Braintree and nature box on my sponsors there somewhere somewhere Ah that's right Chris and I got it right I always messed up I'm very proud of you all day so I thought I didn't want him to say his name for this responsibility you drive down Lombard Street go to the Fisherman's Wharf in my magic is with your in-laws it's just like complaining the whole time Hardware information Krista and you look down and then I could hear in the back seat as her mother pull her CA and then you don't in Annapolis right there or whatever pedestrian that's insane after growing up and he said because it's the flattest place on earth like it was one of the worst cities in Texas I like parts of you can just talk to he's right there is a thing which I guess you know Weiss at the University West United set up my phone but I forgot how extensive the Chinatown there is in the Chinese food in Austin is one of the restaurants had a lazy Susan but you see a lot and I was like really bored because I didn't know anybody and then nothing if she was happening you're waiting for your food and I put my coat on the Lazy Susan and I kind of just like to push it a little bit so it's like very slowly going around the table and it gets about I don't know 250 degrees and then all of a sudden it just slides off onto this girl like completely drenching with Coke I had no idea who she was and I felt so bad about it and we sitting at the same table guy friend and like I didn't know any of these people and feel like my poor friend I like is trying to eat I'm sure she told that guy that you like him Ah that's just playing with the the drink 2225 yesterday cannot play with it just spin at the playground when you were Mafia description of classes Escape The Escape friction velocity and overcame that static friction allows my favorite Interstellar 1 hour for the one you like. So I was with going out this weekend and someone was like so one of us might have to do cocaine and I live well you know these people you know will do cocaine and if none of us do it then LOL oh yeah I know that ah then I can have anything to drink in here this to people like they don't drink it but in here it's like you like what if we both were both really drunk it's not fair to us or something is cocaine super expensive so they're going to offer it it's score drugs like right now in Austin I don't know where to drive to and who to talk to to get like heroin we go to my next one if after this podcast we all go on a scavenger hunt to find some heroin who do you think will win now so what should I call him mr. Maxwell, okay I got this text so you know I got to go nacho got to go home but every time he sees me he offers it to me that's good at least he's not going to jump you anymore guy telling blaines moving in your building like fresh meat gripe to pick with blaines do it and left his car in the best parking spot in the studio lot Ah that's already kind of like he's not parking there before we walked by it he's been like I purple should Park and I'm not and I'm not that level right next to the button right there I always you know what an older no more more better than that okay I guess I think someone went through my stuff and grab the keys and move the car Bruce this morning and I could keep playing in the background of blaines what are 1/4 spot that wasn't handicapped parking right in front of our building I got it once in a year and a half and it was one of the best days would you look for rebuilding yeah but you have to go out of your way to check if those spots were available to make this on my way I don't know because you be driving past the office in the wrong direction and that spot driving there because it's not about the convenience or give me I'm a winner you and I feel good kind of self satisfaction and self-worth that of parking in front of her Brando vide Weiss summertime I remember one time Weiss and wizards light just to have it now wheelchair parts Atlanta Road she would try to give it to me so that we could park so that she could get out it's actually the handicapped spots seeing where he sees three handicapped spots in front of like a convenience store and he parks in all three of them Park sideways and then gets out of his car and he started dragging his foot and like laughing to himself like he figured it out like he beat the system because he looks like he's handicapped like those moments where you have people who think they're smart when they're listed those those are The Lovely Bones episode where Marge becomes a police officer and you tell her to come reasons one because Blaine is like moving he was so happy it's like hey I got I got news for you where your apartment is and I was like I just lower my how the hell are you going to move like a floor above me and light Blaine Whitley blaines paranoid so I could stay there and just constantly harass them but like having him there it's just like it's too close to have Lain there the problem is when you're not hanging out like his Susa John I back in the old office you still live in neighboring apartment complexes already thought that little something about that that knowing it's so easy and then you guys would just be like with directly above me to his apartment to the weight being dropped on the grunting whatever I'm considering it I like blaines good man but I might have to move the second reason I have moved I think my apartment I wanted and I'm being serious I really think it's haunted you leave and go things just my you know I think but here's the thing there's a few weeks ago I was having like a plumbing issues or something in my condo so they set up the building guy Lytro Smoove sixties right I'm so anyway I told him I said hey you know someone is in the next room when you come up but I'm to be gone so if you don't worry about it there's someone here he's like I don't hear weird noises in this complex all the time and I go what does that mean what you think it means it's like you saying this complex is haunted and he goes well here's the thing yes and also sometimes when I'm doing work I feel hands on my shoulders anyway that crazy guy leave me fix my phone couple weeks later I'm sleeping in bed and I wake up at like 4 in the morning or something like that I hear this woman just like on the phone and she's yelling just yelling her like a horse basically screaming and she's yelling at this insurance person because she's like why aren't you feeling give me a call if you want to give me the money I can get on you Weiss you doing this right now I was like why is she doing this right now anyway she's yelling and then she starts like screaming more and then she hangs up she starts screaming and then she starts laughing and then she starts screaming again I'm like I'm about to go knock on her actually that's the one I actually do not I'm getting kind of like set up with this right so I go to the apartment manager downstairs in a few days later and go hey is there something to do about my neighbor so she keeps like screaming at like 4 in the morning you know it's some insurance adjuster whenever and let it go there's no one living here there's no one living there and so I said what is that more like I don't know get out of there and that's what I'll tell you what that is you get night terrors Hu freak out you need to be specific ah so he was um he he was in between apartment or not he was out of town for the summer or friends and me and Eric both of our leases were over but we have our new lease hasn't started looking for another couple weeks or months are we like this in between. We removed all of our stuff into his Empty Apartment so there into a delivery at 3 Apartments worth of furniture and one apartment and then we were both staying at his place so I can tell hardly started or separate leases and so that's whenever we were like sort of Roommates for like a week or two and yeah I remember one night I just woke up and was screaming like a baby where's the ice cream at Grandma whenever I have a nice guy told nobody was getting that's also your safe word it was that was his exact lives in an apartment complex where it was like is it big like 3-bedroom place but they rented out each room separately and he's living this is place for a year with no other roommates and they started showing roommates while we were both living this beforehand yeah it's like they're going to start showing people so we set up a computer in the living room tissue paper in the light in the living walking with your parents and go I think seeing nothing that a realtor would just look at them to like the real turkey calling furniture that you need to move it out lotion everywhere into music so someone on Twitter guy guy responded Angel 17 said that my brain went probably people burning after I after I hear weird things all the time you said your meeting was like is this place haunted well he made was like hearing things all the time it wasn't like I hear things like that's what it looks like that's what made me since he made that face who else with your grandma know those hanging out with my girlfriends place our parents place and I was staying in her little brother's room and why was I don't believe in ghosts I don't like you but ah there was a woman standing to my left and I like purple then I turned and looked and then she was gone and I was like oh that's really weird I don't think I was a ghost but it was still pretty ah so then I told my girlfriend about it and she kind of freaked out and I was like why he's like are made will not go into that room cause she thinks he's hot shit it's haunted and in my head it just like stereotypical like old superstitious about sausage party and then I unlike the last day we were kind of talking and I turned to her brother was like I saw a ghost in your room and he didn't say anything he just looking at me and the entire family just slow I kept hearing every day for the next two weeks about how he refused to sleep in there you know what would you rather one you know that there's a ghost in there or you going to do like it's a broom and said he was going to do just retired they were with the root of it goes into Studio condo be home by 5 ah but the person did not do everybody really but whatever home don't say anything tragic happened in that room like she was on the phone with the insurance company ah so I don't have anything like I said I don't believe in them this is something your brain sometimes especially like to be different if I saw it in front of me but it was just something that happened of the side and it sometimes your brain tries to make sense of what's going on and light project something and you don't really know what it is like for instance if someone would take like a colored pen and like put it like next the side of your head and the point of time you see it you don't know what the color is but right now I see peach or whatever my skin color is because I know that's my finger so you'll never get it right if someone has like a green pen you don't know it's green will you need something when you saw a person like that's not light movie with a coat or something flapping in the wind inside I know it's not did you do your fingers change colors no but what you think of me I was at a bar and the power went out in the entire east side of awesome and so I was it it's like of the hotel yesterday and I go to the bathroom there's a line and stuff and everyone kinda like being awkward in the line and I don't know how to explain how people awkward about your mind it was awkward but something I can I get I get up to the urinal and over to my left is a dude getting a blowjob guy seems like there was no star it wasn't like that there's a yarn over the door if it's just like here's the sitting toilet in the end it was like a little while you know like a half wall and there was just a guy getting blue ah we were two years old and want to end it but it was ah but he was like should I go to be a good blowjob Marty or I don't know 1955. Find all this point that 1985 guy women from his time light stop liking me no lines on the boobs aren't like right when of proportion I just keep thinking they're going to replace your entry code for easy online payments if you're building a mobile app and search for a simple payment solution check out Braintree they know what we alright but accepting PayPal venmo cards and more all the single integration Braintree gives you an easy way to accept multiple payment types of one integration quick knowledgeable developer support if you have any questions star accepting Apple pay PayPal Bitcoin venmo cards whatever's next all with one integration with different code and you're set up in less than 10 minutes to learn more after your first $50,000 transaction fee free go to Braintree payments.com / RoosterTeeth Pro super simple of do supports Android iOS JavaScript clients have sdks and seven different languages including Java Pro PHP python Ruby no. Just check it out I was when I was in San Francisco the other we can actually saw a billboard for Braintree everywhere that kind of thing I guess I just wasn't there everywhere trying to keep up with lime just being like Oh that's like trying to make it as easy as possible to do business with them Apple TV v card in here and everytime I use my key card my phone thinks it's Apple pay and I was saying no and I always think it gets disappointed guy who made things kind of weird for me at my apartment complex I'm leaving your apartment indirectly so remember you're not really super excited about all our light light Carlson Romano red light districts and putting like Redd light source everything in the you made this comment free time you know I went out on a date and I gotta go for now came back and I have my little preset now got his power our freezer purple and so we've been drinking a lot so you know we did it with the power out longer than it normally take a while so anyway our V Weiss getting ready so anyway like afterward just kind of chilling on the couch playing with like all the cool apps for the light and changing colors and all the sudden my phone says all right Rocky let's go inside and I was like hell what was that feature in this app and then I start hearing more noise of people talking and then I think huh this apartment is on the second floor overlooking a dog park and then I remember earlier in the day a kind of small-scale so wide open then I realized the whole time we were having our power 45 minutes the window was open overlooking a dog park that people occupy and the entire apartment with purple inside it's showing purple out through the window I made a joke that on my neighbor's do anytime but I was think about a dog park is is that I don't like I'm going to go to the light the dog park lake but they can gossip non-stop so the regular awkward for Paula to go outside they all do they know where there's no reason they should be charging at dogs uncomfortableness of no good not at 9:45 yeah so thanks for that guy aside from not another purple sprinkles promo code purple color on her unexpectedly look better and Redd like that's why there yeah I guess Selena know Chris came over to watch the Game of Thrones Khaleesi out and I was so excited to show them my life because we talked about it so much they seem interested I was like a good plan Ah that's cool and I was you're trying ritte was like completely defeated the purpose of having you guys Over the Rhone I'm sorry your friends that I've seen those what's up heard you say so much about them I don't think I'd be impressed I feel like I don't give a shit what is a third party app that you can download the free but then that you can pay for like certain Light Recipes or do I have them off at the bottom light or something every week a different one it's like the light bulbs the party paid so much was fucking basically I just connect your camera on your phone and then it takes the light take the colors of anything that you're showing real Amber at yes I've seen that you can set that up to light match colors and pictures that you've taken this just turns on the light but then like if you're not careful all the sudden if it gets too dark all the lights turn off and then you can actually like there's nothing to illuminate just turn on the flash and it was like all these flowers are these flowers are no practical purpose cream colored light coming to repel light or whatever I got to the gas I'm guessing around 4 um I don't know if we do it earlier and I think I realized how hard it was probably for people to go from being in standard def television you know about 10 years ago to be no the 1950s along with newspapers you know what you sent me know pictures on on black on black and white Weiss to that I don't want you back position was so hard with makeup or whatever I'd like to look up porn like that brought a whole new level of makeup because all the sudden you can see every single you know computer, but yeah so we're wondering like hey you know what color would an asshole be like what shade is that you know like what can you build a base right foundation it trying to even out all day if you don't know what you called it that it corresponds to different light into areas and it's like they have to have like this is well you know like I don't know what would you do can you literally not exactly right intern and I want to know when you sell your butthole I don't know what I was at what are we go to the mechanic. bullshit you can't you didn't Brando that doesn't involve it is like a mirror there's like a star Demi Pandaria I'm just saying I don't know how that either cuz you change color since then too but I don't know well I haven't seen my butt but I assume that you know he's one of them their buttholes are you getting a lot light flexible and you like staring at you when you're driving up to the you can't see it yet but when they do the Brazilian wax everything like crazy contortions YouTube you Kim Kim podcast for we've talked about this we have heard that the women do the butterfly pose and I believe what they called it there's no way you can actually look at your butthole you can't see it or not and then I can show it to you but then I saw ah I'm sure you pass like a point of awkwardness will it hurt from what I hear they make station with you I haven't gotten yeah yeah that's what you doing I guess you have to be like chatting during that weekend will make up for the of of cameras I'm going to talk a little bit the other day last week I saw Major Nelson tweeted that I was on was having one of the gold box deals for those Lytro camera remember those the Lytro light-field camera it's like a little the rectangle and you take a picture and then after the fact you can choose what to focus on when you look at the picture Foxx for one day so I bought one for 40 bucks and I've been messing around it's really weird thing you don't realize when you get it is there's no easy way to look at the images unless you use their app that will let you use their view or online because no program rules how to adjust the focus but it's really really weird different pictures we take an HDR picture it's technically taking more than one picture but I guess he doesn't notice I guess it takes a ton of pictures like a bird I like focusing on different things and I guess you could fly through space what what I'm going the field you'd have an infinite different kind of pictures because like vinegar when your subject matter is you know you'd be folks in the background and not even see what's in the foreground and if you focus on the poor guy never completely different picture no but like really you know if you have one thing if we're just looking at my hand you're either going to see my hand and focus with the background if there's an guess you just see this blurry or cream-colored there and if you focus on your hands that's a picture of a handsome picture of the studio or whatever you take the waxer I'm going to show up but you can that's one example the colonel and click on different parts of the picture is it good different picture I don't know I don't know captured in order to do that will put it on my personal website I don't think it just takes a bunch of the way to tell that is to say the picture kind of meat with something like this and to put a lot of things that you could focus on in the plane in front of you but with that you're really just looking at a dog in the background and I guess you have the fence but if you would have liked just basically like dominoes then you could see you like how many different planes and focusing on the only possible way you could do that if we just taking a shit ton of pictures like your HDR mode on your phone works the same way Christmas letter made the kind of deal I can I have I thought Redd does something with adjustable audio Ingleside but basically it shoots different shutter speed that was an example LOL that's really going to change thanks up because no and that's one of the things I would imagine it's just really like a blending in all these different pictures of the weird thing is that that's really really good example images of ticks are square I don't know I didn't like what I thought it was today whatever it was it like that the real killer is the difficulty in sharing it where can you sure that I have a personal vanity domain that I'm able to like take the embed code and posted on the game I didn't have that would I direct people to their website for the coffee my photos like I don't know it's just I think they're waiting at the acquired or waiting to become so popular that like Twitter and Facebook kind of like adapted it so that you can use it was it was it Instagram or Vine that wasn't really well integrated in Twitter for a long time I know you get really angry about it when something becomes popular Twitter unfollow Instagram like Facebook and Twitter to stop allowing them just to be embedded into Twitter client but I hate when I click on it it will take me out of here you still pretty hard on not getting an Apple Watch to see them this past weekend guy walked over to the Apple Store black apartment for over there early this morning before open now but they can be looking Capital Supply Hard Times To Come walking by the Apple Store intern wanted to see what the new MacBooks look like they're all sounds really really cool behind me so I can look at them if you want if you would like to order one today you won't get it till like July into like this so far back ordered I wanted to I made an appointment to try them on and I was like Hey I want to try them now and they're like oh no we don't have that one to try on this light but I see it I'm looking at it right there you have it in a case like you literally only have the I'm sorry sir I was like alright I guess I'll just go buy something else people are waiting until July then if you're happy or not about that clinical been too worried about it right now 1 Port what is the philosophy that Apple trying to force everyone to go towards Wireless technology and start eliminating like physical ports kind of the same way they were willing to drive a few years ago anything more on a cloud like is that yeah I think it's probably a combination of cloud and AC Wi-Fi AC Wi-Fi which they started supporting about a year-and-a-half ago it goes up to a gigabit per second which is basically like now there's no internet I got kind of screwed because my laptop was stolen while we were shooting The Gauntlet so I had to get a laptop that didn't have anything up for it if I didn't have AC Wi-Fi yeah I know I feel bad for me too and I was wondering about your laptop got stolen yeah that's a bummer I got to admit like that to me would be such a substantial moment in history when I use the USB ports on a critical care right now if you want to use the USB ports on a MacBook Air and 99% of the time I use a port to plug in USB cable to charge my phone really really plugged into my laptop I guess I have a couple of external hard drives that occasion they may need to pull something from the back of your list it there's a place where you can't find I don't change my life forever but for me it's just a bunch of hard drives that I use all the time but I guess I'm an atypical user you are but you don't even feel like playing video if you have an Apple TV you can mirror your display there you don't need to plug in cord for it and try to eliminate even movies like they don't even want you to download that you can play it from the cloud we deliver like the cheapest option is 250 gigabyte hard drive won't think it's crazy because it's solid state and it's better technology it's like no that's nothing we have that snow spin so I guess it makes sense that you can continue to just do stuff to kind of get you away from that I have a problem with the screaming bullshit internet the worst feeling in the world is when I'm on a plane and I'm like so sweet I listen to my downloaded I can't use it you don't know you don't have a license world the record I mean it's one thing to like buy something and by default you don't own it like you have to get it another day but like but somehow the default setting to Kim we're not even going to send it to you you gotta come to us I don't know where it is now but I do have a smartphone that can play music so I don't I only text messaging what was World War 2 or something if you want to stop paying for it so I will take it back light if your leasing if you like the directions are going of pushing people and I think so for the most part I'm a fan of it on my desk and all the cables everywhere it's like I'm going auto return them no that's just one cable like it's just it's a rumor that are too short I think the one with you and Joel stuck in a love that's my life got hurt and hard drive I'm going to bitch about flying a little more the other week and last weekend when I went to San Francisco and it doesn't matter I get to the airport and my flight was on the plane to take off Nathaniel light without McCloud I downloaded it on my phone like a music on this flight going to be in LA in 3 hours open up my backpack pull my headphones out like some kind of light open it up no fucking fuck I got 3 hours of staring at the fucking phone and it will be furious at yourself what are good to see them sitting on my desk but to me you just forgot about everything but it's like to do 99% and like 1% of everything just like news about planes and wireless technology Chris Roberts or something but he's like a of the worst one of the security firms that face would try to find you know boner abilities systems and he was going to fly to this conference somewhere on United United to talk about this. Whatever you made some joke tweet because he's flying on one of those you know United playing penos got all the wireless but you had to wear I was like what I can turn on oxygen mask and United removed an item at the at the ticket counter said no you can't fly with us because it's all this sweet and so it's a big thing now but people are saying although you know he was discovered security vulnerabilities and he would actually do that besides if you're so sure about your security United why wouldn't you just let him fly down there like it's not that we're not sure about our security just can't let them know joked about it he hired by I mean I don't know it supposed to say and he made that joke of hand and they wouldn't let him on not wanting use your phone by saying it could interfere with the plane something people associate somehow like you know your cell phone or what you could do with it taking the plane down in the water was under the radar and stuff if they did he quote on quote threatened him and threatened he was just like let's see what I can do wake me up at 8:35 my wife I don't think it's because he understands that the plane isn't like hydraulic I think it's not like light that this plane is controlled by Eric light intern controlling the plane with a stick hydraulic hydraulic electrical signals so the fact that he understands that it's electric what does that feel like you think that the vulnerable but technically they are home or could be willing to share so you could technically in a little home you have said something anyway when I was ready I was like what are some 14 year old kid who is smarter than all of us is just like you're flying on United flight to Denver or wherever and he's just like I'm bored I forgot my earphones in my ear buds I'm going to get into intern 16 year old hacking your plane now what Batman was the Rhode Island Microsoft flight simulator would you be scared I've done that before that but I pretended like I was flying the plane with the flight simulator guy had to say this man is doing a flight simulator with little stick and stuff I'd get worried as it was he guy dude and then you can look at the person you know it in a football game accidentally fell asleep. no I would I would fairly frequently have don't want to call them nightmares because they do not like scary night terrors I have dreams about being in plane crashes when the night because like things are going wrong but I'm never like scared in my dream I guess it's like a side effect of watching so many you like that does that I was flying in a plane with no window so I don't know if I was like it was like I was in the living room but I knew I was on a plane for some reason I got it listen to clean the Windows like this turbulent and I can feel like the plane started to roll and I like a light for my seat belt on so I feel like the 3-point seat belt on and everything and getting out of the rescue crews are coming into the Korean couple from Lost are you really in a plane crash you survive with you at some point think I'm so excited I'm going to be on air disasters V cover intern ever in a plane crash on pro bono scared orange hair it's just confronted with the fact that I'm going to die like in my dream I have to force myself to accept the fact that it's terrifying because you have to realize at some point you came to terms with dying even if it's you know on this I don't know not a subconscious level whatever dreams are semi conscious or unconscious superconscious even in real life or your life yep in a minute now I've got no ah this is this is no good for Brandon on Saturday I had a dream that a John Risinger worked Al Pacino for on the spot and and he was like I've got Al Pacino but I'm going to tell him he's good I told him he's the host but I'm actually going to prank him and the host that she going to be me then I'll Pacino shows up and it's like super pissed off because he thinks he's the host and then so then he storms off and I'd like one shot without Pacino guy gets so mad at John of here did you come at a time when you came into work did you dream of motion animation real life would have if you've been the same here I'm going to home and I read this I don't know whatever it's up to the podcast is brought to you by naturebo you know you're going to snack and when you do you want it to be worth it something that's tasty and satisfying what you need are snacks from Nature Box through some over a hundred healthy and crave more the options to be delivered right to your door all their snacks are made with zero artificial flavors colors or sweeteners 0 grams trans fat no high fructose corn syrup best of all they taste amazing so good and it's so much better for you than other snack options out there the next time you're hungry grab sweet blueberry almonds Salted Caramel Pretzel pops or parmesan garlic Pop Pop's and get smart about that right now to go to naturebox.com / Rooster Teeth and get a free trial of their favorite snacks free snacks delivered right to your door what are you waiting for go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth to start your free trial today or french vanilla almond granola is one of the favorite kind of boxes like a thousand flavors and then you go to like another company like lazy and you're like this is all you got to say even even writing this for like a hundred what's your never customize what my boss can be looking on the website to be surprised I never put in a perfect cuz I want them to just pick some random stuff I want to try that maybe I don't know I only want these things ever and it's like what if it's something else good out there that don't know about it so like if there's like an entire marketing team that they have trying to figure out what to call the flavor and like they have you or people your mind like what do people like as I mean you will make a decision for the most part whether not you would try something based on two words also Whatever Whenever they call something pops I'm all about it nothing so is Poptropica so it's like partially popcorn it's like it's not like a popcorn kernel really really good like all of this other stuff that goes into it yeah yeah it's all these other products and name and stuff but it's like it's like Food flavors and Home Depot paint colors thousands of colors that all have their unique name in every 20 shades of light yeah and you're like oh okay well that one seafoa United Airlines Twitter fuel right for the color it is I never really paid like some guy or girl you know 30 or 40 years ago like some sort of money and just like sit in a room for 3 weeks and come up with these days really words that come in and out of fashion LSU ok seafoa Morehead what's wrong with the phone it might have gone out of fashion yeah but maybe people aren't as happy about the phone at that time black or something Katrina one we saw that you think if you apply for that company and you like work that a crayon box company you have like a step up and be like look at all these look at all these colors that I need to interview conversation list and you may be Top Dog Crayola but let me tell you what we do with Sherwin-Williams well I won't say never but they almost never change but I may only have a hundred round box of 128 at the most to do what changed with baby names plush because I was so researche everybody lives together yeah yeah I guess I guess as long as your audience are your clients or just a costly getting older and younger again people you have to change to get model but I still think there's things when you want people to basket like there's a lot of companies so that me and you might be right I might have been right but this morning I was going to do that before how when I get a haircut I don't like being so here's my life make your conversations to have with people I don't like I just like sitting there on my phone just doing my own thing and I got the perfect person to cut my hair cuz she didn't talk to the girls on her phone when she died haircut before me and I'm going this is awesome so I sat down and we just totally quiet doing her own thing going here and there's like a guy next to me is going to his hair cut by this guy was pretty cool to have been pretty awesome conversation talking about like in all these movies and TV shows on conversation I understand that and then my phone died and I was like if I had nothing to occupy my attention anymore I can with her episodes light can I join their conversation when I guy was talking about like I was like I'm going to Galveston with my family this weekend and I was like and I kind of just like that to other people getting are talking already you cannot be the person who like if I would have sat down and it happened but it was I wasn't paying attention across talking and then your barber's license into you like this doesn't concern ah sorry I never know how it is really self conscious but I never know what position to hold my head in my area no this way I feel like invariably my head like I do this like I'm looking down like somehow well like I always say when I was so I took my father from when I was a kid you know throughout my haircut so I always would have really straight but after like 11 or 12 I didn't need to do that anymore but I still do it and I still like of my shoulder is down in the deat and every time I forget cuz I think I'm twelve years old sitting to get my haircut and then you don't have to correct me you get your haircut at Salon I'm thinking about doing it because they're playing very well put together train station in Have Your Boots light shine I do do that Sonic there's a place in town that we all know they're not to mention right now that for the last five times Rose fucked up my hair like it's just like it they give me in and out in like 5 minutes and then you would think that'd be great but that's not enough time for a haircut so after this last time was like now I'm going to go I'm going to go to a salon or whatever and I started looking at prices $50 for a haircut $40 for a haircut I know women have to pay much more than for the hair and stuff like that part of the person for $7 haircut and it works but it doesn't pay for her and I believe it the last three haircuts I got word from wasting oh yeah that's it you know a small part in the movie and we're doing lookups on this weekend and I was like oh I'm going to get my haircut and I was like should I asked I was like should I go get my haircut this tonight or is there going to be someone there like I don't know and you should just show up and then they'll take care of him like okay let me give me Chris is like I should get my haircut and then we start hearing that we have to pick up he's like I could just wait till the Susa star like a basket or something on his head like a bird had come into his head and go on like this I just moved around here and that's what his hair looked like and he waited I know I could I was I was literally I had to ask Google like well I'm sure you did from your perspective you been doing you been doing the shorts for like you know 5 years or whatever it was like a fucking intern to look at that and then to the shorts in Last 5 Years my head since we like shot in a few days ago ah yeah suck it like no one's paying attention to that stuff so bad the emergence world all over this morning and I had no no no the makeup you'll have to come with mascara and light right now find out what you like and not one fucking comment about I can't believe the mess Care on my face and nose blush color we going to try to call back so did you see that ESPN Jenner she's just like a reporter for them or just an on-camera personality she got her car or her car towed and she went to pick it up in the middle of the night and I guess she was cranky or whatever but like she completely laid into the woman working at the tow truck playlist people who work at tow truck companies are fucking asshole who who is nothing I can do what she said people at tow truck places are typically very they have a very bad attitude towards you when you come to get your car delivered lime I've had people have stuff stolen from their car oh yeah I remember we have a step stool and she became intern handicapped parking I remember one time Zack and Brad's their van got towed so they parked in a handicap spot what is that apartment complex and apparently you needed a handicapped sticker and a parking permit for that complex and it's like what so they got their van there handicapped van towed oh my God and then I remembered he liked it showed up at the game sure sure you do but of luck he goes to the band grab Zack out and like bring them to the counter and he Kim Airlines I was parked in the handicapped spot Clearlake so you just you just did that yeah I know they still made it okay what what what what what happened to United tow truck Place Lakewood fucking dick so I got my car towed twice since I've lived in Austin for the first time it was my fault I park I thought I had a great party spot downtown I didn't see the no parking sign no parking after 10 p.m. my fault I admit it whatever I'm going to go on to be responsible. I'm going to pay for this pay for it and they're like they make you wait forever they charge you like whatever 350 bucks obviously I don't fuk with you it's like it's just the other time I just got over that was the other time my car got towed was actually a hell of a lot more convenient I was parked downtown IU sale price but before we do that I work downtown at a parking spot down there and I've gone out with some friends of mine on a Friday night got a little too drunk so I can drive my car home with you to come home Saturday morning my friends like to go to Houston to go with you give me ride to Houston would ever come back Sunday morning I need to go pick up my car from the garage that I left on Friday night Sunday morning go down my car's not there can I leave my car here and this is your work should be able to park there so I think my car was broken into we can contact you so we cut it smash the window in your car and they stole your radio on guy broken into and got to the parking who's telling you this and there they were they were acting not in that they're still assholes but I mean it like that cool someone broke into my car Foxx I'm sorry really you have AIDS so we went ahead and gave me cancer or maybe it's the opposite I don't know either way multiple Batman need me to help you with what you doing you going to be going Thank You Ah that's kind of cool actually I think it's just like this circumstance of people like it sucks to get your charger for your car and I can go and 4 so like I had my best friend who I knew through another friend as the Casual acquaintances drive me to the tow truck place with hidden moves and then you just like I'm so sorry and it's like they have to take you to the new place they can't take him he knows just wait and see like me Elation Britt 418 number star to be I think of me as Bridget ESPN personalities and crew are talking to them behind the scenes and they hope she gets fired because I like even her High School acquaintances since she's kind of a bitch Red Baron finish the story but you finished with the bank ESPN thing that I will say about it and if there's some others a story please tell me on Twitter and I my phone so I'm not going to go so I guess I was going to say things like chicken eggs thing with so you already have the right customers you automatically assume it's someone working at that to a place that you're going to have a shithead come in yet and so you immediately like bristle you like a young defensive always interrupt me all the people are shady towards you even though you're just working there and that makes you an asshole Baby Come Back song such a shithead in that video it's like that's just uncalled for need that the person I think I actually said hey I'm going to put up this video or something like that and so she was like kind of Where She Went she definitely will sweetie come on what are you doing on this one person take it out on the industry as a whole it has holes like dr. charko car towed ah $200 and they didn't understand don't understand the law because I think they just saw an episode of 30 Rock and thought that if they brought pennies to a business the pennies over to the other company is legally required to accept that as currency and they're not and it's like stuff like that where people go into an auto truck places in there just assholes about it that I do think though that kind of defensive my car was towed and I think it has changed something we're like their front desk person they employ the nicest person they possibly can I see people yell at these people and they're so nice and great people you have to deal with once you get into there and that our city we also have a puppy battlepug yeah but I also like the DMV or you know we're perceived to be they totally did light countermeasures for that hands out the time let me know driving code somewhere but if they had done that I feel it I can feel that they've done that it's not just some coincidence isn't it clear this is how you handle an irate customer kind of thing but I had to go in to get my driver's license renewed year year-and-a-half ago or so and I don't know what I was thinking because the more I knew it was coming up that morning going to go to the DMV going to go going to take a shower get dressed we're going to do first thing in the morning and go straight to the DMV and get my license renewed so I'm in the shower I'm showering like I'm going to get myself crazy facial hair today I forgot that I was running with my facial hair like all weird like I don't know stupid I go to the DMV and like my picture and everything to show you the proof like Everyone likes your picture and it's upside down and I'm looking at me the flash of my name blackout tattoo are you can see that it's like you look like one from wildlife you look like a healthy Guy high Asian guy so if you can write whatever they want me to be and that's what I am thinking like that you guys sent me to Australia New Zealand a few years ago is totally awesome I'm super excited but I'm have a passport so I had to like Rush process it so there's really like not a lot of time to get anything worked out and I don't know where it got messed up whether it was at the Kinkos where we got the picture taken or the passport place but somehow my picture came out where I looked like completely orange like Snooki orange like pumpkin orange so every time I take it out and I show somebody there's always like this Double Take and it's like I always have to like technology like that I know I look like to go to bars sometimes but like when I go travel cuz it just looks like giant pumpkin man so or like disease disease boy remember where did you put it was probably the office after I got married and we went through one of the hardest Days of our marriage and that she want to take the picture herself so she wanted to know everything to them in the mail Orange headed stretched and the only thing I can think is that home whatever that cheap paper you print out whatever they liked you apply to into passport who do I call to go into Photoshop and make myself blue flashing light counteract it and I'll come out looking normal I think it really depends on where you get it done like Kinkos or whatever they use that same kind of like home of paper that I went to the photo center at Walgreens do film developing there and that was my pictures and I sent a passport and it came back that was the photo I sent them to a place that actually has me right now Kylie Jenner the Kardashian sisters or something I think so anyway there's some challenge of people trying to get full lips on Twitter right now and like we can just speculation right that she got some sort of Botox or something. Fuller lips all these people are putting their lips inside of light like shot glasses and and also there oh my God they're having horrible results and called the Kylie Jenner challenge I think that's what the hashtag is and there that's not even the worst like people are getting so what do you like sucking all the air call Chris no I don't know what they're trying to do but that's from Naples all the blood into your lips and it makes them swell tour you do it so anyway and also can make a ring around your mouth that's like purple know you got to keep your head up you have to do it for as long as I say and so anyway all guy I do it longer anyway it's like tons of people are doing it right now and into teenagers doing it they just want that because Botox is expensive but probably not he spent like $50,000 on plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian like he's gotten like injections and all these places and I don't know something pulls or whatever he looks like a monster yeah that picture doesn't mean I look at it doesn't make sense to me like I look online and find it is not what I don't understand is good about to explode I didn't do it hard and I am so glad we have Chris do you have my camera while it's on your throat look like ah he's like that permanent Kim Kardashian but I bet he world I don't know if you drew those eyebrows that whatever you put in his leg it looks like just Bacon fat that he put in his lime mean if he wants to spend his credit card debt on that and I will talk to her I like I make a Facebook if he's happy with that Bravo guy I'm glad I'm glad you're spending your money on something you enjoy something I got today off and intern always have a lime for Corona for an internship here at Rooster Teeth the lines look good you're fat you're not doing it extreme close-up how much can you zoom in on a camera or Chris or Chris Chris your lips are looking for these days voluptuous no more more I don't know if you can I don't know challenge Jenner challeng you really suck on that thing I mean like really create a vacuum that you know what you need to do tomorrow to get pretty puffy you put your traile Into the Blue Chris do it with this month so that way to you because I felt bad because what your reasons one I don't have insurance and I like that that's not the process you know there's there's a process if you can see the whole process will actually posting internship stuff this week no problem thank you for that portfolio so it wasn't just kind of like all guys hear something done it's like a kind of help show a different side you know that person which I thought was pretty cool you know we definitely have a lot of intern application job application people were like sharks into the water after they announced he was leaving I got so many emails asking to be raised replacement but I don't even 200 over there are you looking for a second and all of a sudden it was like I can do it it was like to meet into the Amazon pay for my classes who was a writer for Sanford and Son you know the well I think the older guy the actor when he died while they were shooting and somebody ask them like how long did it take or at what point after you die or you like holy crap I'm out of a job and the right I was just like about when he hit the ground you know later on another catch them like a joke I was just wondering someone to pretend like he's having hard sex when you had a heart attack but some was definitely over by the day I forgot my camera working here this on the Apple TV sexy looking sexy pretend you left with it you do look better Britt demerits challenge accepted challenge completed challenge completed what do you look at your fresh new haircuts in Lazer team you got to intern going so your new man when he died break from rehearsals for the royal family October 91 to work on like a TV show and have someone like Paso and texting John Ritter also like either just after filming or something like that during ah was it 8000 ah yeah that's pretty that's pretty hard riding Weiss Tammy not me that's the last thing he was doing something wrong then you got to come up with a new show continued and continued light going off of that and they did they change the title we'll just have to regenerate 76 episodes while rehearsing during season 2 and they would be only went through probably didn't finish season to remember this Jeff came in my office and was excited to talk to me about it and I would like have this great conversation and I was like things like this on the phone so I came in here and at least in the Shell teaser back in November or whatever it was that there was a new trailer came out I just late last week and I don't know if it's a weird thing to say but it's weird being genuinely excited about something and not being like JD or cynical about it Jenner like a child right now just text me don't do it Chris you can burst a blood vessel I'm super super excited about it you know the last run of Star Wars movies did into their trailers have no idea what's going on every single shot is completely out of contact this was a trailer so it's like they don't give you a chance to judge the material there just like look at this cool in his look at Darth Vader's helmet all fried that's cool now look at this cool thing so it's smart on their hand but the same time you have no deconstructed something that prevents you from judging it I mean there's a lot of really interesting stuff but one of the things I was most interested in was during the celebration event where they released information they brought out that ball Droid bb8 as I think it looks like it would be a computer-generated effect with practical should be practical stuff with MSM existed but you know they're going to Lime feel that's probably part of your your child yes I meant where your life and shooting on film again after the last two were the two movies four wheelers should I let me know I hope so Star Wars traile that that JJ Abrams making that movie cuz when I saw the trailer I was like this is not there sorry I'll give you a light trailer reminds me of lost so much because all it does is introduce so many questions like you watch that trailer and then light who is this person so it's like people are excited when there's mystery you just once you introduce 20 different Mysteries intern ritte World Series run into last season's I don't know someone 5361 like blocked so I didn't know so I'm so happy we talked about this no no I have no clue but I really light sounds like I don't know I don't know what they're going I don't know what they're doing this and I just kind of don't care anymore lucky I love I will not I also like the announcement had about the um the other like Standalone movie that they're making it was called like the rebel forces or something like this by stealing the plans for the original guests are not part of next week and don't worry about it you might encounter one of your characters the story is not necessarily about the stories about what you're creating on the side and all these other like a smaller what's going on in the background Jurassic World when they came out pretty good discount like Michael Bay over there like we got dinosaurs we've made them more dinosaur DNA Redd Promenade it's like no no they're not dangerous enough I think the trailer for Redd guy light laundromat with a Star Wars the complete opposite with that Jurassic World trailer cuz I remember like the first Jurassic Park and it's like holy shit this is me know I mean I have to go over it but amazing what's the other Jurassic movies the park when was last time I saw you different choose your light is just more to you right now and three years just like so you may not feel that but do you think you know eight-year-olds that are a little more key if you have one running around who watches history same feeling of like I've never seen this on a screen before like a dinosaur on screen that's not some anime are you know where Fellowship kids dancing to the first example for some insight over there's never been treated like this. you know that I can say whatever star the same thing won't be like I discovered it because they felt that and adults tell that to your house Park was fucking crazy good Michael An Invisible Thread the outfit I was just like and they had a T-Rex that was on you know it was mechanical and doing all that you should have heard the lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme always look like holy shit work work work work work overtime I just called he's on a mission before we go the first all we have are our t-shirts up here we have the shirt from within a few hundred short and a shirt from the drawful let's play my koala writing a novel is not on that shirt John standing right over there with the food I'm looking right at you where's my koala writing a novel I wrote it on that ah no disappointment John disappointed you are qualified Jack Johnson as if I also have the Weiss threezero figures available for pre-order right now just the sponsors I believe it's open to everyone at this point by the time it comes out it will be open every one in the Batman vs. Superman movie that's coming out for 11 months why the fuck are they releasing her already I don't know I think like they think it's probably going to get traction because Avengers 2 coming out and Star Wars just released a trailer or some people are more likely to kind of talk about it and if it came out and you don't have time I wouldn't wait Star Wars for it they did it but it's fucking Star Wars Batman a trailer on Friday or whenever Thursday was like a virgin I didn't watch it because I didn't want to have it ruined like I don't want to watch light version of a trailer and it went ahead and tweeted it was because of the traile I can't like a YouTube link to watch the trailer on YouTube star on Twitter and I don't think it's like an HD version was like he's trying to help people who are pirating it wasn't the best thing in the world I don't know I really like the idea and I thought it was because of Catholic but they're definitely doing something different especially with the way they handle Batman doesn't he look like the Batman from the Animated Series Light Catholic into costume and like a voice he was using it's like everybody was to make fun of it it's like we're either going to make fun of it or you're going to say he's copying everyone what is koala Batman Batman is my favorite superhero so they're making a movie I'm all for it so I'm curious to see like they released some teaser images for it's like you know Superman would like the Batman logo over there and then the other one I was going to be like Superman casting guy Ah that's cool that perspective is it going to be like an ambiguous story line for your not sure who you should be cheering for you gu world would have been like but it was a really cool opinion and I guess that's one way to make the versus aspect of it not being lame so I don't know the Torpedoes and stories in order to protect Bruce Wayne you know the best thing for Superman is he's probably get some Batman villains which is good v Superman villains Lex Luthor but I think it's a good idea anyway because he's weird and next Monday with them up so dorky podcast but I talked about