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RT Discusses Collecting Amiibos

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Recorded: 2015-04-29 01:04:53

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Kerry Shawcross, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the rest of podcast how was me that brought you by ProFlowers and Shari's Berries weather this week's forecast wav Gus Carrie by brand for a little bit what about you who's the big guy before that one's work it was a long time I don't know Carrie asked me to go with in a long time in this building and I don't know and I don't know Carrie miles me think John Wick barbar the flowers are in focus and Carrie the flowers are beautiful The Wonderful World of Color of Gus you're not supposed to be upset about something soak me up in at it so I woke up and now the lightning and thunder was going off and feels like he's my father and son morning routine at work at this point I Got a notification that my phone can't talk to like some of the connected apps I have at home okay I was like that's weird and In My Time Warner I will take care of it then come back later and it's still not working so I go home and everything still at work I'll call them and they're like yeah you know we can we can keep them over text me in my house relate to them to stay okay well I know that we have a technician out there okay great what the fuck are you tell me I have no service of you or that I'm too yeah and Jac n dos die so look I know that someone had to unplug my cable pizz Watson back there do I unplug my cable from the pole what I mean like roll it up and left it like by where I park my car and there's a problem I call Time Warner back on the problems just unplug you literally just need to send someone out here with a ladder and then go out and plug it back in and I know what the problem it will be there in 20 minutes I know he was wrong we won't be there till Thursday we are the flower deal if I don't know the price yet R-Truth I said I could call a competitor and get brand new service installed before you can come out and fix it and they're like yeah compared to other providers login to my Time Warner account on the website and schedule appointment Tuesday 8 a.m. I couldn't do that they couldn't do on the fucking phone over to phone calls while hopefully now the guy shows up tomorrow at 8 question marks of Google Fiber Google Fiber national minimum grade in the book me about that conversation is your renting a modem that kind of shocked me I figured of all people you would on your own. I used to own my own modem like 50 bucks in there problems with it like there's like some service or just drop out and excuses always like this die disable the router and everything income tax and I can't do my login for my PSP Vita online and buy your own modem and it's imitation like 6 to 8 months ago I just realized I've never bought my own fucking piece of shit there the one that looks like built-in Wi-Fi works for 30 seconds gattilan no I was I was having my wife as she had a wisdom tooth extracted over the weekend that she was on a spaceship CO2 extraction like and you will see how they had to have like apple sauce for ice cream for weeks or something I had to take that night yeah I have some type of alien apparently will know you were with me when I got my wisdom teeth live from the dentist of the drives they drug you up on this stuff and I remember coming out of Apple me at so I texted Katie but I was still under like what like wil after they woke me up I text her apparently and then by the time I got to the recovery room I was fine and I was just sitting there like we have like 20 or 30 minutes or whatever it was like the interview did you pass out from them what you mean like from the internet riding dick like at any point during the Twilight Stage it was awesome I mean I didn't probably by tomorrow can I afford me like operated or me is there a black market like someone whatever so you were conscious live yeah there was a guy to like sex with her that I wanted to go there so I didn't know that but the first time they just did the needle and I was awake for the whole thing and it wore off at the end and then the second time they the Twilight State now just wait hold on I remember it all I didn't feel like it on my cheeks and stuff like and feel like the pain Never for Nothing of the Twilight say I need to shit I don't like $500 when you said something about the pizza that woman or die scene with that was at MOD Pizza me too because she was getting her tooth extracted and I feel guilty and I don't want to eat food in front of her so I went out to your MOD Pizza next door and I've got a pizza there the most disgusting Chipotle of pizza where you go through and you said that they give you like you know you're going to say what you want on and then put it on and bake it and it always the same price so anyway there's a few in there and just get like 4 pounds of steak on it and then scrape it off Alex Tyler Tyler there's good at the Mad Dog my dog got a cheese pizza there cuz I'm living on the photo woman in front of me ordered them remember what it was it had a pesto sauce I guess you know it was a green beans asparagus mushrooms lemon with the rind dish of like to see that reached over the COC no that's peppers like you're having a chia seed do you know who the fuck is it like what the fuck is a chia seed Paisley for the pace on their in for the chia seeds on me no like all those ingredients but no cheese on a pizza your mouth so that was that was actually disgusting I cannot I cannot abide that barbar and you can never order that promise I won't MOD Pizza I'm going to have you stop by for dessert and in the words of Little Ceaser pizza pizza it's getting sort of bacon crispy are you Pro or anti mr. Gatti's I do not like not like a spear will easily gattilan trash dump you walk into and there's all the places and there is a Cici's Pizza that my parents loved to take us because every for the only reason of you walk in and go to a welcome to CiCi's and I love that because no one greets you at a restaurant refrigerator restaurant or Cafe we have a code in it they make some extent I really have memorized live I tried and I tried like 3 times already so far as far as it could have gone in the soundtrack as well just like I was so embarrassed okay now that I don't think you'd walk away from A to Z no I run away grandpa with the Scarlet the movie where they say that will help me that was like a little kid that yes thank you I love movies I watch the first 5 minutes of Dumb and Dumber 2 I'm sorry I turned it off that movie was so bad yeah right now I'm behind it it's like you're making a joke trying to be as bad as they could and then they were succeeding very well that is that it like it is in a movie no I don't think so actually kangaroo for anyone but like the beginning is a what is named for what is a Jim Carrey Jim Carrey's Leto gay and then the other one is Jeff Bridges from Newsroom Lloyd and Harry's or die anyway so like mental hospital and he's just sitting at home with her and then die Gus Harry shows up and it turns out he's been just joking for 20 years as a gift like he wasn't actually feel like you know crazy or anything, and then they take them from there or they first pull cash out of his penis was hilarious they're dragging him by his penis which is like it's terrible practice that and then they go back to the day go back to his apartment like the in at the same apartment music at me but hole that's funny and he shows off the cat's butt hole and then anything else flower from breaking bad and it got in like a Breaking Bad Yellow taking a break now watch Dumb and Dumber Harry met Lloyd what they wanted to call it originally was Hot Tub Time Machine 3 they're going to make a joke I went into the future to make it or something is going to go over and but this producer said no or someone without a general American in 22 Jump Street kind of place with that where they do like screen test for like 2324 Jump Street and 22 they keep making jokes about 23 years with her going to do in the future wil 22 Jump Street nothing but they redoing the first movie like do the same thing again and don't do anything different to do the same he was surprisingly good at 4:21 she was alright but we thought it was Australia you can go back working open Melbourne what you mean I haven't been to before and they have a very strict no swearing policy when you're there so I know we didn't think I've upset somebody Hanabi they had like Hanabi live each weekend when I tell them and before we even left for Australia I got a email saying you know supanov as a family-friendly event adult content on our panel that we do this year and all the stuff and I was like well that might be hard but you know I know about it and before we go on like people reminded us there was like a staff member from supanov in like just a reminder family friendly you know there's kids in the audience we have a no swearing policy wil I got it Melvin fine no swearing whatsoever it was great Gold Coast we've been hanging out with Australians all week drinking and whatever doing stuff I get on stage they let you me and Erin we come on stage and says hello I figured I might go I never liked you know what words are coming out of your mouth and it was like you have fun and I see all the staff members from stupid Palm in the back of the theater and I was like well I did the exact same thing as last time I was going to be really afterwards the Tim by the booth the reminder I really told him bottle of alcohol and I wasn't pouring alcohol into my Coke on stage and had it on the thing and I think someone came on stage and took it never told me in Australia me trying to pour alcohol into my Coke and then I spilled it all over the table and I need to put in my drink and left on the table as a thank you to go try to clean it up me because and I did not get any alcohol and plus you use and Fan Art and stuff and I'll be great. Did you open up the police to see if there is alcohol inside of koala cybersix live kangaroo to koala so good it's cool we also met koala says you'll see from their freedom koala we had a goal prepare your Lord he's actually in the koala since we met them are going to Australia was to see you koala in the wild we talked to you in awhile and I was at Tyrone message to Patrick is just crawling over the side of the street and we drove this was we took a drive down to the Great Ocean Road one of the first couple days in Australia and we're driving back after having dinner and all the sudden we see these eyes poking out and I'm like flexcrete the car to a halt and me and air like or that our phones and there's nobody else on the road because and I the reason the side of the road phone number out there like you sort of the railroads going like between city-to-city throug kangaroo bodies everywhere I think the count was 3 Dead 1 live for that we were driving it was said those things on the truck so whatever goodnight scary My Little during our drive it was our goal tally and or walk in your punch in the face with a prop but it was our goal to see as many koala could be figured out in the wild and we haven't seen anything yet and all of a sudden I hear and I turn around and she's like well I just saw kangaroo it was dead she was like I just saw the feet and I was like oh my God Southport Aaron was the one who thought first one wav kangaroo while you're there I did actually night night I'm on a couple days after I was in Adelaide last year a woman got attacked by a koala as a koala walking her dog in her leg and it's really graphic photos on the news website where it really fucked up photos of the white koala or does looks like the devil did Rob Baird we didn't catch up. And I know that's a fake animal father anymore but everyone knows the job fair this face and tried to keep it was a group of them that were just like people say it's fake but it's actually true koala koala falls out of a tree it will tear through anything go back up the tree so I can koala falls asleep and falls out of a tree like and lands on your tent or something it will throug anything to get back to a tree falls on Carrie Brighton honey I think they like that I really want to be a koala in a kangaroo pouch what kind of Flash koala koala and there was like the sign that had a bunch of rules when you entered the sanctuary of what not to do and they are called kangaroo and I took a picture of the one that's like slang for Kangaroo do you want to give the wrong idea hardcore in Windows 8.1 like feeding it and family-friendly loving each other countries trying to jump off very good at it I'm going to do it is brought you by proflower or appreciate mom remember when we used to make macaroni art for mom my mom love macaroni Art Thou well now you're older and I really appreciate your Mom's done for you over the years so when I get her some proflower proflower the offering radio listeners for podcast listeners 100 blooms with a free glass vase internet purchase 1999 really set or make your day go to proflowers.com today and use code teet website really easy to use makes by a beautiful gift for your mom simple and quick proflower has all your needs for Mother's Day for all the moms in your life all in one place all at one time so don't worry deposit has to be listening right now go to proflowers.com click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and type in the code teeth it's the only way you can get a hundred Blooms of the free glass vase for just 1999 - 100 blooms proflower.com click on the microphone type in teet or today this offer expires Friday at midnight in honor of proflower I have this for you to wear if you would like it it's a flower crown proflower for this Saturday every girls dream Tumblr safe for Americans every single person we met in Australia they said that our accents are so much stronger person than I've done so much for Canadian in person and I was like they're only in America says I don't have an accent but apparently two Australians the Canadians what they Kerr of Australians going to try to do American accents now but Aaron was doing her Australian accent not on purpose she's one of those people who like pics of accident on and told her comedy connection every now and then is free funny you have your flower person in your car Gus Jeff the drunk and we bought or sold beer sucks that she actually saw this one for throug that was like Jac and so we bought one of many but one the kind of match everybody else totally looks like yeah I can do the other one perfect that's what I got and I'm on flower screw you guys I might be here with you this weekend I slept until daylight so I wasn't able to fall asleep until like 4 in the morning two legs last night alcohol on the way to Australia I took half an Ambien and it was great to have anything like that maybe and whores that people have great on my way back didn't have anything to say I just watched like 5 movies imitation game it was actually great I watched a bit of some kind of falling asleep during that one movie for a flight out yet but I will try or distracted that way 12 Years a Slave sharis live Craigslist at one time on a plane of plane crashes were on the list snowpierce no I think it's Dean reading or something like that Mother's day is May 10th Banks Twitter the DOR the Die Hard with a Vengeance all this done I guess it was like Free or Die Hard Live Free Die Hard yeah I think so he was on Jackson number or wasn't Justin Long the 5th when we go to Russia Delta flight and it was like gunfire was like they would cut away from it until like you guys staying there in 5 minutes cause a ruckus on the plane or something the Music Center I guess because they want kids watching it by accident or something on the PG-13 movie how do you watch old school koala for your phone now I gotta probably once an hour no really I'm in the state of not getting a for the first hour but that was like my legs I can barely move my ankle 35 million and a half attacked moving until we got on the plane so it was like guitars I've heard about this on Twitter woman you pay for everything in advance so gassy we're allowed 2 bags on Qantas on the way there and back and I guess the person they're great they're also one night this Airline and I guess they didn't think about the flight between Melbourne and Gold Coast so the way it works the Jets are as you have to book your amount of baggage beforehand and we were booked 20 kilos each kilogram and thank you for about fifty each so they are both over 21 was like 22 and one was 24 or something like that I forgot the exact number but the way or suggest or is he charge you $15 per kilogram that you're over your allotted baggage or so I was 26 over 12 divided by $15 per kilogram American dollars or $3 it was like I could have bought 3 tickets on this flight put my bag in there buckled it up bought it a couple of mixed drinks and still be under whose liquored-up customer service agent lady is saying that this is I've never seen a policy like this before and she's like this $50 for no for Time Warner right Comcast it'll all be better deal please throug the stupid New York Times today talking about how bad it was that thing that Comcast is not acquiring Time Warner pizz Comcast could have saved Time Warner customers from their customer service nightmares and I just talked about Time Warner put the stuff I hear about Comcast is a billion the city in their areas and Time Warner City in their areas and it's like they're saying oh well we can really people only have one option already it's like so go ahead and let it go through and that it's failed but yeah that's says pretty sure you want more competition they clean Austin we actually have quite a few providers as compared to a bunch of cities I mean a lot of his apartment I mean you're kind of locked in by just one but then we have like Google came to town and it was fun to watch AT&T and Time Warner start scrambling to be like oh she was like I started going down so now it's like or have you read it all about the Google 5 price signed up for it not knowing what it is but it's Google so I will accept it if I know essentially Google wants to be a cell phone carrier so it currently only works with Nexus 6 phones but you can you basically use Google as a cell phone provider and then they least hours from I want to see Sprint and T-Mobile so your phone basically operate on those two networks and whichever single the stronger it uses that Network at the time and it can also do Wi-Fi calling and do transfer between like Wi-Fi to cell phone different carriers and Google find something like iMessage where they can turn on Wi-Fi you can like a lot more of a car look like if you want voice at twenty bucks a month Voice and text and if you want data handbook the gig but whatever data you don't use you can't respond to me at school if you actually pay for every $10 so it seems like it's a lot more reasonable for your have to line up when you contact about someone saying right now I have already saving money only works with the Nexus 6p have a Nexus 6 device that you can purchase from them if you don't have one but it's like 700 bucks but they would let you pay it off over the course of I think two years I was no interest in the lease tonight so it seems like a really cool idea yeah that's a very interesting ones as well I was going to keep an Android thing just to be on the next to other Android phones the next Google phone photos on my Twitter wall people wearing there's like Bulow Plantation is that they may have sold a million in Italy you know if you compare that with an iPhone launch where they do you know 6272 80 million a quarter yet so totally different scale only like an unboxing and told him that in stuff other than an Apple product Apple watch release Gavin pre-order when he was going to be ordered as well just the one of them I don't know how you do it all the time are you excited about to do from the watch it would have to phone up for replying to texts so I don't know what that's what ocean that's cool I can you watch porn on it maybe probably the email app on your cell phone watch on your phone I'm really late for a meeting just preparing you never know free killer at 4 is like the Apple pay type stuff for The Wil not going or Friday was it called the nearest Frost Bank which is like a hundred years old they don't support that I have my phone fixed I can't do that thanks I'm so excited you're correct or what's wrong with you the last time or all of the podcast that everybody has a lot of fun left and right and so I say anything fancy watch the fight like the Moto 360 is pretty cool to us the circular one that I have the look at I want to see lots of the podcast got to talk about the Apple watch and how I like you know it's like the new thing and they like over there been no fancy Android watches and at least I know those exist they were blackberries before the iPhone came out but still like the big thing find it to the point where the market but I probably won't get one this generation but maybe next Generation I'm surprised I never the base in the first generation of any technology because it's like it's going to be better next time so why not just wait until the next iteration when they've been proved all the things that were said about you like it then you know you have a phone for 2 years but after about 2 years it feels like an upgrade hundreds of years that's going to be the next to it lagging like Mike at 10 tonight I fix it I'm always on the at Generations upgrade every two years I was doing that is like breaking my phone and I just bought the next one according to room Alice Knox on Twitter Android has Google Hangouts which merged SMS and Wi-Fi texting okay so I guess that's for that now Google Hangouts without video chat Google wav Google wav the thing that like a beard in the die very quickly it was like and what was the thing that was a whole series of apps or they had like I said in the voicemail and I was up till 2 and I remember saying that was good that was supposed to replace email and I am okay all it was and it was great and it and then last week I went to San Bruno to YouTube headquarters or some meetings and I was waiting and I got there a little early cuz I woke up early and was going to use my laptop and Chromebook the reception it the first rack of servers at YouTube ever used in their in their First Data Center to run the website to Gold what would cause you're still in there like that have like the video for the Super Bowl flip flops one hard drive was the first YouTube video me the news the very first it wasn't me at the zoo or Jac is long an elephant or whatever the first one over a little bit Just Go With It was a cool and fun it was cool and fun nice to see where they make the YouTubes that look like giant rats of like that stuff I didn't pay so little time gyms and have like massage therapist in like really nice cafeteria right left right in one of the chairs I think there's like 6 of us we're still in the office and the apartment we have a massage therapist come by once a week and that because it got too expensive we started for the Comcast in the loosen up before the party har me know when you bring a picture out they always have the guy I like warming up his arm for my stuff and get them so I can read it or something maybe some people look at the joke okay with me coming I think it looks good as a joker henchman yeah yeah forehead a picture if you're interested better not crazy the ones that are quiet those the fucking scary ones the ones that are thinking those of the scary ones on there deranged one can ever be like over there copy Heath Ledger you know like they understand the way to get directions Petrie might just be a joke no this is from the director of barbar Kerr at Planet charge your forehead the top is coming back to town are you not getting literally like right down the street now Henry pun off looks really good I think the whole script thing he went for about 2 minutes so just doing cards back to back to back to keep track of something and just reiterated even have a script with you but I mean you're allowed to memorize stuff yeah I watched nice nice nice look at you you're ready to meet with the children in the family Google Jac in Photoshop joke Jared Leto the biggest fine on Twitter and directed at them or just the most random little of iJustine Mandela when talking to her which is like an old man 1.3 million followers and Leto the reply she gets must be other shit just at that point free puppy that's a lot of people to be following you and replying to you use your twitters brake light comes on what's 500000 half a million Gus how many followers on Twitter now I think I have like 3 to 3:10 more on there although they can't still very usable and that's only 700 Cleveland 507 all my replies and everything I'm not regret it most of the time go to my Twitter page because I need is about MMOs this weekend whenever you're suggesting that something your Twitter I read like a first-hand as I always check my phone in the morning or if you posted okay I'm at the church how to block people on Twitter Jared territory people doing stuff that only black people who tried some sunglasses me to her ever the council keep tweeting over and I'll go check Apple electronic radio Twitter account is that is what he's got like there's another Twitter account koal board board out of the water probably really interesting and clever like dumb ideas like that I don't know actually I must be counted before he was happy and said something like it's about time bleeding a second time to try to win the Rocket on the ship and they hit it and it barely took over and that's very sad I love living in the future because we can watch we can watch a rocket land on a floating platform in the ocean and live from the comfort of our bedroom we couldn't watch it crash the crash car crash for 4 days worth of the land in the water they can't use it anyway because that's also when it's like there's like a camera on the tail of the plane I guess that you can watch the planes and and everything even immersion mode is my favorite thing is when they're going to have it when you can listen to the cockpit chatter some of them there's a channel to the air traffic control you take light or is it just like in that I definitely heard it when we're just like at the airport I just worry sometimes if you hear anything for a long time or proprietary bullshit like that don't like 1 I just wanna shake it like a party by Linksys Cisco if they have the double for as long as it still of 3.55 you can just plug it in and get like one can I fly probably going to say it anyway 2 prong to wil 3.5 millimeter adapter that's where I plug it in and one of the things going to work then we all my God if I don't like an international flight in the headphone jack to work I would kill myself let me know about it there's no way actually use the I don't want free movies usually I really need you bring my laptop and bring like a Vita and 3DS on there if not I'm really behind on this one but when I flew out to Francisco to San Bruno finally watch snowpierce it wasn't about some of the visual stuff and I was really really cool like the way they handle Direction and it and can the left and right this is really really need by the same director directed the movie a few years ago called the ghost the die in or no it's like bong joon-ho monster that lives under a bridge in Korea do they wake up and his daughter in snowpierce are the main character and his daughter from the hotel that's like 10 years or something Rocky by Shari's Berries for the microwave and also to breed your mom was like very good gift makes her eyes water the best gift makes her mouth water to tell your mom to Something Sweet this Mother's Day for our listeners Shari's Berries offering giant freshly dipped strawberries starting at 1999 over 40% savings look so good go to berries.com click on the microphone and type in code teet they've got various dipped in white milk and dark chocolate goodness you can see him and I Carrie seating for the dark chocolate truffles and more when you order from the microphone the rising giant fresh juicy delicious who's on the way to get this amazing deal freshly dipped strawberries starting in 1999 when you use code teet visit berries.com that's berries.com click on the microphone in the top right corner type in teet and some giant pictures of strawberry starting in 1999 it was always so happy whenever it's serious they're really good so I'm not going to eat when I know it's not like Jac Jac from here absolutely disgusting know what is delicious it was good to see you next year I'm in a movie right after so Carrie was talking about the most suggestions on Twitter and I know you recently started trying to run my fingers right now mod Karma Bad Karma Animal Jam create a new character watching my friends play and kind of missing the most experience and so I loaded up in the drunk tank sprayer deal and we have like a thousand members and we loaded up it was a lot of fun and then I kind of stopped playing it which is what you do so much for me don't make her for me so and then she needed I'm feeling lucky pizz photos with me for no and she misspelled it because I'm going to buy me some good for me but better not get the androgynous but really interested in in a while and I think I talked about it on the patch and it was the week before last I was really I can go back and replay Old Dungeons & at Scales you appropriately so again whatever is transmogrify pets Wichita Pokemon and wild Pokemon until I get a really high pitch voice DOR for about 2 years right on cataclysm one that came out and then I ride around with deal like I think I was in a group that down Deathwing would you like the final boss of cataclysm riding a bike down there but I've by play that wav and then I stopped playing and then I fell back into it after he was gone I loaded up my old character which is a level 85 Mage which at the time was like that was the highest you can get is a hundred so I jumped on there it was like it down in the cockpit of a jumbo jet after not flying for like a decade simplified a lot of stuff for the talent we used to be very kind of like no segregated there's different stuff you do now is very simple so I can either or you know A or B A or B or better said of like that kind of respect and then I'm going to spend some time getting back into and relearning at and we spend a lot of time rebalancing the game and making it more user-friendly again Heroes steep learning curve to the game and then with each subsequent expansion they desired more complexity on yeah and then they really got back with the most recent expansion like streamlined a lot of the systems to make them make sense of the for it was just catching on to an existing system now it's just all been redesigned and rethought from beginning and which have to do that practice rounds right now and I know I know like the next week has the most rounds a few months ago like really kind of do another big jump like as if he is to be significant to or killed version in the shorter version Trenton for additional numbers so I remember when I downloaded the burning Crusade it was like Wow 201 after that was well after that launched with it yeah if I can ever find it afterward I was like I said it wasn't a Falls joke absolutely want to thank you for making me crazy so of the six of us playing into it depend Aryans were Die April Fool's joke in 2003 was initially Naples joke that they were playable race in Warcraft 3 and why wasn't it for right now we learn what to do on my stuff set up in Hearthstone card game comic one side blows Out of My League of Legends is like Leto that you don't know what you're getting is randomly gets cold like you're packing it when you're over there you can see like the color look like pen so you can take your cards and play against anyone with your card your dick yeah and if you have like a bunch of extra cards you can basically disenchant them to get crafting materials to make other cars that you need Warcraft it would be at like a mini it's almost like you're at a Tavern in the warcraft Universe Table arcade games but where is like yeah you could like play the games are you sexy Heroes like you have one account Google in play hearthston wherever you're at it first thing on the internet which I don't at home right now yeah I wonder how it would work something out normal 6 and I just got in a fight so they really have to compress I'm not a big fan of the way it plays on an iPhone and play it on the iPad or my computer it was fine on the iPhone it's just like I would rather by a hundred dollars mistakes were made what's a good deal the pleasure that would be any better if they were real cards to you guys I'm fine with it letter of some sort when you cook them digitally difference the at some point like at some point those servers are going to go away and I have her all that woman is banished into the digital ether and then what will you do with me I don't understand that I've got it. With a couple things and stuff and like you know you know Jared he is a huge collection and I just like I never understood it whatsoever because it's like I don't get the purpose of it I have a specific shelf in my house just for me bus and I understand of and what is your for you get them and then what you should have them those are worth the most I don't I know nothing toy that you put on your Wii U pad or or 3DS and they have a character that whatever that plastic representation is up here in Smash Brothers or Mario on your Wii U and then Mario's not playing OK control or whatever the character is it mean to put on the show get there probably they're not the kind of chick you right okay I'll expect you at 3 but I just know people who collect everything and it just don't stop and you said everything about that I don't what it's like to complete sets of things we spent $70 on chicken wait wait you're not actually so because Haitian of music is is a really cool idea it is to the point where I like medical record what was that past weekend and are two weekends ago and I actually like it the day we try to get people to come out until I can you know go to record shop guy actually has some stuff she ordered a bunch of these records and in agreement that they will put them out at normal price like they won't eBay eBay immediately live of the Better Call Saul theme song with Junior Brown gu the seams on his grave it was helping put up with for Record Store Day they put out a limited like a hundred copies of this one thing and I only put up on the website I have no idea what we're looking at here Kawaii that's terrifying because I know this website record super Limited Edition version that record will get off at like noon and they like at about 11:55 their website just went down hard and so I just started like refreshing over and over again and then it like that for about an hour trying to get to it in this and it never came back up and then finally I got to get this request timed out things and then I realize they have blocked my IP cuz I was refreshing at what the Lego movie like soundtrack to have like a special edition of Lego movies I got that but the other ones I did not get those very upsetting it was that square LP and it's like the French woman record what is die cut into only the inner to like only the little like inner part is actually playable we put it on him with the needles that the start of independence of and so it the animated Batman The Animated Batman TV show theme 50 right now I would probably rather you come over here not stated that the first night people struggle but I wasn't all my records there might Leto 15 records that's what it's not like play that you probably have enough make you have my other thing is that I went and talked to my dad about it that's okay you need to open up his cabinet which has been closed for years and like 300 records in there and then like the Star Wars soundtrack John Williams having tons of country music songs but I turned out total record sales are really expensive because they're older and you're selling them for like a buck Kawaii Gus and Kawaii Carrie was made by Ashley who is at link is my hero on Twitter Okay Google Hobby and I'm getting sucked into it very very badly so it's been way too much money on it real quick cuz I know we're getting kind of close to and Team USA they started giving people the option developers charge developers the option to charge for mod right so the example that everyone is very upset about was Bethesda was begun charging for Skyrim mods and you know I really don't have or will you keep going on like if I make a mod for Skyrim on my own personal time using the tools they provided or whatever to make it I'm actually here and then I put I put up I put up my mod on the steam store on the monetize my mod 80% they take 75% and you keep 25% of it like I have no intention to put it out for free okay let's get everything you charge money for that I would allow people to legally accept money for that work I think which I'm fine with the split was a little unfair that which yes yeah people work that takes 30% of what does the text 45% and that they said that Skyrim which canceled today charge for mod developers or was it over the weekend but I think a lot of it was okay for mod that all yeah that might have been the big thing yeah that was the first one that went up it was like they have really pulled it down because everything else is pretty for mod but how do you think it was a problem but now I'm not okay I got it this is the weekend that a kick in the car I got a new hard drive my computer everything working great I'm going to go get the Skyrim I'm a go with the mod make a really cool and then I go to do it like it's the free water packets Heroes of the Storm was on ESPN2 this weekend what's the heroes of the dorm tournament was on ESPN2 and people lost their for being mine in a good way not happy about seeing you again had like the playoffs basketball and then it was like ESPN to head like nerds playing video games and oh my God how they get other parents basement apple crisps ok I wish it on other people now I'm like whatever you would have fought of the exit I don't like it like it is annoying but I mean it's frustrating to hear people like you know shit on something they don't understand it's like a competitive eating on ESPN like every July they have the hot dog eating tournament from Coney Island Nathan's Hot Dog yeah I really wish if I would pay for cable again if it is being like or which was dark pool girl fishing poker squirrel fishing and League of Legends pay for that Buffalo Billiards free me why don't we have a foosball table here we should have bring your sheets down charge having like ping pong ball tables and like usually don't be the downfall I will for it we're getting it all right if we get to wil almarales much money the air hockey and roller hockey the miles that would be me I think I shut him out 02715 of those things like I started playing in the plane like 1901 I have to stop my first job ever was so much that we would save kids came up and Challenger stay for the game if either of us that's all we do the backyard! What are we looking at it again with the second thing is saffron not so Joy tweeted this flower power Gus and Carries tooth rocket ship get there first! Rockets I love I love I love I love in life and art are there in 2 days I feel like my brain does not properly communicate with my hand then let me more or ever like ever since I was like I feel like I know what I want to draw I know what I want to write and then like someone going down the nervous system Tim I had my hands like no and I like my hands turned into claws and like many har motor work picture with a drawing that picture hands I know and it's like now I have a circle with two x's for eyes to draw that 64 logo on your shirt no no that wouldn't work close to that play something you can picture it and replicate it if you just tried it but actually doing it for him I couldn't even really reveal for either of us or if you get done with PT already yeah okay that's why I never want to play you don't have to worry about that now I know there's no game left in him recently and he said I wish I wish I could pay them for that like I wanted to give the money to me or throw money that was so nice your for Ruby I thought it was because that's how we played it was at like 11 o'clock at night we booted it up and there's an end up being like at 10 and its 3 after 10 o'clock just playing it and like freaking out and looking for someone to play that game not knowing what's going to happen with headphones on it was like I don't like hearing things or behind you turn around remember she was very tall very me the weird creepy you like like do you unlock or was like kind of likes me at work but if you got within a certain threshold to rush and that like the first time that I didn't know it was a lot of fun the last probably afraid of me and run away okay we're different color eyes and like half and half Australian Shepherd so it's a week what is a summary about my part I feel like he barks and Mexican people more than we have a we will get it in your name Rick Watson came in like the first day like mod have to keep him here a while and when it was first day every time every time he sees Rick fucking goes for it yeah and he sees you and your fucking bored I think you might be right you might be right okay well they only pick up on it from their owners and that's all I'm going to say Apple for the first time that was the lights the lights are making your little bit Taylor live the carpet Rancho Cordova dr. Phillips for the in the pocket we should talk gam definitely if you are thinking of coming or ticks this summer I highly encourage you to buy tickets sooner rather than later he won't say about his only 10 tickets left by them right now if you should get online right now by reticular old tickets much faster this year than previous years we're going to take it Quest 929 taken probably tonight so you know barbar just retweeted some hotel and suites hotel in Falls Free Library the coloring the redneck family on family. What's up with her today we post the JW Marriott and the Hilton as well and we're going to have sessions there as well I hope you're growing it's not so there's going to be or to Flagship properties so if you want a room in one of hotels you literally have to leave the building to see RTX tonight there will be stuff to do in the Hotel and Convention Center everything in downtown Austin snowpierce down like not busy street so excited this is you know we're almost a little over three months the bulk of the work but there's only can we sell tickets right like you but the real thing is making sure that there's a diverse amount of programming and diverse amount of stuff for people to do that the real stressed okay yes you're getting rid of the stress of additional promotion tickets sharis but then I start thinking wow these thousands and thousands of people bought tickets most of which polygon airline tickets as well and hotels and we have to make sure that they're fun Apple watch I can do an unboxing Channel I'm off the freeway I'm good I'm really good bowling and Incredibly good food it's weird looking pretty good I guess she works in the medical field before I don't know where they're going to be waiting gu for summer in like there were two foosball tables and pool tables and like on your break you would go play football until like 10 different places or in your case a bum try to get Rockstar to give us a table tennis court at the child's play Charity Auction dinner they give you paddle it was like that's what I deal with all this why do we change me now shuffleboard last year so we will be over the title to the whole wish we got we got cut 20 pool with your opposite hand alright I'm off work to do it also I'm still trying to work on details about doing a one thing again but it went really well last year and it sounds like everyone's up for it again but we're going to expand it this year like last year we started from Midnight last year this is this Thursday before RTX and we ended up having to cut tickets at like 8:05 because so many people showed up that they filled it up for the whole night we were raising 201 and everything backpack pictures of it was so much fun Sparkles Leto at that picture your profile picture you're alright well it's about time the rapper I got to go I think they're going and everyone it wasn't an ass whooping of and I'll tell you're also awesome that has 5 tickets left for RTX RTX Target