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RT Discusses Gym Class

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Recorded: 2015-05-06 01:06:12

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna


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hello everyone we passed this week brought to you by proflower sand sharis Berrie somewhere in the sky you think one week that they would show up what's a good podcast Gavin and Gus so it's so it's May 4th 2015 one of my least favorite days of the year is May 4th I don't get it every May the 4th be with you and social media Cinco de Mayo Barbara didn't see it so I just heard opening the bucket from my side of the cable and go to sleep yeah I told you in here comedy going to my talking expert lice in hair and their love of Star Wars it was a minor battle that took place on May 5th and that became exploited when your computer said they need an excuse to get people to drink more beer and I'm truly made in the United States Bernie and pre week the New York I went back to New York I was that last week when he went again because he liked it so much I knew you Cinco periscop I did it when it first came out a couple times and then I was like I don't know what I'm going to do anymore so I'm not going to streets of New York vs like filming us walk along cuz we like wearing lab coats and covered in paint and some guy who was watching the Periscope ended up in it because we will process your time I'm watching this right now this is what closest read what I write each week The Truman Show or something but periscop if I take my phone into the front of my face and start a periscope old DE have to be sending you that shit ton of your battery and data but someone fight like a battery strapped in outfits for like a half an hour and ate up half my battery now we just got batteries fart movies out have a big helmet with battery packs all around wondering if anyone to watch your periscope times that competition but you have to decide which one to watch them outside the bathroom well I use them yeah you could give it to her sex during the day at work while you're using periscope vs Comenity to make sure the most interesting things of the Year happen on that day like a plan we can Skype in the top of the Periscope and Periscope from a periscop have one of those before nothing turnitin disco Kaleidoscope that's the one I'm thinking I had a kaleidoscope anyone use a microscope to run the scripts but I remember having a dish around it you can shoot it it's Ashley would turn into like me and then Marcus de rent a car did Acorn I don't know every kid in the world has an iPhone like right that's just it 2 Street 2 cups instrumental for some reason I don't know why I had this but I had a little mini cassette recorder like we're kind of using those little tapes that I left in the microwave I didn't have the things I wanted to spy on people I would set it to record and I would hide it around my house what your parents Esther court cases if I found out that my kid was doing that I would absolutely sleep he'll never know that vegetables actually killed him alright yeah I forgot to get the latest okay we can get it tomorrow do you have tape stuff I do my mother gave him to me at 8 or 9 I guess and I would like to record myself like swearing into it just like talking Travelex play some music and stuff in it like this hello sister are you still coming to bug me when I was trying to do my cool little brother stuff like that and I was like you can on my cell give me a quarter and I'll leave yeah just let me know Esther headed to a mailbox attraction between you and her life and gets One Direction's most people it's weird but I don't make a pretty pre with someone who I lived with like a weird like that I feel bad for her procedures almost a week what's happened so then like a couple days after that she decided to go back to the dentist to get like a filling replaced feels like she's still recovering from the wisdom teeth thing I had to do that then like the next day she said to go to the optometrist to get her eyes checked in at the dilated her eyes so she looks stupid rapper how to get the dilation we don't know if we could check the only thing that fear in your eyes and it's times like this new machine we don't have to put air in your eyes anymore I'm going to put it on your forehead and going to measure the pressure of your eyes squinting what is an a dentis Style unusual Barbara de clichy CA spaceship pre super spy trying to get this de November that the technician was a dream I guess I don't know if she was like a week or something like that for memories with your brains not working right we are de May of the chief put in a clump and keep it in the car chunk of calcium are you both like them somewhere but up but I had like 14 or something and the doctor's like look wow we went to a few different people mile Wenatchee Eric and the guy goes I might work conscious and like I said if you can count to ten after I stick you with this the operation is free and I was like Bo schitt crazy and I just blacked out ice wrapped around his cock a patient's mouth I'm going to see 00 this year no dentis how many months of the year are we patient usually there's a button on it oh my God I guess it's like you know when you have to claim that are like opening your mail if it's just like doodoo dentis horn County dentist for nothing like the workshop is there blank born yesterday prevalent Middle School pill can you get a boner raging fear boner won't go Middle School never heard of it but I've heard of people getting put in as when they get hanged 3 more days the truck then light blood just couldn't talk to people die with a boner pivot Rod Hatfield May crash or something like still with it my only regret is that I don't have to boners they're out there dude and they are searching for but you mentioned Middle School boners look if you're a guy you live like 4 years of your life with a contraction Goodguys my sweatpants and I would just think isn't this a problem for you I just remember hating in athletics at the high school and middle cool you just get gym shorts and there's a Bo everybody in your life time and time for pretty much everybody but when you're pre buy your body constant fear of being a kid that's cool I was very skinny when I was like 15 I really like I was just like ridiculous as getting my shorts never fit to play rugby again. Every time I talk accidentally put into you special ed Athletic Center hey you have any and most people most guys at the school would go to the 6172 or whatever and then eighth grade there really wasn't anything it was just like it was just Athletics and there was only one course of the difference was explained it a lot of times especially people that were going to be playing football or basketball or soccer that was where they were going to do they're like actual practice and stuff and anybody that was in the offseason would be getting up for whatever the next one of the people Clash have to run laps or whatever and it was like mine yeah I know I remember I didn't find out for athletic and so I just want to take a normal pic or so I got teased about her looks and being a little concerned because then you know sometimes I it was like it was all the special needs kids and it was very very awkward for me and I want to go talk to a thing with the code to the time when he walked out he was like what are you doing here but I don't know this is like the only class that was at the same time so he gave me a choice he was like alright listen kid you can go in with Athletics in have to do drills every day and all this shit or you can stay in a LEP and you like give it a day to think about it so I went through that day and then special ed athletic T eat whatever there was a kid that just took it started doing it and I was like I can't do this for the rest of the year big strong guy in due date was puking terrible it was. Arena Football Athletics described for taking a sport where your training for the sport and of course not de twitch read our school work for all like the fuck up some gang members so I do not talk to either but forever with those guys and I told her before about how it was one time I saw a dude in the shower and like his dick was like a birthmark 2 times darker than the rest of have the first time wrong wrong wrong but I really couldn't do that every time you saw someone with an uncircumcised dick thought it was an alien and he apparently told everybody in his class but there's an alien in there Club stories because I was in that all the Athletics teams were gearing up for football the trout striper football when they when they went to high school and we had to run drills inside the gym thing where you get a line would run you hit a person who was walking then you switch the person was blocking we go off into the next part in the whatever the fuck it was and then you would take a hit and block and I got an extra one and I remember it and then it was like and do not like it felt like the most ripped Mexican guy with like short hair really intimidating and I remember thinking all right you know the rules whatever you do don't give an inch and lock your legs was asked what I thought was I just wasn't going to move how was poo and I hit the back of my head against a basketball court and I remember the code to the times like this I'm sorry your brother is a piece of shit keep you just told me he told me that he saw when I was a kid my dad was like busy all the time with work and I really just hung out with my mom all the time and like the nanny or whatever on my little brother was a kid my dad was in between jobs so he essentially no setup on his knee and told him son you're going to wear a sweet like you just love lifting heavy things have been if he'd had time may be ruined one time in my PE class I said it was just all like getting numbers and fuck up you know you have to like take your regular clothes off and put your gym clothes on have to do PE and it when you're done with your shower put your regular clothes back on and the one time I was out there no gym clothes on someone stole my clothes at another gym clothes the rest of the day it's like the weather yesterday was like what's that smell like sweaty Route 15 I think they only my memory is not clear as to how often they washed the gym close am I to be like a weekly thing 3108 Washington I don't know if they are we had them so he's there cuz where we had our PA was like for the big high school football stadium for the area they probably already have like probably just do that always being like I was embarrassed to take a shower you didn't have a lot of time in between the end of June and you're next. It was like maybe 5 or 6 minutes so nobody showered after gym class mile swim have showers and I really never want to change that. Just got into my gym clothes and put my regular school uniforms pivot T in the system how we could have the Beep Test I don't know that Tes and so each one is like the interval between and get shorter and shorter and have to run from one end of the gym to the other so by the time like the next beep come so early running across the gym and I'll be have to be at the line and then you have to run back it'll beep and get shorter and shorter to make it before the standardized testing of the gym where they would what level of beep we didn't have before Cedar and results Bo color I'm going to read this one of mine episode of the podcast is brought to you by proflower river horse well now you're older and you can really appreciate what Mom has done for you over the years surely appreciate what she does with flowers from ProFlowers proflower offering our listeners 100 blooms with a free glass vase for just 1999 or make your day extra special upgrade to a premium base and a chocolate 4999 more go to proflowers.com and use code T easy-to-use website that makes buying a beautiful gift for your mom simple and quick proflower says all you need for Mother's Day for all the moms in your life all in one place all at one time at one time stupid mothers day is done proflower have guaranteed to be fresh and beautiful for at least 7 days you choose delivery date you want and it's guaranteed he is the only way to get a hundred lives for the pre glass may just 1999 visit proflower.com click on the blue microphone in the top right corner and type T proflower.com click on the microphone and type in teeth because this offer expires Friday at midnight and they really do order anywhere like I grew up in the delivery and I grew up in a small town my mom still lives there and I can send her proflower de may get there right on time every time de Click the microphone if you don't click on it you can still go to the checkout process and you can put the code in the checkout but it doesn't give you the same offer like it's out of cool yeah like if you don't talk to me about the same in the UK Mother's Day in the UK I did I did something to him the other day I got a haircut last week and I thought that was really stupid by the way the couple of steps to go down from level to a lower level I'm walking down the steps and I thought that the next step was the ground but there was actually one more step 121 ankle because it was rolled over and feel like I collapsed like an idiot on the sidewalk and I'm just like I'm stupid get up real fast and just keep walking when I stand up real fast on my way to both my legs and I don't really fight absolutely I sell my stuff this morning my security camera caught it and everything I mean Yellow Cab in Toronto this past summer I was wearing new shoes so they were not like scuffed up and if you guys don't know because Lindsay and I were leaving a bar and I had had one glass of wine not drunk at all but we're leaving and it's these like Stone steps and somehow my legs wide for my feet slide off the stair and I go down like needs first like my feet that have went like underneath me and I like went down forward and my knees and my legs always climbed onto the stone steps and everybody outside until I call you okay and I'm sure it was like looking drug yeah I got a certificate at a summer camp but I worked at it was most likely to injure themselves doing something that wouldn't necessarily end in injury or has a really long run on choke certificat solutely sure if it was going to be like in college and I had gone to a job interview I was trying to get dressed up in a suit and everything I bought my friends because mile at the time from something else and then we had to go to this like first day of camp counselor training session thing we all got paired up with our counselors are those places that was like spy cool there's a lot of emotions here but it was first day of like rock and roll in Italy something I know something I think I look like an asshole wearing a full suit and dress shoes the shoes that were mine and they were slippery down on the ground and have my car keys on top Lefty like terrible first impression and then fast forward a few weeks we did some motherfucking training exercise and I'm fucking tripped over not over 5 people and twisted my ankle no I don't have a bunch from a bunch of other stupid shit but that was when I got away from giving up the stairs in the front what is 7 x 10 seconds her hair company that is exactly it hurts so much cool outfits for the fluid cool at all but I was just I didn't know what to do other than just a few minutes ago that the thing and then putting the girls down with you and you are hurting yourself and hurting her one time when I was in college there was this big trampoline that was at the dorm across from ours and you jump on it whatever and there's a girl that kind of thing we were dating but we've gone out a couple times like on the trampoline more awkward. So we like start jumping on the trampoline and something happened to work like I jumped and then the trampoline was coming up at just the exact wrong moment for her going down it didn't break her ankle I don't remember how she got to the doctor or whatever but they're never said you're like the next day in the cafeteria and she had like crutches Philadelphia ever talk to her again after that how many 1/4 you're starting to see someone and it was just one thing that just ruined it all this is when I went on break right would you like a trip that I took to Israel when I was 19 and the first day that we got there it was like a way I kind of need everybody there was about 40 kids on the trip and so is the way to break the ice with everybody we had a thing where we raced around the stand track and then it was like the three girls in the three guys who were the winners then like paired up together and they were supposed to do like a piggy back ride okay so I got on this guy's back to other girls get on to other guys and it's ready to race if they go in Philly every single person takes like three steps and because of the way the way that shifted all three girls go tumbling forward off the guy including me and like I twist my ankle super bad and like all the guys will be preferable because everyone's like the adrenaline going everyone's ready to go and just a no mention of someone being on some of the bags off into the sand one thing that ruined it will go on I made her laugh she thought it and never talk to me again your fault she was too embarrassed to let me in the door I was like I don't care 19 Strawberry 17 I wish I'd never told them it was a joke Remember concert miles like second date for Me OK she just left that day for the noon so I had the most mental thing that ever happened to me in a video game how much Co-op Highland beep late oh my God it's by far the hottest who has a thing with the equivalent of the eyes go away if one of you guys you both go back to the checkpoint Master Chief Collection is a broken stud I want to listen to like say 514 hours this this is love cool quarantine Zone I don't know if anyone else had this problem because it is ridiculous it's pretty obvious what everyone would like maybe 2 hours and the other one is different and we will figure out what happened because everything is controlling me on a completely different place so we can figure it out Friday so I kept running into a wall that driving off the cliff and stuff I don't like I'm done with his screen so will a 2 hours if we don't start again I'm thinking like what we completely different parts of the level Bo still controlling ourselves in both dimensions and if any one of the four dice so we're in this room let me see you stay here let me see if I can just get the rest of my world on my own and I tried that a few times I had run ahead but he would die on my screen how do I tell you that I spent a just feel like maybe 5 minutes clearing out the room we got in so I cannot really looks like he's pissing himself cuz I'm here and I'm just shoot in the world like punching the air sorry I'm in my room safe and mile of De safe and you will keep me safe in your voice and I'm going to run off and left them a bunch of like I'm running around the corner I throw grenade in spy me myself and I clean her room and do that every time I throw grenade I'm going to take three steps backwards for us so I feel like running and then I'll be running back for no reason but I'm like running away from it it was like the hottest it was like it was like I wasn't even actually invisible to mention that actually directly affects us on Star Trek do it because I would. Like we would die on each other stuff it was an absolute honor to reach that level we think that level McCall checkpoint to when you're at checkpoint one that and your clone is a check for 2 and his going to that checkpoint one if you advance to checkpoint 2 would you see Dan and your clone or is there nothing to the point where we could test it out fight it out like that was like 6 of us for some crazy parents come into the room to yourself Ellen CA we couldn't do it we tried for like maybe an hour but I have to go back and counter the new Halo bug recently for RV Bo Kyle and Josh are taking over them up for season 13 and I think it was Josh was working on an upcoming PSA and you know remember the cast and he's still in this and then you here to put down controller and looks at everybody that was there shooting why is doing that at this point so you back later he goes to look at the photos you like whatever right now and again miles and then suddenly The Shield breaks and don't it's gone he's just gone he doesn't understand what's happened to the free standing there throws his arms up in the air as if he's been hit in the back of the head his shield breaks with great big golden Flash and then suddenly next frame you like 6 feet in the air and that's really sick sore feet in the air which is shot into the air through fucking rocket dude I've never Rock of Ages another one similar to what the country with genuine superpowers fucking like Jesus like figure out how I can punch them into the stratosphere so because of that and one of them a special blue protection for the DVD it is also the technical foul cups like as as lazy as that how much it is worth trying to get done for the for the disk if I could sometimes just adding one extra packages just like home I got only know if we have time we had enough really weird things that I think it's worth it and we have one in the first episode of season 13 that was shot and I was doing Bo cap season 13 spoilers for the first episode that we got all these guys going around killing cool stuff about the episode we got the shot of looking forward and is fighting a prison crew member in the background he pushes him over railing headbutt them and pushed him to his death that was me I was playing the pirate and then one for Sean was the crew member that was the first time this season we were going to do like fun so we actually built like a railing and putting them as we can push him over a man spotters everything was good and the first time we do it I walk over to the railing I pretend to hit him and I put him over function of the right to the right come over headbutt headbutt do it I didn't do the read but him and push him over and his legs come up and right in between mine de may contact images read on my jewelry cool version of that mocap file is fight fight fight struggle struggle headbutt pushover deliver line and cut and then it was that was a fun day that was fun because one murder capital becomes lettuce eat you out lucozade in Toy Story and stuff like stuck in there with his family we got think about I mean you talked about adding one more package until the stuff you're doing but imagine if you're making a Pixar movie like this you know Silver Ranger timer crazy I'm not like it takes you know if everything goes well yeah I know that was going to happen even though we had all the animation done we still decide to wait on Friends be around there was one one frame of the shot took 40 minutes to render a crossover machine I don't even have it set up I just become read the machines in a single frame would take it was 40 so we still doing a lot crazy yeah that's always like you no matter how many machine to put around your fart to start taking advantage of it it's like the red light never goes down text me today and Jeff are technical director I'm pretty sure he wanted a strangled and thrown into the trunk of a car when I told him what you're going to do job is done have taken them in whatever I won't buy those always like 7 people trying to talk to you and you like sometimes going between people's desks in the school Diamond Cinema now Fitness mile need a lot of hands warm when I'm available to help out with that and I feel really cool cuz I was like Alright you're going to do this you can do that Miles for taking 3 controller that's what's up I've been here for a while I know it's crazy busy I have learned more about the scale of really big animated projects but we have a really good team they're still good it's a it's been really crazy and yeah we just had read about it and I can watch it people free 2 day early now so you're welcome thank you for being a sponsor we do it because we love you preciate that another one of the many perks extra love I want everything that's why I can do is I can watch the life you want to record the facts and yes sometimes stuff gets cut if we coordinated with the sponsors oh my God I can't believe you said that we're definitely can we get everything you want the racial slur how's it going to work how are you definitely coming we thought that it was okay that was that you're going to talk with HR have you ever been disappointed because periscop so I thought it would work great but only the bathroom but you can't pill fight fight in the bathroom right Public public bathroom okay I just always been you whenever you're there to get you just hear the person in the store just with a Mastiff just Earth shattering fart and then suddenly you smell cinnamon rolls what you just smell the most Pleasant Aroma how would you hide the smell of cinnamon rolls white sugar bottled fragrance spray the really good smell on the guys laughing read very well that would be and I thought you could wink what you want to talk to HR Meg Ashley other Barbara Davis permission there so I can find that camera RX I don't know if this if this stuff works or not but shutting its website the other day where you can order these pills that will change the way your fart smells so that you can have your farts smell like roses chocolate or Ginger what happened at 1 turned out really good 3:20 or 20 euros for the pill mile an assassin and it smells you know I actually fart funny until until the smell in toilet fart Geoffrey bernas what is the difference rule they smell different than what you think I just want different things like you fart under water and when the bubble comes up first but you could if I could fart in your face you can find my face and then kiss you fart under water I could tell you which one with the wolf are you sure about that truth about fart just actually wet fight dry have any different because you're fighting through what what what what in the woods where the fart but you would try different different different to the war but if it's the same thing poo underlies right would you how would you know if two things are different they can the convention center and the fecal particles may be that the indicator like the composition of a fat molecule is has extra light nitrogen in it was something let me know complete why would why would the witness change the molecular structure of the fart button fart in the bus I'm going to see your father that's just gross fart you got to fart on my God probably bubble signs for July have you anything is it possible to pre from part of the same time can confirm we are at work right now listen to this what's experience was your first experience with that were you caught off guard do you think it was a fart noise it was in the middle of sex with a girlfriend in high school It's just sad that someone else put that right now I don't come from within I took Pilates and there's also blood cool yeah because you're bending in a way we're somehow there's air that goes in and that comes out simultaneously based on how your bent and so you know the usual anything cuz you usually went well it happens but you just feel like like the Flash it's like it's like their hair oh my God I had a really bad experience but what if you want I'm what you call it was really really embarrassing usually what happens is just like one like you text me whenever you text out if you didn't know he could play with a silencer right shortly but I really don't know but one time I guess a lot of air have been put inside me so I got up there Tacoma I got a queef and I was like oh that's embarrassing but every step I took him fart before I was killed what do everything yourself what's the pre story to tell Barbara I appreciate are you telling me that you're emotionally traumatic experience and trying to get over it I remember being because there was a popular kid in my Spanish class it was kind of a dick and you know when you're like kind of a nerd you always jealousy about the popular kid beautiful athletic guys and he just ripped ass and I remember thinking they believe just like and everyone looks to them giggle that he's got some excuse me and then it went right back to his test and then everyone just settled and I just remember feeling that I've never felt more cheated in my entire life it wasn't fair he was supposed to meet you he turned around just like miles cool cartoon skateboard with his pants on the first day of school and just tried to just start over and leave the room and comes back in his have nothing read it in his Bo it's amazing riding and dipping on community and stuff came from really funny it's crazy thing like because the quality of the videos are you know if you're running around with a video camera or stuff like shit but the writing was there from the beginning like it so so so so I think one of my mother's day is this weekend it's officially the last minute Mother's Day speak louder than words this Mother's Day gift from Shari's Berries strawberries starting at 1999 / 40% Berrie for $10 more but you have to use our code Tes dipped in white milk and dark chocolate topped with chocolate chips nuts & Decker T Swizzle juice from berries cake truffles brownie pops pretzels more if you use code T when you order so the startup's 1999 or 40% savings visit berries.com that's berries.com click on the microphone in the top right corner and type in teeth that's berries.com click on the microphone type in teeth I know everyone here was very disappointed to hear we did not have more berries are safe to eat sorry there always a choice I can't believe get them into the microphone last week fart in the microphone Jack Bo the soldier and a really juicy so just like that eating noise stop and think so much I read this article earlier today I think was on Mashable and a link to like a local news how to look like a local news station in New Mexico somewhere where they had some laboratory go and swap men's beards to determine like what bacteria and how dirty beards are Esther dirtier than toilet poo poo there was like fecal material and light skin does demonstrations of people do when they show you like the flushing toilet and exactly how much particulate gets thrown up in the air and improving their kids that's why I keep my toothbrush out of the bathroom keep your toothbrush covered something because toilets are gross and flushes the toilet Washington beards of people who like some good at least I said how often and how thoroughly he will you believe that for a second the steps to the same that I didn't think even his fingers he gets it he doesn't light right headlight not it was going to get to his part of that he would have to put on so much have to go around it you have to push the head so I don't think it's cleaning the bed under the head is being squished on it Port have completed both so you like all the girls yeah you're fucking filthy that lovely and relaxing they're not clean Bo I'm clean too clean to be clean or do you clean to not smell like a piece of shit be clean have it if you don't you smell like shit then you know you're beards are like shit but they're filled with ship hijacked by beards looks like it anyway there was like a big thing I'm going to t document in which you can clean itself get all the cracks and crabs get up clean you smell good you feel clean from what what are you thinking miles get like a 15 or something but your whole body will be the one that's what I think it is the way to go if you washed your clean by society's standards also what year is it it's all kinds of bacteria live in all of your body you can get off and it's on there and you still clean and clear you have an immune system have a CD of the footage of those little creatures that live in the base of your eyelashes dirt marks or stains but does nothing about do T Fly kind of vodka the bus is full of fecal microscopic particles that I don't have any marks or stains I went above and theoretically you could stink but still be clean cuz you don't have any marks or stains on them according to that definition 100% in your fucking face mr. free so the big thing this past weekend I was talking about was that the boxing match Mayweather or Pacquiao even I was like I'm kind of seeing this and I was talking about it maybe I'll buy some pay-per-view $215 11 500 million dollars Panda Mayweather 220 million supposedly it was going to be the most purchased Pay-Per-View event ever I think the previous records like 2.4 million people bought it so if 2.5 million people but it's a hundred bucks each is 250 million dollars over pay-per-view revenues not counting what I could really use a couple things I was looking for. The most number of people watching streams at one time ever because people were live-streaming the fight from periscop people who didn't want to pay $100 for watching it on the screen can you charge for periscope periscop to make money de may just have a subscription thing you can slip on and be like hey I'm jerking off and you can pay 10 bucks for lunch if you want 14 like oh I'm just watching the final periscop like that's really it also doesn't seem like a good night fart out people that dance really good I like talking about it I just talking or doing their reaction or whatever so that's like a weird weird I'm going to me but I really want to talk about it was pre fight interview with Floyd Mayweather tell us about those but the magnitude of this fight intervie May weather like this fight has a magnitude I guess he got into an argument with the with 50 Cent and I was like a year ago or two years ago where I think 50 Cent told him that if he could read a page of the Harry Potter book on the air in less than 10 minutes that $0.50 will donate $70,000 to the charity of his choosing because of the Floyd Mayweather had tried to read these radio spots like a little bump vs 10-second bumpers for radio station and just couldn't do it whatever you like don't want to play right now for the dude who has some academic problems paid to beat people up like he is a strong strong dude who can hit read celebrities with a hundred thousand people he thought of me when he felt like 150 people how did he Musta just like it was pressed it by accident or something now I can see em in the head like WK just started following her in like a few months back I'm so jealous of your girlfriend dude I don't how many times did you monkey while she was in Australia poo or I guess you could have been have time tonight right leave me like yeah I have but I don't know what random thoughts of them our intern Callie and you were just like Satan incarnate before hitting minority your dog is racist no different race are you trying to say you wish it was just you I need to start barking and Howling it Rick and have them bricks I bring treats to work and now watching her go by Ricks Tes all the time because he just left for food My Time Warner store in the forecast yet I heard about the snow the snow was that a guy knocks on the front door hey what's up now we have enough to my front door like Savannah cool I will check what we can check the filter on the other line I was like did we schedule an appointment and it was like now we just kind of send a technician out to check the line and I was like to do it from outside the house is that yeah cuz I don't Melinda's Rittenhouse Square disconnect my internet and then drove off without fixing it and it's on like Italian job like have movie should I may leave you thinking didn't say a Time Warner on the van this was just some bloke who's now bugs my internet probably put some sort of device on it where he's not going to treat them like crap I'm confused can you can you send a real person to like see what's happened in the news where are my internet went out on Monday someone had ripped the cable off of the pull out in the street oh yeah it was fine for my house cable is fine to just one person to pull in there so I call them on Monday whether it was fine I think it was like them Monday Tuesday Wednesday so then I called back and they're like oh yeah what you tell me when they found out I got was like I could be there on Thursday anyway another website and they can reschedule appointments are rescheduled for Tuesday May Come On on Tuesday and fixed it on Tuesday night I'm like sitting in my and I could be like a ladder go up in like hit the top of the pool and my mother fuckers are back out there so I walked out M&M recycle your Internet working and like yeah it's working now but it wasn't her working cuz it went out yesterday I said oh really but yeah I called them yesterday and they said they could come to them today in the morning but I was at work so I told him he couldn't come out till the afternoon to call Time Warner yesterday fucking Thursday have you ever fight Barbara drop I don't know how we need to fix mine and not the other oh yeah then they probably probably workouts like don't fuck this guy tells you that I had that on my Xbox Live account oh yeah I can do anything with it I think Aaron managed to do the opposite we have a lot of problems with ATT U-verse before she was on the phone with him about like 3 days out of the week every day trying to figure what the fuck is going on but now we have a problem do whatever you want with them nobody could ever touch my account again that house I call the gas company I need to cancel my service because I'm moving like oh yeah is like 5 years later no is it this note to return with the first letter is nowhere to be Riverside County God looks like something that was so happy about at one point but it turns out it was like fuck me in the ass so stupid Oh my God that's why we got the service I transfer my old address to the new address I had to start a new account number under the same account and then both accounts existed for a while at the same time and even now when I log into the gas website it's like I want to pay my bill which pill do you want to pay the old place you used to live gu things like that one I don't know later that this this will mean you know XY like I have to take I have to take out all the morning for ADHD and one of the problems that I always have it I can't remember if I took my medication and they're not so I would like I'm going to develop a system I'll take out I'll take out the bottle I'll have I'll pay I'll take my medication and I'll close the bottle I'll place it upside down and that's how I will know that I take my medication the next right I took a shower and then I came in here I forgot my phone and took my medication one of those things I would like the days on the pill invention that you can purchase online low price it's a little tricky to get your medicine out the replacement when you throw it away and then you can have a timer on it so when you open it it resets to zero and then when you're here and then you close it so you know you can look at it Bo it was 8 hours ago or so it was 10 minutes ago 7 pill and then when you're out of the city of Crockett when I get to work now the adrenaline of me showing up at work will get me through the morning and then at lunch I'll take my medication so that I won't stop working until late so and for a while I was like there was a point in time where we were really like under the gun for some shit and so I used to take two pills every day and then as I got older I was like I only have to take one above the law I'm trying to fuck but there was a few times I was like I'm going to take one here and then one at lunch I ate a really late lunch and one of them has like 50 million fucking side effects like increased heart rate higher temperature sweating one of them is insomnia I took that pill I probably like 230 and I did not go to sleep until 4:30 in the morning I was Passover listening for old people on here I am losing my shit over and there's the Los Angeles I'll pick up breakfast on the way to work so it's have breakfast like a drink and then my pill bottle I'm going to do my stuff I put the bottle back into my bag but then I got there I couldn't remember if I'd remembered to take my pill bottle out with breakfast how do I load it with her before we end the podcast I did this thing on pivot TV a couple weeks ago where I got to film with a guy named Jacob soboroff have you guys heard of them before what is Pivot t for him as well. Apparently can vodka cause we got to go around in Austin and I got your bitch Frank and I purchase Frank The Hideout after I went to the Hope outdoor gallery which I'd never been to before and you have been there before it's like a you'll see it in the clip coming up but it's like a three-story graffiti wall 04 just got paid to get drunk with a wheel and we hung out in like but it was it was so much fun to the base like a where do you like to go yeah so it was it was you I don't know apparently me to do it a Canadian to give him a tour of Austin and just like our local austinite Barbara dunkelman should have gone around on people's cable Deer Valley cool TV as seen TV cable TV for the first time death of us to the point where I can't talk box should be like this pic they sent me a big plastic bowl piece of a piece of shit looks like it was made in 1997 that's like pump is on the front light blue black and red and yellow cables Showtime on Time Warner box you're talking about now but when I had my AT&T gigapower the set-top box I had was probably a little bigger than the iPad while and then he was like it was like this but I didn't have a hard drive in a computer that was because the internet connection to stream all of my recorded stuff from the internet down to it I couldn't get it at my new place when I moved it was better it sounds good I probably had myself I had myself say this from the past because they're like trying to see me because I think so I don't really have de Black Friday ugly silver plastic touch a problem it really is sandbox have very particular I spent I think two weeks looking for entertainment center to hide every piece of equipment I had and look good and like to sit in while you have invited me over to you fight anyone over at your place David invited me over to your place if I thought you ever get like that read no makeup I might cancel TV just because you don't like the way the Box looks also I made it I made it something I didn't even think about my TV is in it's cold outside in the middle of the room comes down and put it on that everything to the cable to my TV through that you could run it through your crawl space down through to run the cable through the crawl space driving behind a truck in the day and it just said handyman and then the dude's phone number that's got to be Baker plumber electrician handyman someone desperate Google's how to fix it and I'll be over so I don't know I was really what's it like if you wrote on your video game player and we need someone to beat the same you never be like you Shelor service Bo yes I like your older brother it's your duty to be tough for your brother I never go to sleep mad but you're really some people are talking our little prank are ready to Barbara that was very offensive I'm seriously concerned that we have Thanksgiving poster and we have some fun house shirts down here which are awesome Lighthouse church down there available in the store so I'll check it out