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RT Discusses Selfish Selfies

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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone and welcome to the Russia podcast and Dollar Shave Club how did he get the guys again he just did it he got a promotion that you were on a podcast April 6th and I have been around but I'm pretty sure I just being gone every Sunday night or Monday night sorry I have not seen a single episode of Game of Thrones my house because I have been away so much I said I'm so glad that we are at episode with past episode 4 of the focus of the season of Game of Thrones because you are they the superstore episodes before the season started and using social media was like navigating a Minefield of spoilers nightmare until we were through the first four episodes sons of shave directed at the most recent episode had material that was not the book spoiled stuff that happened in the TV show The Hand it was a Triceratops things on the side of the unicorns what was the most upset about rats don't mix after rats in their shoes someone made would you say that to me she said rats there are rats in the box that there sheep can a parent while you were in there that's pretty much it she's whining germophobic that's basically cleanliness Tes I don't want to stick my feet in Russia pretty filthy diesel Graces laundry machine for business washing machine washing machine machine so when the box was opened unknown check inside of a Minecraft inside their feet do I do with a video of the post I read it just yesterday it was like crazy today she walked up to 1909 or maybe I just like it a lot more because of my upbringing and to Jewish people like in terms of appearance having sex with him I mean if I don't like this the ratio if there's at least you have people to non Jewish people really worst people in the world 14 million Jews left in the world would you say that post High School to Cole High School game for the legendary rescu Lumber grade high school. Have you dated more non-jewish people is pretty much the only only only only one more than one person 16 to 22 never met a guy who just was like 16 to barbar since you're fourteen he's at work 23 year old cheese today your welcome but we worked it out drinking you're talking about being drunk or somebody that can open to a lot of places last month and there's a lot of different parties that stuff and I will get drunk and for whatever reason I've never seen barbar drunk like I've never seen barbar like completely obliterated you I have definitely seen that way many times it's Monday right I've seen it way nice fucking hate that burni barbar I feel like I must have at some point yes I had a drunk is barbar she like a sloppy drunk I think Barbara is a sloppy drunk who laughs Non-Stop side and like blue pee and feels like for some reason that something you're looking to having just made it really obscene hand gesture very sort of blurry did you see her drunk while I know people that I hadn't been drunk I got drunk and I got as drunk on the first night there that's just it been since New Year's the previous time really drunk stop Ashley I need to listen to you don't listen that's the last thing you remember the part of my brain that recognizes the drunkenness and immediately thinks I should get another whiskey like I hate that part of my brain is an idiot I thought you really is right after that we had to like finish or open bar tab so have you ever how often do you get drunk then not often at all I don't know if I've ever actually been like black out drunk hammered have never been hammered I think I've thrown up from being drunk only one and I think that's because I might have been something might have been put in my drink that a lot these days like what's like I must have been drunk go to the shot of the thing I was being like on a pass on the trade has had like a little shopping and we all did it and then about 10 or 15 minutes later I was like absinth of them I don't know it's a second drink we had that night we're all just like obliterated for the evening tonight IU crazy squares in college like that where one was my 21st birthday that took me a few minutes ago Baby Acapulco Santa Margarita place is disguised as a restaurant Mexican restaurant that most people order nachos their birthday and they ordered me a blue margarit given to Blue margarit everyone can do it what was what was the drug for roofies It Was Heard by those like that 64442 Bragg to work and I think that's a long time try to breathe chloroform doesn't have like cat buttholes or something like it Pacific Steel of chlorine and four might form robot chlorofor Chemical Company chlorofor where to do the science portion of the podcast list of chlorine fluorine or 9 I don't know chlorofor forum and its carbon hydrogen and then three chlorine atoms Russia you had me so much later in life and you normally have a kid my dad had me what is 45 and that made our generation gap in Norman or Miss like I was like my cousins were like 20 years older than me and my family and I was like a baby every generation and he had like some of the crazy stories during World War II and they didn't have it at the back and they just fucking with you send me the report has put on your face and sound like a swarm of bees in your head it was one step down from switch holding by the collar and taking you Tony Beason because my brother got his wisdom teeth out and I said so why did you get either because your brother got his wisdom teeth out because my brother my oldest brother got his wisdom teeth out and the doctor said since I'm here do you want me to pick up all the kids wisdom teeth so all the kids in my dad's family had to get their wisdom teeth pulled out because their oldest brother had to get his pulled out cheaper to do it that way it's having to do what they're doing just wonderful more like I was like I was I would murder my brother if I get my dental work done that we get to keep you with us she did not ask for them but she thought about it the next day born without them leave all that behind higher-level human being then you Savages innocent Justin say about C-sections is it how they have actually do I'll just let you my head I just thought that was a baby just like looking at you and then Bigelow your intestines out and put it in a bowl blue get the baby out and I just heard about that I'm that guy Paine video with the abortion pill abortion abortion there was no it was just a video of these guys your mother's day I was Mother guys motherhood it's not as much as in March I use dropbox equivalent of Thanksgiving is it the day you got rid of all the religious Fanatics and put them on a boat and sail across video of older pretty much the same thing here. Every so often new zombie got super drunk in college we are making a punch in a trash can and it was like Kool-Aid VW Jetta let me have this is called volkov vodka cat woke up and had like that like the German like Eagle Crest video camera and take a shot with me and he's taking them in the trash can call Eddie's like justice model grain alcoho just like 195 proof that's like it strong yeah it was like what you do with all the moisture out of my mouth like to drink something in your mouth and swallowed it I'm wasted right now it hasn't hit me yet but I am completely gone I was completely gone but your blood sugar the Title Wave the meteor hit Mexico do something very similar once an event we were at least we had a bottle of liquor if I was a bottle of vodka Minnesota drink important in Everclear into it and I really need to know so that I don't drink very strong you really did it ok good thing it's really we can get together for a bit to drink he ever was the off-brand version of the operating version of Everclear and it was just a picture of the label is a Mack truck coming right at you try to light it on fire cloudy white tiny procedure small but there's a wait wait wait perfect pancake maker how are you feeling this video these guys done at the eye doctors in guys robot that can do surgery and they showed a great back together a great way to kick off the I didn't watch the video but I think everyone can put toothpaste back in the tube that I'll be impressed gavi like showed up at the end of this is like I hope it robot that does that old guys with section of great skin off how long would it be before you would have surgery from a robot like totally autonomous I would sooner I would hope that we were driving and driverless cars and robot cars for a long time before we get it it's like a look at it sounds great it's a good look at it surger try to do that when you eat grapes guys like fighting a good way to just like try to eat the skin you know what they call that blue tarp where the subject of talking bad that they hurt Turing after surgery yeah you're still working right now still be in like 5 years ago quickly changed it really do yes but I trust you with them doing a lot longer I trust you it's a lot more straight to your jugular but it would work. The NHL goalie who got his jugular sliced by skate guys actually like that happens well yeah I guess he tripped over I don't remember exactly but I think he tripped over another player on his foot just kind of blew up and then you know you're still here so it's right there because the trainer for the team was a former Army medic and like what hero that is amazing and if you're at the house to get my kids a hockey game and seeing that as a kid but I know what it's like to have someone to reach into my neck and pinching my fucking jugular shot try to deliver what we should have picked that lady have a huge difference to your life Ashley and she came over to see me cuz I had a presentation that had this big like Global conference for television where we we may be introduced to other markets shows that sounds fun it was very French Riviera Monaco stations of stick around for the five days and we drove over to Italy Euro to American call Genova Italy but everybody else calls Genova it's on the north west coast of Italy Genova won't be there but when we showed up at the hotel before we showed up this place we get it for days nice hotel and they go to your rooms are ready and you know here's your tickets to the aquarium in as I was going to put the package with the aquarium what is like at Canobie Lake tickets so as you know the next day sure enough we go to the fucking aquarium that we have left it was actually a lot of fun but I wish you'd been there because we went to the dolphin tank and it had all the plaques of all the dolphins are in the tank and there were seven lady dolphin I get all the ladies can we look up in a tank know I guess you tired of ladies here's the one male dolphin an entire tank he's doing it on his back trying to fuck a buoy it was like those things FuelBand other boats the train to catch the birds and stuff it's like a week or two but then they had a place where a rope was supposed to be tied to go on the side of the boat and that's what you try to get you to where the road try to get his Roo in there and one thing I learned immediately dolphin penis is very agile like it was searching for the home it's like the entire line along the glass all school kids just watching the whole thing and it was happening was just filling up with come with the grand finale could have been horrible the whole way through for a rope to go through blue through it so you got to see the whole thing going through like you got to see one side and the other guy cutaway diagram it was fun have you we we can watch more like 15 you don't really know I never did you film The Dolphin banging that life preserver Esther busy laughing and taking it's an older but in a couple years old horny ODI Wonder Dog it's a YouTube video where this one dogs try to hump another and no one is trying to do the humping like that like the kind of awkwardly and it real life that can reach its own dick what starts kind of like jacking itself off two legs oh my God I don't know this is this is it I don't know I don't know there's two dogs and realizes he doesn't have the other dog I was learning something he's not going I feel really bad though Republican views like this Roo red rocket it's always watching YouTube videos of animal try to figure stuff out it's totally not designed for it but it looks so satisfying Longhorn goat whatever the fuck Ibex I know what you're going to do that first was like what does horny sheep ridiculously long like it seems like they would be a hindrance to Evolution think you would get caught in German can you let it go after people mispronounce gabinete Jordan's friend like me what's been on your mind it's up to the podcast is brought to you by audible.com thanks audible.com supported podcast is a leading provider of audio books for more than $150,000 table title across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals audio books are great to listen to when you're driving stuck in traffic on the subway or bus doing chores around the house at the gym doing errands whatever whatever you doing so for audience members audibl software free audiobook give you chest try after service when are you considered Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson download this audiobook for free or know the one your choice go to audible.com / RoosterTeeth that's audible.com / RoosterTeeth not sure really need to smoke right now I don't think I've read that book since I was in high school maybe it's funny to go back in to do it and you know I think it's too early nineties and to listen to the predictions that the author made about the way the internet for work site at the point that at the time the book was written it was still like the web didn't exist then it was still a very you know Loosely based series computers future technology different number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list like a few times she should absolutely do that I just came out with a book what books are beginning to forget you look like a couple different times you know but it's just like we did the whole Project Wikipedia pre-order Legion day has become a gavi can program it in my phone Billboards everywhere he was in that thing with Zoella from the UK she forgot a book right after I can paint sheep beat JK Rowling's one week sales record in the UK that dude that's really very straightforward conversation with the interview it was like covering we were talking about like they're like we guys got started way before everyone else online you guys are doing online video in 2003 how to get done with that and I talked about that she remembers really well when the internet kind of came out of nowhere like I don't exist what it was like it was placed your future technology It Whatever technology used today because you can Envision the next step that's why I like in the fifties everything looks like a new way to get the newspaper or the eighties everything is like their big video phon video I was going to say if I if I use it on my part but the business now is it something wrong yeah we were talking about though she was asking me about it Runaway Bay City work is the internet started and the mom with the internet started every email address the moment everyone got the email address nobody wrote another postcard mailed another letter everyone is that all that stuff moved online and then once they decide he's got a little bit bigger band with little bit bigger than anyone in line with all the pre Stuff books news articles everything went online and the print industry died then you have to work a couple years file size little bit bigger again with all the audio and everything that happened with the music industry with Napster and I was like you know what is a little bit bigger than next thing that's going to go online and going to change everything is TV and still video Images 2015 and finally all this Game of Thrones is on give me two companies drag their feet on making that ship there's a lot of money for investment to move you know your broadcast when you're doing your medium but the music industry try to drag your feet it didn't work out there will put them on the wall with how that worked out for them crazy cuz it's like it's like something like what's the next big thing today because being active robot dials you and the answer is then they connect me to an operator and then they put you like to have to pick up like that that's exactly how to talk to you about your vehicle which may be eligible for an extended warranty so I said I just I just did was answer one call center. I'm using voice response systems and I go and your initial hello I just and then when you said I apologize and she laughed and she goes to go cable about the extended warranty on a vehicle you might be qualified for the kind of work I don't know you're calling about I get calls about this thing all the time it's my truck I said in the process of selling my truck so I don't want an extended warranty on it together I'm sorry you don't qualify I mean are you a computer and she goes what makes you say that you're not saying no because I guess I'm not I was like the question are you a human or are you a computer and she goes I'm sorry you don't qualify thank you and hangs up and I like it was good it had to be a computer that you don't have that bill today robot that website I forgot what it was called where you can actually talk to it and it was like a human responding but it was actually just a robot cleverbo Cleverbots equivalent of it was like totally I have never had something right didn't know I was talking to a big hold on let me double-check myself referred to as Turing Tes or if you're if you're having communication with someone like cleverbo and you can't tell if it's a person or if it's a machine that passes the Turing test was like a test to determine ital I'm like you're walking through the desert and Esther Stephen Curry if you didn't qualify because I'm selling my truck so I'm not going to have that vehicle anymore I'm sorry you don't qualify Love's try then I felt like I was competing on the line hoping that she would have been to repeat herself so she just connected you should tell her cat story about how technology made a stupid and New York I was out there from like Tuesday to Friday morning and I was there to support Gavin and Dan and be part of this like you can talk about this before you can get a really cool thing where they might like her top 100 channels out to New York and we had like a stomach it was like everybody was there Tyler Oakley Grace Helbig Hannah Hart and you didn't pick up so much of your time picture of probably they were there like Freddie Wong was there too Toby Turner there a way you can wear one of those groups that had a specific job that they had to do when they selected four of those hundred people to have fan meetups in its massive big fan meet up and Slow Mo Guys and one of them is Tyler Oakley's well the Dude Perfect guys and then I'm not familiar with her I apologize woman because that was up to I'm probably not in her Target on you I was just try to make things right dimensions of the most precious resources in the world is fucking silver sharpies in downtown Manhattan because they're super old buildings and I found a pack of silver Sharpies gab draft one as well and then they decide to grab like ones with copper like a multi-pack as well which was important on the counter can I go to print the receipt and give it to some other stuff this time with a friend and then can I design for Gavin dentis new guys in there so we still get our thing we leave it back in my pocket we walked 18 blocks back to the hotel and I'm going to do and I say that again your shirt and then we'll go to the event and I will do that how does a difference alright I'm going to shower see you later and I said just you know getting try on the shirt and then goes okay need the pins and I go well I don't have that has it if he goes and he goes because I need the pen 20 blocks away it would ital what was when you needed them it could be older depository please tell me you needed the signed receipt to show them to prove you about a little stuff that would have been great Galaxy Goa man maybe you had like a shoulder bag now nothing back and I went and got a shower they went to that individual rooms it wasn't like we went out to do that multiple stops on the way to do this that's what we have to do you said you would let me back to Staples Las Vegas going up Mount Everest like getting like 30 2999 push ups I know what try that I think you'd like the trailer that Michael and I see because he doesn't do even numbers of stuff like you do 49 push ups for On 999 something just to make you a new one I'm an asshole if I feel most of the work around up there you're not to me it was weird like some kind of it was like spring Silly String and purple YouTube slow motion both of my eyes and my eyes are just I don't usually send photos like that so it's like it's really like this thing is your eyes a lot so I would like to see any of those awful videos where people don't realize that stuff flammable guys like to be someone that going to blow out of birthday cake candles and then you'll blue Silly String at the Kimmy to make a flamethrower what if I told you that I made them test the solution before they would use it for the day I was like I just like I've seen Kimmy video so I can catch on fire for the stuff can you just like to put an extra flaming make sure it doesn't show my face was completely phon therefore with a great Mitch Hedberg runne if you're alive and flammable you're never blocking app no that's a really good point that fire fire and electricity freak me out electricity Russia jumps off a building what did Patrick video format if you can but no I'm not kidding you have one view of him on top with his buddies and then one from his GoPro view when he lands he just makes all those noises that like Tony makes women just like having no hair left in the body favorite video mother horny ODI Wonder Dog immediately New Market really kind of try to tell the story ital video on Reddit yesterday of the cat that was on the outside of a building yeah it was like a guys on the roof of Escape sheep like on the outside of the building heading to cat adjuster trip and fall and he watches it came and it doesn't react in any way the cat falls like a stories lands and then Amelia mother cat runs and try to attack it runs away when you like to watch it fall like to see how many windows there are much bigger pile great white why wasn't the pile snow bigger if there's that many people fucking for standing around wanted to like the one from the top Loudon yeah I think I was gravity help him with that you think this fire melted a lot of us know anything I just like their Daddy Purp cartoon bull cat Kurt Angle little boys blade stop the voice thing but it really hard like bull candy things you got a job Breakers Niccolo Baal public speaking everything into a watermelon what was it I don't know if it was like melted aluminum into a watermelon watermelon they pulled it out it was like this really cool Branch effect whatsoever on the hill everything look somewhere to pull out the whole thing but it looks like an art installation that hang it up at the restaurant tonight for it really bad for my dog dollar day did you put them in melted molten aluminum Avenger that was out in the front yard guys go to the bathroom and he's like a little bit like the way they start flying at his face space Lighting in like the black ones flax not firing guys like they're trying to pull out all these little black after crawling all over the fucking face what kind of mistake you make only one that's horrible pulled out really bad so I know better than that but your stupid so you missed it we talked about it briefly discussion about video Esther after wisdom teeth feeling better. where they put like the think of a single thing in there like that and then I take this thing just look like a metal brick hit it like this that's me like if I remove a tooth like a week and it was to escape but I didn't get you that if you work on it long enough try and imagine that Russia is this like it's a surgical brick who the Packers are going to act like it's a cabinet of split surgical bricks to empty trash bin expensive me to have a house built out of those searching for metal but they charge like $10,000 for it cuz it's medical grade brick States anything you would like a price tag on 11th Street in for the government or its for medicine to guys like us like three thousand percent about you can ask when we go to hospitals like 80 bucks in a spring it's just us Healthcare so I guess you wouldn't even recognize that your bill and even if the insurance pays everything get to see exactly what everything cost about $25 Hotel but I still enjoyed it it was still there to music with the lamest comic book characters ever what are you doing what's the thing he's asked about the blind blind blind Daredevil is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are basically a pair of daredevils it started off that way origin story for Daredevil kind of keeps going and it makes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gets a man gets hit in the eyes with a radioactive thing that's right that's right what does 81328 for free that work for a lot of things don't we don't have try to like we have four appendages guys are you doing appendages or legs different forms and a spider's life try to stay warm for the four legs of front those arms what if the spider was in Australia was that mean then I can guarantee you someone on Twitter can after this 3-2 podcast yes I was in your arms and legs are full-time regular completely regular people shooting hand what if your arms and mother legs and arms arms when it's all four of them relative just another same feeling with the front like to rip open a beehive with Flagstar locations got the original conversation that we had if I didn't for iPhone radio Lego City try to add to the radioactive spider perspective and become a man wise man has the power to do taxes wctrib new season True Detective June 21st gavi old we gotta watch the or something else I missed out on most of silicon the drinks we talked about forever but I did watch unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actually watch one episode of that in mind all the way through and that is a funny fucking show you how much better I feel like the first three of the first to actually stuck with it because people told me that the other day for a long time big budget movies and was all like movies that maybe you were a little more security or hadn't heard of and now that it was one original plan was to hang out with like half of Netflix originals so much I never even heard of table and cooking so full of himself that they're making original series new original series Freddie Wong down to watch it yeah yeah you gotta really be committed I couldn't really you know some really cool Freddy that we're in New York City dollar really dorky pretty inviting me out to 108 Broome wish that you would fucking love hold on hold on escape room New York City it's a room you can go to that is soundproof and is isolated like in the middle of building if you just want to get away from the noise and the crowd of the city it's a small room with a chair and a drink not even close social issues that protect you from some type of disaster 19 West Anderson escape from a room lock the door and you have an hour to get out of the room and the room is filled with puzzles that leads you to the key to get you out that's way worse than what it was it was a lot of fun it was a whole lot of fun like it was me and Freddy another guys from the gym and then to randoms that they paired with us we're just fucking worthless strategy you can ask for a clue like once every 15 minutes so their strategy was every minute to go we should ask for a clue and that's all they contributed the entire time was saying she was going to do with the carpet on the carpet has numbers on it we tried it didn't work then he pulled the carpet was at the numbers the chessboard and really try to figure out how to make a chess board work because we're following the story of the White Queen and getting his laser pointers as we went and then we open up a side room existed but pulling a lamp and then over to the fireplace and we win this game as a doorknob and then there was another checkerboard in this thing it always rain in the walls and we figured out right at the end we had to take the staff that had holes in it put all the laser pointers in it and then they would point if you put in the right place take me to the Sherlock Manhattan I just going to run to the limit for you bugger bugger up the next bit but if you ruin something later on in the clear cover on it if you messed up the chessboard or something you should not moving him at this point until you figure out what its purpose is that the only people getting told by a customer that this one in Austin which is a little challenging because it a part of the problem or obvious reasons middle-aged women like we couldn't like we got our phones in there to look up reference to watching the video because you couldn't watch the room and we could record a video with your phone tiger attracted like my tarot cards and there was something missing and have numbers on their face cards until we can figure out which ones are missing but that's not what the purpose of it being really everything we needed was in that room as far as I can remember I really want to do this it was like a terminal in there like an old computer in that room Wikipedia and nothing else and it was Las Vegas that how you after escaping and then I was watching it and then was in it that was crazy that they need to change a periscope is that the location that is really really specific you can turn off location you can turn it off but it's like the option this weekend and I See Stars periscoping recognize the cross streets found us and then ended up on the Periscope that she was watching while crazy mundane things with you and Ashley okay me and Ashley remember you came like a dessert or something worst thing you were writing on them or damaged dress up really nicely no game that was in the game was just about everybody I want to revisit an old conversation very quickly someone on Twitter can they really Paris says it horny ODI Wonder Dog has taught me anything it's that if you can talk if you can jerk off with arms otherwise their legs you can do it like no way so get your butt here budget selfi the internet did you do that bad it was very enlightening podcast can do this but some who enjoy that type of stimulation they were going to put in there maybe it's not the first time it's okay talk is that the barrier to prevent selection about the next day at what point does the guys penis size like enter the conversation first you said it's like no 7373 the conversation interesting pics of out of it it was something like if women like black dudes are faced with such a good ruler lipstick stains at home store do you refer to boobs or just the sex and gender and sex in general the movie yes but it's not like it's something like crazy like 5 I was at the dunaway's does point out when I go to say no. But I don't always want to know that sometimes when you're like a free Hotel breakfast with those people really throw that really might know what it's not but if that's what she does anal we'd like to welcome his girlfriend's parents to the podcast thank you disappointed alright whatever he must just managed to get a girl to do it no matter who Shir very nice Asian restaurant in Manhattan about the guys that do that and I always like nice people having dinner this is this is our phone conversation it was like 20 minutes. Just like he was running horny Kik after work now I know why pictures of dreams of completely lost it after that then you were knocked out you were you're not feeling well for a while she had to write Jack had somebody call from Teddy Teddy got sick so you don't typically one of them has reached sandwich tomato sandwich that someone else made someone else other people right there behind the ingredients and then you like all you get in it's great but even like that 30 seconds or a minute to take him to make the sandwich you desensitize the way to your Goa restaurant in Lee's Sandwich what do I can make a good family but I'm not into it when I mean it yeah but it's like we'll both make each other the exact same sandwich with the same ingredients as that was I know I was getting it for you desensitized to those ingredients best sandwiches basic ham and cheese sandwich what about the meat for in Finley sliced meatball slices what are they make that would send that twice that much when was too much I ate like a fat person this weekend on Saturday find a really really good then after that I'm going to watch the Cowboys lose I have to feel up to it on my DVR started watching it the first episode of season in that she's Pizza the beginning process like pizza then I went to bed next day will come up whatever go to get lunch go out and get a sandwich come home you might need a whole sandwich it was really good pizza in my fridge why have there been two lunches the next day did you go where did you go good morning sorry I gained all that weight essentially is what I learned head of garlic barbar Irvine I just saw that I really thought I would love to add you to be would love a sheep barbar today actually she laughed at it I didn't more and picked it up to you and he does a lot of the sketches were watching the podcast designed some of the photos she picked up on it we did have to worry about that I'm not totally fine thank you God for this after the podcast is also brought to you by Dollar Shave Club the first time I heard about Graces shave it seemed too good to be true then I try them Dollar Shave club.com razor give you the most amazing shave and had in years and they're dr. Carver's shave butter I don't know how I ever lived without it if you're still using old-fashioned shave phon you're missing out don't be fooled by the affordable price these razors are legit legit try to shave club.com slash Russia Today that's Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth give me going to save you money because I don't have your Mother's Day weekend with her family the most impressed I've ever seen them about what we do for a living with the fact that Dollar Shave Club it's a great service try to do with them and everything I love having stuff I need delivered to me and sent me to my home and me not having to go out anywhere I'm hiding more and more I was so happy today I want to tell you I got some food delivered from one of those services and the guy didn't even get out of his car just rolled down his window was like thanks and just Thursday because you're okay I like to meet people on the street cuz that we don't get lost I don't know where they're going be right there I'm going to drop in the house or my old house and see what they're not doing anything times at least I don't do anything now it's just falling apart again dude you had my house before me there to diesel in together and own a hair salon and I never drive by my house because the rose bushes were amazing I'm doing nothing baseball winners ital is Walking Dead and then I can just bring them back up I would we talked you were talking about like cactuses vehicles we have those for your family D needle Cactus Enterprise yard sheep she hates it but like you said something about it I know what is on the bottom of your hair short in the back to you whenever I come over your house and come over and it's my life do anything that was this character in it called nest and I was like I don't know what it is I never heard of that but I was like I recognize every other cat was like that's what I found when I came here I was like came out in Japan in late 1994 came out in the u.s. 995 it never came out in your room original just like I just missed it I just never it was never out in the end I guess I guess everyone in Europe so that's the first time in Smash Brothers and it was a character in a dream oh that makes so much sense but it's totally doable I would have played it through this I feel like that doesn't happen anymore but that used to be a thing before information wasn't as readily available like localization and regions like there's not a huge gap any more adventures in the UK two weeks ago the Sherlock Holmes seen in those woods what is that explain about and yeah that's really every single movie Snow White and Huntsman in this exact same was The Avengers shot the opening scene in The Avengers was the exact same words like what to do for the Headless witch in the woods and finally I guess it's a big open field and then the woods so you can like film The Woods I have to go into the woods and it looks like you're in them I thought they really fucked-up Scarlet Witch but other than that I don't think is right why can't they make like you're just waiting for Twitter over the fact that he was getting my Twitter Twitter Twitter and black widow being a weak female character like she was the Damsel in Distress at one point in the movie but everybody in that movie is like has trouble in that and see the amazing but the First Avenger there's that one shot during the battle with the aliens where they go through like all the members of the team as you're fighting a few months ago from one of the next time that one shot and sequence into the entire movie Non-Stop for 2 hours how do you feel about it I'm very not better but I feel like it's getting a lot of flack what he was trying to do something else and then came up with this plan to do it new listings I didn't like it so hard to communicate and a enemy because they like it's all over the planet doing multiple things at one time you know I don't know really when he was kind of crushes himself with his new Voltron honestly like I meant almost like an insect let me see how they look up a picture of Ultron for you old Tron comic book Meetup comic book movie with a poster that looks like a comic book cover like white me Avenger done the Avengers with the little blocks on the head but ultro that is not that is not that might be the newer version of ultro nothing about the original one I like to do to her wasn't the dentis did the angli wasn't angry hope poster can accomplish but that's the movie that they film in that comic book style what could be wrong with The Last Avenger movie is well I want to see a movie about heaven horny ital try to link diesel try everything Transformers the cartoon the movie I hated that it was different pieces that sometimes like that qualify for your Backup backup plan if you don't know it's like he's like its first instinct once it came online I became sentient would be to hide itself there's been one for like 10 years I don't think that would be okay for myself human kill themselves all the time right now I don't know I don't hear that what is blood inside the body new kill themselves like that the most illegitimately me like some animals like fall off a cliff by accident did you see that video saving the Sheep through the fence and they liked it that out and then they let go and then if they're actually on a cliff and he accidentally let it go hit balls all the way down it's just like watching it like yeah yeah yeah she's also stuck in a fence very similar look through his truck to help us move through and then it was like who sings It's angry and you're right in front of it totally forgot to tell this is not one of the seven characteristics of the character that I have here did they do sheep clippers going to put it did you think that sheep could fucking stand you up there that I want to film cheese-rolling in the flame I so bad I should be at the bottom of the hill I just want to see one of the pictures are coming 600 fucking weird like I was just wondering did he stand up there on purpose like you would feel about walking up behind you right. The breath there is just one of their contacts sometimes a couple times have you ever post a selfie you think like you've taken or have you just take a picture of yourself and post it up I must I'll say yes if you don't feel like going out to dinner with Ashley and then you just take a cheeky selfi totally you that totally do that crazy about the culture is that people take selfies for everything for everything like that what I said wasn't in the picture I expect to take a picture and see the person I totally expect that when someone's like it's cold outside and then there's a picture of Mike quick I'm going to see snow no fucking dumb face why is everything a picture of somebody God damn it's like that generation is one of them a little bit like what the hell of cool stuff and it's the person standing in front of the wall in the fucking wall if you like front facing cameras are relatively new thing like the last three years upon years you have an iPhone in the front screen in 2002 and it probably because it male celebrity of some sort you don't care if they're posting a picture or something cuz I could be anybody's picture but when you see them in the picture emojis of Houston selfi it's a very detailed emojis like this is what I'm Feeling lyrics doing your own plan podcast if you ever hey everybody look what happened to the great time with the podcast for coming to podcast bad green screen black and white podcast just like this it's like we could have a camera right here Ontario mother conversation looking back on it when we were confused about the word selfi we just look like idiots that's what it's going to be in the future just like a bunch of Time Capsule of guys don't remember thinking that his cell phone because it's selfi yes so that was not that long 3 years ago is 33 years ago because the person by the way Australia it was like that was the case then what's not in Spanish I just played the part of the rubber boot that evening so we got our first selfi response has any right in the center I'm watching the podcast why is so fucking dumb face and everything everybody everybody like it's a normal thing that everybody here is space shuttle made on face and it's like there's a whitetails then come out of the back of my head and it's like they're not going to build any data for the last 5 years because people have cameras where you can piece together the missing angles and sides of pictures you can rotate around its head what time do you put in a jar with water and it looks like there's somebody else in front of him text blocking app I just like the slippery slope barbar Graces always liked the face goes in the photo first going well that's why her and then the other thing is always secondary but I'm stuck in the middle that series on there I go to the landmark can I take a picture of it but it seemed like way too close to it to go to Italy really close to 30 mother like I was like I was playing on the bridge but I'm like right up against it New London Bridge and taking a picture with it a big fan but I'm up against the door so you can't tell is Big Bend like it's pointless 40 minutes too close to the London Eye by the support beam of the London Eye Lab gavi apologize and I jumped on you too quickly it will happen sometimes that's a very funny one at the pyramid new girl that was you to take a picture the pyramids inside Esther was really normal we gotta wrap up for a time I wanted this was one thing when I had before we go Believe It or Not For the First Time and maybe four or five years we're running low on podcast thing sucks I'm really sorry I have not plugged it in forever so if you have a theme song you want to play send it to pot try to go to the original 32nd podcast theme either attach it or send the link over $2 it's much better to attach it is possible that we can have it archived and saved also implied that we have in store today at the new red vs blue shirt comes in both men's and women's Cuts own shirt ladies I know we need more shirts so this is one of them alright well thanks for watching runne