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RT Discusses Hand Holding

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Recorded: 2015-05-20 01:15:29

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Blaine Gibson, Brandon Farmahini




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the podcast this week the podcast is brought to you by Nature Box and trunk club or you're right there and right over there psychology attention to it this week podcast about gut-brain my name is Max and I'm very lucky I just pissed off Blain matches we used up all the conversations on the periscop for the podcast so stupid nobody cares 2. way for the next Revolution what's the nature of Illusion imagination where's it going naturebo are you talking about like life periscoping of War here's what I think I think when you look back there are civilizations gone they're going to see remnants of our society like we do with the Egyptians and cursed will be one of the things that people are able to watch own able to watch them they're trying to get rid of people using Twitter is like moving everyone across the world in his life that wasn't like a little Revolution Brooklyn actual Revolution not one word about everything periscop Milo Periscope live streaming live streaming app that is available on Twitter it was a competitor called New York at 10 to start up a live streaming thing as big as hell 500 million bucks at South by Southwest and a week later periscop was put out by Twitter and it was like oh you can watch the Kris Kross was and I said alright but it's not very long because he's going to do a live stream and what does that mean or all the above the age of 25 or more people use Snapchat and everybody let's wait life all the Selfies they did we would join them or Snapchat with a lot of sense to me because and periscop they both disappear after 24 out of their temporary I think you can set it to where it saves the pictures that you take yourself and you save it for yourself. but if you want anything you take you can keep that until you take a screenshot and tells you and then you're not taking a screenshot of someone else's stuff but if you take a Snak or understand the third party thing though I think you can screenshot just tell that person when you do it there's a certain social networking app that knows exactly Snapchat says profile pictures and of pisses me off a little accents like weed from old man down or whatever yeah or no what is you take an actual picture I didn't understand that then to take a screenshot right it's just that I think so many people use it now in January according to Business Insider have 200 million monthly users Twitter supposedly around the same time had 288 million got more right more as of February or January of 2014 Facebook of 350 million are you doing it are you doing I tried it's just so hard to ignore stuff that you don't care about like your stuff where is like an instant I got the point that when you're just like me will die out to grab that for you but I don't know man it's like I didn't and that's what she's done to different audiences one picture on Instagram too pictures maybe I don't really see the point anymore if I like a lower priority picture or video that I want to post this picture is not worthy 2435 Reisinger started it I don't know where version will likely look at Blain footage because he had the camera that was recording Michaels through own the circles really good it was really good footage though it was whatever was it like okay we rented that camera from someone it's that guy's fault for not giving us and you say that like I planned it the other three massive too but I think where was there a cube in the camera it was a lone camera what is that pubic hair. There was no movie Magic no removing the pubic post we had no too pretty perfume Waco Blain out that but your truck thought we were doing the trials version of immersion where they were Leto too many by beforehand because they wanted to never ridden one before in for safety concerns right before he just got on the road the first time over an obstacle course Michael when he first too but not exactly the way up and then he punched it in the flight took off out from underneath him and he's got this bike what size bike and it was just like going and he's holding it but things are to go to circle around him I don't have control the bike with the bike would die so he was like go get it drives and we could write toward the telephone pole the track in and laid in the ditch and the motorcycle and of dying everyone else came running over every also been there cameras Blain but if you can unfortunately Blain the whole time like this when it's over everybody else is having the same thing happen in how many miles is it to go to fly off the bike and he's really in there the system of things OU Kart immersio and where Michael flip the go-cart and I was the camera closer to him and then I saw it going on and I was like well this is happening and I'm sure someone will be there to help but I got to get this shot game with out the first pitch trials Russian circus bear what is really anybody gets hurt this is coming back to me remember Blain was like I was looking up schools although we still are though just like all and like you can't tell them that when they when they cross the finish line around them with that fire extinguishers and anything we can do for whatever reason you guys put me is like I built all of those obstacles and I was like we're going to make an archway with fireworks and flare what happens to a melted and then it collapses it happens but then it took it hard story behind Bleeding again I want to talk about Jared Leto Leto Joker pictures that have been released or Leto or the Jared Leto Joker security yes, getting the only thing interesting and it was from read Marvel Comics growing up but I'd like to hear Superman and Batman and all those guys realize that the Joker is really iffy character it's an evil clown it's likely that the Joker in a few movies a lot of different options they had Jack Nicholson as the Joker he was fantastic that Heath Ledger as Joker he was amazing Mark Hamill played The Joker Mark Hamill can't play any part without people comparing him to Luke Skywalker soundcheck or cable please joke real of them are Romero play with the little mustache and a mustache personally never been a bad joke old complaining when Heath Ledger was cast initially about him being the Joker interpretation of the Joker I've never seen it like that's the bad example of the joke in there somewhere underneath the white makeup it's like I don't know that you can play that part Coral given that character a patch on a fundamental level cuz it's an evil The Joker if you want to Liquid Ultra please Big D the Clown what is a climbing Star Wars you like the fuck is this to be the worst thing in the movie The Batman Snak it in long ago there they just keep picking anything it's just like man you should have been here a week and I was arguing with Jack about it but his panties are in a fucking not about the looks like some kid who hot topic Bobby Hurley Catholic pictures in the movie comes out it's fucking anything like camera phones it's not footage and making it look cool to see all ready for some reason of why he's already out but there was like an 18-minute behind-the-scenes video of like of stunts from Mad Max crazy that got released today and it's it's because I'm not moving in the real world that posted it looks crazy you haven't seen the last time I went and saw a movie opening weekend and I did it for this one so just wait until like late on a weeknight kids are asleep and then go see a movie then literally dropping like there was so many times like that trailer by river somebody that you cannot miss this text up I gotta go next door then you have to push it and like it here into the wall to the wrong theater she likes to fuck every movie would be better with a parrot man Max of a T-Rex T-Rex truck it's or what's the forecast look like this or interesting person I've not I've got to see videos Lakeline of chicken was good but double chicken to me man it's crazy like you can spend two years and looking at all the stuff people say about movies and it says 24 hours a day and the movie is 2 hours 2 hours like 2 years to and a half years or just like non-stop dialogue arguing for a thing that's just like 2 hours it is saying that kind of impact the process of your life pretty much everyone's right to be told that the window is own can you get a good movie money or otherwise your fancy dress in park when it comes out like opening Waco not think I'm trying to remember what the last week and was and it might have been Iron Man first name of the last movie I saw what would be the next one of the movie Star Wars Unity opening weekend laser tag laser team definitely will go see World of Warcraft opening weekend in Star Wars man that's happening but I want you opening weekend they released an image of him like I'm going to go to that without knowing care about world Warcraft but doesn't like beautiful cinematic Blain will the main orc through through own or I'm going to send you a better there's something right there and then man I really have to talk to a lot of people don't like doing it in real life for Warcraft social kitchen I quite like that did you talk to some in your face and punch with that you will break or something please put into words what I look like it's beautiful I hear you guys are starting your kickball fun tomorrow so yeah I'm super excited Foot Locker which is like a shit ton of beer and they just drink like a my girlfriend's team she just got off like I went there and was like oh I was talking it was like let's practice and his girl trying to flip a cup of beer offer at and like landed on her ass like that was that that's what the league about it if you remember Social Club thing basically I'm going to find a girlfriend there I'm hoping we'll see Tekken of the one which one fool ya your person too stupid kickball team I got a list of everyone that's on the Kickball team kickball for those people it's like baseball for like a five-year-old where someone throws you A ball rolls at gu you kick in the head do fibroids make you have used 95 year old baby there's no way you put of Grey what's the trials good brand of these Leto the person if you get hurt first what are all like athletically fucking own who makes you make Hershey's so you guys can come and watch you guys play Sarah Elementary Euless Jared she's in charge of all of our pipeline developer videos Christmas Means to production assistant I think you're being assistant does she want to be lonely so she's fresh out of the shower, but I'm kind of working here hey it's Chris Megan Megan cash was on there man for Shoemaker seizes Catholic I got your money what you guys think 4442 almost she was the one that arranged the whole routine so it's $44 for what my friend should be good for it and I can always pay their debts or whatever Pokemon Y shiny ball toot through or something from the camera for us I'm sure you don't have that power even miles miles miles where is the out of milk app seizes I should go eat some pizza can I blend into the background but then I realized I'm covered with the most reflective dots New Orleans 2 piece of paper floating in the air life according to my last dialogue for Red vs Blue the other day for season 13 that was a lot of fun and a great director in the middle of producing and releasing Red vs. blue season 14 of ailable on and where you can see video now on YouTube YouTube day and date so what is available on roosterteeth.com for everyone it will also be when is the podcast we talk about of work what is the podcast and video going to come out on YouTube the same week it comes out on the same and record it like usually we could record it now it's Monday night the sponsors are watching it right now then tomorrow everyone will be able to get it in audio format and it'll be a video on the website then next Wednesday it'll be up on YouTube on video Saudi will be just everything in one week it's on YouTube the same week that we recorded when I'm not in a bad mood interventions is coming I think so you an hour earlier every week they're in a room full of people you try to get anymore I just I'm just not there just before the time it was like it was Saudi Arabia is executing so many people that need more executioner so they put out a call to hire more but usually the write-up if you had your gu next too sure how many people could you ask you today if they're lined up what are you doing or what are they doing to be heading to go ahead and get a fresh start every time I could probably do you think 5 an hour of demanding why are there I think it's set up I'm right by the time I could be getting and opening a newspaper and being like the help wanted ads how'd you like to be the dude who is the front-line guy who answers applications for executioner life screening for the job interview parrot bottle of that would be like the worst cross-section of people ever haha the opposite of lighthouses too normal perfect interview Apple who would like to come in your house party interview you know I would not be surprised or really man Orchid no he wasn't his presentation he was just there he was there right this guy fell asleep during it and they called they did what's called of out of obliteration but they basically shut the man with a anti aircraft gun bullets About That Bass Korean news agency reported that they retract that story I really feel like a dumbass now it would be terrible that would be awful as opposed to what other kind of that I know it would be so you would just like floating in space it's not no it's not Undertaker Blain under the bus or the plane that went Brandon I don't know I'm sorry does it matter if you got your message sweetie execution is just having the date on the calendar that you know you're going to die and just approaching its deadly like a fucking dentist appointment or something like that you can't find them until you're in that situation on August 17th 2013 you know you're going to die in 2008 years waiting to come and I'll just drive you insane but if you got to do anything it's probably best unless they blindfold you want if you look down so I think I've read stories before that when they used to do it you know back 22 years ago that sometimes people's heads weren't put in properly will hit the base of the skull and go through yeah I kinda have to pull it up and redo it again give me the man that I couldn't get a super-sharp or they're going through a lot of people and what we try to do it every time the problem try to kill too many people to come up with like a mass production way to kill people in a horrible no I mean like to swallow the Earth just like take out the Earth space and me life I guess I'm going to float for a while and space I don't know if you have normal natural causes man I really need it on the plane skydiving or skydiving for my birthday are you still a lesson because I went tanning for the recap so that means there but you're the one jumping out of a plane like that and then the guy goes you got to go with them you're making a conscious choice you got a job yet but you're actually looking for shoot yeah I totally trust you I would never do that big will the shoot and my arms wouldn't do anything and I'm like that's what I said no execute the shoot and it's just like it for whatever reason I just don't do it they make you like call out everything during practice now you didn't either like breathing a little over 2 miles up in the air and space through Poulter about 45/52 where the crazies accoun of paratroopers in World War II did they work on the plane in such intensity that they would create like drafts where other if it was a bug somebody the parachute will you would catch so much air resistance would be nothing for you to run over the top of it and then all the way down is no steering motion like running on each other image of a convention that you can shoot a paratrooper and a paratrooper can't shoot until they hit the ground and pulls AAA shoot him during the making of the war I think it was yeah chemical World trench warfare too easy it was like rise of the automated Weaponry like machine guns and Catholic and singing that was fucking for the country I mean the magic like you're just sitting there you hear a buzz in the sky and it's like this can be driven by someone halfway around the world all of them shows up and starts shooting up your neighborhood shoot it down and even kill anybody know I know it's really hard to shoot up at something like that like you're not going to hit it hard to shoot up like it's something like in the air like far away it's hard to like I'll get to it cuz all the sudden now you're the gravity like working against the bullet train will know but it mean out on a plane the plane and stop jumping on me speed I think what's the distance and speed through Leto quickly do you need to shoot from so far away they have to take into account gravity that taking into account when and if they can account for of the Earth not it would be a very rare if that's where that would have come into play or something that's going to be a texting app sphere I'm sure something like that you have to take the Coriolis effect into account but not water from a drain because I said and I've also heard that's bullshit will something that you would never think to do when you don't feel like it you know I can make or else like you did the biker I'm sorry did the Joker he got tied up at least like you've old above ground level who wears makeup in and kills people with a squirting flower on his lapel that people from like the classic representation of him is just like this crazy Jester life from the comics in the cartoon yeah I think around because of clowns did you think I had something to do with it since the day after clowns were invented anybody watch the new hit this is a new day he's in the Meet the Millers he's there he's like what is the kids British show about that kid it's like he's a little off who is in the running for he kind of had a feeling that Thriller to me because he was Far different than I had envisioned it original out the Clown in Poltergeist in the kids room you know you're supposed to look like triangle head on and he's not a clown that long right or as nearly as long as he's in the movie in the books like he's not that he's not a cloud in the books like a whole time Chicago civil eyebrows okay they actually do have Brandon Turner doing this podcast if that's what they're fighting about pennywis please see some pictures and stuff you know like if you're looking at a book of pennywis and Eli San Bernardino CA and he still a little crazy my craziness is good oh my God describe my ex-wife's description why she doesn't like him then does like what you're afraid of ghosts and she has just I'm afraid of and I guess that means she said will be seeing if I can go that means I'm crazy but I said so you're afraid of going crazy too much every week and see exactly exclamation as her as to why you're afraid that if you go crazy you're afraid of pennywis I can be but I'm just saying them or hey crazy what you doing better question why did you get an Apple watch will be marketed as something specific like if you think they were saying it's a good exercise device it would be a phenomenal Fitbit so it or not it's amazing not only supports its first-party exercise tracker work like remind you to get up but also all the third party ones that like crunch 1st Avenue get me like you know shake it up never set up text messaging is also pretty bad for me to send you a text I want to reply to it with an emoji fonts or like dictator rendered photo that I sent you can you can be sure that this is the main work that didn't World of Warcraft this is an actual rendered of it as opposed to I'm sure what was before was rendered but this way more photorealistic a reason like that sometimes I can put on my flight can I try logging on to that comment right there is a certain app that I wanted to sign in under a minute and all my God are you serious you can oh my God man no problem feel like you been you say I like this person did you find each other each other probably that they're always when you meet each other you're bringing Apple watch that's a problem then she's going to realize that we can meet up with you and your fucking face biker Grandpa Simpson GIF and watch but it was still open from another girl's picture is like my sister polish family was like looking at pictures on my phone I just want to show him this one they like or what else how many distracted than ever flight when you show them a photo on your thing if you like not the phone worst you might be a life stomp break to hear about that guy who is I heard or read about a guy who owns family link I sat down on the man sitting there watching him one of them Brandon High Brandon let's be friends he replied okay in all capital letters it's like saying like cream can you type no nothing with me I told him I'm with you will there be any week now I'm sure delivery think it'll survive that is the coolest feature the picture thing Blain explain why you think it's the coolest feature so the Apple watch or nothing else you can put your phone somewhere in Snak of the blue and then you can walk away and it's like all right didn't you click a button and it takes it for you from your phone too watch people like planted in a room and spy on people removing the cat become a out over here in NC that looks like is what has please I don't want to spy on people by doing that to see how far would you have gone one more thing we've got there's an Amazon app you click it you say I need paper towels it says your script hous you click those paper towels going to show up at your house tomorrow but there you go and I can do it on the plane OU you're the only person explain to me what the thing can do everyone Apple watch Apple Store, I think they have Justified what it is that I can do or what it is that it does that's why they're not saying them lines of the only one that I feel like is there really fast on backorder through July I think it did they just have Alex super like there's ice on everybody life your Xbox 360 when it came out it was like finding stores and after it went on sale you know you're going to do you want to be worth it that's tasty and satisfying but they make you feel guilty afterwards will you need or snacks from NatureBox shoot over a hundred healthy and crave or the options to be delivered right to your door old or snacks made with Zero official flavors colors sweeteners 0 grams trans fat and no high fructose corn syrup best of all they taste amazing it's so good and so much better for you than the other Snak options out there the next time you're hungry grab mini Belgian waffle strawberry lemonade fruit stars and or sweet and salty nut medley and get smart about Snak it right now if you go to naturebox.com / Rooster Teeth and get a free trial of their favorite snacks free snacks delivered to your door what are you waiting for go to naturebox.com / keep and start your free trial today give me hoarding all the naturebo shoot them walking to grab you want your boxes are going to say that like there's no Bank naturebo through them in there for like three months at least to through right or responsibility too pretty cool because I walked in the other day and I was like just talking to him about something she accidentally took it with her to eating anything I was like I didn't realize it was there entire battle crunch granola of the new French vanilla or something too good to always have stuff to make it unhealthy so do you ever find that you're like having your out your iPhone in your watch out if we spend any more time talking about the Apple watch people looking at life crucified recently like you know the same you would with your phone or is it taking forever because you're kind of learning it's still I don't know you leave early like you just assume that your phone is naturally supposed to do all the things that he does but that's only because that's the only device that does it and it came in and too it kind of like a more instant device that's available to you do you want your mind blown by the level of communication possible okay puppy Statue of Liberty marble police car isn't it obvious answer your phone I think there's a whole generation of people that they like that form of communication like that ability that's enough I was taking a crap today and Josh wedding day and I felt really bad for like we could have said that I was in the bathroom earlier today you know when you get your hands fixed up so I can own hey Josh I'll talk to you later and everything but I flushed it was like alright I'll talk to you later now try to convince us that you worked the acoustic in the bathroom of arrogant Leto impossible to do just like in the bathroom X soundtracks I don't need people walking in and out and yes I think it's a little more why is there a chair in there facing the toilet which one is the goat 9 or 10 rolls of toilet paper I don't know what or who would you out if you came in the bathroom and there was just a guy in the stall door open just on the stool just like on the phone not do anything until I call that's what or if I die Demeter is a guy to go will it satisfy you no no no no cuz I be like cuz it would be like that guy's just sitting there because the chair is there United out in the night air freshener own medicine freshener maybe it's just Ohio frequently Pennysaver own air fresheners for me cuz everytime I smell air freshener smell air freshener Saudi air pressure do people use air fresheners air fresheners are shipped overseas or one of the worst inventions ever made and what about the people who use air fresheners you don't have home or in their cars what do they look like man in the Korean such an enclosed space I sold that truck to the company to be our production truck and something happened like a month after I sold it to the company were developed smell and it's got a production truck has a weird smell on the inside and I don't know what it is that will do people try to have it something to make a place smell better you to be sneaky about it he wants somebody to come in and be like well pleasant but when they're just staring at this giant plastic air freshener it's like there's no value in that what you want them to come and be like this guy keeps a very very you know lavender smelling home candles do that I think can be like a piece of furniture is in there and I'm over the whole thing and return because in my spare time I'll try to figure out what was wrong and I was like looking at it was an air freshener that shit in my face freight train Metallica music mix spring mint in your eyes imagine that I never knew it was cold but not when it's Brandon you know that I don't know the kid and I realized the only time I've ever with us so you went and bought it yeah Mexican yeah I know you have a text message like really fucked up from a small child yeah I didn't commercial commercial about I mean why would somebody do that all my family is in town and she's really embarrassed myself Waco horribly but you know constantly trying to get on great terms with the dad really saw me when she gets head through think you can shake his hand grabbed it and then going to leave you a little bit and I'm going to take your power the last night he was there he had a couple a couple of drinks and whenever I was gas station go to Boston to meet he just said just like a little wagon a finger as I'm walking away and I'm like it has no contact like what exactly am I supposed to be like conclude from this other than that it's like this giant man just like somewhat lightly threatening me as I walk away maybe he was like you're an all right Brandon that's a closet go out the door let me in yeah well that guy is crazy so his daughter must be crazy as well you know what it was it was it wasn't wired or anything he's just fucking around Catholic and they do this prayer thing and everybody hold hands you need to Catholic Church will they do in the church burni you make like a Channel Through the Through the Never they love to touch you anyways I got my days mixed up again prayer up sweating in the Milo girlfriend deadpan oh my God yeah yeah how to drop something about Milo when and if I can do it man do it will check in with him first come in with the lady fingers as well I think he came in with the cops and I 4 year old play with him go it should be like this like that will I think about it so he gave me the under and I gave him the over and then that unbelievable to me you pulls hand up and just like put it your heart too much folate is in the parking lot he just started laughing but you didn't say hi you just like you take your break up is there really such a thing as a mutual break up or still like she broke up with you you like that's funny that's what I just was like this of the reasons why she could check into that and then there's some fall out on her and but I was like man this immature ways to break up the most immature way Gavin does that before the ex stage he just goes through contact like he disappears off the face of the earth and the person he's dating just eventually get the IC hit head getting sliced up and she's like you don't even have the time to time because I love him North Tacoma North and you can't defend yourself about it I'll get something when I was 18 I don't want to actually have to break out with somebody so I just became obnoxious until shoot another out with me and I was like I don't know I think I can do this anymore I'm just having trouble all right if you are then alright will do that somebody or be broken up with now I do not care it is what it is bringing up something somebody do something cuz it just like I feel like I have like a little more control this situation I don't Cesar be broken up with is going to look like when you break up with somebody that's the end what you want of this whole process and you like alright I gotta go I gotta break up with them what you like but we are broken up with you just started Simpsons never really liked you I never even liked blindsided by a breakup I never that's never happened to me usually take the writing is on the wall then the person breaks up with you like okay that's fine so what do you prefer broken up with because I can feel like I can be more mature about that be like you know like I've never had a break up with me like I have broken up with people and I just lost it and then there's a whole episode afterward and when it comes to communication like with text messaging a big thing when I haven't that was 89 NBA we discuss things with him stories so easy to do that no matter what at the after relationship is over there's going to be some sort of like text argument or freak out it's going to happen and then either it's like I'm going to be an asshole and ignore it or I'm going engaged that's like it's like text messaging is out it just like a whole long process the equivalent of breaking up with someone via text back you know when I was a teenager was equivalent breaking up with somebody on the phone we had the courtesy to break up in person or on the phone of Thrones 430 MyFord Brandon Miss getting ready to break up I think so the weird thing like thinking back about all the relationships I was ever in I've never been dumped I always was the person who ended it that's why I just kept picking up like picking fights life like more like you know I'm 53 minutes about like random stuff all the time that's an asshole like I don't like your mother likes stuff like you know trivial things child safety Korean getting some girl to breakup with her the break up a couple break up you think in your head that's somehow better than just being like hey you I don't want you to be here like I don't or I don't think this is working out I'm still trying to like make it seem like they are in a better position at the time I thought was a better mood but it's all bad there's no good heartbroken over break up when we can get over to lot easier if you just try to think about everyone you never broke up broke up with and thought about how you felt about those people that's exactly how the person who broke up with you feels about you and almost no time thinking about your broken out there I'm glad to be rid of this person and that person is not even a second of your time according to I'm looking at Twitter according to the erratic at mr. for McKinney that's the definition of an ass holes in a relationship oh my fucking god every possible opportunity number is mostly like about to stand up rolling in like how good and all that she was are you going to fight over that too late and then I have like no let's keep talking if you really did you pick your battles right you pick the important ones I would you know there's no good way to say you should weigh your pros and cons you like her why is it good to date this person and why is it bad are these bad things too is it just you are the person that that that make a conscious decision whether out of process to go through this really life sucks everybody doing in pros and cons and pros and cons it while you're dating at 2525 Corazon of waste his time he's young but we don't think too deeply about it you're not marrying the person right to their 11 Frozen man what year was Matthew 30 she got married and your spouse is how much time do I have with that healthy or not no I don't know it was about getting married and have kids and start a family but you might do that later you know you can't though you know like on your side you have to marry someone through Lakewood Marysville younger Milo restart for relationship advice play we play the scary game together as couples and we all survived I think ugly did you see gas at too many headaches papers please cospla or about a million times are there through it really really understand what I sent and received no she went to soundcheck peoples I got or text we should I feel like bad checking all the door to get into the event it's just like immigration checkpoint and we can like taste like 1 out of every 10 people so that but you have to like take a risk to get through that yeah that's a little bit for too long I didn't get as far as you did I got to like the 7:20 then he got shut off my family died many many many men the hell out of Don't Starve and I just can't get and I play with them just like Don't Starve multiplayer interacts person you got your like-minded person Instagram hungry they are and they want to get the winter and it's like you want you to go through these tough decisions like this Brandon Trail will life is like a Tim Burton me to talk down to do Minecraft in life is to believe him but it's like that stuff we talked about him like the patch game club and some other stuff but then you got to collect resources and there's like to eat big of a Cuban saying was when I went to some called sleep paralysis what they're talking about or what you wake up and your brain wakes up but your body has and you can't I can't move I can't physically move and there's something that comes along with it she just called hag syndrom where you have that and then you also have the feeling that somebody is in the room right out of your sight this for some reason those two things go hand-in-hand and I totally had that feeling a few different times like somebody's in the corner of the room watching me in there the reason why I can't move but I too know what it's like to be paralyzed that I've been paralyzed nobody and then eventually you just like to finally move out why it's horrifying brain damage yeah probably but that's because I felt like mean like insane or my brain was like working against me is hell like who doesn't have any skydiving indoor skydiving punching it does happen to me though sometimes I wake myself up from doing the motion that I'm doing my dreams through life they have a lot is like he would just be sleeping and he's running in his sleep and feeling I feel like I hope you're not thinking my surgery too for the same chain of logic anime show the video of the dog that likes things and that's why you're paralyzed your money don't you think it's funny sometimes of Benjamin in his sleep Leto start barking and I like I think like I was doing something like running around like a scared barking sounds like fun Consciousness is slowly getting back into it is something wrong with him if he's adorable and perfect for the next contagion Leto coming out the couple in Contagion is perfect to me because they got slow zombies right and that's so hard and I did it because I gave you could easily win the game if you just stay patient and pay attention that's it is a real zombie own his own pocket if you're not paying attention I just like I don't know if you're going to have to be strong and you can have the Apple for it I'm sure there are some things in the shoot what finger did I not surprised that that was my last Leto rendered of setting up the room one of my favorite things I've done Waco paintings but every time I found it yeah okay okay I love life or dead too that's why I'm on the patch and one time through so that's why I asked to not be in last week so I feel like all I've been talking about lately is 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Whenever I'm never going to send it back and still go to the trouble I really didn't like that and of everything like I'm going to have something I never sell it I just will all the time just give it to somebody else with a company like if I have an Apple TV I can't sell it on eBay I got like 40 months when he was returning so I never returned anything but the truck because you just want to put it put it on your doorstep and UPS comes and picks it seems like everyday clothes the guy when I go to the most or trying to close I'll try I'm like I got like two outfits maybe three and me before I like them absolutely fucking done and I just won't do it I'm like trying to think I'm like I can't and it's like doing in your life never understand that every moment of this little room Dying Light get every color there were the 50 shoes with it when it starts parrot that works like $800 papers from and I will use it again I'm sure be on the spot so far I think I think it was Taylor Stone on Twitter of a little drive for us and I don't know other than just cut off do that in Catholic out your left and your right hand is also some Catholic churches Keystone most expensive or the most you've destroyed flight physical property when you've been mad about something that you don't like being angry when you break something do you do that there will a really dark game but it's like a fairy tale dark and and like it's only getting worse I need some of those Grimm Brothers fairy tales really getting into the game so I can play it because it was a really challenging and work his way through it and get so frustrated at platforming stuff and figure out puzzles and all that like getting water levels up with somebody just getting frustrated very very mad sometimes control I have in my hand original Xbox controller was over you shot right in the river to try 2020 I think it was season 3 and I grab another one and put it down like you old iPhone to a new iPhone that you broke and I got a new one and there was something slightly wrong with that one that through it and then I do I get a new one so just this guy in Georgia who got really angry and pissed off you haven't worked in like a year. His pickup and then just drove through his house just like completely father's real deal and they're just like what are you going to do is like well I've been out of work for a year but I'm a contractor so I guess I have something to work on now and then it was his house and his truck and his truck so they couldn't do anything about it or too fast man drives through house on purpose I totally get it I totally get it Catholic hous usually get a controller is a pretty far of brake controller is the most expensive it's like when I was still mad with myself for how I got so mad I hit myself to hurt myself yeah I'm really mad I'm so pumped up and he's running around with his teammates and got no help full own head but with his forehead and it's just like you fucking with my with my face and one time I was playing Xbox and I think Matt and I just took my controller and I started wailing on my table in my living room it was a cheap Ikea table so for the longest time you just saw like this giant indention I like this side of an Xbox controller too quickly dad story what did the football coach in the Football story and we are playing on this one feel the silence or super narrow and there was a guy or receiver that was running off the field and he died he had someone behind me just got the ball and he couldn't anybody or go anywhere and my dad was right in its path but as a big guy and he just he's not as long as we hunkered down stuck his arms out and he just got fucking late out and my dad was just like a movie it was the most badass anime but it was just cool looking it was badass you just like this and the guy just went down and it wasn't something like a video something it's like you know I feel like some of this dumb kid hopefully not with his parrot he had a loose tooth he also had a parrot of some kind and he had the parrot just like I think it was like picking at his too and like you just sitting there waiting for to come out and it takes forever out here out his mouth feels like I realize that when I was a kid something happened to me life that this was the fifth or sixth tooth that parrot has pulled out like this really they're just like it's just something that I don't know did you do they cover it and you can see the kind of pointing out it was like got the too soon just taking people teeth out that parrot became pennywis happened with the bird from Hitchcock's Birds movie is like they train them to attack people and then they couldn't on train it so they had to just kill all the birds environmental shoot filmmakers trained birds for the movie attack people real life I'm not saying you don't tell her about Milo and Otis of 50 dogs and cats making the movie yes like 70 cats died doing that 57 life 3238 Lake too loud it was good it's very sorry this was the most depressing time now there's something that women wear I'm so documentary maker in order to show this rate a bunch of lemmings off the cliff without perpetuating the myth forever they realized they wouldn't do it naturally records of life will fulfill man yeah it's weird all the stuff that works life pets choosing which rodents we determine our pets is kind of funny to me like one of the animals like different animals or pets like a cow is not a pet or the dog is likewise a hamster a pet but a rat is not a pet super smart in your basement furnace will rabbits will be the spirit able to find your basement never encountered angle biker Lobster the world's biggest like horrible inside or something well basically I was out hiking and I saw a coral snake out I didn't even know those things were in Texas will usually write king snakes look like coral snakes but they're not it's whether it's red and yellow or red and black and yellow gu so far knock on wood I didn't text Milo life I live right by the Greenbelt in Austin not sure if I can come down there I have never run into a rattlesnake okay that's not right trashopolis Oklahoma small rural town and I got bit by a copperhead in my uncle when out their arrival as bad as a killer with a spade and he took my cousin to the hospital with the snake in too and he got the last and of them they had their and then my uncle proceeded to freeze the snake he's going to make my cousin a wallet out of it died because of heart attacks and not because of the poison from the actual animal trauma blood clot just like to save a heart attack so it's completely blank loser will I realize that when I was like I was like a good mom I'll have to wait my car just like I thought they would have killed it and called the cops to meet me wherever Here We Go Again Life Flight Of Life Flight rest Rafael out of a helicopter and died when they were trying to rescue somebody hurt you something for the Greenbelt just got there parrot yes basically right now I mean like it's a huge section of the middle of Austin this is dedicated to the greenery you can see if you had one direction for more than like 10 minutes yeah yeah man biker shoot on the Waco Jesus dude I'm crazy I just might but actually that's it sounds like something out of a movie or like I was or whatever it was through a giant shoot out in the parking lot of Twin Peaks Restaurant Twin Peaks can I show 4 Bennigan ladies had to show up and Dallas and it was the only thing that was open in Dallas after a rock show it was late at night it wouldn't place called Redneck Heaven and it was the creepiest restaurant I've ever been in my life is like tell me what you I really like this restaurant a lot but all these waitresses are over 18 so we're all the waitresses are like 16 to 18 and it's like it was and at the end was like it was like I feel like I should like drive or waitress to school but his is the creepiest place that I've ever been in doubt that being said I don't know if you change your policy with apologies I'm sure everyone there is over the age of 18 Legends we got that going for them Waco shooting their Crush which of the Waco was the reason why their tracks so many old people and religious cult is because it is the only city in the Western Hemisphere that's on the same latitude as Jerusalem and has a river that runs through it it's some kind of like religious significance like considered to be like our Jerusalem of the West based on the same page never hurt them crazy people know that they're drawn to it they should put that on the sign when you drive into it on the same level as real people Catholic and I got lost in the woods life again Busch Light Hig please in Barrie Ontario CA to man who took an illicit drug when they couldn't find their way out of it because every Tuesday for the pair who said they were lost so the police came and it's on 290 old men who work quotes silently staring off into the sky talk to the man to determine they consume an illicit drug and we're extremely toot sorry what can I write flight medic how many Canadian toot at the gym today he was a rooster too fancy there was Eric fucking Swedish guy super nice skating rink and sometimes the people there to correct me the greatest thing other Canadians are big assholes will eventually going to Toronto to go to a huge fan of them in Toronto every year I ran into some serious assholes in Toronto I mean it would like like on the bus too crazy for me and I'm just saying it's Montreal Montreal the commissioner Leto likely a prank show what is the language spoken in it at all like that came out of Just for Laughs I believe it was picked up by just revealed yet it was your phone and it's a big Comedy Festival in Montreal I don't know how people don't get their asses beat knocked out but man I am wondering when that's going to happen depression is like when I do it it's like we're not going to like ambush people in public or anything like that other people so that we can buy it but then something totally just like a water bottle and he was pretending like the feet of the people next to him toss it over in the delta what's up the office funny grabs it and you like rubs and chocolate of the out of the toilet when he died if you have the one where the guy uses the wrong hand at 4:30 Kona Blain in it we gotta have it that's a rule that you can't deposit small amounts of cash too many times and they the government IRS seizes bank account so I didn't really give his money small little like Mom and Pop shop and when did the IRS was in his within his office was in his store they said you ever seizes the federal agents and showed McClellan paperwork that include deposit to the stores account at Lumbee Guaranty Bank the same as your two deposits made within a 24-hour period totaling $11,004 that statement they said indicated he had a history of consistent cash deposits of less than $10,000 which is illegal it illegal to the make deposits on a regular basis of less than $10,000 because everyone who gets paid a regular paycheck for it it's called it was cold here interesting or whatever it's different maybe he just show up and say hey here's five grand but that's the thing it structuring prohibited structuring violation Comcast Frozen by the government when we first started Rooster Teeth is usually started as a who is Michael Burns doing business as Rooster Teeth because I was so busy my head is Brandon or we can all see them so they can transfer Milo one day the like 8 months into of selling DVDs on the bank account for Frozen and it was Bank of America the time they call me to get a government phone so your toes like I said something wrong with the IRS this was 2004 early 2004 and they said it wasn't IRS Homeland Security because we had so many transactions coming in for $20 for DVDs and they're coming in from all over the world they said you need to show everyone of these dollars comes from you need to prove where they come from what they were selling them everywhere they were like yeah that's why I'm talking on the phone that's why the money in my account own Frozen everything Footaction life world is still the best way to make sure because if we can after 9:11 and this was right after 9/11 was you know how they got the money to pull the stuff off tell him or he just didn't like the way he was depositing money they were thinking money came in and got engaged what we are watching you guys next Monday for another soda podcast security