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RT Discusses Airport Security Searches

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Recorded: 2015-05-27 01:05:17

Runtime: 01:29:59 (5399.95 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Blaine Gibson, Aaron Marquis


Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone walking over see podcast this week brought to you by Sly and trunk club a movie while we're big time now and Trunk Club because I could do anything to physically intimidating I could just be upset and disappointed next time next time where I'm at so did you ever feel like you're in Mad Max that have you seen it I feel like I like that that Blain voice was coming out of Tom Hardy's mouth that was a confusing it all for you now I know what he was going for This American Life immortan Joe the villain from Mad Max Fury Road reminds me of my little dog Oswald Benjamin Benjamin sorry it looks like he's a giraffe so at some point in their history they were wolves that eventually led to the how are you this now how are your eyes like you know like that ugh we need a penny the Pug is a lovely dog right but this time she came from a wolf and that is how to put a plug outside and look at it doesn't last 8 hours right now exact bone structure of a wolf scaled down so it's weird that that's what you know it's so fluffy so nervous sometimes when I first moved into my new place last summer one morning let my dogs out and the little one also I'll be a Mad Max villain he like ran to the front yard really like really like doing stuff like that yeah he said it would be like the biggest I've ever seen probably 6:05 or 6 feet wingspan like that can pick up I don't know it was because I mean at least a rabbit a rabbit so you know 10 pounds or something like that it's like a bird like that kids themselves or so because they fly and all that but I mean with a newborn outside Swedish tennis shoes that are a softball game or the kickball game probably the best part of that game that we got our asses so update all of the person who actually was the first person injured it wasn't him it was sitting in the control room she couldn't keep her mouth shut and bandage on her knee she didn't have the balls and kicked it and immediately fell over is the bowl with bee girlfriend Paula Place kickball and she's been in the league before they use the regular ones we should have had his fucking Boulders really what the hell you know I like it Bristol baby floaties for so long that there's like 3 people in the Outfield there just like I said you can even do bot flies really because it was such a big ball that is just kind of kicked it and broke your foot and Rin or whatever the first thing we got was the score 12-0 11-0 broadcast like Steven Wright she was the hawk and she was the other little dog for someone to take over the Kickball at her and she just fell into the fetal position it's getting to the point now where it's like I showed up and I was like alright you know it's me some girls and stuff where you're going to talk John kickball for the women well you're probably not you know we'll see how that goes but kickball Zara like a lot of people trying to coach and nobody had fun at The Dating Game actually so how did you hurt your ankle it's like I go into it to First instead of like I guess you supposed to hit with the side yeah well I went into it like I just blew my fucking foot so now whenever I drive them like its other flooring it or easing off the brake when you drive that change your shoes while you're driving. It's because you're having legal getting on stuff getting moved in Utah and I'm guessing so he can change his shoes and traffic Carter complained about the smell passenger still driving tell me something sexual car will be easy because then you won't have to shift and like you know I don't even do something like that I don't have automatic if you have an automatic yes I did I told her the dumbest thing I ever did was to have a standard transmission a little manual pickup truck and then I came over to visit me from out of town and we stayed up late then with the next morning to go to Houston to visit another friend and I woke up that's why I was really tired really hungover that's my friend who is visiting can you drive a standard so sorry I can't drive from Austin to Houston then part way down the road on the highway put my head down sleeping I should check out this time I only woke me up at 3 likely be the highest rated that's almost stop and take a rest myself yeah it hurts actually if you want anyway just turn the AC up all the way so it's freezing and then you have to stay awake so I'm going to go to town to hear you mention when you mention plucking nose hairs got to go to the mission to make the other week I got a nose hair trimmer so like I said I'm going to trim my nose hairs I never used one before so it looks like a little circle in your nose call the hair short and it's Tex tiny little stabbing your side yeah I might have had a full set and comes with like a nose trimmer a small Tremor in a big super nice a small to her for like my neck and my face in the big ones from my bowl so I so you can have them be there both the same one I thought you were going to say you suck it up your butt you said stick it up your there's hair what does clean the Pooh you tell me about dingleberry dingleberry do you take care of that yeah that's normally what stores are we getting into shaving waxing asses again how do you take care of it different methods so there's the burning methane plane engine orange paint orange you know like I know what I'm doing with your butt Remington electric razors that look exactly alike and so I'm always playing like when I just wouldn't be rushing left but now I'm like which one was it and there's only one way to tell which one it was and I and I'm not going to do it so I just go wait another week and I just went to a friend's house and I forgot to shave my balls 74 so when you um I'm curious cuz I know that I never talk to any dude who takes care of his butt hair itchy when it grows back in or do you just like always maintained it to the point where it never gets to that stage Richie's in Tangled does it feel like running socially very active so you know I can always navigate to Tanglewood pools in Euless from your life W feel this weird bug and you like where is that and then you don't know yet I have to keep my belly turn because like sometimes Billy Harrell get cooked on belt buckles and I'll just like that when I have belly button lint is it to the Grave sometimes I do whatever like always I mean always wear blue shirt grey or dark blue also like I feel like there's no variation looking at right now but there's never like an experiment where only red shirt or a yellow shirt or something like that was like how did we get to this color. I need Tex a picture of Patrick one so I went as the Hulk for Halloween so I painted my entire body cream that picture is the hole in four weeks probably months I was Finding green shit all over my body even place that didn't reply it was just like all up in my ears in my nose and just like the belly button for weeks short know there's that scene where I had to be recovered and managed that it really matters yet man is all over myself like I thought I did a really thorough job what is that right now I just took a shower it's funny how that works like the areas you concentrate all I can think about like when I'm in the shower what does shampoo and condition and you have to like watch your body but what is the appropriate order to do that I do that now but when I was younger I used to do body wash and then do the shampoo at the Inn for some reason you're not like other people who start from the first because you can always do it yourself at least you'll be clean he's been dead for hours but he smells great I forgot because I shampoo so so so so so can I come back to my face with the bar it's been it's dirty and everywhere else is soap self-cleaning should have realized especially when Danny is my bar so happy about it I guess it's not if it's going on in a bar of soap contain you know bad materials and don't know it seems like even if there's a few bee should be able to live there yeah you know this great mystery so cool he should have he should remove that he didn't care he wouldn't even had it so what's everybody doing this weekend I don't know you thinking about it or whatever this is very early in the morning is that right I just got my license and I'm so excited but I was like we're going to take a trip to Colorado or drive there okay you're going to do all the driving I was like I was like before it was like alright bubbles like driving and driving long distances like I was younger I was convinced that when I was noticing that I could be a truck driver I would hate to drive it seems like the perfect storm and I was reading about truck drivers an article saying that they had a higher percentage of sociopaths and murderers or something because it takes a certain in a weird mindset you know that you just want to drive all the time and get away from your past yeah I will be moving and leave it all behind one step at a time song in there somewhere not having to deal with anybody else like in the truck because we get out put gas in it talk about things that will be at on a semi truck driving will be one of the first I think they're already doing that in you know some Norwegian country and was actually working for Volvo Scania and he was doing all the tests on that I mean he's like if I like driving and I was just like yeah I hate moving office if that were me know if I turn the structure and appreciating protocol what are there than they would be super boring at all so the cop cars worl so automated what I have read too that like truck drivers quadrant of nuclear traffic through Bee Line Truck every time it's like a treasure like swerving like they have a lot of sleep deprivation I think a big problem that plagues the trucking industry I guess we'll there rules against that you're supposed to have it used to be where you're supposed to log your hours or whatever in books and you know they always fudge those books so they could drive longer Bowl banana became a computer system that they tracked and stuff so it's a lot harder to do that and but I think there's some of it state or federal law that you know that it's it's murky so you could drive for a longer. And you can just drive her straight. And then you know if not sleep and then you're swerving all over his rules for like taxi drivers and with an Uber drivers to I had a girl so I think it's on the Sony brand sound it was better because they have rules on how long their drivers can drive for them off but there's other companies that they don't do that so they can too and I had a friend who actually was in one of these cars and the drivers start being like their so because I didn't know he had like some device that he started pissing into so I don't know maybe just like freaked out by it in in just like grossed out and she didn't want to pay attention obviously and she was in the back seat so she immediately called her dad was just like talking to her dad looking at this the great the bags like in the passenger seat father Tex security thing right but to me it's like I want to call my head like what what is it what is it I don't know my dad would do like that there's a man peeing what you doing like you just don't like it when you call me that every now and then to mix things up you know very good one classic graduation horrible nicknames come up with for their parents or the grandparents and what that distinction is the one I really hate me Mom cringe anytime I hear someone say that one really shut up an elementary school with a weird name for every grandparent and I didn't understand and I didn't I didn't want to understand it's just like he fought mom on Suite Life and what do you call a grandparents Grandma I called him I knew but you call them did you call your grandparents by their first names are there like some strange weirdos out there across Across the Threshold we start calling your parents their first name divorce maybe it's a step parent where there even though their parents even if they're not divorced or whatever it's just like yeah that's Bill and that you know Margaret people do that and it's like what is that what is that point that happen mom, mom mom I'll call her now then friends of his mother mrs. Marquis and she's not miss his Mark it's uncomfortable situation right now Blain sorry everytime so I have known her for a while and every time I post anything on Facebook his mom will comment on it should like to very handsome but not as we're in for social disorder and I posted it as I can't sit here in this article the next next article I'm hoping to get a sexiest man of the year that joking and she's like well you're sexy but not as sexy espresso machine mom never on the podcast stations are you talking about we're talking about liking your parents as their names I would have a problem with that because my father my father and I share the same name and his Junior so I've never introduced him like that and if I did it would just cause more confusion he goes by Gus Miami school by Gustavo more frequently than he does unless we're dealing with Spanish relatives were both traveling because of you know I always knew growing up I always saw on TV or films or whatever like Junior was the child so I thought I've got to be junior and then mom will you can say John good that your name is Junior but I like my name and I'm not going to have kids but if I ever had a son I would date from the 4th or the 3rd nothing but confusion like an identity crisis but like your friend since there are plenty of actors and creators and stuff like that who are named after their you know father it or something your mother or something like that it's like you ever feel like there's too much pressure there something that you think that would happen or they would be like well I'm trying to live up to a name or whatever you think there's an added bee never I never really felt bad about would you ever want to feel like it would you ever want to name it a weird name just for money sake yeah I know I talked about this with funny names that definitely wants to know if we ever had a kid with her or not she always wanted to name the kids have something crazy like something really unusual just so that it stands out like we like we like giving our dogs strange names people name their last name so I think we would do it for something different other dogs Wendy Rolla ND ND October is available Indian time a character with a friend um that he's writing a book right now and we're so me and Erin have been your readings different chapters of it and he said that his dad wanted to name him then and his last name is Ana HID headlights military on purpose on purpose we've got some other strange thing the movie Tron like it John Dorsey Atlanta free Homestar Runner me that trunk door cartoon adapted to his name and or I could see you being a Blain what name of the actor of the ability it was a western writer I think of a book writer Blain right he gets the girl at the end Disney Blain what would you say is the message that he's an asshole can confirm what does it's alright then don't worry about it I'll talk to the tech department will get up so we can fill out the paperwork to to legally get your name changed so just take care of that 4400 bucks so I can see the movie so we can talk about it it's coming out this summer June 5th which is really close we got to go to the premiere party for this person in so many movies you know he looks like a box or something like he actually interviewed him because we're doing the interviews for spy and he was just yeah I had a lot of injuries melted absolutely I told the storm to go up and get his autograph but he's like the one guy that was like I'm nervous about is like a professional but unfortunately nothing but think about it and talking about it undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer and prevent a global disaster I remember never to judge a spy by their cover so should be interesting LOL I just feel like it's a movie I'll be checking out maybe not opening weekend cuz I'm scared of crowds go watch it but come out June 5th for all you normal people is a bunch of movies coming out here soon like there's that one but then like to come out any chance want to see if there's another big spy Man from Uncle but that's a movie or TV show Man from Uncle Uncle acronym or whatever it is they're always like Star Wars if there's like a university first five minutes of movie just like exploded banana skirt who dies in the first five minutes and Washington you're going to make it not me and then he goes flying out Days Inn in like weeks later I got the boy drum brakes arms and you see that you know Russia had that big commemoration a few weeks ago of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and invited a ton of diplomats to go and not very many showed up but what if you showed up with Steven Segal so this parade of Tex like Russian power truck Putin with you guys the rest of the night Putin I was like a fucking Foods Rin so anyways that picture of him do the rabbit ears behind shot Jesus would not do that I mean takes things too he liked him threaten you what was that Elizabeth Super Bowl ring I'm sure you guys Bowl ring and he was showing it and Putin was like yes I like this and he turns around walks off and his men close in behind them and he took the ring and he didn't give it back you just took the Super Bowl ring and there were something like 2030 Patriots Robert Kraft in 2005 set a timer for 3:30 o'clock I'm trying to see this to do something like that you act like I didn't but you didn't like those are very heavy accusation cbssports.com so this seems like it could be a reputable site when was the story published this story was published June 15th 2013 that happened back in 2005 so I'm going to read a little section out of this craft might have helped America Dodge World War 3 weeks and still going after the Rin Clan Putin keep it at the insistence of the White House yes someone at the White House called Kraft insisted he let Putin keep the ring and here's a quote it would it would really be in the best interests of us Soviet relations if you meant to give the ring as a present Kraft said he was told on the White House calls ring and it's like you really should say that $25,000 still in the news again recently and that the ring was being returned or something what is gross isn't my normal mouth Justice Muffler your face that's a pretty much man sure if you know that that's what I'm known for running my truck across country killing Joker talking about family vacations I had this one where we went up to Oklahoma and was at the big family gathering and take me to dinner and all the stuff and I was out playing with cousins and I go down the slide to slide and I just instantly land in everywhere and in every way for me to get really cold and my mom's like we're going to take a shower you're going to change because it's close until later thank HAC John smell it I guess not cuz I was that's fucking awesome and the rest of my cousins are calling me to call me feces but they couldn't pronounce it the first word that go to I didn't know what for do it in a minute and make sure that they have over mature manner you know that we could be like plane just landed a bunch of shit there like he discovered it but I've never flown over what exploded in Mexico what time is it in my great-grandmother and I still don't understand what the point of this but in her backyard of the backyard in this town it's like it was I don't know if you'll like a little kid you know it was like why does this coffee-table get out of 2 feet baby and my sister and I would like to jump over it back and forth and at one point like my sister did make the jump as she fell in and I was laughing but then like she was crying then I felt bad so then I was like I fell into her you don't like her do things like when inside and my great-grandmother was like started yelling at us like what the hell is wrong with you Tomatoes coffee so I got to be in the river what shopping or something and my parents come back to him in my mom sees me like naked with a blanket around me to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee if you like what do you do what syringes look what is a 20 like like you know so I can sympathize with you know around in something dirty and you're not thinking about it we were sitting there on the beach and we're like oh my God it was we saw that there was a baby seal that swam up to the beach but they were like oh my God we just feel like coming right up to the beach it's like feels like you know leec its head coming in like a little children start running to it like oh my God this is so friendly and this is amazing throughout the city water only can start trying it on watch back and anyone swim up to it and like he freaked out then we see this guy going out and charge and he was sitting with his girlfriend on the street and he starts walking into the water and he swims to the ceiling like what in the hell is he doing he grabs seal by the tail and dragged it up onto the beach to his girlfriend and put bigger than the cops he will obviously and girlfriends like the guy's just sitting sitting back on a man with a slow hand why did I think that he was showing the Lifeguard men of the OG I was going to computer and other seals and sea lions and one of them is like the small cute one that it was like kind of like a bigger one Chri Trail job but whatever the whatever the big girls what is one time when I was in Puerto Rico I was I was explaining myself on the beach and the beach kinda slipped up and I was like up at the top like looking down and is super into bee tell anyone out there have been like this this truck pulls up and it's to do to get out and they go into the water and like to do it's just hanging out in the water and then I can feel like a shadow in the Water by them cuz like what is that and it's whatever it is I feel I feel like a big one and it's from you until you not be trying to kill you but like you know it decides to go up in the air sometimes a blue whale attack you it won't be like for me to go over here the difference if it's weird that it's weird to think that most of the Earth is covered in water and that's not like our native environment water just think about 2 minutes I'm in the mood just from what I remember when I'm making up right now how much is an Ohio thing I don't have it and part of that would be terrifying probably trying to thanks everybody couple times you came out of the water and like Chris like he was in a river that was flowing and then he was covered in leeches and Hadley just woke up from a river as well so I never thought about it I thought you were to attack you know things to look for in a couple of times I feel like you don't realize it and then taking it off mosquito afterwards acted like it was nothing and a movie or something whatever the cruise control you didn't have to burn them off but I could be wrong and seen that movie in a long time huh great movie John WIC the other day never know the real universe I think I showed up just ever so late to where they would let me in and I was like the closest I ever got to be my caddy Van Damme movie theater because I driven all that way through traffic and the guy was being such a prick and you know have you ever freaked out at a cash register person or of your head like such a bad customer service experience for you just lost your shit if I did it or something cuz eventually once I had a service industry job and I realized wow people that have bad days and you end up like one of those things people can't control and you know you start yelling at them and if there's no fucking point to do if your perspective on so convert luggage company and he just right off the bat run and suitcases like an unfortunately I can't return this item because we care in the store some policy thing is like I meet you this number and I mean to make sure I put you up on the list so that you can get customer service and because I know this is a hassle for you being as respectful and kind as I could and immediately he just started screaming at me and he tried to get to the point we started screaming at other customers in the store to get out because I was such a bad customer service rep so like I couldn't yell at him because I would be bad on my part so I just started doing the killing with kindness is like smiling on stuff like thank you for your concern I got the whole thing worked out and I made some phone calls and then he ended up I can't on the phone and look here's our customer service line they could assist you now and he talked to them does life have a great day sir because such a fucking asshole 1949 50 years a grown man shoulda known better people mediately started I was reading something about this recently because that I mean I was dealing with my cable provider or whatever and the immediate you know things people do when they call customer service of course is like I'm calling about lovable and it's immediately negative right now and the people person on the other end just turns off right they just okay this is what I'm dealing with I deal with it every day in and out and I'm just going to go to this field but if you're nice and you're not realize it's not their fault that's too early you know it's whatever the company's fault usually just nice them then they'll give you all sorts of things in the work with you and stuff like that and I'm actually understand that as far as like a customer service because all you do is deal with it has to work in Insurance when I was a kid and you know Joanna 2019 I believe I'm like people are always always mean when they called up you know if you don't they had a problem with their policy or whatever stuff like that and kickball their corporate there's something some sort of mix-up Domino's finals just like Rin comic books there and you like to order free shampoo like you know when you're nice about it and your knowledge that there's an issue but you're just like it's it's whatever you like give me some free shit definitely work better to work at a call center doing tech support and let you know you got a lot of calls when there's an outage calls back internet I can't believe the internet down for 2 hours and I want a refund for the amount of time in 1995 a month for internet that's $0.66 a day / 24 hours of painting hour so if you want to you're right but I supposed it would cost me going to the bank to give them the check we have more in the fucking Nicole have you ever speak again is something about to run out of gas while you're driving somewhere times at times when I was driving my Crown Victoria the police car I have or had Adam and I were at my friend and I were driving up to go get a pizza or driving up MLK going west in your house that can it's really hilly when he going towards campus whatever gas in the middle of the road so the thing was it looked like an unmarked cop car so I left it in the middle like I'm in the middle of traffic is at 4:30 or 5 in the afternoon and he died 235 I don't ask me to once you got the gas in the future we just walk back down loaded up and like all right let's get out of here 20 minutes Jesus yes I have many times have you once at the airport I was actually just about your friends back home the first time they went somewhere for me and Jeff both go out somewhere and I was still in Austin and they were coming back I had to go pick him up and I was living with Jeff so so I'll pick you up because mine was broken back then to the airport to the side of the road pick your on the airport like the cops come out like what you doing what's going on I'm just out of gas so I'm trying to so that I can try to convince them to give me a ride to the gas station it was just the whole fucking her deal but listen to his old truck with a carburetor the carburetor had dried out then we put gas in the tank it wouldn't start so I have to siphon some back out to them for on a carburetor it was like oh my God that would help you push it into the parking lot you do whatever you need to do to get here is dating a girl who runs marathons and races in Suffolk as you like super fit and we took her to San Antonio so irritating I took her to San Antonio so she can run a half marathon out there and we take her hybrid she's like yeah I see no reason to need to borrow your gas like we can take my car it's way more fuel efficient so whatever so I drove out there she goes and runs a race and I park somewhere that way from all the way so I can go to the traffic and just started reading a book so she text me so I got him ready to go and look right the car looking Hybrid battery had died it was your it's the same model of car that you have I think I actually text you Parts a good two miles away this poor thing had to go from running a half-marathon and walk all the way to like the ghetto part of San Antonio where I was parking the car to get fixed and wind up having to jump out so fucking mad a battery operated car and the battery dies is Lake Mendota the eye of the battery charger calls there's a Sunday at 9:23 if the power button isn't doing shit nevermind the next text I sent to you I don't know why it's like 12 days later I just a Halo? he replied the next Texas for you and friends to the airport I want to see my friends like I can take the airport I'm going to New York for a week or two and I was like yeah sure I driving to the airport drop mom off and then I get back I just soon as I pull back homie calls me like a can you pick me up from the airport I love it when you miss your flight was like no not exactly what you mean it's like my flight today or when is it like next month at the wrong month for his vacation who was this one time I was in breaking into Seattle Airport and they were flying back from a Pax and I was there was someone at the airport and we're taking the red-eye back from Seattle so it's like 9 p.m. or something and we're waiting to get on checking into flight and it's like a group of like kind of douchey fat dudes were also checking in for a flight with some of the flight and everything that he's trying to help everyone checked out yesterday Texas back with Chris and I were at work Sunday I'll keep going on the airport the bus I'm sorry Chris and Josh Flanagan from the bee so I come straight from the bee Atomic Wings worl wearing swimsuit Indian Lake so you go ahead reading classes and she's like we got it we got to go to the side here we gotta go to a different area and Josh and I started laughing our asses off and I think it's like the flag for whatever additional screening and so yeah we're getting our way to lunch and I and we looked over at Chris and he's getting the full work over as far as like the digging through his bag and all the stuff you know far off we can't hear them or anything leec the TSA Chris Christie looks at him like that and does this to the table a machine that runs a little thing across me again and I'm still laughing at so we need to go to the side of him like what's going on so I can bring your stuff over here so your runs it's like little pad over me and put it in this machine and it brings up like some your red heeler when I was like I'm at to swap your entire back I looked over Antojitos going across my hands like what what is this material on your hands when it's saying that came from the beach straight here is like did you do anything else at the beach besides swim and we play with dead seal what's a run to the machine again it's like we're going to have to go to a private room this is okay trip into this room and I hear Josh laughing out and so I'm in this little room and I didn't tell you this but whatever tea so you like really gives you the pat-down they call it out or whatever they're doing and it does so I'm going to turn my phone around and run it down your chest so I'm going to take my hand like this and run it between your legs like no credit or debit mad okay you and your friend at the bee since like yesterday at the beach like okay you can go no answer I guess what does that mean Chrysler lips face so Joe I'll call you doing showing up with part of your you know the schedules and stuff like that I got invited to a surprise party for some girlfriends and I don't know who they were so like whatever you don't give me the time and I start driving over a show of House was kind of dark I start walking up to it about the knock on the door and like hey where are you like no one the kitchen event reminder bring this up to the podcast is also brought to you by Trunk Club when it comes to clothing men all over one when you look great you're feeling better and to the time it takes to actually shop for find and buy this great-looking clothes absolutely sucks Trunk Club gets it and that's why they're taking the pain out of finding great looking clothes by shipping you a trunk of clothes that fit perfectly and make you look amazing trunk club.com / RoosterTeeth you answer a few simple questions about your look style and size your 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I know we never talked about getting uniforms for the Kickball thing you like just let you know I have to cut my sleeves off kickball group photo do you have to be that dude was like flexing his shirt off in the back Frederick Adonis in the Brandon strangely looks like he's having a good time for another camera tallest shortest shorts on like it looks like he was just wearing a long-sleeve shirt thank you in prison look that hard look great good job cooking games you're not fit to break eventually if you heard but like 3 weeks ago maybe 4 weeks ago now I got a haircut and after the haircut like I fell down some stairs like an idiot I still have broken my foot still hurts like I'm still limping even to the touch break a bone in your foot there's nothing they can do right now if something so my ankle hurts like hell twisting them give you a special okay I tore a ligament once and I was in a boot for a while because I can't fucking blow where did the haircut come into play in the story my Wi-Fi got done with my haircut and I was walking down some stairs and I was upstairs and I fell down you guys obviously understand or listen to podcast oh wait actually there's a sack in the first newspaper article you ever did or whatever interview and was about like showing up for stuff and I like it what is your creative process you when you when you do things we were still meeting up I just show up and do shit and the other I show up and do shit in the classic interviews are such a weird thing to me at some time with someone who really understands and knows what they're asking about the other times you would just like to research almost like a game where you're just like okay what direction can I take this to the interview in an interview when they take like small blurred like sacs out of context and just like focus on that like when I was talking with the Disney Princess thing some fucking reporter said through and watch the entire podcast we talked about that in from all that shit they got one quote Cinderella was kind of a bitch God damn it you're flexing kickball pose that make you look like the biggest dick in the world now knows a bitch Cinderella new Blain didn't say nothing the possibilities are endless what you think is banana bread beer so I want I should point out that some of the community centers to ask someone named Ethan said it's a little 4 pack of this week we killed it now but it's Wells banana bread beer it's really good I don't like banana bread but I don't like banana Twilight banana banana bread banana Putin I love that their logo is like banana being peeled with like a pint of beer coming out from it at 4. Banana beer though the bread is like to it like it's nothing but I did you ever go whatever I mean I didn't mean I mean I went to Florida and went to I went to Disney World and you know Exedra I never so you want to talk about family vacation to remember to tell you about and I thought about on family vacation really well here's the thing like we're talking about my parents the lovely Joanne and Brian and what they were always like he don't have the kid you know it wasn't like they didn't have the best relationship so it always be like on the point of it that I can do in May or June we're going on the family we're going to Florida and it's usually Florida I was like okay cool but like that's great I'll be looking forward to it looking forward to it and then like you know whatever parent problems would happen with us and and like my dad come in and be like Oh my mom would come in and be like Aaron and I wish that said we're going to go to Florida but something came up and I came up and she's like your dad is a lying cheating bastard weather Aurora that's unfortunate I'm sorry to hear that it was awful I need to be honest with you because you're young you're a man now you're a big boy I need to tell you the truth reason we're not going to Florida your mom Weaver I don't know why I guess it could have Disney like Florida is such a big attraction for like family vacations and whatnot in so Florida hopefully you still suck his dick because there's nothing for it but I went once for family vacation my parents did not have the discussion until years later luckily I was like 13 maybe we took a family trip to Florida and then the next year for some reason at school we took a school trip to Disney World when I was 14 or 15 and I already feel like I've already seen it you know we as part of the school trip we go out there to Florida and we're staying at the hotel and the hotel has an arcade and in the arcade and got like Mortal Kombat on my cops won't come back here so I can come play Mortal Kombat Disney Disney feels bad leaving you a message and let us know and we'll find out if there's an emergency just go there so we can do this like at 9 o'clock at night one of my teachers comes in it's like I left a message I did what you said he's like you're going to the park in a week everybody's time with this terrible world like we went and all the adults were paired up with the kid you know I got paired up with my great-grandmother talk right now is like a hundred hundred so that then she was like 87 or something or I don't know a young woman yes but we remember we were doing like bumper cars and she was sitting with me and you get mad at me if I hit anyone I remember like driving and then she turn around yeah hey that is not nice and I'm like that's what you're supposed to do with all the kids really like scared because can drive around nicely I'm like alright always indicate that they realize that it's wrong don't worry about that about getting older and not realizing you make that turn and that you can't drive anymore or that you can't see as well as you think you can because it's like the gradual like oh man you should be doing this anymore it's like Maybe not maybe not then definitely not is driving with his grandma or his great grandma and she had a minor heart attack behind the wheel while they're on the highway and so he steered them into a ditch and so the car that the kids like you know they steal the car and it slowed down their foot off the gas or whatever it's like that came to a stop and he said that Mario Kart like having a heart attack she's like don't need any other car yeah that's what when do you know that you're too old to got to the point where my granddad was getting so old that I would take the keys away from him anymore and it's like a World War 2 veteran push it so he remember him fighting with my Uncle Fred if he was like the older brother and he take his keys away come on come on it is like I don't know back in the nineties or something like that 21 technology works I was dealing with Speakeasy MacArthur reminder meeting with this problem where my father-in-law has a car and he was parked at the grocery store a couple days ago and someone tried to break into his car not by Smashing the window but trying to pick the lock or something so that I know it's so it's so I can open the door and someone open it and I was like so think about it because the locks are broken driver side door automatic locks don't anymore 1105 Gaston Drive up and follow him to a place to take the car that goes like if you run out of gas just pull over immediately and then I didn't get in my car and then we'll figure out what we're going to do and it was like posting on it was like the most and fucking asshole screwdriver in his car door locks are dangerous my brother and he knows how to pick locks and all the stuff like that my old car and drive around and holy shit my car is stolen and then I get this message from Lenny but I missing something and also just like that he's extremely Tex the one thing I'm scared about moving into you guys apartment is going to fuck your worl and I like lean lean and I get along well though my little brother when is fucking hilarious I love hanging out but I am afraid that he will talk with me about whatever you got a call from the apartment complex and they can get ahold of you on the podcast impressive especially at the tools to get into everything when I was in college one of the guys in in my college was like that he must be like some people are just really into that he always carried with him he always wore a black trench coat and like A4 door still open for the night and whatever dude with us what was curious like you stop piece of paper and then you can come in here and kicked out of so many time for picking locks and getting access to police he shouldn't be that they had a piece of paper with his family to make sure he didn't actually Wenatchee world was round but also like a little bit Tex it sucks that's what I got this is real it's something that you're forbidden from entering and it's just like I want to go in there and see that I've never stolen like I don't steal but we were having a shoot and college at a carnival or something like that it was Dripping Springs I think and I was like packing done setting up pissed off because it wasn't even my shoe but I was there the last one they're breaking down the set and I was like fucking 10 kids walk up to like a carnival game and then just take the prize and listen to like worth $0.05 and I was tired all the time with her before tea but just like took something so I packed everything in my car look around there pitch black they turn off all the lights I take this stupid Despicable Me Like giant Yellow ugly things as soon as I grab it there they're like a hundred yards behind me hopped over the fence and running in the news like I was like in The Bourne Identity is like going through a crowd like super fucking Despicable Me stuffed animal feel like shooting at you Minecraft not worth it but I don't think I've ever stolen anything in my mom put me out with it then go back and give it back teacher kids about right and wrong because the kids still say this is in New York I think the kids stole something from a store and she had him to know they took it back or whatever so like that and she called the police and said hey can you send an officer right and wrong it's not like that no I absolutely man they show up to her house and start talking the kid in there you know whatever Bowl block and three officers were cool one officers was like this is bullshit this is because like 12 or whatever so anyway while the other about righting wrongs cops like you're a bad the cops didn't want to be the one that did the rest of her you know child neglect or whatever the case was 12 year old 12 year old stop talking she called the cops to teach him or her about right and wrong and I'm sure that good cop asshole calls you tell him to remind me about the story you told on the Prius podcast you talked about the guy who tweeted about like to play anymore no sitting down on the bed and you know I got a finger and stuff in this thing was is he you know he's the tech industry dude yes she does Consulting for No Air airlines stuff like that so after I give him some grief they're like don't do that again and I think he's intimidated into learning his lesson I don't know he didn't go to jail for 2 days ago he got arrested on flight actually was hacking into plane send issuing commands to the plane from the cabin what I read was that they went to his seat and they saw that under the tea in front of him that the access cover was removed and it under his seat Tex cover was removed and that he used a modified ethernet cable to plug into the in-flight Entertainment System hacked it bypassed it was able to issue climb commands to the on board computer in the cockpit and that his his plane started climbing as a result of it you can't get into a planet but that sorry it's it's it's on one hand it shouldn't be doing that but I'm glad that this is kind of out there so that airplane Airlines know that you need to secure that so that no one does anything malicious with that kind of access to doing that on commercial flights with pathos commercial Clash of Clans he was on so that's pretty fun you know I mean computer do that with other people on board like I'm all for it you know Bowl Mobility testing on that stuff like that the baddest that's pretty screwed so I look up there's any more banana so I hope you all had a good day and we'll see you guys next Memorial Day