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RT Discusses Planet of the Machines

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Recorded: 2015-07-08 16:24:42

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Kerry Shawcross






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University Park at 3:30 and then our sponsors over there Casper and Onnit Alpha Brain actually a contest without their tickets to the MonDay meeting we have money we just got all the Hot Topics such as so she's going to be absent for a week and then it's way better when we get the Monday meeting and I got the mic you can hear in the restaurant make mention that she was at Dallas Comic Con this last weekend is that right and the people they were asking about our tickets and these two got so mad that people were asking people book their hotel and travel before buying their tickets that's stupid don't do that also that were on sale for how many months or four months it was that long like 2 months to Annapolis for a couple weekend frustration because that's gotten barbar live in the central organizing RTI if we're going to go to an event we make sure we get into the event before we therefore I'm going to eat also a lot with Community questions and stuff and so a lot of people saying like I didn't get to it in time is there anything you can do it's like we weren't you guys like a hundred times tickets are going to sell out so will there be more barbar and Carrie are quiet on the street just say no thank God we were off last week because of Memorial Day and it just so happens that the City of Austin almost put it away we were going to the podcast recorded isn't working so good during the pre-recorded podcast I speculated that my foot may be fractured and it turns out it is I'm worried that giant stairs and I missed the last day I thought it was ground and it was a step I was outside of a barbershop you're in you're not getting out or not I was I was out and about didn't go to your wife 99.999 really yeah all of them I keep mine as a polite courteous but thank you I got to look at me how many unread messages you have right now so I don't know kinda like actually pretty good we've been back and forth quite a bit lately and we were thinking about it is that how you feel about that you wanted that project yet I do Brandon's birthday Was Your Man BSO first of the month follow me on Periscope today you started it and I go straight home. Note 3 notification icons text messaging an important voicemail what is hydrogen Burns actually have a response you reach my voicemail why you text me this is 2015 what's wrong with you people I've got your back if you are still mad like when they leave a message like that I guess I'm not supposed to leave until usually carried over micardis price on Mark and I pick it up hello hello and it connects a call can I speak with you know you should do when they doing that I can see when you see this stuff so I'm going to go get the fuck was your first my true name get to it like I was like alright I don't care about this message they simply don't dare you make room that person all of us in the month of May I doing this fact the month of May you return we doing this at the national why it rain so much in May in Texas I learned like all the counties around around Travis County Travis County and Hays County and that was it now I know everything and look at 6 County radius because Emily Salem County County County Wimberley in Hays County looks like anymore about the flood in general before okay so it wasn't raining in Austin for the entire month of May you are going to say we haven't even showed up on the screen it's May 21st and May 26th and it's like that's kind of like this is something she's in one of her legs I saw it as soon as the screenshot and it's just like we were recovered so much Austin hipster want to talk to you about that cars floating away and ended up with blocking email horn-rimmed glasses gu through the rain enough in the state of Texas to cover the entire state in 8 inches of water it rained 32 trillion gallons of water on the state of Texas in the month of May I felt like that was completely turned around from this weather pattern that came through it was crazy different tornadoes in the area I think it's Saturday night was one of the tornado warnings happening I actually went to the boys because it was we were so worried about the weather cuz we got the world was ending that night like it rained a lot when we first got here so drunk that you didn't know that I would notice if it was raining and I was trying power for 27 hours starting at 9 it was fucking awful and we did that thing was like we don't think the power going to be out that long so that we don't open the fridge it's all good we should have just how is a caveman I built a fire in my living room for your poster fireplace how you said that at one point you and I should just weren't you were just sitting there staring at nothing not talking to each other could you have nothing to talk about or something you do what are you do you like the car and go somewhere charger laptop and her phone so that we have power and then we can use our laptops batteries really is crazy gu whatever reason is not one of the basic necessities of life like running water or electricity it completely changes your life like this yeah I like getting getting 100 water out of your house like the act of getting worked up like half your day basically you know where you can take a shower or something like that water for the levels the rain is falling right in the Watershed which feeds deer Lake Travis about what the Watershed zones are now it rained a ton and it was really bad storms on the way in May I remember I was in a movie that movie hit that shot ready to begin you may like May 3rd and they had to cancel the shoot because of the storm that came through and I realize like 3 weeks later it still raining it was just not it wouldn't stop raining into a picture or was it Michael who said he who showed the weather app and it said doors in town or something like that that was me it was illegal but the crazy thing was for the end of the month and even probably right now is the ground got so saturated that the rain had nowhere to go so it's just like with the flow like a cross rivers and it was at the crossroads and turn them into rivers is a really horrible stories of major donor there was a family that was in a cabin that they rented and they can't lift it up and it went down the river and like three of the four people in the family died it broke apart that happened in The Simpsons episode set an alarm for the Wi-Fi to tweet about it but it was you so you can see the things people like getting in the car and driving across a low-water crossing and this is like don't do it don't do it when my car is in my car is enormously heavy and my car is heavier than my pickup truck so that she does great in weather like that like going to do you like a little water and all that stuff I could run the risk if I guess like submerging the batteries and having a huge problem I have no problem charging your car has in it where it shows the car did you like the picture of a car and that's when the doors open and he hit a couple buttons and it turns it into the underwater James Bond car from spy who loved me how much do I read about a Note 2 battery overly big deal because they even out the way moneymaker for dissection is Mom look like they're sold out through 2016 I believe well damn I feel like I found one in the wild finally I did you I was sick over the weekend I saw a douchebag wearing do it now just so you know bugatchi bm2 Shake Shack to take Apple pay just hoping that use Apple pay on my fucking back when you get this this is this is McQueen came in the mail this is my programmable credit card the card so I ordered a pre-order on Kickstarter like a year-and-a-half ago and dust and I were convinced that after a delay was enough they just feel like it I like it up here and run but it's cool if you put everything in there different kinds of the entire number when you click the button time then after you got yours I was so angry that I contacted them and I end of August you don't see me to do that program that I can hear and then you got this button we just hit you can store like a credit card and then it reprograms the magnetic strip on a credit card it's worked so I have to say that we gave that thing a lot of shit and when he showed up it's actually pretty cool. And they laughed at me cuz I still have to sign it we lost their markers for the day we always make fun of people who like lineup for everything in Austin and Shake Shack which I'm in the process of moving right now but the house that I currently live in Shake Shack open like 2 blocks away from my house like very close to my house in Austin and I'm comfortable saying that because I'm so that line is halfway around the block for Shake Shack everyday hamburger place is a hamburger place but I want to it just you want to it you just said that I hate when things are like that I think it up to it and it makes me hate the people in the hopdoddy line even more Burger Joint that is mediocre Kerr of anybody I know who recommends hopdoddy people who are from out of town with special bottle over the head I told him at your place your magazine the only time I would ever recommend that you go and get the full experience with the big Goblet of beer the case of fries and it's a beer and then you die eating burgers good less than an hour I went Sunday at noon we were 3 people in front of me didn't like him then why don't you just live there forever just get back in line we had this week with a couple people from sales are kids so busy lately this online and I saw you lying there with the boys I'm like dude it's so they're going with the kids is a calorie counting like I learned that every Shake Shack has a signature concrete which is like they were super super thin and the one they have at this one is an itchy concrete which is it which is really another thing that Austin is the best sushi restaurant ever been to my life is in Austin but you would never whatever we tell people that there is a fucking break some good sushi places in the middle of Texas over the road you know the week went up to 70% burni you know this is a shot at them nobody in Austin who lives in river basins goes out to that later I can paint the lake I mean the closest anyone in our group to go out too late if they go the other direction South and go tubing that's close to have you ever been on Lake Travis about 1,000 years I got really drunk I drank a fifth of Jack and passed out then I woke up two days later in the night in my apartment I want to look at some point in the past this it'll start Lake Travis ever been with Travis on Lake Travis everything okay yeah that overlooks worst food at the best. love it there take me up there when I was a kid for San Antonio then I went 4-wheeling for something there was and he was just like you said I'm sorry I don't care anymore the river Lady Bird lake is the lake that runs through the middle of Austin that delete that one and it's like it's a river Colorado Colorado River Finneytown Lake Emily changing into Lady Bird Lake Lake Lady Lake Lake mrs. Johnson awesome I just finished shopping I'm waiting for it right now so good when I finally broke down and got HBO now because I don't have HBO to try to my cable system the digital is actually a bigger problem because the way they kind of marketing is that you can get on Apple TV like and that's that's what I keep hearing from you we have an Apple TV which I have an Apple TV I just want to hook up my Apple TV if I don't like 3 years ago and I never heard back it would you like Tuesday but a little remote that comes with my phone can I use my phone that I can use the phone as long as it's on the network network 3 years ago what the internet yeah you know we're giving your Solutions burni don't know what you want so why your internet it's better than wireless wireless Like It Is Right Time Warner came cuz I can't get my new house I can't get Google Fiber which exists anyway and I can't get cable install cable drop in the room right now I was going to have my computer that's why I made I made him put it in there but that was the biggest fucking fight it was like I was everything is power to put that cable outlet the whole world and I would like my computer's and have everything hardwired come about walls and insulation communism is like to do it with my friend and we just bought a hundred foot cable we have one that runs all the way in his room with a switch that runs a mine with a switch like nothing is Wireless if you moved right after we move to the new office or at 4 and then again I'm not moving everything we were at school together and we've been to like he started doing concerts at first and he needed a place to stay he was crushed my couch too late to start paying rent and will give you around the room is it is it really is 22 a high school Kerr talking at the Monday meeting today but how I met Kerr for the first time because today is Carrie's fifth anniversary as an employee of the company 1505 original guy Jack Brennan Monte get 5 years and then move on as well as five years of service Damaris I think he's very close very very close always been serious he was designing stuff and this kid who said he was like what's 16 yeah you look like you were twelve and he was a baby that came from so that you can meet me here if you're from and what you like 45 minutes south of here so they turned me away and he had a mentorship at his high school and he says this week at my school and I have to somebody like my mentor to help me like learn about business and stuff like that it came back the next day and it sounds like he's like no you stay with me and I will talk to you over and that's it and then don't like 4-5 months and then teddy bear teddy Kerr came up to Carrie came out to Austin and he worked on reconstruction I forgot I work on a short like I just showed up and did the chance to work on that and then the Congress blue mirror on the wall and I was when I started it was starting it was for five years as of today so you were his men to learn actually the moral of the burni tells you no laser gun at the monastery 3 times pick up my phone she could do is say no it looks so real I want you like I've never had a passion for my brother was like hey do I go if I don't have alter your motives 1508 offer multiple payment cards and more to all of the single integration multiple payment types with one integration quick knowledgeable developer support if you have any questions with the VA with great reviews out there is to be one small step in a code and you're all set up in less than 10 minutes to learn more and for your first $50,000 in transactions for free go to Braintree.com / Braintree payments.com / Mister G / that's why there's like $1,000 in transactions go to Braintree payments. That's okay don't worry about it it's done in minutes is 10 lines of code Braintree payments I got it we got it we will overcome it hopdoddy they're doing 200% of sales to Texas Flood Relief Fund that's pretty cool slash are slash Austin in Okemos are you leaving honey online I guess a woman went to the Goodwill donation store somewhere Silicon Valley dropped off a box of computer parts said she don't want a receipt or anything you're just donating it so they could you tell it whatever make their money there for several days before they opened it when they opened its original assembled AppleOne in it that was assembled by Steve Wozniak store then auctioned off and sold for $200,000 so they're trying to find the woman because they give part of the money back to the person who donated the equipment if you were the old lady who gave us the Apple when can you come back so we can give you the money that we owe two or three hundred of those that were packed in a simple insult someone the transaction part with bow wow that's crazy man you look at that if you look at the audio podcast you should a picture of it it's like a motherboard with some transistors on it apparently screwed you wouldn't be black and white tube television that she has the VHF and UHF dials on it if you wait for Friday Night videos to give you the Thriller video that was a big moment I remember when they put Thriller on Friday Night videos Friday night are you crazy there's like 2 pages of lake levels post for slash are slash funny videos where they are and we see maybe they had like Friday night the head yeah it was 1985 so that's probably a little bit you're a little young for that 8789 Central Bangor Waterfront and videos apparently probably probably biblical discernment let it find me full 30-minute Shia LaBeouf motivational speech yet everyone that's 30 minutes long oh my god with big heads if it's a Min and a half of him on a green screen just like flexing like you're telling you like follow your dreams and live your life and all this stuff thing where it is it is almost like a poetry slam he's like sometimes he just like those Like lyrics of a song he had one conversation where he would face this way on a stool and then to the school and talk to himself but there's one there's one bit where he just says red green blue Red Bull someone actually took Snippets of this and put it together with Empire Strikes Back Luke is training MMA gym he's a crazy person I love them where does the 2001 don't know where is Hal and Dave and Dave outside the ship and he's like how open the pod bay doors Hal and then she was also walking behind a bit crazy but I know I can't do that Dave so we're next six months basically created the template for making himself I mean he did do it on green screen what is rock in a ponytail in motion animation did you see the video first or did you see him first and then find the video the video first million things about a minute-and-a-half and I thought it was 30 minutes 30 minutes over my life so I had to make a stop sign there's 20 30 second clip when he's just staring at the camera and he's going and then I got to breathe no no Tyler Breeze been Even Stevens in Poland was very intense and it was very enjoyable childhood I need him a great actor Hillside is a lot of times this person as he actually did a long bit where he explained what he got he got arrested at the musical Cabaret like he was at the play and Jimmy Kimmel asked him about it he must have done like a 70 minute explanation of how we got arrested and it was this long yet walk-in players and afterwards I always liked and even so the both of you hold this for me like me you should have told us allegedly not say it was crazy with crazy stories you can watch it and it's still me and you can't even summarize it cuz it just keeps going in front of a green screen to add items. So Ashley and I went to Utah for Mother's Day to see her mother because my boys are with their mom for Mother's Day so we thought we go over to Ashley's mom and actually did this thing that I can't believe she did she said at dinner okay there's a funny video Shia LaBeouf actual cannibal let's watch it and she had like 6 people at dinner watch a four-minute YouTube video that was for that German thing holding someone at YouTube hostage people don't react to the video which is great but no matter what video I should hear people just are laughing but the second I try to do my parents like this one if you send somebody a link and watch the video on the computer to watch a video that moment I don't want to watch people watching your video. And I stand behind it cute for people that's too little bit any more than four people and everyone kind of laughed off of each other like people feed off of each other and the one person I know I mention that I didn't have 30 minutes to watch that whole lifestyle but things haven't had 30 minutes to watch is that Kung Fury video nobody saw the trailer for Kung Fury trailer 6 minutes really long trailer like 4 minutes at least when they get their Kickstarter campaign and everything that everyone is screenshotting is all stuff I've seen in the trailer for when they when they did there and then and I was actually surprised that it came out and it was like $800 and some were there and I was actually surprised it turned out to be a 30-minute movie but people are now just all the sudden discovering it said that's one of the things that like I remember from like 8 months ago and now it's all back at 6 you better than that you know this is the first time traditional monetary value the Far Cry 3 DLC / 30 minute it's a wonder that like me look at the movie the whole thing as a green screen I don't know look like on GTA try to make it look like the intro for a 1980 television show that you like called like GTA V on PS3 do you like to do it for 300 and what kind of city and I feel like the type of people go to that the fact that look over do it and it looks like a caricature or like a cartoon version of what things actually look like back then that 1983 actually looked like what things look like back then thing like that and it's raining or not but it's actually it was really good I don't know where did you see it available YouTube available on Steam there any more game to go along watch to see if the first one was like somebody at valve made a zombie movie was first thing I think it was available and that was without any source that was free to play on Steam the Eastport movie I think I found my favorite winter for holding someone hostage play in the YouTube video it was told to us by that man Yeltsin yule log YouTube Gulag busted you hostage what you lost you lost it so the other I can't really talk and check it out the other weird stories I thought I actually just saw earlier today was kind of disturbing 3 soccer players for Leicester city who is in the Premier League Premier League just wrapped up so the owners of Leicester City Art I from 11 Thailand so the team went out there to celebrate the end of the season and three of the players were involved in a racist word racist orgy I would assume that there's a very strict like cut off of the couch and be involved in like a lion and you could like you walk up and then we know Navy Federal Banking Thai prostitutes shouting racial slurs at them while having sex with him too long wrong with either one of them and one of the stories and one of the players involved with the son of the team's manager she's so fucked up help please welcome to the world the couple who used to you get a woman and torture her and raped her and film it and then killer whale when was it there was a couple who used to pick up women torture them rape them and then kill them after 27 hours without power but I'm thinking is if you're killing someone or doing terrible things why are you feeling but those are also those are psychotic it's amazing what the average person will take and then Post online record and then supposed to align themselves you know I'm doing really dumb shit like the dark farmer podcast update give me this last time has anybody it was kind of dark has anybody like hurt somebody really kill themselves on periscope you already know that I'm just saying like I feel like people all the time and it don't put it off the harder the life stuff I don't know probably do it is to do anything weather forecast of GPS on phone location of 91 most remember careful but when I start it don't have it on a different line at Shake Shack Gwinnett lake lake level 6 and 37 Feet men that satisfy the conversation of like people talking about how great the Lakes doing when people's houses are washed away just like down I think was in Wimberley that they were still in the city or inside a house like on the second floor looking down and you can see you outside the outside the doors the water is really high then I'll just breaks the doors open and the rivers in the liver there's a guy there is somebody on the Austin subreddit that was his aunt who post that video today I'm paraphrasing here but they didn't leave the house every year for 10 years and then just rented like this weekend for my weekend or maybe the people from Austin river trip he's right cuz if there's like if the water comes in the house then you can equalize the pressure but there's no water in the house is water outside the house you're running the risk of like the house is being picked up what is a bad deal you cannot stop it you can stop water and it's one of those things where I don't think you really appreciate how dangerous water is until they get and it would dangerous situation with water one time in their life and giving her weird light up with water before I mean like any kid I was down at some point in their life got out from internet for Galveston to South Houston sharks versus Robert Durst there can you sleep with the shark game at Game replay sharks and divers and the divers are collecting treasure hit the right Mouse button and grab a diaper and then you stick your mouth is like that it was one of those old laptop with Blu-ray VW he's got an old-school Texas guy and his brother-in-law had a laptop and he said my thing that little mouse pointer in the middle the keyboard doesn't work it would have been called and we know the clitoris so he brings it into the laptop repair you know there's a shaft in a car but you would never associate that is like I mean somebody's you apply Kerr sorry wake me up with their blossoms are just coming what you're talking about you're tired of people doing stuff that like it recorded it if they recorded themselves and they put it online that lives forever and everything but that was like political stuff like as we progressed as a people you know and especially like the quality because we provide disappeared right before like a quality really grabs hold when people are really amazing is amazing how willingly people put themselves on the wrong side of History like you'll feel like somebody walk into a school in Arkansas with your books your hand in there just people yelling at her don't you realize that it's going to be like on the wrong side of History finally getting quality and the ability to carry guns in a holster in open carry a can opener there were about that I heard about it nutshell to me for all of you the purpose for epilepsy medicinal purposes for all that have epilepsy epileptic still sell that the law I mean Kennedy's the wall now it's like you can carry a gun you just have to hide it exactly rifle you just can't open carry handle at the moment and that with the Law changes shoulder holster holster with those down here it's only like this what do I throw down please can I go to Michael McDonald Throwdown dancing with the entire time you've been here concealed ok just stick with me on this point don't think you ever sent earlier I realize this weekend I was sitting around like thinking about some things we talked about I guess what kind of spurred this train of thought was the conversation that I had with the telemarketer that I'm fairly sure that this point was a computer that was talking to me this is a story I told another podcast link to a Time magazine article from a year ago or two years ago where that one of the time and there's got a call and had everybody go up is called the record the calls and the guy saying are you a computer because there's a real person here they're saying robot what I was thinking I need you to say you're not a robot I'm not a robot to say that I just would like to talk to you about your insurance? Back and forth like that she's not a robot that was a year to the robotics like you have to tell if they're real but you have to admit it but this is the way they're testing to anyone who ever developing Turing test social situations where something with everything around this weekend I was thinking it was your talk with you because he's a robot a thing that I would not have understood like 10 years ago he won a robotics competition and the prize was a robotics competition to give him a 3D printed Trophy and like none of that would have made a nice fucking 10:10 to 10 years ago there was a robotics contest in one of 3D printed trophy but we're talking about we're talking about the telemarketing think in my life where I'm actually getting to be careful about what I say about machines and what I say about technology because everything we do is recorded now and it's like 30 or 40 years or fifty years it's entirely possible that one of those filthy dirty ass machine is going to come back machine could be on some kind of hear what people said about machine Kerr are you get screwed over you know if you get a chance you might actually regret saying that but don't worry, she will tell you more it actually right so I forgot to tell them wink everything like they're going to kill you would like them but the Apocalypse in the you're not going to get my kids so far so good I'm not crazy take the pulley off a burn and it types out a message to them I will always love you forever and ever more likely to Miss Murder robots for all accounts Fairmont Santa Monica future past but the past is the past disappointment tell him what to do with the break-in understand your mouth is also brought to you by Kasper Kasper online retailer premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost has revolutionized the mattress industry by putting the cost of dealing with resellers and showroom and passing the savings directly on the consumer Casper's mattress is in a specially engineered mattress at a very fair price to cover the mattress and I was just the right sink and bounce to Technologies latex and memory foam come together for better nights and brighter days extra mattress provides long lasting comfort and support my Casper mattress try to talk more about it in just a bit like you might easily online completely risk-free try sleeping on the Casper mattress Casper understands the importance of truly trying out a mattress then all reality you spend a third of your life on this order to machine Kerr offer free delivery and pay with returns with a 100 day. 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You know it's like I'm playing a game that's not typically something anything and everything that I've never played before which is a very common problem no polish no nevermind Norfolk Mercury Vista Point did you tell me feel better amazing you look when you paint the floor like a squid or something weird and then your squid today is a good idea essentially made 44 shooter where the primary objective is not to shoot the enemy team right yeah you can but it isn't like I didn't know and no one else but sometimes it helps sometimes on this right away I realized I have minority opinion everything I read online about this game everybody was really interesting environment you know and I figured out what weapons work best in covering your environment paint and again not always necessarily the best weapon for fighting someone know I use it all the time Kerr Lake like the situation but yeah even the fact that you can like quick spawn on someone in your team like when you do come back you're like they can respond at any point just like somebody else before the equipment and even interacting with the people in that little area anime manga so they're fixing this in August they're going to do a patch you know that you can always read them so you can join your friend but you're not here to entertain at all it just like swaps and there's no voice chat so we all had a PS4 headsets on and had a chat in the PS4 as we talked to each other like a 14 miles and I were on the other team we'd like to just listen to us we're playing against you now playing this new game on the computer the other day is it called my paper now you can work in teams or individually but you start off as a little ball and you have to move around and you could collect think they're smarter than you but not things that are bigger than you so that kinda made a mistake trigger Self Service portal can absorb any other people are playing at like an online server usually tell there's a to Central like you're on the same team no no it's only like yourself and then you move faster if you like attention then separate yourself Kerr ATT. I or something I know it is it only multiplayer every single one of them is a bigger one I think they're in the microwave for you think it's agario agario just trying Luther King site in route stuck in my head like a 10-minute loop I watch the whole thing when you start that game and if we start that game characters not but do you want to play girl boy girl boy neither of the girls are alive pick a girl but he knows that you like him the second he started he just did he walk and the hair clip to the arms he was like nope I can't do this like it's going to bother him too much apparently because the hair looks cooler and cooler I mean I don't know you're so amazing it's a lot of overhead to have it collide with the arms for no reason to lie to me just don't make the water cycle look I'm a kid and you're sweet okay but together a place where to place within its first-ever I might be the only parent in the world that I've now even pay my kids an allowance and they have chores I might be the only kid in the world who have a response to level up my old characters in video yeah it's like it's like I was having to take out the trash it is ok with you I can either you can go to take out the trash or I'll take out the trash and you can level my Gunzerker up to level 30 in Borderlands 2 I never liked me is it a good at Hearthstone I have a farm basically now I'm just like hey take this warlock get them to level 30 that's all I care about you keep having kids for that purpose only pretty much Forest Grove rehab in look at the second one and be like alright look for the headline customer brought before this court that they have to separate like robots and humans I don't want to have it yeah you'll be held accountable for the major races in every spot I actually just sent me a photo of 7510 PCS I don't care I can you remind like in a war against the robots in the future the machine is if we have like military uniforms with captions all over them so they can't see it so why is it that we can't be real words why is it it's like it's a jumble of letters I don't know what this is I found another one right now all of Googles ones like the first word is you that you were the first words what matters in the second word is like from a book that they're trying to like transfer like a lot of times they couldn't read it so they're getting you to do it cuz we're smarter than me Tony Gallagher human rights and history he likes like in Jimmy the Greek where his name was on the air he decided to talk about the evolutionary advantage that black people have in sport and it was like he was gone pretty quickly because Bill Burr has like Bill Burr the comedian Bill Burr Sunny in Philadelphia are working I don't just like I don't actually like horses I just that's why I wear the shirt. really like something you feel like you can't talk about it like publicly like I really like Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I don't feel like talking about it was like that's like because you feel like you're going to know you don't to be seen as competing over like maybe we should try something like I just like everytime I talk about Comics superheroes not yet anywhere on subreddits you deserve this stuff everywhere People Finder 330 people total door you gotta rock with the marking message store also store. Hey if everyone could please store like in production to be great if you could do it this summer coming up and everything it was like okay Google you want to see this what is store on makeup alright I sent Patrick a photo to see if he's got it ready to go I love you does that mean photo Iowa you want to make a bajillion dollars make an app the cell division happen that's just cameras of popular restaurants and their line I know what I want the head I want an app that shows me a camera to The Bungalow conference room so I know whether or not to take him for a walk over there but usually here but we're taking my car earlier I walked across the parking lot there it was in my car my phone in the car we should get for my phone anywhere no phone line problem Periscope having problems right like everyone is telling me lost connection lost connection or just like she never had an issue I think the only issue I had one time was when I was picked up in the playroom and then three other people prayers come in time calm down other than a room full of you guys know later I guess what guess what I'm afraid we talked about we talked about on the podcast and Cooling barbar organize it works welcome surrender people will be with you all of the Josh's girlfriend and then there's me who it was because I are friends and he didn't like that at all the time we actually came with 11 people but they also said I probably said no Block B actually the people at the puzzle room in the one we went to it which is the puzzle room ATX they knew Rooster Teeth soex Professor Miller people there so what was your time limit an hour real quick for those you didn't hear the previous podcast we talked about this Escape rooms where they lock you in a room and you just felt like real-world Puzzles to get out like what what do you say I just can't say like in mind I went you do with a rug with a combination to the safe on the bottom of the rugby at the Fulton Parks and Rec together to see it there's nothing really quite like that no not that I know what we did we got in there and there's eleven of us so we all turned out it was not a big room so there's only so many places you never know people kind of focus and little corners and everyone kind of solve all the puzzles around them like the little ones and apparently we actually did that one of the fastest times if they've ever seen we finished all the puzzles they watch you and there's a woman in there with us or anything like that but I'm not about to say that we finished all the puzzles except the last puzzle and 33 minutes so it took us like almost 20 minutes to finish the lot but those are the only people that all the time to work together on yeah so it's a lot of money these Escape rooms are a lot of fun looking at the wall and so many of the time goes on the more 5959 really well that's incredible I think what they do is if you're like over if you're putting in the code for the last thing I hope you're in the process of typing it and they like you 4 minutes of no no kidding so what's up I know right will The Giver yeah that's good it's good to try their record so much fun robot 21 Roomba just one they found in New York they found our winter photo of me and Freddy and the other guys in your life and the conversation was like what were those the to work with assholes that we were thinking apparently called them to work with assholes but I was so afraid that he wanted to fuck it up for everybody right at the end because to enter a code and if you answer incorrectly somebody like iPhone code like we didn't have to walk you out for a while now I like you Gavin has gotten to the point where he looked at me like he shows me a text like I was like I can't read it and I'll give me a text and then it is like I said I want to do it like he taking a screenshot Green Turtle the islands and then like turtles icons like the Freak Out videos of people picking their monitors broken 2 - 21 by 9 aspect ratio 3440x1440 my next one is like a 30-inch like one of the original like big display ones you guys got it somehow got stuck with it because I had a computer at the time so I can only use this one I guess I'll keep it and it's like really really really you can enter to win by going up Alpha Brain gaming.com what are TX you know all expense paid trip airfare hotel for 3 nights and a possible that this is pretty much the only way to get a passport website for rules and to find out do I enter to go to Alpha Brain game.com enter your e-mail address or login with Facebook can you tell him I wanted to quit can I apply you're probably not allowed to enter or you could enter but you probably would like them there's only so many ways you could still come to Jackson this is one of them but I cannot continue to poor Steve podcast that's really cool man no idea what time I'm finished so the May season for rent play Hearthstone draft up I finished my rank 13 where you at when it was it was not very good at all to build an actual you can make cards that are digital and then play with those cards against real people and also robots blocking her to tell because there's no like receipt for it at all you can buy to card package of 5 cards for $3 and I was like A2 week. Where every day I was just like right now that would be a big deal yeah it's like I have to stop this I have to stop them is it just a certain point iTunes have your receipt they're just like now you know what you may be there waiting to answer your phone like always whatever we play it right back to you because it seems like miles away and I go back like what the fuck the cards have you guys ever the trading card system and seen his existed for fucking forever and I have never got involved in any way whatsoever is making sure everyone has something happened I figured that cuz I got to level up your profile do it all the time so I did my way I think someone get your Citi card you're into the storm no but I got a pic cultivating a Counterstrike lie to me cancelled how to get the thing that always looks like a like a business or like a company clearly tagging them like oh man there's nothing I like more than the Razer laptop bellatoria for doing that it's always it's always rough to see it but I really but a few who did like to meet the ultimate goal of movie like just wrote it out it was Taco Bell Taco Bell don't care you don't you just said Taco Bell Taco Bell Amelia miss you but for some reason like that's their job those were yeah I did that once and then leave the company just didn't say anything I'm sorry that doesn't work I'm not going to do it mean when people like your company in a customer service situation what do which one is the Australian Airlines that charge me $450 for a I got a hold of that one with you and looking for my friends going to the opposite direction and Yellow Cab that's one thing robots are better at than us driving make sure that somebody over in a driving demonstration from the Google car from Volvo was that what is turned off I don't run people over slider has a car so parking and there's a guy standing behind it like I was going to stop and go Lush every week yeah yeah self-driving cars remote so he's angry about in general people like going to bed carpet machine was waiting for him to go to North Carolina CarMax live reaction video burni that's a pretty big claim to be sticking out he was fine he was fine I mean test trust a self-driving car ever amazing still awesome such a funny video video videos that gets funnier as it goes on wish I was there so we talked about the gym seriously it was fun I'm normally not a fan of hypothetical situations but it's fun to sit down and talk about him what happens most the time because I feel like you only have so many thoughts in your life so why waste them on things that are never going to happen I would you think that more than mean calories that when you're born you have a certain amount of calories like 10 million calories that your body can burn in a wetsuit once you process 10 billion calories then you're done your body you said that 3 more miles than other brands are leaving once I put it online it was in a form somewhere for someone was convinced that mammals only had approximately a billion heartbeats in there like a billion heartbeats died but it doesn't make sense a heartbeat and everything about you in your life and every one of them was how many you had to that point your life on your birthday stop internet yep in a coma or something it's like if you're Frozen by a sperm whale or your stupid robot you're harder than ever because you don't have one you need a processor start off like your view of the world black evil heart yeah so apparently the Volvo it was a Volvo it was not they were testing auto-drive they were testing the self-park feature that the car comes installed with a pedestrian pedestrian detection functionality but that cost an extra $3,000 SSundee the calculator you're talking about I put my birthday in and it says I taking children 94064320 breaths in my life and my heart has beat 1411508007 is 36 times as I was the only freak you out a little bit it's really interesting to like I never had no point like you're everything I will be associated with a billion anything definite about that I don't want to know that like a doctor you've done something a billion times project off the ground in gallons produced I would think so but thank you how to get off it's not like it's like coming from like the food you ate isn't it makes it taste different talk show with just cash in this form and Kurt Russell starred in the remake of big trouble little China foxy trailer for Friday Night video show me the rock hey Pat remember Friday night I just saw somebody posted this on Twitter sleeping and trouble Big Trouble in Little China put in their description I love to rock you like to rock I like your artwork if I know anyone who doesn't and I don't think I do and everybody loves everybody even you didn't wear that some guy was going to good morning trip it seem as if you found the Rock and Lane know ya know what someone actually remember the story is exactly it was like being one of his biggest fan do you get engaged or something like that to have a wedding ceremony right then if he says yes and I appreciated it so did the whole thing and that they have to have a boat to help apparently he went to all the trouble to get ordained as for this so that I can play this prank on the fan and I never for any trouble but that's really awesome that's that's really odd that you update your 75 by the way I haven't seen yet little color in the movie beautiful it was really talking about the last time we talked with the color so much I definitely really bored sorry absolutely Montebello cat Brandon Brandon he finally saw your text how are you I lost my train of thought now Colorado Springs Philly menu career goal Tom Hardy apologize publicly to George Miller and I must be way more to the story than what we know because he publicly apologize to Brandon could you hold of you don't give me that Tom Hardy publicly apologized to George Miller director and he said I clearly did not see his vision when we were making this and now that I see the movie I realize that was my shortcoming in other words he must have been upset and not understand anything that was going on but then when he saw the final movie apologized for not seeing the director's Vision when they were upset and now like totally has a new appreciation for guy fixing the gs-7 like the sequel or whatever they'll be fucking he'll be like I'm bored Kerr for more but I have more than originally was living you know with every loves this franchise now the first Mad Max Australia movie was made for nothing Road Warrior and that came to the US in fact about the road warrior movie theater in Houston yeah that was only like 20 boobs 2121 baby give it up who was released in the US in the theaters it was dubbed big tittied of the contract from Australian to English American money involved somehow I think the name for that like a strain of English was one of the worst sequels of all time Beyond Thunderdome Beyond so we're watching everyone and we'll see you guys next week have fun