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RT Discusses The Baffling Bunny Snort

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Recorded: 2015-07-08 16:31:15

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman






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hello everyone welcome to the podcast brought to you by Dollar Shave Club and trunk club send weird Dollar Shave Club Trunk Club talk more about them later so I got something to say right away right off the top just fucking comfortable this sucks I'm freezin tell me about every week it's like a trooper Best Buy describe this week we got Gavin burni Barbara things like here's my problem with the fucking couch but is that I asked you and Patrick by smaller couch and we can make the podcast that more content you guys went out and bought a bigger fucking talking about this it's like I said I'm still really having the same conversation pictures not comfortable how do I get my beer right over here you have burni sit on the couch right now I'm going to Gavin's spot for exactly 30 seconds it's like they're in your colon you're beautiful over everybody it a couple weeks ago what you might have been getting from you I have the best in the world on the best passenger you're the best and the best part about me is I don't know how you feel you're probably both passenger of an airplane a passenger of a car the plane but I've never caused any flight attendant any issue if we go on silently like put my stuff away sat down and just done The Flying Goat off and now he's had to deal with a screwdriver on the bun I took them across the Atlantic Ocean the Atlantic Ocean the first flight I get on the plane I'm in the window so I'm in the aisle and this woman in the window she makes me get up off that we sat down to like fiddle with a bag on my head on the other then we moved to a different people still boys like he's like so I just took Middleton window for an overnight flight Alpha on the wall in the second flight right second flight to fly to Germany I get in I'm in the aisle on the side international flight as I could type it you are not sitting with the rest of the hunters why can you not just tell me so I know when my wife call my wife you want me to my wife I was on that like you have never seen its like I mean it's not your calling 1150 on English on an American flight to Germany so it's not that far away he heard just before the flight that was to let him use it so I didn't and then I move because the flight was nothing like that was on the on the window in the window oh yeah you're right if I could see you too because I hate it so long but you would think I want to win and I would think that I would hate to wake anybody up that's why I've been getting up and walking around I'm actually I get antsy and want you to picture the guy he was they're actually in the middle of the flight he got up and start walking around and like put his hand deliver checks we have a photo I found it 11327 credit and just had a whole bit about the etiquette of here there was a post on Twitter that dude is relaxing a crossbow Aura kilograms that's rough it out the window sometimes when one of the flight from England and Germany and then back from back from Germany to the US sometimes when you're watching the screen on your screen like walking past this guy behind his head and his fingers he knows that has a screen I think I'd like a minute I told you I was just like I just want to shoot myself in the face about an hour later he did it again and started like talking like Bongos but he was like rewinding change in the movie like to the radio I was like wow why do I keep getting sex tricks you want to play this year so far the other way that you know it's whatever somebody for that though is it top furniture in front of me was really close and someone did the same thing there was no like screen in the seatback but he did the same thing where you reach back and put his hands there and he did that in his knuckles were all just cut and gnarly and it's like closing his hands like reopen the cuts and he was like my Facebook now thanks to him really poor etiquette in the window seat and some of his stuff you're Barefoot I do that all the time really put it like next year I'll put it on the back of a chair and sit here like Barefoot because I'm so tall that usually my feet don't fit like a chair like this so I had to put them up somewhere people under your seat or the person that's on the railing and then back from Australia to recline your seat all the way back but she was sitting up in it so she wasn't even using the recliner she was sitting up and doing something like that because she was bored and she seemed like someone who was late with a connection to the play was really bored and we are waiting for five minutes and then one person gets on the flight was completely full because it ran out of over and she just happened to be sitting across the aisle from me in the same row as she gets down there and she overheard and it's full and so she starts telling everybody in the area whose bag is this this is in my space but then she wouldn't get up so I need to know who's bag ZZ and it's not that's not the way it works is you just one but you I have a ticket and then it was like you need to sit down and she was like get your bags out of here it's the strangest thing ever she thought it was a designated space on a driver's test in about it if you don't know you don't know this but she was adamant you okay I didn't know she was thinking you like shake shake here with me by the way I went out to lunch today with Chelsea Atkinson it is her one-year anniversary with the company what are the vehicle for the campaign last year this time and I understand we just want picture lock on with you Naruto children she's helped me a ton in the last year and he was great for the transforming camping gear and everything after the campaign was done and we were busy making Lazer team she was she's been tremendous and so we went down to run and tell you because we went because it was closed on Monday and the other because Ramen tatsu-ya also closes I'm the only one so today I went there the other day there's no I also like we walked in it was less than 5 minutes Shake Shack I don't know what's special about it like I didn't want it I tasted it what is it about this angry the same as everything else bread lettuce cheese meat nothing crazy about it sometime so kind of like an open sandwich this way so that it doesn't rip out the side when you're eating it like that really smart and everything and get that nice good last night then you get the nice greasy end of a burger at 3 p.m. and there's a place down by the other Alamo and it's been around before Austin PT's is Austin In-N-Out Burger Philadelphia brand the name of the restaurant into the bun like that it's like that can do it it's really the approval I guess there's a lady there and she was not getting her concrete fast would you like some kind of like shake and she was just real and the dude behind the counter like it was embarrassing that was they're Everywhere by this location destiny that must be from Florida to 2601 for her. Probably still people in hamburgers the best onion rings you don't know me yeah I find the best pizza fast food into the ultimate fast food meal make the burgers tips for Did You Know lyrics from here and it's very good my phone was acting up I'm partial to the Burger King onion ring you can't even find an onion in it so did you watch this episode I want you to because last week he said that if the FIFA sponsors pulled out from the World Cup except by the resigned that he would take a bite out of everything on the McDonald's dollar menu and drink a Budweiser product and say it was really delicious to supply to resign so the last night something she had to do all those things like everything yeah I was like short on time at the end like you're just trying to get through it all in a hurry to get out at 1 but food has the most densely packed calories meal times what are flights out of Austin butterflies like a boy cream I guess if you get into a mouthful but you probably just use the dentist all of that kind of like protein bar or meal replacement thing right Yeah Yeah Yeahs Natural Foods remember those things that I got those emergency rations super dentist super dense like I know what they are but sometimes all together with coconut oil attack and you have to hide out at your house right now it's any kind of emergency scrap metal ice cream number for Los Angeles 40838 we will be at 1 charge of the next week's podcast and care to see how that goes I apologize she's excited to have any obligations when they're on the trip when the trip the trip I wonder if you want it I want it I want it Barbara hope you found it found it LOL LOL you're going to be out there got sand gavi are you out there in the velvet that we talked about last week I said because after 3 I'll get a girlfriend back that's going to be nice because my girlfriend has been like heads down planning this thing for I think like a month of this I felt like that was hurting what's hurting anything going on girlfriend sucks when you get to the end of big long Milestone like that 8805 I mean I'm just I'm looking for Valvoline at any kind of game even though they don't have their own press conference I'm just want them to announce something he's not really their thing and they just I just didn't answer you steam controllers and it was up to them no what is this just a dream from your PC it had to be the console by Ashley Ashley has a comment Steam Machines Linux Linux Steam games map of 10% and 40% steam machine is 10% by the way is like 18 million games is that kinda like to know if I downloaded the game the other day it was food truck Tycoon is $0.99 when I got back into major way we want to play Borderlands and then 100% of Borderlands 2 this weekend like I finally finally finally together when we first started dating that's how we do for long distance relationship stuff we play Borderlands to play that game right and I really love that place is like I'm right in front of the box I just put it down oh Jesus control wizard that's a good question by the mailbox Something Wicked I took him all the way back to the starting point and put them back in the grave he comes out I was just I was like I'm not going to work right anymore and I didn't pay attention much as you did going to go grab my laptop to do it okay I'll have to see if it's even installed in in World of Warcraft I would call guys yeah I was like hey Berenson Oakley's Crossroads and he's like I'll be right there I have always wanted to try it and I really like Skyrim and those types of games so I don't know at this point I don't even know what it is and now it's time for this now because after I stopped where they completely changed the landscape of the iconic Landscapes of this thing because it is the World of Warcraft cataclysm as accessible as possible that way the people with the widest range of computers and still play it XCOM 2 trailer did not look that great and they said the reason the PC exclusive was so that I could have higher Fidelity models but it doesn't look like it from the trailer by the way I absolutely love so good the first time I put them in the same people it doesn't have the time I'm downloading it but it will we'll see if it gets there video will be all the relation to the entire YouTube coverage 33 is running through the rooster teeth channel so that's where you'll see it all next week multiple episodes of the patch next week as well Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday who's cool give me give me now to the people game Crash Lehighton were allowed to say that your check will be on Game Grumps we'll be on it okay I think Ray Cox stallions going to be on there he will message me or try to work that out and he has the highest gamerscore that we saw him last year mega64 will be there will be there as well I will be joining us on stage rocker flipping off the Delta Airlines safety what is Amanda doing the pizza from Pizza Hut iJustine pizza and everything but he does not like it wasn't her Pizza it was a pizza that had like dirt and leaves all over it gross and weird not the first time I've seen him eat dirt realtor videos like that so he'll do that if you need to come in if you need to make something funny so be it they were great my favorite and they had to yell at 8:30 yell at a trained Special Forces sniper and made it better it made it better addicted harshest I think yeah there before you do you have it on headphones use the feature if you use iPhone headphones you can like click the button won't double click to skip song never do that I tried that cooking thing for all the different functions or whatever doesn't stop whatever it's my next story I'm having the coincidences happen again Define shuffle my brain predict to the next song after we like 5000 songs of Call Me Crazy never ever want to do that you guys you guys Shuffle every single song that's on my phone yeah $5,000 / it's only been there a couple of 80000 seventh track on the album to you never got you that's what I hate about it the album that is single but I have more than like 4 songs by One artist I see the most songs that have I want off this is probably Michael Jackson a hole in it what's your favorite Michael Jackson song colonist really want you back I love that song Free Willy manager at Forever The Beatles were not on digital at all and then eventually came to digital to iTunes was a big deal to come get them or do you want to go to the CDs I already bought the CD so it wasn't going to go back and listen to it like I'm on my flight back the other day I just a revolver and I probably was a revolver in two years which president was I was a look at the year came out revolver to 49 years ago next year will be the 50th anniversary of that album coming out which is fucking insane to me that you're still alive I thought about also the first time I bought that album I was like 20 years old at the most times song movie that you bought in the most amount of different for my friend bought it on Blu-ray Netflix what are Halo Halo PC and in the Master Chief Collection that's 3 times about that Matt Matt Moore College of Art and that's before Army of Darkness like in like 10 different versions of Necronomicon the one copy of that you just never bought something again there's something you like that you bought more than once it's possible I can think of that I have a couple like Disney movies at home on VHS that I bought on iTunes but now I have it on my Apple TV that's it that's all I can read it you didn't read it yet what do I do with this up so the podcast is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club know anyone who still has a joint Dollar Shave Club what's the deal with these guys are the best the Rings are amazing it's more convenient they cost a fraction of the price will break down exactly how the club works you go to Dollar Shave club.com pick one of the three great razors The two-blade Humble to him before blade 4X the six blade executive which is the one I use you get your first box in about a week includes a free handle and a sleeve of Blade cartridges with quality stuff looks and feels like the expensive ones that I've used before executive at 6 they were still with him if it had a narrow strip feels better than this I never got to say it like that before or after that they mail you for replacement blades every month or every other month that's better for you you never have to worry about it again stop doing it the old-fashioned way you're missing out try dollarshaveclub.com / Rooster Teeth that's dollarshaveclub.com / RoosterTeeth the club makes a great Father's Day gifts tips on shaving so dollarshaveclub.com Orgrimmar that's where the mailboxes used to be or it might be about 2 p.m. and you're try to be home. I didn't know what happened what's a good Don't Starve you characterize the main characters appeared over time like a little duck walk where does bus or try to shuffle my foot the way so you wouldn't break it you know when a regular person young person breaks their foot it's like 6 weeks how long for like an old person like you what it was it was only like it was only a small fracture I walked on it while he was here for 3 weeks and I have to wear this for 3 weeks it will probably be later I don't I didn't feel like anything that could help it now for a couple Teitelbaum let's play stuff that I know when you're coming I got stuck in that mode because we just didn't know what you were doing before the podcast every Monday every day we do the podcast with you but the love I feel for it so I was wondering what place in the time I usually relax before the focus of your life I can see where you hit your head and into mine rug burn on your forehead but it's different coming in small the library so we can say hi to her when we go to town and stuff like that the first one we're going to the next Monday and then every time we meet Monday morning what channel is going to be going to put it up early in the morning sometime before then hopefully what to use to play Left 4 Dead like six times there's a good on the plane so we played a good morning Michael I came out there was another zombie game we played a year ago and have been asking about him since then we did where it was too without any zombie-proof like you and me vs. burni set up everything for more than anything else and you can have like I know Fallout 4 what's one title you would love to see obviously can't predict new titles in what was something you like to see a sequel for customers Revenge review what would you like the second one yeah I just seen it on your titles in Skyrim Elder Scrolls Skyrim Elder Scrolls ifucking joined up with those racist motherfuckers and didn't realize it until later poker what's the capacity of forehead you like no no no storm clouds over Stormcloak and it looks like her for the superior looking for not expecting Next Generation Red Dead gavi my microphone it was worth too much right now which is really good yeah probably like you I like those people keep tweeting pictures of a girl that looks like me characters like me at least like 2 or 3 today for that you got me 91143 haha finally run out it's like I can't even remember what happened to the Mets that two-thirds of the ship right now they're flying slug that was 12 years ago and are the first Red vs Blue computer in the spare bedroom in 04 another one can I when Half-Life 2 came out and I can you have to install Steam in order to play it right the fuck on Steam do I have a 5 years experience patch and not 10 years or if you like you can look at your account creation date you should look it up look at my account was created the day steam launch yeah you do with Xbox Live on Steam on my Xbox Live account predates Xbox Live says in the beta great and I would have been pretty hardcore at that point free hardcore Xbox I guess at that point but I don't know how I wouldn't wait 5 years to understand that this make any sense it's really annoying the first computer the way that way way way back today the written drunk tank I said the most important thing in that box is saying they have the most important thing that people profile same I Remember December 12th 2009 what Jeff did you start a new account I don't think so the name is burni the original every time it updates every fucking time are you coming megabytes I got a fucking download and install what the fuck I mean it's almost as bad as fucking flash you know it was as bad as not fucking Java updates more than anything what you can't use Flash gas stations are available today until 5 today I just built a new computer and it reminds me of the stuff that doesn't get installed when you make a new computer the other day I was like I got a Microsoft Word or QuickTime like I can't play MOV file on a PC and I could not recognize 400 Woodside update September 12th 2003 about that date and my date some fucking bullshit bullshit the Master Chief Collection messing up a lot they gave everyone who played it OT St 310 apt 22nd it doesn't look so real cuz it's stupid but I can play it with then he got stuck in the store on the helmet visor and like to laugh and stuff no matter what we did and what level and couldn't get out of it so you can put that you can use the map so he had to play the game with me without jumping on the map oh my God I'm so sorry I'm kind of looking right now with my first ever purchase something I can't figure out how to do that right I mean I mean to have like two things we talked about getting Half-Life 2 eaten by the digital first actual digital purchase I don't know what for me what are the games that were out back then was like there was some weird ones like a ricochet Half-Life mod picture of the Opera wish it was like this through it's been like 2 years how many sort your steam Library by like the first paycheck first game wallenstein there's a game you should check out unseen which is what is close to you and hear you I feel like it's more conversations you have like you feel like I do I hate my phone I thought about you because I download a game called rebuild which is at like a civilization post-apocalyptic civilization can't turn bass tracks like turn-based and you like trying to rebuild after a zombie apocalypse and I gotta say it's like maximum zombie somebody does something really cool zombies and it's things like this that we all enjoyed it was a really cool zombie thing in it you cannot it was like 2 weeks ago I made your show that we all watch the undead in it all over the place what chemicals in right side it was not it was not if you're sick I don't know what I'm doing I'm going home to watch it tonight and hopefully toilet did the sake of the young girl gets in trouble in the in the in the Navy for young girl appears on screen we go here we go barbar said lunch after fucking a girl can someone with Apparently one check and purchase activation date of games on Steam how was even better the second time was with a good night for Breaking Bad the end of the show ya know it I think it was the perfect length they also knew they were going in the show about a season and a half before they get it and they told everybody that like next season the show's ending that we all knew that happens in season four maybe beginning of season for you knew it wasn't going to close in five seasons and that's a problem of Thrones novels is now we're in this Middle Ground of just like we don't really know at this point how long that shows africville executive wanted to go 10 so right now and that's the struggle going on between you and him so I hope you do I hope they stick to their guns and another two seasons of content out over here in the end and if we all like who are the who are the person who lives next to me was talking about the show on the road some people consume the show in this way and it described exactly that I think about the show this it is right they described it as like some beer watching the show just to see like the progression of things and who's going to end up on the Iron Throne at the end of the show and I'm like not exactly what I'm watching I want to see who's going to win images of it's like when somebody dies by ghost ship Genesis Cinderella to Texas or Not Season 2 premieres in two weeks I have been treated so when we all start watching True Detective actually want to start it was her what time we going to talk to him let me know I might have watched a movie that takes place in the on the screen episodes of Two and a Half Men toilet in the number 0 the upside to watching Titanic is it at three and a half hour flight disappears when you watch it even if it's only halfway to give me the amazing sing along movies 1980 full movie sorry we're going to go back there for a second because my first game I reminded seems like there's never going to guess what the first thing I robotics team was on the ship never going to guess Mavis Beacon teaches typing good one good guess how many humans have in the store Fallout 3 I did not have a game on Steam until 2009 yeah I had it so 1130 2009 you beat me by 6 months okay so what you have a fucking 11 year badge on years could you install it would have like to talk to you implant Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 I think I bought on the PC to see what the mod support was like I think we were thinking about filming something in Fallout 3 at the time so I bought it and then just going through a pretty rough when you have a lot of really great to hold you took me a long time to figure that out putting Vegas public schools 43438 I came back the first thing everybody on Steam take it back 2009 12 - 10 times all the movies all the movies that they have available yeah but only released is an old classics everything can I get an iPhone 6 for motherfuckers Garry's Mod guess I must have bought that for you what is the anime version of Gavin wondering what I'm doing Filipino gavi Lottery person people compliment you a lot people happy with a normal complement like a lot of times a day from canadanepal barbar to Jackson the game played today didn't get a lot of ass to give me for the last week well for that Monday something's coming out money to people play Cam'ron what should I can you to come to him actually got a couple in the weekend that was my fucking gavi not okay thanks for taking one for the team even if you want to Brave characters in the game we played today which was really inappropriate and we have a test over that me saying that right there it was alright we just we just fell into place it would feel like it's wearing him down so it gets a pass too much about what are you ugly who's going to hide behind them if you could pay $50,000 change your face any other person's face after all if we got a better nose now would you look and it somehow your notice their faces are used to being hit on with the cameras every time you turn a couple of trips internationally feel like watching Kingsman on the plane to fly to multiple people alone in the past when is all the new movies I've never seen that many people watching that movie right apparently we're playing Division 1 what's on the Boeing flight had that big fight scene that the continuous long shot fights in the church that's not true that is why I would go see that movie again just to watch those two minutes because it's like sometimes you can only see the screen if you're right in front of it when the guy next to you but I was waiting at the airport and the mother fucking asshole right next to me know it 5:14 next to me and falls asleep on the flight and ask you to sleep with his fucking beer no it wasn't there was vodka vodka drink of choice will a doctor so I said that you got on the plane coming back from I can't even remember where the fuck I went just recently I guess I was in LA and I went to the full-screen offices for a meeting then La Russa how many people have seen the offices I'm very sensitive whenever I'm periscoping I always tell people hey I'm periscoping you always say there's no way there's no indication that you're alive there's no way because the plant signal and notify people to not like you know like barbar appropriate sooner but I was going to be careful so I texted Adam kovic and I said hey I'm about to Periscope my way into the building I'm attending your office if you guys have anything sensitive shut it down and he said okay so here's how it works from their perspective is that Adam kovic said okay then he goes but he's about the Periscope his way into our office brusco's take off your clothes that's in me by the time I got all the way in to their office and turned the corner all of the fun house guys were in your underwear down to like shoes and underwear they were under there I thought they were just short so I can tell if it was boxers are not know the guys who were in shorts so I just kept those on the guys wear jeans I just took everything off Periscope which is there was a minute at the tail end of that one where I'm just out walking and laughing because I lost connection and what I didn't realize is that still continues to record you know you lose connection what is a blue Sonic cries at night anyway so far yeah I'm really going to get on me about it I delete most of my Periscope but I delete them or so you can't watching the replay because I realized but I have no ability to edit them and as an example today I was walking around before the meeting and talking to people so I don't know if I got anything that's inappropriate or make something or order something in the moment kind of little stuff today and your credit card number on the screen there's no way it's horrible I actually got into some trouble but I can still get that Shake Shack and I was showing my receipt not thinking like I lost my credit card number out there someone uploaded it to the Archies subreddit yes but they were so nice that they blurred out that number for you Securities look at the second timers liquor store just doesn't give us the ability to do that you know I love you before I want to be responsible for posting somebody's phone number by accident online or somebody's life even license plate numbers for people are weird about for some reason I'm not worried about my license plate number and I actually like myself like close to my house that other people wouldn't I know it's like someone Pro Syndicate the time you show up with the picture of outside of his house and someone was able to I guess see the background and see where his house was and I should have his door being like hey I'm a big fan of figure out what your house is going to come meet you and you try to do that it's like remember that where the Dominos are fucking around with people's pizza and internet was like okay well in the video we can clearly see that the other Don't We Go There fast food restaurants across the street and there's another building over here in there trying to look like we're in the United States to all of these restaurants exist close to each other and it just narrowed it down even Google street view of like that's where they were crazy very careful to meet people but probably not that plan time in Germany we did like a really last-minute me up in Berlin I saw that and maybe like two people spring up there without many people live in a pretty foul and he came like 6 out yet but like we want like really put on a show or anything when having to end it was just like I get out at like 1:01 come what's up with a dude for like 15 minutes but I was told it was not fun I need 2 of them in Singapore because it was like I would not have thought going to Singapore never run into that many people in Singapore when I went to Sundance Film Festival people from Michigan to Utah yet to come say hello to some kind of deal I think they were in the car for hours something like that it's pretty I'm so glad it was like how often have the achievement hunter together outside of our office in a different country Austin August 7th the kitchen summer now it's awesome you're having a blast but we were we were driving along and it's so weird because it's like this is the road to Mopac going south and see the hills in the background details that's not heels on the horizon that's a dark cloud that just for whatever reason was a dark clouds super low on the horizon and it looked just like him look awesome with surrounded by like did you see that image from New Jersey last night image from New Jersey there was a bridge from New Jersey where do they take a photo out so it looks like a giant tidal wave coming to the shore but it's just cloudy who did massive snow are we going to do with a meet-up in LA 1103 that would really make a lot of sense I want to go with Greg Miller to Portillo's cuz he's been talking about this for two something like that are we going to go to the waffle I will absolutely go to the mall I haven't been there since our first time in a little many languages specials all week and we are going downtown tonight in West Hollywood Hollywood it was like a week ago at the Grand Opening of it but they have a massive it's like east of LA about liking a 90 miles so I can have a decent ride but it's a Twin Galaxies style arcade but a massive massive 1 and up 100 is a Trunk Club Believix and when it comes to clothing men all over the world agree on two simple facts 1 you look great one when you look great you feel even better and to the time it takes to actually shop for find and buy this great-looking clothes absolutely sucks truck Club gets it and that's why they're taking the pain out of finding great looking clothes by shipping you a trunk of clothes that fit perfectly and make you look amazing and 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Space I mean on a rabbit spraying red liquid everywhere in a link here on YouTube without liking anyway getting this this is just a rabbit making noises Albuquerque YouTube smacking the TV how does someone laughing grunting Pig not supposed to horse video the rabbit basically trying to make noises 3 gavi rapper the worst ever 48333 right you go to find the third reviews on rabbit let's go if you rub it goes It goes It goes move move move that was awesome thank you for sharing that with us it was like a hundred thousand people struggle so much to make on to be one of them it was a dumb fucking rabbit honking or whatever dude what what size bolts are the games rabbit famous retired Jellycat rabbit so stupid by the way the cat the other day it's what are you waiting for where's the picture of Johnny Cash worth what different present should I get from different countries sound different chicken now he's totally that you don't think he's a traitor would you trade for something because my card was awesome and she have family but we don't care about the girl and she was so pink salmon pink salmon she would like to feel it like I do order the table and I was like why is my house so she just comes in the windows sometimes like she's going to other peoples houses I Shot the Sheriff put out a cat that's in that room with Michael that didn't belong to the people who live there she said that just comes into their house and it's like this when I was there all the time at the owner you like oh yeah that's not it just shows up we don't have time we're feeling awesome did you hear about what happened Calgary there was a couple that rented their house out for Air B&B and I heard it was I think people who rented it here in town for a wedding and they had a party there and just trashed the house like unbelievably so like I don't even know how it was possible to trash the house that bad then head out to the stores and stuff like that it's like they were purposely trying to destroy the house so we got arrested but they only have like a $50 deposit taken care of that we can pull up but it was some type of drug-induced orgy they estimated it was about like two or three hundred people in there what was the damage in money $10 is not reading right here you know I'm looking I just try when we go out like on trips and stuff like that I seen other people's hotel rooms It's fucking amazing what they leave their hotel rooms like a room service cart in my room the moment I'm done eating I put it out in the hallway I've been on trips with people where I'm going like for whatever reasons like picking them up in the morning you're not going over for breakfast whatever see the room it's like other people instead of taking the car to put it in the hallway just leave everything on the roof of his car all over the room drawers in a hotel so I do I do if I'm going to be there for more than like 2 or 3 days I will take everything on my suitcase of yours Richland video this house right now what's the normal nice really nice this is what I found out that there's a video of the guy who actually own the house walking around with his camera from vertical to fuck him in the kitchen bags of garbage and drugs and just food ever drug-induced are you talking about I didn't kill your hotel room is it racist if there is definitely up the ante you're done I'll tell you about that the other day I went to use the men's room at LAX I go in a walk up to the urinal start pissing and I look at the urinal and it's filled with chewing gum people who spit their gum into the urinal and it's not like there's a card in there and pull it out there's a trash can behind you picking up someone else's chewing gum going to step on it but you're going to have like a hundred you'll piss on it can I have the eye of an unlimited budget what does it take for you to that come 10 million dollars please you don't Pittstown to come in the urinal 10 million but all of the girl that's in the urinal when you want no more than Bubblegum PATH train someone else's gun plus everyone's pissed that's on it too I don't know to some reason people gavi near me right next to me it's always like this was the best trip I was able to swallow what makes someone spit in your eye I know you spit in the toilet before you take a dump you have a healthy habit and hygienic habits have any of them first I bite my nails I don't do it a lot but I can still bite my nails the video there a lot of police officers it's like a beautiful big house and I think the guy said that they have rented many times before I have never seen anything like this those people walked away from this probably not give us back our deposit because you destroyed every piece of furniture all the time for some reason piled in the kitchen would like to still mail in the most of the boxes on top of it like it was so the thing about Trina where people were given homes like out of the kindness and charity and everybody was like we destroyed the house it had no remorse about its Premier League season ended so I went on holiday to celebrate the end of the season and apparently the owners of the club or talk to them to Thailand and two or three of the starters participated in a racist or just get together and then started yelling racial slurs at them while having sex with them unbelievable and then they were filming it and sending video of it to their friends back in the UK you can watch the video which pics that in the Goshi ation take all you want to know what a, how much for the evening it's the tornado I know what that is what kind of church like have a list of every possible depravity that someone hands you don't like stuff that we would even know the name of and then I call you I don't do that but my friend Helen does sorry your name people like latex and I can never understand people who like to be like that for something more bizarre like out there like somebody like dumping on tell me something that is like taking their body activity the Stream come with me in a bed and then they cover the middle 8x10 she'd like that inspector MMA I don't know maybe I'll get ahold of you that's okay Tula natural Valleydale Drive pleasure from which would be horrifying to me like that would be I do not want to be immobilized in any way you care for someone I can't move and hit you attack me or something like that for everybody I'm sure stomach or somewhere knows the name not anymore can bring myself to get Triple overtime are you like that answer then how did they have the Berlin trip for a time like all the trips that we've taken is good for the people I meant to say we're in the nicest part of Berlin was it really smelled really bad was that Michael Lindsay said the rain smells like feces it was like that looks so stupid now that didn't play so are you there Candlelight copper smell of it until I like it rains just a little bit because like you said we could always supposed to just be like, I love that smell but it wasn't it was because it was so gross to see what was going on and I understand you would want in a box to fit in the budget is in the red light district but you want people to go she ate with in the doorways with the prostitution is legal there and it would stand in the doorway and have to go she ate whatever they're going to do and then they would go inside would you like if I was one of those guys would be like latex all over the district cited in nickel-and-dimed you're right undercoating everything back if you have a camcorder still and like you always do just walk on campus just filming police in the window that would infuriate them come out and I throw water at people or like banging on the glass and it looks like Free Willy feel up to talking cameras everywhere trying to free their will they go back and set up something like that what's the weather like urinal is the answer to both questions fairy person no I'm not weird salt free vanilla it's all good are you inside? after I told you I tried for years and nobody will answer it what is it what you think not even extended to the bar I guess there's some very vanilla fetishes that people are okay talking about like bondage and stuff but I mean compared compared to flee if you compare all the different types of fetishes that's why the most common one or you just think of all the people are pretty comfortable talking about this like a foot fetish like because I listen to Howard Stern and Howard Stern strikes me as a guy who is very into feet yeah well I mean everyone I need the number for two together on that picture and it's also attracted to Mia Wallace feet is 17 and some weird stuff in the bedroom I don't think that would surprise me buddy has he had a drug-induced rage tour yeah yeah Jewish jokes ridiculous when you say them Gavin no it's not angry and make fun of them they will go out of their way to tell me you know you got the kids tonight so I don't like that answer from Quebec you're not from New Zealand and we were chatting and stuff and it was once again from Australia in Sydney for four years and actually I'm sorry and I know if you want to say your very have a huge rivalry with like even other like it was a state probably because it's loud and obnoxious bullshit I mean you know to America intro is are the chances that we understand that the fattest the fattest state in the United States 20 years ago and she was Alabama I'm leaving now if you look today present-day the fattest state in the Union back then it's thinner than the thinnest 8 now right percentage of people who are the least population 20 years ago the top one wouldn't even show up in the top 50 just people that I do now. People like as a percentage and it was the number one state for obesity now 18% wouldn't even show up in the top 50 out of every day that would be the bottom number 50 that's crazy would you live like that I said something today for getaway or am I just a tablet get the mouse to get to watch it while laying down like this I really thought that that would be cool I don't know don't watch TV in bed with bedrooms for a hundred percent and other stuff barbar how to sleep in a room is really quiet so I don't I never watch TV in bed asleep night time I fall asleep instantly I'm in bed and I bought something today different about this thing is like the most futuristic thing that I could possibly see it's called think thync and it's it's it's like a headband that you wear that has been trying all right here and it's like people swear by it like waves in your hair last night and it wakes you up in the morning that'll do I have trouble with taking a pill or medicine that affects my brain waves Judy said you fall asleep to the power of triangles and wake up early the waves you skip the part where you said what it does I don't know what if you are having a laugh you know where is trying going to die triangle father died triangles have corners in circle stone the circle is more soothing because it doesn't have any looking at the triangle the triangle just understand and we're not stupid if I have trouble sleeping I will put on my video on my phone I'll look into it quickly does Brian like when I reach the next level you guys you know if we ever go to war you should never use the country we should never go to war with Canada that would be okay let me have a slightly has border dude did you see the rugby lady butterfly nose smashed and then goes back out on the field that she has a smashed nose so apparently you don't need muscles muscles but she got a picture that hi where we looking this up we're going to wrap up right after triangle so I forgot her nose smashed and then she comes back out in the field and throws up like a really hard tackle with + 2 - 2 yeah yeah yeah gorgeous you know the day that you were rapping great I don't know if I said last week that it only works about 50% of the places Route 73 do you bring my other cards are aware but I do because I need it for work it's like something computers don't read it if you like your computer has a stripe on the side of the monitor those particular ones don't seem to work with how the fuck did they do last year and it still doesn't fucking work card not swipe one card with you that this thing supposed to start I want to get down to it if I get Apple pay in my wallet by barbar one that you like yeah whatever you know I mean I know people without promise to never used it and whenever we together we love to look at you at sound usual for me that made fun of me we were on the set the other day and he made fun of me for losing stuff I left everything that I brought to the Saturday after that if you want that laptop and for sure you put your stuff in hotel drawers that seems like you're asking for trouble it is spotless because I go through it make sure I didn't leave anything and I wasn't trying to cut you up into triangles you're so disappointed I'm aware that 1 Western Ave at 11 How We Do It we're done your daughter are watching you watching me