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RT Discusses The Thousand Finger Sensation

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Recorded: 2015-07-08 16:32:22

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Participants: Chris Demarais, Brandon Farmahini, John Erler aka Agent North, Adam Ellis






Transcript (in progress):

hello everybody and welcome to the RT Podcast iambranden I am Chris I'm Shannon McCormick is just John earlier how can you tell welcome to the show I think you were on on the spot last weekend I was on this business I had a great time thank you your business you made it sound like an insult why does it hurt because I miss you so much the natural John also is the voice of 'north' North Dakota North Dakota Red vs. blue and was in our Angry Birds sketch that's right I'm good yeah Angry Birds following the company's when you came in to audition for 'north' blue invited back again and again and then Define again they will never come in for another audition and try it again I'm not really certain point it just became clear that I had the part but they never officially told me 78455 casually mention that happens when my TV shows Network TV shows and movie studios no I don't think so I think something uniquely as a yes that you will call you Nick but I had a great time doing words to I mean that that was that was an amazing experience as the very first thing ever did it at Rooster Teeth and I got so many hits and was the first time that like my face has been seen on the internet and any certainty really so I was excited to read some of those YouTube comments like underneath the video and then I quickly was not excited to hear those comments my mom would anyone say real quick that this right here what's the worst thing your mom said I don't know sponsored by both NatureBox and Tipsy Elves he got a bit of an accord so I thank you so much you guys for making this but I guess possible with my mom yesterday what's what's the worst thing she's read and said to you I don't know maybe she could probably all of the shipping stuff on Tumblr that you showed her it's like she's coming over right now have you ever what's the what's the worst thing that you've read in the comments on videos about you guys like it was a baptism of fire for me and then I was reading the comments as I check out at it looks like the original troll face or whatever you're going to call this guy I don't know if you go to 2:35 original troll face are you guys I mean you guys do that all the time like you're totally used to it like what what would have people sitting I first started when was the first one to kind of tell me about it is people associate characters characters of yourself with you and they can get like very angry and mean and like you got used to it but then I think your mom's never do and my mom don't know how to use the internet so my dad he still doesn't understand what we do for love that's not the exact time but that's pretty close I think my eyes come on control room that's what you get Emily cut fluff your beard it's funny today I know it looks like you can adjust is it the humidity or changes made since like 2 weeks ago and it's real nice and came down and Scott reflect the biggest you can make it right now really go I don't know if we're making to make a video like people shaving and we kept trying to figure out how much money it would take for you to shave your beard after we offered you $5,000 and you turned it down or more so serious I did I'm making I made notes list of stuff to talk about and the first one is it just says horse sex and then I realized that this morning I love you list the incidence of tax on the podcast I'm going to leave it there you guys just wonder what that actually no it was this guy who was caught having sex with a horse and was thrown in jail and the interesting thing about this particular story that happened in February it was the third time that he was caught doing that to the in the same place like the same Ranch same horse in place so it hasn't been confirmed yet if it was the same horse or not it was broke into someone else's Ranch and it was just like someone else went outside and saw this guy with the horse did not like it at all kick the guy in the face Trevor Medicine Shoppe and John true I've been thinking about this for a while if you have not yeah just look at me you're sexy I mean he's probably just trying to make a minute or something I know this is going to be another shipping store Center watch recently mad at me question God how much bigger do you think that you would wear something that's like the size of your phone on your wrist mean maybe of the new phones like the Samsung and iPhone pluses to the original iPhone as computer with a Twist addition to the games you can play the game or something like that very old old device nothing nothing futuristic watch Oculus Rift is making it or someone else but there's basically a new Oculus Rift type advice for your hands like for your fingers for like a sense of touch and I think it's cool and I think like you know being able to experience things visually it's cool but touch that to me as soon as I hear words like little sensors and like I think there's like certain vibrations different intensities to your fingers and making a difference straight sets once they're testing it out 180 never really go Russian sex cells if there was some sort of okay is there some sort of device that would that would you look like if you recreate feeling but it was on your penis and you think you'd be able to tie their hand the two people build it sounds like somebody has the penis device and then someone else has the hand device and then they can like it with one another what's it called 202 guys remember the Power Glove you have a power new version of the power of the butt but I never dropped off of the one but why would you even like what I did I'd controller that you put in your hand and it actually control the game so you could have just use the remote or something like it PS2 and as for Christmas and I was oh my God I was most excited I've ever been in my life and I want her playing Twisted Metal like trying you on it and like I could put it on and then it's just the most impractical useless thing in the world like there's absolutely nothing nothing that is designed for and it's it's it's about the sensation of feeling like the Easter Bunny is fake and your parents are dead like all and I want to try this 104 came out they had a controller that with a chainsaw and set buttons all the things that you want to keep myself away from the table come to the table and did you guys see the movie the movie was made to sell Power for Mario 3 right I think so yeah we can change the world Savage that's a lot more perceptive than what kind of the Tom Cruise social aspect of the and the pear you're right on that and then Jenny Lewis Johnson she's the third I don't know tocris you think like all the money and Tech development is all going to sex I think that everyone is thinking that I mean people there are sex robots video sex robots it's like been in people's individual cake ideas for a while and only ones you seen in the past and like you know the robot from The Jetsons but like now like is there a point where the robot becomes so realistic physically and emotionally or just like you know the AI where you're just it it becomes okay what do you mean by okay I know Chris is here and he needs three thousand is a dog's butt how they're just developing a portion to make him so natural I don't know if you have a picture of them pull it close but I guess it does look kind of creepy but I guess the wife people is that you know if you got the previous model you can still do an upgrade and make sure to get like the one with a new and it some point does it become less creepy I think it's I think it's a firmware update that looks super creepy creepy in the next with a gem like instantly but not a robot and they're like their sex dolls it's just really hard to see you come into it yeah it's like full like he knows the most developed a that's where I got all the money is going to be or is it just like how are you doing today I think we should order one I think it's just one of those things that makes you happy I'm going to talk about you know people get prostitutes but then like sometimes they may not necessarily they might talk or just be held and cry Brando we know we kind of talked about doing something with another person there's this sex robot in The Jetsons do you have do you have a girlfriend I did and I she did not buy it using when you say you put it this way or what is this you just passed and you did have a girlfriend we'll see I'll let you know tonight I was like I need to know this information for the podcast what I don't know I mean will it be normal to for everyone have Ellis and lost it a little like a six foot three thousand like a vibrator I am the John 3000 fuck me have you ever you guys I feel like some of those things go and then her too as well yeah I mean I mean there's definitely a lot of their suggestion of a lot of sex in! Like you like to talk about it now I feel bad that makes this robot is exactly Google like every single thing it's like that Google has created this robot to have an I'm feeling lucky button so you told us about this we can make it with you guys it works for us. I mean Jurassic world sequel no I mean I thought it was probably the best sequel I guess this is the third see who I think is the best one probably not as good as the original but it's pretty good it's fun movie and I feel intimidated talking about it cuz I feel like if you haven't seen the movie on the first weekend you can bring it up like you in a few weeks later it's just like let me like fuck your face you asshole why did you see this on like day 1 just finished watching Breaking Bad making bad jokes like I was coughing and he was like Walter White has been over for years and you can't make jokes about it I won't complain about spoilers I don't know I mean you can always request not to have something spoiled I think somebody talks about something like shows like Game of Thrones spoiler from last night that was about the time and I was the scene where Michael Jordan comes home dejected after being a failure baseball and he sits down on the couch with his two kids and they're watching cartoons and then we inserted through movie Magic winter - scene from Game of Thrones where somebody's but I will put in a scene where somebody is you're watching it and that that's one of the biggest last and the show which is the master pancake show I should probably mention where we make fun of movies but yes we did I don't know what we runaway time will tell but I don't know that's a good question like what is the statute of limitations on spoilers I don't know a year I'm going to say a year after the movie comes out May 8th. Like Game of Thrones I don't think you can go a day like unless you just like don't get on any kind of social media like it I don't know how you haven't seen last night's episode of Game of Thrones I don't know how you feel tomorrow I don't know it's like one of those things were just getting my girlfriend like it's my own fault for not watching it but let's put it this way on Sunday night when they show the shows you are definitely not allowed to go on social media and talk about the show that's and then the shows that say at least we think Game of Thrones has gotten more Flack and criticism this year than any other year for like just like all the change there's no change there you changed it diverted from the book so people are upset about that but I just wanted to see the book on screen and it's impossible to hear a love story and I mean so far as Martin was responding to some of the criticisms and it's like it's responding on his livejournal still on livejournal that's it for up to date information on the live the blog about it is feeling flashlight and that he was by the time his livejournal it was like you know you are one of the I want to save life history version of Zynga like Team Edward or Team Jacob you know it was like oh well you know if you really have feelings and one of them as they come over the livejournal just want to post crap there's still stuff I went in the other day I can't watch a video game but I'll find something and I came across this page so that but I never heard that I know I just like giving it one and that's a good name for a site geocities that is a stupid name for a website to a site that sounds good but better than yesterday no I mean I had it I'd like tried to make a Japanese page Georgia cities by county no I never did I made a high school debate page that was riddled with spelling does like the extent of my HTML experience beginning and end of the day archive everything I don't have to have it on there still alive what happened to 20 years was like look who's running for president let's search for Yahoo yeah exactly like Journal livejournal Facebook community has a dick pic right yeah I mean LeBron X robots energy on City that's like looking for a quickly I don't know if I found the best one because I can't I can't tell what's going on over there some like famous women aren't wearing underwear and they get out of cars in the spirit Wesley is a reputable but I can remember him anyway like it's it's the male equivalent of that Barbara Gwyneth Paltrow TV are there yet is that it's him it was a reporter talking and then Justin saying he's adjusting a short and he somehow pops his dick out over your thoughts Venus lyrics to the look like LeBron's penis did it look like what you imagined LeBron's penis would look I still saw it you know I mean I imagine like more like people who are into sports would seek it out first wouldn't you have more of an interest in seeing his penis it's like if you were really hi I am intimate to me is just how are you watching the finals I wasn't watching Final assault on the internet was like LeBron James shows his penis I was like click because it was one of the casualties hardcore sports fans who actively seek like baseball and football where was dick pics my credit where it's just like you know hey look at this it's funny and I'm like alright I feel like something is still time there's still time to look at dick pics and and you got a big life ahead I guess I'm going to be quiet people put it right yes yes I think that you would imagine basketball skill relate to this house I don't know he's one of them is probably the best basketball player of this era yeah okay so how does that plan I don't know you just heard something like that well the more basketball you know the larger your penis becomes really but I thought I was I think that is no power there's a penis you see anything else besides the penis and balls right why you asking I mean I didn't watch it what were the pubes like were they showing in any way with shaving and I work out after like 3 years 2 years when you start working out I start working out like last year my dear how about actually going to the gym how do you like 3 times a week how do you maintain that like how do you not just like stop and do other stuff go by myself only go on errands like come on let's go I'm like okay so there wasn't there opportunities 'gilby' in Australia for supanova and you're leaving tomorrow Erin is out for the rest of this week if he's visiting III there's it's basically an office it's and planes out for 32872 office is that I myself for extended periods of time to get one of those robots you've been talking to has been talking about yeah that will last time I went about like a little over two and a half years ago whenever you and Carrie went supernova and then as soon as it was over we hopped over to New Zealand and film simple walk this time we're not going to walk over here for a while I want to see some animals eat a kangaroo I don't know this one's not a whole thing he's older like a steak and it's made out of containers I think that kangaroo over there like the beer we have here that's kinda messed up so that the population what Chris thinks about this like to let everybody know that this podcast is sponsored by NatureBox you know you're going to snag and when you do it is tasty and satisfying but she's over a hundred healthy and pray for the options to be the Maxim 8 with colors or sweeteners 0 grams trans fat and no high fructose corn syrup and best of all they taste amazing so good and so much better for you than other snack options out there the next time you're hungry grab mini Belgian waffle strawberry lemonade fruit stars and sweet and salty nut melody or personalized to your favorite and get smart about snacking right now if you go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth can get a free trial of their favorite snacks free snacks delivered to your door what are you waiting for go to naturebox.com / 3:50 to start your free trial today so that we can bring any to set to feed you John they sound delicious though they're really really good weed for years have them yeah I getting like the most unhealthy like crap in the world and especially when we go into crunch mode everybody just gets really really fat what is your cruise when you said really really thought well I mean I don't want to it's a NatureBox you're an asshole sexy nature but I just want to try every animal but you can't even know dogs I guess Emoji the monkey monkey easily trained monkey people I just don't like their little people Potomac Edison no I mean like your granny there would be a dolphin and a sliver of a doubt that I would not hurt you do they serve the shirt off and macduff know what you mean I go to a place in Japan with no they don't serve dolphin and he thought you don't go to McDonald's and order and make dolphin where do you and they were eating it I just feel like you know what you're already eating at your door can I have a little piece of that the floor maybe they're done with it and then can somebody check do they do in Japan for somebody nice animals yeah okay okay okay 9 years ago I love my doggy I couldn't even my dog and I draw the line like that and I know there's no there's one but like cats and dogs are no-go eating pigs is it real cute I agree trust you that's a big thing with the pig is that you can gain their trust and betray them farm and I raise baby pink for about a month I still think it's bad but I probably wouldn't like a guinea pig really skinny Argentina then I would rabbits the same as bunnies can I can attack you was not going to charge you because like yeah super happy life ever seen how they like the best in the world because they give massages like 2 times a day if you get beer and walk around give her to put it on a slaughterhouse make you happy cuz there and tell me anything is right at some point in my life it sucks but like I just was like seriously eat a cow chicken or pick all 3 of them you can get away what is somewhere like it makes sense that delicious 5030 plants and we need to start doing but it is cost and efficiency in other countries though it's not as efficient people eat different things in other countries because they're doing with a sufficient for them as cows are us which is what your Defender Dolphins aren't officially get to the top of the food chain tell you right now they don't need us so would you eat a kangaroo if it's here I have been here I mean like in the Australian marsupials book a koala koala a marsupial special person in a survival situation of the person but yes of course Blake Griffin it's a survival situation and he was like it's gone I'm not trying to put it back on I'm going to have a barbecue on Friday would you guys want to come and have some arm just a sliver of the actual incentive like I had the discussion with Joel and I said like you can have a piece of human meat prepared in any way that you want but you'd also get like a reward for it like you get like a car or like a bunch of money and I was like ten million dollars people that was like the only thing that probably $10 I mean here's a question is getting killed yeah there's the story in Germany where directions okay throw that out there very uncommon uncommon so you saying you were wrong I'm saying I was wrong according to Patrick and very uncommon that's it I love it how you turn this in Dan of cannibalism completely willing to give up your arm and wanted people to eat it and there's an incentive like 10 million dollars and it was legal I would definitely think about it but like I can't eat rotisserie chicken can they give it to me and there's just a chicken that's cooked is it cool if I come Thru rotisserie chicken with you read it what did I see the chicken before you put it up in the air it depends what animal I eat a chicken no matter what even if you raise that I would never touch them personally and I was attacked haha so I have I mean I was hitting it with a stick to the wire please tell me they did something to you yeah he did I don't know what but then it started chasing me and attacking me and like roast chicken cutting off my legs can be mean the roosters birds are assholes like Venus eat swans ostriches my friend growing up had a female friend like you could give it a hug and put his head on your shoulder but he should be a thing that when he whistled the Inglewood like a lower its head and when I got to a certain point it would become if I can get into Attack Mode if you fall off the ostrich and I need to run away from it all right so basically what we've learned is that Adam would eat people under a lot of many different circumstances but he would not his beard 100050 thousand I think like I think I said do you like figures hold for shaving my beard it's been over 10 years since I had my beard thousand bucks is pretty fair trim General beards two or three years ago here for some reason I probably probably wouldn't see me for a month or two so I had it is now how to grow my beard because of my acne and I just kept an old friend a BlackBerry video like I know what are you small and I don't like these new phones that are like the size of an iPad like I want to come pay you for being and I have I'm not I don't really have one I just need to email and texting and and and I'm very contrary come here here is features in new phones were like alright I got to get that I mean the one thing that might make me go over to the actual phones but will Apple has this thing called a health kick and I need a lunch date this year and they're in the new OS there going to be expanding it one of the big new focuses his reproductive health and in that you can if you can track some stuff you can track stuff like you know ovulation love that you address this stuff strymon Michael but then like there was another thing female reproduction and then you can have Oswald information but then like there is third-party integration apparently that will also attract like sexual activity like for this day and this time something well yeah that might be depressing too it is and it's like you're just like play like already but I think it just works with your phone to send some ocean and you don't you little track like hell and then like you can see the light there's like an upward you'll just make it what's up with that says don't know it's a dick but I need to see if there's like I'll get back to you and if not I know a month or two I'll see you there watching it happen to think to have sex with your wife but I don't think it's not like I go and I put it on before Google I need to find a you ever actually watch on and you check the time you're doing good just try to like change it and I'll treat you like a lover do you like your watch I'm serious I'm going to get in so much trouble talking about it really was because you hate it comes up no because I guess I do like it I enjoy it do you like the design on it and I'm going to get me here but yes do you like this article on John cities screen the whole trip of phobia and it's not a real from like 2012 what's for some people yeah I've been and don't unless you want to go down to find some of those launches pictures of like you know skin that's decaying with bugs living inside the holes in the skin and stuff go ahead and Google that freak you out at all are you asking me if you scared of circle I was that week triple phobia try to phobia I think I love you it wasn't for you so I know he's married right you know I have a live-in girlfriend is my life partner but we're not officially married have you ever been married have never been married what is the study released and it's just a very vast difference in like the last generation of people who are getting married basically between like ages of 18 and 22 and everyone else and it's not like 2 or 3 years it's like a decade just people just aren't like I'm almost 30 people either get married between 18 and 22 or wait that was it was early twenties but now it's just it's just not happening people are just staying single for longer or living together for longer like I knew I would tell you like I'm getting nowhere close to getting me really silly but it's like I'm almost 30 is it like every everyone all of my friends that I know so maybe one of the parents were divorced about getting into a marriage was in the room with the horse Johnson City Tennessee just change them then it will take more than half the kids much like I want to spend like $100,000 on it hello if you had and less about the money and you can get your girlfriend of 5 years would you wait now probably not but if you were still struggling would you would you want to spend $20,000 on a wedding it said it's like taking that money and travel the world would you be more inclined to get married if you couldn't have sex before you were married can answer probably it the real thing that people do not like I'm not Adam I'm not an afternoon person I know if you in a situation where it's like will be more inclined to get married so I can get some terms for saying if you're in love with someone that's the person you want to be with but they didn't have sex till your married would you because then different lifestyle I mean I don't know I don't have perspective I've never had sex perfectly I'm perfectly aware of that ship everything my dick pics on Instagram should let you know so I don't know if I told the store in the package before I actually first saw John so I think back in 2004 you were doing anything I show you my penis or anything call the sinus show with a few buddies and it was I think you guys didn't think of Travolta's son and it was a bunch of clips about and John Travolta we go every now and then and I think the thing that always would make me remember you guys from that point on I went to weight a show where you were mocking and noodle movie about nudist and there was this thing where people who are naked to come to the Alamo Drafthouse make it can come in and watch it for free and there were a lot of real there's a lot of them had both situations about both situations and at one point you were thinking a giant teddy bear suit and then your partner only and got completely naked and is the first time that I've seen a grown man naked in public well welcome to the we should give me the number of the show that I touching each other with naked people in the it's just a sliver of that night at 4:04 okay I mean we started the show which is now called 380 every week at the Alamo Drafthouse for sure the week we usually do big movies like that right now we're doing Terminator 2 we did 50 Shades of Grey in February that was great but back in the day we were still sort of 10 years ago with formula the magic formula of mst3k and so we would do like weird bee pictures from the 19 fifties and sixties that nobody had ever heard of like the one you're talking about I think is nude on the moon it's okay I told him that was supposed to take place on the moon volleyball colony in Florida or something like that they were just you know it was clearly now and I don't remember the Bears to buy but a few days later I went and I choose myself again and I told the story to go in and I was like and when I walked up to a guy and talk about how I saw him naked now I'm that guy and we should be clear for the other sketches based on the movie you know service the halftime show in and a lot of those sketches involve nudity or something I mean it's never full nudity but there's often standing here like I'll be just me not wearing my underwear and nothing else I've heard the people get a little peek of the old ball sticking out the side of the underwear yeah I did not bring it up for some weird awkward really and I'll talk about this podcast is also brought to you by Tipsy Elves America land of the free and Home of the 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that's tipsyelves.com and enter the code teeth we practice this where you put the song one foot in and one foot in the leg and then I I know I was I was trying to be quick alright well maybe check out the website that's like really fun cool stuff that I think would be cool to support during your fourth of July festivities definitely something that you know do they come with instructions does trout have a pretty easy time getting into it but when you did try it on at home it looks pretty comfy yeah it was a practice that was very nice I will definitely do that 2checkout Tipsy Elves and all their cool stuff and all the cool features and where will rate traumatic Leo will check back in with Chris and a few moments and see sorry I'm sorry it's okay if you don't want to pressure you like that very defensive you think I'm a bad guy I don't care what was the thought process right there you look good you want to tell us a little bit about this room American little complicated but I don't know comfortable yes I know Chris has been gone for like 3 weeks right from there you been you been next door working always or two or three months what is it like to I smell I mean I know I heard and invited blend into our office because even though I was mentoring him can you put into your body into your putting I don't know man I mean I'm glad to be back over here in this building is it weird being back in your office really just want to sit on my desk I don't know about half of that shit I don't know how to eat macaroni and cheese from Kraft so that's not my shit there's a bunch of packets of macaroni and cheese on my desk there's a company that you very only I only eat the top level of macaroni and cheese I love to eat mac and cheese that looks like plastic or is like from Powell to the coloring and cutting the orange good whatever I don't care anyway cheese it just looks like flat like nacho cheese from like a baseball game it's like we talk about all these bullshit you said I want to talk over there she's on the internet tacos just saying like the cheat and it also shredded cheese I'm way more likely to eat shredded cheese and I'm actually like a slice of like cracked flat you know like the crappy that you like him Eric individually sliced that you're going to American outfit the plastic version of what about a movie theatre company is no no no no no yes but she's with now process I don't know I'm sure I will eat stuff I just don't know ingested the process I just know where I mean but like cheese whiz at a restaurant I mean Billy yeah I have not it's it's very common you get with that I don't think I do I don't think I did I don't know that I think I mean like if you were to go and she's like you know like Muenster cheese well what happened to you when you were a child don't like liquid yellow things mustard I don't know never get it right with mustard I just I don't like mustard I never like mustard I try to like mustard people are like oh well I know you don't like yellow mustard I'm going to try to go have some Dijon like really nice mushroom like all right I'll give it a shot it's okay I just don't like anything I've had it was that's been ordering food with Kris for years and there's always this is just always a lot of sealife I got to take like a giant mustard container and just squeeze the fuck out of it and like half of it just like squirted and Chris is mad spoiled it wasn't spoiled that was so gross food aversion is mustard Macho yeah yeah absolutely and then yeah that weird she's weird she's are there any other things you don't put in your mouth there's nothing really me too I mean I will eat just about anything I will try anything once if you're going to try have a sliver I mean it's what I like so if someone goes like this is this is where wax from muskrat Peter or worse if you have somebody's house and you accidentally see a Fleshlight or one of those sex robots where are you I would be if I open someone's closet and there was toys not ask for something it's like looking at a flashlight have you seen a vagina it is the fact that it's like that truck you're trying like my head if I painted my hand like a little woman that would that would be weird this is not anywhere close to home sex doll I want to see that feels like a vagina so I can jerk off the other thing is I want to try and recreate a woman and jerk off which one flashlight is a minimalist approach to a vagina and like a fucking fake sex doll is what I mean you know like an AR shoot like warm and funny it's like the closest you can like mimics The Human Experience that's a little numb and I'm never going to be can we see a picture of a flashlight is that that night we know what it looks like it was are not super weird no because you're not the thing is is when you're jerking off with a flashlight but not that and just to clarify I never actually use the flashlight on the table but if you're using a flashlight you're not looking at the flight going wow your so hot flashlight I know I'm so turned on you're looking at porn or whatever and then you're using a just be clear check out the fish you think they'll be like flexible dolls they have fish that look like that girls use a dildo look and we we don't all use a flashlight but I'm sure there's a flashlight that looks like a mouth or vagina and they just have to like create a tube on the other end I see what your saying about the it didn't look like a human was an alien didn't know cuz it still like it still making the object that you're using to jerk off with right more than an object its price on why isn't that what you wanted novovino something else that is going on walk it like open your closet would you rather than find a flashlight or Sally $3,000 dinneen 3009 Sally thank you very much Sally Field you're much more receptive in mind let me just like okay he just wants to get close as you can so you can't hardly wait will jerk off everyone will do that all right not everyone has a surrogate person to have sex with a lot of saying no I agree with that you have a lack of human connection that you need to know reject onto an object STD panel robots have sex with you that would be cheating I agree that's cheating would you would it be cheating to jerk off with your hand but he's asking to The Human Experience he wants to love second date 'north' program make it and all that stuff why not just spend all that time trying to communicate with a real person some people have problems doing it sometimes it takes more than I'm not at home I don't think it's wrong to have a sex all that's all that's not what I'm saying I do think that on the record I do think I would rather have someone walk in on me jerking off to a flashlight in someone's life love to a sex doll making love what would you do to treat it right right you couldn't yes I don't there's there's a disk to me it's like it's it's a physical thing that someone's just jerking off with horses you're right that was it Wizard of Oz sex pot oh yeah but I don't think that you well I guess it is was that really truly didn't I am not that we're doing but I don't remember that part but what are you I just remember that guy kind of weird but still human and I'm being just me well we need to respect that then I don't know is his own I suppose for her to eat her own or their Wi-Fi so you would rather have the the robot in the closet yeah then let me ask you this kind of brought this up before anyone feel free to answer but I won't put it on the spot if you could have a threesome but only if it was with the sex but with you not a threesome mean what human bring in any other sex story no I mean I just feel like no no no that is why you say no because you wouldn't yeah but it's like having the experience without like the awkwardness of finding somebody being like hey I'm going to do this no but it's not I don't think it 5 years I think everything I'm saying is going to be a lot more normal I think we're closer to online handjobs to the internet then we are to people like normalizing sexual love how does the online and John were just curious does that work exactly I don't want to put a vacuum or something just like put it away you're talking about it Oculus hand job right now but then you said something it's your fingers and project a feeling to your fingers and it's like well that's one step away from plugging that into your penis I know but would you put that on your penis that's the thing that I like the idea of putting something over it electronic what would you do it I wouldn't do that I don't think I would until I knew the technology was proven to be like you have a something to put all the things you're talking about exists there remember this assuming you have to be proven technology that it's safe let's say is true then we can we Google go to Conn's and they trying to hundreds of people that put that on like that I put my dick on it Dick's exercise and putting his wrist and there was touch your eyes what movie was dicks in your eyes I'm not gonna have sex with everyone else's had sex with this you know if your face is kind of dangerous I know that people feel comfortable using those airplane airplane airplane is dangerous what are you fishing at what are you trying to get me to fly in an airplane what about an airplane it makes you feel comfortable enough to fly and it's a few guys that you would need for so long we can understand what you're asking you're comparing me having sex with a flashlight I'm saying like you want I'm trying this one more I guess it'd be like something where it went the consumer Market ok alligator reports you want you want very popular all the tech blogs love it online what is it exactly I don't know robot I would imagine it's like it's like a thousand different like fingertips just alright is feeling more like that's why I like that the more point of pressure that you have the more intricate the sensations can be it's just science remember people give me a call at this but all very gentle and delicate like now play the role as the role of that successful is the Apple watch and people like it would you try it would you try an Apple watch right now the 2015 interview I'm all for making robots do stuff for us I don't know I'm just saying like a robot is going to have to like it's going to build all the parts and have to build a part in the entire house completely out of touch of a button giant building size printers complete did you see the video there's no way to contact you I assume it's just robots that are trying to like programming to walk on two legs but it looks like they were like completely just like a year ago travel answers except that she didn't want to read the description because they are they're just trying to figure out like they are and like I said yeah I mean they just don't want them to get that working robot to do these things as quickly as possible so they can take that and put that killer ass into it I don't think there will be army robots theoretically you talk about the robots and things like that already drone robot the giant robot well they're going to shoot more than let me know just be robots that are so it's like what's up what's up but like a robot it can do things in life and and well with the robots but the side that doesn't have the robots will be receiving a life without life that's kind of the robots 2 can't believe they have it will be a super Army of like they can crawl and short circuit sequels better than the original I don't know Army of robots would be would be powerful and I think it would be hard to all I'm saying is how did we get here so much more Firepower like someone shoots has a flamethrower into an army of robots but their flame resistant robot what about it what about robot against you know Russia's best robot because we're still at war with Russia in my mind but like and that would eliminate human suffering that's a good one virtual Wars we like look this is how yeah but here's the way it would work is the way it would work is it would be like a thing where you say okay this is how many people we have in our country is that many people you have in your country here's our technology we're going to build a virtual Army and you're going to build a virtual Army and we're just going to make them fight each other you put your best strategist at and then I'll pick my best friend design it would be such as the same outcome and then sorry the game I'm not going to give you my country president I would like this guy I mean there have to be someone you know like a judge who would say all I want to do with the rest of the surrender have you ever risk could be risky and river is the Heartland like the distance real world statistics like okay well there's a snake in the country there's just me you know I like and you like the same as before the war I think you should eat something remain quiet she reminds me of a week for the Terminator trailer it out it was forced on me just like they were if you like the big sports like a big thing in the movie that we just completely throw you like about it is that trailer spoiler show the from beginning to end what happens but I didn't like my girlfriend never seem to matter to you so I like I was like you need to watch this and tell her why because I was just so excited for her to see you know the term cuz I never got to experience this year Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator he kills people so she knew going into it you know Arnold Schwarzenegger the bad guy did she yeah I'm going to give her the background I was looking on the first movie Schwarzenegger haha it was a joke said it's just like waiting and watching for what her reaction would be and then you get to that point where enough shorts and Egger in the mall to sit down and like you drop and they start fighting and I was like watching her reaction and she just kinda like oh honey not the bad guy been hoping for interview pulling something like I don't remember Loop. Find out Luke Skywalker was Vader's looks like you just know it at some point dancing with Star Wars thinks Star Wars is just so ingrained in our culture that it if you don't know that you know say it is it weird that every yeah yeah it is it's like it isn't Luke I'm your father it's no I am your father quote explain the context it's like the most popular thing in the world to get strong Play It Again Sam I think we're about out of time on the podcast but we do have a special supplemental podcast this week featuring entering the balls out movie Titan Eren and then the writer and director of the movie balls out here special supplemental featuring the writer and director of balls out along with Chris and Erin Markey and Gus and Gus sorola Audio Only though so make sure to check that out I'm sure it'll be pretty awesome thank you so much John thanks brother but you are an absolute pleasure talking to Adam about the pants I'm sorry alright come say hi and you know what here we have a code word what's the code word if if you watch this podcast come see the word really is this hard to say the word baby and then I'll know what and where if you watch this podcast a baboon and I found your regular guys are so sexy but I will see you next week and make sure to keep track of our E3 coverage hey everyone welcome to the supplemental audio portion of the podcast a few of us here for Miller podcast faces got done playing Chris Herren and gas this week we have a couple of special guest joining us guys who helped or who made the movie opening scene balls out on 19th June 1930 the day didn't want to say so at the office the other day I was out of the office traveling and I missed it I was like eating something and doing something and I was way out of her and then like I said I saw that the first five minutes I was like okay I'm just down party I mean oh help what's it what's the thing the room went silent and start watching it was like that's a testament right there to the quality of the comedy drinking and having fun you know makes sense yeah I definitely like her friends first written bible commentary that have like sports movies and just like call so much attention to the fact that like they do in sports I think you know what you said about wanting to make a movie that you could see you can picture your friends watching that's a lot of like what drove us and would drive us and you make a narcotic as we know when we look at it we think it's got to be enough people like us in the world if we make something that we think is funny yeah I know people who would agree with that right now Adam Cena shared expenses like being part of a party watching that movie it's like you were at a party get your skin on your side when it's over cuz you're like where my friends go guitarist production Blues it was very friendly but also like them you like improv shows with the actress would like that probably shows and I can bring out the cast and crew and I just feel you don't have that you never want to hang out on the weekend to chemistry comes across on screen I mean you can't you know what I mean you can tell you guys are hanging out I just realized something we haven't talked about with the premise of the movie so from what I got I watch the trailer going to try to stars are in a dollar I want your 5th Year seniors for going for one in college one last shot at glory intramural football and that movie was originally called falls out balls out it rolls off the tongue where are you guys your friends because it kind of came across that way I feel like we're getting most of the guys I've been friends with Brian and Nick who are like this kind of group and I used to watch them all the time actually watch like 3 other videos before you got here they're fucking they're so funny they're so clever like there's nobody else quite like theirs and theirs are constructed from a friend who plays member of the Cobra Kai face down or something about a song about a man in a group with Nick Rutherford good neighbor and a lot of friends and people who knew each other in a DC Pierson is one of the commentators anything super I wasn't super fun night with good neighbor and that you showed me all their like you to add it as a concentrator and you weren't like Superfly yeah I mean YouTube play a big role in our casting really started like candles we got taken and John because she is deaf she's so funny and we knew we wanted her for this role and we made we make videos for movie and who we are and just her style and they're really going to want to talk funny fighting use endearing let you know for an actor to get this much as a script but also a very personalized video to a computer movie like we want you like that you are meant to be and I actually saw I think a couple of those videos and it also really told you a lot about what the economy still would be in the movie it was totally like what I was like that that's balls out the movie and what a better way there's no better way to show the concept of figured like this if we are or not I don't think you're creepy but maybe if you if you think the script is funny you come on let's make this a year ago I was trying to buy a house and my realtor is like listen to me about offers on this house it really helps if you like write a personal letter and make a video or something you show the homeowner that way you can stand out vacation offer your personal to you but you can YouTube almost as a recruiting tool says this is the kind of thing where you can shoot something just make a video and let you show me about proof-of-concept you can visualize it instead of just having to read a pitch for all you know it was an option of the script yeah yeah yeah yeah one bar down the street all the time and talk to the bartender about the poodle dog she was like oh yeah I've been there once really what was it like she said the day I walked up to the front door and there was a couple who was a middle-aged couple in the bed of a pickup having sex in the parking lot more like a straight answer because I thought yeah it's like even if the music is like a lot of synthesizers that we may have to throw back the way we feel like we grew up with them Kathy Ireland when I was like 12 I think comedy writer hot rod American Summer and we definitely can't believe all the people there in that movie I walked out of the end of the movie how to make a ceramic non sequitur we going for me one of my favorite things that you did was he when he was in Seinfeld and he was in Kramer goes to La you place the guy who stuck in the back of a cop car with the Jerry and Kramer the triangle with Jerry and George and I go and try to find Kramer just like playing like a crazy I would like to go to the city love is like Kirk Cousins Prescott Circle the script or was it really to be in and just from seeing him perform you're like I got to have him can we have this relationship that I don't know I just like to play with them in such a good listener and probably just come up like a little bit so I'm not in the script at all so I think he definitely has a role in always smaller than the page and look at this Regal Cinemas and also we have a great like austin-based cast to and I will Le I can't imagine but like I said I don't know some great local actors oh yeah he's beautiful those guys that just gives you the weirdest line Deliver Us will take a very normal line that should be like just like just even look over yes all Zero Charisma that like rekindled my desires are playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time the first time in like 20 years ago there was no he was an Archer well you got half of it right and that part is half-elven so I can change into work today I mean it was from The Raven retrieve from Laura who is the production supervisor and Lazer team we're talking about she was talking about those and driving so I will have always really wanted to actually do it and so she like I will have some friends you can do it you probably know when you show up in a plane I mean is it is it is can make me when I like to the dungeon mastering thing and like make up a story and like maybe I should just write a script do things for you to make a movie but after watching Zero Charisma to go back and do some scenes inside of old game shop called great holiday I've never been too great but after seeing that story was really cool so now it's a place I've been to regularly check out a place that I've never been to this movie on my PlayStation were there any bike from memory like something that happened and then you can look right into the movie experience like a lot of knowledge prison sequence friend of my brother's where a guy was who was arrested for using this just a random guy I don't even know the guy just heard this story to make me laugh where there's a guy who got arrested for public intoxication the squad car he thinks he's going to like federal prison he doesn't and he's going to get drunk today psyching himself up for like I need to fight somebody some old man once said what are you in for kid and he said murder it's like way before I did someone gets arrested for murder and they just take thrown in the drunk tank I think that thing is such a great escalation that I love that scene my favorite things that I think it's my favorite little just like I just get so out of control funny what talking about like different classes of the prison right there another Austin movie makes me think of office space when they try to find the different types of joints Federal pound me in the office actual office space location for sure that it was like right around the corner I was like this room reference the second question we got it right back up because we Premiere the movie times for the movie and it's like we're on the edge of our seats and I'm not going to work the first screening went pretty well and the first quit the first two questions to get the first one is like this 12 year old kid in the front row and raising him and his remove a car Miami nothing for the guy who in that prison scene has a great mom great actor just grabbed I have the mic my hand grab the mic for me and you because that question Sunset a question and just like I'm coming up to it have you ever seen the rain CCR movie all your people so people right now tell you that they say that she reminds with the room it's funny when you put it up time down the road for people forget if it was a reference to something or not like we had a video that we put out four or five years ago that had a reference to Anchorman San Diego whale's vagina and now some people see other references and it was with the giant at the look at the reference in the future tent trailer and I want to say it looks like he's a sixteen-year-old emo kid pornstars in it too it's like really what's great about the show is that there's establishing shot in the show that they go to the outside an apartment complex at their managers of an apartment complex and a transition between scenes they just go to the same establishing shot CC and it still anything in 10 seconds and say one line and then we'll go back Greenwood Christian react so I just know I just said the greenhouse Trilogy completion at the house so then I can make it better than the neighbors knowledge that he's two different characters in it and then there's another time what happened to wrap things up thank you guys for coming out their mind everyone that comes out June 19th and if we go see it perfect for parking lot Got7 Jackson and Michael Jordan thanks Karen and Gus