#329 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses The Great GoT Divide

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Recorded: 2015-07-08 16:33:42

Runtime: 02:15:59 (8159.31 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Ashley Jenkins, Blaine Gibson, Brandon Farmahini






Transcript (in progress):

I do that all the time brought to you by Credit Karma me undies and Squarespace there's two where's my Squarespace me undies Squarespace find sponsors later in the show but for now this is burni truck but I think more like a Hall and Oates 5:02 yeah I can totally picture you like singing in the shower wondering what do you know that we don't get is why are you bringing this up like that where you really you walked in Taylor Choice holidays good to go how do you know which one is hot which one is on the left Blain they're all going home did you record it Armor for Sleep Encino yeah there's old men ball sacks in the gym and openly making eye contact with an asshole I mean so you talking about like I said you do a periscope Today Show when your girlfriend live in party for the first time ever it was wonderful no she hasn't but she seem to surprise me she seems fine she didn't know initially when she thought about it for a while and she put she thought about it Regal 8 no no no I'm sure that the whole I'm pretty sure every dude with a penis is that right what's your form no I don't consider certain direction God you heard Hall and Oates and no hand clap compacted down now yeah he likes to push people more than 3 people ask if you got a haircut very careful because it's like it's very noticeable haircut really long and I cut it down to more photos that you have which is your primary publicity photos you with very long hair in it I didn't cut my hair for like a year and a half from that time that always freaks me out everytime I see the older pictures with you just like you barely know me and I don't know until like 5 basically gets and then just like he reaches this point we go out out out and then go screw himself who is and I was like putting straws in my hair and I can forget about the rest of the night and I did showing you that and then later I ran my fingers through my hair and look for straws that fell out of my hair I felt so bad that night who is his friend Lester saltworks YouTube get on me with that little ring toss game you know the game where it's a string it's got a ring to make it to and you try to hook it we're playing it I got it wow cooking show $200 on me how much money did you get lost in life and put his hand on my shoulder he was like you just like having someone financially and I feel terrible for some time now get directions for hundred bucks actually lose a hundred bucks right as soon as it happens forever now let's just cool what's your likes me we're good we're not sure we even have to ask questions like that people this is a betting is just like him exist unless you win I thought you forgot what the biggest bet you won or lost Hamilton about Gavin of the huge one what the biggest bet lost but I don't want to walk into the door locks are divided between people not like they can ask for so much less to lose about $6,700 that night really fucking ring on ring yeah nope they just racking up on him so much I want to do roulette table and I was like 5 blocks in a row on a roulette table Everybody Take It Easy so it would go against NBC 5 red General in Native American black hair red if it's black I need like 5 blocks thing5 of any color it would not affect that would not make me want to bet everything which street has some people vote against record against Ravens more or less likely yeah I mean if you would predict will that happen it's unlikely but when you're there and you're looking at the next role it still like 48% chance each way hold that against it naturally get a hundred dollars on the table and gamble all night just super-excited on one roll of $100 sitting there for hours everything and it's just it's so stressful because it's just like you have minutes on your like strategizing we're going to put this this and this are you going to on the outside summer it's the most nerve-wracking thing in the world but it's unbelievably sad if you also like War I don't like War I'll play it so when did war become a casino game for a while I thought you played as a kid and in fact if you go back and watch like National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation there's a scene where they go to like a city off strip casinos and like they're playing all these weird not casino games and one of them is as soon as you walk in it's just facing you but I think it's like trying to Target as many people as possible then you'll have casual gamblers who maybe we'll kind of go in and out but like that's what you know pull them in only played it when I went with Aaron miles is girlfriend to Vegas miles is 35 you asked if you played it also the time I went with you know Aaron was not there to drag you away from them girls wear one thing and then you would wander off I said that I was playing one time recently because I heard of your body and it was his asshole who is taking a swing by the way it has to go to this party podcast RTE 3 for a week now got up from his seat and went and sat down at the right of me because he felt like oh well this guy is lucky I'm going to get on the other side and try to take his life and it's like hey that's not going to help you but you assholes yeah it's cool it's like the worst thing about this or other gamblers who take gambling way too seriously like when you're at a $10 blackjack table and they will give it to the new player because they didn't play blackjack right now hope your cards whatever it's like they're playing a game or go to a higher table right beside your fucking professional is when she makes you mad when ever you don't go to go to Vegas you're trying to try to play Blackjack she makes a mistake and she gets chastised by someone not sure if they're done they're not going back never go back again I completely agree with you and that's just saying is the guy just deliberately went and tried to get on the other side of me cuz he felt like I'm going to screw this guy over so he was like yeah person for changing the table you know is it seems like way too superstitious and they're more than willing to share that with you and then you can just shut the fuck up crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy on the plane on the way back to make her mad as hell we had words with a dude on a plane after that she got there yet so we put your laptop in the overhead is it a lot of laptops in three of my normal bag with my normal life but his razor and another production razor and then even another computer ashle laptop into bags and we put them up in the overhead bin like we were talking and he standing over his back and he's got this carrion bag and he's going like this like trying to fit it in their jammies and ashle hey what are you doing and he just completely ignore her and goes and sit down if you finally get to the fit then we get up we open the open the overhead bin up and he just like our laptops or like in the way so I can send them back as hard as he could until that bag would fit it so we stood there in the aisle yelling at the guy likes directly on the plane but it was just like you did you were stealing he replied and said he was sorry I was listening what's up on the backpacking bag with someone's personal belongings in a fucking idiot fucking I wish I was the guy that was in the plane was going to cause a scene on a plane and his demeanor was in a rush and he was holding up the aisle where I'm going to get on the plane and I get to my room and I have the aisle seat and there's a woman sitting in my seat so I can double-check my boarding pass and she looks like II am waiting to get out of the aisle and she's just like you somewhere then she gets up and moves and then there was already a dude sitting next to her so I sit down and it looks around he leans over to Migos we know you're in the wrong seat ladies get out of the way work for the Airlines flight attendant thinking no one's going to question it was news super organized and he was having none of it as soon as you land everyone's like I never said that I don't never understand that images of the people who get a coffee and a peck it's like you're standing maybe in their way and they could be a foot closer to the door show me to sit down I mean this is fine I'm we're all stuck here for 10 minutes and then push push I'm from New York and that's what old people do they go to Miami when you live there and Supermarket people keep looking to place your line and put you to quit pushing your luck in court I'm not going to go any faster another thing I noticed in like Florida and Los Angeles as well as if you're the light and it turns green is like that's kind of like you know like they say it's green but not always terrible at it turn green the other day I was 5 cars back nobody was moving I'm like what's going on so I start talking about 5 cars back are you telling me for cars in front of me looking at the fucking phone different car right there in the front car and it turns green and you're like to go you're like putting your foot on the gas and its own talks behind you that isn't sure even worse there's a funhouse employee that does that and I can't say who it is somebody everybody at every Green Light it's like it's like Joel Rubin Bruce I'm sorry for telling you all but I did notice he's got a nice car I like it I just joke I played a game and online game with him the other on top of it direct everyone around on the battlefield I go here I go here awesome he was a big help because he took over for a lot of the social medias Floyd's iPad I'll be sure to give you for Christmas I'm giving you I'm just kidding over the course of three but he was great he was on the people I stepped up and once we did something once he was there every single time do you think everybody is like huge help having those guys that was fun I was like stress on my mind but it was a lot of fun one day one where we had at 6:23 for those of you don't know YouTube had a booth on the floor for the first time ever and they had Leisure to host all three days on the show floor Jeff Healey did like a big press conferences on Monday and then we did Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I guess you were there I was there we were in charge of scheduling everything and then you can provide the booze and the tech crew and all that other stuff and we had one go figure with GTA 1 Let's player who came on to play GTA and they just like it was just like technically it was it was not ready to go and we stuck with that a little bit longer the lesson one do with bump on YouTube from that YouTube safe or they give us we didn't have a choice at the end which brought him back later and actually ended up cutting a podcast on the last day which totally makes sense because after 2 days of having podcast we really had nothing left to say cuz nothing new was announced Wednesday and everything was pretty much and now it's Monday and Tuesday that was it so it was a blast I mean that was a lot of fun we went through that day and then we had like 4 or 5 YouTubers today too we would have liked exclusive it's like that 10 episode 20 game demos across the three days we were the first to play the new Destiny stuff I just brought the kids to the booth so we can play Destiny Life Is Awesome they have a wired network cable did you think was Wireless cuz you can't fake the multiplayer when we don't know who they were really fucking good I look like a jackass I was a warlock on a PS4 both things I never do I play Titan on Xbox One and I was just like I was getting my ass kicked it was me and Ashley went to the top floor in the tallest building in the US Bank building I guess I was it something else anyway so we went up there it was cool cuz in a helicopter we were still a helicopter passed underneath us I thought it was badass and undergoing 17 and 4 ounce super proud of that because the other team didn't have enough gas I have like 2 or 3 days playing for them it was still just like a decapitated guy died so it's like now look at me it's a little like Dynasty Warriors and likes my words like you kind of had like a minion smaller players within like the other the other players on the other team or like bigger more built dudes and then it's a battle is like peeing and swords and all sorts of shit Ross bike tire yeah maybe I think it is on a Monday only in film Distributors that we're talking about the ethics of crowdfunding that was Monday in the morning and I don't think I have the Liberty to say who was there but it was every like it was a lot of major Studios a lot of Major Distribution platforms and then some creators as well. Talk about it I'll say that for her at like 3 or was that like going to happen if you have it at the same time which was funny because right after we left at like the baiting whether or not crowdfunding is an ethical way to find movies like to face we have pre-orders for movies for you do it and it was too bad that nobody else is having this debate but you guys this is like if you look at video games I just want to eat three different movies do they also do pre-orders for all their games as well and then they do early access mean in Fallout for Sunday that thing was on sale and sold out pre-orders that's a game that still in development I mean it's pretty late in development but it's still in development and there are we taking money for it I don't see how that's different and then the point really was driven home because Sony announced the end of the quarter and then 2 days later they said over funding meeting I don't I don't get that was it was like it was weird the whole story on it with the store today she did it so that's going on during the press conference and during the kickstarter all the language that was used was very consumer-focused like if the fans don't fund this we can't make it hits the fan and we need you to support us we can't do it without you and then you know once they get to three million dollars attending that's cool cause I'm just giving her some money after during the press conference said that they weren't involved comes around they are actually involved in the game when we were covering this even during the E3 coverage at one point you know I think we were burni and I were talking about 3 I think it was the two of us were talking between segments yesterday but I thought about it so it's like I said she was like a weird goal for this you can make that number that we find out they really want 10 million will it's possible they're not going to find this and we know that there's actual interest in this game if you're interested before we really care about the project to make it as good as we possibly can they didn't say we're making shenmue get on board right now you know what they did was what a lot of people do if they're using crowdfunding to test the market or is your interest in this thing and I don't know that just makes it harder for others ashle crowdfunding projects original project and it's not just because of his movies all the time all the cars all the money from the Warner Brothers crowdfunding everything is that artist from do you do keep putting his reputation and his name on the line no answer the financial back end of this whole thing that would be nice if it fails it was and he failed in his Kickstarter and if he is successful all the money goes that's only to then pay to make his game if I don't see what the upside is from the crowdfunding aspect for a minute I mean I mean that was the only option they gave him it's like you either do this or when you take the hit or we're not going to do it at all only get that argument that position you want to get your project your project made at the end of the day if you're feeling between those two things it's understandable you're going to text perfect I'm not debating I'm not saying what they did was either right or wrong because they try to get the project but it just seems like the artist would be like a hundred percent of the risk and very little of the upside of this like that they fall flat on their face and Veronica Mars you know that's a really tough thing to have to do it yourself scenic route from the thing already released project like the IPR is this is a sequel or something it's probably not owned by the artist at that point they probably already sailed and then I guarantee that they will only be on PlayStation that will not appear on the Xbox and it probably most likely will not appear on the PC I don't know what to do to the original Xbox Ones being backed by Sony and everything else right the cover in the video which was due to contractual obligations it cannot disclose who has contributed money to the project yeah that's been against being secretly going to get the information from the game that didn't come out on PC almost every car on the game today it's for the PC or for mobile you don't give them to and from console games it just doesn't happen how soon do pre-orders go out for console games like you would have been a long time do you think that was like 10 years old when you think about it there's will put in more resources if the pre-orders reach a certain amount with her like all right well we already know people have bought into this point we can you know we have the money or we can like buying into more more of the stuff on the ship has sailed I'm part of the culture of the again I just think it was a ten-year-old pre-order forgive me if they did and Indiegogo or Kickstarter for Half-Life 3 would you contribute it would probably not be too happy with you if you're backing away why do people not like if you are what what developers don't want to do that because the retail stores will use the pre-order numbers to determine how many copies of game to order instead of doing an actual market analysis or taking a risk on a title that you know the audience is aware of that's why you have like Call of Duty 15 ends up with a huge midnight launch and a new IP like the Horizon which looks fucking bad-ass on the PS4 won't because everyone's gonna get the new Call of Duty pre-order because they don't want to not have it on launch day they want to have their special gun and when they've done in the past they've said we're only gonna have a couple like on launch day that are for pre orders so it's like at some point they might be intentionally or at least telling you that for a while now but I remember when I used to go to GameStop today launch the title's launch and it's alright when you get this game and they would say sorry you didn't pre-order the biggest but I'm here bitch but I will throw a fit and I used to throw a fit whenever that happens I feel like you are a fucking games Bioshock for instance when I first came out I didn't really know anything about it and then I heard like day one that is like the greatest game ever went to GameStop and I can have it it's like you guys suck so the Xbox One or the PS4 launch how about games I hate putting stuff cable and like and you have to watch it with commercials and stuff edited out and I feel like I guess I can just go get my DVD and put it in and watch that is like already 4K United States going against Tennessee there's nothing sexy about it I'm just saying like I mean something sexy about it lazy about Kickstarter says that it will be available to text me I don't get too far away from it nevermind everyone is brought you by Credit Karma what's the most important number in your life not your age it's not your IQ has a huge impact on your finances but you might pay for credit card interest home and auto loans and 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free app so you can see if maybe the most important number text Rooster 89800 Falmouth free Credit Karma app and get started I'm actually a fan of the service there for a long time can you please do it you have it you don't know your credit score give me another credit card you need to do this for your life so I should probably get on that that's an important for good night I know it's not tender but swipe right on Credit Karma free country is whenever AT&T rolls out the gigabit service to all of the Cities they've announced like they know they're going to do in Houston Dallas New York it's on the schedule whenever that happens then I think everything is different in a 4K video is going to do it Google I don't think he'll ever planned on it they're just trying to force a teen to use hand they did that before I'm moving out of the house where Google Fiber was promised me like 2 years ago when I moved into t-shirt before our careers in the video game industry are old old career and promotional items will go to those conventions and like the show floors where I thought they were a misery misery to be on the show floor were working a booth but there's nothing there who's trying to walk but you're basically one of those mall kiosk dr. post-convention Floresville I can I interest you in Outsourcing Services know okay love you I need to put in for Mexican food PODS moving what was it out we just don't okay Google how can you not play this game no it's just when you're watching it it does not like I don't understand what the feeling of the game play the controller sings All or Nothing play a pug and you steal power from another bug bite and if its butt on the floor and use the powers to interact with the world and get different things you put your face in the butt but just seems like a lot of people are touching me no no not one of the original expected press both buttons down and press the book that way you would have to use your face to smash it on the bus but first shows obviously want to keep a little between every person who used the system lights going to be on it burni but I will tonight I feel like I talked about this a million times but what the hell alliteration for Halo but overall was the real fucking deal that was amazing Olivia who gave the Microsoft Mojang education I don't know pronounce correctly willing to be called Mojang the makers of Minecraft lady did the presentation for homeless lady was hired at Mojang Mojang four years ago she was a YouTuber making videos but you're talking about the presentation for years ago being a YouTuber fan making videos then being hired by not to be their Community person to the director of fun then she's not on stage giving the show stealing presentation of the entire conference yes you mentioned during the conference that it was four years ago at them for the first time and the picture looks really awesome and you can see that right there you can't see the house that was behind closed doors in the morning with Kovac and we went and I couldn't get in I have four slots and I can tell that but Lawrence can we just get a shot and he wouldn't talk to me for like half a day will they transfer the Minecraft experience to the table and they have the camera setup as though it has hololens this is actually what it looked like where it was like this image that was just like 3D in front of you and for the hill demonstration it was so smart the way they started it because you were in it like a dick except that they built that look at you and ashle capital ship and then they put the horns on you and it says you need to go to the briefing room and the way you get to the briefing room is the first and have his away Point comes up on the way there I was going this way and it's just awesome and it's the real deal I mean it was like I was looking at hologram and I realize I have a headset on with a little like visor that has a special viewport that is doing that illusion but it looks like there's a hologram Commander Palmer pacing around in front of me about this whole thing in front of me all the specs on the reading table giving me my orders it was awesome Amazing Spider-Man 2 that morning at the outside of a hotel and I have my headphones and I do this thing where I have a very selective hearing so like I heard my name and I was just like I got too many things to do right now to talk to anybody and ended up being burni can I watch you run the entire way yeah yeah there's a thing where they were like telling me my spot was going on fifteen minutes even though they're not kicking me out of there and all the way to literally ran away in 5 years how popular do you think that it will be more ubiquitous than we are I like it more because people still see your environment exactly right and it was a kitchen anything to do with the horror game with the VRA are cats at some point that's going to like cause health problems like it's just too real and you're just too terrified and you can't get away from you cuz it's in your face but all that came out and he was like anyone else had heard through the day forever like whenever you feel like a new way to interact with stuff here like that I'll have a heart attack like when movies first came on the scene like a vampire like actually in this room frightening so they can also look at look at look at look up videos on YouTube hey with night vision on and if you look at like I was the Morpheus demo reactions to a more for me she was trapped in that probably Paula Patton Periscope at one time Buccaneer and I was alive and I couldn't get out and there's nothing worse than feeling like you feel this horrible flapping buzzing inside your own head and you're so you still like covering your ear to block the noise but that does nothing but hurt like nothing to change it whatsoever it was awful crazy person to you whatever happened was I would be like okay I'll be like alright here's the deal this year and it freaks out every now and then and when it does will you be ok and then it was horrible I just try to get it and he's like going to hold on and he ran to his house ran back and you just got a bottle of alcohol and just dump them and kill them and then I went and like he pulled it out with the dead body at the emergency room anyway just to check that he said the parts and dust in there so he flushed my ear out with a syringe and it was amazing he was stuck in there like you know how to get out get rid of flab and stuff okay in your brain so it was horrible she turn the lights off and get a flashlight in the blood you're holding it Ransom all the things on the streets I hear up here to get to this but I know that we had it we had it forever God is that amazing application called Woodland CA that you hold up to a sign on the camera so you like move around and look at the picture but all the words that mean Translator Google and I think it's part of Google translate now that's been around for 8 years I feel like at this point you're talking about this on the podcast in the Congress office we'll have to make sense but like walking around like this is going to do it if you're in a foreign country you know why nobody will find out about shelter for the last week and a half at this point did you talk to her and your fault but then how many people in your home I can check to find out how they do just home all day if you can you can set up to help 75 other people playing their phone in their hands playing politics at the airport and I've never been there but the nightclub section of my cookies are you talking about Fallout he's on the phone with friends they're all that so I thought of each season you played it all while I tried to but they were also that I have and yourself ashle we were at E3 this is last week okay so the last episode of Game of Thrones have happened the Sunday before that the Game of Thrones the ninth episode was the Sunday before that and because I didn't realize you had it ready for you before we had to watch the episode of Game of Thrones and then I revealed when we go out for drinks the first of the three that I had went ahead and watch the 9th episode of Game of Thrones without her she got furious with me furious with me now it's like you can't afford not to you I've been in the you fucked up by letting it slip to keep your ducks in a row I really did I really fucked up but we still haven't plenty of time last night Tiffany watch Back to the Future for Father's Day and watch my kids and everything Jurassic Park 4 Back to the Future so we sat down wants both of us and you taking the Jurassic World Hilton Garden discussion of Jurassic Park so we just got done watching The Throne it was like 23 years old and they were just like enthralled synonym a 22 years old because it's 2015 with April 7th 2015 it's so funny to hear like all their predictions you know like resizing codes flying cars Holograms off all that stuff what is the weather like last week where it was like a tropical storm is going to hit Austin Adam Barrett send an email everybody's got to get home by this time then we get home and nothing happened it illustrates like how unreliable this whole event last 50 days in Austin I know the first day in 50 days it has rained and it was like this like you gotta get you gotta get home you got me prescient became a tropical storm and then made landfall in June in Texas that doesn't fucking happened that was even when we was getting alerts on my phone like the Austin area forecast more rain than expected from someone posted on Reddit at about 9 p.m. that night and it was just a screenshot of the most crowded hallways and Austin and no one was on it and not a drop in the sky to the Bone I have to pick up ashle what was the other thing but clearly she's looking at me so mad I'm upset with you where was ever happens again then she was okay yep we had a whole company come up here in the movie something about what was the other thing that we had we were talking about something and it was two things 1248 instead of 200 yesterday is an Amazon Amazon and she goes what would you say you said that's what you said and also buy me one and I didn't know that so I didn't buy her one they sold out and then she's going to because she get it no and I said huh meaning I want I want to I want to know what are you both can use it for nothing I have my weed you can have mine Parks like watching helicopter I have no idea you're coming back from Sony doctor because we didn't we didn't finish setting up in time to get to the sun Newton County she was not only my mom and dad would stop by you are not the father you killed it Blain does your plane is in the best in the world what is the spreadsheet the spreadsheet that awesome the one with all the poker doing who specializes in events like that but Albert who is awesome and he's like I took his template and then added like 5 more columns at each other they don't ever make it so your back on me like this they do that for you and I hey is there anyway we could get some computers for the booth and they literally just came back in that weekend and we could have his name and I just send it so I thought it was awesome when it comes to that stuff they've always been a really really good time the different games like the let's play some stuff off of that laptop right there is awesome I'm sorry you was Game of Thrones with you I really am I want to apologize and make out in front of everybody kiss and make-up now we're not fighting a little bit disappointed because it was something that we've done every episode together I was Rita I didn't wait I just watched it before I waited I'm still waiting to watch it with you that matters all right so if you think burni 55422 90% that's 2% of your life you're in your underwear I think is hard for me I know we're getting old fast you know that feeling of putting on old saggy underwear you need to know the feeling of great putting 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like in this world especially with this company you cannot afford not to see something you wanted that contain the word I was supposed to but I didn't want to like so I was talking with someone at work and that we're talking about the final episode of Game of Thrones we recorded a supplementary audio podcast here right after that you can go download PLS Auto that was kind of hoping to watch the podcast recording a podcast Christmas one more play with your mom came out this week next week should be for Q of contagion it's at the couple's podcast but I don't know if I can have a couple podcast next week I know you have to this is the perfect time he just need a couple couple and one of us if it's a back-and-forth a great team we were awesome you guys apart root of 6 the hell is a moment between the three of us go ahead how to compliment like I expect to see you guys at the gym by 10 each other I heard that if you have a girl sit on you while you bench press you get more testosterone impressed laugh anymore straddling your mouth shut this is pretty cool though if you don't want to press that person anyway I mean we have this travelling or traveling you a little later to think this train just adds another layer to it it's more personal experience but thinking something happened last week you explained it came up to talk about important things I will never be important to the US how far is it from adult please retarded but he has a very specific type of humor and Justin I really appreciate his sense of humor and not everybody thought it was funny he was very very upset about him being sunk into his chair running around organising the next one but then the moment you sat there watching it it was every moment was important he was even break character the entire time he can Outlast anybody is watching them the more humiliating the situation Rocco is bottomless but he's a seamless can go to any scenario he will not give up and get out gu for sure they're not too much of like sausages every time because he was appreciative for it I guess I think he's really sacred and there can't be anything like Goofy and fun like he was like defiling the effort was the fucking black behind the cameras like there's a huge Gathering of people and there was like glued to the screen like watching Rocco is funny maybe the microphone webcam and is it just the road the thing trailer a couple of times the screen like what is that trailer and then I'll be there like don't worry they have to do this Jennifer Taylor Stone gu and Apollo wearing with your headset she punches me like Homer Simpson anyone ask you sorry I was at a train or tell me that I was fat that wasn't cool he was actually one of the guys I was probably at or near the South by Southwest podcast we did it yeah just like this one too and I realize that that was the guy in till after I already signed up for his class lyrics for take it out on you cuz you were the whole time just mean like it Liberty party 1000 I'm just really like what I've got is very squishy ashle weirdest Fitness routine every time off like 2 or 3 months and she wont do anything with it she just runs 8 Miles and Runnin 1/8 miles I would be dead I've been laying their dead to get it farthest I've gone is 10K 10K like 6 tomorrow 6 tomorrow 6:30 to 6 I can comfortably run a 10K in miles and 5 miles Adele has before what you do is you just the first of all get some TV up on the treadmill and I started watching Brooklyn then that just makes you want to knock it off started to listen Spotify this new thing words to the running feature basically tracks how many steps per minute you have and it makes music based off of that it's the best thing you can do like this and then you can do how do you run on the treadmill getting out of this review might be the only person made with speaking Spotify what Apple's doing with the trial or was doing with the trial for Apple music service did you hear about that the whole Taylor Swift thing that they will pay artist for appearing on their trials trials during that time artists wouldn't make anything Appleton having a three-month trial behind the scenes are telling artist you will be paid for 3 months so like what Apple's acting like a good guy having a trial for free when it really does affect them really need and that's about it but I never liked will the artist will make more money down the road but that's not what it's about it's about Apple trying to get market share in an already existing market and they're trying to get energy going to use the artist to buy them into that when Apple has more cash than any company on the planet right that's how do you get a bunch of cash but not fucking spending the publicity was absolutely I'm okay really this right now in the park as if you don't have wfu around her cause I think she's like a powerful free iTunes like you don't understand how good Are Toonz was for artists and how it I sure do City things were before beer yeah way better than the thing with it even if they you're not forced to do it you are given the option like we were given the choice where it says do you want me to do you want to participate in apple music and this was before this and you can choose yes or no for that she's also not on Spotify service because it has the freakiest thing about things that artist and get paid enough on Spotify this is months and months ago because of that service up and I said who wants to be in this it's up to you you don't have to do it but if you want to do it you can and then maybe her company like her the first people actually make the and then she found out that you know she's not going to get paid for it and so she went to Apple directly Sony whoever was like alright Taylor we want you to call he's probably in like the way it was going but it's just don't do it it's your choice your choice it seems greedy to be like no I want to take advantage of the service but I also want to get paid for it if no one else is going to lead you know what I mean if you've got a service out there an Apple the size of Apple trying to get into a market that already exist they need to spend some money to do that they need it they need to spend the cash to do that and as you noted they have the money to do it you don't make money by spending it don't make money by spending it but if you were Apple buy your way into a new a new market 18 billion dollars and it wasn't even like their service really need to keep from cutting into the service to Instagram and Twitter happy now and what they were basically other MP3 players so it's probably get to a point behind Spotify music text and talk about that all about like content versus distribution and back then I was always talking about it was not ready I was only talking about iTunes because it wasn't really a streaming service provider if you like Time Warner and AT&T access providers but now the way I choose like between Annapolis between that where they have the access provider because they come out to all the way your phone with them and they're also a constant reminder as well you know it's like I said you can't have both sides of it to meet the same thing as we can let you track where your tears we buy things and if it's okay we'll worry about it we're Time Warner could say we get are mean to you but then if you want Netflix to pay for this and if you want service before this if you want Amazon you don't have any those things where you have to Time Warner home page for us that we want to go to that you have a 50 bucks a month ago to go to the Time Warner email that the content does have value to it has enormous amount and I can't wait until internet bundles like the way they fucked up cable bundles oh you want our shopping bundle to get Amazon and eBay sales and you compare that to the amount of cake that retail stores use to take and plus just cost a manufacturing cost of storage in a warehouse and what items does for people and the share it's like I have a hard time being OK with any artist criticizing that service because it's like you are so lucky I'm sorry I'm getting emotional I don't know I'm getting emotional very emotional podcast Game of Thrones what does it really happen everything separately but I forgot to shut the other problems and work out what the problem ashle never argue about anything what's the biggest army do we have defense mechanism Periscope as he did he pass the bar what can I take that idea of an argument Google Maps all that scary right yeah I've been there tin can like a little Trail turn from nothing like they knew that was a road and let you try them eat them up like a thousand feet in a minute like that helps keep these roads were it was pretty crazy and then we got to the point thing where there was one traffic light and then it's like every single road that went through a cathedral then rolled through a church so it's the weirdest thing ever it was like you couldn't see like you got to the stop light and it was an extra long because it was one road that all of the town so the stoplight had to be long enough for the other into town to get the green thing come all the way through the town through the cathedral out past you before their light turns red and then you like has hurt so they run the game the church right now you're driving through there like an art service last week the stoplight in Germany that's been red for 29 years really and it's intentionally read Because legally if you come to the intersection and you can't go straight you can make a right turn but in order to make people stop before making the right turn left at a red light there that would confuse Bruce Lee traffic laws are written in Germany at stop sign does not perform the same function as the red light so they need to have a red light there and it's like a red light with a yellow and green light they just never turn on a red yield sign and a yellow yield sign when a regular little time sometimes and something to read I got any other things I don't get a few things that may be what if they have a stop light a traffic light where they've invented a new kind of signal all those other one right there right there so there's two lanes going straight and it's a left turn lane and Abel left turn signal but its signal so it's a blinking yellow arrow blinking yellow and green so you don't get them if you don't answer that it's good to go you still have car I was wearing some fucking Mexico Mexico on the day that you the City versus Mexico Mexico the other like that the problem is that there is there's an intersection just down the road where it was left and what's right so whoever was doing the city planning decided to be extra helpful and throat turning on left it all at a light and turn it on right on instead they made to normal there traffic signs with the left arrows for the two left lanes that are green or yellow or red pretty straightforward but then they have that for their right to it so you get it right you get a right red light but it's alright it's a red arrow instead of just a red light even though you can turn right on red city planner of Austin killed himself build urban legends that guy kill himself I don't know to add more lanes are going to Pop level 8 strong enough to support more Lanes park right in front of the Sun make sure to pack PC early to go through that great City structures you know like highways and bridges and stuff like that you can see all of the structures in the United States like dams Bridges all tour stuff and we're like really shit damn and damn is like to have a dinner party brought to you by Squarespace Squarespace is the only platform that helps you build a beautiful website presence Squarespace is proud to announce a partnership with Vulcan to watch deckmasters Hearthstone tournament streaming live via twitch deckmasters has a $50,000 prize pool and the round-robin begins June 22nd and continues every Monday Tuesday and Friday until July 17th you can watch a stream at which time you can watch the stream at twitch.tv / Volcan HS that's twitch.tv / review you will see you in HS happy to see Squarespace sponsoring Sports and promoting the tournament and a game I love what you're currently the tournament starts today I took another Squarespace Duty 3 is not loading it's really cool cuz in the morning when I got back together do that show that proposed to them together and I live with that for like a year and a half and it was a pretty scary moment when he just got away from me I like laughing looks like the actual scariest moment you've ever had with Joe the cat the cat missing is there going to be like holy shit like I'm afraid for jellycats Life man I can't recall a certain one I get to JD's allergic to cats once I found that out I thought I had to go to the cabbage and he's like no other guy him and his friend they went hang-gliding and as they were up they look to their left and they saw a cat sitting right there and like I think sometimes before they realize Dakota's no idea I don't think they were hanging in there in an ultra-light motorized you can see the the lady that says the person that has no and the pilot there on the left notice of it and just quietly when we don't get that everything is power to hide it from her she doesn't react oh yeah we we we see sparkles the only thing I only know that episode of Twilight Zone because of insurance the trust of his first bicycle not a bad fight not a bad fight Game of Thrones a week and a half ago perfect Game of Thrones I didn't catch that at the time and then he went he took pains to point out that he had just let your cousin know I was joking about it drinks and then we got back and she said told me would you rather I don't see her going to tell me about to me about anything else I'm a very easy-going individual except when you mess up terribly and do something like that to hurt you were mentioning that Road through Cathedral yeah did you ever seen that building is a building in Osaka Japan order freeway Runs Through It oh yes I have seen that it's a very simple thing I guess the building owner wanted to redevelop it but the city already had plans to go to freeway so the freeway is the tenant of floors like 5 6 & 7 of the building it's awesome and the freeway just run Google I mean to have a mailbox what happens when the freeway doesn't pay rent but you can't take it out the worst room in town having the image of a crush or like North Korea where it's a block of apartment buildings and they're older if someone is too far out have you seen that before so I find a picture that I would like their own being a building I wouldn't look it look it looks like a level of a video game racing game show me my dad that that SimCity consequences will never be the same isn't a road in an airport International where the road goes to the airport like it actually like to own one of the runways there's like a red light and I don't know that's your brother the road goes across the freeway whatever plane taking off or Landing are the roads closed in Cross they do the same thing to the point that they come down the hill to land basically that's like cut down a mountain and then and yeah it's like I knew was a bad airport because when you look at the name of the airport it's people trying to land in flight simulator games in the wrecking of the actual airplane that's across the road and stopped traffic on both sides where are they going to feed you and it's like we need a fucking roller coaster there are all kinds of airports around here in Rhodes just the way you are probably closed the runway biggest tunnel underneath the freeway Just Cause 3 we would have to close that run away and if they need that there's no other alternative in order to build that looks like that kind of stuff blue acara with him people get extra mad at me cuz I'm that guy that's on my phone think it's stuck at the red light and then I get to go and everyone else doesn't and just like a plane waiting burni come up or you going to bring your ashle was right no I haven't I was going to but I haven't and I text me if you're at this for all you do is this psychologist in having him decide who's right for her I like this case it was something we did together alright I want to formally apologize and then I'm going to watch the road I finally it took me a while to get into it but then the show like drastically changes after like maybe like the votes are coming in for that long tracking Shot Ya when I was down it was like what the fuck am I watching they're telling the story you know that the investigators and everything is just kind of like you're being caught up then I think it's really funny Unbreak me a picture of shit ashle slowly gaining slowly becoming help Brandon thinks burni is right so that cancel party Henderson I love both sides and I was waiting for something fun and interesting to happen but it just kind of felt very dry 45/62 Hour episode when like everyone finally comes together and it's like that circular shot like showing everyone looking each other this finally seems kind of interesting but it was a lot of establishing a lot of setup trying to figure out where it's going one thing I thought was really cool and it's not a spoiler really so this guy's kids getting beat up at school and so he finds out the kid that's beating him up and he goes to that kids house at least you can rest and instead of like address to run away to grab the kids like you did this you're responsible for this that's happening right now what character does this character did Colin Farrell admitted to being a suspect in a murder case it was actually trying to fly need that experience already how is he going to do method method acting on unsolved murder case we got him something sorry everybody that you are an asshole Santa was going to plan to have you heard about have you heard about what I said about Google's Project fight anybody I've been trying it out it's really interesting I'm not like an Android User you know I've been in iOS pretty much forever to get over to Android and use the phone except I had a problem right out of the box that the phone it's like everything that my brand new phone out of the box for the first time Google Maps Google Maps Google Maps Google services update download family tree with the phone alright Google Maps Google Maps not working update Google Play services update download failed error code 941 fuck what the fuck is this on my computer and I type in the area code if I try deleting your apps update update Jericho 941 fucking find another solution it was like go to settings like this very thing tell it to reset Google core services to factory default or whatever restore to factory default are you sure you're going to be reset to factory reset the factory update update software update everything Google related I mean why why they probably did it and then like the people I know it's really soon and then we can do like a ball just a one or two-day 0 update like they ship the product that they knew things to try that one setup Samsung phone to go to Google it operates on different cell phone networks so it can the Nexus has a bunch of different cell phone antenna send it to and connect to the T-Mobile network or the Sprint network or your Wi-Fi network so like let's say you're in here where there's no service in Verizon as well know you can you can make phone calls over the Wi-Fi and cell phone service is when you walk outside you lose your Wi-Fi switch over to T-Mobile or Sprint with your moving around it's not whatever Network strongest that's amazing just like public Wi-Fi it'll find public Wi-Fi if that's available I would kill for that in his building and said that they're going to have Wi-Fi calling sometime in 2015 people had that I think was available right away yeah you have some major I'm pretty happy with the next except for my Kindle software update policy the Nexus screen is bigger than my tire 5S really well that's true his wife cannot hear through it through it because we don't see it on my phone it's a known issue with the iPhone how many updates they do for us it wasn't long after the update I didn't know no I'm saying like when he was like there's like hundreds of new features one of them is the Do Not Disturb thing I had is it in Madras accidentally liked touch the button it's in it I'm trying to swipe down and swipe up stuff like never does anything with the screen goes black will you got to hold on did anybody else get paranoid after a little bit after a periscope that what if you didn't close it and then everybody can hear you right now it happened that happened one time when connection fails as his connection lost it doesn't matter the personal continues to record and it uploads when you get a phone call and then just get rid of it I remember thinking about it during Night Time stuff sleeping you know doing the rest living this far what is the president which they want your live streaming and they were like okay we can do this we do this we're going to talk about this on her too and show the trailer for Dishonored to know we'll talk about this it's okay I think your life and they were actually lives and they talked about it before their breasts Big Lots but still nothing like that earlier we have a an arcade machine I guess they were working on Murchison Timber where can I get a fucking awesome yeah and it was right outside my office and everything so loud periscoping a watermelon be nice to have a missed you ever since I made that arcade machine and put them in here is that nobody who works at a video game company but again based company for the best video game developer in Austin cording to the Austin Chronicle ifucking arcade games markets have never heard of Robotron wow and I was like that's like one of the first video games ever you know that was ever made but nobody knows anything if you have this like I know what that is like track and field geometronics do you know where John is control scheme for overtime what's the control scheme for them off in his head so basically who was the first choice to be removed when you shoot with the other Sears Greeley do they have pinball what is a bunch of William's game's only has to play they have like old Star Wars arcade game that you guys never pay for both guns and then try to do both guns and shooting who's the guy that's the rumor trying to wrestle after it but yeah that one that one had a tough time crisis Time Crisis game 1 Rihanna little lights of Blain dies when I asked that question is it first pass along with your favorite arcade game DVR what your favorite cousin it's the diagonal it was April 23rd it was really cute to watch burni and one of the boys play but I would should have to get out there and play the game should I said no problem. See you afterwards and then I was like you places I know so is that we would have been balls down south I got to say you know that thing over there define leadership Catfish story no need to reply what are we podcast is ending so we can plan a trip up here the corner store well I think you're watching everyone whatever supplementary podcast Paul Scheer if you ashle is marginally ahead and close to them before burni you're dating if you're watching this on YouTube go to their website or downloaded iTunes version for the past year and check out his show so it's actually pretty funny everyone welcome in the supplemental portion of the podcast this is just ran an errand and that we got a very special guest with us here got here I'm very excited to be a part of the supplemental part of the podcast I feel like it's actually sitting outside like this is it this is dedicated this is your podcast remember this part of the website right now thanks I hope you have a really really nice like farewell note tripod search stuff online I Ask Jeeves and I get on my GS inside after I crank up my Prodigy account and everything works out great I used to work at a help desk for internet with his long service to customers in very rural areas like Alabama Mississippi and we wanted to see was you okay listen can you just go to yahoo.com and go to cnn.com cnn.com this was like 9899 it was a mind-numbing job now I don't I don't type up web sites I just Google website and click it's faster and faster well I had my first one the first one of my weirdest job I ever had was right on the decline of America online it was like they knew they were on their way out but they didn't quite know yet how bad it was until they hired me and for the people to wear flat screen TVs on our chests and rollerblade around New York City online CDs I never had rollerbladed and I said yes good at like $25 an hour so I rollerblade around New York City of this stupid flat screen on me trying to get out that it was it was maybe it was I guess maybe it's old now there was probably right in the 2000 or something like that yeah they give us America Online anymore I would like a list of people sucked in smart successful people that still a rock and that I will address you know it's like hipster right he looks like it's moving as I can in like a cave from prodigy.net Gary like it like getting in there you know shocking amount of money from people who have dial-up accounts with them and I don't to work for an hour away about 4 years ago 5 years ago and the revenue breakdown is exactly that is a lot of older people that still had it connected other than they were I fell victim to something very similar and I'm embarrassed by it you know when you fly on going to finalize it like GoGo inflight and then there's a period of time a couple years ago maybe last year was playing a lot and I have like 7 flights in the next two months and it was like 30 bucks a month so that other guy I'll just do it for the month and it just automatically renews you and non-stop even and it was going on for like I caught it after like 3 or 4 months that I didn't try that was the deal that will charge it is like they delayed because I waited 5 charger a lot of money and they were so excited not to give it back but I do not care the words that go go with the service I gave up working out 6 months ago and I'm being forced to pay for the fact that I'm fat and lazy is your face just looks like that make it so in those recurring payments get you and then they never want to look out for you like I went to Mexico on time I switch my phone over to Mexico minutes 20 box I grew up on the border to Mexico and when I was growing up their cell phones didn't exist operator saying like oh we can't complete the call and get international calling on the Mexican trying to use a cell phone because you be on the Mexican Network and you'd be charged like a million dollars a minute you just like to run the other way like a foreign country it was like you know screwed over on that too I asked you this about Mexico this time I didn't know I just try to move into Mexico and is the next outside of Mexico City nothing you know that much about Mexico City but I'm going to ask anyway they have a tremendous amount of Paintball Field in Mexico like do you know of any was driving I meant things that where they shot Titanic as a matter fact yeah they had like tanks up there there's like over they had their big tanks for thanks Ballfield drive like maybe have my letter a brand new different name. It literally takes Paintball field on the way to work I don't understand it's a big business stories about like theme parks in Mexico that are experience-based of what it's like to try to sneak across the border where they have like fake Border Collies NY the woods at night trying to have a baby with flashlights and night vision goggles Garden Six Flags bullet on to other things that are concerned so I guess apparently set alarm time at 11 family still there and just like it seems like things are so dangerous shitholes Eagle Pass it's like A4 hour drive from here again. The only claim to fame this town has is that the only Casino in Texas because there's a reservation there for Native Americans so they built the casino and when I was growing up years ago it was like it was literally a trailer like a mobile home that someone hasn't but now it's like this huge huge complex a hotel and all the stuff that I was going up there to get to the casino it was it wasn't in the town literally drive out of town down a dirt road that had no lights on it it was like you had to know Western they're supposed to turn your sister know that you're here that's hilarious you either get shot or you get there like play some one-armed Bandit the waters that what you know call Giant casinos Acura or there's like five riverboat casinos but they look just like a trailer home again what does that I think he'll Texas Treasures it's like they converted a cruise ship and put a bunch of slot machines on it a few miles and come back in but I know that Jones was in the movie The John's like that I kind of like this British actor is like Lock Stock & Barrel as a tough guy and he got kicked out of every single Casino in Shreveport Louisiana that the other than alienate yourself from every Casino in a little area that's amazing calling the dealers cut tons of attorney away the worst I've ever seen is that one time I was in Vegas and I was at the craps table in the area and you know I'm sitting there gambling in there was someone who was heading down that way for a bit came back and it comes back he's like I went to the table again the deal it looks at him and grabbed his hand and says come back in an hour or so I just shot in the casino and they were telling us that if you lose $50,000 in a day you can stay in this Elvis Week is Elvis's Suite in the old Hilton Hotels on the west gate you can stay up in it and we shot in Elvis's sweet thing about it is the Westgate is a hotel but it's not like I really Brando Hotel was all decked out so if you lose $50,000 at the Westgate will get the office suite but the Elvis Suite was probably the best sweet and 1989 like that has not been upgraded and I get nothing Trump NRA Donald Trump designer on an off-day was like that you got to 50004 this if you lost fifty Grand and you actually by yourself just lost 49,000 you like I should I should walk away would you be like whatever just like drop another thousand you got there already Godfather book award travel home we do you know events in the first place is and I'll have 2 questions for you then we'll talk to Boston for an event with a whole bunch of us got a bunch of rooms at the Intercontinental in Boston when I go to check in to the front desk was like oh well you booked 12 rooms or whatever it was we went ahead and added the presidential suite as well through a charge here you can have it tonight if you want it was like okay cool whatever they give me the key and there's a couple guys I would like to see the presidential suite when I'm doing an ESL for adults Under The Joint SF SD SUV Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek was on our show so Kate said to meet you to come with me to Vegas will be fun should I do they would love to see like a trailer of the show and I guess I was considered like VIP because I was with Kate so I also got like it is presidential suite and it was and I it was not there and I was like to watch TV in the living room I watch TV in the bedroom all of them use this thing to brush my teeth too much room for me to handle I was there for free I would probably run around naked rolling around and was so huge it had a library with books in it you know like a real life sit in the study and read a book if you want to and it's all about your people and I had people up in the room like all right who wants to sleep here tonight there's nobody the presidential suite and then do they feel bummed that the president never comes out right one day one day with me before you talk about another RL for Josh called crl which is kind of like an unofficial follow-up to that I did last year called that they are serial polish oh so like last year I did Arsenio Hall and Recreations of Arsenio Hall Show interviews and then this year I did Recreations of TRL interviews and this year it's like much more like little sketches it's like a Camaro nanjiani play Mariah Carey Mariah Carey actually lost her mind on TRL of this is true but you brought an ice cream cart on TRL unbeknownst to Carson Daly and I had a meltdown she had like three public meltdowns on to your on there Google will you can see it absolute nonsense like another one which is like Terry Crews Brooklyn Nine-Nine and everything great like The Expendables even one playing DD and DD was training for the marathon when did he ran the city we only ran a mile and best moments from TRL and it just kind of go off on those like in the ultra seriousness I can interview Marilyn Manson now because I'm back in the day was going to be so cool never heard of them and I apologize that I am God phrases that's right and they were walking their dogs around looking Arena because it's like that's the only exercise I can to give their dog and the dog is kind of like crazy just took off and didn't realize he was on the floor the thing I like that whatever that stuff was already committed I can either stay with this I'm going to go over there really curious to see you Camille nanjiani as Mariah Carey age super good cast as if Casey Wilson play Celine Dion the oldest person ever on TRL in the audience so not into going to have fun with all those years ago back in 04 or 05 yeah we we made a video for a red vs blue which is our website we made a video that MTV come to enter the contest and we want to video that we can show during PRL or not this is going to be fucking huge asset to their website it was barely a blip so much money to pay for this month it was about this Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey when we were added to the schedule I do with Aziz Ansari and Rob huebel when we were there is so funny because MTV just didn't know exactly what to do if they were better off doing shows like the hills and Reverend Run's House and stuff like that until those are the same people who made those shows are giving a comedy note catch my wife's favorite sketches and maybe cuz my favorites guess I don't know if it is as good as I'm making it out to be but it was called the hot air balloon cop who is like a tree I've been the victim of the wind and then we got like a note from MTV in there like I mean it Eric white. As I think the biggest mistake that they made but the best thing that ever happened to us was they let us take over TRL for 24 hours we had that Time Square studio for 24 hours straight live and they are they put it on like maybe 2 minutes away just in case he said music the first time I interviewed like really played like music we like a heavy metal band with people from The Wire we had like all this kind of crazy stuff to begin with like huge party and I think MTV just did not know that they are used to like just see no Britney Spears coming and going Punk like bands like that so yeah these were kind of lost that anything that was not right in there we are having the hardest ever got was like Eminem if it was music there well he looks like the kind of girl friends gather Executives and they're like we're struggling to figure out who we are it was the worst of that cuz I was aggressively mail I guess there for the mail login like music like exploding in the night blood and viscera all hitting the floor they would cut to like I'm not doing a commercial have a barometer for nothing like I mean I don't mean Girl Code I guess catfish Isaiah teen pregnancies always miss her we really out of it right now yeah that was like fucking million child to choose from I remember being a kid and like having my TV and it literally had like physical buttons you have to hit that and there were 12 of them and then I was like oh if you want more the fun of it that's what was 12 Angry Men right that was on 4:20 a.m. 12 a.m. reviewers popping 12 and then like watching CNN and it feels like a ball remote controls at one of my all-time favorite shows Colin Quinn and and can over and carry where is a good TV game shows so funny when it was so great then Stiller and Jon Stewart I didn't have a phone remote control app the president what happened wow okay I guess I never even seen that stuff in it forever even when I watch the favorite challenges 12 different music video are set to look like they are aware you have magnetic clip really like that and go back Arsenio it's only that I was upset that's great there a couple interviews that they were that have split and one in particular we do with Seth Rogen was Gary Coleman in Gary Coleman came out and he was like talking about how he totally gets laid all the time and can't have sex with girls right now because they Dana Plato being naked in Playboy and it's uncomfortable and I never see roughly came out that he was a virgin until I got married I really going who did what he was saying that they don't show it to people and so she came to me one time they said what do you want to do that you should do something anywhere else and that no one would ever buy is Arsenio Hall interview my favorite Arsenio that has that kind of flavor tone and we were kind of thinking about and would jokingly just right when you're on sat right next to do TRL I just came up kind of like we're drowning crying the bag I didn't do it Wahlberg Eminem finger again to a fighter like Eminem calls Mark Wahlberg Marky Mark and the Mark Wahlberg calls Eminem an ass-whole like fun and we had like to Randall Park from fresh off the boat and the trailer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine to those guys singer I started watching all these click 98 degrees there larious Celine Dion it was like a perfect thing because it people taking them seriously and then after that a handful of years ago they were making was so nothing this is what I can say that for stuff like woo-hoo we're Rolling Stones Forefront of something but this is like the Forefront of like bubblegum pop and it also like catering to the audience and you know that these hard-hitting interviews that they wore in Italy became leader think of the right follow up to it so that is basically because of Arsenio we found her out but once I did I was so psyched because it really is it defines an era of something but he's never seemed to really really good sketches of people that you may or may not know what I mean questions like do you want a dog out a lot with my finger on the remote because like you know Amanda J McCarthy was like the hot Metacritic a trajectory it could be another one of my favorite shows together as our Shipmates but you have to Google it made it was basically light blue blazer Blain date it was blind date on a cruise ship cruise ship until it was just people getting really drunk tonight LOL it was a longer date and it went through he was the host of it it was like but it was busy people were basic like they were just not good people there's like a handful of sand through a girl's face Shipmates is like and they said he was like that was a real like a little child it is funny and then you just kind of stopped drinking turned everything around in the game that's the end of it now it's not such a great crossover between the internet and Television Internet presence and his stuff he's a brat he's the only person that I know that is like actively a brand could have noticed is a boy and he is clearly defined like he is a doctor who like they go back to him constantly especially now to get that entire audience so I got smart and even told the panel the, Connie did a great job cultivator and 45 Colt 4th October I'm going to call it a night as this is I'm going to do and this is like it's like everyone else is like he's like a smart thing Mexico right now prison not watching is like Nerdy with me enjoy watching it's like you could do it the Marvel stuff is so popular right it's not me anymore it's all good it's not like a thing where it's like yeah that would you like superheroes I guess so does everyone in the war in the world it's not like it but that wasn't true five years ago he never liked you before that you know who dr. strange is in 2 years and that Benedict Cumberbatch movie comes out that's crazy because that's like a friend's comment I didn't I told her I was like the Avengers and the X-Men are in the same universe wait what what silver looks like her favorite characters like Quicksilver is going to be in Avengers Age of Ultron like he was already 739 Captain America 3 you should stay he should have his own I don't like it I don't like nobody else is that he's diabetic Basketball Jones but only the only the first two are getting the only the first two Spidermans in bed big win his last and I'm like you know I do it like the Hulk Mark Ruffalo Ruffalo is amazing as a whole and it's like I don't know if I need to see a movie but problem is for all the building because like sometimes those characters like I don't know anybody or even now that's all I'm thinking I want to hear that kind of stuff with her butt yeah I got a lot to discuss this this is not this is not like that it's Captain America and I was like listen I know you don't like winter soldier with me it's not really like the first one and I've never been a big fan and it was a Guardians of the Galaxy Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy in Miami Define this like really fun to do that's awesome alright well I think we need a really really huge lost fan oh yeah and I think one of my favorite panels was maybe before the last season I think ashle yeah okay I will bring it to me oh my God what is the spiral art project that I did at Comic-Con I got that was that a real velvet painting is actually hung up and called his office as we speak I just like the nature of it like kind of like crashing it the panel but in like a loving way it was really fun and I remember it was totally planned because a friend of his and it was kind of on the panel and everything is going to it yellow get mad because you're taking time away from there racing like waiting on reveal this until you go home and Google sloth art project that was I going to really nerve-racking thing only second to my second most nerve-wracking loss experience which was at the Paley Center I hosted their 10 year reunion and then I have the glasses at Paley Center there was talk at one point about Michael Emerson who I am forgetting his character now and unlock those guys doing a spin-off show characters then and now they live in a small town and meet up an apartment never ask all these questions we kind of did it all through lost that was the week that that information was out and I was like so you know what you know what about this way I can you talk to about this show and Terry Clinton Pledge on lock like locked eyes with me in the most lock asked why I was like we're not here to talk about that weird to talk about lost and it was like my heart make a joke out of it you were able to go on but it was like so serious like taking it serious if he is on that show and in real life not the guy has me cracking too many jokes you know but you want me to supplemental maybe if you're good I'll be there