#33 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth meets Griffon

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Recorded: 2009-10-28 20:45:09

Runtime: 01:04:02 (3842.09 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

lyrics to Drunk in search dead cockroach cancels to the Grinch recorded our latest podcast was awesome I would love that cartoon when I was a kid I'm glad we're so CD with a project that someone very similar to this has to go down as the podcast I took the longest to get started in history as soon as we were ready to start we started to hear noises and it kill all the bugs that's the rumor then I'm okay with it also we do it sometimes but now there's only class I have something that doesn't happen to anyone else but the main thing that people complain about is when you're here late at night that you hear people walking in the hallway and hear doors open and close and if you're sitting in that chair right there where you are like I did and you'll be somebody somebody will come into the room and stand there you and you'll be like there's no walk in the back door at certain times or super early in the morning or super late at night I smell men's cologne right in that little hallway smells really weird so long dead cowboy who try to impress you can a cologne before nothing I'm a connoisseur of cologne connoisseur but it definitely smells like old times is it the building were in pretty old building 150 years old the same thing the date was don't remember what it was okay like early maybe like 1905 or something that's what you told me cuz I was 250 years old 104 years Jesus that's a long time so what hey gus what's up. Actually this morning I read this that Left 4 Dead 2 supposedly there's a rumor going around that they might get Avatar Awards yeah I read that same thing I think that'd be pretty cool the idea of the Avatar award isn't something that I see myself getting into but I think it's kind of a cool idea and so far it hasn't really been flushed out like it was coming down soon they said splosion man will be the first game to have the Avatar Awards and then I think just yesterday that actually happened right yeah that's true we've been waiting around for like 2 or 3 months that to happen and there's no way in hell I'm going to please your man anymore but they did 2 cool things they know they Day released 4 Avatar shirts you can get and I think you get one for like it's as easy as in busting out a pane of glass which if you play slow jam and you know it was basically just like walking for feet and you run into glass everywhere and the other one is still like the hardest one to get it till I feet the game on Co-op you know I never go back and I think I would like it if you would explode something sort of thinking and I think we talked to them for the nice guys party like a nobody to look my contacts which of awkward video game the company that's the only place for hanging out from one thing I don't understand about the Left 4 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Avatar award so is one of the award you get to post their personal groomer one of the rumors think she gets Depeche Mode shirt I really don't know rumors from dark carnival about that is supposedly in there somewhere which would make sense in the Xbox version of the beginning of episode only that it's at the dead but that rocket live Cannon is at the very end of the game you can carry this with you Gavin got a lot to do I'll do it Sunday that's pretty cool and interesting science meat Personal Jesus is like the theme song for the Left 4 Dead 2 commercial that we may finally commercial commercial 2 from Gamestop which I hear the people that didn't hear from Gamestop player for others from other stores in Illinois I keep forgetting and I don't go back to Twisted pixel for second day when they're doing an interesting promotion I guess if you download a special Avatar or look up special gamer pic and set it as your gamerpic and then play multiplayer games you have a chance to win free Omaha Steaks if you get selected in Omaha Steaks will send you a check in the mail yeah and the reason and the reason that makes sense is when if you kill a scientist in the game like here at the explosion in his life and he's like trying to turn into bones come by the house in the truck with the back was like $60 was it home I got to get rid of it too much meat is in a Reuben it was like it was only $0.38 I bought it and then I looked down and expiration date was the next day which I was in there forever and it was the last day is there a vaccination date I don't know who this guy is but I gotta say delicious date she was annoyed with me because I only bought steaks for me New Leaf select member broil them probably because I don't have a problem for me and we can talk to each other anymore I moved I moved every six months and every time it was like how far can I get away another good yeah it was about 20 minutes from downtown anyway thank you for settling down 14 year old guys complaining about the neighbors and like where do I come in in the cemetery crazy like I live next door would like to see all the time we never see you I've been doing with getting my house finished settling in I called my contractor 21 times yesterday also and he never returned one come over Sunday night to watch the recreation DVD in addition to that coming over tomorrow night for dinner parently you just got served Franklinville NJ my meat I think the reason we're testing the DVD makes incidentally we just set up the recreation and RT Shorts DVD to be manufactured like 15 minutes such a scary process doing that like you and I were literally testing the DVD on the in the back room here as the guy was walking in and he went and he's like aren't there to DVD date does 5 come on drop in with the processes for like a big distributor like say early coming at Universal or Warner Brothers I don't know what they're DVD testing processes but I can't imagine it's as intense as ours. We discover things we've never seen before audio in background audio never heard never heard you came up on what we fixed it for the DVD ago and was told that they would arrive on or about November 20th and then we will be able to start shipping them some of them on the 20th but most of them on the 23rd and that's the note I put on the pre-order in the store just in time for Black Friday and then shortly after that I can't wait to see in person supposedly like a UV coating and it's got some kind of oil thing on it and it's really fancy supposed to be an actual couple Jessica live at the pharmacy and if you have you happen to have one with a surgeon if you have a very rare CD indeed Twisted her mouth all the time Dorn walking in Gus has been I think it is really talking about what it is to be an asshole and then the heat has lightened up I don't know he became one of the fun-loving for Gus coming in and he didn't he wasn't like actively thinking of ways to murder and then the last like 2 months or so he's going to return to form and I think it's because the honeymoon's over in your marriage to be honest I know what that's like I envy you own house if the house is killing you you you you have this vision of a man my home is my castle and I'm going to have this house and then I want to be with anybody other than my own place and I can do that I can do that and everything will be good because I have the sense of permanence and then you find out it's just a money pit my money and stress Christian insides good luckily it has now become the rainy season and out of the blue and then we have a couple inches of rain earlier this week and you don't have siding has exposed wires I do have a roof the night before 4:30 in the morning by the loudest fucking thing I've ever heard in my life I thought a burglar had fallen like the my house looks like we have some I'm a let you know right now we have some branches and our neighbor squirrel monkeys in the tree or something has no future with me has weed trees that's our downfall but enough about our neighborhood I'm sure everyone about our neighborhood has power you should I think that's not that great are you unhappy that you have to put like a device on your on your project for my iPhone and for like a day and no I don't have a phone but you would have to put a case around it crazy about that I'm looking at it right now on their website I'm not too happy about that either by the way are we the laziest people on the planet that we will take $100 to buy that we can stick it on just Windows the plug it in my phone because I was asleep and it fell on the floor the to stick it out of the car Jesus ago and I can't get it out and then I broke the button on a Samsung can't get it anymore I don't remember which project I'm at the company buy me one to test it for the podcast was wanting to send it when I'm out I will gladly use it it's not really I could use one of those I can only dream is feet original Melanie podcast is it true that Farmers Almanac winter podcast on iTunes can to figure out what people do know how we do things differently but Family Guy episode Family Guy episode because they actually watch Family Guy promotion of deposed yeah sure go ahead I guess there was supposed to definition of Family Guy that only like that had no commercials because it was entirely promoted by Windows 7 and the whole half-hour special was going to promote with the launch of Windows 7 so this is going to happen in November but apparently did just that and so few days ago some component of this player is not Family Guy for this episode was going to come out and then let it how to put in a long time I thought it was like a special edition that was Taylor to promoting Windows 7 now that I have that video of her being in any form then you can leave that I guess some people from Microsoft went to something called like Seth MacFarlane's live comedy show your stuff and Alex's almost Live Comedy Show whatever the hell that is not pleased by all the talk of necrophilia October 16th and that's when they went to it I didn't actually want comedy what workout we probably wouldn't be very good either but hopefully sometime this week can you for talking for people talking outside Manassas Virginia that's like the season we only have in the fall and winter she was like but Geoff got hit in the back the other day that's right and yes I got woken up for in the morning somebody slapped me on the back and I thought it was Griffon and there's nobody there you're asleep flapper later later on at like 6:30 Griffon woke me up I say hey hey hey and I turned over and she was totally out of my apartment and also one of those alarm clock in the morning I looked at my alarm clock and then moving back and forth between Yuan house how dead I was at me I will Dead 2 that's awesome like Shadows or something else I would come home my TV on sometimes what if you like having the same apps on your pee I guess I have 2 Xboxes feet covered so let's talk about the PS3 thing they just announced that next month they're going to add Netflix integration to the PS3 but I guess I'm trying to the line because I remember I had some sort of agreement with Netflix to put it in Marketplace Movies to the Xbox and then lo and behold here comes the PS3 and I guess there's and I could be wrong but it seems to me they're circumventing whatever the exclusivity agreement is by forcing PS3 users on a disc Netflix service you can install everything from consumer perspective I don't like the fact that I would have to have a disc in there like I'll have to go and slipped discs out if I stream Netflix and then as a person I don't like the fact that they're like trying to squirm out of an exclusivity deal 2 Microsoft example and this is my voice talking but it seems like another example of Sony getting a service that Microsoft has but in a clergy or not as elegant way you know and it's like I'm just my PlayStation 3 pictures movies showing up on Netflix now that Sony now the question is will they show up at the Xbox is well hopefully he was able to see all the pay-per-view and he was all that stuff on his from the season every game of the season New Castle coming to watch that you can also stream any game is like watching a television program from and prepare operations and blows it away and it was awesome it looks really good too Quincy beginning of the movie I also just got the last of them stuff doesn't interest me really the Twitter thing I don't know what the Facebook app on the Xbox and the computer it was servers running facebook.com just three hundred live like that it's a complicated system so we can run just as slow online servers as a Facebook Facebook dead by the time this podcast coming to the park my face isn't right now started the first show me the monkey Google show me the Miami Heat in the trailer new movie comes out you're talking about the past you know if I got money original has some Canadian why he doesn't care so he has to be doing something right RT news in Brentwood Los Angeles Brendan as an aside if you know Dina Meyer for me today my baby tomorrow 2 movie come out last year 2 Michael was in a movie didn't really like it hurt and I can't do actually that's not right I read that somewhere you about that movie about fighting in Hong Kong or something that was last like fighting movie apparently until Mommy three years and he just had a little right I'm going to put some work into those pictures again the 4 costume for the Basking light 4 Walter Walter the world's skinniest Walter live the Jesus in The Big Lebowski has a Halloween costume I don't know where you get a purple jumpsuit left the player in her neck when was the last time live Griffon country Griffon who's going to know that I haven't actually working out like I've been telling him over and over he doesn't let you come Jason in the neighborhood or tomorrow if possible probably do an archetype stuff by looking at apples and drawing them Red Sox position OKC so Gus is going to see any movies this weekend about what coming out I have no idea the one that six it's pretty bad really like bad in AZ well I guess you can't argue with that 2 the Klumps 2 when it came out it was really a movie Avatar new released while anyways we'll talk about absolutism matter whether or not but it works now movies made over $16 so far to know that people are stupid for $15,000 yeah I won't be with that first year when you're not left in the pantry that was really sick and we went in and like we left like 30 minutes or so or whenever we were Dwayne ago when I was throwing up all over the snow and people are like that really cool concept and I'm back to let you know again what's about a boy whose parents are family too much but this is the first time I like a toddler who is family gets murdered and he wanted his wandering out in the teeth like the one family get murdered anyone yeah he's got like he meets all these different characters and a graveyard was it like characters from different time with his family Canada Griffon this thing we've never read science fiction together to be together and so we decided we would released on Facebook and we both rental live independently of each other but we decided that the best science fiction book ever and so we looked at a ton of lists online and the general consensus is that what we're reading Ender's Game Powermat 360 chapter ending kind of falls off about really what is the best book ever the Bible Manistee Township three I don't have to text every time DVD is probably gold my friend probably have his boss is always yelling at him to get rid of them like Dust Steakhouse will you do that ramification about meeting me you know like DVD view Enterprise in podcast listeners start some sort of heavy metal band gets famous I Wanna Cry talking about it did you really yeah after I told you but then later I had to clean up a bunch of like piles of rotting meat I don't know has Charlie not be talking about everyone else the decline of society and then I gave him a water really quickly and coming up there like you know that's a lot of water right away and then it's they told me it's like some has some of the brain problems I kept watching my horse make servers did you make sure your horses brain was okay with you did you give him simple math problems and see if he gets an hour he probably should have for slow man for smiling really the problem sound Running meat for the grill one time when I was in Puerto Rico like the day after garbage day with every week like anywhere else and the day after garbage day the refrigerator in my house. I don't know I told you this but you on the link I don't know if you can find it if it still exists but that reminds me of stinky meat project yes stinky meat was like a response I think he feet or vice versa I think I can remember was first but this is a long time the internet on the spark that used to have cool content and then just came with it Cliff Notes kind of funny but they do and put a bunch of meat on a plate and stuck it in the back of his neighbor's yard and it would sneak over everything and take a picture and see how long it took his neighbor to to the meat to find the meat of the smell hit like a big backyard or how long it take the meat to disintegrate it was really gross what happened three weeks or something before I found it Tennessee hired her to write a thing called live in the city or something and it was her interpretation of dating in Boston where he lived and then he would write fake articles and he changed the local host at her at the apartment the point to a website that was all of her articles so she thought it was actually going out but it wasn't Avatar to notice the spy camera in the ceiling fan Christian Christian has a possible match Powermat I had the weirdest ago he was in an Oscars video Burnie Academy Awards head like a series of people just like talking to the camera about movies and he was one of the dude wow he was in the cab and our number again if you can from the spark how to lose a fight so the other guy gets arrested and he said that he's not getting laid the only true very funny spark change format so weird that I look for the internet from website search that might have been all things to continue with her with her entertaining content instead they went around However the fact that work and selling Cliff Notes they could be making funny content today and you and I can do we're not shorts but instead they were the way the dinosaurs when they want to talk about last week and never got around to it I forgot about it I know if you heard this story but did you hear that Google Voice voicemail. service up and delete everything makes publicly available so everyone can see something similar happen with a while back 2 AOL released not in English that will released all their AOL search has for a while so people could train them Day released in 50,000 searches and it had like IP addresses and potentially identifying information I still got a copy of all those three I know what you look for if you stacked every AOL disc ever made like from the surface of the Earth how tall they would be to get a Jupiter Jupiter can't I move date for so long we transition from one medium to another they moved from diskettes to the feet to heat up Geoff who fucking years those things I don't know can you can you sign up for AOL how about the other things as well like back in 1993 I don't remember but no internet forgot about that shotgun released to work tech support number sure we can play together and he's someone that I've been fixated on having a lot of trouble we spent an hour trying to get at least an hour trying to take somebody on the perfect date for that stupid I couldn't do it I'm actually like guilty I don't know if you guys experience that when you play video games sometimes especially the ones where you have to make decisions and like become good or evil and I can never let myself because my husband left me and then the state my kids I tried to but I made a mistake of bringing her home and like trying to get him to live under the same roof and I guess it's not like you talk to me it's like whatever you know that I got a lion type that you have has to try that next family have you all been playing a lot because I was in testing mode but yeah we play for about an hour Saturday morning I would love to but I don't really like I think it's still probably the most fun can actually watch something the sniper rifle on stuff but he's character design makes me not wanna play it like a guy that would be really annoying to talk to what kind of roasting 2 Guys I will say I really like that sell trading got really big for a while there and then kind of fell out of favor with only guy was overused and the Dreamcast released today but this is an example of Sheltering them really well I really really did yeah it kind of is for sure when everything is just so you know I was thinking of the old jet grind radio and Jet Set Radio Future Three the future was probably my favorite 7 still looks good looks fucking amazing that's the game where I was on the subway now I know where we are because of Jet Set Radio Future that's awesome I recognize this bus terminal I think the best cell shaded game of all time from from me was probably Dark Cloud 2 what channel live in love that game 13 oh my God have all kind of stuff I would say current generation the best looking game I've seen in Uncharted to turn 2 looks amazing it looks really impressive it's a PS3 game but it looks really really really good looking so pretty much the time I bet we would like it would look as Graphics coming out soon Call of Duty Call of Duty Call of Duty 4 and I really didn't hold up and moving just looking around totally lost it completely immersed in the world of that little city did you find the best mangoes in town but that was one of the moments when the first moment I don't know got sucked into a game and completely forgot about playing the game you know I could have just walked around forever looking at stuff like a graphic designer and was like 30 something and she had said that she had every console that she never said that she was surprised she didn't seem like the type that was really just so that I can walk around signatories to swim coastlines in to see where I can get them you know you are obsessed with walking from one continent to the other tried so hard Forrest Gump Fable 2 you've been playing Borderlands little bit and now you want to play DJ Hero 50 landfair my clothes when I get home but I don't know that was always a 4 month old getting sure that I'll never get anything done again getting stuff that's overrated Beatles Rock Band Wireless drums last night for the first time how are there because somebody is selling rockband 1 collector's edition with all the equipment and 2 for $79 postage paid and stop playing games and it was like CD yet but I bought it last week and if it's still around and you're looking for an entrance into that that genre that's super cheap way to do it 2 full 2 full game drop Andrew off at 2 if you like $120 or something and then the rest of it's just crazy I mean you just like rockband for Sister video game World Tour Guitar Hero 4 or 5 which everyone isn't World Tour Metallica Van Halen Beatles Lego has coming out and her band hero and then like the the rock band track packs of which there's like for 12 games worth of rockband the whole world just doing the easy where can I watch the game Centric room because it's like it's not any control over everything is always no not yet Eddy Arnold banging will drop it off okay sounds fascinating whatever shut up for a segment for new show this nerd house thanks Catherine Geoff register Left 4 to leave I don't think so just lots of new changes coming 2 Achievement Hunter this is the busy season for us so pretty much from this week until the end of the year there's going to be a ton of videos like I know right now you working 4 to 3 I'm doing I can fix Ballad of Gay Tony tomorrow next week's Dragon Age then of course Left 4 Dead 2 Assassin's Creed called if you want to I want to plug DVD coming out again we do have a bundle and get the RT Shorts DVD in the recreation DVD together for $30 if you order people don't realize that individually be sure to do that quality DVD and be sure to check out the Trocadero CD when it comes out of ghosts that linger and also RT coming here at 3 will be in the store in the next coming week you can find it in our store and I think we've been making his post about it and will continue to do so