#330 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses Burnie's Identity Crisis

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-330

Recorded: 2015-07-08 16:35:36

Runtime: 01:37:00 (5820.45 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman






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brought to you this week by Alpha Brain and Braintree Braintree Braintree Train over there I'm just having burni and Captain come back over there what is that can come back as blue American one thing and they're like no we can't have this so I don't know why this exists but there's a zipper understand why if you can stick your dick out and piss and because I would get on your hand don't you know could you forgive them because you're human on earth you have use a paperclip I see what some point in your life I know shoes 1141 Orlando what's on the inside on to the paper part of the forest why is it that we're the fucking psychopath cum drooling all over what is a 4 typically made of what material how do you know that why would you do this how would you even know because you used MI have you ever done you never felt the wax nature of the cut on the inside of his drinking liquor nature of my product thermostat used to have like glass installation of something if you drop them the inside would shatter I don't really feel like that was something with back in the eighties or something taking hot food in a thermos somewhere that's gone right I mean there's no person left on the planet that pack stuff in a thermos to keep it right but maybe like camping trip maybe like maybe the dude who's like operating a construction crane like a hundred feet up in the air he like doesn't want to get out of a thermostat Weather Service some time in Canada hot hot stuff in the thermostat all the stuff because I can't protect it was always cold stuff in the thermos not hot stuff like ice cream ice cream in it it was a great time but in Texas now you would have a problem because we have no fucking son actually it's been okay but it seems like every time someone comes to clear away the branches yourself tonight so he's big enough to be like a protected tree or something can you put your arms around it like that I know it's not keeping them away from my house I have there's a tree in front of my house where the City of Austin you can't cut down a tree like a little metal tags on every friggin Tree in almost all the private look at the tags on it probably every single tree and you can take it down without permission to the city and by the way you can get permission from the city but it will go through and just cut down trees if they get in the way of something like that close to a power line so they were coming through and they did that my neighbor died in Austin Texas super old records that is older than you before you know Austin was Stephen F Austin move here and ruin it all when do they cut all the leaves off the trees and then they get to my neighbor's house my neighbor has a tree that is literally on the power line the power line goes underneath it like the rest on it and they say every time they come to their if you touch it it's like I don't know the tension that hanging off the end of each of the one that's hanging to make another power light orange just losing power for 27 hours or whatever the last night that was awful I hate it but stop at his research found that I had a leak in my roof that housed the metal roof it was then people came by and we like it must be nice to do when your contractor and I feel like often do they call people to his you repair a roof that's it we're not doing repairs right now we're only doing 4 installation so I don't want to hold you God damn rude what's the roof but the whole thing when you got your last house where you remodeled it dealing with contractors and it got to be like this all over the world to their contract as one of the worst things to do for someone who it was like yes I enjoy this working with people like flooring people and drywall guys and also be coordinating all that always a three-month project takes about 9 I feel like I often think that everyone's too damn late but really care about anything you really have to find a good one you're making an agreement with someone to give them a lot of money so that you can hate them you're going to have a lot of money 132 interaction with the contractor and then it send it and you can I will use them again no it was a guy restaurant and I said no I'm going to call that guy and use them to renovate one of her office and he's like he's like don't do it don't do it I just talked to him with it on your face democrats for Three Musketeers can I hire a private investigator to see like where this guy will trade you a smartphone screen shot on my phone was born one day I called him an answer 45 times 4514 times today Steve Wilkos on 45 probably have some time for 2 minutes and exciting and left like the side of his house open to the world and it was like the wind looking crazy picked up this a cool 39 we don't step ahead of human life no I mean like I thought for sure and he thought of squirrels and everything else it was good I'm glad you can tell because I have no problem and no weird issues listen to something American Express with American culture American society probably the most overrated experience is homeownership it's like somehow they take that into the American dream that you have to own your own home it's not true at all and the house is like just a gigantic ongoing pain in the ass and like the money that you were just like some money into stuff or you're ignoring problems not at all but I'm actually doing the ignore kind of fun did you get the mail just call and they can fix your thing yeah I think it's a perfect medium because I am investing in property but also could have someone else pick up my check from the condo you can pay a lot of money in like just then I just am I'm sick of putting money into something that I'm not getting anything out of weird looking houses like walking through one place with the my kids are walking through and action addressing questions everything like what is this to utilities all the stuff he was twelve at the time starting now is it neighborhood have an HOA not it's okay just Minecraft server will I get sick of each other and the kids Minecraft server they all went to different places and they built like a pyramid and the top of the table where they would sit and like meat classic razor where did Lord of the Flies what is the homeowners association would just like to discuss how you have to keep your lawn and look up questions to ask I'm just like you want to but I'll go see how somebody did you see that this week we're having a leap second added to the day on Wednesday we're adding a leap second to what I told you about this the first year for the Giant delete every 18 months we've had this discussion the Post 72 right now I bet you got exactly we have to go Gavin Free argue podcast lead II will happen is because this slow the rotation of the earth is slowing down because at 11:59 59 seconds ahead of the next second being midnight 31159 and 60 seconds what it was podcast 165 you want me to 132 you're just like him nope America I want to believe in it November 2012 I know that I would was questioning the number of the 2012-2013 no clue I know I'm nobody remember days like that $0.20 just audio in on the party said that every time on a poker dealer crew anymore. We're gone for so long Tumblr Montana what's an extra second on the day it just it just stops time from drifting from it from the authorization so one day let's go for hours and one second is that what this is like 2572 so I have an extra 25 second I was more like 725 2424 so weird to me that our measurement of time can be that precise to having a second every couple of years we will see the benefits but I'm drifting off in the significant future like you might give me rotation or whatever our measurement of time it's so close to exactly being broken down to that point we have 24 hours so I guess we created the measurement to match the rotation of the earth and decided 24 hours subdivided into 24 x 16 when it says your propriate II the wrong amount of time was the first podcast discussion we had about the standard format FaceTime for 24 hours when to call in some way how about 4 a.m. when you go to the same time it's like 9 a.m. then I can probably call it is for him to not even noon I just say it's like 4 a.m. if they're asleep at 4 and calendar you have to do that I think I'm going to be at one time zone for Country let's truck smoke only one time zone of big clumps of land on the same time zone pressure China is one time zone you don't have to try to the front of it when they stayed over there when you got there are multiple time zones in Russia Union thought you had a bunch like 1 hour or 3 hours at 1 p.m. and it'll be noon all day today electric Native American July 2nd Australia time 12 o'clock I believe Australian tickets for Australia July 2nd you're the one that we talked about our kids Australia Haitian you stick in the mud but also on the other Australia January 23rd and 24th in Sydney can I can go there to get something can I publicly say that I would like to go you probably see where the fuck you we should make a video it in Sydney Australia Technology Park it's often sure what's up with that I want to go I might even have to look pretty so you guys decide the order in which people are now that they're going to our church Australia and you guys just do your own thing what does a order for announcement YouTube banana who make the most sense for me to say some people go are you actually going right now until then trump it already requested to go there and you said good work on the Austin which is coming up to its prime so we've been trying to figure out space and we got to be walk through tomorrow actually to figure out like where you can get laid at the convention center or the different venues and we feel confident in saying this that we are going to add some additional tickets shows currently sold out so really we're going to do and they're going to go like you're watching the live stream the game live in 9 minutes 8 p.m. Texas time I mean even more because we're not going to Tweet anything about it until tomorrow or maybe tomorrow yeah so you have all night to your ticket on her makeup limited amount of a way to reduce them like a friend or family member he's been looking for a ticket tell them because tell him hey tell him to get a ticket because you can't guarantee they'll be on sale for very long time ort example playing tricks on me restaurants in San Jose we had our new event manager startup today we did have to start this process of information transfer I feel like the way I introduced myself as with a chance to see him and I got alcohol I was writing your boobs covered and then on the way out I said by the way nice to me I'll even weirder he also came into Darkness cast look up or something cuz yeah I got that is wearing blue jeans reach into the front pocket of his blue jeans and pulled out a glass about the size that you have right there like I don't know what you figure it would crush his pockets with front pocket Raiden few minutes just washing the extra RTX tickets with me today this is a sponsor only Journal but they will be publicly available until tomorrow I'll be pulling in in 5 minutes but only sponsors know about it that's right nothing like good good I'm really excited about this year did I could the blood cuter than Matt anymore tell you it's failed and then post it twice yesterday I'm not feeling alone Monterey Journal just went out sing it to me a favor okay so if you guys put out a note for XXX the list you put out for a schedule exactly did you guys put out the list of things we do them in pairs and we're doing a little bit longer this year we're doing for an hour and a half I suppose an hour because it gives us a chance to see more people it'll be operated differently than their parents and look at the pairings with Matt hullum both times both days so that's like that's going to be like career day at the Moon are you sure if you understand it's like we're not going to be conducting job interview Productions together or for the minorities together I put gas with the brand and once again right with someone find who destroyed most of it was just a scheduling thing 230 stretch racist but now that you're gone a lot more well-managed this year so anybody who attended previous years those mistakes will be doing less stuff for this one I'm excited like last year I did like 14 different than Center Stage schedule isn't planned it so that stuff because I want more time just talk about it like doing it from one panel to the next constantly don't have to do any signings girls either walk the floors or go to panels because usually that's what the floor is for but we can also take the most amount of people can get in there like something over 5,000 people you know probably 300 people in an hour and a half and we also have multiple panel location to multiple rooms you think they want to see you're helping it once but we have to do that in order to put people up everyone can have a shot of something before we move on to something else to apologize for mentioning are tickets to the Hornets YouTube open about Australia talk to him which is that every show at Richards now has a 24-hour Early Access when we've been going through a long process of adding a 24-hour window for sponsors to watch a show before it goes live to this publicly on the site and also to you too as well and we just moved the podcast show into that as well as before it was we recorded it live Monday night and that sponsor to watch that then Tuesday went live on the podcast to everybody then Wednesday 1 on iTunes and then the next Wednesday it went up on YouTube but write the following Wednesday so now it comes out the next day the same day it comes out on the receipt podcast comes out but you never see.com site it comes out on YouTube as well and people saw that is like some people some people saw that as taking away a benefit that sponsors had when it first if we had dozens of shows together early window and this is just one show in all of those dozens of shows that you didn't change sponsorship benefit in any way whatsoever no effect on it whatsoever you could still watch it on the receipt website it comes out on YouTube the same time it comes on the rooster teeth website if anything it just affected the iTunes window which you were always defensive of because iTunes is actually where most people download the podcast and look into a contract with a more popular or download this video scheduled to be less confusing I don't stop and think when they want to watch the show old do I have to watch it here watch it I prefer they watch it on the site I prefer if they were sponsored but if you were on YouTube and that's where they watch their content I know what happened Early Access window years ago did it better here we just wear this Legacy weird thing that never changed and never liked technology limitations on the website as far as I could video player woodworking wood window correctly it looks like it was just a nightmare we don't want to touch it we finally reached the point where we need to be like everything else and it wasn't like I remember it like that facts of the way we did things like that's the way it is it's like you're not really proving anything wrong in that case because an issue of like a perspective that there's a problem the the conception of the person with the perception that there was a problem means that they're actually the problem like that spot that's part of our job it's a message that better and let people know that so it's like I will be better about that in the future but you know this thing was all part of you know a long-standing process to increase everything that's in that sponsorship there another we got that would be adding more stuff to the house I'm with Kyle today he's about to run into production Ferrari be 13 and start producing more like sponsors only content as well Oscar cut down a tree that you can if you like we like talk about your stuff and do too much for sponsoring like there's a small percentage of the audience and I feel like you're constantly hammering people with my cold is really for sponsors you can get like me to talk about the RTX tickets were going to make this available to sponsors through all the channels first you know where to look there first will be able to share it publicly but other people even though the existence of shares it with him and give him that that's what it's like Monster by offering a streaky what if I keep growing dramatically better figure out a way to like me to get that eliminates a lot of people to reach even if we keep repeating the message and driving the message home you run the risk of the people heard the message of what I'm saying we're sick of hearing about this and you still have to keep repeating it to make sure you hit as many people as you can out of it even if you keep repeating it and I don't want to hear it the message and it like it don't say anything they stopped at them talk about it more than other than dealing with our tea act like I still get messages being like 130 x where are tickets still on sale I just like I could say these things over and over but there's always going to be someone coming in not knowing information and asking it without doing research that's really good because I think we had a better thing in the past when Russia thought you guys were having a barber and yet you guys were big members of the original site you know what she's gotten a little bit long in the tooth of the last few years but it was always a place to find out information that they have correct that kind of thing so that's why I'm particular want to sponsor should be she comes of them like let me know what's driving that was causing that however it is Lazer team I've identified something to which is as the site has become like one of many social platforms that are out there and other ones a reason stuff like that there's a lot of people that contribute to conversations do you use example for laser to hear where we did something with a trailer and put the trailer out and it was a huge discussion about it she'd Only Go Backwards first you know that means I can put it out at the same time is because you know that the trailer available this big discussion about that it's all right everybody who was talking about it I couldn't find a single person when I wrote that it's okay if you're not getting your back for updates as we explained that the backup date in your email address I'll make sure you're getting your back rubbed I couldn't find a single person in that discussion who was actually about her they were just like presenting themselves as backers and take her but I just think that's really crazy and even if it doesn't actually some I will be offended internet connectivity think of the Xbox one when I was 1st like a big change like that I like you cuz I can't really check that spots and upset it might be someone who's just like hypothetically upset with everything we do with it now it's like did that would upset me so I'm going to be on to be upset was like but they don't know that the actual ins and outs of her thanks if it's really strange bullshit whiteboard podcasting live stream it'll be available tomorrow night too so we can also be available on YouTube at the same time I personally think that we try to keep YouTube just her own business models and try to keep YouTube a certain percentage of her overall views and try to keep down you know so if you watch it on the site however I fully recognize that most people discover new content on YouTube that's where people go to discover that stuff so I think I think being out the same week on YouTube as we are and we should do that, I think I'll be very helpful the process I'm about to load up a couple things I want to say about various things that I say what am I doing this after the podcast is brought to you by Alpha Brain Alpha Brain Onnit is an all natural supplement has been clinically shown to help the body improve memory Focus processing speed and Flow State also a sub study of the Alpha Brain clinical trial show that after a single dose of the brain could improve your reaction time 420 Alpha Brain gaming will be at this year's RTX and offering a chance for you and a print with an all-expense-paid trip to attend enter to win at Alpha Brain gaming.com / RTX on gaming.com / RTX I've been huge fan of the owl free product still take it everyday and I love it I think it's awesome and they're giving you a chance to come there to Excel and now we have more tickets but so I don't help build the JW oh yeah if you want to hotel room that's a really good deal to do that with me it's a beautiful hotel just opened up that was very small Web Conference there this weekend let me know you must be really cold out here Stoney River what it's like to go to lunch Terry miles gray me and Brandon but that's a big panel we were all like sloppy going to stand up for the Austin webfest my people second angle that is growing and we're very happy when do the came all the way from London getting what they wanted the event but before we get Brandon I gotta check my email and said hey guys I can't make the panel today because I'm feeling really really sick and then my immediate reaction was oh that's right I'm totally forgot about it yeah and I and then I will depend on it was a lot of fun we had a blast electric guitar TX yeah it was weird like talking like killing some stories sitting that is weird no totally different it is totally different it is really different it's more like a story time and talking about his teeth and yelling at someone about how things are recycle my friend said he was sick and make it and me and Carrie and miles and you were there too we're all sitting down for the count was going to be and we were like we know it's going to mess up we know he's going to mess up we're just waiting for him to tweet or say something about how he's out and about and sure enough it wasn't Brandon it was his girlfriend started tagging him stuff on Instagram I took a screenshot and it went out to everybody who is here working at the building and they all started texting Brandon he get well soon it was around the same time totally blind items that event he wrote on Twitter he wrote when you say you too sick to go somewhere and your girlfriend takes you out and about and in print replied you're good I'm sick I'm not dead before you realize it was messing with it why is everyone texting me and I'm sorry I totally totally busted I had to I had to the great moment today which is like the old school like Congress officer even like a beauty apartment office RoosterTeeth it was so great apparently I just got this like a crisis apparently there is a switch in the kitchen that if you could look over by the microwave if you turn it off it turns off all the machine machines on the other side of that wall like entire Red vs Blue environment point I don't know where you stand not being in that won't matter because I have a few pieces and stuff you would think that would be the case there's some dude looking like a man who was was looking up at the light like this like it's some lights were off and fucking just came up and he's like that's like I'm trying to the notice which is where they haven't removed it by now at 4:10 that we have the facilities person or tell him hey can you have someone remove that switch and just put a wall plate right there let's go back to like 2006 okay where is season 3 of RBD is that it's like one of you mother fucker shit at what I've done to that switch do that which I would have entered the room and like always keep as much distance between the end of which is possible the bucket of water on a piece of string like all breakable they don't hit that button otherwise it was a big ass man under the building hey everyone here's the key like shared storage Network you know I don't know because I went I went through it I kind of know what that means they probably lost like who knows how many are VB profiles are characters I thought you said they have been getting up like it for three people set up 16 characters and it takes like 40 minutes so probably lost a lot of busy work time with prep time to jump in there with them and I'll help set of characters that help him get back on the freeway change your mind that's all that comes with it and I noticed something are you using your phone as a coaster I might be getting broken so I was using my phone as a coaster scream Queens about short story short the pockets of radiation giant stupid phone is in the pocket face down I thought it was going to be fine because I dropped my phone lately but I don't want to look at it before anyone else so I picked it up and I showed everyone at the same time I was like place your bets that is fine never was like or how long you can keep it now replace you know I've heard that you need $80 to get a new screen brisket never put in KC how much is a case or two of them before they stop doing it so you can smash it one more time and still get it repaired in case I know I'm good for you know about the iPhone 6 Plus and you might be actually told me on Twitter that they have the Developer Edition I should let you know piece of shit on a plate like whenever my phone rings I have to stand next to it like a little plastic bag over my hand like I'm watching a dog take a shit and then I can pick it up and I can use my phone for that piece of shit you just have a piece of horizontal feces it's like he doesn't do that plus the last 30 seconds of the last 30 seconds of the repairs coming over. Here it is are you ready that's it that's it so here session everyone goes Surprise by the way first frame of any GoPro price which is someone doing this but one thing I've noticed about Periscope is you can't started in the forward facing mode yeah you're just starting out and then flip it around have never used it was fun and I think there's a section about never done any blocking content of any kind and this is the only kind of love I think whatever kind of sometimes blogs and it's more like about your daily life don't know because it's such a new one too because like we would call this this is not a Blog but if you described as someone who doesn't want web stuff it's like we get on camera on we talk in the microphone about a life and stop with the camera though that's a new one hey guys so what one camera that looks like you're like yeah so 13282 what is a whole bunch over there right here is one barbar probably the greatest use of the 360 YouTube player greatest ever will it was a K-pop dance group practicing their dancing women in short shorts practicing your dancing and you can spin around 360 Degrees to watch them all day the screen and it didn't have one on 360 you talking about 4360 no I get what you saying you think it's the density of a 4K resolution if you look at it like this but that's a much higher than 4K resolution 4 km still V 4K extrapolated over the course of 360 Degrees gavi what are the non triplets the non recorded parts of the image like what is it on the street or I mean on the floor now it's real wood floor it's weird hey I just got out of the tub of turbulent the same people have died in that's why I hung up so I didn't think I was but now is your heart rate if you wanted to tell you that I was on a plane think of a reason later totally fine go ahead fly first class do you want to mention something like men Switzerland it was like the flight attendants like that and sat down and strapped in and I was like I wonder if it was like on the plane and I was looking for was like let's let me know a few minutes make sure drenalin chicken little behind sorry it was interesting to see everything for a run or anything how much your heart rate can go up for no reason why do I need such Hot Blooded a good workout to just get into turbulence is it so you like black guys Insurance your pregnancy can make quick decisions maybe your adrenal glands are taking it they got some adrenaline going like ready to fight or flight I guess I went through a Horror Story which was basically she tried to fly out of the Austin Airport on a Friday as I know you guys have ever done that the freeway to get there so it was definitely she really likes this nightmare it was with a carrier call Delta change your plans then cancel that plan or something like that United wow Meg bought flights on a different airline in order to try to make this convention she was going to did you see that conversation Maggie and she's not too much so I repeat what you said here was a guy yeah because I broke my leg on a flight in the pilots were really rude okay wait a second buddy break your leg on airplane and he said he was in the bathroom they hit turbulence the plane dropped a hundred feet and he snapped his leg in the bathroom he snapped his lyrics how would you break what's up with that Smash Your Head On The Ceiling I would think that it was like 7:20 or 2 clarify what was obviously a joke to say about that listen between the lines on this course because somebody broke their leg how often does that happen every 24 leg on a plane and the reason you probably broke his leg reading between the lines here is there's probably a sign when you return to your seat and he didn't do it while I was taking a dump difficult help right you gotta hit the button if they like the Titanic Lima Community who got up as the plane was Landing like it was about to text you and I tried to get up to go to the bathroom in the flight attendant what the fuck are you doing up so late probably like 200 feet away I'm usually just get on with it set up my seat and I was like man I'm just going to shut my eyes for a bit and then you call I always feel like did they close the Commodore I take my glasses how like how far did the flight before I wake up I love you take off it was empty season is Christopher Eccleston he was like the reboot. I never know what a good I thought I thought I was just got told her I really do think my customers the same thing on the same as me and broke somebody's heart that nice try to be really nice like really we just talked about how he doesn't have to pay that he looks like a while since I'm not sure who it was it's been a decade I was much older he looked at him like I haven't seen any of his work since dr. sees me having to go to the Dark World brother Thornton Colorado how much is it to look at me so are we going out recently that we're having a lazer team panel at San Diego Comic-Con and I think we ran into a really fortunate thing barbar wear obviously we want to be as big as possible but having a movie out there you know we're competing with lots of other really big movies you know stuff without like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was just announced never heard of it what day does the Marvel can have all the comic book franchises are not going to do anything for San Diego yeah I heard it was maybe like they have to that movie comes out before next Comic Con right now I think so Quentin Tarantino's bring his new movie the San Diego County that is a very non Comic-Con movie that they're doing it I think they're like like Marvel not showing up at Comic-Con is like a major Tempo changes I think they said that it was probably reflects on come on come on it's a weird organization he's actually a non-profit San Diego Comic-Con San Diego profit clarify the name Comic-Con so any other comic on is not run by the same organization that runs San Diego, interesting because, can you, can they run other events and they don't call them come under contract that's in Sacramento in San Francisco right I think it's going to be there as well on the panel people can understand I'm going to pay off the front of my vacation with my kids are going to like a Beach vacation for a week Light Platinum what the 21st what are you use regular how'd you like that it was like he wanted Platinum can board now would you just wait for a little bit ago we're going to plan for it to happen we don't need to know you got on before bed I'm human don't change who you are the moment thinking about the way you're going to say things it is because you're fucked up don't change who you are just get a douchebag Anaheim California La Quinta Inn San Diego that's weird that's what you're getting at before we distracted you I will do anything that they want me to do to promote least I don't know exactly why you not going to see Michaels good luck guys I'm going on vacation on the 11th that's the first day of my vacation I'm single planet ComiCon is like 5 days does your nails on Sunday just heard you tell me the panel on Saturday that they don't make it on Saturday and I can't I can do whatever you need me to pick up at 8 p.m. it's not like we can we can make we can muscle our way to a specific time that I can be in Hall h or anything like that you know I sent out last week but then it's like I made it and I said okay look I'll take the first day off for my vacation I'll talk to the kids about it talk about it we'll get it worked out no big deal we'll do it everybody understands so it's all that I can I keep reading these announcements are not going right to have that conversation with you today for some it like back in April so when do this with you like a week ago they didn't tell me right this was like like I was like I had to read from you he's not going to pay because of you being like that didn't ask me if they can ask Michael to go I think they have someone I feel bad that you don't like doing paid internship here for a reason 3D but you gotta make sure you can eat crayons and shit while he's here but other than that he's fine Kratom crazy for like a week put them on I was like a little kid leashes in time to the fucking door knob how to reset my vacation was booked like 18 months ago and it totally freezes over the hedge you abandoned me that night go ahead for the flatbed on it like that I fell asleep I took a nap at like 8 p.m. and I slept all the way through until 7 the next day I was texting I was like um are you still coming up let me know you and who else other folks from the company okay it wasn't just using a loan to the bar now I'm not going to do that I'm just going to lie I'm going to go to go AWOL and just not what you did intensely Miss tonight I really wanted to go I was excited and she questioned valence electrons in sequence are you for sure what comes first a shooting you don't you sleeping you don't go did you miss work are you sleep importance of coming up the difference between what you're going to do something and then not do it what you're deflecting and try to change the subject from your flaking an agreement with what football's USA is called what did you do I want to give him a text and he didn't reply that's me I want to come I don't think so let me ask you something what it was like tutorial 06 - you are that I get an honest answer out of you want to go to a football game and a night out do not carry the same level of your absolute I would never be late to work I would never miss a day of work you did you actually did the worst thing would you see from what I'm understanding here gavi is that you and miss you said hey let's go out to drinks and then she showed up and you didn't come out I think I overdid it this weekend it's been awhile I've been flying so much I'm just I'm just sleep deprived asleep at the wrong time and you can't sleep admissible UK that's what is the definition of jet lag I don't have to get your body to be on a different schedule not jet-lagged but because I was asleep from because I didn't get into a wreck my car just crashed into another one waking is like I never flake by the way would you agree what's making it so my God I know you flaked on me so many times when it involves going downtown I am sorry I never flake so offended right now I forgot what the situation was but I was you're not jet-lagged is cool of ways to get to see you a bunch of places to get lucky in stomach and like I said I've been to England Germany France 01 summer trip to Italy now because you travel but you end up just worn down like I mostly I feel emotional on planes now I feel sad on plane actually takes to break down with travel contact with me it was just talking about this this is going to sound like an absolutely there's a lot of people travel internationally travel outside of the US 29 years old 4 times in 3 months ago you know across an ocean or gold cross like 12 time zones and it just wears you down it wears you down there not really like the way your travel we're getting the airport we're going to a hotel then going to the convention center then going back to the hotel then going to the airport then going to help it's not your fucking Kristen just want to get your fucking out like Adam Baldwin Australia I'll be looking at the RT Podcast entry code for easy online payments if you're building a mobile app and searching for a simple payment solution check out Braintree the Braintree v-0 SDK make easy doll for multiple Mobile payment types accepted PayPal Apple pay Bitcoin venmo cards and more all the single integration Braintree gives you an easy way to accept multiple payment types with one integration quick knowledgeable developer support if you have any questions start accepting Apple pay PayPal Bitcoin venmo cards whatever is next all with a single integration with the intravis. 0 SDK what's most difficult and you're all set up in less than 10 minutes to learn more and for your first $50,000 in transactions fee free go to Braintree payments.com / RoosterTeeth big thank you to bring treat one of our sponsors you can see right there accepting payments online for $30,000 for free free free something with me across the ocean 6 times in a month or whatever can you imagine telling that to someone who is used to take a month to get on a boat if you like later we're going to see last like two ships would leave the exact same time and arrive weeks apart that's crazy I'm leaving a plane taking off the same time as they did not show up for 2 weeks across the country and back in the Oregon Trail days that you would leave the East Coast on a wagon train headed for the West Coast for Oregon and when you arrived you were a different group of people like it was an entirely different people that showed up in Oregon then started and had so much potential to me and then they just kind of like approach that they took of what I think is a great sci-fi concept that people have talked about which is if you had an Interstellar Colony ship it would be Generations that are born on the ship and now they're going to die on the ship without ever getting to the destination like there's a group of middle people but the way they approached this show is so fucking weird and it was almost ruined in the Bible that men really ruin the premise that like somebody could have done really really well although that being said I just feel like I wish it was still the children three episode and it'll never be seen again yeah I mean three episodes is not really a huge commitment on the part of a network of miniseries or movie first for something if it was at 3 again great I'm really enjoying it or something so I look at the loss of my God it's like the middle of 2011. It is literally 4 years since I played this game I know that I picked it up in the pot like I already went back to it in the past it's like closing up intricate like I walked back into my house in Megaton and it's that robot in that like how funny would it be if he was just like Jesus it's been awhile YouTube I'll be so funny if it was an actual sense of real time and it did the Fallout 4 demo that kind of did that in the demolition 283 LIC there's like 5 years it's crazy to have the exact same experience in a video game I can actually have been in my house in Megaton in 4 years all the time in Austin where it's at we can discover new things about Austin all the time like I can't put in perspective for all you guys here to Mount Bonnell in the past I would always go on 2222 and I go to Mount Bonnell road runners you store on 38th Street that's it you just take a left on 38th from Mopac and you were here at my house. Do you think the most people come really in Austin you just go left and you feel like you go through that neighborhood and the mountain that someone found a picture of you on the plane I mean it's amazing the Border on the spot crossword for like to figure your father your father Fox Creek parent with you and Zack was asking questions later today I almost replied but in time I can't bother about getting a credit card that has an airline Affinity attached to it and should you do that is really good experiences I would say absolutely I don't I've never gotten a credit card that does anything else like cash back or whatever credit card you do and I've only ever had the airline one and that has paid off big-time but that's because we travel so much and that's where it you know I got like purpose in something like that we'll most of them if you travel enough it up because you think about those cards that let you check bags for free if you're into that kind of thing would give you the benefit of like gold and platinum benefits first let me give you let me give you a travel project that we've never talked about that I tried what I think Airlines hate this one simple trick to try this with me when she was like for this week via but if you ever going to situation where there's like a big weather front to go through somewhere they cancelled a bunch of flight or something happens and you don't answer what you like and like everyone's at the desk and it's like A2 hour line when it happens when you are lying for everyone to read book your flights and nearly stopped immediately go to the club whatever Airline clubs are in the lounge the lounge and pay the day fee to get in there it probably be like 50 bucks then you can determine whether or not we need to fire our line is worth fifty bucks to you or not but if you pay to get in there there are people inside those lounges who actually are way better and rebooking tickets than anybody else in the entire airport that coming back from you through you did that because our flight was delayed 6 hours because of the tropical storm moving through those like the way to do it I didn't have class I went up to the there was a line stretching down the terminal LAX of people waiting to rebook I went to the club there was nobody there three agents waiting to talk to anybody there's like shooting with each other walking Austin flight delays usually a huge spread of free food as well if you don't feel like spending your 20 bucks on a sandwich and a drink pay 50 in Lake Havasu luxury vehicle so free beer and lots of yogurt bites off Wi-Fi screenshot from the lounge and he was La a couple weeks ago yeah I was there I remember it was in one of the clubs and the Wi-Fi speed was the fastest internet I've ever had the download is 150 megabits and it was a hundred 50 megabits on Wi-Fi that's like put your bag on the floor United flight partition it's absolutely worth the money if you if you need to every time I moved it was crazy because of the way the miles to the airlines in America can you share miles with a lot of other airlines the oneworld alliance let me see like Heathrow is the best base to the British Airways Hub but with my American Airlines Platinum Status I'm talking about again sorry you can get into the line for free that I can get into the American one for free that cost money LOL what is my membership to travel so much I have one but I pulled up I was so happy I was in a hundred 50 megabits but I was still happy with my speed test that I took a screenshot of it and I message to Adam Baker does the upload speed is amazing for public Wi-Fi at airport at 6 millisecond I thought as I sat there and I play Hearthstone on sat there for a bit like I was at the club you know I get to United clubs one closer to the security area where you take a left keep going down elevator up to a more secluded one that's why I got the best internet further down the terminal don't make me walk if you want free Wi-Fi find out where the Admirals Club is and stand right below it you can just get the other people around like barbecue turn on flashlight so we were at we were coming back from a three and we went to the lounge I got Ashley in Blaine into the lounge and LAX what you're talking about existing LAX that everything a left turn that you can't go down as your looks you like special and something that's the celebrity part of the invitation-only does can but we were because we were listening to this guy right across from the guy looked like he was like what is on his phone and he's like hahahahaha no no I ordered the Pip-Boy Edition but they were sold out so I got one on eBay I got it for $300 so I'm all good you have got it was like who's this old dude in some way and Robertson to listen to him this page comes over the announcement saying Mike Barnes Mike Barnes - please come back to the to the front I don't know my name is Michael Burns from burning comes from is my last name Burns nursing Michael Barnes Michael Barnes Barnes Barnes it's not me and they paged again cuz the person income Michael Barnes please come up and check recheck and I was like okay I guess I'm going up so I walked up and I said I said I said Michael Burns Burns Burns Burns Burns Burns Michael Barnes and I go she got it with you I go out with this guy he goes by Michael barbar Travis put a gun and shoot yourself burni like what barbar nothing that I do this past week that was put out even though you don't like but I got covered in mac and cheese by a bunch of people at the office so I thought the best part was I had no idea that I was to be filmed in the river and she's thrown at you so I'm just sitting there super just looking I'm just like my phone like the tide challenge which is your favorite garment full of something and then cut it out and save for some reason shows mac and cheese the most disgusting smelling substance in the entire world but was just like it's not real cheese mm that's right baby Canada Kraft Dinner Kraft Dinner yeah I think it coming anything because I have done was just like firing chocolate so it just looks like it's firing that mac and cheese on barbar and I was there all I could think of was that scene in Casino covered in blood and I just crossbow always that way did I say Carrie in Carrie the same way Harry Caray Terry Barnes that please I just showed my kids they never seen Jurassic Park and I've never seen Back to the Future either one of them so we said we watch both of them back-to-back both both of them back to back on Netflix market he's awesome he's awesome and he made us a Mame cabinet where you can like to rotate the screen like the big white screen TV you can rotate it from my point of view the landscape and it's incredible but there's always old games on there and I've been showing you all the games that like arcade games that nobody knew about like I said Michael is hockey game I showed it to you hat-trick what is a one-on-one hockey game it's like that's a pretty good one you're wearing that's a pretty obscure arcade game Blades of Steel I think most people know that but then I showed her O-Town persons company who knew what the fucking Robotron life and this is a video game company there are a lot of games I've ever seen Robotron is like there's like 8 video games in them in the mid-eighties that was all there was like man why would Robotron Defender it's a title never miss a class at 1 o'clock June 1st it's what your Williams game so it's like Defender and Stargate and no Sinister minister I've heard of that one talking you don't defend her is like talking about the vendor management alright that was got this far but that's okay sorry productive what was what was the game that shipped with the Atari 2600 when it come with Kombat not even know the attire for the sender know that's the sequel to defend does it start what is a rainbow started then you can like other stuff it's so rough that Williams was like the big company that Williams was a silly head Activision and then Williams was a big arcade game Defender they need to start any trouble Tron Stargate probably something else that I'm forgetting something online right now shock it's like if somebody was in film school are you working for somebody somebody said I never heard the second Godfather what that we don't make video games Robotron was like is that Defender that Defender did you go to arcades in New York what is the quintessential arcade game gu different for everybody motel in the arcade this could be a later game was probably Street Fighter 2 okay that's when I was in when I was younger I was walking down the street and I just heard this but he was playing Space Invaders on a building like it was being projected onto the screen have all of you played Space Invaders PlayStation Set It Off come out I don't know if we if we have single permit someone someone has a comment about you Dad talking about his robot games today Splatoon Avatar Nintendo Mario Kart 8 and they had Splatoon and Splatoon was no fun involved another thing I saw when I was in front and then you didn't 60 years and likes to eat 50 extra for every person you're with both the bag and the bag is awesome I feel like traveling at 6 and just go into the shop and go to nice so whatever it was it was cool you should have done it it's like causes like this is showing that's crazy you are just cool it seems cool that you could just like go to one of them and pick you up and we can get together we should figure out how much it costs like renting Airbnb ubercopter Altima how much does it cost to live as a billionaire for a day everything at the highest level like what does it cost to like all that stuff for just one day and live like a millionaire for one day but right now you're on the back of it March yet Concorde Lounge billion dollars is 900 million thousand days that's crazy that's not accepted Millions 10 million dollars a day for a hundred years or 10 years or a hundred years ago we could do it but you just feel like paying to crash into each other Just for Laughs we had that we talked about this a million billion years it's crazy it's really crazy I want a billion dollars oh yeah I don't know his phone number you might not remember what you guys talk about what to attack during the 300 Michael Michael Michael Michael Jackson games party like a party. Oh what do they call those things like a program for a party today instead of people dumb decision was made what cast in the house ladies and gentlemen it's the Route 31