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RT Discusses The Cringiest Girlfriend Gift Ever

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Recorded: 2015-07-08 16:37:34

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Brandon Farmahini






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Credit Karma Dollar Shave Club and me on days I don't get to him my son bullshit this credit card to pay more money to get their own side of the screen before the bullshit we are charging more Credit Karma Hilton last week DoubleTree Newark August sponsors who saw the live version clear girls that it would cut out and it just looks like everything went offline being a sponsor and receive.com is you get to see this behind-the-scene moments that the general public really appreciate your information and he was watching live and they had like one of those just one of the shots and then I watch it on Hulu do they have like a pre-show before it is don't go don't if you do the headlights in the camera thing and then run off if we do any deer in the Headlights I'm a come back but then you just what you do is you just pretend like you're supposed to be there and you can walk out to have the realization first let me know it's tough for a lot of people to have the internal realization that they're on camera and not supposed to be and not externally process I do worry that he like does a full flop like face plant to get out of the way the camera but he doesn't love you play crawling along in the best I've ever experienced in real life was in college I was founded like videography saw that film weddings and things I was filming a conference on picking up like Pick Up Artist that's a real thing like it's a conference for people to talk about how to pick up women and there's this like the expert the expert that they brought in was like talking and I was like interviewing him or I wasn't interviewing someone else's interview I was filming it like you know it's a great opportunity for you to tell the story The more confused I get it so what happened anyway these people are really good at you know they're just learning to be sociable and all the same and in the background there's this guy walking like this like the exact opposite of what he's explaining how everyone is and he goes Adidas Crazy Anita just like it looks like you tried to walk slow motion backwards out of it but your car today we were together for years after I was in college I worked there and it was a guy that we had for a PA one day on her first movie ever made call the schedule which by the way when I was moving this week I found three copies that on VHS what I know where they are where are they going to tell you what we were feeling do we have a chance to pick that night we should have 16 millimeter film and it was a chance to make it to the hundred foot rolls of film which was about two-and-a-half minutes so we can film and then we had to take it out and do another shot and another series of shots with this one long take out of the picnic scene and we were going to shoot with a wide shot for toddlers about 2 minutes and 15 seconds really long time. So just take a whole roll of film and every time it was like $5 and it doesn't cost anything to pay from that day and so were rolling them in and also that only come in Black he's walking so I just stand next to camera I'm like I'm like kind of like Get Tony's attention I just keep walking just like to keep talking to you. I got it 2 days ago got put on the air on the BBC News cast mistakenly oh yeah he was there for a job interview for an IT guy when he first realized that a sign language interpreter license everyone he did it with such confidence sign language profession when you get something just like to get something that you like or will you get it again payback is that it are you done or do you like you go back to you in like forever shoes with Nike Air soles I like him a lot this not that more sponsors but I had this for a long time for five years on Amazon like the soul is a torn up the side here and make this whole thing's going to park and then the other shoe is like the bottom of the Soul got all that ripped apart somehow make it back and he was all ripped up so I'm like I don't think so what about that made it did they change your manufacturing about that too. But I'm getting out to save money save an extra $0.50 of production let me tell you about something that I bought that I regret and I hate to say it probably thinking credit card 0 credit card with credit card really it's white at a coffee shop do you like it in the car to the coin is we talked about it before but just gave them everything is programmable credit card that we both backed that was in Kickstarter wasn't funny it felt very much like a crowdfunding thing we're pre ordering something and then a year and a half later it showed up and you can put light up to take credit cards or gift cards or whatever in it and then one that works. you said about an engine swap from different cards and swipe it you never have to carry anything but this one card would you call the point that it never works in every car you own plus the first week I found it working 85% of time that it dropped down to about 66% of the time so whatever that's still not enough for you to take your other cards on your wallet for me I think I'm hovering around 5% saw him at all no really I can imagine you trying something 20 times for me to keep trying it but anger yeah you had a good you have shown up for work here every day for 13 years too and that has been very effective criminals and it was a point in time right I've been convinced there's actually a pretty decent business model if you don't have any morals someone could that's a little bit ahead of the curve of some major transition like if you had like a music service right before they announced Apple music or something like that or in this particular case they did the coin pre-orders right before Apple pay was announced it wasn't before but now it's like I don't is it disappointing products I agree with you but it's almost like I don't care because it's money from like 18 months ago and I'm just waiting for Apple pay daycare because I don't want other people to make the same mistake I don't know the last time I was mad about something I bought something yeah I think it was annoying like a lot of shit but I hated that truck the blue truck that was and then sold it so the old one to the company for like pennies-on-the-dollar I wish I could the blue truck because the newer version that truck sunroof stop working on it the AC doesn't work you can't change the fan speeds at least once a week and everything little things on the truck went wrong but just a little button on the side of the truck for overdrive whatever the fuck that is that button fell off slowly over the course of a year to put it in drive it goes in reverse and the King Ranch smooth like the truck is a little bit stinky now like what is that in the cockpit of the truck coming Charmed the last night I didn't wear that I was going to before we started the podcast we had to talk with you like A5 minute conversation with Chris about pants on my pants and he says pink pants and it shows that you're a working person you're handy you can do things like oh this person like they're the type of person you can like fix a toilet for or like or or build a cabinet for it you know like the post it's like cool and I had a letter saying that I had a pair of pants and call it that I spilled Drano on my work for years because it that's all that made me look like I don't know Lebanon to Dole out some aspirin every now and then use as directed you want to go for the look now I mean and I'm picking up on it twice and it had a giant hole right where the zipper is so cheap and those that like the strip of canvas at the front is that the hole was it's just like right here right there an inch half an inch from the zipper is a huge hole the size of the zipper right and it's like what 2 days until you stretch it out I don't know same thing as your shoes just came up but you could just burst out what we do what did you do with this story I thought you were those pants in Australia yeah that's what I found out about the whole time it's like having a super power is when you go on that long like a washer and dryer like halfway through your trip and you can wash all your clothes in your suitcase it feels like it's getting away with a crime it's amazing you're so amazing you're not doing that thing like wearing clothes out of a suitcase and then take them off and put them back like that it's just I just feel like me and you just got to do something about it have a washer and dryer on the road it was really helpful you know for our coverage and I was like I was watching every hotel room over and over washer outfit every single night they're pretty awesome but that reminds me of something that we talked about forever how do we talk about it the service you're talking about it it's a service that you can send them a suitcase with your clothes in it can you add duffel okay you put up whatever clothes you wanted it you send it back to them then wash it out and store it and whenever you travel somewhere you just tell them I'm going to be at the city at this hotel and they send the bag to you there that way you get your clothes there you wear them you send them back to the service the washer and then restore them for your next trip and everything we actually going to travel right now Time Capsule feel like this is what the world was like at this point and it whenever you get in the future like I look at this Rubik's Cube I need the corner of Lake Washington in May is full of dildos University point guard that was a fun game a barber discovered that game in like showed it to me and I was like what games use it to make a web browser game Flash game name of the end of it like I have in my bubble I am he named my bubble child fucker meaning of the name what is the matter because like we put that video out and then like 20 minutes later they put up the Sunday driving or just talked about taking it in the ass and then like half a day after that we put up for sponsors the trigger warning PSA so are like pedophile jokes for 10 minutes like totally went under the right that the date of the meaning behind the Edgar I didn't make the connection at all until someone pointed it out what's going on Patrick repeating the early part of the video was like a game character name for like 2 years Pittsburgh Barbara so now we know if you're right it's weird to me that the rationale behind like a name you would pick for something online like the names if you will pick for their characters and I was wondering what is the personal meaning behind like is their meaning the Final Fantasy 11 MMO and I was that little dude the little the little magician that was a funny name for it maybe was like something else like sometimes I do Colonel Burt but you know some very it's just like a funny little like dude name if you don't hold on for international pants on the next day we had a shoot and you were trying to cut through something like a prophet you accidentally cut into your pants so I can wear with brown pants and I forgot I was underneath that I was wearing my new pants so you went back to the store and you return the pants you bought specify that I'm in the hole in the fence and took it back I feel a little guilty You're the Reason prices are through the roof like to have her pants at every it's always it but for whatever reason it looks like it's on zipped and people always walk up in your face yes but the way the pants look at it looks like only like half of it is exposed so it's like okay with his picture might know there's a look at them you do that super see it clearly said Do You Realize on a date cuz I like well maybe that actually goes down shirt there's a little Chri I don't know I think it has to do I think my pants too low or something I don't know I don't really know wide-legged pants Sports Gus how much do jeans cost at the panel I can get like 10 bucks to like a hundred and twenty countries 1500 50 or 60 bucks that come as a pair jeans cotton 154 Pier G like 7 in the Brando social awkwardness. So whenever you get to the counter and they tell you it's a hundred and fifty bucks for you but that the shirt it's like 200 bucks like her but what if you look at the receipt and it's a hundred fifty bucks you just paid for the pair of pants what do you do exactly as you have already purchased it online Gus you total $200 and Cicero you say nevermind you said nevermind you would go to the social awkwardness of like how I'm going to act like this is totally acceptable to me and if I wasn't what I was expecting too much out your credit card if you want to act like you can't pay for something else you'd rather look like you you can't your credit card was declined or just his wife I don't know what's up is it something people have discovered that they swipe it up yes I gave it to him it's definitely a conversation piece they ask about it me say it but it probably won't work when you swipe it restaurants at the car doesn't work and they take like a piece of paper and wrap it around it and then slide back smooth you guessing you have no idea let me I don't go to parties wife using a plastic bag or a piece of paper on a credit card make it easier to swipe one of the suggestion for you Chris for your pants with a zipper legally they have to sell it to you for $60 but said that is relevant to the conversation you can you can take a look at earring put it through the zipper on an attached to the button and it'll hold it up just like that thanks to the Hold That Ghost on Twitter you are not good for one of five pence to the restaurant make you go there you sit down you look at the menu like nearest 7-Eleven story about what do I listen to the podcast is brought to you by credit card what's the most important number in your life not your age not your IQ if your credit score is crucial to know what the score is and how it works problem is some people get stuck paying for their credit score don't pay for your credit score with Credit Karma you could see your credit score right now absolutely free just text Rooster 289-8002 download the free Credit Karma app and get started there's no catch they never ask for your credit card number everything on the site is Free Credit Karma they don't they don't just show us courts and your way that you break it down so I can see how your actions can affect your score like he used too much your credit limit your score can go down there today and without seeing the score thanks to Credit Karma you get it for free text Rooster 289-8002 download the free app so you can see what may be the most important number in your life critics restored 89800 how to tell if you have been using it for a long time I don't mind if it's every Friday so I know exactly what it is right now I am so excited I work my way back up from college he would hit me with credit and I'm like you know you literally make a big difference in your bills like it's like an intuition you can you can meet me somewhere classy sexy just happen to be in La for E3 it was my last day to go to the airport and checked out I was like an hour before I need to head out to the airport I'll get some lunch so my wife and I were walking around downtown and that she said she wanted to she feels like there's a sushi place like 3 blocks away let's walk over there she walk down the street and turn the corner walk past it like it is this is the address to the door you open the rwb you walked up to me at the front is like a car have you been here before I've never been kinda sounded like you said okay well let me tell me about this restaurant we don't have a menu will serve you 11 pieces of sushi the Chef makes you whatever he wants $75 to do that okay with you. $75 775-7075 that is almost $10 a piece of paper $7 or we can make you 15 pieces of sushi $425 they bring out a box lunch lunch here that are probably challenge that right so you like the more sleep you get the more expensive it down 11 pieces is it really really good it feels bad that's an absolute wreck first dish was awful taste in my mouth all completely different Sushi cost you a lot of money because you a lot of money do the extra pieces I'm talking with the charge you more if you don't know dude dressed all in white behind the counter who is the actual shaft would like made everything I don't remember this is a whatever fish that was caught this morning off the coast of Nagasaki and flown here and you just downloaded and brought here directly I have no idea what you're saying I've no idea anything that I like to eat raw hamburger 7 minute wait raw hamburger and they told us it was a local delicacy called all stores at the RTA but then I don't South Island and I was took a train across that's all I want to do what they called in the Southern Alps gorgeous and then I'm going to town come out on the western coast of the south island of New Zealand and as we get off at 8 I just need some local I go to Zealand interested to know what you're really like a local try whitebait and I like white but I'll try that what is that makes it special. :-) so good to me it was Minos 2/2 liter how much time do dies and everything just like it was like 15 minutes baking a cake and it was like make it was born it was the best thing I've ever eaten I like drinking straight from the bottle like when I was a kid I went to like a what's the fish water house fishmonger and like I wanted to fisherman catching sunfish someone's gotta cut them up little meals but there's no it's just like I said have all been got it it's like I threw up as a kid that was like the first liquor that I drink as a little kid because like no I didn't know if I smell whiskey I just like super sick you don't hear from me that wasn't drinking no smoking for me I was smoking at like 9 so yeah Pall Mall 10:14 and he smoked like a wasn't like I mean it's like me dating so wasn't like a big deal you know cigarettes is one as big a deal back then so it only found out it cost like 25 years before that the photos from the fifties and then a club at night or in an airplane every mother fucker smoking and you're like how do you not know that gives you cancer can you smoke in your house that you know it's going to affect you negatively and I need to look back at all of our damn cell phone constantly on subways everything to me it was worth it Wi-Fi extender in your bedroom and you didn't so I know people on Twitter are saying that the plastic bag over the credit card they're all saying the same things I believe they didn't have the magnetic strip let's move it out that you were in the lines I have a price on my first date in college this is like my first not high school girlfriend you know and that's like a whole different courting process in high school and when you actually coming adult I was like we got to go to a restaurant so I went out and look for nice restaurants in Austin and I think this was before you like 2004 and I heard this place called Green Pastures and a really nice place okay go ahead I didn't we go there very first date and we sit down and they hit at the menus and I'm looking and it's like $40 a plate like something ridiculous and she's looking at it too and then she looks at me with this face and it's not oh my God this is so nice I can't believe you did this is oh my God this is way too expensive I know we can't afford this and she literally just like with the try a sarcastic tone says wow you really know how to make a girl feel good about herself was like I'm like you said that ordering food yeah like she feels I got a call from my my roommate while there's something go red apple day did Valentine's Day like like a year after I graduated college isn't right there you were married there and Jason is Mary there right I saw it I was there for 6 months we sat down it was like it was a fixed-price menu and it was $150 a plate today there's been three hundred bucks plus for dinner that night I remember the reservation thing I was like do you have any tables I don't like in the last minute like I don't know we have people like that's weird on a Friday night that this restaurant has open tables what's going on here it's cuz it's like I know it's just a billion dollars eat calculator green visor for like them with an adding machine why do you need a binder at all there's a lot going on here I don't know website she's wearing another another beer how did the petition of Gus Turner I didn't want your Periscope the other week did you end up getting Chris by the way. 47137 no I didn't but I did go and I asked to be let me Donald's explain to me why this way if it was softer than the regular bun what does steam the filet of fish fried fish thing but then the squares Frozen the ship into the stores and then the steam it to make it ready for the customers and right there a McDonald's filet of fish but that would be the least efficient thing that ever done it you seem to have to say it's really good right now thinking if it is then it's like when you go to when I get to that every time because there's got to be to you in like 20 years really get all the point where there be light Christmas saying like about a foot long but there's still treated like 800 I have no idea how big to his work until I went to Japan and I went to the City Fish Market you look like a whale tuna might not get on the couch definitely would not fit on the couch how do you say big boys can normal pigs like as big as this couch like a thousand pounds like I've never like I've never seen that in in fiction growing up you never see that you would you want to eat an animal just because it's endangered guys like wait to try that yeah it's a little bit I want to eat it I know I know I know I know the last one I think so guards you know if you want to make sure that you didn't kill it so I had like guards with machine gun to work around it 24 hours a day and they wondered why didn't breed very unlucky New York I mean it's bad when things are expected to be terrible but want to hear something goes extinct now I'm just like it'll be okay it'll be okay like 40 years from now we'll get the Rhinos back like they've got that tissue samples somewhere and we really should go home a man didn't like he knows he's the last one you go to that once it's gone bring back tonight I don't have any Jurassic Park they could hold DNA like that in the combine it with frog DNA you have any DNA from any dinosaurs whatsoever I don't think so I know that we have it anymore probably just like making those like we'll just so long as you just make what we think it is or was or if you'd like to reverse-engineer current DNA from like a burnt chicken like the way back up the chain from alternate order that order okay so there is just a donor Gus and Amanda know what the machine that steams buns does when it's not steaming buns is chilling with another woman she think it's not steaming buns all the time because dish heading home have you been selfish I don't know no one hangs out with me I don't know it's rare thing and that's why I noticed a bunch of different much better than regular steamed buns the way to get there so you didn't get the Big Mac with the Clippers won with a not make it or did you not order it Netflix the other day you said yourself the difference ordered them both and then swap the button through a totally should not return seemed like the play a fish but you didn't like Billy the guy from our old office was going to Jimmy John's in order tuna and turkey and nothing else it was walking down 63rd right next to Jimmy Johns Place probably was probably about the size of a little bigger than the setback from the front of the set to the back wall where the stuff thank you very shortly that the blue mural that we have it was the entire size of the office and about like that was that long and it was like 10 feet wide yeah maybe we should know it's crazy it was more than that scary Gus what was the first live-action thing ever posted like one of the channels but really it was like the first like and you're welcome by the way gold right here we talking about doing we can talk about the live-action stuff for a long time and we were there Gander artichoke burni talking about it started as a fake behind-the-scenes video right it was like recording Shannon for an actual episode you know what the dynamic was first just watching this video still have a few more things change. How the hell would you bring back dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, anything that would be cool they keep trying to have that Jurassic Park don't know why would you want it 8245 minute Jurassic Park movie where everything goes well and then they end the movie like that scene in the end of Jurassic Park where the guy is looking at the little cocaine in his old room that breaks my heart I just want to see everything go good experience at a theme park and then you're done I want to have a dream in a while really let's just make one more thing as well why would you for like how much 242 the motivation for the human race to improve itself you know where that big alligator you okay over there obviously he's done a terrible thing but he was he just wanted to go swimming in the water to shower here soon with a knife and Witnesses report anything but those and it texts the girl he was with you and she got away she got over here yeah yeah yeah Montauk alligators alligators eating man Manhunt alligator the menus an expletive to describe what is going to come down here this doesn't exist in anything besides humans know there's like because there's like dogs like little dogs like a pug sure but those are bred to be smaller overtime right isn't that so it's raining tiny whitetail deer right I've never seen a tiny because because because because animals don't survive very long I would assume she's even the presence of humans are there I'm looking it up but I couldn't get it to work there tiny little bears but little dwarf hippopotamuses for what no I was born like a couple weeks to get rid of an animal you still like they have CPR everybody thinks like the hippo I think in time about how many hippos are they are the people like always watch out for those hippos kill more people than Lions they are the most deadliest animal in Africa are like hippos because everyone thinks they're like what the hell not think of this is her now and you couldn't sell Hungry Hungry Hippos the game in Africa right it's like it's like that take it easy they had a thing where an episode of Dora the Explorer or something or she goes and she's like hanging out with spiders and they wouldn't air in Australia because the message was not all spiders are scary and mean but they have so many killer spiders in Australia where they know you can't hear this Sri Lanka have published the first documented evidence of dwarfism and an adult wild animal a male Asian elephant measuring just over five feet in height was seen an aggressive encounter with a male of average sized elephant small stature was due to disproportionately short legs cording to the findings published in the iucn SSC Asian elephant Specialist Group journal gajah the dwarf was by far the main aggressor in the altercation will Tyrion Lannister there and appeared to be older than the other that's amazing I'm so it's not so that's the first documented case of dwarfism in in so I guess I'm not cute enough human animal small Road we need like something for scale UW breathe something to be smaller or taller or whatever you know pictures of dog breeds from even like a hundred years ago versus what they look like now and how we don't really care if you really believe that looks like specifically it's horrible that were breeding these animals and they have such problems like a bulldog breathing so it's like let's not do that anymore that's what you're getting what you getting rid of something like it's not yeah but I mean we can bring my other personality is like traits of degree does a beginner create something that get rid of it the breed of dog that has the better ability to breathe and you think you're getting rid of bugs but the decision to let breed the dogs in that way the limited lots of other infinite possibilities of dog along the way Michael Garland why we did it version of a dog leash should be I don't want to see how you feel with you here what if you have a start like okay we're going out law exam for example we're going to change it we need to move them we need to change some of their characteristics and the plugs are going to be super bugs and there three times as a I need a marketing company Toyota making it super an awesome tell me what is it personal computer plug that doesn't have breathing problems I can't talk on it so I'm sold capable of breeding like what is impeding their breed tiny dick really long I don't know Leah Remini music why can't Bulldogs fuck anyone listening to still hasn't joined Dollar Shave Club what's the deal these guys are the best the Raiders are amazing it's more convenient cost a fraction of the price will break down exactly how the club works you go to Dollar Shave club.com and pick one of the three great razors the two-blade Humboldt win before blade for x or the six blade executive of the one I use get your first box in about a week that includes a free handle and a sleeve of Blade cartridges and high-quality stuff looks and feels like the expensive ones I've used before executive assistants to blades and now you're giving head and a narrow strip never got to shave like it after that they merely for replacement blades every month or every other month if that's better for you you never have to worry about it again stop doing it the old-fashioned way you're missing out try dollarshaveclub.com / Rooster Teeth that's dollarshaveclub.com / Rooster Teeth Now that I told you about Dollar Shave club.com why can't Bulldogs fly bacon bacon breed that just can't give birth naturally you pull it open they can't they can't they can't actually pass through the birth canal or if they do it's exceptionally traumatic to both mother and baby being born that's a little bit different than the Pug because that thing is just like a can't it can't sustain itself you know which animal has certain features that aren't ideal but that's not a reason to eliminate it what don't you want to talk like that like it in the folds of its face yeah that shit on his eyes cuz its eyes aren't actually and it's cool it's always like that make a pop out put it in my I forgot what should we get up oh my God I really like to attend had to walk around but then again you probably watch heartworm pills also can take him outside if it's too hot or too cold weather it was hot out for a while don't think I will be ok and then at one point she just let me know and it's like I guess it's survival Instinct she just like sprawls out and she literally will not move it was like that smart so I just actually got home last night find deleted the Tweet button in the bathtub with their dogs and their dogs are scared shitless cuz if not I would like a picture of a dog with ear mites so it wasn't like it was literally pulling up on the couch and put them in your life again I couldn't give a fuck about that they didn't give it to him right now somebody knocks on your door it's not going to run over there I think I was trying to figure out if someone has a rule that they understand how to understand how to live in a 200 million-year-old 80001 for bringing back something that we don't have slick they understand they can do anything and like the only reason meteor hit the earth bringing about another species that rule the planet it seems like the worst idea in the world that's something they're not a species it's like a genre species kingdom phylum like it's just an animal it's like it be if you feel like a little where am I okay born and it's just going to be like oh this is the world and okay cool it's just going to accept whatever it seems like I feel like it 7 million years ago bring some dinosaurs to relationships let's go dated this guy for a lot longer than you for children hang out with you guys probably all agree with we would bring it back when I get home that I need but I really think we should be disrespected something the last bag of chips the world behind you catch up on all the night I saw it I was like why are people hanging out with read it yeah it is it's it's it's a cascading set of events which happened I think he meant anything it's pretty popular doesn't usually do that for everyone bolted about the thing on the thing like I was complaining about read it on Reddit would you can I don't know any other way that anything else is paying mission to a movie that I complain about the movie going back to see the ultimate one was given to people who had good criticism to read it it's like going to a free movie and in pain $10 complain about the free movie at somebody but they're paying the money to the company that they're already pissed off what happened was a very popular from the AMA subreddit didn't want to know that because everyone Victorious sorry sorry I was all about her and she was very helpful person recorded she was fired and Company so you really don't know Victoria hasn't asked me up in Victoria said she hasn't she hasn't publicly and that was a horrible thing and then it started to shut down moderators run the cigarettes and some of the stuff right it can become default which means you don't have to have an account you don't have to be logged in and they appear on the front page there should be something to an account then those will also appear on the front page they typically have lower vote totals and things like that so don't realize it but the people who had those default subreddits they started to turn them private but you had to be invited to see it so none of the links work hearing on the main page I think it was one of the only default subreddits that didn't do it and it looks like it's turning off major sections of the ability to turn off major sections Victoria I don't know what to do with a few people that were Freemasons performing amazing even upset that you were very helpful to them for making this like a thousand times every time this happens and everybody acts like this is a big deal apply for the same kind of deconstructed or break it down they always act like that's a big deal but at least it for Myspace and digg and lots of other things where the people just abandon them and left them in here usually run and I thought was really this time it was it was like what happened last time I did was implemented in version 4 and was a version of the site that you like but it already existed and you can try to hear about it sometimes but then you go to look at this I don't get to go back to Jake and the Never and I think that could happen this time because there was a clone of Anakin the server's when I capable they can handle pain long-term that was like a 5200 million.dollar missed opportunity still gained a lot of visibility that people know about him but they didn't capture now if you have to go right now that people know that exist as problems are to come up on Reddit people will move over to vote but an opportunity you gotta work your whole career to prepare for things and you just opportunity X-Factor iTunes come up every now and then and if you're not ready to capitalize on it it's just such a huge mess so that means today we need to start a website that actually vote for thank you the mid-nineties I thought we were done in a while but I seek you write what I should do I think he was like the alternative to AIM instant messenger RNA seq bottom Yahoo messenger it's like that then like every couple years there's a new messaging client that just completely takes over for everything else anyone stole $18 valuation which is to say it's our client companies can use for corporate communication 2.8 billion dollar valuation I mean it's like private messaging stuff set up your company so when your company can talk who made the venture capital investment forgot to look it up so back in late last year with a 1.2 billion dollar valuation now it's at a 2.8 so they secured a hundred sixty million dollar financing around back in April which looked at their valuation 2.8 billion dollars wow crazy so they can't be that hard I mean they all basically the exact same thing and then it really just comes up market share and that they can all work together and integrate everything like a message and I can text people that horribly I like what it came to my phone then I'll be out no you text me because you can't tell me you were going to text me and it goes computer and sometimes it goes to my email and I will not stop I will only let you do it so horribly because you try to commit the only ones first I'm hearing of this you can't jump medium you heard it you gotta stay in the medium the communication was initiated you can't if you're happy you got to conclude the conversation and then you can switch to another meeting for another conversation because you lose the train of thought or you lose the train of messaging going to do that sometimes to email me and then then you'll start texting me and you'll be talking about things that you emailed me but I haven't read your email yet LOL I Mark myself as priority and have a good day I spend all my time not read your email are you going to get some very long text Dallas Love when I'm sending messages I love the fact that there's one interface now that I can do it from my computer you can send people from text you from my computer to Android phone I love it I hate receiving it or alternatively you have over text or the older men who like one sentence at a Time Each one has its own message asshole friends that do like you know every text message would cost you a certain amount and they just on your bum bum bum bum bum bum on my way over to travel internationally picture of a toilet with money being flushed down it it's ridiculous it's like the last big wreck it was like 20 years ago and we are now like they were working on the DVD and so we sent the PDF with the other day I was calling you for Fortune to cover the cover art they were said I was on the email chain including the cover art and it was like A5 mag attachment PDF and then send it can you move a little to the right and he's like this and they would send a PDF that in my pocket the whole time just checking to see I think it's I think they're called the conversation cost me $7,600 not a whole hell of a lot of things that but that one of them is really great about them is if you call them and you tell them that they always knocking off your bill but almost retroactive leaving your stuff back like you can say like I want an international plan last June 1st so you like 30 days Gateway what are they call it the Thursday one more time it's back but Time Warner is absolutely fucking lonely at my new house can I have AT&T I have a gigabit at my old house that is like a dream come true Let's Play video file in like 7 minutes I was at like maybe 5 minutes my Wi-Fi connection is 400 megabytes a second Wi-Fi the time that sucks I had to live in that little house where we are meeting the parents I had a similar problem with my Time Warner service where it would go out certain time to go to work certain times or I would notice that like I was getting dropped packets and I realized that if the temperature outside whatever over 92 degrees or below like 65 my internet wouldn't work like a pug didn't believe it if I leave eventually after like 4 months can someone send someone out he comes out he's like oh yeah you know the PC equipment on the plane was broken on it so it never got hot it was over he shut down I've been saying this for months you tried rebooting every other goddamn phone just like the most recent time I called my ex to work my speak we don't go to the ocean before I call him I rebooted everything and then we went through all this process so I unplug the cable from the wall you back in and I get that you want me to Power Cycle my modem to do that go ahead and find the power on your modem and pulled out some of the power so this summer and she just recently cuz I'm trying to get all my recording into my new place bugs that but the thing is like really record management 2002 version of power cord do we got a room but I've never been so insulted I walked into the into the chamber her office and she was on the couch and I said it's a real quick question I said I gotta get in your room but I know you have one should I get one like that I have a really he was like really and I want to plug in right next to Walt right next to plug in the fucking room is so dumb he does it comes out of the dock and then hits dock the robot but the upside of me to say that yesterday was going to get to this but I want to buy a 1-foot version of the power cable and I've described to you it goes like the PlayStation to its power cable with you. The groove in the mid okay that's one version 2 power cord another version of power cord is the kind with three prongs and a rectangle to go to the back of a PC and other kinds of power cords was like 3 in the Xbox it looks like the three prong 11022. What are those called I use them all the time what is the one that goes with the PlayStation 2 called what is the one that goes we called the rounded one was around and figure exactly I was like I can't believe I know like everything about like Graham and all that and I don't know what the difference of the names of power 30 minutes what's it called like a c-13 adapter and need the plug that goes to your wall isn't anyone putting anyone to see one G chord that's what I do mini confused anyway the federal one device device to device or you can have to go computer to device you can't go computer computer device to device with USB USB C adapter plugs for the new MacBooks are going to be able to I break out to lightning another thing to do it USB type-c coming out it's already USB to USB lightning USB cables for the laptop not have a power cord charger USB C getting HDMI and audio and video clips it's like everything you want faces report it doesn't format cable salary for picnic tables come with me you're fucking hard drive I just got the bill amount of cable work you're always upset with you but I don't get it I really don't know what you're talking about I don't have no I didn't seem like a lunatic and I have a cabinet door with a table I have to hide them and lock them because people take them and then I'm like how do you plug in this crazy person micro cable where is that always have too many clothes I got God damnit I really need something I'm going to plug this buy me undies 90% not 2% of your life that you're in your underwear and underwear gets old fast you know that feeling of putting on old saggy underwear you need to know the feeling of great fitting underwear that is 2 times something cotton you need to know about me and you stuck on me and he's has the most comfortable underwear you'll ever try on and see how good they make you feel they fit perfectly that are right up on you they literally pull moisture away from your skin so you stay cool and all but they also look great go to Mandy's life Rooster Teeth check out the photography but you have to try them on for yourself this quality retail for two X and Y DS price no retail middleman means more savings for you go to Mandy's.com / RoosterTeeth get 20% off your first order and low flat rate international shipping even more when you buy a pack of them the guarantee you're going to be happy with him or your first pair is free what you owe me undies on your body you're never going back and me and this isn't just for you guys they just launched their All of Me women's collection a four-piece line of undies designed specifically for the female body and all of its complex gorgeous as hell glory to the test 40% off 2/2 flash RoosterTeeth undies.com / RoosterTeeth ? Chris is the way that the woman all of its complex and complex the girls make you nervous we can buy underwear for 5 years okay so definitely have to buy it or I don't like going I don't know I don't want to buy it it's like I just I feel like I don't even know I don't clothes for a woman like at all like I'm not going to buy a girl a shirt or a dress code I can say I'm Chris you're saying 50 years ago there is no I'm not going to lie I don't feel I don't want to be I don't want you home by 9 what was it a thing what if what if a girl but you wonder where the time to be dating someone for them to do whatever I don't really care for the record that's why I'm OK not today but half my underwears Christmas Eve dislike grinstein or South Park Christmas everybody's but whatever it's all Christmas tree nightmare fucking underwear and then why I don't like going clothes shopping especially for something that specially especially for something that hardly anyone's going to see like my underwear underwear underwear you understand that you just don't know I don't because I don't know it's funny you say that I just want to know if I buy something what is the difference between buying socks and underwear what is the difference in the process I guess I just saw it last longer that's about it it's funny you say that what is bicast William Daniels like Gus and I just like 3 minute speech about what kind of underwear girls like I really thought you guys are single the best type of underwear if a girl gets a point where she's looking at your underwear that she's past the point of no return you're a mean Grinch Stole Christmas on there like she fit in if we were at the point where were like taking off that many close he's not going to be like well I don't know about this guy look at his underwear in my underwear underwear July she's just be over 18 and Ryan www.central Merry Christmas is it going to be upset about Ninja Turtles underwear I wouldn't wear it you know on the day it will not have to actually perfect Target for that relatives it's his attending really great so like I hate buying underwear you haven't done it how do you know what at its core what is fundamentalism taking down a little you really don't know your medium big paycheck and I see a medium my dad's girlfriend she has really good taste so I think so my clothes my clothes underwear and remember someone give me Calvin Klein underwear and I'm trying to track down who it was trying underwear the right this is different because it's like much better than I did before I want to try to be like girls have fancy underwear that's like you guys are amazing guys underwear it's just like it's it's a thing that it's just you wear it and I don't accept whatever I was going to look at a rainbow and everything anyway I want to try to get like I was like here's a gift card to this place Tandoor Anderson and Burnet Anderson and Burnet no I didn't say lingerie in the title taboo taboo lunch right now. Behind me I can't remember the name and I think I can't like no you can't be like that you know that gift card I got you like candies candies no it's not like one of the nicer Boutique place that has normal clothes and then other nice clothes I'll look it up I'll find out from underwear like just like straight like police cars coming out which one Fascinations that might be it is it kind of like a bigger or midsize building will try to help you when was this I don't want to say that cuz I would like to make the part you know but I don't want to sit down okay so you went to the store Family Guy it's cool I'm going to get this before then she's like yeah I was like sweet I got it and I was like reaction when you handed her the gift card for Fascinations and you were like go knock yourself out with all the crazy underwear and my email I can't remember what do you mean it might have been email remember no it was a gift card I'm staying by my previous statement you had the to meet a gift card to go for her to get lingerie for herself that's like one step up the handwritten coupon for Like Loving Hut buying a gift for yourself and Manhattan if you got like I would never buy anybody just a bra like I would never do that I couldn't it's like you're just asking for trouble because if you get it too small that's bad if you get too big that's been a lot to choose from I don't know what I don't know I didn't phrase it though I gave it it was a physical copy and I gave anything like I was like what was her it was a Christmas gift a gift card for the fancy underwear store what did she say I thought she was excited about it but I thought I turned out to be wrong because she never used it never used it I know you want to give me a gift card for underwear I would not shoot what are you going on I should like to go to gift for you grandmother approximately to the best of your knowledge how many pair of underwear do you have at home probably 25 to 30 25 to 30 what is your longest pair of underwear 25 to 30 15 years I have to lose the last time oh yeah I know that's where it looks like I'm wearing just a sec by the Bell. Like desecrated at times Through The Years by what yourself now ever created It's just sad and it's a little tight is it that is 15 years old Chris Squire hold on to it cold turkey how many things you were 13 years old no God no my devilishly good looks you don't throw them out though I donated a bunch you donated underwear don't wash them first they don't take them Cemetery in the US while you wash it is it unsanitary for you to be where what if you got them a discount there was I have other underwear that isn't mine I don't want to go what does that mean and I will wear them under latex to pursue it with the dancing dolls with their songs and they had our names written over and over the bus but I hate going to my trailer and I'm but then I got up and I was like going forward and I walk out of my trailer door and I see the person whose name is in the song I'm holding already in full costume and I was like that person is probably Ludacris song everyday underwear the best part of my day was getting that fucking thing on my butt that was going to set it was like unbelievable what a nightmare I'm trying to pull something up here so I showed up to don't don't show the image yet I showed up to film shots shots and you know it's not supposed to be nude so they got a stash belts to wear so it looks like we're going to go get changed in the bathroom and I'll take a look at it I see the fucking $5 and go get a new one yeah I texted you that photo that you and I share a special bond but you know I do wait a minute mother fucker what's the story last week it was weird that we were just going over there do it because I didn't awkward introduction with someone I know I'm sorry I'm at the broadcast internally hi I was taking a shower go ahead in the bathroom shower curtains like a shower curtain but it's like the sink is right there I just gotta shower I was boxers and then I was putting up the other and I drop my deodorant and I went to pick up my deodorant and in the process I kind of like came out of the shower curtain area to pick up my deodorant and he was washing his hands but I haven't met him yet how much can I can you came out of the shower curtain like did you back 15 year old underwear Person of Interest hey I'm Chris by the way guarantee they will never have a job again the rest of life will they meet somebody work within the body hey I'm Chris nice what's your name and it was like oh yeah so what are you do and it's like kind of that like that you know like oh yeah cool so you want me get dressed and now I'm so why did you feel a need to have a conversation could you say hey what's up let's talk later that would be weird Hey listen let's talk later the intern should not feel bad because Oliver Springs it's all the time so you better start I wish I can make one clarification clarification I remember when I got the gift card yes it was when we were in the store for the first time and I saw everything there and she was still shopping around I went and I bought like a Vegas gift card that was in there and I was like buying it while she was there go to the place that we're doing you went back to the store I think I would be normal making a transaction in buying something without her father was the worst gift you ever got worst gift ever gotten every normal normal you're fucked up I don't know I can't think of I think I've gotten for the room that for my birthday she wrote me a check for $500 to go get a subwoofer in an interview over time a very valuable gift because then I couldn't buy a CD or death than that it was impossible that like set the bar like to load so I got you a box of half and half Jimmy Butler dude I'm telling you a gift card to a lingerie shop is probably not the way to go something that gives light this story about that was in a sex store it's a good I mean he wasn't a sexy girl like you don't give up don't give out it's not like that donations in adult gift shop every store fax it over there I don't know I said okay sometime I bought a girl underwear you bought a girl and or put it in a Christmas in 7th or 8th grade we haven't even kissed yet it was just like it was like one of my first girlfriend ever and we've been dating for like a month or something and it was our one-month anniversary and my friend was like I was like I don't know what to get her so you should buy a sexy lingerie would you go but I don't know I don't know I went to I think I would have it Toria secret in the mall and I bought a thong type thing you did not do that and I bought it and then at school I was too embarrassed to give it to her so I was like here and I just had dinner it was it up in my face music kid walking around here I got you I got you something cuz I got to class and ran off like I just didn't I just like handed things and ran that was it Nazi setting order of the Court so you got nowhere to go but up from there so that's good she still has it I'm sure you have certain she still has it cuz I like she keeps her underwear longer than I do I should let you know where I'm at to pick him up earlier we're actually changing up the schedule a little bit so we got back about will be changed like 2 weeks ago we brought everything in line and the live podcast what you're watching right now if your listing later this is how we recorded live for sponsors we get some we get some feedback we talked about before where people felt like there was a previous benefit with the sponsors would have the podcast for an additional day even though that really wasn't the case but we can't escape that that is the perception that that's the way it was so Gus or modifying the schedule to get a lot of people want their feedback will have a 24-hour window exclusivity rights for release after which the podcast will be released for the general public and it becomes effective with this episode so earlier than normal Tuesday window exclusivity and exclusive for 24 hours and then we'll go to the General Public 2 on Wednesday Wednesday on the Republican for Tuesday and Wednesday on YouTube this week it was Wednesday of the same week