#332 - The Sad Finger

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Recorded: 2015-07-14 21:16:19

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Michael Jones, Geoff Ramsey, Colton Dunn, Andrew Blanchard






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you are so welcome to a very special edition of the podcast and we should say beforehand that this is a pre-recorded podcast but it's brought to you by Squarespace on it and audible which will be talking about it a little bit later in the show hello hey what's up everybody Michael get some podcast to argue so we also have a family that you're special enough to ask me I'm not charge that all stupid iPad this week but I'm very happy I want to give a shout out to the control room they didn't make me wear dresses discussed you're probably right keyboards in his computers as I know the truth I just I haven't dated anybody want makeup comfortability and got into it with make up here like I've never used makeup before working and we're going to be in something I'll put makeup on you and I said and I've never thought about it if you want it thought I would go ahead but we got and she was hurt and all that so she was like for the for the groom's party to and my reaction that was telling my brothers ever get the girl drywall who was OK when you started working with us unfortunately I feel bad about discussing something business-related products we did I said I like Jessie then they had to reveal to me that they didn't hire Jesse for two games in a row because they get delayed cuz her and I talk too much when I'm in it 440 like hey I can't talk about it it's like michae alright great yeah I haven't seen it in years I'm sure it doesn't hurt they hit Bigfoot with her car there they're like on a family trip and I feel like pulling into the car and it wakes up and it's a Bigfoot and then it kind of like the whole movie yeah I think that first look like we're going to make money cuz I think it's dead but it is but it doesn't work this is so good it's a classic like but they've had for you to camera and I have always had a lot of people said that once camera phones with everybody had a camera in their pocket sure enough nobody s'pose nobody turns out it's true we have replied an image of Patrick somewhere they apply image stabilization to it cuz it's like I can't think of the image stabilizer think it's just a walk-in what it's like sexual because you walk in and see what's up looks pretty good that they put it out there is it like a champ Steve made out of Bigfoot hair barbar that is actually what the lazer team suits look like before they shave them you bought them like that when you were telling the story of her vacation they hit something with your car and take it home I don't know man Dexter final season of Dexter season 4 tracking number who was that thing was the dude from Arrested Development the older guy I have somebody looking for something don't like like a week ago all of midi-chlorians I thought he could just like I do Buckethead Star Wars 30 I would guess now for like 10 years ago when he was there what came out in 526 okay but you like around the time when he was in college he was told the interviews with him to second base that the holidays ruined his life and he hated it and like it was just such a negative connotation attached to him now people just associate and like the guy in the suit for Darth Vader and they talk about how they never got royalties from the Star Wars movies because they never made any money on paper this is like the original Star Wars yeah I think it's cuz of the chain placed number one and two because most of them if not all of them are attached to a gas station and it's severe amazing I can do that the truck going good with you and she was like Nevada Texas use the hand washing machine yeah I love it I love you guys you know I look at you I grew up in Minnesota so common are the guy standing me in Friday to see if you can if you can read that tattoo right to say here do you want me to read it yet wear shorts I was like 15 I was still up in the air that you stick your hands into it like this robot washes your hand it's awesome in there back to the dude in the in the copy machine that's like they only and has no arms weekly geof is it going to be on really bad about that I expect that when you're talking to someone it's right in their face like it happens sorry dude I'm at one time face shield welding mask what's going on I just got back from a conference she goes in there were talking about face protection is part of it she has and I went to the seminar should have done it just freaked me out but didn't say that you said you were from a dentist who had been blinded in one eye because he worked on a patient with a cold sore and he got something in his eye and ear business and it sounds like you're right it was professional mic Dunn and lucky I haven't had like you said I just last week had some mouth work done you did to me like we both came in we were like them like a week apart that's okay 1 kaby my whole life and then that was it that was over she put the patient blanchar it's about 6 or 7 months ago they're like you have 4 cavities and I might both have Benadryl when I was like 5 years now they were accepting I'm in this 5 years guess I'll never go fuck you fucked up like I real I realize that like I went to the dentist to know I have not as often as I should have back in New Jersey probably like every year year-and-a-half or something like that and then but like leading up to moving here and coming here it's been a gap of like two and a half years and I totally had that week off runaway Rudy's had like a machine gun there's something new coming out that's just absolutely amazing we got these credit cards Colton where you can take all your cards and put in one car kind of bumped up against a butt when you get no discount card so really 5% thermostat to Wi-Fi Nevada house like this 15 years ago like if I was documents and paperwork and all this crap and just like 90% of its online you know it's exciting like DocuSign that what's up all this kind of crap and it's overwhelming in 2015 I'm just like how did people buy houses 20 years ago work with any paperwork when I like a shirt or something my phone and I'll send it back button let me give me dr. that a sign and fax to them it's like the worst thing in my way I said scan this I just took a picture with my phone that's all I do and I-70 picture yeah yeah yeah it's called CamScanner and you just take a picture of any document they will turn it into a PDF so it's totally legit internet check take a picture of it and it was like I mean I'm assuming you might have kids Michael yeah I totally get my parents and their generation that like the things aren't the same at all but I get it like you little fox we didn't have this shit like I'm already like that for my kids that are alive yet bitches like I wasn't born with the internet you know sexual expectations that was like the craziest thing a like a like a like a movie like a movie like a which wasn't that crazy and everybody was Harry yes but now it's like like pornographic things I ever saw and it's like for and like nobody Beyond this point is going to find that besides being like in the middle of nowhere I found like Blake Woods porn like magazines thrown away in the teen porno and like a little Glimpse before but I'll probably like 13 or so and it was the first thing ever and I'm like channel on my television that we didn't have but when you went to it late at night there was that blurry squiggly decode at work but weird corn bags end up in them like a concentrated effort we should have like a little group just go out in the woods and just throw point I'll let you know next generation have a black one that people can walk into virtually and find porn trailpoint character and walk through the woods and discover port flight time nipple little playground with my kids there's is many I had I had a moment I was actually getting a I was just getting a house warming gift for you did the 5S who are the girls in front of me and he was at the cash register and he was way too young to be together by himself and both me and the guy behind kind of like you know like the Big Hero 6 Blu-ray up on the counter and the guy behind us to take you have any money or anything like that and I got a dollar I just put it there and it's like $5 I don't know why I get a good later after talking to machines we can call him over funny moment and I won't show it because it's a young kid but I took a picture of it and in the parking lot of fun too late I said I said this was just so funny that you want me to send you this picture and I send you the picture but it was like that was it you know it's like taking a photo of a cat don't you know commercialism where Apple isn't working to me is you know people become so sensitive about that kind of subject matter Lodi California for like a suspect of child porn on his computer a suspect was recently arrested and now he's on life support I believe I was going to make a joke about eating fresh but ok $5 5 inch I got to say I think it's unfortunate I think is a long from like half of the population men became like this Public Enemy for kids like that is the kids alone with a male adult that's a huge fucking problem and it slides in the world and it's for some reason the kids alone with Dad and I was like oh maybe we should check on the situation and make sure everything's okay right here but the Qantas Flight with a move because they move the guy and he kept asking why you changing my seat why you changing my seat and finally got out of that Qantas as policy is if there's an unaccompanied minor they're not allowed to sit next to an adult male on the plane and it was an undercover you know the kids would like flying by themselves they take around the neck in his room and he wasn't allowed to sit there so they moved him and if everybody in the fucking plane is looking at them what's wrong with it it happens that he worked with kids for a living that's what he does and it's just like it a little suspicious what about like your teachers banging students and some women in Florida women need to molest more children and we'll get it back where their brother like a quiver probably have just as much better at hiding it the whole idea like stranger danger and everything like that it's been like and weigh the survivalist and Ben Andrew and that's a promise that movie No Country for Old Men is that in the eighties for the late seventies and you think like the world gets worse as you get older but it's as you get older the world always have like a rough place and it's just don't realize it that's okay No Country for Old Men that was murdered Shrek the Third child but there was such a gap like my brothers are six and nine years older than me so when I was born it was you know I was born in 1987 my parents are just like like my oldest brother was like you can go out if you like 10 12 years old can't go around the block like and I'll walk you there I'll drop you off you know like you. They're going to get you need me I was like 7 in there like you back by 10 and they're like our first two kids are alive so you'll probably be done it's basically how it worked with me like my totally different fuck off I was just like I'll be my room like this find still bother us I'm kinda like a baby baby cereal what burni with sayings like everybody is freaking out nowadays I hit that sweet spot of like no one gave a shit now I was getting stoned and give me a nice drop you off Melbourne my parents will come it was like I get dropped off at practice my kids were little I am guilty of it every fucking parent was there for the entire practice unity mean it's just like for the whole practice practice man appropriate just time management be doing something better at that point in the extracurricular activities to be getting the money yep Tenafly kids parties like a birthday party there should be two parents that you know and then a restaurant children that's just crazy I don't know okay I want to say thanks to audible.com for supporting the Russia with more than a hundred including fiction non-fiction and periodicals audio books are great to listen to when you're stuck in traffic for our audience members audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out the service one audio book you may want to consider is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee that's just because it's New Harper Lee think that I just read it out there today to download the audiobook for free or another one of your choice go to audible.com / RoosterTeeth that's audible.com / RoosterTeeth books on tape person I just downloaded it cuz I was hanging out with the funhaus guys and they did a promo for Audible and I was about to get on the plane so I downloaded the app and I just bought Game of Thrones wedding registry we have it. I'm from the country pretty pretty much yeah but the couple things couple things but the stuff in the book they just have never been touched on and have it shipped out right for audible witches we did it audiobook free very very funny you know I was coming down here so I can watch a bunch of party video YouTube heading on my TV and just click the segment that said RT originals and it's like a hundred and sixty video and I spent all day so it start at the beginning so that Bernie is like this fat dude steals he was saying which is that is great it's great to see all of you show up at 1 and you guys move from place to place but yeah hundred and sixty videos I watch crazy probably which one is that going to fire all panicky can just count how many sandwiches show up in Rooster Teeth videos I love you know that number because it is a ridiculous Colton sports team plays hermit and laser laser feature film which comes out later this year . there was a couple things where we had to eat speak up for you and take the bike to the cheeseburger that's right you said that I was like actually hungry where we started shooting it so you take a bite out of this burger and they were really good burgers it taste so good but by the you know it take the burger taste horrible and your body is telling you not to eat any more Burger but had they had to eat the burgers I had to eat corn dogs I had to squirt easy cheese so I don't know surprisingly so I think it's just colored salt babe with the nutritional information on the side of it and she's doing it now double check okay I'm good I'm working from memory here but it's like a thousand percent of your daily intake of sodium might be a little bit my numbers put up so I decided to chili dog and I was super excited about that day I got out it was the coldest night of the shoot was the next night and it was an outside shoot you were there for that part and the night before that was not nearly as cold and I just sit in a lawn chair and I eat chili dogs and chili cheese dogs in a course like you ate the Lord I was and I was Colton and they were like you don't either they're like bacon cheeseburgers living for the shot you had you you may be but it once or twice would you be like a quarter of the burger but even you telling me that night you were like yeah probably I did the math and like just based on the corner of burgers I think I had 5 double cheeseburgers sick but it was around the same time cuz it was the same as that was it was that location where he was sick and he kept like trying not to shoot himself on the toilet most ridiculous do with this but I don't know it for them in August the shorts because you're also one of the writers for Key & Peele I don't know how many people at the Time of the Season 5 final season Key & Peele from us tonight decals actually in town for a day or two I should know what that stands for but I I know what it is this Saturday yeah after fever vacation where you know somebody Michael Jackson today it was a blast see that for the first time it's all finished visual effects and some seats Pinnacle test me test me so far are some people out there that have seen it habit of looking at stuff before it's finished and then it sounded cool when it's out so we can see when it's done yeah we were there for set for some stuff I was on some of the coldest night possible in the least amount of clothes what is it but it will only internet plan came up radio all due respect automatic automatic automatic automatic dialogue replacement automatic the word audio and being there for sure but he was working on can I put out a few of the sketches Great Escapes that I wrote about a guy a guy who is hanging out with his girlfriend and as soon as she asked him to help her move he breaks up with her and I'm so happy that that made his shoulder AJ Martel and Robert's off to do some writing stuff about 10 people in the room but as far as writers it's about 5 of us six of us and the way we do the show which is pretty similar how most sketch shows work but we will meet at the beginning of the day at like 10 in the morning in a big room and we have what we called dookie sessions where we float dookie michae vilain sidekick always called him dookie really always but yes we do that on the first couple C who are on the bus with me what time is the bus to the bus and there was this really big fat black woman sitting next to a very skinny Asian man and they're in the conversation when I sit down this is the part of the conversation I heard well if they go whatever but you can't just start making fun of Doritos Taco Loco's because their weather products and just make fun of them on your show yeah we'll take you know we're not to tell her profile it's on Comedy Central it's like the other one is like 85 million The Watch you watching the grey and talk about that is awesome I thought Liam Neeson's wasn't that great did you get what I be able to sit next to a small child why I watch it he was the greatest barbar but yeah that worked out of did you really think that I meant the promo video for her what was the movie wasn't that great but it was the one where he's in the airplane now I know what you're talking about so they asked us to do do a sketch for that like to promote the popular and like walked out to get his car there like anime TV just an absolute favorite show like any people sharing clips of like that we were there he tried hard to hear that but I'm sure everybody's moving on and trying to determine whose names I don't know which one if you know where it says the word of the day and my girlfriend at the time actually got upset with me because there's a white girl in it who talks about liking Tyler Perry a lot so she was like absolutely identified with it was just like it can you get over my ex-girlfriend shows and she's doing material don't fuck and share it with me I don't want to hear about somebody because somebody did she know she was about me just got through a breakup and here's why maybe Tyler Perry single now with you on that it's about you knowing people who work in the industry and all that's over you got to like step away from it you know people that have broken up and I have a lot of space that's what standards do you know like she's been right she was before we were dating so you know she's going to email them to use their personal life to get material and I'm sure their stuff in some of my writing that's going to be based off of relationship I'm renting a new house in Burbank California Burbank pretty far and always live is it the bed of dog that's great remember you was going to trivia that I think I was crippled while making Lazer team so like you see my hair normally people can like do that if that's what I had working correctly right but then this was not hey there you got it that's it I can do it too what's up what's up when I broke my finger at Torah you know I just put it in a sling cause I thought it was broken but because I didn't have them like do an MRI that and it just kind of shrinks up and now the tenants just like stuck in here and so I can't I can't fix it they can reattach it I'm a little girl step by step but I'm laughing at Andrew who's sitting over there who is like the biggest pussy when it comes like and breaks and all that kind of stuff come over the attendants a bit late only 13% the break did not happen when my dog freak out at the dog park and spun around and my finger got caught in the and grab the dog twisted my finger and then when we were shooting I slammed it into the wall and that didn't help and I was there and yeah you know I mean the only way it would have been at the surgery 2 days 3 days after the injury and I would have been able to do that even if I knew that was the problem because we were you know we're shooting is crazy hey Andy how are you doing yeah why what's going on you can't handle it don't know what you want to hear how they can fix it white white you started your internship today right Monday Monday I'm just here for vacation here for that noctis a vacation with his vacation is start work early this guy this is the reason why Michael can't come to Comic-Con to promote Lazer team with us here they say they will talk to you when we want to talk to you don't worry about what know what was what are you watching Andrew you're watching some show I think was like a Tosh point O I don't know just like have you seen Moore Cadillac walk us through your experience of you passing out what happened to you thought you knew was going to happen home so it wasn't that and three or four seconds later it was in the bed but everything will time I passed out I always liked dream about cereal characters like cartoon cereal characters like from like the Trix rabbit Lucky Charms cereal exactly what we're doing Middle School we are watching this movie it was it was in health class and it was about like how to fix a broken spine like in the sixties like he was like he was kind of like you said whatever so I knew I was going to pass out because I had passed out 2 months ago and and health classes I'm just keep them on their toes to make sure they know what to do it so it sounds like we're almost head-butted the teacher the hospital because you hit your head and then head to the hospital you break something YouTube can assure me of it or I'm just going to cheer you up will break in life because of his broken bone and help geof broken bones like I'm recovering from a broken bone that's just gross to me somebody with a broke it like a woman's leg break everybody is like somebody saying you got it crispy sound effects of it like he doesn't like the word snap or crack prescription was Trix rabbit or Lucky Charms for the lucky charm there is nothing on the syllabus for fixing people have a broken spine I've never been taught first aid training the kids on that day was how to revive someone who passed out Find You Zedd so I ask myself what's the bathroom wash them I get some cold water on my face I passed out and I hit my head on the urinal in your head back to class sat back in my seat with blood falling on my head I was like I had an accident that was all I remembered and I passed out again and then I called the ambulance and that I got stitches on my forehead if I wash my hands for 20 minutes if I cut myself nothing going on in the end that's our Andrew goes and I got 13 stitches and there's someone laughing it took this long though I do like that long and it's that was nine stitches for me to get there at 1:35 outside and inside try to fix it while there people never gets break a bone jump around like we do that I need take a break to watch someone fuck himself up this is the video I drop Gavin off a cliff you just saying it and then the other kid was what it was like his cousin or something like that call Colton was not great he did something that movie too which actually take place in Austin though he were he threw like a dummy over the overpass overpass Terrible Things rocks and thrown over the overpass on the cars and I have never been putting up cameras to catch crimes that's put up the cameras and let's let's cover the overpass but there's an intellectual but other talk about this program called I forget what it's called Angel watch or something that they have in Iraq and in the in the in the Middle East where a plane flies above a city and takes a full picture of the city every second and the reason that they started doing it is to find out what where improvise like roadside bombs are coming from so that what they do they're just flying around and then they get a report of a roadside bomb they go back to the photos they find the place where they find the explosion and then I just go backwards in time until they can find who the person is that it up and then where they came and started using that just like flying over and over and started using its like 5 people but then they tried it in a trial I believe like in Cleveland Ohio or somewhere and they like weird like find but it was it was that it was just basically complain flying above the city take a picture every second until 4 crime going 9-1 call goes and you know I like I was just shocked they can find they can see where this The Gunshot goes off then they can follow the guy back to his car see where he came from and then go forward in time to see where he went Minority Report military satellites it can read the print on a nickel on the ground I mean sure it's extrapolated we can enhance it or Never Tritonal filter cameras it's just going to be crimes like like that he's like a random crazy crimes or the like are we gotta catch this guy I want to hear your thoughts on the first was thanks to Alpha Brain by Onnit Alpha Brain to help the body improve memory Focus processing speed and Flow State just takes Alpha Brain religiously and has ever since they first started bothering him are podcasts so I can have a quote I'm going to leave can I get some I got some pressure 13 years in the making all I know Alpha Brain definitely helps me focus more and better balance the many tasks they faced every day whether it is organizing a large event because that chatting on a podcast or taking video games to the next level outbreak very accurate depiction of Alpha Brain just one more left I show you every single day about the brain you could improve reaction time and pressing a button by 25 milliseconds / Appleseed Alpha Brain gaming and so I shall bring gaming will be at this year's RTX and they are offering a chance for you and a friend to win an all-expenses excuse me an all-expenses-paid trip to attend RTX this year in Austin answer to win at Alpha Brain gaming.com / RTX that's Alpha Brain gaming.com / charge it is an all-expenses-paid trip to get you there getting into the show I don't know what else they've gotten it but it's like it's while you're here to help me out your kids so that I can catch up with their hands they're considered old man in Eastport 20 like 22 days out so fast any sport it's crazy that the average age at Minecon like 12 I'll probably younger than that probably meaning of geof I was geof did you guys get freaked out by the way when there's might ride over there he's going to give me for the past week for the cameras yesterday might not tell you like posts or Forum Forum discussions about Matt I was just still confused to talk about that brag more people because he appears on camera last night but I was so sure that he met with Matt home is fucking crazy where can I watch I watch every in one day so I knew he was going to ask for a beer Ikea built-in Colton was the inspiration for the Liam Neeson sketch became insanely Titans schedule and it's this it's like you know and then they have like dance circles and then you don't know these dance movies that people like doing School move it so Jordan and I were talking what they like or what up there sort of like I have a connection and if I came true and then we got rid of the only guarantee Mega Diamond Minecart Minecart Minecraft I'm trying to say first you guys have to let me be on the podcast and five years still full and I have to follow that fucking Berry faced retard you have been sitting there he was waiting for his turn we almost broke up almost made and passed out it was good we walked in at the tail end of my story you have to give it to ya you know what I mean, sometimes in life people get like really like upset or crazy about like other people's events like Live Events and it said it was funny like when people have that can affect it's got to be like some kind of expression of like a little confidence on their part did you get my card did you have a good time was it a fun event I blasted my business because I have no fucking clue that the average age of a Minecraft and it was like it was there and he was like he's like the new burni or like it was fun it was Stampylongnose 2223 online show me if you are not stuck Minecraft YouTube kid friendly videos of Travis got his very burni like hello kids Thursday at my house it was everything I learned a lot that I didn't know about the direction Minecraft is heading there very focused on getting it in classrooms and using it as a social tool and an educational tool from the fuck and get up and talk about Minecraft and how they're using it and developing nations and stuff it was really like the guy from the UN is doing that thing I'm thinking about the time that a glory hole text me back and then if you had a butt and his dick shoot the lava it depends we alternate is we were very last-minute additions right and so they said hey we have somebody drop out do you guys want to come then I'll be getting her fans Russia fans of course yeah yeah yeah yeah and I brought because he's on Minecraft I and nobody else was available no first it was way too late to change the literature and so the room they gave us was meant for another group of Minecrafters to appeal to 4 year older than I and so we were not in the literature in any capacity whatsoever for Minecon so I kept running into people there like fucking you doing here the day of the panel I just walked around and I was like if I can talk to at least ten people to be 10 people in the audience very awesome this and she's not when you're doing your panel that's going to be live streams on Twitch still like every kindergartener in the world and I was so and we go to our panel and it's a thousand person theater and we're behind the stage as you do and we do it like 6 o'clock so we walked out the door and panel and I look at the people in the chairs and it's usually like Kansas City usually very funny moments in backpack going to be all right aren't you yes that's a lot of fun but I know exactly what you're talking about well that is interesting that walk up on stage and I sit down and it's still very quiet and I thought that is also interesting to grab the microphone and I thought it's his turn to be home so I said hey this is Matt from coming and we make cartoons and we play video games and people and I said I didn't well I'll get there so I can look up at and that looks a shin we always thought he was extra cash has never done it before and I look to my left and there's nobody over there yeah so I give a little Spiel we take the first question the first question is the douchebag and bunny rabbit ears who does the Cat in the Hat very first question so we had to deal with that and if you don't know what there's this mean like troll thing you do on Twitch for you I don't know why but you tell people to spam Kappa I don't even know what I'm going to do right here chat and it's looking like he's an idiot so he says it again and it's because it was being streamed through twitch it's meant to cause disruption yeah but he doesn't seem like he's not like you're cool you're nice guy he comes up with everything and he's and he starts the chant that and then nothing from the people in the audience and he's like oh you guys are the worst yeah he's traveling the world no capo something to do on Twitch and Heat so we survived that next comes up and I'm kind of paraphrasing so I don't really it was things were a blur at this point Charlotte entertainment anyway Channel I'm not going to the want anymore really have a good time but I watched all of the audio so it's got some countries people are stupid blood but I know what a dramatic return to the receipt elearn like you answer every question with a question you know what were the three orders achievement go to that whole thing and I get really verbose and sting start to recover and it's going pretty well the color and he's fine and well that's fine and then at one point somebody asked out with a timer let me know how much time I got to kill Ali 38 minutes left and somebody asks what entails making an episode of Red vs Blue what I haven't done in six years but the process because we did it right so I guess this is a softball like 20 minutes so I get really long on how to make a how to make an upside and it's some point I know and I know and I'm going to the audio portion to get into the booth and you record a line like if it's Griff I go to the beach or whatever and as soon as I get the words out of my mouth I get a text and another text on my phone and it's from a British number so I can I don't know anybody from England except for that look oh no I said son of a bitch was a bad deal I guess so then I had to remember to go super family-friendly which were really good at so that was easy. Yeah yeah exactly so it was like Peggy cell a text geof it in on the rooster teeth Channel he took his dick out and one and he talked with his wife by taking a dildo in the ass yeah they got two left hands called he was in his little office and so this is I'm sorry this is so I just took my dick out I smash it against the window turn around so fucking angry I could take business very seriously when I open the door because I wasn't going to want to suck my dick on the table this is the best show ever from behind like I got to witness all this without him watching him stand up against the door and come out and it's always him off smashed up against the glass it was fun it was great oh my God who was the professional and I saved it that Brian was also present at the caveat is I found out later I put two and two together they thought I was some I was like something Wiggles ask like to contact her for like 7 year old what was never heard of us I don't know the name but I had trouble with and then and there was a bunch of sad seven year old kids who were expecting to see Raffi or whatever and I got the untalented white Chris Rock it had to be moved to different seat because he was sitting next to her was actually surprised that when Andy was on the mic that any starting an internship and you told me to shut the fuck up and said shut up God really has his boss gotta find a way we've got to find a way to pass out not that great like great we work on this environment is such that like like geof pressing his genitals up into glass to Gavin's office there was a time when they did this live event earlier this year in February and they were all out of the office and thought about this thing I was walking and I stopped and thought about more than 30 seconds how do the bathroom and take a poop and I literally stopped by that you don't think there's nobody in here he probably didn't but you guys I calculate the amount of time that the pope would be in there before you guys got back and it was like $18 in it habitable zone for removing that would have women dress whatever time you don't mind I'm really tired of you I've overstayed my welcome but you can actually see her in a way it kind of has their own podcast now with the new Sunday driving which I'm a big fan of any more Sunday Drive Seymour crossword not with you 7 minutes but I should probably read our last every time I'll write this up the podcast is also brought to you by Squarespace Squarespace how to build a beautiful website present square space is proud to announce a partnership with Colton to launch deckmasters a Hearthstone tournament streaming live via twitch deckmasters has $100,000 prize pool with you can I heard the round-robin begins June 22nd and continues every Monday Tuesday and Friday until July 17th you can watch the stream at twitch.tv / Volcan that's vulc unhs like high school that's twitch.tv / vulc umhs when a hundred-thousand-dollar prize pool to play the game in the word deckmasters and you got a whole first doctors my parents when I was growing up they were like stop doing that you like Michael get out of the house I talked about pooping and then talking about it remind me when I get off those video games get out of the house and it's like my whole career now has been based on video games I can't imagine it was hundred-thousand-dollar prize pool like what that would mean every day learning how to play the problem you know what I'm talking about you look at me MLB the Show game for the MLB in the end what is a report like if you played a perfect game like you struck every batter out on a lot of a baseball perfect game Michaels hey Anna, they're part of baseball is everything in a picture like throws a fastball like a 90-mph fastball and it catches a battery light on it's pretty bad to put some aside to start work on Monday though thank you so much for the opportunity work he'll ever even he needs this internship to graduate college and you told her that you told me I'm a little bit that's what everybody in the face of the kids from herpes and when I see a video that you did is there a spray that smells like ass and I would laugh so hard watching the videos with that that I went and got a knife Monmouth spray and I got a spring has been in the kitchen now for like Halloween but I'm going there right after that 480 a street on it was actually the grass is not green grass Circle and I took everything I got this new one and he sprayed it and sprayed it right in his face I know they make one that is cotton candy and I sprayed it and that's what I thought it was hours for migrate those bean bag chairs are there smell like a sense of that there's some bean bag chairs over there really Marcus was talking about like what chairs to get as they were setting up for barbar and I like your chairs room place and there was and I said jokingly I choose a bean bag and he goes on actually we have we have you guys over here and I was like I jump into it and it was like you had but then that airs like I usually smell it and I was like it smells like it smells like a pile of feces like someone vomited on a Polish it and then wrap the fabric around it and called it being that fucking at first it was like cereal thing like someone like the fabric was made out of someone has to be a great idea for a million dollars but questions so you gave me great but we do we do I feel weird cuz I have an obligation that in the podcast and usually on the person who does everything is hard to not and if we're going to go special episode of million dollars but with Colton the premises are you serious I'm looking forward to the cold burni you want to take care of yourself I like you alot