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RT Discusses Bathroom Etiquette

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Recorded: 2015-07-21 16:52:52

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman




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hello everyone this week brought your box and Trunk Club I think it is so satisfying drama behind will have a new site launching but if you can hit on the strip very excited yes and I can provide your most the current site for finally scrapping the whole thing starting fresh we're not taking questions or interactions on Twitter anymore I put on Twitter going forward every week on the internet everybody video game setting then we have we had a chat a live chat when we first launched Alive podcast and it was it was it was unreadable use Periscope don't you just use Periscope I don't know why it's not a feature that if you follow me and you do a periscope I should be able to chat all the time one of your followers as someone whom you are following me on Twitter you got into the chat one of my purse, I got it. Do you have like 10 seconds before the first 100 people which is important not even I think it's within the first few seconds like it because it is actually a guy Albuquerque to Gallo cuz it's a ger. I know that's not the name of the game is the name of the game because it's at least it's a game right now said all those fuckers you corrected it came out in the App Store and it's called fucking a girl a web address in a nap you don't need it if you don't need them and they put the dogs over there so they are absolutely is agar agar IO SpongeBob fun around Ashley Madison website crazy that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life was like an epileptic fit on the screen get out of this now play little game today Ashley Madison website everyone's personal information Ashley Madison website help itself as a way for married people to find Affairs I think there's like a short have an affair why wouldn't you just make a Tinder account for yourself or something like that or an OkCupid account on Plenty of Fish or whatever all the other dating site I think you literally are setting up for a site that labels he was an adulterer and now someone hacked and stole all the personal information like registered on the website they have that is because everyone on it is equally at fault so if you see someone else who wants to cheat and you want to see if it's like you are now and appropriately we're just like if you're on Tinder in like maybe your white friend sees you they could tell them but maybe so I wouldn't be on that website and look there also 37 million users Lake greatest sexual fantasies listed on my profile the one I believe they said they want Ashley Madison to shut down otherwise they're going to release all of the personal information right I mean this is what is the cold actually mad why is it called is that like a famous adult the reference for this year it called I did great Gavin or Google why is it called 170 results Gavin Google yes yes yeah we are I'm sorry I can't multitask have them hand-delivered in the suffix Ashley and barbar not Barbara female names have an affair one person left her husband found each other they were just starting up or they just going to be like and you can fill out all your fantasies everything you'd like to do mr. site there's an app you can do for you each answer individually it matches up only what you both work yet can I get back everything you really should go don't you not instant you had an interesting most likely it would be possible to stick a flaccid penis is only what would happen if you stuffed a flaccid penis into a butt and then go around to it it could have swallowed it stay inside and explain to the point where the base is in but I think it was like half and it would tell you about it was just talking about inhaling through your anus for whatever reason under desk plug it in and it absolutely does not have never taken her into my living room I just relaxed and it's going to snow so black to be someone or this is something NE don't worry buddy you're up for some I know I know that the colon you want me over on all fours the 04 but you don't make it so your back is level but horizontal and then out your back not your face Sherpa relaxation Is it wise to let make fights I think are you you're coming so I don't have comment your burni yes Melissa green says Gavin is absolutely right feline one says it's true Gavin burni he's right the women are these girls because there's a vaginal hole and your butt hole lessons from her I'm just saying Edgewater podcast classification category oh yeah especially during yoga and pilates you're in some compromising positions especially for it and you get like fucking wind tunnel in there In and Out Burgers make a quick trip but butthole butthole I don't know what it is like what it's like I don't know either supermodels do it I think a big deal if you pull up I think it's like a type of yoga where they put hot rocks on you while you do your stretching them and they put you in a room with other people Next Level I don't know exactly what you're using your body or and doing a lot more moves but you're using your core right here you have to really hold your car and like that it's a lot of stuff we record all the time with your car there's a lot of plans and things like that to everyone it's a lot more body strength rather than flexibility like yoga so there's tons of people lyrics by the way I agree with Gavin demonstrated it on an episode of on the spot Peterson air entering your butt while you're on all fours is how you make far to take the truck so now you're being an idiot with or actually cracked these comments are thinking what the fuck is going on right now so I gotta pay $20 to delete your account that was like $20 to remove account from the internet I guess so there's a there's a credit card associated with you guys are like a premier think people are based on how many feet motorcycle permit in the state where a lady's right dude I just heard about this lady's drink do you like a hot or not to pick know if they do they've been with and it's just read about it and see what it's like a Rate My Professor but for guys like that relationships subreddit on Reddit and it's all just like people's relationships never the update that is part of their social and everything collapsed on me but there was a top post was in there today was a woman saying husband just called me and told me like to head out get ahead of the curve that he made an Ashley Madison account when he was single and it was his name for shows up in the list that's what that is like the music was so loud like people like panicking about this thing which I totally get that list comes out if it does come out it's going to cause a lot of problems in my code for the amount of divorces this point if you're divorced or just like search by your city and notify people they notify husbands and wives your spouse is on this list to send out flyers that I didn't find it interesting that this kind of like came right after another kind of online event which was there was a do not wanna be careful they say here I believe he's part of the continent family the married dude married dude wife 3 kids from what I can tell from the pictures and Gawker reported about a pornstar Who currently lives in Austin Texas he made arrangements to meet with a male pornstar in some other city and he's going to fly him there and he was going to it was an arranged like was a meeting like he was repaid to come meet with this guy privately it's pretty clear that that was a bad deal like yours and then person found out the building you have just got to help him solve the problem and the guy was like oh God I can't make it like what you had told him he knew who he was he said I can't make it too bad I would have liked to have met up with you and I'll let stuff so then he started I guess it was like some kind of extortion thing he ended up giving me information about her daughter than print the article and Prince of God and everybody all my social media feed was outraged that they added this guy because he was a family get a family but they do know that he was gay really gay or bisexual and they were out and that was the day they saw as a great transgression the same group of people in my social media feed with Ashley Madison think about throw like is that a different category that I'm missing out here putting someone in power on a different level is that that's why it's it's rejected it because they added him when he wasn't ready to because he was cheating somehow with less than in that case against the wishes of the editors and I think a few of the others resigned over the weekend because of that from Gawker pulled the article and then the editorial staff to resign to think that I can come up person for being gay and embarrassing than that way or you know telling the world before they were ready to but it's actually he's cheating cheating on his wife and also it's helping someone blackmail or somebody else they are helping them do that but that's what they're doing they want to take it down or whatever they're doing something in there if we going along with it helps them what is stopping someone from signing up on Ashley Madison as you now that's a good question are you know I guess nothing I guess I thought of you thought about making a OkCupid or match.com account I thought about doing it with me from doing that is I thought that somebody would recognize me on there I knew somebody who is fairly well-known and they had a profile and the person immediately like what the fuck if anyone's made an account on Ashley Madison I'm assuming that it would already be public information like somebody public you just doing the site and the other people you're supposed to find you searching through Google could you find people that have someone recognize you at that point and then meet up with you in the be like oh shit like the people that I wanted to meet knowing who I was and where she was just random people just like going through and like my dating profile link on the rooster teeth I just didn't know the women rating men after you're talking about call Lulu Lulu thank you very much for two people how can I make my page because it's actually a match.com profile when I worked here actually it was when I first came to receive another thing I did not recognize it was before I was really like knowing that someone like you would use that service Wednesday that she was new to the city pay for them is going downtown I mean for me when I'm not comfortable about them meeting them and you feel like you're at a bar and then go up to someone you like hey you're attractive let's hang out and be totally not into the things you're into your crazy and getting to actually like a lot it's to talk to them online at the store yeah you were single at the same time Gavin I mean actually it's possible to find to find people person to person maybe we don't need to but it's just like I don't think Gavin is like a big I don't see you as a big purse or maybe I'm wrong I was never really they come to him if you would like genuinely effortless and everything my dear but we won't be happy if you let him on the couch right now give me the past about people procrastinate about it everybody's about how lazy someone is like on Twitter I have to wait until enough people have tweeted about that in a while so if you don't think about that person I do the exact I'm paranoid you should set reminders in the I had to wait a long time for no I really just like a sudden thing and it's someone I really like does it people involved all their followers and their customer service problem I've written two Brands but I write to them I like if I have a problem with like you don't know who are the people at a company if they're like praising them or trying to get free shit out of them maybe you're okay or customer service complaints so that's something that I haven't mention the fact that he would like to use your followers and he's like one of their customers away from your own fucking probably because I know a lot of people do this is the people tag brands in there and it seems like Culvers at Taco Bell father dances with them in every talk about something let's take in your example of be like man I sure like my burrito from Taco Bell no reply and at the brand at UNM how messed up is which which order I know that was supposed to go but he did say everything the tide which which which which is treating us like we are we love creativity Twitter who just had tails could you talk about a lot of the podcast and then I don't get to pay at Ricky Gervais the people on the burni thinks you're coming over tell him that the person likely the person that wants to watch the entertainment download or given a bad review because I didn't mention Taco Bell you know I like snow crash and not even as an author and that I didn't like losing his much someone did that they tweeted that wasn't given was like Hey it doesn't like you're right it was like I need me to get you a sandwich. That's okay though because I've been recommended a book to the Martian I got an audible there one of our sponsors usually forgot my Amazon Echo will read books to me now so it's like an Amazon so it's like it integrates with all that stuff in the Martian is so good I see the poster for it and it looks like just like oh that's the movie with what's-his-name that stuff is really good on the plane did you get everything it was absolutely great thing is it's like 6 almost hour-long bit since I ruined her feel like it took off the flight for me what you think it's only like 35 or 40 minutes explaining that it was really good anything about the specifics documentaries like I went in completely blind the best way to do it I didn't want to talk about try to be there who was accused of a couple of murders that's all you really should know it was so good I feel like I'm kind of adult entertainment wise on television right now like I want you to take this season too and it's good I don't most people are really very different people on two different we do today Game of Thrones cast season 5 record that and it'll be out for our sponsors on our website every Friday to talk about on Twitter with Ricky Gervais and his breathing the lies I really like Rich today so let me know what am I doing this episode of the podcast is brought you buy NatureBox you know you're going to snap and when you do you want to be worth it tell me the tasty and satisfying but does it make you feel guilty afterwards but you need our snacks from Nature Box threesome over a hundred healthy and crave more of the options to be delivered right to your door all of the snacks for me was your official flavors colors or sweeteners 0 grams trans fats and no high fructose corn syrup best of all they taste amazing they're still good it's so much better for you than other snack options out there so next time you're hungry grab mini Belgian waffle strawberry lemonade fruit stars are sweet and salty nut medley pineapple rings probably start about coming in this ship already things are tomorrow you're welcome to go to naturebox.com / can get a free trial of their favorite snacks free snacks delivered to your door what are you waiting for go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth and start your free trial today gluten free trial so enjoying it was a slow start but I think it's getting pretty good season but right now I don't know if my taste has changed I'm just cranky what have I become cranky become more cranky or crank it okay if possible Gavin play more games for a month or two I think you were crazy stuff no matter what his game was like a year-and-a-half after I came out I forgot until I was watching that footage that Brandon I got that argument over who picked up the full reload for everyone it was me it was fucking me the names of God burni give me the footage that was my fault I like Shadow to Ashley Jenkins who made the Let's Plays like way easier to make she found a way it's too complicated here but we record the footage and record the audio and middle-income up and then we have to burn all of our video tracks which is usually 4 or 6 for your Minecraft videos the bring your name I'm not really that helpful field it's another that what she is helpful for the editor to know who to switch to where I had it first and then put the names on computer lot of time what I did to you I didn't understand how you edited these until you gave your Premiere project yeah you know how multicam works you know you're not a credible sequence that would have done it was for video track that he was switching between because I want to cut this play the hand I just want to 341 word before you showed it to me but you gave me this project I was like the morning I'm going to save this or no really what happened but I will take a look at the game again it looks on a peeling to set up and you'll love it I used it before you didn't like it? the first matter if you have a prescription for everything what is it going to get hacked Gmail like whatever your Gmail gets to publicly put out there whatever happened how did that happen I could see that happening there's always accusations that Chinese hackers are breaking into like certain activists email account now so I'm sure there's a lot of people signed up for Ashley Madison thinking this is totally safe completely Anonymous and it's like you know go to 3421 give me the Brazilian to run to the house and for the course of three weeks before they had a racist or they tunneled two city blocks to a halt and emptied out the Vault 68 million dollars surfaces baby poster restoration company or something like that where they would call materials on there all day long and they're constantly up materials nevermind different stories I want to talk about now the first one was there was a fight in the UK it was listen you're going to be maybe 6 months ago where they did a group of people did something similar they got a business close to a bank and then plan this out this whole like Ocean's 11 type light or they have started digging underground to get into the bank vault after you where the Vault was and then once they were closer than either about to get in they took out all the electricity in that part of the city so that there was no electricity no no alarms work the finished tunnel again got all the stuff over like a three-day holiday weekend and took off and by the time the bank came back in after the weekend they realize the power out on the floor as well have a generator but like what was the floor of the pencil made of sand when we get in it also runs three of the Mexican drug lord El Chapo who just broke out it was at one of those few short one of the shows that I do actually watch of the week is Last Week Tonight and had a segment about it and this guy special to you what he was known for was digging tunnels broken out of custody before by digging tunnels under bathroom sink TV show the tunnel that he escaped you it was like a mile long it went to a house what does a mile he didn't dig other people did it they had put down rail tracks in the tunnel for a modified rail car that ran off of a modified motorcycle that we did as they were digging they put the stuff in the car use the motorcycle to take it back and take it out like you said like they doing demolition crochet last night so I don't even think that's the one that's another title he did wow and you got to do in prison who is known for digging you're not going to check that just put him in a cage in the sky that's what I would like to get Magneto David play KC plastic case to put a monogram is your blood out what do you even use to dig in jail will you do you print out an outfit just checking on you doing but they had another story also on I'm going to Last Week Tonight check it out they had another story talking about food waste in the United States LOL I think I saw that but I didn't watch it it was really really interesting so we're there a lot of interesting stats by the way I have modified motorcycle here motorcycle would have been chopped off and welded to what is a red looks like a rail car can you get a Home Depot you put lights in it or whatever risinge one of the road warrior there's a dude on top of the prison like playing a flaming guitar everybody you back to the to think the most interesting thing I thought that they talked about was they talked about sell-by and use-by dates on food I just eat it cook it not federally regulated good sell-by and use-by dates are determined by the manufacturer or the producer of the food and arbitrarily chosen there's no science behind it I've always believed those dates in order to try to incent stores and people to throw the product away to go buy more I did bring the bring the sell-by date forward so that they expire quick I don't know so that they expire quicker duration date and it totally in America that has its use-by date federally regulated by federal food some type of beef as well that's exactly right you later baby formula amen okay but everything else is open to medicines expire I think eventually becomes less powerful death by glamour future digital crystallized and I said you want to like it was taken by expiration date so far ahead that I can buy milk and never seen anything that I can buy milk expires 2 months from when I buy it yeah it's like 2 months out I mean in England we have the Milkman delivers milk every morning right and it's just milk does milk last 2 months that but I want to talk about like organic whatever that means I have trouble tasting spoiled milk that's really good yeah that's that's that's what it's like if it snows bad you know it sitting out for like 60 days which means they just cut off The Moldy part of the middle part like me to cook it they cook it one time a couple years ago poured myself a glass of milk and I was drinking it and I thought it was kind of sweet a little weird like all I can taste is different the fuck is wrong with you look like a couple of weeks past I was just drinking and I didn't notice at the pole practically so have no idea what the bottom we can test this out right now I'm not sure that I do not feel well you have to shut up for me I don't think I've Let It Go like a week or two past the date and they're always fun yeah they're just there it's also I don't remember exaggerating their eggs and you should refrigerate butter eggs are processed in the United States versus the way eggs are processed in Europe they come out chicken so we have a higher rate of salmonella in eggs United States and Europe and the reason this is going to sound absolutely crazy but I guarantee that this so it must be true in the United States are harvested from the chickens they're washed with water and some solution to remove like whatever group is on them and in their package that you give in Europe their package with that group on that group is what helps stop salmonella and some types of bacteria from forming so the fact that our eggs are washed after they're harvested causes us to get sticker from them I'm a look it up I mean I'm sure there's really some mistletoe so I can brush them what would show me this now the center is true that India is not an egg what's the percent right if you like the way it was in there because it disconnects when the fertilized egg is dramatically different than a non-fertilized really different is it called Bluetooth so this does no placenta on an unfertilized egg now but that is a placenta on the inside I don't know yeah I don't think they do sexy to me that's a whole we can close the stork brings the chicken that are for kids or the baby is due the baby is feet off the ok to leave but he isn't I don't think so food safety official Irish food safety website says it is the washing of eggs recommended no because what you watching the transfer for bacteria like salmonella from the outside to the inside of the egg and you have another question is yolk a baby chicken yellow inner part of the egg with embryo will form the yolk contains the food that will never see the embryo label the Suns in Sky Webster here label the 10 days thing so it's a good learning site what are you really eating yes so the joke is what feeds the developing fetus food aluminum albumen I believe album sampler on our web sites and 892 says that Del Chapo sounds like the best Minecraft player ever the real play Gavin gu Florida it's been over a year since I've been on the go and see if he's got it I think it's alright with me what is it that Gavin or Google which one that is okay if you never played but very simple I take a three or four letter word phrase I type in the popular search engine Google I see what the most popular autocomplete or one of the most popular autocomplete for that three or four word phrases I also think that right now you have to show me the ones that you found so I didn't laugh when you read them in the actual ones Destiny vs. guess you want to go first you go first Freedom right if you're determined before we hear the first one is August 1st and I think I got a message from the same location why why can't I the first one is why can't I poop without wiping anymore why can't I poop without wiping anymore but any more interesting okay you never see the moon why can't I ever have at the end of the first one was going to be telling I'm going to go to wiping anymore is Gavin no no no I'm not trying to but I don't want to live anymore Gavin I'm going to do the same thing you should point it would be easy to dump the devil inside that question anymore why can't I poop but Wipe Me Down like you keep pulling out your wife nothing that I said how long was the streak 1 degrees just like me since moving to America in like American food it's just messy a dumpster house not discussing this with you but thank you for asking I appreciate your camera perfect no seriously how much meat would you like your whole life until he moved here now I got them regularly sometimes but usually it's just kind of sad but anymore Megan is making a Little Caesars yeah go ahead but it just like and unlike push it out and then your anus is like love you like sometimes you know you didn't really have a request from the people watching them cut together a video of every time Comcast no we don't have that much time so we both have one so that you might see that is the biggest person ever comes up that it was like our people are safe when they find out that the world sits down to wipe your butt and you have to stand up twice and one half the world doesn't know that the other half of the way what you don't know if it's through a closed door why would you not want to clean the water WeatherBug okay okay good good see what happens people leave filthy thing doesn't your hand like in the toilet washing down there then let me forward and maybe like inside your head into the toilet and I love you your butt cheeks close out of your anus I don't see anything that may still be in that broken over still can you go to deal with my side chicks me you're. You're the one is a different one the other half the world doesn't get away everyone is super offended about the way that everyone else so I gotta try it doctor but this still your head up comments or split them what's about it I just wanted the green with me that's all I care squat down to between their feet and then just white leaves and then get up. trout standing on a toilet squatting down sitting standing up are you around defeathering want you to know that he stands up like a boss like you but I just got a notification from Twitter from Aaron saying that just found out on you but yes that be dunkelman white standing up it's over between us well when you say it but it says it's not 50-50 it's about 8:20 maybe 9010 but there people that like when they hear this fact there there's always be like somebody in a group of people that like what you talking about there is a group of people in the world that think that peanut butter is green there are people that color blindness and the consistency the shiny Serperior peanut butter things register is being and explain them that it's not green even though they are color-blind in a certain way they will come they will absolutely say this all over again yeah I guess it would be like to dress a little bit around the Moon Alaska's most difficult in terms of our game but this one is not as difficult I'm going for supper is there really the phrase that were going to use for Gavin or Google is is there really... Is there really is there really okay that's one of the answers was is there really nothing that rhymes with orange barbar or the other phrases was there really two suns is there really to say is there really to that person again is there really nothing that rhymes with orange I'm going to say is there really nothing that rhymes with orange is Gavin that was my first inclination but is there really two sons seems ridiculous enough that I'm going to have to go down to Gavin barbar you get appointed with this feature it's so dumb that I didn't think I could even is that a accusation that someone thinks there's is there really two sons running from me or that it's like I told me they're really what's wrong did what I had to be sure it wasn't easy to find the time to do so is the local dialect you are currently behind barbar as per usual and as usual Gavin or Google frases do midgets and I know that the property was going to say because that's what Google returned on these few minutes do you have time to do much got the first race is the midget ever see bald spots do you make a paper popper barbar play the phrases give me to Tiffany's tonight decimal that you take this since you are going to the win Gavin I'm going to go with a girl with bald spots for Gavin barbar broken fiberglass stick to midgets and 40 balls why do they look at them or do midgets have knees do they have knees do midgets have knees is Gavin we haven't I just got a text with Google keep on Google 102 Google to be fair to them I did 100 whose legs and back what is the road condition that was in Ricky gervais's episode of The Simpsons that was like a show in the background midget or dwarf alright I guess that's why he was kind of that would have to see the top of a short imaginative what a comeback come back to talk about my genius idea genius is trying to figure out what time you going to land because it was wrong so would it be cool if the witch knew what time it was and how long the flight was to the point where it would speed up time as you fly or slow it down so it is a great time when you land if you are traveling to the east as soon as you take off your second I'll be like 10 minutes to the by the time you land say 6 hour times on his chain while you're in there it should be like an addiction and like correct properly when he left but it'd be cool to see it because I find the other way I'm watching seconds take forever be a lot nicer to have it speed of light 425 to La you typically like an hour an hour off to go to the three-hour flight to be like a really slow I'm just like that when you cross the date line they would like for someone to build at the ultimate travel hoodie with travel jacket for different iPhone built-in headphones for a little bottle of water it has built-in gloves and your hands get cold but he has a built-in neck pillow and it's got a built-in eye mask to cover your eyes when you sleep they wanted $1,000 and $100,000 really well travel travel I wouldn't want one just on principle if I wanted it I remembered what a piece of shit you should be sued took my money and gave me a product that doesn't work a crowdfunding product Guardians of the product how to raise that money to make it right single until I had wanted it work crowdfunding if we have different lives right outside the window stretch goals I guess so you have and it was what was really fun the first time I used it it worked but he's not saying it was only that one time to charge what do you hope to God I don't want to say it you were mad when you didn't have it like they never shipped it never should have been fine if you would have been angry about it really doesn't work they made him go to the store and get in an area where he was embarrassed and that's the worst I couldn't believe I still keep using it it doesn't work I don't know let's try rewriting right every time but I don't know if it doesn't rewrite the given that give me the real ones I like for a while that it just doesn't work it just like that and it doesn't read it Chinese Google find out credit card numbers into that thing can I get my credit card numbers back out of that because I don't trust anything cannot be transmitted my credit card number to Ashley Madison fucking garbage that conversation with that Gavin today thinking like a company meeting like it was somebody's name turned up on the Ashley Madison thing but chances are that the only 112 people to work here that's crazy what could we do no no no you have just excuse somebody clearly somebody found my credit card and my home address and it inside of you personal issue personal matter but I'm just saying what we help them do that anyway simply not to worry about like somebody that we know going to be like a very public thing that happens to people anyway the next time we're talking about this something you would want anyone to care about you be okay you'll be okay I would love to see a list of excuses for that yeah 883 fasting to see like why that what people do with that information and what comes of it what was the cell phone hack the fappening does it mean that kind of what wasn't there that's what they call the media center cartoon both came up while I was on vacation last week I went to I went to the Gulf Coast we got a house on the Gold Coast I get a house with my former brother-in-law was it was it was that mean particle fake dreads like 3 months lined up Anderson's in high school and we went with he went my kids went actually and then my trip with nieces and nephew so we were there for a week and a half ago right on the beach so I can walk out the door and walk down the beach and I would love that one morning and there dolphins in the Gulf like like 100 feet from Shore is a pod of dolphins dolphins dolphins dolphins over the place over there because you're going to be like really annoying California wildfire left onto the freeway and cars on fire on the freeway and then when the firefighters came with helicopters to try to put out the fire they had to leave because I want to feel you drones on the way and that's the reason why they left and they're asking for permission to be able to shoot down tree with the hose I'll have like a chip that the Emergency Services connect today and they were just dropped out of the sky so funny that you have it there's a chip in a drone to where there's areas like I can't fly my drone because the problem I can fly drone like in the path of a 747 something that's like that disables it from flying in certain areas and there's an emergency just be able to activate that signal yeah if I'm going to make like a 200-foot radius if there was no fights currently and I was driving the fire truck I was just hungry what should fall out of sky we just like that goes down to the gulf is a long Peninsula that comes out of that we're all the way enersys Fort Morgan air and it's really funny cuz I was a restaurant like probably like a mile and a half from the end of that Peninsula and it's like this tiny little place called sassy bass so I can look it up on Google Maps there's nothing around there just like a few houses and like and that's it and it's 128 Highway that goes out there and so we're going to Fort Morgan to like exploring each of the kids and have little education I think it's an old pre-civil war for that was in use in the Civil War World War 1 World War 2 its at 1 its ocean like for vacations got to make guns in these walls are the Starship so weird it was like one person is there for the whole Fort Morgan like you can walk all over the whole thing and there's like they got areas like with like more and so I don't go he's going to the wrong place obviously falling off into the ocean we walk in burni location to run into somebody and he was like sassy Bass touristy town where all of my family is from Tiny Town up in the mountains and we walked down the mountain to Amalfi on the way down the cliff sides not recognized by someone and it's like what did that guy say when he saw me and Meg walking down a cliff Oregon somewhere to recognize a ton of people traveling up the kitchen is vacation travel areas seem to be like a prime territory for the airport that's where I always direction to one in America for me cuz the guy was just so surprised like this like my family is just like different from there he was from New Jersey really far away location from Austin TCL remote that is so sexy back to get intersection of two roads but this is like how far outline look at the fish in the middle the ocean Alabama to the very tip of Alabama so we're heading back towards Mississippi to New Orleans that was did you get really drunk storage sheds in Jackson Square and it was just like it smells like shit on the floor and you just don't trust me to do with them all so drunk and that's why they're taking the hassle out of shopping but shipping you a trunk full of clothes that fit perfectly and make you look like a million bucks 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But you could see like right here but out of what division is different like the refraction of light is different underwater so you can't see up close anymore but you can see far away are you because if you can well maybe that's not you I think it was the relationship between underwater noise is the distance your minimum fact that we don't live in the water anymore but I think about this because if I think of death can come from any direction and if I think of an octopus that was hiding like he was a piece of those that like a piece of like some underwater plants that I didn't learn the octopuses had that skill after I had that is not the point the point is it is an octopus octopus octopus octopus wrong you know that I don't know any other way to learn that like the internet taught me that and I knew of octopuses what is the plural of octopus I swear this like it's incorrect like someone put pie but it's not the correct plural because it's not locked in screen there are three plural forms of octopus octopuses octopi or octopodes differently he said yes Gavin talking about read it for yourself and what club you said on Friday there's a problem with lava every time please forgive me for what was what was the deal oh I sent you a couple be able to see Mario costumes and props and everything why don't you talk about somebody that little replay II classic underwater death Gavin and we don't deal with that shit anymore we live on a plane if I can get ahold of you dude you're falling in the hole how many people die from falling what about it's nothing official ever fall off a ladder jump from a skyscraper with a face like that over there you have to be at work at 11:11 so I had told her and Johnny were standing up or sitting down of course while you are severely punish any normal person ever fish swim up falling water USA what's up you didn't answer. fish swim swim up and have them a lot of water today and I'm very motivated fish skyscraper in water and then have a claim like that and then the first didn't mean to cut you off had to find out if still waiting for you to let me know if you put them in the tank they will kill each other for the next to each other you're going to go to jail now that you sell a mirror in a fish tank we got betta fish is a surprise in college and my girlfriend had one and she was always nervous about it was good thinking Fisher the price for putting the clothes you got her face was getting upset so I made a cover for it but she can put around little boy tiny little balls they put them in a little like a ring of paper that you can put in the bowl and then put the ring on the bowl of the fish was going in there to see what's wrong with this why do this I didn't tell her I drew a fish on them the shadow box in Port Orchard can you hear head like a ninja Skyward museums Ollie we got a fucking huge debate about this do fish drink no. Thank you yeah no yeah no but every time I don't have any like they're in there in there in there in the water what you do does a fish need to know is there any animal that doesn't need water right that's what I'm saying the drinks I'm With You Gavin I absolutely believe that fish ever known and take to drink fresh water fish you're not actually drink water but absorb water through their skin and gills the drink 8770 hydrating and so they need to drink to compensate for the dehydration after drinking water logical about this it's not worth much water inside of the fish is saltier than the surrounding environment water moves into the fish by osmosis passively through the gills and skin of the stomach moves to eliminate urine in saltwater environments are the fish loses water passively so it has to drink it eliminates excess salt using specialized cells that's why freshwater fish doesn't live in so I was right he wouldn't drink or what to do with the right drink send me like death by salt what overweight what is saltwater fish can live in freshwater and vice versa if they go back and forth what does a hard-line to me that the freshwater fish to saltwater fish that's it I don't like the ones that can do that right then go back and spend that amount of time like in the brackish area was making that transition training up the kids right quick can fish live in fish live in beer probably there's bubbles in beer the dude's trucks doing math on the Fly and I'm like this Scott Scandal of 210 hours 53 minutes yes the guys are doing math like right away and it's like let me ask you a question about Max right it did it did it all by himself on a planet and he's doing that sad and angry she said she's really good at math right now but whenever I put him under pressure and try to make him do it he can't do it and he says it's because he's under pressure and make some shit that just means he's totally done mathematics the plural so you showing it to a plural short hair to a plural what is the plural of the shortened version is always a plural plural I guess now we just shortened it the logic that makes it the sentence doesn't need that he shortened it to a plural do it yes sugar and a plural Ashley formulating a hammer and convince me why it's pronounced Jif and not GIF she convinced me to give it to me and I can remember what the argument was that you're going to change fundamentally something about me from gym I see animated gifs and I was hurting just from that I forgive his graphic is a graphical and graphical to the hard gu 466 most richest blue number one. I found out that the Hollywood Reporter named me as one of the top 25 digits are some Gavin by the way I sent that to you for Social Media stuff since her and Caleb and then she send it out so I can be on the receipt account and then killed coerced to do anything and I said hey Barb thanks for promoting that article can go suck a dick but it's okay because it wasn't working fast enough and we'd like the mirror so it was to be they said the winter clothes coming out they wanted me to turn in a selfie is it looked at as a digital power list and show everyone the list is going to do a selfie of themselves I'm like no I don't really do selfies that I had like a couple different photos of your promotional stuff to choose one of these I really like a selfie or are these going to be obviously professional photo with them looking like they're doing is telling your hand next to the actual like not even that right photo right and I said I was going to be that no no it's a selfie everyone does it this way it's a great show this to the cat and I turned it in sure enough the fucking photos professional photos I'd like to pose like a really long they can get a hold of them until I just use photos because I just couldn't they're all doing selfies in their in their photo crop your photo to the point where he's trying to choke out I think they got the joke was Ashley and I were wrestling with the cat he going to do that he didn't want to hold it yes he can put his arm on top of it as an aside like like right next to the lens if you don't have any people don't know that you can activate your iPhone camera photo with the volume up button people freak out about every convention you can just hit volume up and it will take a picture but how long is 4/3 I know hands on the camera but I thought that was a funny take on that super fucking professional photo but you look it up Grace Helbig Hannah Hart they have like a selfie stick like a professional photo of them just talking through it tendercrop it's also on the beach she just woke up and down the beach is trying to sell tourist stuff we had some crap it's selfie sticks that people walk up and down the beach with selfie stick but the new thing that people are trying to focus from Disneyland because it's dangerous down there you look at the guy second from the left at the top and those emotional images I said that I asked about it I was very grateful for the opportunity to be named the top 25 thank you very much I appreciate the oldest person how to test a ride to make sure that it safe for people and there's nothing that could possibly get in the way they take this cut out of plywood and put it in the rice is it doing that it's like a half circle as far as the theoretical and then the whole ride with it and if it's chipped or forget it all then I was like something's wrong someone actually get hit on the ride that's cool I was wondering about like how is it like freaked out the first time I ever rode Magic Mountain roller coaster stopped and all the lights came on and I saw you at Magic Mountain and it's just like anything inside it's like a couple inches away from the rest of the pilings in a blender yeah like around through this thing called life track basically in the UK with a roller coaster called The Smiler where it went around but they were too tired just one of the car just got stuck and they sent the next one crashed into the one of the pods everyone in the front row had other people lost their legs and stomach I have a roller coaster we might have to trim the trunk rotation around the long way understand that one round wooden back right I guess it was just one time I'm sure no problem sit on that thing for like 5 more hours before the rescue team showed up to get down with the legs hanging off and I wish to because there was bad so I call the emergency services to get lottery Hey There Delilah by 15 natural with no longer just now pulling up for a passport for our building 619 Congress Street house the first time you guys came to visit I believe you came to beautiful beautiful Bedford demolition good riddance I said that office in the short run like hitting the traffic to work like try to send Joel down if you stood at that point in the floor and you just bounced up and down the floor go like this and people at the desk in the courtroom to be like stop doing that I could tell if someone was walking because the hard drive in my computer will get noticeably slower because my computer with you like bouncing on the floor to be like okay got my rights he has really gone down and not collapse weather 50 Cent declare bankruptcy 3 years after YouTube video where loading money into his trunk of his Lamborghini Veneno what's the name of the money in like a court case or something we can Emily declared bankruptcy would think I'd be very much because he doesn't mean so we still don't have any money it's just a reshuffling of death these creditors credit score when they probably would what if you got millions of dollars even if you the sex tape lawsuit was the one right over Atomic matter sex tape lawsuit get a sexy bless you and your jury awarded lastonia leviston 50 Shades of 5 million dollars last week after determining the rapper whose real name is Curtis Jackson the third didn't have her information when you posted online a sexually explicit video she made with her boyfriend so you post a video not of the two of them but why did he have that I don't know he had that surgery anyway so she got another massive federal judge orders $0.50 to pay 17 million dollars I try to load this article of what to do with headphones that I wasn't aware of posted a video where he is loading just handfuls of cash into the trunk of a Lamborghini I need something figured out by this tax was like two and a half million dollars they had a man I wish I had some of this offer Floyd Mayweather a bunch of money if you could read something but he's making fun of Floyd Mayweather inability to read that spot he sent has been ordered by Palm Beach County Florida judge Peter Blanc to pay 17 million dollars to manufacture Sleek audio following a series of legal dealing stemming from an arbitration in which the company successfully argued to the court that they hate it or love it rapper use their model and design for a set of headphones he tried to manufacture so that's like a corporate IP think they took it from them I guess you trying to follow in the footsteps of the spokesperson for Vitamin Water he was supposed for Super Vitamin Water and he got a stake in Vitamin Water for just being their spokesperson that's how they paid him the primary and send it then they sold the coke for half a billion dollars does and he made a hundred million dollars in the deal for being like the spokesperson for Vitamin Water he made a hundred million dollars like what why don't you just like it honey but why would anyone do anything why would anybody child support Mayweather to read one page out of Harry Potter without any mistakes that he would give us $50,000 to the ALS when a bastard and I started something and then they think they have something back there something 882 public transportation in any way what is one time we were like in the traffic and all the sudden all the cars in front of a store like getting over there all we're in the right lane they're all getting the left lane all the sudden and then you get up if your car has broken down and then I see it's these two guys that are in this car that is stopped and it's up against the curb and guys behind try to push up on the curb so you can't get it going by myself so I put my car in the parking lot right there I'll pull my car around and I see the kids are going to help push their car in the parking lot behind and I'm like and we get up in the weekend after the parking lot and I'm like I'm like I like I'm sorry that happened I go looking like an ego thing oh yeah no thank you or anything that they make sure we have a couple bucks for gas if you don't guess I'm like I said no I said you can have a couple of bucks for gas if I don't have any cash on me I could but you're welcome for that we give you a gas can could you just go and get some gas get the fuck out of your mind can you give us money now to go get gas give you any money for gas thank you I got to have the cash was like this like a nice way the heck out of it and I will just give you a gas can you can just go get gas on a credit card and bring it back that's fine big fucking jackass and white night or something you know but it didn't help anyone else I could do I'm really with you just like just don't help just ignore everybody all the time and that's it is unbelievable I just can't believe it like that I would just be so annoyed if I died trying to help someone I mean I'll just have to guess you know I'm not going to mess with that person it helps me feel so good to walk but you you ever see one to help me is this going to be detrimental to my health buggy hit by a car or something like that why would someone kill you if you try to help you graphic designer imprints always have questions well right now gu you don't know I saw this I've never seen before I saw a white girl who had what's the name of Vitiligo but we have a riddle I go a little lighter when Michael Jackson thing non pigmented patches but that's always has a skin condition we would like more noticeable but she had it was clear she had a very pale albino patches like that don't help I'll record some more stuff that you can buy to help kids