#335 - The Complain About Sh*t Podcast

Join Gavin Free, Meg Turney, Ashley Jenkins and Burnie Burns as they discuss runaway pets in this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on August 3rd 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-335

Recorded: 2015-08-04 15:02:28

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Ashley Jenkins, Meg Turney




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Transcript (in progress):

population for drone Go drum go make it it's all right there Gavin I got Gavin I got for a good time yeah I am Gavin no cost no problem they are very very busy making RTX happen and we're just what you sow yeah yeah and it's been longer than normal since the last text I just got to telling a story that she has Pizza Hut in Squarespace so we'll be talking about that later point in the ba Meg was talking about somebody says remind her that she needs to buy a new Wet Brush are you awake because with brushes or ashle has an extension brush your the same thing in there they have metal there really for you want to come synthetic hair it's like brushing your hair with a pin cushion when your hair it doesn't care it's ripping it all out probably why I felt like I've got like short hairs up if they hear where I get a lot of break it I wonder why that happened because using a wig brush on your head it wasn't Wet Brush brush for your hair when it's wet it's dry how many brushes do you have one that's what I'm trying to give you give a wig brush a wet brush and a daily utility brushes all you need for a Roomba on forehead that just drove over it in the morning it's your pillow about 500 things every day your room Gavin if you care about the wrong it's a fantastic Pizza ever because if you've ever lived in it and you will immediately it will get caught on ship come you like the opposite problem where we are getting stuck on everything in manage widgets off on the couch so I never went back to it stop it never notice and it gets caught on we have animals animals don't know how to read toys in pennies toys in my room I need to go on Many Adventures but we never got animal immediately like 4 minutes and it's so hard to keep clean. I might the weekend I don't like to step on brake pictures of medieval the floor that I do really sorry you guys are breaking up I guess it's broken it went cricket when you make a mistake I'm in a mess like this is disgusting what are you doing this is Billy this is absolutely just got home by the way to fix our house is a trash compactor look up trash in it shut it you do the thing where you put your foot on the switch he looked it up and it goes Russian stuff to put lighter fluid in it the kids would love to stop in there like light bulbs Mission high school and I love them it's like I had to get it fixed today and basically it was a service call was 89 bucks for the guy to come out to work out of home ownership is that you're responsible for every little thing that goes wrong in the most thing inside it wouldn't run anymore and it wouldn't pull so the guy comes out anything about she walks in he looks like I don't know what's on the phone you like literally like pulls it a little bit so you can look inside of it and I didn't bring for the knowledge he was with me the whole thing didn't you jump ya Ali people's time and probably the same amount of time then you would have fixed it the truth the thing about homeownership we are saying it to fix every little thing you really start to figure out as a couple how far you can go with not fixing things we are down to me cooking in my darkness and the kitchen because two of our four light bulbs for a house no we buy LED bulbs and then you'll never change them very bright though I didn't know a thing about it is you can tell that the people who live in the south changed all the levels of his name 7 light bulbs from going out it's been a string of how much is an expensive sport their money he gets blocked from a lot of states for selling them is because not because of the states because of the automotive Dealers Association that you block them and text them Worth Auto Dealerships make a lot of money to sell a car with a nail to make a lot of money from service oil change and electric cars don't need that to change the oil Gavin the lube of right in the is that what you have to lose weight 807 of Lebanon what size do actually go to price out what your budget when they calculate all this stuff like your electricity they calculate how much money you make per hour versus knots sitting there like it filling your car up with gas and oil changes figure into it as well pretty much everything they can to justify the cost United Truck the other day I had forgotten like what the process of filling of a 22 gallons in the truck how long it takes to do that it was probably you know I've never done that before never fill the car with gas I just don't know what they're going to have to call and I decided to jump over the the hose was filling out the whole thing was going to happen to me I don't even Play-Doh videos of your friends too can't not die in freak gasoline fight accident new trailer came out and by the way I was really upset about this so I was really excited I saw the teaser I can give you a better kisser but I'm excited about the music and if we have lots of little funny kid jokes but there's everything so I tweeted of a like the link that I had been that I've been shown physically and Paramount issued a dmca takedown on my tweet really you haven't heard yet it wasn't like a video it's like the video wasn't in the Tweet you want to call it with a link to an external website where that video was posted you can I think actually you can because if they've now made the case that the linking to copyrighted material and before you start you can't stop reading the email right now I'm not saying with another girl with us I'm just saying this is what happened to use that in order to take out stuff like The Pirate Bay Rochambeau so the sun did you rock that racism I have no idea I think it is okay now you're going to be the end of it and racism of the worst when you find out later if you think you're totally fine and then you find out later of the trajectory said he has shipped, I feel like I never knew what that meant I didn't know that it was a reference to bug you about everything you can possibly say to someone this weekend the teaser trailer impossible and the worst thing in the world ever in the theater where is some you can like a love seat recliner only you would tell me subasta to talk all the time and I'm very sad to hear Boston behind that's allowed people talking like my talking the damn waiter and then there we are like also talking about what but it's like somebody talking Angela do you want salsa and then it was like I was like no it went through already started previews iPic at the Domain and it's like I think it's $60 for 2 tickets while because you get like a loveseat recliner and you're not here let's give this a shot it was like for you when they're all like 2:10 or so it was a pillow and the movie starts they do this thing like somebody like punching something fancy like nighty night something bad's happened to Tom Cruise and the guy had this is like to dive in and get him kick off and it's like two people look at each other you know it's about to die the guy behind schedule homemade the things you now God dammit 99 I told her I was like really Alamo I thought about it to be bigger and then they came and went like nobody ever went to every the danger within there but I was shooting with that I got up really early that day and then we saw the movie at 10 p.m. 2 Country Club yell at someone like you want to be careful about getting into fights could say he punched me and I don't really try to punch him back even though I was quite better for a face shot right but then what if I get deported for that problem started my way home please go to England for like a day just to just watching movies I fall asleep in episode 3 it was at least good snacks the movie of the food I think it's like the free popcorn and everything that was ruined I need you walk into a grocery store and find an aisle of snacks personalized just for you all of your favorite one place it's awesome right imagine if you didn't even have to leave the couch Nature Box makes your snack and reality will change the way you smack forever and there's your chance of getting forward because they're really pretty choices every couple of months and your box is full flavor without any of the junk just fun and flavorful snacks made with ingredients that you can trust but they got to start that guarantees anything that you don't love with the helpful Folks at Nature Box no and they replaced it and next month's box and right now you can show your first box of naturebo work is important there buddy but only at nature box.com / RoosterTeeth and only if you act fast so head to make your box.com / RoosterTeeth right now and I'm about the world of taste possibility that an impossible one last time that's your box.com / RoosterTeeth that's how do you say when people ask on the phone St like a Rooster Teeth Let's see I see I see you like a bird and teeth like a dentist that's exactly how I said it one last time free first box of Beyond tasty hand-pick snacks sent direct to your doorstep you recommend a barber pick out your box when it comes and it's like good stuff but it does every single bag is a home run she like voting system that we had once upon a time with every vote on all these snacks were not going to order anything you voted on like we voted for all like Krypton the voting so hard drive a little pretzel balls honey Macadamia pretzel pops when I'm here actually been really good lately. What's in my pencil ba tonight I wanted to see level of selfishness I've never what are the store at like 3 weeks ago like people who laugh during scary parts of movies or emotional parts of movies the whole movie she came in she was like I'm so high like a God all I can watch this movie when she like drinking the whole time and that you like laughing and the guy was clearly a date and the guy was love at the end she was like wait I think there's a post credit scene for Ant-Man she's like oh my God Rodan lifted trucks coolant you made me wait let me know some ladies let's say you're both single like something horrible happen you're both single you meet a guy gorgeous guy good job interesting person lots of personality description huge dick but you go out you think you out somewhere you see his car it's a jacked-up pickup and has the fake testicles on the back of it and I know and I don't give a shit sweet but as it is he if he has a giant jacked up monster trucks with possibly be under I don't care you can have anything you want as much as you want 311 my name is Natalie the windows and you can get them for your so example so the cat is a fixed cat but if for example we thought he was missing his balls you can buy fake balls for your pet just like silicone balls it's like getting a boob job except for you finge models of Fantastical you could have picked from the time to even reach that so is there any separation so we have an extra key. Did you see my face how you like your other testicle Reuters Gavin I'm good how are you asking me give us what sizes are filled with they're just going the other way so I would not get a prosthetic I wouldn't I would rock the one ball bigger than you I Won by Future call to Gigantor is that like a cup to D cup except involved that's an enormous ba like I don't I don't feel like you just see Vol 2 she doesn't like him to check out your balls we got the feeling down to see one fall like weird so I have right for drunk Gamers back in the summer sky like he lost a finger while we were all working on drunk Gamers together and he lost it in probably the worst you ever heard of someone losing their finger and he came home drunk from the bar one night he was trying to get into his house gets out of cage fumbles of keys dropped him like in a little sewer grate like it wasn't that far down reach into the sewer grate pulled his hand out and just caught it when your fingers stay in the fridge navigate to a rope and I think it was attached to a boat or a truck but either way the vehicle went and it the way they wrapped around the last knuckle of the three fingers and just pulled them straight off and he always tease me like that still love them so my friend always what is the number nails to get caught anywhere there shouldn't how to get the nail cut very clearly it's called but it tries to play it off like you. philhaven pocket under the refrigerator she liked his car parked under a part of the refrigerator yesterday with him and I'm going to make it any better for him Edibles really dumb but you can't hurt because penny is obedient enough that I can be like stop if I liked hurting her but you can only me because if Gavin tried she would definitely not let you do it but anything that doesn't feel comfortable to her if I might stop she like overrides she just likes to chill out until I'm done with what I'm doing wrong person loves you right kitchen floor side of you every time Gavin comes over she's like excited but also so nervous she loves you but she's scared like rated the trash can like shredded food and I'll come and I'll be like you idiot doesn't understand dogs work there's not like 2 hours she doesn't understand an hour later while you're no I think of something though you can't punish him for it naturebo POP hold your nose it's the worst person he's really smart so she like is conniving but you didn't remember we first started you really can't plan things in advance but now you realize that she does she like we had an Eggroll that we had like Chinese food and we throw everything away but this one girl was like in a bag on the coffee table and then he got up we like now we have the chance we can look so she got up on the couch and I just casually said here it the whole morning so like we wouldn't like really look at it she just kind of like those good and then I really believe in ba and it suited like a little the doors like to change that as soon as they were to do with dogs fucking online are the ones where they find some kind of Destruction in the house and they have multiple dogs and they're going St Wichita KS ashle just think of me like I'm a dog gets drunk with excitement and then like a bad hangover what did I do last night what did I do look at this mess clean it up or hide it so she is really notorious feel like jumping up she can hit the kitchen counter and pulled the bread down so that anyone your The Edge she can reach it and she'll tear into the bread at like 6 slices of bread and in trying to sell things that are shaped in the red bag so it's like she thinks if it's the same size we will do that with a bag of sand volume size we won't notice that you put like a sock or something and where the bread was missing or she'll take the bread and you are really smart in a peanut butter she also like to shove it under the oven like if we will just take the whole loaf of bread and some under the oven like we would never destroy the evidence is going to her the other day she was out and she was like 10 feet behind you and she followed Gavin out so he wouldn't notice she was out before you left because you put it away and so she like got out of her cage before we left and that you just like Gavin was going this way so she just like tell them around so he didn't know what do that kids have an unbelievable of your fucking blind spot what city I mean like if you like sex and I think I turned on looking at it he's like a little late I'm on my way I'm looking for like 10 minutes probably AstroWorld 1/3 I don't have some time alone you want to play with my brother yeah Mike my brother and my sister just like I feel like Hideaway I would do this thing where I would be following my pay basically recap of my members to admit she always dressed me my brother exactly like me when you were in public spot so we have the same green and white striped shirt on and it's just like all her photos like that it's like something like that like a white stripe on his always remember blue checks or something like that and we're sitting there the same God damn outfit if you lose me if you go I want one of my kids and what you want to look just like yes he happy to hear the problem is that I'm going to mail you can I got about 5 feet away and go it's going to be ok like I can't get anywhere around until I get on the horrible you supposed to keep it I wouldn't be like the cool you left me in the face danger in fact some weed wework New Orleans was the whole trip you want to stop over with that we went on a vacation with the kids we stopped over New Orleans I thought I'm going to New Orleans see if it smells like old beer and vomit the entire city the French Quarter outdoor plug that was performing like on Bourbon 2nd Congress is way down this alley yeah you're kind of like all bets are off New Orleans to the aquarium and it was a picture that you actually had in your finger look like little Disney Princess section of the aquarium does it make sense infections parakeets like $0.50 birds at the pet store this a thousand of them but it was really cool to go in there they weren't there we were in the Frog section and we really little frogs and soul tank and we try to find this orange one I found was back behind love it so I lifted my kids up so they can see it's like a famous for all the time and try to Orange frog this problem is everything where where I can't see it I can't see it so it's like I don't give a shit so I like to eat I'm going to go pick him up and I said here see that and I said it back down again I'm like you I was totally prepared like getting a fight with somebody over there to help the kids see this orange frog like a convention I just tweeted a photo of me holding baby headstone had a baby I don't like LC's picked up a baby on the ground little girl she's a little princess dress or whatever she's lost she crying and I woke up and I say hey you are you I got a woman I think it is different but I wouldn't if I saw you like hey are you ok and then pick her up okay let's go find Mom I would I miss you woke up later than like you weren't there for the first part of it zbrush to deal with the wait it out and see if it turns out right and then head on my way that's okay his parents looking for a while we're going to find it with a strange man walking looking into a recipe for disaster it's people just assume the worst one ever like grown male adults there are cage that's important like that plane thing yeah but they kind of want this thing where they move the guy we talked about it on the website did you hear about Jimmy Fallon degloving his finger wedding ring fell down so he no longer wears one right anymore so he had this week they cancel the show because it was a super normal thing he'd like to slip and he knocked his finger on the counter at his house and his ring caught and it basically separated his finger from itself but I think it was it was still inside the skin just like everything had come disconnected so I usually broke your finger translate transport different different tendons to throw stones from of the whole body and a lot of times they can't see the finger but in this case they've they manage to catch you don't know that we found finge ring avulsion turn off your car with the fire pump it up it's alright to be a little like yeah yeah Baystate of bone blanket skin is an organ and I need the skin to live because it's really just a container but it isn't what how much of you is there you can't move my right arm skin you lose your arm my arm can never probably not a barrier to infection as well and pretty easily but also seems like it's like you get one of those like it's like the first six out of seven later and you like massive crab level yeah that's bad news to his blood coming out of it just like cross the membrane look up back to talking about finding love are you today I don't generally go get that stuff but it was you want to know what it was so I don't know that's constantly Us in bed me going like then a nice I've never seen anything on there before that made me literally got it was a privilege but I'm okay no the blue waffle The blue awful I know but it was like a crazy Advanced STD and then they were maggots in it if your vagina has two microphones for that one no I think you might like this don't weird stuff in right there's no maggots on Friday and I'm just saying that you don't have to worry about getting mine done and if you have maggots eating away their product question that's a good thing what's up cuz they're eating something bad you know we get rid of should I tell the story about how my dad found a load of maggots in a wheelbarrow it was like a wheelbarrow we just came into the garage one day and it was just full of Market it was like someone just pulled like six buckets of maggots because it's full of maggots one day so we can go in the garage that all that was happening in the 1700s impossible very passive aggressive leaving like Sunday they might find these maggots the British you're right it could be true how much is a wheelbarrow it was just like yellow sludge is drinking one I can't believe that started before the wheelbarrow but then stop it would continue like slipped over the edge hey do you think got on you cuz there's got to be a flashback on that good looking the first poor It's gotta be good will I get Gavin I just want some of your stuff we have a little bit of a problem that's one thing that we argue about is that ashle will buy food I will buy food is for everybody actually buy food it's just for her but then I could see you after like 4 weeks a chocolate bar in the cabinet meeting and it happens and she gets upset about it understandable but like a breakfast bar or something that she had bought it and I took it to the set of million dollars when we were shooting as we shuttle at 7 in the morning for one of my signal so I grab this little breakfast bar when I was eating there was like this is interesting and different what is made of pomegranate blueberry and cricket flour and Cricket are domestic cats like it actually was looking for that green light Cricket bar cricket flour I just saw the blueberry pomegranate wow I was really glad I got rid of mine the heart of the cricket and then just break it in two we got that but it is good and affordable source of protein is going to be so great and then we got this like Specialties it was like special and she was from HEB is like that weird little cheese section they have the sleepover fancy the artist gotta walk like this it was like this like super late Mediterranean her she's really something weird really call this a great little cubes and there in this little fantasy that we took it home and have a couple cage before putting it in a little bit so we eat one and then WWE Network how many how many milligrams are in one light year take a macro lens system blue cheese is just fuzzy mold yellow nasty molding cut that part off peacock wedding the only thing that's if it's got mold in it that you should watch the fuck out bread peanut butter I've never yeah it's really dangerous mold in peanut butter and peanut butter don't even try and 30 green potatoes poisonous the Martian what you're about to making a movie with Matt Damon and he ends up eating a lot of potatoes for a specific reason in the book wondering like because he's Russian wait both both thought he was rushing you do with raw potato what am I cute ba ashle is there any anyway you cook it you can make double stuffed jacket potatoes or baked potatoes or fries or salad or you can boil your potatoes do anything with potatoes potatoes ashle like most vegetables raw like I prefer a real peppers and mushrooms then cook twins what gun. what about couponer of Cato's letters from livestrong.com the caffeine today for this believe it or not thumbs up emoji okay because they are in digestible raw potatoes how to cook potatoes past the upper intestine with very little change they arrive in the lower intestine largely intact when they begin to ferment under the influence of intestinal bacteria really likes you can get drunk from Austin the result of the fermentation is the price of gas which causes bloating cramping and flatulence threat to health they are uncomfortable and very inconvenient so I guess you can't I just a rough day though so good luck on that one potato give you raw butt and cook it and you can eat it like I mean loves you have to cook them safely but like a chicken chicken eggs eggs digestive enzymes karate can't do anything with it why does it take some when cooking it take it from Jimmy Neutron cookies basically chemistry okay I really don't think so cooking is basically chemistry you mean when you make a recipe cookies chemistry you're changing breaks down proteins that's why you know what you're stupid stuff you can only leave it in the heat for so long because of you reaction to it so yeah there's no cookies chemistry was kind of funny I'm sorry Cricket the good Lord yeah I got its like chocolate stash is also for something like emergency chocolate Gavin has a whole drawer full of English Chocolate this is mine please don't even share everything if we shared everything I would get nothing are you going with me okay you are asking for it all and when you are two weeks from now have a Guinness in Dublin and I knew that it's different somehow it is very different here in Dublin it's different in England it's fresher it's closer to its origin right it's like go when you get a bagel in New York is different what are you looking me like that you think there is actually the water water water from New York eating pizza in Italy I was like nothing about Italian pizza was different than American invention here's the thing about the Italian tomatoes are indigenous to America before 1492 have tomatoes in Italy and also Marco Polo brought noodles back from pasta back from China so what the hell do the Italians eat someone wants the internet where was pizza invented what wait what what what is where where was pizza invented where was there a camera where was pizza invented China on the bottom of that and then feeling lucky now not even see it now it was first documented 997 82nd Ave in America Navajo creation pizza guy always there's a lot of people they always think they're American if I find out otherwise I the most the actors I had no idea for a decade that Hugh Jackman was Australian Caravan Mel Gibson was Australian he's an American living in Australia when he got cast in Road Warrior Mad Max I should say so you do pizza with American even though it's not Italian and I remember somebody telling me that I was incorrect probably was a teenager the fact that they made it to State Fair I totally trust that was made if they would like lunch or something good morning but your pizza is back now is your choice of one of seven crust flavors like ranch or Smokehouse BBQ get a one-topping pizza now for 1199 at Pizza hut.com thanks again to our friends at Pizza Hut for sponsoring this podcast and for the delicious cheesy Bite Pizza hu got like two of me tonight that was way too tempting Those cheese bites good I don't feel that you have the address for all you guys will be taking our checks this weekend #retro bites arcade powered by Pizza Hut to complete her she need to compete in our hashtag retro bites arcade gaming tournament remember check out the cheesy bites pizza on Pizza hut.com where you can get a one topping pizza for 1199 Pizza Hut also a major sponsor of RTX so we cannot think everybody at Pizza Hut enough for their support anime the thing Pizza Hut Anderson the hot dog with a can of the view that somebody needs somebody to know who watches the podcast Lay's potato chips thank you please like me to watch them cuz I'm trying to be healthy be healthy is actually eating package stuffing things that look like cheetahs that are biodegradable like a polystyrene packing peanuts adjustable butt grow potatoes in what's cornstarch didn't make it out like yeah that's like but I don't know what happened but I was just trying to help out but I was like it look like so sure about that I didn't think I was like okay why not the chips on the counter it happened but it was here Meg was walking this way I thought maybe she was doing something and I said I want more and I go smile Meg and I go just tell me off I have no idea why I never tell anyone I told you smile never Charming really small baby if you're irritated about something that's not going to have to smile yeah when I told you what is a binaural podcast yeah something coming up Hudson Whispering people there who think they can just be like hey what's up buddy talking to a big head is a little bit Cricket kind of freeing yeah we should get one of those we should but on the off-chance that was the best I think one or two people you as well we lost the cat when we move we just walked away so there cuz I think maybe you're a little too close to the situation to see it yeah so we were this whole machination of like we actually stay with someone for something more often like that we're looking for the cat and somebody called it out there like that he was gone for 2 weeks he was gone she was tracking like the wildlife trails around there's lot of raccoons and skunks in the area and we're around our house and so I should sleep tracking these while I like things and checking the holes under fences for cat hair like just like a single here and I got caught on the fence and he went this way the problem turns out you have any idea how many people own orange have a lot of people on orange cat the turns out as it goes about a 250 foot radius Wichita utilities online I can point down and show you what you hundred fifty feet from Michael as far as 500 feet if they're in there as far as logo Jimmy ashle get all the stuff she she had postcards it sent out to 11,000 households in our neighborhood everyone with trying to find them anywhere just was trying to find you and then at the end we got a call from lady who got his name tag that was it you wanted in your backyard if you pick them up tomorrow night how many feet is it that is we will decide so then maybe like 30 process because we are you know like everyday I feel like it's your back and like hearing about all of it as it went on was that people called Ashley to tell them tell her that they also own cats really yeah St had one person I know if I told you I the send me a text message saying all your posters up we have a purebred Persian that's not adjusting to our move very well do you want it same thing so there's a of 21 good morning umm when we first got to me we let him be like an outdoor cat he would basically he got stuck in the same tree like four times actually 723 Allen Street so you just mostly stay in the backyard and then he would usually come to the back door maybe like 30 minutes that he would like to take an hour to come to the door and then one Saturday he was gone for four hours and we went out and feel like them I couldn't find them then on to the underbrush like find her house and we're looking everywhere everywhere everywhere finally we found him and our neighbor's yard and Gavin hop the fence and like bring her back and then the next week maybe like 3 or 4 weeks after that happened our neighbors we tell them the driver in Illinois side we're going to keep him indoors after taking life for a little while we just been keeping inside really wait what really send us pictures of Joe the cat walking through their house because they're little girl had him pink salmon feed him thinking about stuff Gavin with I want you to know that Gavin was truly devastated and what the first thing you said to me when they said that was if we have a baby it will be his first video we were worried about Branson immediately searched the whole area and find out there's another Resident Orange Cat four-wheeler then after 2 weeks neuticle race down there 3/4 a mile away get Jellycat didn't give a shit he didn't he just left we got him back in the house sat him down and he goes I know that like you said his food bowl if I could for her things and then sleeps for 20 hours is this thing that was like is that he slept which makes him feel like he's comfortable and he's like I have my adventure now I'm home so I think that was not found his way back that's what Little River Homeward Bound on what time we get to your house because we moved Jones and website says I could be lost are cat years ago someone found it in another town very far away from where I lived and returned to us we suspect that our neighbor was putting out traps for the cat and he also took the cat to the pound as well feel the pound describe their neighbors so that sometimes other people yeah yeah people don't check them enough that I think it drives me crazy the GPS collar on you and we had the house but because we had been away for a couple of days I like the Guitar Gently last for like 3 days and you didn't put on there because if you're going to be uncomfortable and no point because you know you can't like you feel so helpless I don't have kids but I imagine it's similar to me was that he wouldn't eat and I just like that I just sat and cried and boil chicken and rice you see the video of the woman who just been that cat got crazy bitch Woman by someone Indiana Tech slightly sinful people drive like idiots like there's always have some the side of the road like people aren't stable enough to endure out there can you just you just said Bring It On All or Nothing I would not marry one time something is happening 30 months to years something happened the quality of driving off let me tell you what ashle I play game which is like we just go on we live about 15 minutes from the office since it's a really short commute we play a game what you doing. It's like you start off in your house we can do that dinner we just try to drive your car anywhere and not run into somebody that's just an absolute fucking lunatic about the driving we have people I don't know if it's like an education issue or people don't care that's not an extra line you don't get to just drive half of your car in the back that they claim that they can just drive me crazy I would never ride a bike in a city like nobody's ever going to know that I'm in the right lane on a 3-lane I'm going to go left and it's like I'm just going to try to work my way over at the stoplight to do that you missed your turn that's what happened you going on the bus pulled over to the side and then start driving down the road and he wasn't like that impossible to get around this might be just like him it's a driveway to a hotel and he back up Gavin I will walk into dinner and we were walking in the direction that he's backing up to her like catching up to the sky and turning the past as he's backing up and he's looking the rearview mirror and going like this thing that everybody else waving them around any backup a quarter of a mile probably an idiot Kodak Black if you are not going to go on the Block did you have the frontage road to the right like I'm like the highway but it's not from the side of it mathletes Frontage roads cause traffic and I can't get a new one while he's away sometimes when there's traffic on the highway people will just drive up over the tub yeah onto the frontage road and Carry On and at least three of them twinkle in the weekend what gets me is going to do in front of cops look up too late signal in a turn of the driving you make like a mistake but you still driving driving off the road and then back onto a different road you can truly be like hey you know what you just did and you can let no I have no drove off the road do you say I transition from one room to another road I got out of traffic using some da when you exit the freeway then they called texted that's the one thing I miss about La that it's here in Austin is the shittiest thing that's been imported is it it's that kind of selfishness of like I'm not going to miss my turn or I need to go over so I'm just going to let go and assume that you're going to get there but people do it timidly here like maybe not so let me be going to be even more and I will cause people suck at driving there but they're so confident about it and everybody knows to get out of the way of the people that are like I'm just getting but in Texas it's like it's five times slower cuz they're like I'm going over and over and over now have you that you're not driving like I'll leave like at 4 something to get in and leave they're going chronic scar legs and put your food you lied for being nice what is the form of what's around here I was in a cab with them and then fired and the driver was so mad that opens glove box for that for Brees which I guess you just keep that he starts spraying at all let's put all the time and it was really Meg and fired again we like laughing about it and the smell kind of calm down and we just like that and then I was going to smile again and I was like open all the windows and sprayed for BA but he was not but it was a long time thought it was awful and I got back from the trip on the airport to park the car there for like a week emotion that you couldn't come to the airport tonight the moment we got in the car to the money drop this off 20 minute car ride from the airport the guy the cab driver Yellow Cab Driver would not stop talking about over the entire time and how she never was and now they were terrible for a buddy and you should write your Center and tell him to stop he would tell me about it I'm never going to be on time Mission Point I'm not interested let's just not talk about it get your phone out no I have one hour override when I was in LA for III from Studio City to the funhaus offices and the guys talked about spiritual healing time for an hour and about how he says mantras every day and then bring him the things that he wants and it was it was so horrible that I thought at one point that I could just get out of the car and tuck and roll and then you know I mean it dead recently and I was like what happened and then someone will accept your ID and it says they going to be there in 5 minutes or so but that's just based on distance and isn't actually really accurate so if they take a wrong turn and then we'll go up to like 8:40 the check about 5 minutes I'm going to do something for like 4 minutes then just check them again it still says 5 minutes I realized that this guy was still 4:15 what console is obviously you get charged shopping probably so then I'm like now? because there's no one out here just bad things like that I know you said that's not unusual but because this guy is evil starting to move again it wasn't like he accepted it like I'm sorry I'm on my way to accepting my God there 5 minutes I was yeah I'm on my way it's all the same things you guys inside getting a drink somewhere or something I don't think you can message them contact you they see your number it's my cell phone call yeah absolutely I'll text you but it's it's an automated text whenever they get within a minute but they can call you and I'll call your cell phone number I'll have that and I have been calling your phone you had a problem with either though your reading and writing what the rating as though you can't see your ratings but I can see you're writing you have a low rating but mostly like 4.8 you like a 4.1 like what you're looking for before too many times to not overly nice to fucking first Uber ride ever check was this guy instead of a sure thing and I said I would love to read it and I clicked on it to read it but I realized it right there I give the guy who won stock do you spend like 5 minutes navigating nuts not even the app with the website to rewrite him you can slide from 1 to 5 from one but it just took the info thanks 1 how to report a driver in when I'm done at 8:43 for the very first time it was awful if what I like better than ever but I've lived in La for four years so I know but wouldn't people aren't taking me an optimal way and this guy not only wasn't taking me like a good way he took like I could see his phone I'm convinced by the way that there's an app for those drivers that looks like Google Maps it takes them like a little bit longer way and said that's not an option which should make it for me but it's a genius at anyone it was like take a right and then he took a left which wasn't like I said he's okay now he's screwing me here and then like a street was closed it was like really fucking over he wasn't saying anything like oh sorry I screwed up or anything he was just like no big deal almost hit another driver and stop in the middle of the road long enough that I'd like to get out and then like we've been sitting in the middle of traffic long enough to stop them and then we can drop me off on the wrong road and I was like. When I finally was like one star here I'm reporting you I had a problem with the with lift it is a jack and when I was at E3 as well we were going to and I even saw a preview event to do some Hands-On before we had the demos on the stage and so we we called a lift from the hotel we get in it and it's this this lady she's perfectly nice except that we had to make a run down the block so I can go to her because she was like I'm here I went too far come to me and not also by the way I'm in like a right turn lane so you better hurry writer and I'm like I don't want it but then said she was driving so long and then she was like I was right there so she pulled over and let us out it was like 2 blocks away and until I can navigate through a maze of little alleys and side streets and just to get to where she had the address exactly where we need to go and look like that's close enough I'm going to drop you off at this dead-end amazing thank you for sponsoring the podcast night's episode of the 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sign up for Squarespace make sure to visit squarespace.com / RoosterTeeth for a free trial free trial and get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful I wish I wish they had squarespac we start of himself what's up it would be easier I said it would mean a lot of those are kidding about looking great we had a couple of program it was just like a white site where the menu on the left change huion in Photoshop and then threw up remind me on the first thing I forgot today was like a box of stuff I made it Tonya Harding figure skating game for BA for like a fake commercial that we were filming it was during the whole Tonya Harding because I thought it was a picture of got 12 years ago so powerful probably she was like the colors on some Sperry's in high school you're probably right that website see his credentials to go to E3 Costa Rica it was awesome and like course all of our friends it was fantastic I need a website like I made a website and then everyone I made it every once in the Articles and everything but like I started the way I started in my favorite thing was an American McGee's Alice fansite also going to look like I want to meet like a general one and that's how we got into E3 now what's this about a previous boyfriend run for your life but it's like in those benefits looking for a boyfriend anyway over we're going to eat Chipotle typically I just know you never take your lovely girlfriend upset with me Chipotle flyer diamond storage after a month if I pay to run to H-E-B and buy everything things went last time dad was in town and they were walking back with one to which which which which which where you order your sandwich didn't help we went to the store they were walking to the car while it's running tell you that your mom have your mom talk to you Gavin would love to talk with you Teen Titans of Industry who am I helping you learn to drive enough I like I don't I don't think he will learn to drive with you the I don't feel like I have I feel Seneca cigarettes the Great Patriotic the 4th of July in Italy Let It Go somewhat independent 1101 Independence give me a list of came out of the British Empire the big like the equivalent of I think it's winter St Georges Hill The Last Dragon get the fuck out of here having you guys around anymore but you're like a dragon sitting was that he didn't know anything about American history whatsoever so it could be like we were talking about the Revolutionary War and you were like oh yeah he said like 5 Guys that we didn't so wrong so wrong that is about history in my school was that you learn about St Georges kill the dragon Dragon made up wink but that's what we celebrating with England and Georges de what do you if your Georges could you not see Georges give you the same Hood the has a basis in truth right what was that Dragon was like a salamander dragon England dragons in England you know that about the dragon stuff I said about JFK was American but I was that I never thought about what the people that left and went to another country it was it was a big deal and you're just like always India ba Hong Kong yeah Cecil Independence at the point the UK England was just like yeah that sounds like a phrase cage did Prince's the only reason we actually the country and defend of very very nice touches like 20 years later NHL of messed up history itself from the government to be fair what was like when they were at war with Japan and all the Japanese people in America get put into a camp how do I grow up in an internment camps in England is awful to go ahead with the old we got we got back really fast you just have so much ground to cover that you only get to hit the really made your point the u.s. is young enough that you can like dwell on every little in traditionally most of the countries don't have that so it's absolutely true finge now but it wasn't always not even now classic Farmer Market town in the south of England is not many different races that but you know London and places loads right so it was I guess so we we have on display a lot of the racial tensions in America but when you go to other countries racism is entirely different because there's nobody at the races when you go to those places and it's way more intense in those other places just wait we keep all of her issues at the Forefront all the time and we put them on display basically did not try to hide them actually very racist like and dislike the equivalent of 4th of July I was wondering with bats getting into race Wars free like it was a great use of this great Australia Day had a lovely time at the beach and there's a whole bunch people walk around bad spot just in case a fun time it was over we really supporting my boy Texas are still not be enough I'll be one of the most law-abiding Alice in America doesn't of racial tension directions World sometimes acts like we're the only ones that have relationship and that is not at all the case that is not the case I read an article saying that his brother has been protecting the Cubs Jericho got killed yesterday that he hasn't slowed down the line which was written in the CNN news story his brother who is also a lion you could hopefully she does the address I gotta find this article I must say that I think it on my desktop computer story about the two giraffes being transported down the motorway Virgina happens in the trailer probably one of the drawers bang his head on a bridge and died that's in the trailer for The Hangover the last Hangover movie let me in the side in the movies when I was so the first one was good but there was no are there 3 NFL okay I woke up and got a stalker in his house naked in your first time in my life my dream was in another room I open my eyes and there's a naked man wearing my leather jacket eating a fudgesicle in front of my bed I told articl is a chocolate Frozen treat a Frozen treat or was it an entirely different kind of punch that if there's a booth at the foot of your bed naked wearing your jacket and eating anything are you sure it's actually nice cream popsicle what's the code is a chocolate great of your articl here is good I do think some of yours might not know what a fudgesicle is I'm going to need you to go ahead and clarify at the very end here what is that bug guy cool like that it's the Reuters article I will put this in the journal it is easier for me but he told reporters I know it sounds funny but it was very very horrifying articl is a frozen ice cream life hacks Android does Reuters we actually I'm speaking of stuff and words we worry about Jeff and if you made a point the car and finally maybe the reason for calling and now you can't remember the argument it was basically this picture it's a gift realize this right but it gets it gets into like you can't say Jesus never just want them to sound you can choose what it is and everyone so it can be origin but the idea is if you make a word you decide of the word sounds right so the guy who made gifs guess it's not how it sounds right but you can't sit still what I can tell me know but you do get all me nobody do people get to decide how their names are pronounced right but they're crazy I left you never know what you can't name your kids something in his name is Jeff it's gone and clearly it don't get hurt so bad that I made and decided how it sounded to me Jeff Jimmy giraffe that was the drop-off I find some the bridge you Caught In The Middle With You pinocho Da Vinci what that starts with at Georges but did not working for you gentlemen Jared's my phone fell apart I got away well here's the thing I was just telling Gavin be on top of you feel what you've never seen me octopode you explain why because it's a Greek word and the Greek floral is octopode you so stupid octopode it really truly is the correct word but could occupy has been so accepted but it is also correct so guess what also be correct basically it's also accepted but I don't like the fact that if we get them wrong long enough it becomes right I also don't like that graffiti what's up with those are great Glasgow KY Brooklyn I'm wearing my socks for a mold Decay game of the season for moose walks that we promised burni the area we've lost control here on the couch yeah I just feel like the lighter I feel like you just loaded that because he wants to say something encapsulate one we both like to try to find it stupid cat someone just like a red the number on his collar and called it sunglasses on the glasses our checks this week so next week when we are on the screen will be very tired so it will be the next Focus will be the one that we were called out the extra work or the time after that will be very tired I want to thank our sponsors NatureBox squarespac Pizza Hut like everybody