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Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo, and Burnie Burns from RTX as they discuss the convention on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on August 9th 2015.

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Recorded: 2015-08-04 17:45:16

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

I love that I love that Bernie Sanders is all go I don't want to didn't come out Gavin got here we're not taking questions yesterday that microphone is not on can I walk too slow as I could sir but it's 10 a.m. so I'm going to sit down Highway really going to do it on their mind if they want to let everyone know this podcast is brought to you by shelte Trunk Club I'm really excited at Fallout McLovin wearing the pants right now and try the translator but up until I take them off they're staying on I'm at peace I have a drink for me by my stylist Augusta patch what the podcast is the first time ever the cabbie a record of some kind it's not I really want you right now so welcome and 196th St I don't know what I was thinking when I told Barber that 10 a.m. was okay for this Gavin Jac and I'm burni Bare Wax at RTX every year it actually wouldn't be surprising if I was there what time did you guys show me show me show me some have to be lined up at 5 a.m. star TX that's pretty badass that's exactly what I thought 30000 people dead home invasion most views Captain wine images directly under the sun and it's usually in downtown Austin suffer through all the other bullshit everywhere through this in downtown Austin would like a Chili Festival in ice cream Festiva right now super excited people coming here to compete in ice cream ice cream trailer and set up an account vanilla slice of cheese pizza ice cream or not love that place so I think that Martin how many miles from Morton avocados make your own avocado we were backstage talking about before the pain was back there with the Gavin then he looks he was talking about how good his breakfast I can't wait until you're like you've lost the British accent Gavin Lazer team Cadillac butt hard to lose it when Gavin had to go to American accent training for laser tattoo he was really worried Sky Zone for accent not big dick butt no no it's it's true that for him backbend with your with and spend time with us in the office the first time he came to visit and the first night I took a hundred percent venue in America that come and it was his first night just with the culinary habits in America in less than three months later of course butt 6 Tacos menu did you find America cute cute tacos have you eaten Thursday so he attempted the world's worst Paddington Bear book ever when we were working downtown at the downtown Studio that was one of my bigger complaints with that that that chipotle closes like at 5 p.m. and it's not open on Saturday and Sunday so when we came here are there right the day we finished like some big milestone in reference to the next day and a hundred it's amazing how quickly the vultures came out and I picked it off at your office Club box spring so it's been a fun project so far we're on the final day here it was really fun except for the kind of fun yesterday Greg Miller hit me over the head with a bottle so I heard about that what happened months ago and I said no problem and it could be the end of you and I thought in the bathroom like to try to keep it as quickly as possible and I regret not taking a picture of my bloody face in the floor Michelle had a bunch of Band-Aids and alcohol wipes in with us after after after people after that happened to him saying don't remember that Gavin was one of those and it hurts was great but unfortunately there is no longer with a lake somewhere Sylmar CA ice be a really cares about his safety and health and Carries Band-Aids for me you do Christopher music I like how we have different relationship by one school child get up at 1 and yesterday I replied something from Josh and I was up that I bet him $100 I can pull two jars of maple syrup into his pocket got a cold but we can't see anything I made a video it was lovely can I call Gavin at 4 o'clock any guy look like a douche bag I gave him a hundred bucks Austin he is the same old way back so we knew what he was getting into I didn't do it probably down there hello she's awesome so it's as if they don't want to items really bad so we have the concert last night with bare naked ladies can you see him I'm really sorry but we have available how many people can get into the theater and I ran out of tickets we were out of area when I was a kid and stuff and I need my name on Ice Age with a man dead in an Alan ritchson was in town for he had to do something on the 17th and every day Atomic think any of them are married to their High School sweethearts I wouldn't worry about it design your own greeting everyone kung fu Banff Canada like the night before and then slide your like nobody else dance band pizz that you said I could call her tell her how do you spell how do you spell damn bamf you be like what town do you live in the one that says bad ass mother fucker get on a plane tonight or tomorrow are they good luck reunion dynami trying to keep up with possible right or wrong Rosie just think it's kind of plane kind of plane but that was the only plane unaccounted for in the ocean Jessie's of Madagascar okay it's amazing how much my geography what's the matter is it is it might slow down water Gavin said something dumb and then the Greek mythology Minecraft let's play with it apple farms you need to know about my sunglasses what was the Greek mythology I would walk in my shadow ice cream name one character from Midsummer Night's Dream and I was like Nick never actually tired of people asking what is Gavin really that stupid might be the smartest guy I work with Gavin incredible image of people actually think you are forever butt lift somebody else Gavin goes up to the guy on the other side of the door it was a blast or we will both moving diagonally like as a reflection of what he was wearing the same color as I was hoping it wasn't true Indian and the best part about that was for the rest of the day I would like walk up the dogs doing stuff that only I knew I was going to do I merely take back everything I did picture your life staring at the mirror wanting to fight it like an animal we were talking about backstage if we're talking about this disconnect article discussion was I was curious if you called anything other than to a spot of tea but could you ask for a spot of water is it a spot for an activity like a spot of lunch have you ever had a spot of lunch I taste just the same the one phrase I got from you is fallout shelter available for free on the App Store and Google Play on August 13th yes Kaylin vetoed a video of fallout shelter going up on game kids because I guess Fallout is amateur but you know it isn't so me and the kids are sitting where we bought 50 lunch boxes and open 50 lunch boxes 200 cards trying to figure out whether or not spending 25 bucks for lunch boxes worth the money or not determine that it was Festiva invariably smoking drinking every night I can't believe how quickly it gets late like we were out of the concert like oh crap I need to be up in a couple of hours last night Over the Rhone butt on the ground the first emperor when you walked up to I haven't had to be very direct with people so like when you walked up to the music venue last night you would like talking to people outside very nice burni right now in here energy you can get on the floor I don't know why that Nationals burni can I get a picture here we go all the nightmare bare Mountain you will have 0% chance of getting in here you're better off just leaving home try to analyze every possible way like no lining up until an hour before the panel but you can't like what it's like Firestone on Euclid never stop moving I was proud now so don't come back next year Royal Funeral have everyone come to the Queen's do you know if they just kind of walk through it in a big way Under Armour Gianni's high fiber and keep walking phone number Austin selfie she can hold it it is true that I set up and read answer what are you Jac don't judge people and then I got sick it was really cool and then plane today actually yeah it was in the basement you're forced this on him leaving it upside down on the road crappy sequel to something doesn't destroy your enthusiasm for the original Star Wars Beyonce's daughter super super when you can jump really high as a great game Eugene video game developer hygienist have less fun and games where you can't jump home the way that I have not been on the convention center I just because I haven't been to the commission sometime today and I can see myself from the game can a PS4 game right now we have another game that I don't know probably told me that you jumped on the plate and then take a selfie on the plane I didn't plane is ready but I'll try to find time to do it how to be satisfied in Seattle where you can find it on YouTube you don't know what you doing what about you what you have on your team so far but that what's been your favorite part so far time I've been the show murder at RTX that Josh Flanagan his setup is incredible and I had a chance to go through that you should absolutely go through that how are you set up with like their zones will activate your phone and everything it's like this AR game that he built a very much in the spirit of Ten Little roosters and now the trailer that they just released surely you want I'm not in it I really don't care that much over the years I don't know weird period furniture new release all there until they really should be giving all the achievements and more on butt this is the only stop when you get to the back of the room with fire just keep running Jac straight through the door on home do not come back what was funny that this is Jac slice right now I could not run that far I think it's funny that was Jac version of it you did it what's the results running with equipment who was Katie true blue true blue Pokemon Alpha Sapphire so when you set up your bare when you set up your me you can you know you can you make your me look like whatever you want and you set attributes and they wanted to ask you what your favorite game says his favorite game is system preferences maybe if you run again you know one of those you can use the camera and put in like have a template but I don't think your face looks like it genuinely uses the biggest nose for my face butt up the other day yeah right Manasseh Jordan things better than my name is that would make sure making a wheel Spring Breakers thousands of people in and it's like this Jac I swear to God if it's just in my name is just a man you don't give a fuck actually please but every time I've ever had to do a custom character in the game it is an auto thing and how it knows this maybe there's some connection between the universe and everything I was um I was I was looking at the program the other day and I like the back to the future look at the photo and like all of those ridges what's that you're wearing in that picture so you like the tips of your feet into the picture how can I get into the parking lot seconds that's an excellent I'm looking for anybody in here he's going with sister I put those fucking boots on what kind of front end I have to cut the yellow suit scissors and cut them jump I was really impressed with the look of VHS tape poster that you made for projects it's probably my favorite person right now give me one of those right whatever you want it's like let's play we had a really good time doing it again sometime so we might make another one don't make any promises you can't keep Jac it's a it's a it's a it's like I think that lets play shut up I'm talking we were in there filming it and I think I went on much longer than expected because captain now Lab Rats season 7 you're definitely in one of them you have to be you have to drive one of them so maybe the transition episode Blaine would be a very good Lab Rats okay animation panel shut up goddammit churches that you can hear the Jac at dealing here with dude I swear in the back corner of the Bare Naked Ladies concert last night who was just shouting stuff out literally like every 5 minutes every hour NFL animation panel we now have a poster where it's at Catbug meets or so I'm super excited overload Gavin everything that you don't understand the concert was great I don't know I feel really happy about the program and I think the barber did a great job thanks Barbara put it all together the actual like schedule schedule 03 album with one person Bruce Springsteen was on and I'm sure he got engaged gotta get the panel with a girlfriend I don't like a mystery so you getting proposal at the panel it myself what are League Baseball 75 how to do something pursue it as hard as you can in the background what the horse mask absu I think I'm going to retire from appreciating it you have confidence and you act like it's okay it's fine what are going to do it all the time $500 we had we had actual wedding a different day then a reception just as we would like we wanted to be married on 11 12 13 and the reception this Saturday my parent was my mom or my uncle came up to you at the reception so we had like 300 people there so anyway we had a relative in your dad was like yours Jac mobile no no no please stop going to church every week in school and all that stuff I don't remember wanting something prayer Riverside Bar and over here I'm trying running anymore we were talking at the recent questions from the very very end butt it's a reminder to the Trunk Club Trunk Club trunk of clothes perfectly and makes you look like a million bucks well a lot of people in line home I'm happy to hear that do you know I haven't seen her that I still love it when it's those things you stand on and then roll around one of those before it opened on Friday morning I really want to plane start over so first off thank you Guardians for everything you've done this weekend however to the select few Peter Pan coaches fuck you so I want to remind got it was my idea open to questions early I had a good run before you ever even random pick rest of your life zombie when you read this first I would absolutely do that Charter nights trying to say here that sponsor Jewel Saga are you made that joke go back in time and we give her advice would you give yourself let us answer the fucking question where do want to come I can you get back in time 7 minutes to stop bunny from a parent questions right I go back in line with our stuff and getting it mojo back 5 years and tell myself to let someone else organizer Ikea nothing I didn't mean perfect hey how are you doing want to be around the office we've heard you talked several times about getting emails in certain orders and people not responding on time what is the never seen anybody do Atkins test man I don't know if I would Zayn everything is like that I think the biggest thing that drives me crazy at the office and efficiency of the bathrooms the next 30 minutes if there's no bathroom in the building if you want to go you have to walk outside to use the bathroom there now we have so many people it's typically full so when you walked into that which we have to walk back out of that building and into a different building to go look for a bathroom there and it was full did you have to walk out of that building to another building tons of bathrooms in the building you just have to be creative you're feeling better did you say trunk animator in the animation Department dynami not have talent my friend may be in England how many stories I've been there just like this happen like about 5 minutes ago and it is right by the chicken England but not want to tell her frequently stuff will happen to us and will intentionally not tell each other like I've had burni make them think you're nothing to me yesterday what happened I'm not going to tell you that our Lord things that happen at Comic-Con until we got to the like Founders panel that was awful butt storage felt like the oldest person plane it's a million you cut a million dollars butt and it's got like Gavin in bed with me and check it out and burni you're masturbating in the shower so make sure it's perfect I've been working I've been wondering about your passion for the misfortunes of Aviation I guess and I was wondering why you got into that kind of get your pilot's license one day so I can avoid as much people as possible I really want to get a pilot's license butt Esther will not let me take flying lessons because she's convinced all single engine planes always crash which they do that because I'm really really home go ahead what happened butt a red light coming on you know I know it everything so much more than usual slice what is your hand first-party Nintendo franchises women Super Mario 64 was my all-time childhood favorite game give me a 65 it may be blasphemy but I was not as much of a fan of March 64 as it was a Super Mario World on Super Nintendo that's what the entire nation Super Nintendo Legend of Zelda 2 forget-me-not Super Nintendo I can be away from sorry Oriental Market so Jac there's going to be a new addition to the Tower of pimps Joel signed the Tower of pimps stay tuned for that that's why I want to do it thank you Gavin yes so I want to hear about your transition from British to an American accent and I was hoping we could get a preview don't do it you won't do it I promise you won't do it and get a cheeseburger just for reference the Arsenal any plans to do Gavin or Google I think we should go now Hannah last year beaten to death so we just going to do it whenever it strikes your fancy also it's like you know the world is only stupid so you know we have to talk how stupid the world is to give me some time to generate some good material alright first Jac about your pug there's a lot of kids that get I've always thought you know they get into computers Electronics will after the first iteration of these products what product would you like like younger generations to go back and have to use like the original one of just once or twice in their life what it was like internet how many people afford existing Wikipedia anybody who was born after the year 95 captain I was just wondering where your most anticipated games this fall anticipated games this fall although I freaking love rocket league and it came out of nowhere I did not know that I had so much fun yesterday and it was the most stop yourself from getting excited it's so much fun Fallout 4 assassin Gavin when she was a girl she was like they had this launch event where it was the best of the course of the 3 days they can come and play Ashley and her gaming partner Theresa I believe it was inside and it went undefeated hi my question is this is my first RTX never been to Montana with a view when people step up tonight and watch our shows really good podcast or anything you know that we doing the broadcast as well at that point you're part of the show and you know all about 2010 I said yesterday the first person to question 25 minutes companies like turn around which culture like especially online where I actually think when people write their own lack of self-confidence and I don't think it's that people don't come out of it Ikea I feel a little bad that someone during the time I was a little harsh on those questions something else and I think a story he ended up in the end up coming down with his dad to spend the day at the office we got a picture of everything send anybody up for going to find that short girl from the founders panel that she called herself she said she was also basically fresh Montana wondering what all of your favorite Gavin or Google questions were all of them every Gavin or Google legit question why is there so many people out there that are searching for that still makes me laugh is how many buttons are in a how many fingers does a person have to tell you hey guys but I'm still the Austin Community Minecraft portals when do more stuff like that Community little bit but no promises so we have about two minutes left we enter lightning round fast if you could be any character from all the different animations that you don't already voice acts who would it be and why x-ray Bugs Bunny pug what's your favorite part about your job you don't work everyday where do you want to go that you've never been able to go to Mars India I'll say nothing what does it take for you to show hi guys just wondering I can lose weight from Nairobi Kenya I was wondering about it what makes you think it's International for an aspiring writer in person who wants to work in videos in real job butt if you could be anybody in history who would you be if any person in history what train has no brakes oh my God I cringed community no I'm always going to be certain she's in her head it looks like weather for next year next year Bare Naked Ladies promises promises next year it's just actually bare naked ladie