#337 - The Cat Condom Catastrophe

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free , Burnie Burns and special guest Felicia Day as they discuss condom-eating cats on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on August 17th 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-r-t-podcast-337

Recorded: 2015-08-18 15:08:26

Runtime: 01:33:52 (5632.86 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Felicia Day




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Transcript (in progress):

this week brought to you by brain Tre me undies and Pizza Hut 03103 the middle one always hides from me never sleep logo this week just getting on your pizza I could order joining us here in the studio I was a Regal when I was in college here in Austin have played Beauty in Beauty and the Beast and the guy who played Beast put his hand way too much on my da whole time but anyways I was afraid it was my hair huge I have so many pictures of us were and they tell you they taught me that a wave of your the pageant its wrist wrist arm arm wrist wrist arm arm and that's what you do it's how the queen wrist rest or not it looks like this Royal Lane number 182 pageantry you're royalty public parade and he put his hand up yeah it was I was in the ball gown as well as wanted even a beast mask and I was like hey I never actually saw him what is the Austin you think she's actually a math major for the RTF program I tried to talk my way into the theater program they wouldn't let me they were like you got to be a manager so I don't think they're yeah they're always trying to get me to go to the alumni dinner for the theater Department I'm like guy that has a computer science student in the College of Natural Sciences what was that Matt was going to try to get the film school forever and then just end up staying an RTF instead of going to film school and then now it's like he's on the board for the communication school and some departments like 50000 students I need the best thing you learned here and there's no one there to help you but you're on your own and you regular time like for money and everything like that professors like for 2 weeks I wanted in this folklore class but I love folklore fantasy and fairy tales and two weeks I kept going to this guy's office hour trying to convince him to let me on the track and eventually he was like I'm not going to let you in but I really enjoyed talking to you I love you if I show up with flowers like please the last time she was like Jason to keep your email and it's a key that you texted that you do you and I never did it and when I was researching my book actually I was like hey let's go in this email because I'm sure there's something embarrassing and I was gone because I never paid to maintain I don't want my feel like that's something you would want like when you're doing something like this for years from the outside looking in 1994 5 I think when people think your professor or something at that point they have different problems that we got you something address when you first start school I would pick like props sorola the kid and had the first name be doctor you like this is my son da casserole but I like instant credibility said he became a doctor because I don't really get song why you ask you a technical question of what is on your nose for glasses you're not people that I tried really how to dry out pimple on there I guess it was like oh Star Trek stress and stress went to another straw yes on Tuesday I decide to try to pop it and it just got like impacted and Tuesday and then this morning in the shower it literally exploded and blew up and went everywhere so rather than subject you to the hole on the side of my nose I said put a bandaid on it you mean I just put a Band-Aid on it but that's okay last week special pimple Band-Aid it was outside a little variety pack of the smallest was it post extraction tooth extraction people portrait what kind of individual would say this to another human a lot of the times I have seen people who just like those kind of videos like all that so you like you hate your life what should a couple of them I've been hard because she the videos and gifs of that I like the big ones they get for that people dislike winter from your hand yes they are they had like 2 years of undergrad and then all got in the boat the grateful dudes in the Leatherman entombed holding hang a little bit of its nostrils can I get a pair of pliers it's like an 8 minute video trying to get this thing out and eventually pull a full drinking straw out of the sea turtles nostril and how they get in they go straight down stick out of his butt can talk about the head with whatever you know you have a little bit of and I've read a lot you can't poop like we can make hemorrhoids I will be there until later in the podcast and we can have a good life did you ever receive it would you like it for the live stuff we pray with everyone so I can try that everyone has the right to like Final Cut The Beatles record in college like any used underwear you're just like and for some reason I don't know why stea never in there and remember all the horrible stories never where he won't be sorry and then ease into it for the internet for this happen when your used phone number to the Lakewood do they teach you maneuver and then put it in the wastebasket you're where the bathroom was a part of my sweet I had to leave and go down the hallway or whatever to use the bathroom sometime you take the wastepaper basket first short term for convenience and then it became remarkably inconvenient when the cat would have like half the condom hanging out of its butt what's the capital for Grant flights the rubber band so you can just give us never Fascination because at first you think it's like a tapeworm what if it is hanging upside down from its I'd like to think that that turtl with a straw it's not straw like he was trying to use a straw with a bachelor's of industry was like bent up so it didn't actually at the surface to get air what superpower would I Was Your Man was there is some kind of actually trained intervention airing out there who's watching the video that's what in the hell you're trying to pull it out because it certainly looks like it must have been shoved in there the current make and it's just awful that's why you boys and girls always sniff your six pack which of the head through the holes go ahead what is a 66 people quite right this is true of everyone you're so funny is also the China has moved on to describing a person who is having somebody weird sense of you're so never heard of that we have to complain which is like those plastic rings that you're supposed to cut up so I guess in order to combat that now we have those new types of six packs on if you seen a horse like a hard six hard plastic shell that go on top of the cap that covers the top fucking hate those because it's so hard to pull up big shift because bright lights in time to be able to like I'm going to the fourth dimension to get my never but I do know it was going to be Amanda still nothing what's up the show me normally what I do is I try to pull to the side like this and you see it just turns but don't do anything down it sucks that was pretty easy pretty hard RTX only given for the park at 7 but then I'll be right down right it's really just a little mean let's be honest when your friends forever. Are you going to get Dad was a quite good lovely and have a cup of tea later but we had a few more beers and whatnot I don't know what that was from Dad okay yeah we have a few more beers that people give it to the podcast tre good Mike thank you I'm not I'm not going to eat this and I wish I try to communicate that to waste your time I have a there's this woman brought me the most professional whoopie pies everything about his wife and their whoopie pie just like cake Oreo so they were chocolate cake and then there was cream in the middle and she put little green frogs and then it was head of this on you just so I would only last night in Toronto someone gave me cookies literally with my face on them so I was eating that's crazy I had to put a swollen area do you like right now I know where I never heard red velvet growing up and over all the time just accidentally slipped and bled into a chocolate cake and it's like up with you what time we have when we had someone make us a bunch of bread like homemade bread and weird at the Butte office someone like me someone makes them so we have time for someone and they shipped it to us because we were weird on our our own studio and we got it and they even made like this elaborate box was really cool looking head like fabricated cardboard box look like a treasure chest and all over it was opened it up it was filled with homemade bread that was all moldy 10 days to get to us and it was homemade I didn't have preservatives or anything like that it was just like bags of mold and I felt so bad the person to put so much work and no life I mean in the Middle Ages Tre soldi the workout 30 days they just leave a slab of meat out there was a lower humidity and a certain temperature 65 if you ever go and it will take the parts that are like nasty outside yeah that if you're ever in Vegas at the New York-New York casino they have like a steakhouse like when you first walk in I forgot what it's called but they the Aged their stakes in a window so you can see this process if you never want to see what it looks like sometimes it takes a fresh like they just put them out but sometimes it's like I've been there for like 30 days and you coming back to Vegas can you be like I want that in a month save it for me never I will never the lobster probably has a name and it killed anyway free if they're not live but I will never be like that tank give me that fish want to be like the Grim Reaper I never denied it together okay good that like an alien civilization is going to find it then put the future you're cool with this like the Japanese dish with the fish still alive fish this week that octopus is an alien what is anything like anything else by a long way so different I don't even like Darien I think the only two languages like that language? so you can call them to put stencil and it will still try and get food and feed a mouse that it no longer has the boat and it found a hole in the octopus yeah well they try to make it happen like last weekend again the judge Fantastic Four you're crazy the arm stretch and all that stuff do you want french fries happen like it this is like this is another attempt at it and it's just none of them have really taken off like I feel like the previous Incarnation did okay but even then it wasn't like anything like Avengers or any of the other company yeah it was a family it seems cool it was like The Herculoids of Scooby-Doo Hu how to act like something is really important from my upbringing as well thought-out you're a big ultim offend your appointment again yes that is the future I have like I just went through it we had a thing launch his Kickstarter on the podcast for straw together to try to the editor and I had a copy of Alabama Play it Again Play it was one he made with the teenagers in the first one my copy of it and he brought in some stuff like 35 years ago and that game that dish was made on that computer that we brought in and so we took this over the computer and it booted up as an apple 2E computer 5 years so I can't believe you brought that machine I even brought in like the that's a really early one pics of amazing or was my first one 404 was like the first time I've ever heard of where they they they built a moral system oh yeah yeah I'll give you a copy yeah there's a whole chapter because I was home-schooled so I don't be friends ever in real life and my brother and I love video games we had like Anamika which is head Friends word maker it's better that I come over that was the one exclusive in a meeting head anyway mini Lego Tre ultim the form and I joined this group called The Ultimate Dragon summon kids and all the stuff and looking so formative I would write like fanfiction about Altima on the boards is awesome yeah I would always enter a Tavern and kick somebody in the face and just kiss myreddragon stuff on Usenet but I was I wasn't really part of I wouldn't say his name when you text so it's funny you bring up Prodigy you know we just had our event downtown Austin last weekend and someone emailed me after the event that talk about what a great time to head they used a prodigy email address I'd like to last week how the fuck does that still work after taking it sir if I knew some of Yahoo mail but when they lost Yahoo for Yahoo but it could you still have the rocking chair that was like for you to come visit my website can we buy those domains that would like to have my tripod. Complex right now Yahoo Yahoo and then Myspace came along and took over all of that she would animated gif or Jif where we can pay you and I said it just because I like it was like I said if I don't have I don't have it's like who and who more effective affect my I get insecure whenever it comes out of my mouth it affect or effect there was another one damn it I can't read what I was doing and one is a noun and use one for the other there's another word that I just wasn't thinking about it makes you insecure when you have you're saying and some like I never know what to do so staying and Son feel like he saying that all you're saying that this phone can I stop it now you're burni you're getting science wrong all the time is getting along now the easy way is the gerund like bringing it out you're supposed to use that I can't think of examples now but the misuse of gerunds is very it was the wrong one of them bringing his bringing it his the fact of his brain rather than him breaking his possession when using a gerund and that's literally the only grammar thing like look at me what am I doing this absolutely podcast is brought to you by brain Tre code for easy online payments if you're building a mobile app and searching for a simple payment solution check out brain Tre the brain Tre V10 SDK makes it easier for multiple Mobile payment types start accepting PayPal Apple pay Bitcoin venmo cards and more all with a single integration brain Tre gives you an easy way to accept multiple payments High School the one integration quick knowledgeable developer support if you have any questions simple secure payment you can integrate minutes developers they got you don't worry about taking days to integrate your payments with Braintree it's done in minutes don't have time give him a call and I'll even handle Integrations for you and walk you through it the brain Tre code supports Android iOS and JavaScript clients with the braintre Evie. 0 outfits da one small snippet of code and you're set up in less than 10 minutes to learn more after your first $50,000 in transactions before he go to Braintree payments.com /careers turkey that right there Raintree payments.com / RoosterTeeth you can be accepting all kinds of people blow the house down to access a sound really works if you want to the back you're mine I'm sitting here reading right now I'm looking at doing the read out of the top of my God I can see burni grabbing something and I kind of started wanting to win all the time cringing when you already got $50,000 of payments are free free free free to take a new starting out to generate $50,000 a week and you wouldn't pay any fees get the touches to the plate let me reply you don't you will like it back on to the worst it's like you're walking behind somebody with just literally stopped to look at something in the middle of the walkway and it's like they're in a doorway to have a conversation with a guy that she went in for her to get to the top of the escalator and it stopped how do I sell you're on your way so they could touch the jetway to the plane and it's weird will they look up tonight against the plan what it's like never think of it again until the next time I plan something really good grape soda will I figured out when the jetway gets heavy the wheel that rolls down the plane and it knows how much to adjust back up nothing until the wheels fall off but I was just like that's probably totally grossed out it looks that way back up hold on wait a minute picture a disaster where it feels very unstable Eric Clapton's right as I get there okay 5 times less they have everyday situations that have disastrous pie I love you get to get into it I love headphones you put them on and I would still talk to you I'm going to get stuck and you're there for half an hour the small talk and hugs right you don't know yesterday it was awkward I'm just like weird mama drama but that has nothing to do with the Huggies I wasn't as worried about it because I was in the shower with soap so I was able to clean it right away but it did spread out a little bit where he is corrosive over a very long period time like he will get them Indians Palms let me show you his laptop playing World of Warcraft MMO crack in it for a long time he'll just be like tiny pock marks all over them through the menu the score right now is like crazy it must be if he was jailed he could hold the bonds of time and eventually my wife hates this but if you if you look at it like our bed sheets you can tell what side of the bed I sleep on it slowly eating away for a long time I don't know because you're still sitting there I can live inside your the Fantastic Five with with acid Skin Man lately 6.8 is a slightly acidic beautiful Squirrel Girl Is it because they have really bad pie baby I'm smoking on in the Marvel Universe OKC squirrel girl would you be weird though I want to a panel I was like MeetMe Squirrel Girl feel like Castaic so I'm not a big I'm not a big Comics fan you know I like that it's something that I missed when I was younger what is squirrel girl's car she can call squirrels so she's like Aquaman would just call me Play Kitsap you're ready to nut Factory never really I feel like that's right I guess I can get the idea there's all kinds of superpowers somewhat you're really awesome and it's something which subgroup of I don't know, I'm probably people are yelling at me right now I don't care I'm sorry I'm about the podcast is that people will talk to you in real time on social media like 530 in Mandarin and that was not 330 South Yakima the office and next week ago like your Acura squirrels I am I can get sleep last night so I was trying to find some videos that we can a peaceful end up watching your truck 20-minute compilation of Chiropractic adjustments to me that's the one I like people to stop inboxing like you snappin necks and the noises I like the grounds off to it OverWatch sounds like it feels so good Gavin of this really cool thing where Gavin I watch this video of this guy in India and if and when you get here to give you a head massage I just got a head massage pulling and itchy down cosmic energy pulling it out of the universe but that video has 8 million views for that one and then another installment of this web series but it's all made by different people they all go find this guy in India Massage Heights 50 million views but it's like 8 different people have worked on it on the same channel different sound like it par30 LED worlds greatest head massage part 13 people never argue about which part yeah well they like the curly in them just wondering because I really did stop so pandering to the camera towards the end but giving it January 10th 2015 the 91 latest he liked it might seem to some like which one is part of a haircut like a full upper-body they have to like just me or touch me I just want painted I do know anything else done today besides me. Put like lotion doesn't feel good to know that when you just get like a pressure release looks like a recent thing where like now is like some Barbers will have like a little shoulder massager to tell him that but I mean people always get your father do you trim your eyebrows if you like there's one more place I have to stop going to because I have my eyes closed cuz they'll be like cutting my bangs and then I feel like my eyebrows never weird and it like a boss that's true you have a good thing too or he'd super awkward and won't correct anybody either so I did the same thing the first cut rented a storage unit and made him get on Yelp and make a Yelp account and Net10 here you're going to five stars and then I was like okay that I left that I really deleted it but they had to come back the next day that we always looking for mother fuck the both of you so that when I it's like no you want the dirty one the special serum peel and I'll go like I'm naked under the sheet I guess do whatever Mexican when they get anything so don't ever get a facial that's what I will do in this situation so you quietly livid do you tip tow but I see if I can send me like a never say anything and I still nothing from never done that still with you because American ice are you still at the restaurant didn't it for like a coffee also how is a thing where did today you know you travel out of the Austin Airport sometimes I think they have sushi there which is almost there and you want to do it that's great yeah someone to be like I don't want to meet up but on behalf of this order the regular season pick up the tomatoes that everyone last time I was at the airport kiosk to the tip top of it tips you're having a bit then yes I think you pick up the sandwich person their children tipping in a bar with me to me you would never never do that England order the bar but I don't do that you're not have you been to the UK baby genetics it's a female thing for sure I would absolutely love you're going to be one of these guys that we know the museum she works on her car or Lord of the Rings series that we did like that actually it was more of a reality one but the guys walked from the set of the Shire weird it sounded to the store to get more door the kids are in school they marched across New Zealand to them like 6 days and what time you guys were not good shape anyway he's been living in the UK and I did America America because like a superpower the Americas different combinations of stuff to do like for example the American accent I find very attractive in women but when I do the talking American it's like chill out that's why I haven't really started doing Red vs. blue woodwind weird a very unpopular president in office global it was like oh you're married to you know where Bush war and everything else it was like I didn't have that accent superpower everywhere I go everyone hated him so much because he was so funny funny touching shoes and let's not forget about that Pizza Hut what is Philomena allegedly just not together what if Trump is elected nominate I can't imagine that Trump will be elected what if Trump get elected that would be really the collecting sexism and racism it's a real thing to me how much promotion is getting how much could it possibly cost any money he's going to process just to raise their speaking prices every major News Network and it doesn't cost them anything and that's kind of what he lives off of fried fish stay out the speaking of speaking of speaking engagements never we got a 40x60 the only one I've ever heard explain that to me how do you build a hotel metallic lips far from casinos looks like on the North End of the strip the closest one I think it's the wind and even that's like kind of walkable it when it's purple in the middle the Y2K for New Year's I went to Vegas cuz I figured if everything was going to shut down I wanted to be in Las Vegas on the Strip the only place I can get a room the first time I went to Vegas burni weird to walk we started at the win and we walked all the way down the strip like we we we stopping hours and hours of new took forever so I basically got the time we got down to like excalibu as we were really drunk and we decided that if we look at the wizard on top of excalibu it was bad luck drink stirrers and you have to look at them it was there was a crazy Milestone that I had on social media so we have never seen on social media before it was Phil DeFranco the posted it so it's just very picky and if you don't like all the best things I've ever seen on Twitter that he lost money and I said you can tell a lot about social media but nobody ever everybody's huge winter internet money right now or something like that you know I told someone I think I might have been burni someone in the past two years I think my recontextualize all the Vegas for me like I love going there it's beautiful all these buildings and whoever I was with and I think it's really crazy to look at these buildings is paying for this place is built on the loss of everyone else is coming here $40 which is a specific slot better every single time every single time Subway New York New York & Co Raleigh steak and in a glass behind a glass window Hu nice way to happiness one day I was attracted to the Plants vs. zombie Ghostbusters slot machine the like machines at all I went to we had to go to a can for something big like TV International TV Market we went there in the middle from Ashley and I we thought we're we're here let's just get a car and we can drive around so we went to Italy and then we went to Monte Carlo which is like right there in southern France it's like dude that is like you know per capita the highest dollar per person in the world you know he was like ridiculous famous Casino in Monte Carlo and I was really cool it was Street old building and the people play you're crazy that was the first one in his first movie never been hotter really just one of the best movies never been here I came from the house he's he's okay I mean he's right and it is my definitive who knew I'd agree with you yeah yeah but I'm probably one of the only few in the world that Roger Moore is my favorite really because he was black Elizabethan George Lazenby Wikipedia one wants to admit it was like I thought it was pretty good I like it seriously I get a little bit uppity you know I don't suppose Sean Connery will have peace and everyone maybe he was told he was not only Never Say Never you're unlike any girl who has nice girls so that they can do there gu the freshly applied time to get there I'm going to go to the podcast is also brought to you by me undies 90% that's a percent of your life that you're in your underwear and underwear gets old you know the feeling of putting on old saggy underwear you need to know the feeling of great fitting underwear that's two times in a car you need to know about me nbc.com Andy's has the most comfortable underwear you'll ever try on and 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now when it comes to the casinos and gambling you're trying to figure out how to attract younger people younger people who played video games you're looking for a more interactive element as opposed to just you know static tumblers turning off the internet interesting if you had almost like 5 V 5 setup slot machines you have like a combination the slot machine game for you're covering different territories and compete against five other people on no the slot machines looking directly at you for any money into it just let people go there Playmobil you're why not do that when you can have a game today why not having anyone to bring your computer only against others you know it's fair and everything as is no hacks or anything like that essentially like a sports book is just giant cubicles with little TV screens yes already the space or you can stick a computer in there and start playing International and it was really interesting to watch the the sports anchors talk about Dota 2 it was a really interesting well they had somebody they have she had the sideline reporter from it but it was like 2 International to being higher than a master's higher than Wimbledon and higher than the Kentucky Derby you know that the overall purse for it and it was two people talking back and forth and they were doing a horrible thing when people don't know anything about the thing they're talking about especially the technology and it was like can you believe and the guy was a big deal it's a big deal I can but he was like very self-aware and you can watch it like I don't want to be the clip like Pastor on the Internet it's like no they really like people-watching other why do it it's going to be over for pizza tomorrow I always think that you would like with video games and sports and everything else it's like we have now the international and those big things in those are in stadiums in the course there's leftover in Asia that you'd like that but like most of the East for stuff or not those big events like Hotel Ballroom you're still at that level 7/8 years now and I'll stop and I'll watch them while because I know that like I played well so much that I'm like oh yeah I'm following this but it's very Star Trek goes like I know the game that I played a little bit but I'm not an expert enough to know that the bar to entry to be an active spectator is hard I mean it's really was an adult and that I just started playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm to my brother's alien to it now I'm like even semi-competent which I'm not even claiming on the content down but at least now it has a vocab and it's it's it's hard to get it will be fun to be able to sit there and watch my brother went for a week to two the the international but I really wouldn't know where to start to appreciate the the the level indicator was in a meeting I'm watching golf on TV you're watching TV no I found tractable you're a sophomore right there on the phone never leaves the frame gu chip in the bowl of some sort of detection to like the color of the ball I don't know but you can't do it when you're out there with the kids and drive light only 4 people going is that it is that it like you like it harder so possible you mentioned BlizzCon did you see I think yesterday the day before they announced with the BlizzCon pet for the serious is somebody out what was it really didn't work yeah that's alright I'm getting I'm getting a virtual ticket I'm going or something. You know I only I've only ever done with the first one and then another $0.01 then how big is it now it's pretty big pretty great you know I was out there hanging out but marks inside 2007 of trying to get people to watch The Guild hey would you like to see this was like a couple years later great supporters of the episode when it was on and you just need to go down to her and just helping us get set up boost for a toothache head outside and stuff like that which one did you show the do you want to date my avatar video I'm not sure it was like this thing yeah I was pretty it was pretty cool what's the video that I watched the the audience reaction video just like from someone coming the other way set 6 years before you have to call the traffic jam before they pay attention to you because you have to upset a bunch of people before they they do healthy especially the girls and Mike Holmgren people like having the Hollywood boat in truth because I'm here I'm trying to figure out figure all this stuff out like telling sign for me this year at San Diego Comic-Con been in San Diego, kind of five years is the first time I've been since 2010 and we are out there in our booth and I look up and there's this old faded a sign above our booth that says webcomics and I look around there are now it's like obesity automatically to get free bags and stuff so this year we were in a legendary Pie Company now and so we were at the stadium and had a huge upside of that was nervous at this at the stadium was awesome that was a huge upgrade but it kinda made me sad that the days when you could actually be an indie artist on the floor that you're big companies and you know it supposed to like DragonCon the console's support those RPG makers in the in the artists is that which is still if I love that condo so irritated with this year which of the first time last year after coming out that was the last one I emailed him I was like give me your boo the travel as much as I need to I get invited the 23rd and 24th Sydney Australia Technology Park buy your tickets now or text you. you can I mean it's like that is a tenderloin put the events back-to-back I think of the two of them in one that's what I did with them you're I will have been on a book tour for it six weeks of travel for a while I am like I've always been working my whole life but I haven't had much time to read recently and I just got caught up on the Martian head you're the Martian I just finished it finally at home I got it so good Conference Center Springfield MO I feel like I got out and I haven't heard about this one you like getting larger large is this like a two-parter like you legally can't carry one appreciate a guy who's like this is not a new partner let's just get it done whatever the fascination with the trilogy in our culture tell you everything has to be a trilogy versatility somebody does a two-part thing is amazing to me that those two parts and tell something you know just two stories you had to break it up into three but I'm reading right now just finished the Martian and I just started reading your book and then I'm going to read your book after that you lie when that movie came out and I was like just like crowing about on the podcast he's a gamer but he started as a video game writer which I think is really awesome Gavin got into it like I realize how far behind I was on it so hard when you know you're my book at 2 today they're both back so it's like I need to be about ten bucks which all of them are great kids all the others amazing but it almost feels like you have just piles up around you like here's my steam Library yeah you don't you're not like that you have people starting to do things the one for the people are online video people using people for lack of a better term so you'll be you'll meet somebody at a party be like okay so and so Tom Scott it's like you know all the ASDF movies people tell me like on OverWatch you're stuff watch something that we do so personally because all the stuff is really fun it is really fun he did about the short about the gambling thing that went wrong and it was really really funny I'm actually like emotional you have to make a million video and when you have time to actually steal other people's contacts so much so much you're an old crap that I can watch Allie lemon guy stuff is really stopwatch you're champagne one yesterday it was like 4 years ago and I looked at it looks like he's 12 and your hair was like stupid clean shaven Riverside Blues next 13 Seasons so I don't remember when is season 3 you're season 4 I don't remember it but my brain ultim I don't like watching my own stuff with an audience but I don't are you watching stuff with other people and other people the same way like when you get a reaction to something that happened in the movie there's something 2016 the first time like nothing to on the plane really bored so this internet packages for like maybe a hundred or so of course he got to the point not write anything from you then I'm like I'm thinking about what I would say in response to other people and I just come out with completely different stuff what if I get call right before I was about to say something I know what I was going to say I'm not sure it's always exactly the same thing it's weird thinking about that a lot lately you know we're almost to 7 years in doing the podcast and it's weird to have like an audio history basically of a large portion of your life to go back in a people listen to and I'll bring stuff up like oh yeah I left it like I talk about all this stuff like buying a house and fixing it like living record never went through one and seven years ago mean yeah yeah well five years ago you said that and you can't be like well five years ago he is an idiot that's what you would like throw out your handle from the ultimate dragons News Group how much time needs to pass before that's a valid excuse but I was a long time ago but it's like 5 years ago you're safe Escape you're always you like you look at politicians and it's always like to look at this shit you voted on 25 years ago you put it this way it matters when people find out about it cuz it's new cast in movie and it was a Vine star that was in the movie as well and it came out to me and my arrow it came out that this guy was 15 like 3 years ago made of the horrible homophobic Vine it was really terrible but our audience was like upset with me about it I didn't know I'll find out I think it had done a full of a bullock two-page apology on the front page of Huffington Post addressing it like I remember it being there never unite and we accept his apology I've never seen a half-hour just Coolin the time that said something about I had everyone be like that apology wasn't good enough for Aged in correctly I can only just not do that in the future there is a certain portion of a very vocal minority that when they hear an apology that then that's when they really smell blood and think oh no not good enough you're Charles to completely ignore it like that's what Sam Pepper did where the hell it went well where is he in the criminal Gavin never even mentioned it everything I did between 13 and 17 and probably beyond that all that stuff wasn't recorded and now you're going to get hurt his self document all that stuff and put it out there like I don't know there's a law that says if I want to delete my account you can't like just making invisible you have to get rid of my you have to make it not searchable like the people have the right to be late search my name and find anything about me or my past or anything and they have that right in Europe about neutrality Rite Aid in altering the internet be like the other way and it was like everyone look up your medical records Gavin and your bank account and everything like employees insurance write different medical history you're the CEO of Bank of America I mean I didn't hear a thing like you know if you commit a crime you know what you do your time and you want to become a better person and you can never ever ever currently felons and you know complain about that sexy girl they do their time to come out and still all I can put in applications they still say yes and I've committed a felony is not good I mean it depends if the person so I could try to make a new life if they fit if the system works the way it's intended right they've been rehabilitated it should not matter it all depends if he is prison is prison punishment or Rehabilitation and they do their time and paid your debt to society or something like that and because they like you price of people weird sexually transmitted disease or a few people no birth control through there because of their religious right I mean I would just even be bigger I think we're going to territory we don't want to solutions to problems and this may vary with people's on political beliefs that's fine but there's a guy in Kentucky county clerk who had a really interesting approach to marriage in all the controversy with me right now he said religiously I am an atheist so from this point forward I'm going to refuse to marry anybody who identifies as a Christian does it's against my religious beliefs to marry Christians and it's like that's the example of like what some people do with a really creative way to approach that and it'll be huge for Apple because we have a constitution that state budget tax number in May of this year in the previous year they had moved in Texas First Step the approved cannabis oil for certain medical procedures but the doctor has to prescribe anything for my seizures but I think it's enough money the money will definitely drive a 99 Income Tax Rate Property Tax the property tax in Texas 30 year mortgage and then $2,000 a month to live in their property value yeah that lived in La for 10 years and he tells me the traffic in La is better than all your lights are awful like I will sit at a light for 30 seconds a minute and it will not change and then it'll change for 10 seconds and then no one gets through when I like someone needs to hire someone to coordinate about that roundabouts but everyone never seen the drivers around here never figure that out now dr. check the cars on fire in every round about if we get back but still driving just on you're never happened what do you have what kind of car do you drive a Tesla and it's super heavy it doesn't you don't know that the stars are there to the batteries you're stupid you're head so she was at a light I've also got to put it in the bumper she want to be very clear that she was not the person they are interested because your car when you take your foot off the gas and nothing happened I just didn't move forward at the network the cars in the driveway so when you take your foot off the brake the car for like an hour that's a long story but we lost our cat for two weeks and we're getting like all these text alert updates about the cat's collar and she was texting her yeah it's really cute that the me how to charge lasted like 3 days it was you got to look at the light and then black spots black spot that shit find the car but she was she just bored and she kept the car in front of her but because the car so heavy that's a lot of momentum so crushed so anyway so it did that you burn while the car's been doing this part is apparently like digging for gold apparently you're going to make some of those cars so fast to try to get one part 2 do you need that I know only cosmetic French the front funny the sand out like just having sleepovers and charged with all that stuff ITS Tactical more expensive actually so it's really nice to be like oh I was with you like 6 bucks greatest text little time we are we was a couple years ago I went to London for an event that we did and the event was on the far East side of London he throws in the far-west so when I land at Heathrow I got in a cab like an hour and a half to get to where I'm going. There was like a hundred fifty pounds or something ridiculous like I'm not doing that again The Temptations Eric awesome the trail every minute what on the way back out I decided I'm not going to get the text again I'm going to call the car service so I call the car service like this brand-new huge Mercedes shows up you guys open the door for me so I owe you on the Wall Street Journal and while the water in the back seat for you and you took me back to the airport it was like half the cost of a cab how is it that this much nicer experience is like half the cost yesterday cause I was going to pick us up and take us to the The Late Late Show with James Corden it was great we will take the car and the driver just like Gavin Free you're really funny and silly string all over Gavin and ammo and then whoever came up with it was across town in Manhattan lab coat Covenant pay nobody back tonight let me know Adam internet the same thing what am I doing this up so the podcast is also brought you by Pizza Hut Pizza Hut's cheesy bites Pizza is back now with your choice of one of seven crust flavors like ranch or Smokehouse BBQ you're the one talking now for 1199 at Pizza hut.com thank you Kevin I think your friends are pizza for sponsoring this podcast for delicious cheesy bites pizza for those of you who were at RTX hopefully you got the chance to check out the Retro bites arcade and it was it was really exciting day was our first ever talk like sponsor RTX it was Pizza Hut so big thanks to Pizza Hut for a spot to park at the trophy to give away the person who won the trophy they gave them was bigger than the trophy we made that joke trophy yeah it was huge it was bigger than the contestant who won that was like it was like the person I don't know II like when you have to pay tax in the in the whole Bible did someone the trophy like someone just ordered a crate of bowling trophies to go to the mall and help each other Pizza Forest plastic you like there was a Rooster Teeth podcast Pizza business or any of that stuff works podcast Pizza is currently not available you can still order it like her you're like you know what was on it they were sampling the cheesy bites you're so good I'd like to avoid them after a while just anywhere that you like looking for this week 4 board which is weird I didn't know that was a different word than forward weird you're right something that probably looks good on the page and it's unpronounceable writing I've always been curious how long does it take to record but they said yeah you like that you love it oh yeah survey the pages so it was so yeah I was just restart it like that I sound like an asshole let me redo that I was one of that when you listen to Game of Thrones something like the line will come before he said it but they read it in the voice of that character they must have to read the whole thing like right before and then record it so they're doing that to all your friends do you do any British accents in you're fou knocked out the French woman acts that I did that encounter not just some kind of it better to be in a parade something terrible happened right now like right before or right when we in the podcast of explosion in China doing people seem to enjoy it which is very exciting and after you're right about myself it's good to get that book out there and people taking funny pictures with their dogs that's with it everyone has read it really using tweets from like Bryan Singer was someone who you gotta the people don't do you feel it be inspired by what I say and like pizza they can't because you're weird this is kind of your superpowers and then I think so the more weird I can in courage in this world it is good that we could come we had presentations like 8 minutes last year my Bible and I can't do that I got to have like 15-20 minutes is just like a kid presentation was excellent in that trunk at a time for her so she was like she's like where you going on I don't I think I'm going to wait for Ashley to get PowerPoint I got ya how many pages are in years and I was like would like to know how many that is only going to PowerPoint distract people from my Facebook better so I just got to like clipart on my way through it and you looked even actual pie chart and wheel logos with a professional-looking hard the last one to complete a great day if I get to her so do you like mess around a little bit never gets off and I can do that you're about to eat what are you doing Friday see clearly in you're taking like methodically plans everything or is he actually that laid back natural performer like he's got that history with all the never professional rock band Player Guitar Hero level performance if I said you got to go for the people you talked for 7 minutes do you do you really think that you couldn't come up with seven minutes off the top of your head because I was just being myself now until I finished oh yeah okay let me know when you're actually in your pants or not some control would you do it if not in your pants but not in my panties ship and tell me about a schoolgirl it will be better than push it a point to come to you that I would do it never 10790 would you have made me fou pizza right now defecate Tre girl Julia someone to shoot themselves you could put it back up back up in there also face it previously took like an extra material I'm at like crushing food into little chunks you're going to go to you have to do like 30 40 minutes on stage for that what you talking about I don't know but I can you tell me like the week before so I didn't worry about it for you are you sure this is the thing where I got a letter from Felicia School Podium every conference in the summer for kids that are interested in technology that are going on to be high school college and then head speakers like the head the guy that came in like a bunch of other people like that I didn't do it and then I was going to do next the next event and then they want Gavin to come as well to come and be very scientific how do I feel better I could swear that it's going to write down 40 minutes now have 8 months to think about it maybe in a Tre in this life and you ever get it himself yeah he's going to talk it out and then when the time comes never let it in again can you text me because I can't head fish the pie. It's probably you did it like oh that's in July of 2016 sure I'll do that and I said yes and then I think trick I got here the Tre never say yes to anything in the future that you wouldn't do that week okay for example like I want to get to Japan at some point again I would go this week but I want to go to Japan this week yeah I can mentally prepare time to do it as a present number one priority I think that's kind of like if you would drop everything and do something say yes if it's just like the other person won't leave me alone or I mean I get this just know that was good no no no what time to wrap up we got to go right by Felicia you're never weird on the internet almost on Amazon right now we're going to buy this particular place I mean any place that's great you can buy it bookstore at ORD currently does any any English speaking country should have my book I hope you enjoy it let me know