#338 - The Oral Operation

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Brandon Farmahini as they discuss dental surgeries on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on August 24th 2015.

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Recorded: 2015-08-25 15:11:46

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the roost Teeth podcast gotta roll with it didn't post this week fed will talk about them or a little later in the podcast hopefully we can make this barbar etiquette with a chair for everyone a baby that's great honey it's also I think it's the coloring behind you I think that I had to not the actual company calibrated that she'll have it I just I don't like the couch it's just being in the chair I get how do you like this couch I should just hang on the couch I feel comfortable it looks like play me the corner I feel so much pressure like your fucking your urinating you got your arms at your side looking over your subject don't you think you'll make it to this I've got problems I see your pain let's play a little while ago and afterwards I can meet up it's for you I live I have to run again 70 minute of the past I'm going to try to talk it out I'm hoping that they will fix it Garnet to Yeti cooler didn't leave a name of it but it's a little or pendant how to tell if I'm still open I would buy this we don't we don't do any work stuff I don't think it shows someone correct me if I'm wrong Peter Pan with your favorite course is the most fun to voice because it's just like you can go pretty crazy the most ridiculous things that super cute fed and one day I hope to say that the only thing that you and I will go straight down or fed the girls so I think that's what Lindsey said he's a robot so you can be whatever you want to look at your watch by my phone I left it with you guys sounds like holy crap I can't get back in front of you better find out his car his car didn't talk about them the cards game which is actually in the sleep on the cage and it thinks you're doing Apple pay and it gets all confused I really like hold your finger down on my face every time you open the door your friend I hate when people go to the gate code the gate don't do anything I just wait for to open while I'm sitting behind them with my key card ready to go what do PO box if I didn't have to dial in if people aren't even down there just you think they might have dialed it so which day is worse this gate or the one at the old office will you are the only everybody dance which is your least favorite game it was fine I'll get on the ACT it up for me every now and then you're going to deal with it most of the time yeah there was one time where it was just like going fucking Bonkers and I knew how to fix that usually I go in there I rip off the light canister and like push some buttons but it just kept going up and open and close it doesn't make sense I know how this thing works why they're doing it and I found out it was Michael and his apartment just like hitting the open Button take to get from his new apartment which could see the Gate of the old office you and every time you fixed it and now it start closing and he walked away he waiting just for you I was in my heart and I do not want his brother which is his desire to mess with you things to do and people to be honest you know my girlfriend is been out of town nothing in Mexico doing all that stuff I feel weird that we're doing a podcast on Monday night like at 3 weeks cuz we had before was RTX the week before yeah 2 weeks ago with the Tempe area it does feel kind of a natural at this point hold onto each other three weeks ago the last time we were here today was awesome Great Gatsby tweets me pictures of plane Wheels someone who actually works at an airport with a video of that device that I can wear device you know how on the jetway that attach the plane that we walk off like this though the cover comes and closes there's like a wheel that like stick comes out in like touches the aircraft that would Gavin was trying to speculate as to what that will doesn't work that way it's gu go to you tomorrow I talked about a little bit I'm probably maybe about 60 episodes or so and it's to the point where I feel like the next time I fly on a plane I kind of want to go talk to the pilot and be like look I've seen the shit if something goes wrong in this flight come to me and I could seriously help you well that's the problem with most of those are a lot of those are pilot error because I don't know what to do he should leave the cockpit the plane took off and the engine like poo all over the place and it was going on and it stalled and the crash site what was on American Idol I had no idea warning was powered by the engine they lost not rituals but things you do every time you board a plane at that you're on a plane touch the outside of the place actually looks like I didn't have anything I just watch how many people touch the outside of the plan but it seems like 80% of people voting and she does that she touches the outside of the plane and then I can Jordan sleep like it if we find out like you don't want me doing that what is good luck for real I can touch the plane I don't want to poop with your knees like a 2002 shut up the reason would you have someone there that don't touch that they look left and right and then kept walking and someone rubs Basset Lea on the outside of the plane poop on airlines for doing that someone who is this on Twitter Hold That Ghost saying that brand and your girlfriend's out of town you wearing a wrist brace one plus one equals two right I mean you know I have a man's hand it feels like there's some dude you know if I can make a difference what would like me to Fed gasoline suck my dick you go camping Couchsurfing sleep couch cushions like something squishy like an apple pie for vagina stuck first in the ruins like that's way too much lately and it's under that mattress ex looks like a sandwich bag of ice when you put it under the mattress on the side of bed do it like you did with the doctor is there with your eater opening 3 tries to open it what do you call the opening remova the sheet with the lyrics trust me tonight give it a try to restore like protrudes from his belly the battery I just don't see you I'd like to see an animation of what you actually mean that what is going into your penis hole because it's flushed a little stretch to do that then don't do it no I'm saying if you're not stretching it as you like rubbing against it there's just going to be the natural friction or whatever it is not circumcised you have to remember that so he might have a different experience exactly surprised and I will see what I mean who is with the Vaseline in friends out of town yeah basically it makes it more fun more pressure in there you have one of those days was just Lea 4559 I retire at 65 and get it on to change to look at stuff to her so I can do two different numbers so she sleep with him or her aside and Microsoft using I said that I would never expect a pretty princess just like down from the sky on your head right now preparing for the explosive poop poop story I don't know how I came across this but apparently there's a museum in Japan and they have a whole exhibit just teaching kids about poop and there's an actual slide that you go down into that like made the shape of the toilet bowl so it's like I hate to make poop fun and exciting wasn't like that what's up princess I think that I think every basing it on something just like when Maggie's I think he's a genius how big would a human have to be for you to fit through it but if it was it in an amusement flight you climb in the mouth by a pool with the blog have to be anything make a toilet Brando what are you wait Brandon has something else pulled up on that one word article there's a link to a story on a different exhibit in Japan and it's about poo dollar pixel by the way we blood growth coming out of it that's a Japanese foreign things right like like but then it's like anything down there as a boy dollar but it's also the exhibit look up Usher crying like what is it like that also that I think there's like it was somewhere in Japan they are so like a poop inspired curry place that serves you like Korean but looks like a toilet to the disgusting that look like toilet and we have like a hot chocolate or coffee and there and it looks like diarrhea I've seen pictures of this before how to put like for marshmallows into floaters piece of sweet corn not expecting to like see through the middle toilet it actually that's like shit guitar poop poop poop poop nauseous and really grossed out totally natural all the poop that's okay I guess I'm going to go the most like, two stories ever on red and I think right over the most upvoted ever get someone to not say something I gotta get them digits wisdom teeth out the other day do they put you under like fully under yesterday I seen that's what that is right I don't know anything of it so I can hear my heart rate is high and then they asked me with the laughing gas I was just talking to him on the oxygen and then without telling me that he switched on the gas and everything is like I was like you turned it on and I was just thinking of all these different things that I think I said that people must talk a lot of shit to you while this trip I'm going to turn it on when I actually get me to put the drip pan in the tent on the trip and I was wondering if you times always wanted to be able to get some kind of like a mobile system set up to where it can be administered and it would have to be at a bed and then start running on a track how old you just like a snowfall or if it's just like this is amazing how fast I couldn't stop it but there's no way if I'm going to go for as long as it immediately just like give up drugs the scariest thing that we talk about this when I had my thing years ago which one did you like the Twilight stuff for you don't fall asleep you just don't make any memory that you're still awake but I was like I was just an asshole asshole I wouldn't know man my wife mad at me procedure and didn't know it was you in fear of what I would say to someone put out completely and look disgusting poo 70 wisdom teeth removed I want to suck my dick teeth hurt when you woke up that you in the video that we took of me off to it but I don't think I was asleep I think I was just so relieved I don't have a single memory of any teeth coming out full wisdom teeth removed when they attacked another through one of them was kind of like Brooke is up against my other tooth was just talking into it so it's going to the dentist in 10 years yeah what a way to start so whatever like we talked about you know the different types of like wisdom tooth extractions here in the US I always really interested because people in the UK or people in Europe will always reply that I do people in America get put out like why you getting knocked out you know in Europe when you can still take you just go in and just pull it out if you had the option wouldn't you do that yeah I've been awake like not Lucid lie completely awake for like math procedures it is horribly terrifying I didn't feel it but you can hear it and knowing that drives you insane but it's coming out online like right here so they had to do a graph so they cut gum from the top of my like my oh my God they do that yeah like a long rectangle and then they say scrape all the exam and then like tape it or like to sell it back on at this one place like a different color if you ever needed to get a teeth filed down that's the worst because usually you don't feel it but you could hear it and smell it because you earned it smelled the burning of your tooth disgusting there was one time they didn't there's no countdown I just fell asleep and woke up and was like what's going on are we still having surgery like I don't know you're finished I was like I know she did you want to feel it yeah I just wanted to know it was like the whole thing was over and I never got to like you don't know that I know you like you want to be like taken throughout the whole process I just felt a little like that abused but under preciate it was the first was the first time you ever got like put under I think it was like my first knee surgery on my right knee geez how old are you in 6th grade 12 maybe 13 and under older person only they're put under before I got some I don't know what the actual name for the type of gases but it makes you feel like you had like a few cocktails so you're just like that's what they call me yes different it's like I'm like not Twilight but you just feel very light you're cool what about you guys but I'm going to have my tonsils out when I was like 10 but flight attendants when your 12 you don't appreciate it or you don't fully understand it I just wanted to go to Toys R Us like literally when we're in the car leaving I don't want to cuz I was like I deserve this I'm having surgery now driving back from the Toys R Us right now yes I had my tonsils out when I was like 10 I think and a few years ago I went to the doctor probably 3 years ago to the doctor here in Austin and I had a cold or something so that the doctor was checking me out he was like you look somebody does that thing was in my ear then like the tongue depressor look down my throat if you had your tonsils look like metal roof oh yeah I guess there's like living up there something I don't know Orbitz ticket on Tuesday what is a tonsil flight let me in system stuff for making you sick did you really get ice cream or is that just so you know it was not worth it cold right now so like ice cream sour powder for making a drink or something so you can do that sherbet lemon sugar and sugar flight solid sugar into powdered sugar fucking fire on the first day was really bad the second ex still really hard but the third day was it was better than it was and he was a polite because I didn't take my fucking cock I should have had my tonsils out as a kid but I didn't take it out maybe you're some kind of weird superhuman you're so weird shove it shove it shove it as it may be I wasn't sure but that's different because I haven't even eaten very much Serene look on your face I thought so cartoon hair in that picture too well I was ready to head that they put it off just getting my head in the ball pit in touch experience when Esther had her wisdom teeth out another give you the guys and everything that I tell you like I went to change it how to change it and everything and when they were explained it to me because sister was still recovering from the effects of crazy gas and understand how to do this so we got home and she's like no I want to change your bandages out exactly how gruesome the first time to do that processes it's like going to get some gas change my for the first time is for the second time to change them I put him out and I felt something still on that was like is the Scottish Rite talking at all the first day you had it you bleed out in like they're bleeding out your mouth not really and then I was like oh man I'm right now my car looks awesome the Silver Lining is refuse lining ever if I can get like a cool scar not I guess it I just like it's a controlled way to bleed what are you talking it's high enough to chew ation if I just had surgery and I'm you know what I'm okay this is and if I was bleeding this much at a random situation that would not be good for me call an ambulance called ambulance but it's like right now Brandon this is a control bleed everything is alright what the hell is wrong with you why can't it be like that be like it's okay to control bleeding pixel the control room but I mean it's like understandable surgery for a nosebleed Dollar Store but I gotta know what I don't know yeah but you're not you don't know why you have a nose bleed that's that's scary but I'm saying if you know why everything's okay you just enjoy it it looks awesome lynda.com / the online learning platform with over 3000 on demand video courses to help you strengthen your business technology and creative skills for a free 10-day trial visit lynda.com / Rooster Teeth lynda.com for problem solvers for the Curious for people who want to make things happen maybe on a master Excel learning ociation tactics build a website boost your Photoshop skills go to lynda.com / RoosterTeeth and feed your curious mind you can watch and learn from Top experts to thousands of video courses on demand and learn on your own schedule you learn at your own pace download tutorials and watch them On The Go including access on your iOS or Android device your lynda.com membership will give you unlimited access to training 102 topics all for one flat feet what you're looking to become an expert your path about a hobby or just want to learn something you go to lynda.com / Rich teeth now sign up for free 10-day trial ex Lynda.com / Ritchie teeth be sure to use that URL so they know we sent you and you know I don't think we can't stress enough like how diverse the range of topics that the cover is like you can learn something about things like that kind of stuff you're pretty smart lady windo vs Portland that story earlier today about this really weird dumb criminal there's this guy who decided he wanted to break into a convenience store so he climbed up on the roof and climbed in through the grease trap to get into the convenience store but rather than like break in and steal the cash register he stole I think you would like a ham sandwich which he ate there in the store and three packs of cigarettes and came into the grease trap because of the grease trap on the ceiling like I don't know why the grease on the ceiling of the Cross into the convenience store grease trap it's like when you fry stuff you know that use oil with a quarter that usually goes by is a friend of convenience maybe they sell like French for probably like she has to leave all of the windows are barred price of like that he's like covered in Grease and the cop said that when you shop with a cop showed up and said he saw the guy I like have stuck it out and I said help me I'm stuck and I need a poop I just think I mean the story was in Florida but it probably looks artist interpretation looks something like that how to get a free sandwich look what you just break into like a Subway or something I just heard from you so that's a priority like there's another story about a guy who got arrested and he really had and he was in the back of a cop car and apparently this happens a lot where guys had to pee and he was like super drunk got arrested for DWI and a cop just told him just go in your pants that's just what they do isn't it I want to do that I don't know anything up so he tried to be considered I guess and in the back seat of the cop car hits outside the window just cuz you're nice guy but I guess he couldn't get enough of a powerful dream so he did just pissing all over the side of the car on the side I would think that windows on the side of cop cars they just wouldn't go down I didn't feel like constantly but I think that if they can roll down there bars in them yeah I guess that's between the front and the back the difference but the disparity in Lake Tapps security you get in a cab in Austin and it's pretty much like no barrier between the back seat in the front seat but like you get in a cab and some cities and it's like the driver is encased in a Plexiglas container you can exchange different I have pics of us could stop it if he does show up at the ceiling stuck on that on the stuck so whatever to shoot a cab driver and they teach you to take your getting in a cab and you're alone and you did it right because it's the hardest place for him to like reach-around to get you if you trying to grab that you because if you're sitting next to him obviously these if you're sitting like across from him again so I have a habit of sitting right behind the driver even if it's like minimal legroom choking me but when you do you know anybody in the back seat behind me just your friends and anybody ever gotten like a barbershop to actually give you a custom hard razor no way I could never something like that Remy with a straight razor like on the back like on my neck but as far as the full shave now is to compete with a good would like because like this birthmark I got a couple birthmarks and whatever her you probably wouldn't believe it stop bleeding when you come over it was a blessing it looks cool you cut a mole off stop bleeding at the problem no not in the platelets Khan full movie where a mole was like there's a lot of blood but I like this a lot of things that go or let him lick a lot of vascular infrastructure to get that checked out a couple remova yeah I just checked out because they're more likely to get cancer doctor stuff last week was the last week I went to the doctor got apnea so like when I'm asleep I stop breathing a lot and it makes me snore like crazy so after finding its way to go to the doctor to get it checked out so I go to the doctor or specialist who treats all the stuff okay you know there's a couple of different things I can do to measure your apnea we can we can do it one of two ways to sleep in MarketWatch sleep and hook you up the stuff and I said but that's like $3,000 a night the other option and you like all these wires up to yourself and you sleep in this getup for 3 nights and then you bring the system back to what we read all the data off of it and I was like how much is that you like to do that $1,000 thing around my chest to my finger not really like I could kind of turned a little bit but it's like if it's like just going to sleep now I don't know so now I haven't experienced that would you take $3,000 out should have been thinking of something is like how much more should do they hook you up with their to justify the $3,000 I feel like I just watch I feel like because they will hook you up there but when it gets Lea Sleep Inn at I get to you not fall asleep if I knew people were monitoring me oh yeah nothing was different about your sleep Gavin said it was a webcam in your ceiling and anyone can watch it would you find out how to sleep probably weather tomorrow point of a painting and write it so you don't have to do all the stuff they just probably watch it when it's dead yeah it's like this big and you put it on your nightstand but the one before so I don't know I'll let you know how long your plan was to just measure how long you stopped breathing I think I'll also make sure that the oxygen level in your blood that's what the finger was so terrible because sometimes I'll be in a Dream Within A Dream my dream has trouble breathing cat breathing really want to but I'm going to stop and check into that stuff imagine Back to the Future real life right like if you don't do something about all this gasping funny like reading longer right like if you hold your breath just doing that over and over and over will increase your lung capacity right so like over time you'll be able to do with mine that is it I think the state of your brain is in it some people get to like him Madison medicine and I can breathe I can stop breathing for like 5 minutes at a time so right now if you get to that you would just stop breathing 5 minutes really it's nothing physical just waiting on a time to do after practice so you have to practice like expanding your lungs or something what is it now I can see I can just breathe through my nose no I'm just saying like try to like to it sometime when you're just like at your desk flight hold your breath feel like I think if you even if you didn't swim if you could increase your lung capacity and just hold your breath for longer and longer decrease you put in the optional drowning in the world through lung capacity expanding the lungs to the point where they can hold more and be able to deal with the pressure more but I mean it would say it would help you out if you are in a situation where you might drown right it makes sense to everyone else right if you can hold your breath yeah so why don't you everyday practice building your breath what are the odds I'm going to jail in Texas 1 + 9 in the water out of concern for me your car Falls in Austin where Brando Chinese number I'm kind of waiting on this one I feel like the majority of people who drowned don't mean to be in the water like their car going to be in the water at that moment I didn't or whatever the vast majority are people who voluntarily I'm not your father and I because of the situation thought in your mind is going to be Brandon was right I can swim I think I'm an adult I think if you crash your car I don't know there's something about you have to wait until you hit the bottom before you do anything that you can open the door until the car hit the bottom of the river bed or wait for the water to be like equalize between the two or more equalized yeah you need to Exhale as you're Rising through the water because that's the thing it was freaking me out that's when you are really deep under a lot of pressure and you come up too fast nitrogen bubbles form in your brain I'm going to look at me like that I just didn't know what was actually happening ocean or a lake or whatever to Philadelphia whatever dude no joke they told us don't hold your breath when you're on the tank and when you're in your water cause your lungs to explode enter that fuck you up prison have been freed up but I don't think it's like an actual physical thing where they explode and you die but then ended it and I think in the wreckage of a ship and it was really cool because when you end in sight of the ship you don't know which way is up anymore aside from the bubbles is how you know what if I say that it feels like you're flying like so weird if I wasn't terrified video of the drivers going through that boat that sank like they found a boat somewhere because there was a book and it's like 10 days before something and it I was going through it like start salvaging it and it's pitch-black and while they're going through and find someone still alive down there that's like an air pocket or something Pelican 1010 swimming through the Shipwreck you would look funny when somebody grabs you how to know if you cash it yourself pretty quick give yourself to me I took I took some some medicine or 70 safety how many people do you think I am dying over here in the world now in the US I think 5,000 people your truck 3500 fatal unintentional drownings water in people who were not on a boat they are just in the water and I don't know my email in the US like a lot of people who live on the lake Happy Pharrell just don't unintentionally children at this really sick from people who has drowned and been resuscitated but you're just going to leave it at the moment of acceptance where you just lie still and I'm just like there's a feeling there's a YouTube clip of this there's a TV show in Australia something like Blondie rescue that look like cars I'm by the beach in Australia dude he's like he's not breathing it looks like to drink and then later he comes to thank everyone and you want to see the video because it's like you want to that's me I'm dead but I can connect you with it like to see yourself as a life with blue corpses actually Super Freak Out video with the defibrillator was like a small one where they connected it to him and it kind of just did everything for him and yes it was like it was timing stuff and let nobody woke him up and just like so it makes it bearable to watch that's really fucked up it was so quick it would shock him and then wait and then she'll come together nobody likes Curr I think I'll have to keep it connected several years ago I think the dude who invented the automatic external defibrillator she got one in Austin no way I think there's a lot of places I think incident at the airport in Austin and they use the machine he invented shave give me brought it back to life that is the coolest thing ever do the images your heart right right yeah there was a way to connect that to Twitter to wear as soon as like you died like a detective no more heart rate you sent like 1 last week I'm on my way just really regret nothing mr. Hospital wristband to the liking of people have them they're not they're actually called it like a bracelet that has your medical information on it I don't one side there is somebody posted online it said to leave my medical alert delete my browser history where to put up a bunch of times last night over there I was asking a simple question I was going to do that with the last week thing my last tweet and I was like really it was funny so I tweeted this my last time I was there he say if I die can nobody tweet from my account with the weird how do people do that all the time like Facebook and Twitter that I'm about like polka movie coming out sleep that's weird text Roger Ebert to use someone's dead person to count to twenty someone out of the account when he died it was like something a promotional stuff like that's weird Leonard Nimoy's was a life is like a garden perfect moments can be had but not preserved except in memory heart that was perfectly sweet Lovin like after he died or was that just that was with the government was a good idea I don't know that that's a common thing any more expensive so just bring it on movie that's coming out later this year that we talked about at this point but I never saw anything about myself I did not know that Matthew McConaughey was in it yeah they're pretty awesome really really got me it took a couple of those a few episodes to get me into it it was like right at the end of I'm All About That Lea episode 3 or so therefore that's very different to a lot of people do not like season-to-season to profit from the fact that I think there were too many characters and too many like branching storylines that took too long to come together at the end and it was hard to keep track of everything that was going on and all the pieces because it was so complicated and when it came together it was almost rushed at the very end like this just a little too convenient like a really good have been together supposed to the first season words like Lulu easy to not just seriously though season 2 takes place all over California a lot of it's based in one city but that's like goings-on there Lobster in the first season just seems like you couldn't Madison Lea cool like in different ways the trailer to the motion and I just realized how into space movies I'm at the bank I love watching space movies on Blu-Ray so big all 4K stuck at this point it's like digital delivery to compression 4K doesn't look good in the consumer's hand projected at the Alamo high quality it's like a very limited very limited $15 on the price that I really like I'm really impressed I have to have Interstellar Ashley I just want to watch an experience of quality is so much better than blacks man yeah you really like the compression it was probably shortly after it started in 03 one of the Blu-rays over the annex at the old building and you called me over to see you like what I thought about like 5 different compression pipe so I walked over Adam Baird and I looked at them and I rank them want to fly from best to worst and it was the correct answer when I do that I'll be able to tell the truth not super obvious to 142 without like from from season 1 no that wasn't season one it was I think we were looking at Halo 3 stuck at that time yeah I mean if people feel like there's not a big difference but if you would actually put it in front of them to be like oh yeah that's that's way better than what I was reading about 4K like it was being shot like maybe at this point whatever in about it was okay and I was like that was in my mind then I was like Wiki cak have you seen it yeah like we talked AKA blows your friend is crazy it's almost hard to look at yeah okay like 40 or like this you think like all that stupid it's overboard but it's like it just blows your fucking head off it's awesome I love it I remember when we went to anybody we saw that as a display they were still obviously this is a couple years ago they were still not ready for Prototype stuck it in there but they built walls around it and the area around it to make it even more and really it was all very controlled environment to make sure that it looks good it was like nothing I was really just like that and it's going to get to the point people already in the country like I don't need one person to give up on that yet I don't even think is 1875 inch TV Stevie I don't think I'm ever going to have 4K Blu-rays I think if you're going to get a 4K movie take a hard copy it's going to be unlike you buy a USB stick with it and then you just plug it into your TV that you could fit for a movie on a Blu-ray on like hey Julie I don't know very long like you might have you might be a short movie yeah yeah like basically a feature-length thing for us to get up to like 28 gigs but it's a pretty like a liberal kind of 5848 gauge but then again we have a lot of other extra stuff you can it's going to be all of us be like that tell you about I don't know literally the low 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Carver's easy shave butter just one more reason to try Dollar Shave Club doing today at Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth that's Dollar Shave club.com slash RoosterTeeth very smooth it's so much more enjoyable I don't think I'm going to go back to a course I don't think that computer sufficient DRM on that I feel for some reason I feel like you would be is not as secure as secure as it's way more efficient and practical I mean assuming that the TVs now I can just play they could stream it off of it are crazy like that would be fine playing it off of USB 3 is what I think is going to be there going to be a service where you can download the entire thing first I really high bitrate 100 Gig download onto a device and then you plan for that you can hook up to your TV to stream anything download a YouTube video so much more work to like we offer all that shit is a crazy thing to me is all the like that you can make in a 4K like you said we have to take the negative thinking of the final film of the movie and then hits can and then you have a 4K movie like it doesn't like all the movies like I don't know why it's not start watching everything Sean 16 millas a fight but I mean like every Big movies Tucson 35 like what movie are you thinking to shoot some 16 that's not like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels alright will not that one then teeth fast will the high-speed wisdom 16th mile busted at 6 in Milford so next time you feel like you can just people just pay for that right now but they don't have a system like it's just really expensive to do that to do this cuz you need a special clean room but you can't handle the negative flight the original negative a film unless you're not super clean location would like people wearing suits and stuff what frame is massive what did Hitler's hard drive stuck to what we did at one point at one point right like every movie is a there's a digital file of it do you think they don't get it big enough like you think it's like oh shit we can get it like 4 so we can get like a 40 like snap of all of these movies did they already did it once and they don't think so I'm like why would I do that when 1080 was fine Blu Ray but I'm sure a lot of the Blu-ray stuff they just took from there but at this point I did no I'm at the maximum resolution that film there's no Maximum Solutions 04 film let me come get much more 4k on phone really don't know way to quantify a frame 8K on a 4K I didn't think this much that much additional you don't think or you know there's not much to choose between 35 and 16 completely free movie yeah that was the worst thing is really cool yeah most people don't notice text message and a text message that everybody hates I got yesterday you want to hang out with her computer problems like pictures of her computer screen with iPhone like texting me and I was like but that you need you need to turn it off and unplug it right in the household Smiley Central I could help you would fix this but the viruses disable your internet connection like you can't even get all you can get online he had to physically go there and I was like find someone locally who can who can help you with that the hardware that your computer what are you doing remova 4 hours away you could say I got this like at 7 p.m. last night you could be reporting to their in San Antonio grandparents uses a magnifying glass to read text in a browser window control plus plus plus size overalls in the computer or even want to see like YouTube original pixel it's better she called it the story what happened Apollo 1 time now I was just at work and she got this message you have a virus in Safari call this number to fix it and she want to bug me so she called and this guy picked up and was like yeah you know you work at Mac and your computer so she's like oh man what I need to do like alright we'll just give me this information and she told me about this I was like this is really really weird like what like what did he do was just like well he remote login to my computer and started taking control over it and I'll just kind of watching him like changed all the stuff outside disconnect your computer now and try to get me to buy software for it but I was he probably did it I called him back and I was just like oh he's like this in this house like you work it out I was like well I'm going to go do you work at Apple is like no actually someone you guys might know who I dated when I was very young when I met on the rooster teeth site I do I know I don't know the person was real there's something wrong with my computer and this person who I was dating knew a lot about computers through the internet through the internet we didn't personally know and she's like okay let me get remote access to a computer and I'll go through it and see if any viruses or something I don't think okay but its like 2 in the morning so I'm going to go to bed if you want to just like you do that while I'm sleeping he's like yeah of course I woke up the next morning and he was just like how could you have heard what he's like I saw your message it's not like you went through my cat looks like they just happen to be going through like I was going through your things to make sure you had a virus and I saw them as any of them he's like yeah I saw you talking to other guys like crazy so you didn't actually do anything right now if that happens and it turns out the other person who's in the wrong you're in the wrong for snooping but if you Snoop and find out that your significant other has like teeth you know what you're not exonerated if you do not trust it so bad but one you would break up about the other one you probably wouldn't hurt either thats phucked up at least you have a webcam and watching sleep wake up early for scenario stuck downloaded all your shit here read the definition of this word Give me the definition the definition of the definition for talking about the fucking crazy Ashley Madison Lea are the two people commit suicide so fucking crazy I was like one or the other but 90% dudes that was one of the top cities for it but then it was also one of the top cities for single people that were registered for it as well yeah try the other it's weird I didn't know what you like you can just give them access to your address book and I'll tell you if I like anyone in your address book is registered and ice cream and some other website has your address book now plugging your phone into foreign object black with silver car like you rent a car then was like oh you can you can Bluetooth your phone and that we can take phone calls on it and the person was like oh yeah that's cool I can do that to my phone to Bluetooth in the car I don't know anything boys like when you plug your phone into a new computer is like trust her don't trust me yet stuck downloading some of the stuff I wanted to send through the car like musicals but know this you don't know what it's doing with my phone where has USB and if you listen to a movie and you post a movie you just here kind of like the normal stuff feedback of the plane for us but if you plug in your phone you can hear it go to light like it like this date of movement hear it when your phone is plugged in and when you unplug the funny guys with with some happening when a phone is plugged into there so I feel like I can do better the definitely Gavin the active stuck in the semen from any human any human or if it's like a second senior from any human or fish example anus vagina it can be done with a drinking straw when semen is deep inside the rectum like a regular show or crazy what does 20 word for something annoying I've seen on some planes where are the people around them if you're on a freshly ejaculated I don't know if your mind so you can like play your music on your movies on the screen but have you ever seen men but the trick is are there the fucked-up thing is it doesn't it's not just a normal USB port like it's a special weird adapter with it they'll sell you on the plane it's like 35 bucks or something but I don't want to do that by using USB port on a plane stuck so I can stream movies from the plane through the iPad have to have to connect your laptop to the Wi-Fi you can watch television or movies flash cuz it somehow but the summer like I think United doesn't work you have to install a custom Lego Doctor Who custom player that plays in your browser replace a week for you and let you know yeah it's really nice with those big things in the way of your legs power and keep in the movies they're installing it streaming the plan was supported by the old Legacy stuff they didn't like the fact that there's a light that says no so getting there just like this community expectation or standard of what's ok to watch on a plane because like you can watch Game of Thrones no big deal and then all the sudden it's like a huge sex scene just pops up and it's like you know everybody around you can like someone watching on the plane because you just told me I don't feel bad it was my damn screen screen is just for me if you're watching it how are you liking it on the seat in front of you or I'll do the thing where I put my movie in the windo in like a light I feel like everyone down the aisle concede Promontory people on that flight watch it but if there's like a nudity scene your side I swear I'm not like getting excited by this the text that you wish that you were right she thinks they should be looking at it but the system was going to read the text you have to be like immediately next to you actually do something that I receive it's nice I always put subtitles on when I'm watching a movie so that if someone happens to be thinking that you're watching them you're complaining that they're looking at your screen but then you're being nice I know you are alternate Lea Canadian watch with like 5 people are tired of watching The Lego Movie on flight in snow everyone that I do not really care you just set up your like iPad with subtitles and put some shitty movie on there and hit someone up behind you want to look away but I can Godfather Adam Sandler movie that came out earlier this year that I've never heard of until like this one day was available to stream just like it was the same day that they had in theaters the cobbler have you heard of this movie now Adam sandle play by himself I don't know anything about it the back of the seats because I never have a laptop or an iPad you have to look down could usually have it on your tray or something on there on your left if you look down but if it's on the TV just like sit in a chair normally and look straight at Sochi tell him how I feel I can't eat that stuff inside interflex your vision back in the in the brightness air disasters wisdom teeth because I'm just normally I will I love ex that I watch that show all the time I normally hate that she's like how can you want as well I watched one this past weekend that like that was riveted on which one she absolutely loved it it was Fed Ex 705 it's over the Fed Ex flight from Memphis to San Jose where another Fed Ex employee like kids to ride to get on the plane and he tried to kill everyone on the plane and crash it so it's like he attacked the pilots and in Flight in here with a hammer and tried to kill them but then they came back and they were all fighting in the plane the co-pilot started doing a barrel roll and likely died in the plane to try to keep your pecker off of his feet and then put the paramedic was the first one that was like the whole place was covered in blood were footprints on the ceiling washing machine key or I wanted to make it look like a plane crash that he and his family get life insurance gotta watch those people with a 2.5 million dollars a bunch of people individually but that would be almost from a plane crash to be able to voice recorder no indication of what actually what airline worker who got fired but he still had his credentials so he got on the plane with a gun and he was like you know shot a couple people and it was like this perfect movie villain movie villain ending to the whole plane crash the attendant came on and talk to the pilot and said there's a problem and the pilot like you know opened up the you know I opened up the into the main cabin he was like what's the problem and then the guy with the gun toward him he said I'm the problem and you shot them but it's like the perfect setup and like and tagline like if you like guys that's fucked up but I totally nailed it time I was on so I thought about right we talked about have been many many flight one time I was flying out of Sacramento and I was going to use a smaller plane it was like a member there and it was there were not very many feeling the flight to Sacramento to Austin not stop and I remember I was like for some reason I was one of the first people on the planet and I sat down and like I saw the flight attendants and the captain and first officer talking and I kind of overheard them and I don't know exactly what they said but the flight attendants the head flight it's like okay so you know if there's a problem you know the code word for a over the flight is this sentence and you'll know that something's wrong do they out the river with a sharpie work where is the supermarket at where those that those with a sentence that they would read out of it allowed to because they would name a fake employee to go somewhere and never will be like someone show up with me so I will have the beefy looking people through the door because you never stopped anyone from stealing you can just trying to tell them to come in like your message said I guess like he did enough times and eventually stopped him I just like employee of a grocery store or like a Target to do just let anyone even if anyone likes you on the checkout with an object when big gun for Lea poo orientation again to give him the money and they don't pay you just let me know give me all your money is different it's like dealing with someone D'squared we need a small couch poop stuck with a sick of hearing it talked about that couch the weather like tomorrow beautiful place but if you know if you actually do you know that makes you want to keep this counts more I'm going to touch all the time so I feel compelled to talk about how someone taking over there who's going to be at PAX Prime this weekend we're to be there the entire show from Friday to Monday I won't be there Monday but barbar will be there Monday because everyone else flight out on Sunday or Monday morning because I don't want when I was leaving early I'm leaving early cuz I'm going early so what you're going to say I'm going to order something else in business before then and we're also going to Funhouse going to be doing dude soup live on Saturday at a place they're really close to the convention center walking distance and tickets are still on sale to pick some up I think it was really funny what do they do on stage in Fallout Shelter I believe and they just do like a parka to talk about games and other topics and stuff like that dude soup podcast exactly what kind of really funny it's funny as hell sleep every night it look like when you first join Rooster Teeth and like to put like the first video that I was watching like now so I'll go check it out we have a new podcast for watching tomorrow so actually it's Tuesday so if you're watching the boys tomorrow if you're not already we had a meeting about it I think if we say we went out for drinks and food just crazy you were in that meeting yeah what did you think what did you put for in I mean now I'm on the spot that you're almost off how do you delete stuff on Brando I just seen your add stuff to the meeting at your picture what you got to that mean keep going through the same thing it's really good that we have it or show it show it I don't know if I don't you have her come quick important things to say Brandon Florida water park can picture you doing stuck is this your I'm trying to basically the whole show is a whenever we want to talk sports on the podcast and then Burnie and Gus would yell at us to stop talking to me no no no correctly would yell at Jack because he would get obsessively details about it to the level that nobody cares getting upset episode it's kind of like doing this stuff like outside of the office or in the office and talk about it on the show look at the book look at the balls cause penis I gotta say that is way too close to the office now and will know that Crystal Palace number for Questar III look up not to sabotage them dead portable it going to be a decent show it's going to exist and going to contribute so hopefully see you guys at Pax this weekend I'm going to make sure you check out sports ball tomorrow love you