#339 - The Donut Hole Conspiracy

Join Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson and Burnie Burns, along with a multitude of RT guests as they uncover the dark truth behind donut holes on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on August 31, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-the-donut-hole-conspiracy-r-t-podcast-339

Recorded: 2015-09-01 15:58:54

Runtime: 01:32:42 (5562.26 seconds)

Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Ashley Jenkins, Jon Risinger, Blaine Gibson, Miles Luna, Meg Turney, Geoff Ramsey, Dan Gruchy, Ryan Haywood, Clayton DeWitt




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Transcript (in progress):

so this is probably one of the earliest podcast I think we've ever had but I just try to do it at like 10 a.m. we did we used to back in the drunk tank days we can sit in the rooms and the conference room we take over from 10 a.m. to 11 whatsap a shut off camera and a man is in town he is here with a really funny story Dan to do can you say I guess really funny story I heard a little tidbit that it was at your house right away I heard that you walked in on me and then didn't walk out imagines of going to take a shower I want to make sure that Mike was in so I couldn't hear what she said and then I thought I walked in and she had like she was like holding like it that's all that I just know she's writing it off as a loss and you can jump in the shower you should buy me to like him so he left and then he made out blaines version it's so hot so I started selling my truck and putting it on to just sit and take it off I said knock knock knock what I tried to say what Gavin said to you you can come in I got Gavins up to you door open why is your place to get shower in your room if not it's just pull down the shower curtain like the guest bathroom I never called his office to put it so you didn't get a new one into the pi but I just had to jam my head through the shower curtain and went to live with a friend in college who got really sick and he was DeWit which end with it was falling in the toilet while he was doing that he lost control his bowels are getting some of the bathroom ground Don't Tell me story about how they had a friend run the house to his liking one of the toilet and then the house like he's taking a cue from that bathroom all the way to the other bathroom is like a drunk a house but you know there's one somewhere I like walked into my roommate's room when I was like pissed drunk and I busted him his children to bed and I just started working why don't you come up here and said he couldn't come on the podcast because he had an appointment to get acupuncture puncture actually work but it's not going to solve the problem listen I'm fucking I'm an old man now 40 years old I am you were last night I have decided to fix my body because I've just been a hard life you might as me so I have the chiropractor and I do everything to help it what your problem is but I suspect it was on there and she said that the damage to me is about 15 years old she can tell by my side calcified and that's from the digital like it's trying to eat the whole thing but she said it look like a fifteen or so years old which would put it about the time that I hurt my back and I had to go to the doctor for his bullshit 49 should take care of my body right I'll do it so I'm getting this time it's almost do you remember our friend Lori with Jason on his ex-girlfriend chiropractor told me begged me to go get the stink Atlas adjustmen with 7 millimeters are in Twisted ASMR trigger Gavin over there so yeah so I have a 7 millimeter dog fucking Atlas thing so I go in every week and they fucking hit with a gun like this pic of my body goes like Can you feel it I can just feel like yeah kind of I guess you don't realize it's back in place of like everything's up and running on the rail what are you doing backward onto his couch and I was an Xbox controller and embedded in your spine I know you said the rest of the spine but of course all the time so now I can do Atlas and the fucking Xbox Elite controller in bed itself Blake Shelton Ryan the with Laura at 7 Mile off the fighte IC I have a tremendous amount of pain between my shoulder blades and in my lower back and then the entire left side of the body but since I've gotten 4 times now it's mostly going after a certain age it's a lot more efficient if you name the stuff that still works it's just God is Awesome especially because almost fun time we had a big overhead doors but we had a big overhead door and had no spring on it so it wouldn't stay open like a mass of a door that you think I'm so the solution was there was a huge like that pic around 7 milliliters a round steel pole that was sitting right there and then they put that up and then like it was like I was in the dark I was down like 5 or 6 feet down below the level of the bottom of the door just talking to me and was talking me to clean up and rest his hands on the open door which you lift it up a little bit and then to pull this goes like it and I'm walking away this fucking fuel pump comes on the couch in the middle of my head vertebrae in my spine when I do like that you got for the flu not too long after that and remember that you were fog IHOP after drinking downtown or something and you were going to your car and you walked into a fucking like like a pipe was a river that has a parking garage me like a fucking thing about your hair we can do that one walking Pi me not to ride your bike down to things like that to stop people from Megan's Law not apply to anyone New York to look it up it's probably the killer was a kid with those guidelines that would come off of my telephone poles and it looks like there's a diagonal like you would like yourself that's how they made the fucking black lizards in the desert every horror movie sound effect it looks like a circle and it looks like it's actually only what you love me but do you really like it right now but like alcohol when they pull them out or they just you know I've never seen them because I want to waxing men like you do it and then you lay there for 20 minutes with the needles in you and you fall asleep sounds like some me shit you drool all over yourself when I'm going to sleep in your feeling about the hydrophone that's what I'm talking about Freddy Krueger make sure he was behind the Scream movies as well Her Last House on the Left Hills Have Eyes those are pretty Nightmare on Elm Street the first one discovered that crazy director he is credited for discovering Johnny Depp and I think he gave Bruce Willis one of the first that next with the hundred dollars reflexology for feet don't find a good number the brain massage guy that we wanted to do well even offered to bring me some picture of it somewhere in your self Gavin strong she was completely wrapped in pillows what else I do know I just left but I will say that he came into the office after you get up in the hospital and all he said was if I can't have her nobody will that's what that is that is why you ended it though because you don't want Ryan to look exactly happened also play basketball and they're supposed to do with helmet on the floor so in complete safety stripes in the back that with my head like hit the floor my favorite thing is those belong to me she just had them we just pick them up on Friday of the following was part of the body out of the way so just kind of go backwards tie dye rocket leagu but the point is that when we go and it went horribly wrong that we also make your first time ever having head injury yes it was terrifying never ever ever anything while standing up and then I couldn't call when you can yeah but they say we should read the things to you that that voice that's in your head the voice that you talk to yourself with that when you think those thoughts that there's actually minut movements of your larynx like your brain is actually like on a very very small level is vocalizing right now Gavins at the Disco water phon hear this I'm going to pull up the file for this did you did I'll let you play that hear anything. It's never like sci-fi movie has the sound effects in it sounds like invented those sound individually another instrument and I just thought I would put them in one day just make this and find out of the scariest sounds ever Bowie sounds like trays a different material at different shoes it be cool if that was combined into an actual instrument like a big boat thing with different shoes on the end of it was really great to Ryan me to make out face that was terrible Clayton DeWit arm sound effects voice of water is it always just kind of like a we have to do a lot of different things at the same time to be absolutely of your tits to Bill to not have that voice yeah I'm pretty sure I've always had that little thing every time which is I'll be like 11:30 1230 and drinking for a few hours and my voice my head just stop right now will not listen to that voice and that's the last thing I remember what it was you have to leave as well I thought you just continue my Irish exit mile weird it will do this thing where it's like it'll turn stuff into like a game so it's like drunk Blain I'll play along with it so it's like we got a little check mark list since like okay just get to the bathroom it's like mission accomplished next Trixie feels like here comes the plane Lauren Green where do most sound designers get the sound effects of the use of Clayton everybody is your first with us quiet with a big projector with the movie on it and you do whatever you rocket ship sound and you're right nobody is nobody who invented a machine to make those weird sound more on there until how long you been working at Lazer team for instance you were working on Red vs. blue for this season me and all the time so me like Star Wars stuff like the Tie Fighter explain with the Tie Fighter noises I was playing with the school library and I was working on but I took a baby elephant just moaning and a half speed it sounds exactly like the Tie Fighter you just described sounds all day so whatever time you have just fired the guy who was designing the sound of the TARDIS you know what sound that is no plan right now oh yeah I know that yeah he was he just opened up the piano and took his house key and scraped it on the piano really slow beyond the cool stuff that you can shoot it can I go in and I watch Gavins everything and it's so you know whatever she said it depends on you two let's play there 6 video tracks that I fix audio tracks but we just Slow Mo Guys just like to video tracks or maybe one and then there's like 30 or 40 audio tracks like it looks like you're anything so I should I should put a screenshot the one where with firing guns the automatic rifle because it was slightly different and doesn't record sound and even if you record sound like the highest day that you possibly can it still completely in order when you sit on them but you just have to let time sound effects like slim down to 50% and try to put in every single sound effects like the Click of the trigger than the bullet of muzzle flash and in the bullet going to let it slide back sound effect for the for the new building a the summer stuff is happening and had to Lost with you on the next one did you ever do some guys video where you didn't have sounded it just wasn't right and you start from the beginning where is like that it's like this thing doesn't make any noise my favorite is when there's a bug eating another bug you just wanted to know we found a bug be another bug by complete accident and it's to fly out there but I was worried the people watching my phone wouldn't really know what they're what should I put in the sound effect signifies something happen that makes it just eats this more fly by just as much the piece of poop some of those videos I feel like it's different favorites for different things like the funniest ones I think one way I was patiently with aborted because I had a condo on the head and thought it was hilarious that was only once and then no more I'm starting to believe that and it looked really cool just like visually stimulating and you know things like that to hit in the projects closely you guys got the police involved in everything probably aquarium a lot of that one 4K TV at home it's like I got a 4K version of Netflix and then 40 version of YouTube and have to stream it directly cuz you can't go over the cable to do it or you can't even do it on a disc so doing that for K like in my living room so relaxing video recently is like an old trailer gets made fun with a hammer Steve Madden back to missing shots I just remember one of the classic ones we were doing the laser beam going through a bunch of balloons hasn't come out not sure if it will Dan Mitchell basically it's a very simple thing the camera hit the red button runs the thing you run to the camera and Evergreen orange goggles the big one there is poop out but have split seconds to make it anyway but that those split seconds not exactly go over so I could see what was going on orange orange yeah it's a good sign that duck duck squeeze one that makes this whole thing is all the duck inside of it and let's go and it makes it sound like countdown Stadium find the reverse button so I was just kind of creepy Lauren you're just making me and I didn't put anything in it it's lady taking a bubble bath and getting ready to like get the bubble bath with wine and everything else is like cutting in the bubbles pouring the wine you know showing the water coming out every time she shows on tonight perfect for her how long do you think it would take that store the shifter is duck fat do you know I gotta say I'm like to say goodbye here to second because we want to talk about your past and I'm really jealous liability ins for a while gas and the ability to set something up and then pay it off in 6 seconds is really rare I mean it's been a hard thing to do and some people just really great and this is not enough time and we should talk about the iPhone what was your walking to the Greenbelt you find yourself Mile and IC today we're going to do this again to me this whole time I would you like a whole trip went I'm right just like couldn't keep myself from saying they never remember why I said come on in here and say hi a subset of them so this is PAX Prime this is the one Seattle the original she was at the very first packs when was only 3,000 people duck and I were there as well things geof was there too yeah we were selling DVDs out of a suitcase literally I mean that's why we didn't know that you could sell like merchandise at a convention so we sat at a table in the hallway selling DVDs out of a suitcase weird things about this year is normally passes on the Labor Day holiday it's a holiday weekend and it's as a result of that they do it for days Friday Saturday Sunday and then Monday the holiday it's not on the holiday this weekend but they kept the four days that is going on right now as a recording a podcast I know what time cuz some people will take will take one day off for the convention in there you should take a nap going to take Monday off it stays on when it's on the holiday weekend cuz a extra day and nobody knows work or anything so I don't know I'll be really curious to see from from Barb and gas than ever and when they get back how many people were really there today we were totally wrong and it just never heard of it probably runs the convention if we traditionally did for days and then we get the holiday weekend we're going to be really careful because there's like 3 different floors if you're not really reduce the price of those boots or anything like that I would feel like the value for the exhibitors I would feel personally but I would feel like I had to keep that same value for them but then there's like if it turns out there's no one there then put all their staff and resources work I try not to abuse the privilege that we have at least sometimes but the one exception I make is a convention like Pax and San Diego Comic-Con BW3 too much but it to be able to go to the floor before it opened and like oh you know they're showing Halo 5 hear well the hell I'll just get in line like the two minutes before the whole Vines get Frontline for Oculus for that he offered no proof with a series of the office was right next to the YouTubers so we were staring at it as of the internet that if you need that controller and a game but I was talking about this it's really interesting trying Oculus his progress like as it gets closer and closer to launch by the size of their boots at events like a couple years ago yet this serious issues with it like a size of a boy that was I'd say it's bigger than usual it was bigger than really a lot of the game publisher haywoo which is a huge change from a few years ago is like in a ballroom and a satellite hotel and it was a card table with a unit on it a billion dollars come to help you in them million more than what YouTube sold for Oculus so much money I don't know 787 a huge deal me Myspace sold a box for 500 million dollars you know and it's enough now denturist in the States but a our Facebook is in a position with my stomach whatsap app for 17 billion dollars and Oculus with Julian was it 17 whatever it was I get to that point with the building or two I think there's a certain portion of it that when they do those purchases where it's like certain valuation is that depending on how you calculate it based on where free school closed for the day you know you can watch it anywhere between 17 to 19 billion dollars between 79 billion basically like make a fucking messaging app seriously that's it LOL but IC Q in the late nineties for 190 million dollars and I'm okay that's done there's going to be that we're done messaging that's locked out the AL is the standard and that's what'll be from now on there's a the tech industry every couple years I mean that's what you wanted mile it's all user base Lexington with WhatsApp when she was in Australia Facebook why not just spend the money for a long time when I was it or anything with media in it a lot cheaper cuz my phone plan and also that I was paying like $0.25 a text message me later okay probably you don't blink ever do that again she didn't like him you just ask to talk to the sender you just stand there and there's another text message trying to segue into the side so I got a new phone just hit my phone I got I got an Apple watch now Yeah Yeah Yeahs the iWatch or the Apple watch does a really stupid thing for Fitness weird measures your calories and measures your number of minutes of exercise per day and then the Fitbit will do your steps per day are steps to apple watch doesn't really do steps because he goes hold on how many times you stand up in an hour that's a different thing places that have an Apple Watch that's the thing that tells you to stand up if you been set on too long but it's at the same time it doesn't 10 minutes before the hour if you happen to know if you want to sit in a movie theater every 15 minutes for hours on the 50th minute every hour lunch people what is it like a weird so if they're trying to get everyone in the world to move at the same time calories in Houston Texas it has stand which is like once an hour where's the snow steps on here where's the steps Atlas track instances many steps are you doing and also like to duck calories for the day and I just got a new vehicle and it's like got a really big engine and I put my phone on the thing and it shakes the phon and one day I was like 14 month old has been driving all day bring my road trip for 3 days and then he's like this it was a U-Haul or with I'm going to pack up her stuff removing that it was exactly a road trip what weird thing is the truck vibrates so much that we had no problem in spite of that you were sitting all day event at the time they were using steel bands and at the time it was like you surpassed your goal Dan the hell that I'm just looking to me anyway. you just go where you go and weird it was that so Gavin so I have been I think I've been pretty Relentless and you have to you about bitching about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus specifically duck ship absolutely so I cracked my screen he is right it's right there I'm done 3000 steps with your phone in your pocket to do it or does it just do it from anywhere I had to get a physical and they had to get me down to my underwear so they could like to meet you like feels and groping I did I did to get on your fingers no I got I got I got this thing push like that again on the penis on The Voice do you get the project we're going to have to call her yet because the Bulls go out I don't know what is it going do you know what I thought he had some truth the whole truth I know nothing about this August 8th December 10th and organs pic here's my question when he does this thing where he or she because you know it could be anybody in the doctor they put their fingers up in there and a cough and you cough like what would they see or what would they experience with their hand if they follow this person has a hernia maybe the testicles ashle you don't use all the muscles cuz it's ruined and your boys there and jump Al how you know you have a hernia so I had to get down to my underwear and I get this thing pulled my pants down to my ankles my iPhone 6 has the pants went all the way down at my ankle level it came up and it fell out and it was like so it has been cracked already it was the tiniest surprise attack across with a shattered the iPhone 6 and I found out you would get on because I don't get apple care because I always figured I can last a year and then if my phone breaks I'll just buy the latest iteration which we know was coming out now September 9th right come out a week I think that's why pre-orders and start shipping them like and then in the next two weeks later this week Apple watch cheap the next day I literally got it 24 hours later I had to wait 3 months to get their Apple watch when it came out and I was warehouse space for the blank one the housekeeper anyone the time for sunset of the park it's right there next to the control room like this but anyways I went to the Apple Store and you was going on because I don't get apple care but I don't know exactly replacement iPhone 429 bucks do you have a phone replaced I've had a phone replaced I paid 129 but she played in 99 + 90 AppleCare replace your phone for a hundred they were going to replace the screen for $129 what capacity was your 420 replace my screen for Hunter $29 or replace the whole phone for 350 and I forget it I'll just come back another day duck a frappe OK and then sweet-talked the guy at the desk yes exactly right to do that a customer service situation Arlington he went to my whole phone and ran a diagnostic he said he had my phone yes and he goes to check something to check if you look at it and he thought he could see how many times I got the thermal shutdown on my phone which was only happens a lot if he likes to put it in the window on playing I didn't tell the guy that I've also had like 1818 different apps have crashed on my iPhone because you get a lot of crashes I could use your battery on this thing and I said it should be I don't like this phone he said the plus is almost all battery so the plus should last you a day and a half for 2 days on one charge and I was like absolutely not doesn't work like that and he said okay and he looked at my phone and see I guess by the installs the backups on it he said do you restore your phone from backup when you get them and I said yes and yes how long you been doing that since the iPhone 3 or iPhone 4 and I don't do that I'll give you this phone you get a new phone he goes just start over with a new phone if you have Cloud stuff and everything your email back of your data and I was like I don't I use mostly cloudy stuff for like I'm at email and all that stuff Toyota text messages and stuff so all my text messages yes or no so I have all these here but the phone is so much faster doing there like the rotating Earth rotating into everything that you should video it so we just been dragging its relations of problems across every different phone and now you're just clogging up the latest one is exactly what he says that's exactly what you said your phone and applying it to me like you buy a new computer and you like installing Windows 95 on an upgrade to XP and you know it years consciously like applying all your old problems and also answer my phone when I got a new one he was just like yeah like he went through and all the stuff that was going on in the background he just turned it off notifications during your vacation the application try to separate that out you know I don't want to know nothing you have apples right or nothing I want to sing I got a new phone and I want to just pull all of my messages and everything else so do you manually adjust music on the phone too hard for one thing I didn't back up and it's not fog of the world and I could restore probably try to export it and then wipe the phone and do it I just put on the Let It Go I'm going to give up on that level 531 from shoving your phone in the plane window and keep your phone good luck with that if you forget Al is going to put in the window anymore I travel a lot and it was like nobody else is playing fog in the world I did on the leader board there was a game like 8,000 people on the leaderboard worl wgs data there's levels and you can see as it unlocks the world and all that other stuff but it's not like I gave you don't do anything you just run it to give me a real life Gavin each other Perhaps Perhaps my phone would not have broken if I have had say for instance different underwear on haywoo it's a cliché because it's true me undie fly babies on underwear that makes you look and feel fantastic a fabric that's twice as soft as cotton that's why she soft as whatever underwear your wearing right now me and it has tons of colors and styles and the only place to get matching pairs for men and women even released a new where them and he absolutely loves whatsap Shipra free me under you you get to keep it for free you literally have nothing to lose except for your shitty underwear you can open it your first order at me on these.com / Richard Cheese that's a special offer just for our listeners make sure you go to meet undie / 62 get 20% off your first order and so that they know that we sent you want to fight me on these four constantly sponsoring the Rooster Teeth podcast we could not make the show without them turning red singer tweeted a picture of me and Erin working on John's Car in like my ass crack was hanging out tonight like my Hanes underwear sticking out in me undie tweeted me in the leg and that underwear game bro I don't like extension the contents of this month right now I think most of us have done that you know I me undie now what of it would like to correct read over the top of you being late LOL that is exactly how is your packet talking about that in the world I mean it's not everyday it's not good it looks good whatsap be nice and let you know where I can with my grandad's but he gave it to me but part of it is also pi text before we talk about getting high we want to pack some Blain and I were running stream for you too we did then all day live streaming channel YouTube gaming I don't know if you guys saw that version of the evening. Youtube.com it was streaming on arm are normal Channel as well but when you pulled it up on the the gaming fighte it looks awesome it's huge and play it like automatically had a nice chat running down inside I thought it was super cool but we did we didn't all day stream on Saturday to check out the game demos a couple of games we had two three you know getting a little bit of an update and stuff about them we played some ridiculous games like Jewel Rand Al Thor cosplay thumb war competition dress up your thought it was going to be it was originally going to be a rock paper scissors tournament and that's what got adjusted and then we got up there we gotta and John R I thought we can do some work that's totally fine and if he saw cosplayers and I'll be right back crazy League of Legends cosplay how crazy those can be what's up I'm getting that's not from you every I keep expecting like little like her some stuff from you and know that you couldn't like my phone which by the way I always think I know how to play did you find her I thought I always think I know how to play munchkin with because I played it a whole bunch of times and every time I play it what was going on but you couldn't back stab each other and we stick additional monsters on someone to try and get them killed or get help from someone and agree to like to share the treasure? The Citadel help you beat a monster it's really fun I'll sit down so I can have you standing on cupping therapy for hernia IC something tells me it's okay we'll wait for you here for that I knew was quickly Bees game the breaker it looks pretty good right of 20 and 20 kills and he had to it was it kind of looks like club the club is like a Capcom game is like a speed running and shooting saying you look like a mix of a bunch of different games like that in the future going to the Moon which causes a massive earthquake first and then like just a lot of civilization as it was at the time and it also causes gravity fluctuations of the Moon Moon dust or something down there but up here the different parts of the with a lower gravity than other with their different character classes and so he was kinda like tf2 from what they're saying it looks like and stuff like that that's the one that's being built in Austin that's not battleborn gearbox in Dallas right but then there's battlecry yes it's Battle Cry and that's the one that's being done by battlecry studios here in Austin Texas yeah you have battleborn battlecry on blood-borne and I constantly get confused just by the name they're all they're all kind of the six games although I will cry and battleborn have a bet that mobile flavor going on yeah I'm over and over again have you played rocket League you got to play rocket League 2 player rocket League I'm just going to tell you so much but I can't find any comparisons between rocket league and go out there the only person that's why 44 Gravois was always for on for a little bit more control over your player and everything else anyway so their conversation I was not far behind you but there's no way I was flying at 5 a.m. fluid in at midnight went to bed immediately A matter with you and Adam at a bar her you guys were at the hotel or some like that and then went to bed worked all day and actually Friday Friday night yeah those are crazy tricks man crazy shiti cuz I was at the airport at like 5 a.m. and you need to be back for moving my apartment which I did all day yesterday weird risinge a drunk come over help me with the couch and stuff so we stuck to my couch I think it looks like John 32 department on floors for me to the building department you will need at your cross I'm sorry that was a pain in the dick John how do you convince you to do that well he he he he asked me to come help him move some stuff and it was fun moving the stuff because most everything else went into just the elevator and feels like moving just like Ikea furniture into an elephant it really wasn't then we got the couch in the couch just in the elevator yeah we were doing the whole like slowly you just barely see me a little bit and then going up rotating it and do the exact same thing 5 times it's really putting in the fridge you lose all physical strength pressure in a tractor trailer what have you been up to have you been up to Michael Snoopy in his Dreams Park have a pool and it sits water park splash pad spots and everything it's like I've been to the water park no kidding I couldn't get people in his words like a bracelet I'm sure those clothes no we just like to scratch at her Bennett took the shoes off for the Seattle where's the couch and now it's like a big solid what is that out how to take a couch in half play me some thank you John was like yeah I know what a pain in the ass it is our people move all the time what did you get out of it face when he got the legs off and we finally texted into it as it start actually get to the point where like oh it's going into the apartment she had this look of joy that was like someone told them that the disease is gone and he's going to live John Deere L Series John Deere cry like you do every time you watch the Star Wars trailer in my arms for a little bit yeah I mean is it blows with the same time the music so that those like that arm I don't know I did that I'm leaving by John John lose so because I didn't know what a pain in the asses having people move and like I was up until 5 a.m. this morning moving fucking Furniture so you still sleeping I slept 2 hours and I woke up and I had a few Sony release which buildings could you see in your view he said he was in jail and now I might as well is there a Mormon so of the places they were staying with an Airbnb and it was it had the most incredible view they were looking down at the Space Needle panorama termite Twitter Patrick but it was fucking the right there The Bay Downtown Issaquah gorgeous want to see this side of Seattle it looks gorgeous and there's fog of with you that's all it was kids were there for that was the night that we got lost for a while and it raining on Saturday showing me Panorama from blaines Instagram what's your with your Instagram needs to be fighte the Blain the underscore Blain that's right I lost I need to get a contact case I can't remember, it's really dry and Adam want me to go get some ass for me so I like. Lost City me back to Harvard and then like water and I bought a shirt look at your shirt while I was out but would you buy the shirt because it was covered in Seattle Lake Michigan Shoreline Washington Church never heard Blain say before I need more shirts yeah I figured you would a wet shirt that's like alright that's what I'm going for IC impressing anyone Lakewood weird he doesn't need the washer to do a form I got you chips or anything else that you wanted to talk about the thing you usually it's legal and we talked about before if that's actually true we can check to see if it's inside of donut in the whole County Gone Baby Gone we have a blueberry we have around on it and we have a white donut blueberry Delight Note 3 stuck on Sideways come and see what it takes to a donut Magnolia donut Ryan Holt ok the FCC who is it Gavin IC comes back around 1:17 bragging about how quickly they can get the video got somebody in the face with it are they high here's the video we were watching the video and we were thinking it looks like he's really sounds like story about being in Seattle the video feed back up in a second so it is legal there had to go to an appointment and I don't want I don't know any names but they're yeah we got things and stuff and I had a flight and knowing this I still decided to in this is my first time with you know I tried before but I was getting very paranoid because I'm already apparently person even more so on that you had a lot of fun and then I had to go to the airport so I can get a cab back to my place anytime the girls are just like watching over me like are you okay Blain new releases like ask me questions and see if I was like okay and yeah I had to go to like airport security now just like they do everything really was red he was sure they were never seen I've never seen eyes like that you know like when you when you cry and your eyes get red I would have imagined that are crawling with nothing like that it looks like it's some crazy disorder to tell me what you saw that a lot of fun we had multiple Guinness taste better in Ireland we had to cut the trip short for a couple reasons we had to cut the back and short cuz we had to be in La for a thing in the front and short because you and I got to shoot a really cool thing with Weird Al Yankovic sweet donut video arm from shooting nothing to do with Weird Al what should be out pretty soon it's not our thing but it will air on some of our stuff and that was a lot of fun we really enjoyed it very very funny dude is really funny he's really funny and very nice surprise professional level you meet them and they're just come assholes that's not the case he was a good dude love you dude it's amazing how long he's been relevant we can spend four decades as we were talking about UHF when that came of that was easy sorry she was telling his crew started in 1976 the right I mean that's crazy it looks super weird pictures for him to wear your first time doing hair in like a year and you're like taking the picture that has in his Twitter weird him in the morning I guess I do I'll go what time you talking about is chiropractic stuff that I didn't get your ASMR trigger going because Gavin just watches Chiropractic stuff it's like yeah that stuff that he said he was coming not so much he said he plays it clear that you please the head coach of it if someone would like a more relaxing to me when it's just totally different gems on people's bodies mile a minute Doctor Who does of what the fuck Richie and Reggie's a Reiki master a guy we work with and he like to manipulate your karmic energy from afar just a matter if he liked and everything is really tiny and your lips like this they won't be doing it right now it's crazy in there Atlas air inside that you put down and then it makes a vacuum so it sucks up there looks like when you're done it looks like you got attacked by octopus giant paintball the garbage you know it's just awful what is the most hated celebrity she's one of them the holier than Al Bhed I need a lady from Knocked Up is heated more Katherine Heigl Heigl people really just like her an awful lot of people hate Chevy Chase so it's a good idea so let's talk a little bit Island geof a good time again my first meal I had assumed everyone I wouldn't I found it I wanted to have a student like all you can do way better than that and I'll let you know no I can't she's a meat potatoes girl man she loves to visit a couple places in Austin that we gotta get her to do what is a thing that of the Irish people everything is great one of my favorite places on the planet and I just absolutely love my dad's side of the family is a hundred percent so I just felt like a very familiar to me like I loved it I'm going to take ashle the Scotland Scottish you should the ashle there was great my only regret is that it was about 350 people to come to meet up when we spend a lot of time making sure everyone got a photo in a signature if they wanted that and as a result we didn't get as much time to like hang out and just talk with people but that's good let me know next time and actually I'm working on something right now with the organizers of our to Ireland where we're going to sit down and do a video Q&A from people who did some stuff there just wouldn't have enough time to do everything that I can for wonderful dinner everything was great total of suppose is like like being in the market for you know real estate Castle to be like yeah I know but this Castle just a location and I was hoping for something like that some people are in the market for underwear the Chinese understand this and that's why they just like underwear that makes you look and feel fantastic me undies made from modal fabric that's twice as soft as cotton that's twice as soft as whatever underwear you wearing right now me and has tons of colors and styles and only place to get matching pairs for men and women they even released a new design every month I know that's where is an absolutely loves it and swears by them but we all know the paying for shipping sucks so me and remove that from the equation all orders in the US and Canada shipped for free me and even has a money back guarantee if you don't love your first pair you get to keep it for free you literally have nothing to lose this week the deal me on this offer you 20% off your first order at meetings. Com / Rooster Teeth that's a special offer just for our listeners make sure you go to me undies.com / receive 20% off your first order is so that they know that we sent you thank you me undie first supporting the research it really say you can keep it I love you did have to send them back to prepare a pair of pants a pair of pants in the drawer a pair of pants are in the dryer when you come up here is a singular thing a pair of pants but if you say pants in its plural like you like your pants are a pair of anything is always worl Duck Dynasty guy I'm going to meet you there but you said a pair of people I like that you can keep them even if you don't like it yeah but you also said something like oh that couple is doing its thing you're referring to multiple things that's true group if I said that couple are coming with us that would sound weird a couple is coming a couple is coming with us it's a noun singular noun we could have multiple couples but a couple takes two individuals and make them part of one you know you don't think you actually geof and things if it's true what you're saying geof me elephant where you know God have you IC geof and probably until the day I die but just heard somebody else to point out to me that if you say gift cuz it's graphical so you say gift in jpeg photographs with a fake BJJ Pi also also this is JJ JJ jpg jpeg sagging if I mean really is an acronym this point they should get rid of both and it's going to be around if I could be around for very much longer we'll be surprised if there's no audio it looks impressive but it's also a compression socks also like a gift it's like 5 seconds can be like 10 times the size of an HTML video file exact same size but trying to load one of those still be is a series of images last night I was like a little tiny video rocket selfie stick think that it wasn't really even such a camera to try but you know what I have in my notes that you IC Code for like 6 seconds can you get binding with a selfie stick so I should think so hard so a lot of people cuz we're recording a podcast early today that's why you were just doing it just got into town and he couldn't Patrick who is heading back now I'll pack it means we can tie up the video feed 4 Jessamine Place Dan with a recorded thank you don't even hundred for making room for Ryan to do that so it's good that I'm getting off now so people can come in hang out and fight for their closing arguments we have about the stuff people in Europe can stay out till 3 in the morning we'll see what I mean making a change the way we deliver it was a big deal it was kind of a test but we'll see where it goes from here at 7:30 hopefully that works out get your shit together Tyler 130 President Obama talk about a couple more things before we go time call Miles Handley tie you want to get up this Clayton of the internet American on the park a few miles before I like this I think everyone else has Mile 10 cool things going on right now what is less cool than the other two interesting things Pi season is ending in the miles also went through yeah I'm doing okay great that you know this is my job now I get to watch two things direct Red vs. blue I just like it's slowly grinding watching two people I really admire in so I know how high-stress those jobs are there I know how hard that I want to I want to Seattle with Matt to go check out a Halo 5 they let me see a job he's going to start off and on for me yeah I know things are busy for like 2 weeks in a row unless it was a sponsor really so that was real calling the city unless it's spinning up servers so that's another good reason why we should have the like requests per second or something crazy and yeah it was a bunch of things going on but I assume that's impressive mustard it's like especially me what is going to be almost 8:10 locations in Austin somewhere I am going I'm really on the big screen and I'll be honest I really want to see that whole thing wasn't paying for my sound design lighting Muse this is while because that was done almost entirely with animated characters on the show in a place like that was because we had the geometry for that matter that we didn't have the time to light it and address it and mess with her so we did was we would get a shot in Machinima and then give that shot to an animator they wouldn't go into the 3D version that set lineup the same shot and an animate from that angle but we don't know what the focal length on the Halo 4 theater cameras and that made things really difficult super wide angle that we can figure out if you like weird question would you make it around lens if they wanted to a product that we had to do we had and it was like it was really really amazing right now that's a major project to another major project because we don't have people like really close family see what with season 14 will hopefully give me a bit of relief to work on some other stuff but we started working on his well before we talked about the RTX panel for a Red vs. blue season 14 of a Crossroads for some storylines and we're going to invite other people to come participate in making Red vs Blue the last episode of Red vs Blue for this season is I think the only one that I wrote a long with you like it was like this I like how to have a social life again I'm going to I learned about Tinder dating world has changed so excited alright before my break actually technically 11 checking right now if you are not the kind of person was going to go out to a bar every night and see somebody that you find attractive and go straight to the conversation hopefully not a psychopath you don't want to deal with that then you can just do it on your phone it's like okay this person is moderately attractive there's some interest there some conversation like people were like oh it's just based off of like artificial looks and sounds like oh yeah that's what you doing a real world to know I'm going to go up to someone that they think it's disgusting lard ass and personality initial barriers like it does this person think I'm attractive if it's gone it's like it's established okay you're both attracted to each other it was in there I was so excited when you text me that I gave you like pages of bench IC information curiosity with this thing is whatever and within 5 minutes I found a profile for a Chihuahua and it was like 50 cool app great for confidence so that's awesome we were dating for like you had like 4 years and we're still on time Gavin single new single mile focusing on trying to work off all the crunch weight and like to see all my friends that I've ignored for the past 95 hours a week a lot I will now it's slow down a little bit cuz now she's going through that will be working on a script together and he's getting pulled every 5 Seconds of questions about lighting or this camera are we doing about this voice actor yeah it's not the best thing ever we left the old Support Office in Lindsay and Trevor and caiden's office the Bro guy let me only one more episode until the end of the season what a great time together to binge-watch the entire season will be all geared up for the finale which will be next week I messed up another food order at Which Wich last loss and we discovered that it is possible to mess up Which Wich Dan what you do this time you're right being at the shop hey babe just seen your brother where he needs to stay at 6 is an exit that you got it 2011 me out today I have already signed it instead of like I said I will try and with a name like that do I have to do the Builder and just take everything so I don't really know what it was a good thing when you're done it's amazing how that matters if the order was never any source Lazer team if you haven't heard has its official premier date it'll be next month if they were less than 30 days away this morning we can Premier at Fantastic Fest if your back or for the film shows he's going to have some information about you but me know when you're going to be able to see it as well but he said he didn't the crowdfunding campaign that as soon as we have digital copies available to go out to the world our backers will be receiving as well and then there's some people who contributed at the premier level and we're currently working on something to get you guys here so you can see the premier what does it cover props to Brandon who got engaged LOL don't know weird running around duck me congratulate alright with a rescue party give me how to get to Brandon's Pub was trapped in Mexico. I know you asked questions I can ask questions but congratulations to Brandon for getting engaged and his fiance we save good luck Godspeed this early version of the richest podcast let us know what you thought about it maybe we'll be able to do it early in the future as well thanks everybody for tuning in Cycles