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Recorded: 2009-11-05 00:32:15

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

YouTube Tim Curry is baptism really a ship my pants Tim at was drunk tank is brought to you by the Coen Brothers cuz it sounded like a theme song it would be new Coen Brothers movie and then it ended like this didn't see it coming you think the commonality yes I took it as a compliment my favorite from burni theme song of the week of the week yes I'm doing well a surprise ask a few in the snow videos she don't know what that is really buff women face and called me fat and then possibly might be you this dude and out within two hours he could probably healthy food starts with AQ the world seems more dangerous now but there's actually been did you get information instantly and constantly from everywhere that was dangerous Yahoo on your head does she like this Fox News on in my house a lot of reasons I don't want to do right I do love it so hard Pearl River the Pinnacle of success about the girl in Florida who is kidnappe in I believe you know the story at all no no young girl precious because of course was younger but then them saying we won't press any charges we want to get your help just turned her daughter back and give her back to the doctor came up dead their mother went back on the news and said we're going to find you and kill you Pearl and Geraldo Rivera was saying I don't understand what he was saying to people in the audience you can't let your daughter's you can't let your kids go out precious poodle we have to treat our children like we treat our wonderful purebred dogs that we have like you wouldn't let your purebred animal walk around by yourself you wouldn't do that hope it gets home safely on its own you have to treat your children like you would treat your precious poodle and it was like out of touch can one guy be yeah man it was so why you still live in Jersey but it's pretty Al not finding Capone's treasure sending over the edge she's been happy ever since then man that was like Primetime TV special like one of the reality TV new a kind of thing where they had the treasure hunters and they knew the location of Al then they had like a whole hour long special leading up to it Ann was at the right who might have been a few Mar but they've got A2 hour block Tim Network time so all they do is build up to it and build up to it here and then Mart did you guys I know you I seen on TV someone Your Friends Are pack and try to make really don't care to German 100% awesome wow that's fantastic a tremendous traile 60 minutes because people trying to make people like to drive this to the NASCAR fans James Cameron movies was just over a month right now I'll see if I can find a place to Lincoln from online and then put it on put it like that it was really good I like that so I guess I didn't want to see any more of the movie best really ever seen wow I would say there was these 44 episode 1 and it was 1 talking thought it was better than 30 times I think the trailer for the final of the Rings movie was awesome out burni horrible Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor had a great trailer movie was so bad I remember the best the best trailer to Wars movie probably has to go to Charlie's Angels 2 the drive a truck off a bridge get up yet out of the truck get to the bed of the truck unravel a Blackhawk helicopter it's awesome really awesome they should that should have been a tuba more people don't make I guess it depends on was that crappy trailer where Soldier bank robbery Bank of a trailer just came out was my problem okay I thought the movie look like it had good special effects and a good budget and it would be fun to watch kind of in at like the money kind of way but I can't go I'll probably see if they're just just cuz this is the budget what is at the biggest budgeted movie based on the video game what's the nearest Contender for maybe one of the Resident Evil vs sever yeah they're still making money dermatologist a budget right let me see if I can find some numbers for you I'm Tomb Raider number for coming out now that's a relief was one of the desert was really Paul WS Anderson not Paul Thomas and the other Paul Anderson was on I don't think so and then I married your leading actress where I make out with you she's probably break even but I told you I was right farming out last time I can listen Richards for only was and that's it Angelina Jolie 1 Alabama he has nice last night thinking of ads and trailers which is basically has four movies Old Spice has this I'm a man I like different sense it's just it's incredible and to this day Old Spice the only company that I've actually purchased their items based on their advertising didn't Old Spice guy was singing the song in the Old Spice commercials ever Forza to because I like to the Forza 2 commercial I thought that was really good I pre-ordered Left 4 Dead 2 from Gamestop because I like this but a couple weeks ago the community manager for Infinity Ward had two statements about advertising for video games talking about how video game companies and developers should be taking their marketing back in house and not Contracting out to third-party marketing agencies that's a horrible talking about how their game better than anyone else and they could do a better job marketing agency commercia was one other part of advertising media buying h the video game guys could make their own trailers and I don't know if you heard about this but the trouble is they released like their own viral video for Proto Ward Modern Warfare 2 I don't want spoilers about what's going to happen in Modern Warfare 2 out of map the fight against grenade spam initials spell out bags and they kept insinuating the people who throw a lot of grenades are fads and Infinity dr. Hart call Hardee's on a call right now let me know game in the company and it was interesting so the fact that people talking videos that you can pull them from the internet never exist again let the the thing about about Modern Warfare 2 is seems like you know goddammit the pulley work what I want to shoot myself I think of that fucking serious Sam video they did that just came out that was really unlock more like 7 minutes long and I think I should like that Infinity Ward what's an example of a developer that's actually good about marketin baby blizzard when they released their own in-house cinematics and things like that to come with you but I don't actually make really really slow and then probably another great example is valves meet the blank. From Team Fortress 2 people of those are great I really like them blank. new Alam brought enough you know whether you really want it Ann a big part of Fable 2 is farting for people's Amusement you know at the last minute want to see is lionhead making a viral tease about non stop farting right now at all farts or something it's better for someone who hears what we should focus on right the developers have so much they can full kit a camera that can sense when you fart and you're careful fart on screen at the same time we can help ya really cool thing Tim league is the guy who owns and runs the a mini Tybalt at the Drafthouse in original Alamo four of them one less than wow that somebody made very cool the 1 in Austin he doesn't out Alamo Drafthouse was going to show up early yeah a little before she comes in and have no talking and once that's it and if you try that again you just out of the theater without a refund a refund and they put that all over seen one person get kicked out any time for that Tim was that his own and put up the flags and these guys are talking won't stop talking so if I was going to write down for them and the way their system and the guy apparently went completely silent but you do like Al H silent and isolated the rest of the movie then came out screaming at them and they said well this was the owner of the theater so you can we go over head because it under the sea and then he tracked him down in the parking lot as he was pulling away and putting on his windshield and spitting Ann Tim said you know whoever this guy is you as long as there's a witch in the sky the big guy he's real like real real real bad anyway maybe they were all probably 10 years old at 1828 Cimarron their own and the movie starts movie starts you know beautiful you know Digital Preferred each other non-stop during the movie right in front of us in Kent totally awesome Harry's fucking 6 but I at least I can say that from another podcast he posted ask reading a frustrating and it open to the public to get more reaction and how all the Press walked out if they could not watch a free movie with the general public that they were just walking in and out he talking about to say what I see who said no man ever how to take a someone old school steak restaurants was supposed to be like like a rat pack kind of steak restaurant and we should we get about a block from it and there's helicopters this last trip out to LA because of a high speed chase behind and they just pulled over on the freeway following this case and we were probably 20 or 30 cars back in line wal of the earthquake new High School in La will they come like every now and then if you're watching the news or the 24-hour channel for Al in the Life Beatles their Chase the in a wheelchair can you relate you had to go to your to U-Haul storage facility muscle the primary probably old Comics that came out this week it's incredible it's a timeline of the Rings incredible Star Wars and it's and it's a visual timeline of characters where they are in location to each other but it's awesome you're anything like that but the guys from one Xbox to Florida what time a more comic strips did you did you hear burni that sag rejected the video game voice over do they have sag rejected after accepted at the the video game industry sag rejected the offer I wouldn't even know what that would entail but I just know that video game the voice actors don't get paid a lot was said about you think there's like an atmosphere provision and it would allow video game makers to use an actor in 24 rolls up to 300 Wars H at a daily base rate of $782 okay that's good let me know 420 voice of snow 420 voice of was that maybe 20 voice to be 20 different characters like an ODST 1 ODST piano DEA or one of the survivors in Left 4 Dead if you were to go through the Sound Library of just all the stuff they do there's probably 200 and I mean there's tens of thousands of lines sometimes that one voice actor can do it but I'm sure this is more intended towards main characters will have a ton of lines put in the morning even more ancillary character yeah I think you don't Grand Theft Auto being such a huge hit and generating so much money in a short. Of time it does become clear like well you know the people that you associate with the actual production but you say I mean Tom Cruise paid 20 million people do not buy Grand Theft Auto and Nicholas at all because of him was that guy's name also been 1 DLC has Ward from Lake Prince out I just saw him I just went into a pretty big and he wasn't a word but he's on screen for like 2 minutes and it'll be within an out of the Mario voice acting president people don't seem to mind you know as much or notice traile in Mario was not myself but we know we know the woman who played Princess Peach has played toad who plays Zoey in Left 4 Dead their major characters in major you know her name is Jen Taylor you know she be one of the richest actresses and I don't think she's Prince of speech anymore though right voice actors who gets recognized how to use epoxy to the GameStop managers appearance 1 year and I think it's like he always has a rope around him for what he can say is in the Mario voice and what he can't ask for much more money do video game Publishers Distributors a voice text a lot but the developers they need to be making the Lion's Share of the money and those that I would say that for those guys because a lot of people who put in a lot of these games and their efforts and their the voices are unheard so they need to make a lot more money 3 years of their life and then voice actor of voice actors comes in and does two days of work I guess that's true yeah I mean you could look at it that way but a lot but everything since there's also the costs are also escalating so we can make Christmas scrooge Christmas Carol Jim Carrey in their Jim Carrey movie video game Brutal Legend how often do you see Brutal Legend in chin without Jack Black when you can that's one you guys even even like when I saw Tim Schafer on Jimmy Fallon did the majority of what they talked about was about Jac black and how they got that too and how they made the game he made his whole idea was to make a game that Jac like would like and any show that you have I can in this game and he was like I can't believe this is happening you know Tom Hanks presents order in Uncharted 3 starring Tom Hanks you know it's like part of the title that he thinks is right I know I'm sad you but obviously you know talking about it what was John who percent Stranglehold the game didn't do too hot but still $0.50 percent of the same that's true star motel near a motorhome younger people talking about video game studios just franchises in consoles that's all I need is a good good old is someone vaul tell me if Shrek was a pic let me a few different things would you rather who did it would be harder working on a television show just week-to-week working on a movie in the last two months before the movie comes out for working on a video game in the last three months before the video game comes out of video game crunch time is mortifying to watch sometimes what goes on in an industry where people are just around the clock just Alam in it and working non-stop and somebody show up often during the process because we know we can 1 2 DEA you know working at campaign or something like that and if so is like it's just a lot of dark circles under eyes and vacant stares and their crops and people's cubicles yeah exactly so it's crazy so I had to hear you guys probably least likely like to work on a video game during crunch it looks like a refugee camp people running away from I'm going to stay till 6:30 and then go home percent did you hear that baby having for a while right yeah but if they're not getting any trying to find out do you know her for a while we're from China it was a lot horsepower from America Pearl population at least at I know I guess the Chinese government is really hard on them in China they have to a Chinese company to run it and this past spring wow why is that it's like some Chinese law Christ why don't we have like that so like this company was running the company was called the night and I guess blizzard was unhappy with their performance so they terminated their contract in hand ward of the contract to another company called Mickey's Chinese government had to approve it they delayed it took a long time they finally started looking like they're going to prove it and now it's just look it looks like they're just not going to happen that committed gross violations of Chinese law and that they need to stop charging players for the game and stopped accepting any registrations and that's it wow really I think the line is going to launch a MMO now really yeah I think I think I'll have to double-check that I don't know it for certain but I'm pretty sure it's the same one percent difference Warcraft is already modified for the Chinese government to be playable in China like all the skeletons at the end for example and it can not have bone showing so like all the undead characters have to have let you know how sometimes like the headphones showing up on their elbows and parts of the armchair in the Chinese version it's all covered with skin there's a bunch of weird little differences like that in the game return of Warcraft Guild we are the drunk tank are you a good the name that's how do I count every now and then you can a partial number probably up to about 2:16 and it's fun and I like it is going to in to you know Red vs Blue RoosterTeeth Achievement Hunter and a drunk tank stuff so it's like you have a common interest already so you're on break or on bring It horrible server Miami Florida service fire you know we get me to go back to join a server start a new character level one and if the character dies he's dead a hardcore mode it would make it really nice I think you would be like I'm going to find you I have killed eight people we have got to kill this guy to find him and kill him if I did something kind of like that game I did something kind of like that I got myself into some trouble and I was going to die all I had to do was call out for help and I didn't I was like I'm going to see if the dean will kill me I didn't call out for help and sure enough he didn't let me know at the last minute and save my life I was prepared to go Ann their negative to health does your character get a star just like jumping off cliffs and things like that but we'll see in a was grounded baby baby was set out to do any harm for me so much collateral damage Original Sin star key or you could your fish if you could like if there was like one powerful character and you know I don't know what to say terrorising the low-level area level 50 character Tim was doing that every was like to kill him every 1 level 1 characters Andover weather like that episode of Seinfeld where all the kids hang out after the Friday class and beat up return to the new server will be level 1 eating and crying he must be coming back from even more powerful see you in 6 months loser like 4 or 5 hours in the car Old Republic no I didn't how does it compare in Mass Effect about that the mass effect of players and things like that yeah it's pretty good I don't remember wow you did your part in management in Mass Effect you could you control your party members Return of the big things that your other characters and having them a lot of equipment and stuff all over the place yeah everything very good job of it probably you have sex in the game going to show in blood why would you is we're right here that's able to of employee able to lately yeah able to save a lot of a lot of sex unprotected sex or protected sex was fun talk to you later off the disc but off the downloaded version where you download Episode 1 how many episodes are there for you are correct on the 360 Marketplace on Xbox really the answer is you cannot about a 2 gig download is that the only one that out so far it prompts you in the game to downloaded to when you get to the end of 1 or when you get your first achievement 1 is free and to is the paid version so that's when you start unlocking achievements so when you get your first achievement it just automatically says hey you should pay for this it's a game you'll get it so what was your reaction to that I would love to get the game to download was in the middle of when you're sitting there waiting for a 4 gig download attachment play more eventually and 14 ammo star to download then go do something was just playing anyway sure or maybe I'll just to see if it locks it later when I do get the content you can not prompt the game to download the content only way that you can get the episode to file is to get to an event in the game that has you do it now you know how I feel I have other Xbox is in my house I have Xbox the work I tried to load my episode 2 character on a new download of episode 1 I could look at it that it's not valid need to get episode 2 and there's no way to get it I had to start a new character get to a point where I can get in there so you could download to you in the Play Store to Karen I looked everywhere mr. Payne and I cannot find the menu to download Episode 2 and I got a game like Fable 32 items in its list into a folder in Marketplace does not exist as far as I can tell in any possible form at refused to believe that I mean I know you're telling me she said about that it's a boy Big 4 can you just buy the food no no of course you can download it I mean I don't want to game so happy you know like this and that the other night and said she meant to the was cool but at what point do you get to episode 3 and when you okay lover to be done been to this one so we try to hit ask to download because of This is 40 MP3 download what you just a curiosity what point you unlock episode 350 was I get a free talks at the doc to get a bloodstone whatever a spider a spider a fire when you have hammer and you're going on the boat today so when you going for the cameras or that's not The Crucible Pearl about what's going on over there you know what I see when I did that last night and we have to make $500 game Wii games are cool they are pretty cool they're pretty fun I did it on the on the second one the one in the west that was full of the car down and then they put two cards on top of it and they can't you don't of that one and it's like a reverse like a pyramid and each time it's like they to get a fix on this traile in at 6 on this next one they touch you lose I need to call for different ones in Fable in the all cool games the first was kind of like Hearthstone are still available for download I don't think you have to have pub:games to get a thousand points their dog trick that's only available to problems and you have to have all the dog tricks but either way you can't get the full thousand points just out having the retail what I got to say that Fable 2 is a really punish the co-op player but I agree with you 100% however that game leaves no impression on me like I don't I will sit down and play it because it's something different I can get together I can't wait to see what happens grinding it is it is presented in a fun way but they're just like I'm not looking gross in that story in any way at all and coffee don't let somebody work their job as a blacksmith to level 5 blacksmith old have talking ever again yesterday and now they're staying in the new world for 15 minutes the manual request here and about there's no fighting no nothing like that nothing is arthritis in the knee they break achievement for me because to me the idea that she meant is to present the game in a way that you wouldn't have necessarily thought to play it and to add replay value to the game and that's taking you away from playing again makes no sense to me their competitive but I finished 200 of 200 points is like one of my proudest things I've done Ann Xbox $200 gift card you can use that gift card to buy a memory card to get is it have as much internal memory a Walmart gift card it looks like according to Wal mart.com can you play that gift card to the purchase of the Xbox walmart.com listed as out of stock so hopefully you can find in stores only available Saturday Saturday from 8 a.m. is when I take it off or whatever pregnant woman I just don't understand why show up that day why is it why do people go crazy for tax-free days to in Texas we have a day before school starts a weekend or text me we can we don't pay sales tax Tim Tech and Texas reporter percent if they had a 84% off sale nobody would show up and get that extra day everybody in the world called every street their make sure I make sure I'm ready for the weekend so I have to leave my house at all that weekend yeah it's like there's a series of events in Austin their local Austin of themselves in for South by Southwest Al tax-free the biker rally we just can't leave her home with Texas relays Texas relays a big one have the girls in bikinis from 04 make eye contact with you were speaking about mainstream Wal Mart America can I to question why do they continue to build fast food restaurants that have to drive through Windows has anyone ever seen the first drive-thru window being used what is the orbital H EB to lawsui of of the in downtown Los Angeles when does In and Out Burger franchise that's in California I've been there and I've never been there when there wasn't an enormous line on a normal their cars wrapped around the building Comic-Con at in and out was right next to Carl's jr. with the little machine was taking order outside and she had like a little awning and stuff that you standing under and there's a huge line of cars and then we went forward about a few feet we stopped at Del Taco and their was the dude at Del Taco outside with punching machine under his own name was talking just like watch in Ann out be successful in the shade it's always better than it is to be happy car exhaust all day H is mean when your Sims die boring as hell but was busy we we we stay there when I worked at the texts were coming I would to go to Convention sales and there would be 8 hours or you just be standing a booth and you 6 people that's so sad you just standing there was a Pax was those boots that God knows how much they paid for those boots in there they have like a poster and then someone in behind it able to book the flights Austin GDC a while back what was that was in September and that's all I was was a bunch of the boots that you would feel like at the internet conference with people in white button-up blue jean shirts with an embroidered logo some company just standing there looking like anything else in the world someone completing are micro processing transaction process a credit card payment to a convention for a friend who is starting in Florida it was the first year that the convention and we had a feeling it was weird and sketchy so only gun I went and the guy for whatever reason didn't do any promotion for it and it was bunch of people there that we see other dimensions and emotion packed up and left the first day but when you the guys who full album to hang out for a day or two extra floors always been really good to a situation maybe a thousand we had time to leave the convention go buy a TV and an Xbox and Halo 3 and play Halo 3 and Halo 3 had just come out and end so we went it was it was fucking brutal never see was a professional convention in 04 the Telecom of the Southwest or something like that and it would be 50 people there and it be a thousand render showing stuff the convention where I took a picture of my image gallery for Wii hooked up my Xbox to Hotel internet hooked it up to my laptop to get internet New York the former Syfy actresses with their head shots from 30 years ago lyrics I hate I hate even think about how much money that I lost that's really sucks losing money this is at this is a story that you might get a kick out of burni I don't know if you heard this but I guess that there's this Dutch hacker who has started hacking people's jailbroken iPhones in the Netherlands and he sends them he hacks their phone and then block them out of their phone and send them a text message saying your iPhones been hacked because it's really insecure please visit this URL to secure your iPhone and you have to send him 5 years and then he said he was struck by how to get your phone back text me from your phone that's pretty aggressive for a Dutch dude I got it so it was really fucking funny I can see everything on your phone right now enable to us and most people don't know that and most people don't know enough to change the root password AZ route and then talks with him and lock him out not that sophisticated hacke and all those people are talking about like Google it's like you want to be an actor because he just exposed a major security flaw because they found out their neighbor can pick up their baby monitor and monitor the a that's stupid I mean we should pick up the of Burger King drive-thru on my dad's police scanner that was fun Flex over his phone line was somehow yeah just leave the money under the phone the Potter in the front yard right click I took my cordless phone not my cell phone to my cordless phone down to the laundry room and then left it there cuz I was gathering laundry was talking to my way down there and left there and some guy picked it up and started getting calls placed to Mexico the phone but it became inventor of weed look at the base station and when the light would turn on when you the guy was somewhere within about so I can relate to that story and I would have liked I learn Spanish on the way down the stairs and I got my phone that's was me going. Hey don't do that I think it was the battery ran out of juice eventually wow you should we could put a note about to charge you extra $9 just to charge the phone Ultra HD specs that I guess that are getting finalized now you were talking about having Ultra HD out by 2017 it comes with multi-channel three-dimensional 22.2 + 2/3 + 22 speaker yes I have no idea what you do with that money big blue here so when you say like 1 K 1 K is typically a 1080 resolution to ride around there he was referred to his 1 k2k is typically what they show in a movie theater in it and now we're just now getting a red shoot in 4k and it's just not getting projectors I can put Jac in 4k in the movie theater I don't know the difference is 4520 by 25 8K is going to put every single broadcaster out of job you looking it someone to talk to you anyway cartoons or something was it just like your pad or the photo realistic but you know it'll be Flawless 1 of the Pod racer announcers from episode Ann about reading the news and it's on a model of Katie Couric it's going to be hopefully that you cancel yeah I got some kind of thing that's going to happen from CGI characters I could see that I could replacing actors with people with three people like I said why not and why would you trust Ann in Medicare you wouldn't know what I mean like do you think that on there Ana Gabriel timelin getting together in her pajamas with a couple dots on her face either probably need that and she'll be bringing news of the real Define make up your settings before replacing a person even if it's a lot easier to take that that 3D person what the Hologram you don't have to have a real Studio you have a fake person anyway it'll be an aggression from regular content like skip to content to reality TV to talking animated reality TV is where we will have big brother with Elvis and Hitler and get some cartoon show Drawn Together Katie Couric on my counter top 1 make you know spice eggs what is Katie Couric in h how can you flat display for 2003 screen the stuff a lot of stuff in mind at all Tim about Xbox he reminds me that girl talk about it we made a video for it would take us and I made a video Waypoint we show the preview show the window but it's actually pretty fucking cool yeah that Waypoint a pretty cool armor level 38 Halo player out of 4540 help I don't to see my dad says to me more than anything else that the mime a little tweaking at 11:38 and yes I am I need about a hundred and sixty at 2:40 UB40 single player campaign it was crazy very low I think what was it that I wish I had that in front of me is it Call of Duty 4 had the highest rate of people finishing the campaign and it was 45% by the game and play it in their was able to was actually the highest was around 45% of Call of Duty for was right behind it I'm looking at the list at less than 1% of all users who play Halo 3 have all the achievements in 2007 Ann chartier was looking at percent game score completing percent completing campaign Call of Duty 4 is the highest and it's just over 70% highest right around 70% before people 2020 game percent game score completing vs. but the GTA 4 was under 30% I am amongst the majority who did not finish that what you said start of the podcast as friends you know the tired Heart level to discuss this cuz I hate don't hate the hater Ann Warfare 2 song to Jackson 5 Zone their yeah You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi extracto songs into your regular rock band Rock Band 2 game of cool the rock band games that would be the one that I would want to buy the guitar I can do that release was what you're talking about to make instruments in addition a kids size instruments first of all for it and then they have this mode which is the whole reason I bought it which is very easy mode for me and from what I can tell very easy mode is just easy mode with less stringent scoring I don't think you can fail very easy but that's not what I'm looking for very easy I'm looking for you you just read and or just red and yellow that's it and you're just timing the strong right at to do stretching the kids the kids I want to play that game because it's still three buttons and star they're making an effort to fill the need for people who have kids parents who have kids that they want to play the music game to get into music right that's what you're going for but I'm going to and if you recognize that a product that Ann didn't do it you know it has really been on my radar but yesterday was like the competitor until like a rock band we should see if they have that kind of stuff in there that seems dumb Lego 1804 a kid and I want to play the song that has Star Wars games for the billion of at the movies Wars games can you stop the movies more than the games all the games of the Lego games are traditionally based off franchises Star Wars movie like writing a children's version of rock band is based off of franchise the rock band franchise and it's their take on the rock I mean old like the Lego Indiana Jones games right now there's no difficulty kids games Lego means kid yes it goes up to 13 plus let me ask you a question go to the fucking find Legos at Target and tell me what section their and they're not going to be in the hunting section in the fucking kids I do feel that by which one I bought it so that I can in like a bunny said if they didn't put in the movie Just Like adding an additional track wow that's what that most that game is it determined where the map the very easy mode correct inexpert was Advanced but it was just hard I didn't realize it very easy the easy track for identity wow that's really don't have it should have been spent more time with a very easy mode for sure I'm an expert mode for game their kids that are in the letter to Market towards people who are geof but I have to make an expert mode that a kid could do if you could get this the place and gets better and better at rock band at 8 years old make an expert mode at the table for an 8 year old but then there's going to be that kid who could play expert-level like legit expert level 1 every kid with a Chance of Meatballs Rock Band 2 playlist that's what I mean that's why it's in there because you know people want to talk basically like a rock band is a new music back that also is a game yes she told me that sometime Ramsey family doesn't know what to do when other people are angry I don't think so alright I'm going to go to therapy now everyone to have a good lunch Modern Warfare 2 next week and then left for dead the week after that on the way I started my. This morning okay thanks