#340 - The Proposal Problem

Join Gustavo Sorola, Aaron Marquis, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini as they discuss everything from facial hair to farting in fancy cars on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on September 8, 2015.

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Recorded: 2015-09-08 15:11:48

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini, Aaron Marquis




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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the receipt butt Dollar Shave Club fan duel and Squarespace how long we started doing the video podcast 3 years number of 2012 remember we didn't have that microphone was really interesting to listen to what I have to say for an hour and a half guys my mom texted me this morning I am not allowed to talk about masturbation or poop anymore on the podcast so so you talked about that already had I get there oh I'm guess I'm in barbar and Brandon thank you think me and Brandon so you don't have any I agree haircut haircut haircut for the winter and find a new look hair salon great hair salon Brunswick GA hair salon and she didn't book the appointment and I went and did it she not tell me how much it would be and I was quite surprised when I went to the counter it was a lot the woman hair cut it or whatever you guys get off at trimming how much was it would like with tip I can't even say what was it before tip such as expensive that's really expensive it's a nice place it was $56 I don't understand why do women get charged more for haircuts like is it really like that much more work involved with the woman's haircut than a man's haircut would guys need to like Contour to the scalp and do all this like weird magical haircut can you get me yeah I should be getting one every like 2 to 3 months yesterday long time but I haven't got one butt men p.m. I usually get them when I get highlights so it's hard to know but I think my haircuts cost about $90 that's crazy how much do they charge for a woman's haircut at Supercuts haircut it was alright do you remember the flowbe it was like The Villages Clippers and Blades you could cut your hair with an attached it to a vacuum and that's how it powered anywhere just basically vacuum your head with clippers Google product like they stopped making a loss I don't know Benny Andersson hipster haircut Barbershop and that's the only two haircuts to get the flowbe or the bowl cut and it's like I said it was like an actual bowling around like a trash bag around your arm best treatment to I want no no no no dirt if I think it's like 80 like 75 or 80 for my haircut too much $90 for the mandatory that you dollar Tulsa spear I don't understand this at all they don't accept anything but cashed it like when you're filling out your credit card over here they don't allow you to add a tip on there they only take cash tip there's a little mailbox for the tips that I found out yeah it's like it's person person no one knows what you look like a mail slot or whatever and so it's an honest living but I saw an old lady writing her name on it she's usually right like me she was writing her name on it I think she thought she was sleeping well but she put like $3 or something like that she was really Chris one order giant Coke and popcorn under the plate you just put the tip in the receipt after like every other day you had to walk back to the salon and then like put the money on there you know like you can say I'll be right back with you the years ahead different person washing your hair than the person doing your hair cut so when she tip the hairdresser should always get it seems like the washing hair would be the easy job unless you're dealing with like a really gross head so in other countries always get on the US about tipping food servers end up paying waiters and waitresses enough other countries also tip their hairdressers that kinda doesn't count because they're closed until I know like Australia they don't at all like hairdressers I think that's like the same deal what is the theory is that people in other countries get paid enough right butt hairdressers don't fall into that same category like wait staff to in the US where they have to be paid a minimum though yeah I think reminder we started Labor Day funny out it's not Monday night so we have to be careful with the sensor you you're too much of a woman you mentioned something about a crazy story that crazy so maybe give me some insight into this last week I was there for some meetings in the past and I went and I ate at this really nice fancy restaurant for me when I got out of the car and he's driving off bring a car back home right now tickets to be like they know your name before you can probably guess or whatever and then it's right there and you wouldn't need a ticket so I went in and I was like they're not going to have to tell him which one it is locked out my car was waiting for me engine on your doors open but it's not you forget something every day until her kids at your car if not it's your lucky day my brother said this guy still doesn't my brother works in the service industry and he he wait for a really really nice car and he doesn't it was really nice hotels here in town you wait for something really nice like a Rolls-Royce or Bentley or something like that and right before he gets the car back he just gets it a really good part but horny and so as soon as you open it up it's just this war and the people have been complaining The Driskill and we had to roll down the window and air it out and he still is my brother when he's so proud of us and he's like it's his way to Stick it to the Man I in his weird way it's farting and really nice vehicle to make it so then yeah absolutely it's like it's a really nice letter that still kind of absorbing saying it's Supple like leather you know calf leather and it just absorbs as fart like a fart absorbing thank you that was came up with the term for that like farting in the car and get over to someone else yeah that's that's the craziest thing I've ever heard that one time I drop my car off at about here in Austin and so I got to the restaurant I like ducks I was wearing my sunglasses and bring you your we go to lunch a lot so you see I keep my sunglasses on my center console so we got there where my sunglasses in my center console of my car take it home next morning I get in my car under shave for your family so my sunglasses thank you just misplaced your sunglasses I don't put those sunglasses anywhere else to say to you like we should check and ask him the same going outside valet companies eventually they gave me a check for like I just bought there somebody there like a week old they give me a check for the replacement I had to go buy another pair so obnoxious go around scamming ballet no one wanted to take anything from the car because people are already looking for something to be taken Brando like even if you don't take anything with you know I really never took something but it didn't take something you know taking sunglasses this one guy putting the transmission because he could report on but you know like when I was I drove it back around in the car like 300,000 miles on it and when I drove back around it just died I mean right there on the drive and the guy was like what is you doing is like a piece of shit do you mean what I do and he was like we're going to have to pay for this and what comes out car I did my job and he's like Alright car is on its last leg I'm going to take it to some poor valet kid he's going to drive it going to be totally not beautifully companies face throw it from drive into reverse as we're driving around like that just drove it right there at it for a drive and I still got to kiss the thing is it's like they have a Lee Valley company have to fight them again so it's like a fight they don't want to do and they have insurance anyways so they're like well we'll just pay for this one and if it gets to be where we're using up our $50,000 retainer or whatever for the year then yeah I will start buying things but if you just got your check whatever you do don't look down look like a fancy restaurant and someone drives up with 300000 mile car value or did you like that no I didn't see cars I still drive Chevy cars and so I am and I tip Well Valley fan so it was more of a thing like you think that you may not get a good tip you still provide the same at least I did but like you say car like that you like there's something to be said for how people take care of their vehicles or how they take care of their Affairs and generally feel like if it's a really dirty car and it's got you know food and hamburgers and groceries or whatever you know it's like that probably I could get $5 you been pulling up the Sullivans or something and then you know I'll be up Chevy or whatever it doesn't matter can you pull up the hotel there's those guys outside that open the doors for you like those guys because I can I appreciate the gesture and that it's like fancy and all that stuff but I don't I'm not going to carry on a bunch of one so I could tip the guy who did this for me I think it's like I was in Vegas and a guy went to get my luggage cuz I have the hotel hold onto it until my flight and at that point I normally order came up to me and was just like you know what you and your hotel has taken if he was he would say getting like grabbing luggage like there's some things I can do myself like I do every just told the valet at you when you buy a car look man I see my car over there I don't know when it's like he's give me my keys and I will just go get my car and drive away in my car like my car now that's a funny conversation I never had my car valeted so I can't really relate to you guys what's excluded from this podcast you're talking about like the bags in Vegas one time I was staying at a hotel in Vegas in the same situation where my flight wasn't until later so I can check my bags and I was going to come up later so I can get back to normal I don't know I never know what the proper etiquette is like what you did but he's not so I would drop my bags off and I always thought you tip the guy who brings you your bag that the guy who takes your bags so I drop my bags off at this guy he's writing up the claim ticket and everything and give it to me to walk away just so you know I'm not the same time to go get your back to be a different guy who gets your back was telling me all you want it was like oh okay yeah I think so that way it discourages like you know people running in and like being Cutthroat about service and so it's like okay at the end of the shift we all get the same pool of money or whatever but that guy probably wasn't going to be on shift or something when you know you guys probably or whatever the case is and like also service person I want a front load all my tips as much as I could because when people are leaving Vegas they are broke the heart or they have a ton of money was never the case butt Wichita go to Vega schedule around britne quick again because she wanted to see if you wanted to see Britney 3 years then it's just like the next time that so many times we just have to schedule around that 23 week and if she goes back home I don't know I just taken another like myself I mean like you know what good for her butt like a Britney Spears or Taylor Swift or a one of those like modern shows that hold on let me finish concert was Van Halen I will say and it's not the Beatles but that's impossible as you know it was not the Beatles Rolling Stones yeah but not the Beatles other bands sorry I won't call anymore anyway I don't know what it shows you know it's far as the production value of stuff because all of the shows I've seen are like what kind of shows and those are those guys and just kind of do their thing and just write whatever but they don't have like backup dancers Milo Greene and butt that's not that's good it's like a rock kind of shape is the rock for me TV assuming there's like lights and tigers and I mean probably gotten better in the last ten to fifteen years that's cuz they had to because that's where you make money now you make money if you know you're in at 7 instead of 4 CDs and records everything I imagined like a concert now that kind of production is just so jam-packed I feel so old right now but like vents it's not just like you know Eddie Van Halen goes up there and plays guitar for two hours when it's done it's like a Light and Laser cuz if you're really into the band and Ernie spear like Van Halen or something actually seeing a band just playing and feel the music and enjoy the music rather than like have it be a hole expected something between watching a band play and a person perform but then it is a performer and it's and it's music and it's like it's a tradition with you know the music that you like it I know friends really in the Britney Spears I'm not I'm really not I like you you know the outfit the red one with the letter Y oh yes Google 12 school person yet a major strip Hotel it can't just be a good show trampoline I want blue trampoline what about the red leather outfit though from fan it doesn't matter I know what it was I just didn't want to admit it sounds it's me I love so I can never think of Britney Spears without thinking of that photo of years ago when she went crazy and shave your head butt your breath never forget the name is britne photo machine apart the problem looking at my photos I can see butt superimposed on Edward Norton from American History X how to get outfi barbar take note on the take me know when you leaving I don't know look up the one that some type of ba History X where she got the bald head and then I also have to take note of that as well take note of everything everything I say fart in a car right before you get out only if it's fancy but no you had to take an extra Brando I have been listening to a new apartment I could see the window from the street and so I just wanted to see which window he wasn't so I called them and I'm like hey look out your window I like hey hold on hold on a second I was like what and all the sun I see two butt cheeks against the window and you still looking still down there it was beautiful right other students walking by the capitol right there so I mean you can see that in the window behind my TV and see me and then when I finally got my ass the windows and then try to find out who it is can he legally ask you to show them your ass you know to identify you and then I hope and like 4 other dudes show your ass up if you need to classical butt against the window the glass I'm a girl obviously has a guy when you move people how do your balls not like show because you're leaning over right and so your balls would hang down Boulder in the front that's what I said that's what I told her but if you're leaning over there together cuz you're spreading it if your life if your spread wide hang in there in the middle did Michigan think they are in the Sun in between the butt that's that's not here but she should be claim against your boss is going to go home tonight and try this out and figure out the logistics first though yeah I just say I just the first time I was ever moved was when I was four years old lyrics year olds thing so I didn't think that the rectum well sort of I was growing up I grew up in a lot of our situations because my parents were like in the late eighties early nineties still take your kid to a bar in Texas you know all the time constantly so anyway we went as well as the style so we went to the comedy club I remember and I was just I mean I was like 4 years old and my dad my mom and we're watching this comedian who is like not really wasn't really great he was very happy and like that kind of humor but every time you tell a really bad joke Broner he put his pants down and moon the audience and he just go like that with his pants so you'd like so it's butt up and down well my parents didn't know that and I didn't know this so when he pulled down his pants and started doing that I called I was just so upset and so therefore I'm going to take me out of my parents you know I had to put down the drain the grown man's ask and I don't know I didn't see my dad but he was four years old so anyway I go outside I'm very upset very upset the comedian eventually comes out and sit down next to me and my parents like can't you say something to him the comedian I'll never forget it she said don't worry it was fake that wasn't real what you saw out there it was that wasn't my real but it was a fake but I was like it was fake just like yeah that wasn't that wasn't real that's okay that's okay and then it was until I was like 13 or 14 and thinking about it later 1213 and 1409 South that was a real ass I think a fake ass would be more disturbing than a real she'll be better than ever so I don't remember the first one ever and I don't know where you go that this happens all the time I was somewhere in Fort Worth I think somewhere in north Texas the drop his pants and he was like a kid butt who's that can describe it was like I mean he was gas or maybe I was really small I'm just a normal guy and it was you know that I'm like I got my ass is so flat and I guess I'll have one of those but can you have negative I mean like I'm not going to go get in implant the butt implant ladylike competitions for free boob jobs I don't know if there's like a competition I can do it for free but that's true but there are there are butt implants at the strip club in town that doesn't register the Indigo go for it how much can we look at home when does butt implant cost what are boob implants 2010 or know a good boo it's like a grand I think 3 Turbo although maybe it's like I said those three boob jobs but he won't want to just get the job done it's probably kind of on the same butt implant I'm going to go with 20000 The Price is Right $1 Peter software like Photoshop it and show you what you would look Photoshop like from the really that's how much it $6,500 that's gotta be I probably know that those jobs to fill one butt implant doesn't mean it's got to be ba what your ass was injured in an interest situation and you only had one she got blown off there's been in New Orleans I forgot barbar X podcast show in New Orleans I heard there was the stripper there with one of fake breasts and to my chagrin it was true a friend told me and so she needed just one big breast because I think she had some sort of made a mistake that's normal but my insurance company because if I sit on my ass too long on my concrete it hurts to squat no pay for mine just in pain guess I'll split it with you we're not live streaming how is he texting me about the podcast right now did you want to do some in this specific question no you didn't say that this recording today so sorry I missed the last part of that the insurance should cover your ass because you use it for work and now it's just you know what if I'm sitting down for a while and you know my butt hurts it's like a bone that's what the insurance will probably pay for her don't you ever fix it let us know we'll get another under skirt that's like pink suede and everytime I wear it and told him I will be cushion skirt it looks so good it makes you want to squeeze it in there but everywhere farts or one of those things that's like universally funny it's like probably one of the first things you laugh at as a little kid and I like you even as an adult or is it old person you're still laughing at farts I feel like there's very few things in the world that Universal that are universally funny from the time you start life to the time you in life I never planned on you going up to the kid I don't know I don't think so I don't know traumatic experience traumatic thing that I told him that I had before but we are in a school assembly and it was during a moment of silence for like it was like Veterans Day or something like that and there's a kid in front of me it was like the most disgusting annoying kid in school he ripped a huge one and he does this thing where he turns back at me and goes I don't like you in a moment of butt that everyone was looking at me and I remember I had a big bully some school and he was a pretty big guy there wasn't much I could do but there was one point where it was just like me him and someone else and I was that one completely silent and he was like a really big guy that's what I was thinking who are they going to fix it was my God beat you up after that I don't remember place to park is on a plane cuz no one knows who did it but it's also stinky ass fucked already on a plane farting on Greyhound bus because everyone thinks probably them maybe it was me the Greyhound twice and it was just it's just Transportation machine for fart that's all it is you buy a ticket to transport your fart from like Houston to Dallas or from Austin to Houston or wherever like bus seat belts are probably very absorbent extremely sore but they're more absorbent than a Bentley or whatever other than that okay I almost took a bus to Mexico like deep into Mexico like it was like you know what I'm driving I don't have to do it what does the slang word robbed and murdered on busted is that thing right there in their Cars 2 Jose five or six years ago there was a guy who was beheaded under the bus you guys didn't X it was in Canada Canada yeah I think it was on the west coast there's a guy who was sitting next to this younger guy who's looking to his headphones and he started stabbing him and then like the bus stop and then like Everyone likes and I'll be so terrified and then apparently like while everyone thought he'd cut his head off who said that the older guy cut the younger guys head off with her head in the window it was not because I open the windows and I remember this because I stay Greyhound buses every two weeks to go back home to Ottawa from Montreal and I was going to school there and my parents are just like do you want to take the train in the next couple weeks that would be fine only one incident had had a bad day just crazy everywhere it was like it was like murder in Canada the steps of the podcast is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club I used to shave with a razor that was sold at 8 dinner at 4:30. 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Org / vote I'm here the problem over here over here that's the image when you tweeted tweet that include hashtag hashtag Streamys and the word vote and your Tweet and they'll be counted as a vote retweet alt account and you can do a hundred bucks per day you could X Tigress rules if you want yeah that won't be discounted as account Dwight be discounted very selective when we promote contest in things like that so I think this is one we wanted to try to win as you can tell by the fact that they're still there we'll be there until your boat used to it so yeah I got engaged yeah thank you I had no idea that you were I told him my parents Snapchat that was funny like the 20th the 10th I have no idea butt happy I don't have to talk her into it as you punch you know so I was in a city that I've only know like it so I was looking and I would go there but a crappy looking so well a mile away there's a ferris wheel and then we get there and there's a car the house that I can propose not proposing to her parents her parents knew ya her dad like a real like man's man did you Bond over a glass of merlot very big athletic men I got to the airport the airline to cancel my ticket and then finally when they got it set up I got to security and my plane and it took all the courage in the world to ask to cut in line at security and people were like that was a big pain in the ass to get there finally get to her house and surprise her she didn't know that I was coming and she's really happy she's been sick and I'm just so out of it I put my bag on the ground and we are just chilling in her in a little bar area couch everything and she starts to smell something burning she goes to her dad says he knows something who's going to say I can worry about that in the head the smoke was coming from my pimp what I have put it on top of a light in the floor but the light wasn't an LED so when they picked up my bag it was on fire burnt fire my laptop was in there butt yeah I know they had a hey it's not too many cooks in the kitchen I'm not yeah I don't know I don't know that was my bad don't fire until 8:22 appointment the other moment with her dad was Sunday after I proposed and he came into the same bar and was like you know me Paula and her friends and he went and poured a glass of wine from self and was going to pour a glass of wine for me but he saw that I had a cup of milk and some chocolate chip cookies that was and he was like okay and walked out how to play but yet no problems he gave me his Blessing I asked him before I propose he knows I'm a good guy and he knows I make his daughter he's eating like he's the man's man and then he's like well he's going to be all the time Chevron the things true I'm a man's man and I'll grow a mustache soon that's right the mustache like that that is when you've achieved I can really say is it like a mustache independent of other facial hair yes why don't you just take your eyebrows and migrated down to your lip that was uncalled for very uncalled for and no it has to be independent of my art has to be Tom Selleck as what it has to be that's what I thought I was going to look like I've been through it all I look absolutely the last person someone sees when they're in a pie Quinlan under Flander Jose the British Ned Flanders Centrum Plaza review the hair curly hair on a few guys that could be you know the picture of me but I can't find it I'm sure it's not some criminal website somewhere that compiled a picture of the guy from from her right yeah I think it's a mustache and when we came down and they added it to the game 4 special build for Let's Play Live 2 people could I use a custom dude I think I'm going to college guys or something ice cream under the van right on the street when you get off the seesaw rumor has it they filmed a scene from her upside down and it focused in on his forehead and he was doing like all these like for head movements and it look like it was smiling upside down you haven't seen this yeah they're probably stoned out of their mind because they're all laughing like maniacs but then you watch it too and you're laughing like a maniac so I don't know it does something to you and I really hope that we could find it you seen her I thought okay what are we talking about I don't know what she talking about is a shot of it gu that looks like there's a there's a there's a Critic in town names it looks like he knows who it looks like because of that the power of skin translucent skin I can see that fan it's pretty good what do you look like someone would like for $5,000 would you get like that with his co-star was the guy from Total Recall you get like a little too implant in your stomach for like a few months like he just needs a place to stay what night for several months of someone living in me wow what a concept only on your chest in my pregnancy about being selfish butt implant your butt more than half of them only 6500 under my saddle way of telling you the softness of those implant I imagine you know in different sizes I mean baseball player butt oh yeah but that's like that's dirty butt baseball players can I have a baseball player but more have liked it I don't know what I have what is it I hate baseball so I don't know so take that for what it is his butt nicer than Christian marriages Christmas have a nice Christmas that's good but he's not like more compact though his feminine and it's probably hairless no Christmas as he's got an amplifier is extremely hairy I mean it seem like everybody is Zack and I've seen them naked so many times I think Chris has asked many times and it's awful how women are attracted to it I have no idea what it's like when your best friend the bus here is what it is it's like if you want to the barbershop and he collected all those little clippings on the ground and then you put superglue over someone fast and then you sprinkle all of it from a bus that's his desk you have to dig to find his ass not that I know that your butt or your I guess it also and was asked I don't know but as you said it's all just collecting them there stomachs and Christmas is very hurt his bottom half is working yeah it's like he like how to develop different body types in one or two mismatched parts are we talking about Chris is that he's got to get better smear campaign states with bad reading that a smear campaign Jose me please for the love of God so we went super low energy under crazy that's probably the time this comes out weird it let's play it it was so you're with Snapchat account how to restore snaps on the end of it people were blaming chairs in the room it was passionate how to jump into me annoyingly could you guys are all stationed behind two computers but they are all on the same side and I stood behind you guys to watch for a few minutes and then I guess something really exciting was happening and bring jumped up in like 3 chairs are like bouncing up and down and like threw himself into the back wall where I was standing with a cup of coffee and is completely covered myself with canes made you the angriest in your life force Russian coordinator and she was like trying to tell me something else like what she's like this and we need to do this and I can't hear and you guys look person already have miles and blue color like to have a lot of people already would like the radio thing you've ever done I get a broken anything or like people who get angry and Break Stuff he's like in the end it's like you're just breaking your own stuff what is the count like 3 times where I'd like Flander my controller on the table would you consider it's not I feel like I'd break my table like no matter how bad I I get angry but you still don't like it how do I have an anger problem no no no I just can't see much like an internal anger problems and external barbar do not going to see Bernie butt holes and desks before and britne the Homeland really violent years ago broke an original Xbox controller with his bare hands report it and it just like Snapped while I was working like right during those machines but he was still that I understand that because like getting up at four hours and then one little thing and it's like another couple hours writing it it was like 10 people doing moved in underneath me directly underneath me and I heard him moving in a few days ago and I heard him scream and complain like 3 in the morning trying to move a couch is like huge couch I've seen it be like he got it wedged in between the door and if it I was sleeping and so I live you know under the floor above him directly about him and he heard the scraping going on I kind of woke up and I couldn't I just couldn't Hampton neighbors ass fucking going crazy and then the next day Blaine comes in here all tired and like what it was your problems like moving in yesterday and got stuck in the doorway and Jon Risinger was laughing at me and was like moving in and moving not going to give a shit sandwich between the Marquis and we got the Martia this world is done with the race what you can your brother fart under a door sill absolutely you're cut you're talking about call Target flatulence he just right under the door I need to find a new apartment want me to take one of the side is great cuz my brother get into any doors got to my apartment door many times the what does break into Blaine's apartment and do whatever the hell we want and if you don't like me that's fine I didn't know if that's going to happen anyway so it's like I'm crazy and probably some shit butt right now I think he knew it was coming to him you know you live there yeah it was your territory that was you whatever you heard was not right that was not the the screenings and the The Wailing of a woman that I had heard through the walls and it was late it was like 2 in the morning but it was coming for non outfi The Ghost and she lives in to the side of me and she's always the only butt X really hope you will talk about it I never saw that one because he's gone now to the bathroom you're going with that's probably floating that right will happen to a ghost whenever it's tomorrow but I do like a physical place I think so these rules I was a ghost or what I thought the girls locker room at the girls toilet right under the ball burnt weird things about so I've only seen girls locker rooms in the movie Porky's porkies I'm worried that it's not really as sexy as it seems in movies you think they would have lied in a movie I'm saying do you think you would really want to do that go to sleep kind of like part of you would die inside if I was a joke answer I was just about to say that all their groceries and guys the girls are dirty guys are messy no no no other way around it comes to bathrooms and places like that girls are fucking gross because it's not shit and piss in the bathroom that you discovered along the way how to be a girl and go in public bathroom and just like can use that one can use that one with the girls that shouldn't toilets not flushing always do that guys Brando I'm very sad about this like every woman's bathroom under the couch why don't we have to wear the new couches Club you saying that you don't me to go in the girls bathroom here at the office at 8 that's true that what you're saying that about guys bathroom sometimes just a hole in the ground it's not even like anything like women at least have a place to leave their shit in guys sometimes life just across the worse if you're lucky there's ice in there if you're lucky someone will do this there's only one toilet and everything else and there's no stall doors and there are no stores at all prison I think that's a really good comparison how many fights you have probably I did not getting anything at your school we like one week one week it was like a thing man like people would cut their meal Cards into knives keep calm and like girls who grow their fingernails out in the hole punch the middle of the fingernails that we had two points on each nail due the good life scoop flesh out of each other I once was standing next to a girl when a fight happened on her what's the best way to say if someone ran up behind her shoulder to the ground and then 5 girls proceeded to step on her face for 5 minutes but she had like shoe marks all over her face so how are you not tell her call God that was bad shooting in my school the person who brought the gun and shot didn't even get to spend it was like oh you shouldn't be bringing guns to school we're going to take that thank you school the next day I told you I went to school in a prison Oregon Health shares it with a desert eagle and she just put that in there he brought a gun like on his carry-on item and he got they found it in the airport and they were just like we're going to take celebrities the brink like big knives and guns and forget that they have them I think that happened like 2 days ago was September 1st guns are now legally carry you can now legally carry guns in airports in Texas onto the plane would you legally carry the gun in the airport which probably nothing happen to him airport you can't take it with you or you stay on the other on this site. I couldn't pass through I think though it says I think your gun in a bat in your checked luggage and you have to make sure they know about and they tag and all that stuff for when you really need to take your gun places with someone looking down in a few so I cut through the cabin executive decision that's true that's a good point what do we talk about this people die in movies we just said that no such a big Steven Seagal Deadlight and then like literally like 20 Kurt Russell as the hero of the rest of it what you see if you fly to the sky you like the dog in a survey he'll show back up for his great movies the dark territory under my new addition to the podcast is also brought you by fan duel let's talk about fantasy football for minute FanDuel Week 1 games are almost here the first came out of the gates Patriots versus the Steelers apparently I just got more than Tom Brady's back in action since for small but I mean I was all over the news today so you know he can have a big game but at the time you think before you guys trying to see football with more winners and payout to any other site they're paying out over 75 million dollars a week for football season intervie start at just $1 anyone can play go to fanduel.com click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner use code teeth and sign up now plus special offer for new users for every dollar you deposit FanDuel will match it with up to $200 to up to two hundred bucks to get the earned as you play that's a bonus of up to $200 so don't forget to go pick him up from the upper right hand corner use code teeth butt spear fanduel.com everyday is a new season fan fan pulley fucked it up best FanDuel.com sign up today actually really really easy to say that I think right now they're doing NFL and MLB and let me know early fan of people that we're going to do a draft for fantasy football here in the studio like you're stuck playing the whole season whether or not you like your team fan due looks like every week every game you can do something different it's not listed is NHL going on right now in November I don't know if they do that I just logged into the NFL in a fantasy football league knowing nothing about football when you really never know if I win what does that mean I wish I wish you go simply that most systems have liked rankings yeah if you go if you go just by whoever is like worse than most or whoever has the most points you probably OK really interesting to me like I'm not into sports or anything I just don't follow football and I was wondering if I actually played fantasy football if I could do very well normally there's some people get really get into it you can find like high-value players are players you pay less for who might give you a better return for people who really really really good at it I think anyway the crap it's alright butt end of the under the couch we're going to extend that couch and I am in the couch might go missing at some point when you're rebuilding mr. due on fire do you want to do what I want Tom Brady to get to Tom Brady after Under Siege 2 you guys suck awful movie they decide to make a sequel to Under Siege takes place on a boat Under Siege 2 takes place on a train if he was the cook on the train KC ride my favorite thing about dark territory is like at the end like the climactic battle between Steven Segal and the bad guy who only remember if you can tell they're like wrapping the speed on the footage of Steven Segal's like you know do we like a slow-moving it's like girl I like actually laughing not yet they've got weapons except it seems to go to sleep in the guy's face that's like what are we watching it and then they're doing the speed ramp so it looks like they're like what if you get kicked off the train that's good that's good how's he going to get back to like alright will he find a pickup truck and there are two wires he hit the wires together and it's start the truck and he takes off it's like I want point you think that makes any kind of sense this movie like they understand the movie practicing law enforcement somewhere I think so I thought it was Louisiana last time or was it for Arizona Union Russia versuri celebration of the end of World War II and like no world leader really showed up it was supposed to be recruiting them the Russian army doing marching in formation and everything X fucking Steven Segal was there and I was right he said he was a really good guy or whatever he said don't say about where to find the celebrities who endorse the unpopular world leaders like Andrea burnt movie the interview it was so bad I don't understand it seems like it would be a good movie and everyone was talking about how good it was seems like he did not have any lines written in that movie they just put him on the set and they're like act because everything that came out of his mouth is just like how did someone actually try to go back to the more current with the celebrities endorsing weird people where was Hulk Hogan wanted to run as Trump's running mate what did I read that correctly I actually have I think Hulk Hogan said I will be his vice president I think it's 2015 I think we're ready for president who had a sex tape no I'm okay with Hulk Hogan he would be by then we would have a president who had to sit and watch it later imagine it awful because Logan is going to find out and I don't have my phone on me to look it up but I look like a leather couch right here having Vega so if you would like can you imagine Hulk Hogan like a man who looks like a leather couch having sex now I want to watch I wish you make fun of me I have a thing for leather couches so Under Siege 2 was not a 550 million dollars domestically no but that movie had a cost like 60 million or something oh man important as I need butt 575 there's no way that your hair is dyed wait time the widow's peak that he's gotta be on his fuckin forehead I think that maybe plus I don't know your butt and just like his head went back through it and just let it go completely silver like Paul McCartney with brown hair and red hair I think that's a no it's not really looks so like I don't know like a bouncy in like oh I don't think there's any way it looks Willamette volume all City bowling with age I think right now that's why I don't that's why I don't buy it fan I'm an old fucker 45 surprise thank you a $0.45 ring Patricia 12 year old man sorola the kids got my lawn Texas when I want to talk about one thing in particular about packs yes I do and I both got to do something really cool we both got to see the HTC Vive VR demo it was like I've been a huge skeptic when it comes to talking about this week and detail about it but it worked it looked good I feel like a lot of the other stuff is like study or like you see the pixels or just looks bad this was immersive the environment due to multiple ones so like the first one I did you're on a sinking ship under water and like you could look around and walk around the ship and I can look at everything and look over the ship like deeper into the ocean as like you know you're in a room butt feel like when you're getting to the edge of the ship you still like are scared to look over the weirdest part for me was there's another part that's another demo where you are supposed to help airplane flight you like click on them and then let you design flight plans in the air and then you like take him down to the runaway favorite was my favorite but the airports on an island in the middle of the ocean like walking around this place subconsciously I wasn't wanting to bump into the island it's like having trouble reaching some of these planes is outfi okay what to do what you like covering butt level in the sacrament you if you just like a detached camera send videos it was a close game though so it's the one person doing the demo one person presenting the devil from their end and the one person with the goggles on 15 by 15 or so that's what I said yeah and then you have like your dog two controllers too and that was actually the coolest part of the demo was they put the headset on you they put the earphones on you and there with my kids he said look around what do you see how's it going I'm in a white room and they said hold on and then I could see like 2 controllers and what do you see yes I see you like to control so I reached out and grabbed him he said you just grab something in the real world that you've never seen like you're only a frame of reference for it is in the Verizon virtual reality and I was like holy fuck she's right I knew exactly where they were but every time just grab them I mean like you can interpret three-dimensional space within a virtual reality I don't even know what they look like they we can try somewhere different I've heard that they've done demos with multiple people with the headsets on and they thrown One controller between them and like they can catch it in midair it sounds like you have your two controllers and you could select colors on one like a pallet and then you dip your paint brush from your other controller into it and you can paint but it's 3D so if you paint like a happy face you can walk through it and C on the other side of where you painted so I was just doing it like rainbow brush and going all around myself and the guy doing the Devil he's like crazy the class apparently I think it was at Peak or school or maybe Joel Rubin Jose and painted a naked woman play one of the horror game actually do that because like the only yeah I think it would mess me up so much psychologically cause you know I know I'm already at way out there if I seem like a flashing light in the hallway you know like a flickering light and then you'll see something of the figure the floor in the hallway and the light flash on the flash on a Canon the figures little closer and then a flash of the flash on again in their fingers really close and then screening at like I think that would just be over fan doesn't sound fun to me it just sounds like you know you didn't like the thing about playing games alright really it home I just look away otherwise I guess you close your eyes but you're just so amazing you pick your brain again with any whores but sometimes they do other things too like the Game of Thrones simulation they shot at you to know that extra yeah he's coming at you and you look the air just like shit yourself someone going to die fan attacks or anxiety attacks or a heart attack I don't know I just so when your nightmares can become real like that what hat what is that ever existed in history like besides real war and then so it's like wow this is as real as it can possibly get without actually being at ago since I don't think humans can really deal with that really well but his guys got to like try out the demos I think a little more than we did because actually went to evolve and get that stuff but Matt Peake was telling me that he was doing the stimulation where he touched you get him in a room alone with other people but he said that to me lotion where the floor opened up in front of him and he said that like he knew he was just if you just step forward if nothing would happen but his brain was telling him not to so he like couldn't walk forward without putting his foot out and like tapping on the ground like him it's crazy how like a person that is could you imagine I don't know how to detail your dreams are but if you had your worst nightmare in the world and you knew every single detail paying to have somebody program it and create it nope no time I'm going to say somehow so you're running out of beer and like they put it into a machine and I yeah that would be I don't know how to be able to coach again heart attack because what would happen to it never be so are they going to sell those for like consumers sometime I think they said they're doing they're setting it up and making sure it's working right like I can't imagine taking anything like that home and just plug in and ready for a possible it is to even get it to that point I think it's coming out Oculus Sony Morpheus they are they are they doing you just need someone to like I think it's right for you the airplane demo I think that's good beautiful game crash simulator 2016 famous air disasters I really miss you who originally under really knows that it's time you should be paid to be like a consultant like on real planes when stuff happens because we've seen the ship or we could you imagine okay I'll let you know where they locked the doors and stuff in the 3D simulator at you got me like I'll go up and knock on the door and he let you in and you just hang out with him while he's being a robot so you can see it from the other side of the door it might be weird to ask her to do that so awesome I don't know I want to make sure that's really what I read in the Martian due to your recommendation it is so good I'm almost done I've never seen barbar read before and like she's really heating up this book I like to three pages a day I think and I mean barely butt which words are which is like it's really you know and I mean that's a big thing she's right to left right your salty you deserve it but it's a good through it and you start the audiobook version for that is like ten and a half hours long so it's not like super fast so I was really into it but I want to read it next you will I'll lend it to you I never get it back just like the book you lent me a while ago or whatever I want you Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas book that book is so quick to really you can read that in like three hours a DVD that I lent him 11 years ago it's our Kelly's Trapped in the Closet Christmas light show people maybe 10 but I think I can fucking amazing how when all the DVD held hostage until I finish wait until I get my R.Kelly Trapped in the Closet they don't let anybody programming symbol Under Siege 2 finale air butt and whatever polish or movie was hot and I don't have any but lost the leg probably already ate he's also probably dead by now family just kept dying that's what you think thank you for took me like 3 minutes try to say I'm trying to listen to a TV show with puppets that one the black one looks like the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon or God it totally does guy told me stolen stolen Tokyo the Tokyo Olympics had to change their logo because they realize that the guy might have just completely ripped it off from some like a beer German graphic designer it's extremely similar there are like he just makes it like a redoubled one of the graphics and I can rearrange some of the elements have you heard about this plagiarism ads like lifted other stuff that he's done from other people to be like not this one but I have kind of like stolen some stuff before we leave allegedly I don't get sued you're not like I'm just copying it happens it's just the people who lose are the ones who get caught you know it happens so often that such a large thing so much you know that when we were there and we walked and I counted at least 8 boot the head Ruby said there was another no I saw when we were passing we're signing someone brought by like some Ruby fan art that they had purchased I think that like San Diego Comic-Con or something? It's not cool it's someone selling it school that you like the show but it was actually a really cool concept and I would like to so Emily was there who runs the store so I took it from the person who actually really cool idea does making money off of RIPD and she's like, you're right I still think I have the Iraqi DVD of season 1 through 10 of Red vs Blue when was it was like 16126 disc that in season one there's something wrong butt on the pirated version they spelt it right or wrong the original DVD there's a typo but there's a pirated bootleg version basically that if it's art I post all the movies on one big thing at the front was like new DVD technology that you could fit 9 movies on one DVD resolution it was awesome in aranjuez the rent on me and I only went there twice but I know we're going to rent a movie we went to the laundromat and then they had movies that were like in the bottom of like laundry baskets that you would rent and then take home and like a bag I don't know much about it I'm sure like a wall that slid back and then I was like this Blockbuster inside of it like an actual you really must be around yeah I want to go take pictures cuz I didn't you lol don't look now how do you spell argue that it's also a terrible logo for the Tokyo Olympics I hear they intend for that to be incorporated like the Red Rising Sun 94 Tokyo and then like maybe makes a no and there's probably every letter of Tokyo in there 2020 Summer Olympics right the Summer Olympics are going to be in next year 2016 yes yes in London what was that like already happened it was like 2012 what year did is it every two years was an Olympic event gu the Olympics used to be every four years he would do summer and winter and then they broke them up back in my day we had set a reminder for this episode of the podcast is also brought you by Squarespace start building your website today at squarespace.com for a free trial and 10% off your first purchase go to squarespace.com / 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Twitter the house I can find like pictures and information was really easy to use highly recommend it it's gone now that's why I can't talk about it now I don't want to I don't want people finding out where I live it was one of the best of all was that guy who was having a fundraiser to try and raise money so he wouldn't cook his rabbit as pet rabbit and he had this listen to come under hard times I don't want to have to eat this rabbit so to save this rabbit's life where you never have a fundraiser I'm trying to learn so he's pressuring people to give him money so he wouldn't kill his rabbit he made so much money I could I would not wrap it or not bank and going in with a note saying if you don't give me money I'm going to shoot this girl you look like a picture of like a little girl what is the poly got bit by a rabbit is like a puppy and like for now like forever she just has this big star was actually good because you know like wild animals rabbits probably sweet how much money you make if you made a website and you said listen I'm I'm encountering hard time I need to make x amount or I'm sending Penny on a little boat like her away from here like people will give you a a penny and then you never do anything of course depending if you know a great but you know if we're all trapped and we had nothing to eat and Penny the Pug was there I get it I know we'd all want to eat her Haitian your fiance before you would eat the Pug under but I'll gladly break the ice I'm like a fat penguin here I think you would I think you would have called before you need the plug I wanted to get like a little engagemen collar or something but that might have been a bit more in the pub will season the family I wanted to be like a little like ring bearer but she's so dumb butt Tucker down the aisle fishing reel you're like going like that she looks like slices of hot dogs the other day I was that was sitting here doing what we were doing a practice run person on the spot and we're sitting were sitting right over here we're sitting on bar stools and it was there a couple of us sitting on a circle and John was there obviously and Miles was there and Miles walked up and he was drinking water out of a cup and he said on his bar stool and put the water glass on the ground and then rested his feet on the bar stool like right above it and the whole time we sat there for a couple minutes and I will not bother you that your feet are still and probably just dropping everything from the Bottom clean your water reductress down grab the water and just like charge it all I died a lot in fact yeah like that like a sex thing can be both disgusted and probably how they do you to conquer your phobia though is that I've read that way if you have to wash your hands of this bunch of stuff like that get you to look at sync or get you to like touch a toilet without washing hands charge people to watch it exactly it would make you do that slick miles with feet until you got all the dirt off car if you don't no problem how to get over your family not have any shoes are so dirty and gross to me I just think about everything that's on the ground and it's just filthy I can't I can't deal with that I really just got what you were saying that whenever I think of a shoe walking around 6th Street going the bathroom feel like going to a bar and wine magma is in the library or whatever the case is like and my feet go through that and then when I ever I think about touching the bottom of it I just think of those bars exactly what I'm thinking about all the dirty 6th Street I didn't know she's only went to the bathroom I realized how much his pitch was spraying onto his feet you don't realize it as a guy I still haven't figured out how to properly use a urinal I don't know if you guys have butt like when you use it you spray your feet with this and you like no the keys at least like hold hold light hold and then you just like hit it with like all the force you can long enough if it starts like you know if it's Streamys in and then it's like you know what the the opening and it's just everywhere dad know we're talking about when you get to the urinal and you're taking a piss there's no correct angle what unit is the correct angle know they're going down and to the left while I go down to the right and it's still not the correct angle because it doesn't work every time I come here it will have like stickers in them showing you like where the optimal angle that is. Never sticker or even have shoes on flowbe swimming and I go the bathroom and I was like it's probably really gross underneath that you're alone so I was like I bet I can make it like 3 feet away now how much for drippings from the The Arc like they are Jose people better shoes it's up to you just reminded me I threw my shoes in the washing machine this morning and completely forgot thank you what are you what shoes are going to forget me for money someone forget me drunk dreams and goals I've definitely do you think okay maybe slightly inappropriate conversation we can cut this city. Why do you think the volume was that women pee faster than men like if you have like I don't know a pint container and you told a man into a woman fill this with his who could do it faster I think it's equal I don't know man I had a girlfriend who like she went to the bathroom so fast and I'm like you wash your hands if she's like that and I believe her so you don't know if she likes got there his ex-girlfriend from your bladder to the opening, but you've got it you got to give 3990 just like you the type who pees faster men or women first articles on Drake pees on Monica in Friends upside down just open the cap and it's like that's just falls out what are the three doesn't sound like and then it's done it sounds like a like when a guy is peeing right Price Rite we need more more P like quicker or greater volume greater volume so what I meant to say they did something bad burnt shave but that's the idea here I know that's what the sticker says drugs are sold here Austin where it's just a big open mouth that you pay into interesting is at the aquarium I don't know maybe I did it just like that and it's the urinals are in front of like a one-way mirror people that can't tell anything but sometimes and I've done it before you got some one-way mirror and you know where the bottom of the urinals and you just look you can't see anything but you know the person on the other side of the mirror is like I was looking at was disappointed that your phones like you long time ago but it's this line of urinals where there's a woman behind each year and all like oh I like or like pointing or something and she would never want to use one of those because it's like they're making fun of you if you have real women or the picture pictures of real women have curves real women in the back and they had a woman strategically placed behind each mirror looking down like that encouraged encouraged you know I don't want anyone I don't want anyone to see that that's not for me I see nothing you're up someone's an ice cream cone so weird there's some bathrooms in Austin where it's just a bunch of like naked pictures of women in the guys restroom and like that is the wall of it above the urinal thing but there's a few bars like that I don't want that why would you you're still staring at it and like everyone else I figure when you're finished and I'll send you get a boner and then you have to stay there always have a boner can you is it possible to use one of those astronaut pee hoses like not in zero gravity like I bought one can I use it or another vacuum leak in a hose and just pay the whole ride there is not a hole seems like I mean I get that for the house something a pet section anything just like that one and done but I'm talking about like in the space station I know I'm just refusing to acknowledge that we gotta go hope you guys had a good Labor Day it's over now I'll see you guys next week the first Streamys love you butt Streamys Fahrenheit change with labor day but we've broken all the Union