#341 - The Mathematic Mishap

Join Gustavo Sorola, James Willems, Bruce Greene and Burnie Burns as they discuss Terrence Howard's revolutionary new Mathematic theory on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on September 15, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-the-mathematic-mishap-341

Recorded: 2015-09-15 15:23:31

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, James Willems, Bruce Greene




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the earthquake brought you by audible.com Raintree thank you you're wonderful thank you sponsors you left and I did everything so I completely forgot the address for the underwear company with his father sides are going to say their name whats the tradition of new faces joining us today I'm good are you then you say I'm going James Willems funhau Bruce cream from burni credits for movie the first ones important than the last one yes or introducing with them with the other important way to do that is weird season 7 of Seinfeld if you check out season 7 of Seinfeld it'll still say and Jason Alexander as George Costanza and it's like I know George Costanza brother on Frasier can you buy just PAX Prime Seattle tourist video for a love letter to Denver Colorado the confusion Lewis Wentworth Frasier which one of The Drew Carey Show at Seattle David Hyde Pierce actor a record 11 consecutive years nominated nominated how many times lately the fuck is Whats his name in Hellboy Natalie Hart possibly what could you put in 355 of Hellboy are you helping me garbage but I don't know if masturbating who is the Crimson twins the brother in pain or to American Family Care double up crying her eyes out I don't I have no heat did they come up with the perfect storm of masturbation at the same time with twins like a good-looking said it was likely that this those twins home for and how frequently do 20 bucks each other vehicle is more common subreddit fantastic fantastic read have you read it absolutely Furious let's go for Reddit relationship he was on there right now Reddit personal finance like have you ever seen the East would like some guys like I just got $25,000 worth of property in the middle of wherever what should I do with it and someone's like like plant a garden advice cuz it's so whats relationship going to be that's just like this together we got custody what do they ask you at the one of the commenters like invest in what you got I mean there's a 30 year old person saying this is a 33 year old male sister-in-law married a loser and it consistently and packing my life please help there's a guy his wife wants to read a book and suddenly wants to be a surrendered wife or his wife or maybe have to tie them to a bed and do something they don't turn down your partner for sex no matter how they feel they look to them and it's all finances and make all the decisions basically whenever the man asked for the wind opinion she says whatever you think is best what about James he's actually surrendered husband and her husband she tells him what to do and we're really really fun the fun thing about it what you should do if you're going to become a surrendered wife or husband and don't tell your significant other to start being agreeable life sister doing it absolutely absolutely never comes up I'm just going to do a search in Revelations under 20 I got to go to hear that a lot of the stuff is a little bit that you can leave at 6:10 he lied about the internet so cynical anytime I read something that I got to see of course I have to I have to know this is corroborated I have to know where else is coming from where's your work cited page everything is just total bullshit whatever you want I've done this for many years actually you of all people would always wonder what they look like what a fucking worthless stores time out of their day to be like we're going to come the First Response within like an extra angry because I felt like the story was coming back at me like I'd already that is the first time I've ever seen you quit out of it yet ever we drove you out of the funhau life group chat one time and then immediately and I can be perfect but you don't get to enjoy it if the most the most just like forgiving comedic move ever because you don't get to relish any of it cuz you leaving weird like it's like Crossing his arms and feel like I'm interesting like working with you guys but not sharing an office to deal with that that's between us actually created people have manipulated into this weird thing #funhau so while we talk about surfing in the Funhouse probably close to clampdown to start like people okay then maybe if people are talking about get out of here it would be great in our own internal chats we couldn't get our names your score funhau Steve that we keep making a bunch of channels are about surfing always about surfing first brought you guys are in the planning stages because there's like 2 or 3 weeks before you guys even like came to the air we went to a lot of things like the other things like funhau and everything and I never from the day we went to go find all the social media names before we were saying everything and you guys end up with funhau steam Reddit funhau but hadn't tweeted anything in like a year and a half and it was very unclear and we tried to reach out to them and just got like radio silence back that way then once once the channel launched they started tweeting something for that account so it looks like then they were trying to bait us into taking you but we already had funhau the house smelled like and why would you do that there is youtube.com slash the know someone has registered that username and so we tried to get in contact with the person and like you said radio silence as well the problem was it was an active account and they were actively liking RoosterTeeth videos and I never found out who the person was that just one month ago so we registered youtube.com / no and it's a channel that we use for the milk but the person who owns the no on YouTube one month ago they'd like a Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures the following lighting watching the video that we can hold this person it's it's enormously frustrating maybe they will speak English you should make a video that one dude but you're making out today about it and then he'll actually see it assuming it did you ever find any twins to talk to you what do they sleep with fraternal twin no we aren't screwing each other way to way to ruin the magic and then someone else I guess I'm talking about the twins from Hellboy twins we just get to Anchorage and masturbate the most inconvenient time for their sibling would you would you like me just before you stop by so he was just going on a date post the story to our Bunkhouse chat room earlier and I thought apparently Terrence Howard remember him he developed a new method of mathematics good to take that will buy store what are you calling it terryology The Science also okay whatever you started this because we've been lied to all our lives 1 times 1 is not one void 1 times 1 is 211 times 1 times 1 why is the whats 0 times 1 and 0 I have to look up history Terrence Howard has a history of being just totally logical Brody in the first Iron Man Avengers Tabata Ironman Sprint I don't like get out didn't he didn't answer. I did not win the Heat friend of mine rented a disc of a season of Buffy like disc 3 from season 5 of Buffy and we were loud I would check it every 3 months and it would still be out there though still be out and then finally I went to and all the Buffy season also she had this one from Netflix and chill mine of that desk and so I rented it so I can watch it but then when I went to open the the volume it wasn't there and she had no idea where it went but it was like literally that Netflix was like she must be really enjoy I swear I was very highbrow Legacy was Bridge over River Kwai I think I had that I never watched it and it's going to change the world now so he's talking about he's talking about the science of 1 x what is a quote how can it equal one if 1 times 1 equals one that means that two is of no value because one times itself has no Effect 1 times 1 equals two because the square root of 4 is 2 so what's the square root of two should be one or told it's too late I will not be pulled out how can it equal one if 1 times 1 equals one that means that two is of no value for you because one times itself has no effect on half of that makes you less valuable hold on a minute so if one times itself has no effect meaning it's still one it doesn't change itself will then but what about 2 times one that's to write whats 3 times 131 times 1 equal to I think I think he's confusing something like conservation of matter write like that they're there like he knows about them x one I think these are entities and that's if you have one of something and you multiply it by one of another something to eat I think he's confusing the fact that you just create and Destroy if you multiply he's taking the word literally multiplying one understand that when you put the multiply sign it now becomes a representation of the first number that's on the definition of the word don't think it true the square root of 4 is 2 square root of 31 so what's the square root of two should be one or told it's to Christina Aguilera 4 square root of 4 iPhone 4 and it's another quote she said I guess he said he dropped the true Universal math quotes Pythagoras was here to see it Weinstein to Tesla without the word because so was he establishing the fact that he would blow their mind if they were there right to talk about math right the only way children in home with scarves he understands cars because he always wears a lot of stars so if you sho right if you have to explain multiplication with addition addition that's what the problem is so if you got 3 scarves the conservation of scarves but if you have three scars and then multiply that by another scarf multiplication is just an expression of addition that you have because you do and then you got the one here right and I agree this is the last this is the quote this is the last century that our children will ever have been taught that 1 times one is one they won't have to grow up in ignorance 20 years from now they'll know that 1 times 1 equals to worry about the Sho when you truth the true Universal math and the proof is in the pieces I have created the pieces and pick up the motion of the universe together life a situation like this I like to think you don't just walk out and start saying that you tested like you test it with other people that you're socially around you I want to see their face that you can think about 4:20 and they know it you don't pay for a bunch of food or like he always buys 4 Terrence Howard where he tells us exactly they say that he's been spending 17 hours a day working on this he has patent on it can you create his own symbols so no one can steal his idea so they're they're actually like you can prove these things with laws of man that he has done that yet I don't know I don't know if I'm working on something like shit together to profit from this time because he's going to literally multiply all the money he has by 1 I don't know man the square root of two should be one but it's not what is square root of select half half basically said there yes do you think do you think after he he basically did this interview or whatever done she told was in the bathroom slic if I like look first movie What will give you 2 million dollars that has no value be a professor like Oxford Area I think where is the square root of a number is a number y such that y to the second power or squared equals a and other than ever why he's Square the result of multiplying the number by itself or Y times y this is cute you look this up it looks like if you multiply y times why it should be a no no that's not right for them before and I get for a square root of 16 because 4 squared equals -4 squared equals 16 ampacity life he's working on it he doubled his workload will be all over interview for Rolling Stone half how do you sit there with a straight face and just let someone continue to do this is an article that right now all you have to do is like do speech to text you don't have to do anything you don't want to be accused of like twisting his words one of the worst things you do sometimes it's just someone there quote in its entirety and then it so we can watch them do it themselves or four years he's probably been working on this and like you said he's been telling people so everybody's not in their head everybody's been there ahead of him for a long long time including this reporter sure right does he have anybody in 422 Tower the mathematical term mean like just any truth that I know I know I know will be worth it to tell them no because then they will just cut you out of their life turned out that way the only people who get famous enough it's like the people that surround them they are invested in just building that person up console and then that's out that's okay Miss people go crazy all the time you know it's just they don't start off crazy the environment wouldn't nobody ever tells them know we're fucking idiots out on the publication and terryology I was always wondering you know why does a bubble take the shape of a ball why not a triangle or Square I figured it out it is more Terrence Howard why does a bubble take the shape of a ball why not a triangle or Square I figured it out is my life the Terrence Howard is talking about mathematics fucking funny there's no room in this case and that you are in the right you are correct he's going to be right now we're going to look in 5 years from now they're going to make one of those videos like a hard cut talking about how bullshit terryology 5 Years it'll be like thank you for shopping with us here or negative 3/4 kudos to the New York daily 3 settler headlight which is Terrence Howard might not understand how much hard line on this and maybe not well thanks this is very eye-opening thank you for your time square bubble machine in his house Michael audibl it turns out at all that's why he keeps saying the other words because they are crazy like I mean if someone like that if I had like I guess who's the teenage star that was going nuts obvious growth problems mental issues most times I get a Britney Spears shave her head in Hollywood Barbershop class near Beaver and stuff exactly like what do you tell them you know like a ride it out if you like in his Entourage for the celebrity you just like I gotta pay off my car but like you said for years and years that the people around them just saying 1 times 1 equals 2 yeah you're all good I'm sure Jon was awesome well what is amazing music it's like having it made Lazer team which is nowhere near the production level of slic some of those Lindsay Lohan movies of Disney movies just like if I was like I felt like I was going 2 minutes late to the set we required to be there like an hour early anyway I felt like I was going to cost everybody ton of money and everyone will just be sitting around waiting for him and refusing to come out of my trailer they don't care they just they really don't care is because they know the show cannot go on without them yep and that was one of those things that I should have realized over time working in Show Business is that there are people that will say one thing so far actually turned me on to a thing that people do witches look when they get so far into a production they know what's more expensive to replace them than it is to keep them and put up with them until they reach a certain point where we got 25% the movie shot so here I come I'm about to be a complete asshole to everybody else and it's like from soda Steven still feel of you guys such as I said we're like bitching at each other constantly and like every year you don't like tell specific Productions but like people talk about like making people happy with somebody being screamed at for like 20 minutes because I just and there was an adult and get screamed at for no reason other than the person screaming at you and it was like just your day in the barrel Today part of the job you need to replace your lighting guy to the percent of light through and slic the lights might change a little bit but they're not going to know what you know that that guy is gone Frank Darabont started walking dead was I got to choose one wasn't but he didn't give me the cast you know you probably can't replace you can call Terrence Howard Terry seem like it's weird that he's calling terryology call him over under on Terrence Howard Twitter followers let me know what you think buy audible.com thanks to audible.com for supporting actress Teeth podcast audible.com is a leading provider of audio books more than 180000 downloadable titles across all types of literature fiction non-fiction and periodicals audio books the great to listen to when you're driving stuck in traffic on the subway or the bus doing chores around the house at the gym whatever for audience members audibl is offering a free audiobook give you a chance to try out their service when are you consider is the Martian by Andy Weir to download this audiobook for free or no the one of your choice go to audible.com / free Chief Keef That's audible.com / RoosterTeeth can I make it as a suggestion for an audiobook to listen to and audibl recently listened to the Ellen musk biography which was really interesting and it also Felicia day's autobiography who was a few weeks ago she did she she needs her own Autobiography on audibl why can't base what I'm waiting for him to take his own name but life it was disputed whether he was or wasn't and he was part of like a couple different companies were he was ousted as CEO was kinda like shaped who he was and I like the way he approaches his business which is actually one of things he does when someone says I'll do your job and then does their job for a month and then let them go and it's like the people they like doing your job he will actually do your job first launched did used to be x.com x.com the letter x the letter x.com and I need it for like 6 months to a year as x.com and I guess it's going to switch to PayPal to make it more friendly to all about that and it was I'm not going to Global was his other company just before that and I was like I didn't know anything about that before he started and hire people and sat with them and spend your money on the camera on eBay and you still waiting on all the money the money I got pulled back they just took it back they think that they can they can send me money and then take it back for what they say what kind of website is that so they sent it over and it was like I don't know like he didn't get the camera on the camera and I called Pay Pal and I was on the phone for a long time talking to them like I said I have the tracking information that he took the money back what the fuck you talking about you took the money back he has my camera finally since I owe them so they're like here's $200 I sold it for $600 it was sweet you know like one of those cameras of the tape PayPal fuck me fuck me so hard ever since completely turn me off of PayPal the first time I use it and it was it was it was things like I used it as I can I put my credit card online and send money no I can't okay I'm never doing that again just stay away from it forever at that point we'll stop over there and they've gotten better since a little after whatever but I mean like I'm not sure I don't I stay away from them yeah that's a smart move I think ultimately it's a lot more than even give me a phone of those things about like Girl by shrinking shrinking to then allow themselves to gain more growth on paper because they've lost money okay looks like we're having any more smaller company now we can use a larger percentage of people have their names whats Adam I don't know maybe it was a crazy day in the office the first time I've ever come to the office and literally the entire parking lot was built there wasn't a single space I'm glad you brought this up because I parked in the fire lane because you parked in the fire lane parking the funhau don't do it how does Fusion work and think about what you're saying they told us in the meeting I parked there to go to the and then punish people for breaking its forehead your car may be a delay in my defense I wasn't paying attention to that does music catalog laptop with the way it is just like we're a technology company that takes video and puts it online and we can't talk to you because your Internet sucks here the Wi-Fi is terrible so I'm I know like I'm sitting there spilling something on myself as the meeting is happening with hundreds of people watching it I don't care cuz I know you guys can't see it as soon as I got out like this really sucks like I wish I was standing next to burni as he parked in the fire lane so that I can be with the whole thing what kind of speed people don't know I think you're just watched every day after school or something like that I mean May whatever was on the everyday but will give me the reference to whats Eating Gilbert Grape earlier that means all fall asleep so I did that's perfect I'll be walking right and I said this I said this grocery store for this chain of grocery stores reminds me of the whole thing it was like whats Eating Gilbert Grape know everything and I smaller store like a mom and pop store ascendin later Jesus gets hit on that whole movie by the way conventional convenience or like a store that almost looks exactly like the storefront for like in HEB and I was like that reminds me of that and I turn and were walking so the fact that they fell asleep that's pretty impressive so do you guys do they are in fact I was Eating Gilbert Grape probably about 6 months ago so that's why Bridge over River Kwai no I never have actually I hear it's good Leonardo DiCaprio does an excellent turn as a mentally handicapped audibl of heard that it's really fucking said that performance it is said that but it taught me kind of like when you hear someone who is Sean Connery impression that taught me how to do it like I could have rounded fitting purple we lost it was Juliette Lewis in whatever happens you do this to me she was awesome she was in a bunch of movies and the band a lot pictures of death of the Daft Punk guys 99 yeah 2000 is a while ago that you came out to dance with him and stuff like that we sold them the $4 Teriyaki Monroe member what it do you guys remember what Dennis Hopper preferred to Sandra Bullock as well it was probably something like that remix braintre trailer came out and it's like he had a reason it was like Matt dragged me to see The Matrix and I was like movie stars sounds like such low expectations going into that fucking thing speed whats June 94 trailer The Matrix the only well at the time but you don't make it to my office in a long time ago when I was dating a girl at the time and like she got part slic Life part of some focus group and they showed her life movie trailers to get her opinion on him and what are the trails the shoulder was The Matrix trailer before it came out and got her home computer she was watching it and watching it and it was done fucking stupid from The Matrix come out and watch that piece of shit looks terrible help with how long to wait until I thought everyone loved it the first week I was here I have my dad took me to see it because it was rated R right now and you thought there the whole time and he watched the whole thing and then after that I'd like Elsa I have no idea like I was like a machine you like so I appreciate 20 minutes tutorial I know what is the major let me explain it to you for him but he did it anyway so York City but watching wrestling with him and watching movies life whats them with me not natural because he was getting something out of it because he knew I was interested in that stuff 4 West Side and I like where in North Carolina North Carolina Charlotte North Carolina that's where mr. Jane went to school yeah it's beautiful out right now Charleston what am I getting in the western part of the state or just weeks ago that I was thinking of going back to the time of year because it was like when things we don't have in Texas and you guys don't have them Los Angeles is Seasons they just don't exist and so we have to travel to see fall colors and travel to see snow if we ever want to do that you guys get some snow anytime of the year but to Flat whats up its 2 here anywhere in Texas I don't know sometimes but it's like it's like of an inch the whole city State and with United mean it's such a wide say like when you get your driving from Los Angeles to Texas it's 900 miles at that point across Texas it takes a whole day or the whole day driving from LA to Austin half your trip is amazing Republic Reddit thanks to medicate A Beautiful Mind? the top of that we have someone who's actually here tonight Anthony is here he came up to me at the end of season 13 of red vs blue with a marathon of all the episodes and it would usually write Red vs Blue to be like a feature so it's usually about 90 minutes maybe a hundred twenty minutes fucking miles dude that season was 189 minutes so that was over 3 hours with no intermission 5 hours right who animated all those years ago our iPhone 5 argumen from podcast 111 Peachtree of the show which was correct about if we didn't know so we called the four whats Rock official information that you've heard about some of the iPhone 5 Rumor how are they conflicting with different designs different looks to the phone one of them said it's going to be iPhone how did you know did you read gu iPhone 5S better than you iphone 5 iphone 5 nano-sim iphone 5s what are you saying that when the and turns out it was true that I did read that that one of the members of the other Celtics I'm from the future and you're not home I forgot He Wasn't Man Enough smart man listens about it we love when you when you first made dad so I don't have the car set-up to say hello but in the future iPhone 4S so I was correct I was correct iPhone coming out he would have been truly special occasions like that like the blueprints are typically correct because they're very hard to porch right typically do or like something came from China like to show the screen or something like that from the start that the source and I guess in retrospect I'm glad I was glad to see myself into true that work multiple iPhone 4S released who did coming up in this but we were at the time look at the date replied back what was the date on that it's something Google what is an oligarchy the 2011 I'm looking at the RT Podcast from 1:11 October 2011 so they were talking about the for when talking about the forest in your face you're cold as ice whats it called when you and of how embarrassed you going to make your stuff Pier House up because burni might be right because they do design those things at least your head of time but we're talking specifically about the going to go down been trying to do the 5 and 5c long before they were doing the forest that they know that they know this is just going to be this time you upgrade and then they're moving on to the next iPhone can we can we have you every week iPhone 4S the 4S was released that year but those schematics me the 5 in the fight it sounds like you guys are arguing about two different things here maybe you're the problem every 200 to 250 episodes were just revisiting argumen website cellular page we should do that again where we have such bad science on the podcast that I currently have to bring a jacket to go over the last year and that was a really long list I was like everything like everything we've done in the past year please let me know I'm going to write it all down it was really long list of shit an hour and a half I'm just going to tell me why they're actually never to ask when they were using the hashtag hashtag RT Podcast I'm sorry that Everyone likes not worth arguing about stuff I cannot leave Half Life 3 look just like him and everything we have a story about half life three that we wanted to talk about and so we did it was corroborated guess it had sources and horses so we reported it did it make you upset but ok naughty dog burni and said hey if you get a license what will make Half Life 3 are we not allowed to talk about that okay we just know we can still stay within a hundred percent certainty that Half Life 3 will not be coming out we can still say whatever in that story that from your store so I don't know what you guys would not reveal that even to me I can tell you later if you like we can talk about it beforehand I was very excited for this and that was given in that story that would make sense to me I can find myself getting the point where I make similar decisions but I mean like in terms of the money stuff that was all Lawrence Lawrence put together all those numbers from super drunk and it was just reading that Lawrence basically came up with with Jupiter and the other half the story which was the first part of it that was the actual story of those things that we got the actual story and then we had to so the reason your editorial version you know like you want to hear commentary on this what exactly is deductive reasoning to sort of be like that it makes total sense there's nobody working on it since I've been outside to walk away just as we're talking about Terrence Howard math whats the numbers from the half life 33 who put this together for us it was okay that I want to make sure because it really blows the mind of some people in like the Gaming Community like our biggest problem wasn't necessarily ever the information presented or our perspective on that information it was people were angry that we weren't revealing sources like that was never going to happen but you know gaming journalism is so far removed from anything that makes any sort of sense that like that was the problem that people have with everything which I thought was interesting like that because that's a big deal we shouldn't get any other sources that to the review of somebody you're not damaged that person job at the very least and then that there will be no the sources said that going forward from there so sorry you can I'd like to play it I wish it was one but I mean it's not the end of the world so many good games out there right now I don't have time for already whats being with you and then just kinda stopped there was no commitment on their part to keep going at all I just like and especially the end episode 2 I don't know either I played someone so long ago and I know it's a cliffhanger but it was kind of those things that like it disappeared and it will be there Half Life 2 episode 2 spoilers Matrix and whats Eating Gilbert Grape out in and whenever you know whenever you know what you want of every story from the was retarded James Howard and like him not appearing in the other movies was there was an actor in The Matrix you kind of lost the shit I put up with it remember the guy boiler and tank tank survives and actually ends up shocking somebody not the movies that was because apparently he was just like out there and like even even like when he didn't catch them in the summer what movies he showed up anyway and then also showed up to the premiere Cypher Cypher and that supposedly the character switch was supposed to be a character that switched from male to female all the time like that's where the character's name was switch and that's why the cat's like an androgynous looking woman for the character that was supposed to be just for appearances that was with switch all the time the one who he talked there was a pop someone another this boy that was good there's one point where I can go the script he's the guy on the character that they kill to demonstrate how they're going to kill the other character the whole purpose of the film and then the other guy was a mouse right now James Cleveland who designed the women that I can watch no no no no in the House TV the way you can die in The Matrix I just watched this is one we're going to go to Seattle he watched it on the plane ride to Seattle right back to back Oso playing playing I saw fear in the theaters really wasn't crazy about it so Lauren I have both seen Jupiter Ascending we're really excited for it and and the Bruce of like I download and watch on a plane ride alright well we were supposed to be the prologue to this is our theory about Jupiter Ascending because it's not good it's actually terrible which is sad because I wanted to like it but I couldn't at all but it's basically I have a theory about the heavy horrible right I was like oh yeah is that is very much modern day it's basically it feels like the wachowskis are like we have an idea for a movie it's basically a Twist on Twilight because we know the super profitable so we're going to make a profitable like Twilight type franchise and so they like you just give us half a billion dollars and will check out this Trilogy that previous space Trilogy with a handsome lead and like a damsel in distress but you also we got 80 million dollars you can make one movie right now it's like it's like you just ran a 1 Movie adaptation of a 2000 page book Trilogy that doesn't exist it's really weird though how long ago to see if I was asking if you seen it how long the movie is if you tell me how long it Alan Watts Youtube music It's like 2 hours 45 and right when I finished it on the life itself it said 1 hour and 58 minutes and it was nowhere close to two-and-a-half hours and hours with the credits it ended well though if you multiply 1 no it's nowhere close to two-and-a-half hours and that's the sign of a terrible part about the movie is the actor who plays the villain to play it as like an asthmatic kids life couch that is always crying hyperventilate through could have been really awesome if there was at least one point or someone I'm sorry what was that like you're whispering to yourself and it's real I shouldn't watch that you might have if you want me like in the sense that it's done okay like you might enjoy it because it's done and like the visual effects are not so bad it's like an article written about a future war ship might hold a very special place in cinema history in that it might be the only sci-fi movie that no one has ever Cost Plus I've seen just about everything but not that Channing Tatum with slightly pointy ear right and then it's the whole history my favorite thing about you being my favorite thing about Jupiter Ascending is that his character's name is Kim right he's came in he's a dog man for it and then there's and then his name is singer I need to be made up through what are the other dog men and the other Bean Mike's Grill the fury there's okay what are you life whats a good movie star recently gave us a ray of sunshine here I mean like it's okay it's like you just don't like I don't like I typically like stuff because every single thing that of you should hit and I didn't like that because I was like I thought at some point this movie with Brad Pitt and a good director and good special flexible and good actors would give me something other than exactly what I expected it was like they were in a tank like other than that it's like this guy has just can't he just come to work and he doesn't know how to fight you got to learn how to kill dude and they killed it let's move on we got to go up in this place with the people in the in the house they're like yep that's what war movie American soldiers are portrayed as well leave the Dark Side of war and all that yes I do remember that moment in Saving Private Ryan believe Ryan is a hundred times better than 20 years like really poignant gu was the information right there and that's all they knew his last name I told him his name is my friends realize that they were pretty brutal multiple times in the movie get married something what am I doing this episode of the receipt on taxes brought you Buy Braintree code for easy online payments if you're building a mobile app and searching for a simple payment solution check out Braintree the Braintree V10 SDK makes it easy to offer multiple Mobile payment type start accepting PayPal Apple pay Bitcoin venmo cards and more all the single integration Braintree gives you an easy way to accept multiple payment types with one integration quick knowledgeable developer support if you have any questions start accepting Apple pay PayPal Bitcoin venmo cards whatever is next all with a single integration with the Braintree V10 SDK one small step for the code you're all set up in less than 10 minutes to learn more and for your first $50,000 in transactions P3 go to Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth Braintree payments.com / 3:40 I think that's the first time I read the entire copy without of love this job perfect how about that show me about braintre it always it always cheers me up to tell you sorry but I'm glad I did it the quality you get we are here I'm in for 3 Days To Shoot as much as we possibly can with you guys so it's kind of those things where we wanted to be like all doing our gu life for doing the RT Podcast for like lots of stuff like that and you've got to give us a chance which is really sad about that you guys usually start it was back in February the point was to get you guys down here on a regular basis but you guys are getting settled into your new office and then your new office and then we can the events in the regular schedule will be doing more stuff the first time and we were talking about it was like you were very much like Slow Burn little pieces may be one person one time like the funhau stripping a team in our group we had to like you guys separate for like 6 months are going to be like I just want to and just like to play with that big event in the summer it was like hey we want you guys to play each other pretty good no that's not true that was the difference whats and then when we did we were like there's a do cuz we were players here so you know you should have came it was right and one of them killed right there Chris Martin getting a couple of there I don't know they're all dead too so it doesn't matter that was released for Legends of the Void protoss Legacy of the Void I haven't played in a long time we had forever so I got my ass handed to me was over sofa Define whats do this over it headlight 10 buildings in space like there's no catching up and it was destroyed was your highest rank that smart people feel bad about yourself I was hoping you wouldn't play and stuff like that like Hearthstone and try to get like your of stuff but I void a lot of times I feel bad about myself and I feel like it's like to feel bad Tyra bunch of like ringers Northeast conventional and convection rugby manager 2015 Euro Truck Simulator now what you just catching on ESPN just hired a director of Esports Network and it's getting there right it's like people are saying it's a big deal and like the international is a 17 million.dollar purses that writer $89 purse because sounds about right guy gets really high Lawrence Lawrence didn't say he'd like he said he didn't know any different by saying something he didn't like he'd like it was enough that I have no clue I don't know but here's what I do now it's only for like that those events are really cool but like 95% of the events are like in a hotel Ballroom I know still it's just like if there was like the Super Bowl essentially but that everything else was still played on my high school football field stadium and was like that's the biggest one they have that was years ago and that was a big deal right the kids watching people play league gaming eating like specific games and it seems like focus and focus on the game and the game is just not like a big East title remember what was and was not used for Service Pro gaming whats it whats the name of the guy who liked his own brand of keyboards and everything else and he was playing all the time for painkiller and that was just for Tyler's pro-gaming never heard of this and it wasn't right now you all play rocket league on iPhone and Jack had to go to an event and so he's not here and he was like I want to be part of who's going to organize into the rocket league tournament we're going to try to a company-wide rocket league tournament Sho you guys going to come back some of you would come back next week for the Legion for you what are you doing that's what's happening start animating Augusta prove it but I got a BMI 2 years from now 2 vs 2 Tournament 2 3 vs 3 isn't that the standard version of the email I deleted it so nevermind or never okay what reading out loud really love me it means you might not recognize me okay we are planning this is me writing to Jack we are we went to Jack and who you CCW of the company that's because he realized when I got to the day Tuesday September 15th iPhone and I and that's it that's over because I can email and he will reply to you like that I got to know when you are not a team he's offended that he's not on my team like it's a personal thing and he's like of 1 JCPenney cuz it was wrong doing good he was wrong so hopefully we'll go out there but wouldn't that you're gone or so we'll figure that out what day's work for home Super Buffet some kind of way that if I can appreciate it whats and recycling the from Brazil born in the valley that's where he must have screwed up and I are actually in Los Angeles and I live in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara whats going back to LA so I am I still a kid threw and through never lived anywhere else never lived anywhere else that is correct and most will die within 50 miles of where they were born most people thought that was really sad and pathetic until I realized I was born by the river from here like you know how the cat that did that we had for 13 years and so I walked away when they like you people the courtesy for a couple years out there for years whenever is like an inside-outside cats when they were just gone I was like I said whatever years later it showed up at our house again I was like what the fuck I thought it was like you're certain it was good I just went to sleep and then I was like oh cool thanks home yeah anyway Cafe your side to play the Cat Daddy good Lord that's terrible the cat disappeared for like 2 weeks and there's an obvious I didn't mention anything like that cuz I want people to call me during all that time if the same thing happened to whats fucking a cat the ramseys can just catch a cab and get the name to everybody else is like pets like hearing everything pets are covered under the cabinet for 6 months is gone and in just one day you should have a guy that you're fucked up like I must be removed the idea was that he was trying to get back to the old house I get back to his territory wherever and he did so as possible here but the the battery on a diet for 3 days yeah you had some Adventures you were driving that truck stop and you thought a little color just lying there super mechs and you said I like you a lot I've been happy with and get a pizza around toppings on it Tiffany Holloway Street Chicago ditional New York style pizza life in the streets of Manhattan but it's like we don't get that in Texas there's always that miss about it the water in New York has some kind of mineral content makes the bread and bagels so good in Carson climate change now he said irreversible point where the sea level is going to raise like one meter in the next 10 years and 5 of the course and it's 50 you know what happened in that case I've got something I'd like to say but it comes to like all this talk of climate change the void where the world's going like this it just needs to be good another like 20-30 I don't give a fuck fuck fuck it I don't care Reddit tragic it happens after I die whats 1 meter or 5 meters that's not a threat that's more like just a the water come the bull baby I walk on the water how many Subways are and meet up over 15 feet so hot half crazy when we first started it was just like 5 of us I had I had to do stuff for these guys like all the time like you don't pay taxes I had to call and make a life insurance appointment for Jeff to get a daughter and I made him that you're going to talk to the personal Edge of Tomorrow there a block-and-a-half away go there and do it and then the other one X never got from it was we had we had a 401 k meeting you guys are going to be okay with them and then I met with a financial advisor first convince them that the young guys some money it's important I talk to him he said is it a good idea to do that door but I thought I saw the guy I just meet with God so he was first in the of his pale and I got out of that goes well I sat down with mr. Stewart and I said so what is your long-term retirement plan and its role looked at me and said to die 8:40 perfect Mistral acoustically people at 8:40 you're probably 5:40 what is your plan that if you live past 40 and mrs. roll look at me and said shotgun does response before he gave me a couple years to get this point things are looking pretty whats the park as you can when you put it happens so slowly driving and come over night no bloating did the one play you me Matt Joel and Geoff we each take $1,000 right now and put it in a savings account that we invest the one who died last get it all of it and you want to do it a lot of money what is 20000 bucks that's about to head back to the States 5 grand to start with you can turn that into something right now what would you do whats well that's what I'm going to eat while you're in town and you're taking it somewhere but we don't know where we're going what is like mystery food no I mean like this is their Town through his town where should we go get barbecue just literally don't care what we're here to work with you real quick some people know that I eat fast food for 2 meals a day whats so it's not so it's basically the same idea and so I decided that for this trip would be busy maybe I would have time to go get lunch or have breakfast and we'd be staying in some place so I brought two life probably of pounds worth of this powder white powder in a bag in a ziplock bag vacuum sealed right and then just put in another bag another larger bag I want to see if I can do this I took it out no one asked me anything cuz I might scare people like protein stuff like that a lot of times I'll try and come get it tested or whatever could have been are you dragging it down the street and cop stopped him and he says that you should black and white police cruiser stops and says is there a body in the bag and he goes no it's okay make the Austin Police Department look bad over something you know a dead body situation but it totally what everyone will see you guys next week everybody