#342 - The BROAD-cast

Join Lindsay Jones, Ashley Jenkins, Chris Demarais, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss farting, Tom Hardy's fictional fashion line, and feminine hygiene on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on September 22, 2015.

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Recorded: 2015-09-22 15:11:40

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Participants: Chris Demarais, Ashley Jenkins, Barbara Dunkelman, Lindsay Jones




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everyone what do you think it's something wrong with this setup I'm here how's it going everyone welcome to receive podcast hello today's episode is brought to you by lynda.com Squarespace and your box thank you sponsors barbar I'm not thank God anniversary okay I will I was unable after I want to see like 8 or 9 years just broke with him something around about like what face and everything's covered in for I know that they have like for laid out on top of you don't have any privacy texting during the day people come in like that you sleep there and sleep there to have sexual relations and she likes everyone yeah that's what holds with the funniest thing in the world I still think for him it's pretty fun like no one hurt you Anne Okay Google for the word and then but it's always when I like Russian Roulette because I've learned that there's something to be said about being comfortable enough with someone that you can fart on them well that's just weird that he doesn't forget that's not weird black thing that it's all contained and comes up altogether right here that all the bubbles and they had to go straight up in your nostril concentrated blessed understand but you like it Chris is the funniest ashle three girls on the par tattoo girls before but never three or actually for with Chris cast to play but you can't see it normally can just be like oh yeah that's right that carries weight like it sounds like it should be an insult but it's not there's no doubt there's some TV network that recently rebranded it's like all women at some stuff but if it's something really bizarre the almost inappropriate like that like you know like YouTube we have. Talk to you soon. Drive safe. I wonder how many of us is all their stuff that's what I was okay a lot of ice on the pill and that kind of dictates when your cycle is going to happen usually with the body sometimes really try it it's like you don't understand I'm feeling all these feelings are you sponsible for all CD week and I feel like do we spread it out a little bit so that everyone is sitting just part of the time I know what you think Chris I'm going to Chris and Anne would you rather as a rapper I think it's cool if you guys are all in sync Just because I think it's like it's got like some science behind The Perfect Storm like that's kind of interesting it's like it's like something out of a Sci-Fi did they hung out so much they're stinking up like a lion how old we also know like during that week getting a good work out well for us that's one thing I don't have an equivalent that right there bully people say that it really actually violin is if someone hits me in the balls how many times does it matter the only time it actually punch someone was it was nice to know isn't high school or something and then like I was having like a bunch of friends over hanging out playing video games sleepover what not you know it was it called sleep over but you know and I sleep over I fell asleep on the floor and I have some other friends and then one of them and I was sleeping one of them fell on my balls OK as you were sleeping and then I woke up to someone what I thought was attacking my balls and so I did this like I just went like Hulk and I just turned around and started punching in the face and he was like I don't know what's going on what happened to him was he just was wrestling and then got knocked off the bed and then I found out you know that with Aaron we did you kick me in the balls just for fun would be recording it know how are you still friends so what happened Lynd live action and I was talking to someone and I was kind of standing Anne encourage someone to take me in the balls and are asking for it I wasn't I just like standing like this well well and so he went to go kick and he was going to like I think just playfully like being a pain in the balls but he actually bought a book or did you call him Adam kovic was there and he didn't know he'd found out I just can't come over we're just like started like almost attacking Aaron and it was like it's a weird thing for him I think because it was like Mom and Dad fighting we're still didn't I wasn't 17 at the time he was 19 and he was like on his bed it kind of like in a curled-up position on his back and so I came in and I was going to like block him on the butt because his butt was right there it was all continue to be in that fetal position pain after with an old friend of mine died of give me titty twister on both of my neck as hard as he could yes and I was really pissed off I just immediately turn girl quit every month to that point what what also hurt a fucking lot is about you obviously don't understand I haven't heard a lot of people talk about it but if you nailed it just right and it shock waves through your whole body did the factors of 4 1 fun houses in town we play and I was the only girl playing and fruits threw a ball so hard directly at my vagina perfectly dead on you just like my very delicate areas I don't like I was out because I know I just typed it but it hurts yeah they're saying they were supposed to play NYC broker so that'll be tomorrow when I go to the doctor quite cool yeah I want to see how do I find the light I will get bruises with a house you let me know I run into tables all the time so I get the Bruce Lee definitely looking up with several bruises on my yeah I mean has to do with blood flow and surface vessels and I don't know sometimes you say I found it recently I was at the dentist and that she's asking what medication and I'm like I'm just on first control and she's like okay that explains a few things I was like oh what's going on should like some birth control to make your gums swollen and sensitive and I was like oh I did not know that noted I feel like I should have known that after taking the date for the heads up probably like not as careful with stuff as I should be I was on his birth control I really liked it it was when was Lake Lure home lower for one month so I don't go crazy every month and it doesn't like me we can wait LOL that's what's up I really liked it I went to the doctor for new prescriptions like we don't do that very much anymore because it increases your chances of blood clots and I was like for that he doesn't even like you girl that's a lot of the shit that comes with birth control Chris of your ticket you should know that they are though starting a male birth control I can birth control like would you do that like what are the details I think I think I just like lowers your sperm count with pointed like I would do it I might be sad about it right into like a little baggie the cruel nightmare the world for when I finally make it into the welcoming cave and it's like that's wonderful to hear yeah I mean I don't I'm off for like not accidental baby thing I do know it would kinda I don't know what you feel like a part of you is not like you not as connected with that person with one person like the person having sex with they don't know where you live action Persona 5 Playmobil dirty clothes there's like no secret like is stress we had a great wonderful adventure and then we drove off a fucking well they were going to get shot by the police they didn't have to do it have to do what are the car right after I do like I'd she doesn't have to be a waitress if she doesn't want to be damn it exactly drink wild turkey either way but I don't know she could identify with them cuz I'm very much of a tomboy but I was surprised I never got that from you my love is great Mystic Pizza movie mostly like any Liquors that for me if you want any movies mostly involve like women I like comedies and I like it when women are as an extremely dirty comedy as I feel like it's me again like people like what's it like being a life you know what you Sophia identify completely without him is like a lot of us girls at Rooster Teeth identify with guys and we're not like super pretty and super like yeah I could totally do it already and it's not like you got really talk about farts and Dixon but then just as we didn't open it but I went to my first tailgate this weekend I've never been tailgating ever but I bring it took me to my first UT game lost by a point as the but I've never been to a tailgate a thing like that there's way more sophisticated sponsored by some it was crazy it wasn't like someone tailgate was someone killed but it's like they still these things are so big now they've got like sponsors and people will bring in food for them I saw one that was like if they had one of those shipping containers with the sides cut out and had a couch and a TV and all this crazy stuff Bill Gates are apparently an art form they really are have you driven if you try to go through campus at any time during a game when you can't sleep at all if you have a chance to walk through it if you'd like it was me ashle Baker Bernie and Jack and we park somewhere to walk through all the tailgating to go get to the stadium and it was just like blocks and blocks of 10th and I'm just like how many people are tailgating there like a couple thousand but here's the weird thing is a lot of them don't even go to the game this or that I've never been to a UT football game I went to UT but I want to but I wouldn't go tailgating couple times it's like food and beer and hanging out with all that awesome experience I might like a whole bunch of college buddies I have I think it's some of the letters involved I'm not so pretty Kappa Sigma Chi beta gamma Brent started one of you very common in your life I don't know there was a bloody big pint glass in front of her and she hands-free picked it up with their mouth and the whole thing in like 5 Seconds it Lindsay it was not good November she was a badass bad for your teeth I'm sure I know but remember I like it with her teeth I'm sure that's not good girl can do anything that we were aware the point crazy strong fix teeth if we happen to like heroin Anne Miley par church I can light a match book I can like one of the matches one-handed most of the time The Mask quote and it starts it works cuz it's like either either either happen whether or not it's like in my hand or is like the talk show that beer in 2 seconds little bit attracted to her original I watch the iWatch that I was like I'm turned on one of the first experiences I have the with my first route par deals they have flaming dr. peppers for your latest I drop it in my Witches full of liquor and the entire counter included updating to the time and we want to thank our sponsor lynda.com / RoosterTeeth the online learning platform with over for a free 10-day trial visit lynda.com / Rooster Teeth lynda.com is for problem solvers for the Curious like maybe Chris for people who want to make things happen maybe you want to master Excel learning Association tactics build a website or boost your Photoshop skills go to lynda.com some of the courses we recommend here Rooster Teeth on Photoshop power shortcut how to make a nap and documentary editing with Premiere Pro what I love personally about it is you step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand with older.com membership you can watch and learn from Top experts dreams thousands of video courses Mary Ellen Page and download tutorials and watch them on the go your lynda.com membership will give you under the topic All-4-One flat feet whether you're looking to become an expert your passion about a hobby or you just want to learn something new go to lynda.com / Russia 10 day trial that's Lynda.com / Rooster Teeth and be sure to use that URL so they know we sent you I know if you guys all the let's play Live documentary but that was it what is later too and you like her give me the people I need I need a book and be like 5 bucks I'm like oh my God give me the book how's your day going to the people but it just didn't want to waste time I had well we went to the Streamys last week which was super cool but a lot of people I met there are super excited about this is a Joseph Kahn who did the like that the gritty Power Rangers short movie when a human is really close like we were the last of them a lot because Brittany and I Gavin were doing an interview so we're just we're all waiting for them and he comes over and we like anything else we're waiting for people and you know what are you doing talking this out and he's like because we were with Bruce and Adam really needs to work from here and he's like so that's explains why you're so nice and white I like the period of time with Tom and then that was it not at all I still love you the Hipster hello bunny no but I think you should so but yeah the categories with the nominees were introduced by by YouTuber so there was there was the action movie kid there was Kandee Johnson and she introduced I think it was the lifestyle over there is there life out for a person and she like for YouTube channels all about using makeup to look like someone else so she can get me back onto her impressions of cartoon characters but as part of that she did I'm pretty what was the girl what was the character in what was one of the nominees yeah yeah cutie pie Anne and she's she's Indian specifically so a woman so you know as par that she did the makeup to do it and she used dark makeup she's a very fair lady and I don't think of it of course she was doing the other questions for everyone the internet apparently erupted and say it was black face and it was really really remember watching that thinking like wow that's incredible and then everything was burning I was telling you like he's like did you hear about like the controversy behind I was like what could have possibly happened like why would people be upset and he said it was her putting her darker skin on and it's like black fits but it's like she also by the way turned herself into dudes and she also at one point put in blue eye contact and she is very sensitive and very low tired of outrage culture is it get a little crazy is it it's exhausting when you don't like you feel like you can't say anything you can't make any kind of jokes because people want to be really mad about everything and I don't know what happened and in life generally all the same things that shouldn't be an issue but it was just like you're taking this as an offensive thing when it's like it wasn't meant to be offensive but for some reason you're turning it into this is a lot of stuff that's so much stuff that's actually offensive not even trying to reference anything offensive at all hey I know it's what you did there that's not okay I apologize but you know at some point you gotta kind of reading too far into this if not by all means we have to book the book Joseph yes maybe the people that can people here in Twitter and there's an extra memo Bernie I think you look very classy going to work on a concept for a more female casted podcast led by Chris so I don't know if you like this and you probably would like that kind of show when they get like that and you miss you too it was like I was watching that project as we talk about it we are all very different and we are clearly all females the winter at the office but we're still very different personalities so it's kind of dumb to Market it is just like yours the ladies podcast for still like I'm trying to reach out to him would you like that's great I like that we're marketing it as another podcast that happens to have a majority female cast yeah it's just ashle Barbara will be hanging out exactly as it with navy Chris every now and then and put in more vagina jokes lindsa. what kind of direction do you see that taking cuz we're always open to feedback and ideas because it's still in development and still working on the concept for it I for one demand more juices to go with my champagne and I failed you mirro less what we wanted to drink and I was like you mean it grapefruit juice cranberry juice to tell me about the blueberry or Blackberry that everyone knows that bellini is traditionally with a peach puree but there's this brunch place you guys there's a bunch of Lights in Austin and they do these seasonal bellinis the first one I ordered came it was purple is cloudy and purple is it still going to Peach this is delicious I'll take the berries in I'm going to try to pronounce it correctly like all of the things that I can say at least I don't judge you pronounce AC AI Caroline St Metro pronounce so many of the like a new healthy foods wrong quinoa I was I always thought in the grocery store and I was like I know I should try that sometime like always what are you trying to say your brain just ahead what are the store I went to the mall if IndyGo IndyGo IndyGo tight with the Time Warner Cable building but also just been to the waffle oh and I was not have a waffle have you been through hell that is it has like a specialized and waffles do they have like 10 different types of wall lemon blueberry water but with waffles does a bacon yes time I was there they had me on when you called bacon fries everything here is bacon so I mentioned it and I just being like Hulu in the shape of flies that come just like on a plate and it's just all bacon and it was just french fries like a little bit of bacon bits on them like every dish includes bacon yeah I was disappointed I don't blame you I would actually like to just because before I forget just going to walk by the Time Warner Cable building is always the waffle waffle cable which of the following I was looking at that it had the Time Warner logo your little eyes the waffle table the logo look the same it doesn't remotely like either my eyesight is terrible all right how we start wearing glasses regularly but I just can't get the contacts I do also didn't wear if I have I have glasses in my bag but everyone said that I look like I wear fake nose with my glasses Bridge of my nose is really low so there's no I know it doesn't come out far enough and it looks like my nose starts right under the bridge of the glasses but then I looked at it and now I can't unsee it and I think that I look like I have a big nose God I could see how that would have looked like to bring my bag is in the for the best I really do girl shut up you're done I know you got Lasik right or laser eye surgery Lasik is it like yeah I was it was a weird thing about doing it soon get more fucked up but here we go thank you you're still suffering from it all right Norman Oklahoma okay when I pick notes to me I just really haven't made the urban trendy yeah I don't know professional special pop culture mash-up shirts yet entirely I was like we are perpetually 10:10 that is occasionally I find my clothes in like the boys. ice on a hurt sometimes I'll buy from the little bullshit that's a really cool Star Wars shirt that's great it'll fit you clothes for bringing for the same thing and there was a section in the department so I think it was Macy's men or something like that was Star Wars really exciting for you love that show me Star Wars shirts she went over to it it was so pessimistic about the size like the medium was at least an extra large really trying to fuck with you ashle women's designer fashion does the same thing I did I said everything is much smaller whenever you go to actual design my actual thoughts normally but can you bring me the double zero things it's weird it's like they're all just trying to make you feel better about yourself because you're spending $1,000 on some of the same thing with guys but it's weird like at 28 pants at the store would be way too small compared to like the store were too big or like a for in the store would be way different than this Catalina I just can't let you know I'll show up and I'll just like I'll put on pants until they fit Chris is the worst person to go shopping with I can imagine let me Joseph Pax South Rosemead Chris Blain I think Jack was also there with us but it was just you me and I went shopping because it was like the day before and we have time to kill and we went into an Express oh my God I love him let me with that blings doing I think both of them just wanted to like go into Express help me shop online shopping put clothes into the mainland to people's opinions or help put on the shirt and he'll like stand there looking at it for 20 minutes turn around come out of the shirt Joseph and the other one I mean they're both nights at 1:15 do the if that's okay I don't like I'd rather someone buy my clothes for me that's why I like T-shirts because I just buy the one side and I don't hide my timeline Detroit on it's like okay if this is besides I know where it's going to fit the kind of person again baby moving feels like I might find the shirt that's like the shirt fits well I'll just buy like 3 of them yeah man you know I do the same thing I bought 6 dresses this weekend I'll just buy the exact same thing in the Iron Man do you what about like Michael and Bernie like do they like to shop or are they going to click with kind of a fashionista funny enough we get yesterday what kind of actually the same size I would like the same height to throw for a wedding I wore heels for a little bit Michaels like now I don't so nice but it just go I think one of the design glows in the dark which is really it's all dresses like that super nerdy to me and doesn't like shopping and he has very interesting file as I'm sure everyone knows that the company and he does I know patterns of symmetry snakeskin cowboy boots and a button-up shirt with cats on it sounds like but it's like I just want to buy things for him and put them on him like a Ken doll and it's like you're so pretty I just want to dress you up and make you look pretty and then told you was it cuz he had to cut it off to mr. pepperoni Playboy show me all right maybe you guys can agree I was talking to Mike about this earlier this week if you were girl and you're growing up with Barbies there one of two things you did with the Barbies either they kill each other or they were having sex that was it my sister and I would always try to get her to make them play with my Ninja Turtles crossover not even that it wasn't even that it's just like I was created Laboratories Ninja Turtles and I need some elaborate we can write Wonder but I fear My Little Pony Pound Puppies the Popples Polly Pocket with a couple apostles were there like these cute little things and I have my couches in there like tucked up in their pouches and like it like copper how to like inside out and then like there's a thing and then you can probably have never heard of this before I was there was another the Popples movie for it's just an episode where they someone some kid put too much detergent in the washing machine and I got it all over the room that it was for me and then on top of that we help them out thanks I do not friends I would like that too weird I'm pretty sure that was one that we had those bombs and you know it what she inherited a lot of my old Barbies nose by their next with lace shoelaces time to die and I thought she was there something over that she had a crush on and so ice probably like 9 or something 10. 11 or 12 or something you know and I should have there's a boy over to get a crush on and I and I put tampons on the field so they're just like it's spinning Tampa but like there's like a cool thing is I can you put it in water listen to me in cotton balls so you put them up there and then what for the phone and her boyfriend or the boyfriend it was her friend that was a boy she was really funny he was like Chris is pretty cool I did like the Frozen what is your underwear but since you have multiple pairs of underwear that night amazing friend into ice cubes or just like you put them in the cold don't know if you let it sit for a while because my sister didn't Discover it she was like so she got a pretty stiff but you can put them on ashle where they like it up there just called if you want to know how to be a terrible older sister just asked me now will like this growing up and I think that's the way things are I'm really disappointed in myself your sister will get will get back to that in a minute to talk about your disappointment but I want you to read this really fast so it's also brought you by squarespac start building your website today at squarespace.com for a free trial and 10% off your first purchase go to squarespace.com / RoosterTeeth Squarespace build it beautiful we'll talk about maybe he'll Lindsay had her wedding website on Squarespace will just really cool with Squarespace your site will have professionally designed regardless of skill level no coding required at all they have intuitive and easy-to-use tools where space has state-of-the-art technology powering your site to ensure security and stability trusted by millions of people and some of the most respect Squarespace starts at $8 a month and you get a freedom and if you sign up for a year start your free trial today start your free trial start today with no credit card required at squarespace.com when you decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure to visit squarespace.com / RoosterTeeth for a free trial and to get 10% off your first practiced squarespac build it beautiful that you used these groceries for your wedding website because that was beautiful it was a couple of things pretty easily they have little quadrant for every sections about liking with the picture right here I'm done all my menu for the wedding band done here's a video of me and Michael and all my relatives go in there and I did it at home in like 15 minutes so I would happily do it again and maybe just a bit it's like I'm out here anyway I need to know if you can remove a I have everything done for a year-and-a-half doing work like what's the what is the and that was it and then we just have all right this is how generalizing a little bit but I assume it's mostly ladies who like what do you do Mexican dress it's like I'm the wedding is not going or that the marriage is like a Rocky and then do it as hey guys it's all good, don't worry about it yet or if it's like selfish and very self-centered of just like hey guys just wanted to remind you were in love Post Office Fountain and a bouncy castle for adults do you ever have to have fun and it's in the hallway for some reason they have to be in Hawaii the best parties I've been to you know I went as an adult and they had a bouncy house terrifying things that sometimes they just don't like you is about to cancel because you way too much I think if there's no kids there you're okay but they were having a house party and then house party dance scene drunk college kids really the house but house but he would just it would just be a fun house or my house exactly but I mean time and budget no that's just in the last two days so maybe next year maybe we'll have a ball pit like everyone is your question from last night or no just after that it just hung around for ages I'm not complaining I've been an hour and they're not actually Michael's nephew had a birthday party there was only Anne like in that situation is it ok to be like the Godzilla and throwing right actually look like a crazy one to like Russell with the guy that would like to throw you know like it was so damn straight I like and I think it be cool to speak throwing like when you're swimming with your parents and your days please place here in Austin that's like the British we taking the boys there a couple times just as much fun I remember how to do flip oh my god do they have them there too because I know there's some like trampoline places that have a pic that's full of bees like clover they might have about the house there was we did Zach Anne are we did a workout Wednesday at a trampoline place and like all trampolines and they had to pump it and stuff and everything people jump into the phone can't wait out here now please someone I'm going to do that we should do this City tumbling it's really fun when I was in like Junior High I took one of those I would like was when I was at your house was desperate for people like me to have no idea how to interact I was dead serious I wish people like me and then people at any time there's a conversation I'd be like this but I think that was an anime so one of my purse which was with they suggested I take a training class and go in for cheerleaders good in junior high school and so I took a cheerleading class either could go wrong with that it was it was that well it was more that had nothing to do with nothing in common with any of the girls they're all like we know how to do hair do you like dragons and one day I want to be a veterinarian for horses like a backbend actually like ice into the state hunts me and I wish that I could be like for you the kid in Bring It On Three Days Grace I wanted to take gymnastics as a kid but only it was that two of my three step plan to become a ninja turtle after 1:40 okay I took her and that's as far as I got to roll around it was pretty sexy was gymnastics I can do flips and stuff what's up dude okay I was pretty young I was like anyone sick because I didn't want to try on my mind I was picturing like 14 year old Chris this is Lisa 1011 months ago I feel after getting after Bernie for watching Game of Thrones that mean you're done with the he clearly doesn't care getting ice barbar but other the point where my I was sleeping same thing and I was like I want to finish this show but I love my wife I'm going to finish the show but you watch with the person you dated and then you need to be watching the pendant light take him Anne said like this and then my wife is lazy and like that show is a slow burn at the beginning like it takes a while to take a bit to pick up and like we only started watching it like a late at night so I was already tired and I would always fall asleep through every episode and I was like you know what you keep watching I'm going to sleep right here on the couch and watch it on my own later how many hours do you sleep usually I mean usually a good 8 hours that Michael's Eastlake yeah I don't know what he'll play Up All Night 10 hours that's open till 11 on Sunday and Mike was like someone had a nice sleep was like all right calm down mr. I'm up at 4 you're right I'm sorry yes I did have fun like every weekend if I don't know I'm to the point now where 8 o'clock is sleeping in for me I'm like yeah I'm going to and you guys were checking out what's that murder mystery show that you guys were friends and that the best and I was like oh he thinks that because if you like this kind of stuff and both you and I was like no we had another time it's crazy it's all good I'm going to think like that I love that feeling. My problem with TV is that I don't particularly like TV to make me think I say that for books TV is something that I figured out the secret TV is now the things I do on the treadmill where Brittany plays games on the treadmill and he is currently completely addicted to The Witcher iWatch and I approve but I'm doing TV cuz I run a lot and so I can't play games anymore just I don't know coordination and drink it's great so I watched all of I can hear his 90803 singing to a Rising funny show to start watching and now that I've got a whole pile of stuff now that I'm doing a lot of running and I come to watch this next and watch the next you know what I Black Mirror tempered black which if you like if you like the Jinx it's not a documentary but it's an exploration of where current technology could lead to which is generally a bad place to play Virtual Reality as we know it and David episode is its own Standalone story first one that I've only seen one or two episodes the first one is like some sort of terrorist type person kidnaps a like the prime minister's daughter or something some some you know Royal person actually says we're going to kill this person unless you and less and less than this other government governor governor or whatever some sort of official had sex with a pig on camera didn't I didn't do it fish from yesterday who has I think I believe he's lobbied against her he outlawed facesitting porn and still like that turned it over here right Back at Ya turns out he like fuck the dead pig on my butt let's just no no no nothing but pigs go wild wild and I was like what the heck was he thinking he was squealing barbar that's true anything it'll show you there's a thing women with small cup sizes in porn because if they believed it it makes you look underage so interesting and they're very specific about Wednesday big peaceful feeling flat and beautiful ice cube in the par she still hot I seem to be an important obviously have to be over 18 or 21 no love you love you think legally it's a pretty much everywhere it's in my feet is 16 in some places it might be until like obviously if it's like corn that's been produced it's obviously legal and they don't want to hear it adult legal actresses were like what the hell that's not yeah it's going to be really strange in a lot of places Chris I'm so excited when my NatureBox get the elliptical snacks and I don't for my personal favorites like coconut cashews Anne naturebo with over 100 ridiculously delicious snacks to choose from that get delivered directly to your doorstep and there's zero chance of getting bored because they released brand new choices every single month naturebo was full of flavor but without any of the junk just fun flavorful snacks made with ingredient that you could trust but they've got a smart snack a guarantee so if there's any ever anything you don't love what the hell. That nature but no easy and stop sign go online to get your first box that nature box.com Plex Rooster Teeth had to naturebox.com / 42 right now to unbox a world of taste and possibility one last time that nature box.com / receipts for your first box of Beyond tasty hand take snacks in directly to your doorstep and remember that smarts not guarantee take the ripped out of snacking because we all know there's a lot of rest and snack and it was most social thing I've ever heard I know right good thing it never mind in the kitchen right above the snack station there's like he's back to make chips and granola bars and all this crazy stuff and then there are these nice canisters with a light like nicely display cancers like hearing your dried Peach slices here are these little knots and I'm like I go to get chips and being bad and then I'm go but my nice little cup of nation website no no okay did you or did you not steal me and God is NatureBox we ordered NatureBox a month ago didn't get it I think Brandon correction on stuff where is a good day and yes I took something David Cameron prime minister how did you get discovered as a also do we need to discuss sex it still it still called said give me oral sex is that the same as I know it sucks I'm sorry if you're sticking your dick in something yeah yeah yeah I got the pics I've seen American Pie I know it's important to fucking a truck are you protection and clarified like no not really I don't know I think it was the truck the other truck is using like some padding in there or is he just got up um maybe he's just like really likes Vehicles like with her at least that big around right now getting some tail how to get there or like what cuz Dam I mean he looks like I mean anything the ladies passed through there but now maybe it's really chilly too so we got girl but no lengths do you think showed what is my favorite word I said people like what that took like she likes the juice bar like you hit the G-Spot your fun but it's such a great word sounds awesome what hote I might sound a little incompetent here but I've heard the word chode what is a chode chode in my experience as a dick that is wider than it is long so it's like got some crazy like girls like boys like me this way instead of this writing we're like maybe you should use your tongue at this point like maybe just like saying like he's taking a flight Heimerdinger counter to choke too much give you some disturbing inside no I mean I would imagine it you know like you can predict sometimes it happens don't worry baby I know it's one of those I don't know it's working how many slices are known as yes I think it also is very dependent on age yeah but it's one of those things right there certain friends I've seen naked on accident like I'm Anne I just saw his dick never it's never like a thing where it's like let's all get naked do you measure from the top like that like a top pubic hairs to tip or do you measure from the juncture of the balls to the tip you I've always wondered what are you do personally lol. I just from like the like it like that but I knew it was that was creepy so I remember black middle school or Elementary School in Utah like you're going through puberty and your things are changing and stuff and like you I was like okay so you know it's growing but I was like trying to keep track of like when you're trying to keep track of so I was like I was like you know like this section of my finger at you know I usually see comparatively how how it grows compared to like this part of my finger are you now that's the problem also and then on you know bias okay I'll try to for the future I like kid measure their head I remember specifically Anne butter in elementary school are number one x a couple of kids were hanging out together a couple dudes and but you know where Texas people so it's crazy I remember as a kid being sad that I couldn't do it too and I was like I don't have one of those went to school when I did like that with the whole thing with this homage kid getting when he got suspended because the way for what the fuck is just everything is so like very careful to bring his identity and then everyone being so overly cautious and an overly send biggest thing that pissed me off is they interrogated him without his parents present so they just went ahead and write up issues that the biggest issues they're having with the fucking sucks it's terrible but unfortunately a mentality like that is very very proud of the whole thing but do you see President Obama's Tweet it's pretty awesome and like he's been getting a whole bunch of stuff like feel like he keeps you can ask it like that then all that's really great but it doesn't erase the fact that this kid got in trouble for doing something amazing I could have built a damn clock I still can barely read clock digital side the comes little bit and you never know like what time it really is Dash and discussion like what you like and you like I will never know time again stepped outside and we go through that Wormhole did Stephen Hawking was talking about yes we passed through the chode absolute Heaven YouTube you just found essentially yeah text messages this thing will hold on it telling you to stand up and move for a minute so that I can get my goal weight 3 more than a total dick head I'm like oh yeah you can dish it out and tell me everything you feel like it's almost too intrusive it is a little bit but mostly I just get mad at because it's not nearly as nice to me about calorie tracking as mice like my Fitbit and all that other stuff was because I'm trying really really hard to get in shape again and so I'm running and I'm going to the gym and then I have to wait until I get like this which is really fast and I and I and I get to the end and I'm like I'm going it's like if we meet or to me than anything else is what is motivating I think my watch is making me I don't know anybody for the record I'm going to tighten my cell phone good as a watch though but I even so I got this and I will still pull out my phone and what time is it okay if I just run around like a madman at work is social I'll be going from place to place I don't even bring my phone all day oh my God I'm okay thank God I just can't look at my watch all the time I need it I like it a little bit we're going to be at Comic-Con we are coming up in October early October Lynd I will be there. Mom came out and I think Chris will be there so would love to come see you. Good after coming out so if you want to come see us I don't know where we stand yet but I will be there Thursday night for fanfiction social disorde so your first episode came out it was awesome I've been looking forward to this episode it went missing I posted on the awesome for me to throw away and puts on the Austin subreddit like my cat was missing if anyone has and as I was just wondering that some of the hardcore I saw this free yoga scam and I was like and I was like oh my gosh that you are ridiculous there are some there are some good as episodes this season I feel like social disorde was made for you Chris like that's your humor to it which is interesting to them because it's like you you don't strike me as the kind of person that's like crazy like out there like just being super weird I mean you're just so innocent and that he wouldn't suspect him of trying to do something he knows how to make you black never done it before is that what I stand for unitard why do you want to know I'm just curious I have no idea what he did find a Barbara that was not the hardest I know what I know what you wanted to hurt someone anytime Chris thinks about this episode or like she's a part of this episode he just looked like you were there doing it I got everything Chris cringe that hard I gotta be so comfortable sending them to yourself or watch yourself and recording a loan so embarrassing and awful I can only imagine watching it back like oh my God I do this for my career like this is my job did inspire me that I took Britney to yoga I did I took into it you do how do you do talk about the gun video social by the way it is a sponsor exclusive so if you want to sign up for a 30-day free trial for sponsorship you could do that and watch the coaches that coached just a little little hint to the Nugget but I got it now so it was a weekend and I've been trying to talk him into it because he works out a lot he's a really dedicated he gets up every morning is a trainer and he goes to the gym times a week and he's got like he is super strong he's very very dedicated already and yes I go Mother's Day worried about his flexibility like I'm a girl I'm used to things like being able to touch my toes like I have a relationship with my toes I can I can feel them sometimes and there's someone out there and who's just like I just started again like getting some work done on it up and go get his mind treated the weekly stretching session yeah so I talked to for me into coming with me and I'm really impressed that he went out he was probably expecting like cake stands and stuff so thank you for that that's probably what got him killed when when doing prep for an episode of social disorder won't go to call Joe Williams home hot yoga it was any was an hour and a half it was one of those things it's an hour half long and we're doing it in and at some point I'm I ran out of water stealing errands while they took it from me and I was just like pouring it on my body and I couldn't I couldn't get up structure was like let me do that I wish I just was wanting to leave the room but I didn't know if I could leave without falling down or also like how's it going for those who don't know what Bikram pacifically is it's it's how you keep the room up to about a hundred and five Fahrenheit and then use theirs it's a series of 26 poses over the course of 90 minutes it is a chill dude it's like the military take that next or any idea but I also don't want to commit to it if it was half the link that it was could you go in and you're like a rainforest Community Troy human it is that shower like you just have water you get in there and if there is a little bit of like a smell to it because so many hot bodies and comes through that room he had there by the end of those devices there is there is just sweat running down you there's something really smart about that by the way you get to be in the class and there's sweat running down your like fuck you what I did you like you like that came out of me it's not in me anymore I've been nice but only after you survive if you on the way home get your life right now what time relating to people cycling but you feel like you're going to throw up or pass out during it but after you took the biggest runner's high and get some P 90 x or Insanity really like the 3DS the P90X and then I was like I did Insanity for a little bit jiggling megaphone over there see you then I did a little bit Insanity in college still try to get back into shape I did maybe like half of the program and then I came back to college and now you never like let's try this drunk but it was a horrible idea never ever ever do Insanity drunk and tell him I got some Billy Blanks I think I think that's time for the podcast I'm really proud of you you did great. He wants to be very clear that he's not a happy baby can you go in a Cobra from downward dog little Lazer team just thank you Bernie thank you Bernie at least your team like an invisible force Lazer team is playing this Thursday at Fantastic Fest at the first-ever screening of the movie and I like I can't believe it's happening but I was headed home I haven't seen any of that either I don't really but I'm excited to see what they are for cheerleader movie in Austin at 3 but I don't know but it Liverpool where do they just keep jumping man just make it feel like you're really excited to keep warm it up but Camero tickets are going to be there some of her she's going to be there and I'm sure you'll see a lot of us doing about it and I'm excited because I haven't seen it since we were working on the edit yeah but the edit that we did had all of our visual effects that we use for temp like every time the laser would fire we we just can I use different so we had this one for the shield we use we found the founder of a bath bead and then there's like a little bit wood stoves like this little ball I think a marble just shoot out of the thing everywhere so it's like it's very like love I like seeing it this weekend yeah because it's like yes I was saying that I just like super proud of like everybody like that for you guys Michael Gavin going crazy when you think about it you're like we have a movie premiere on Thursday at San Antonio incredible that's what we're doing I don't think so we've been discussing this cuz I don't know what to wear Chris after the fashionista because it gets so busy we don't want to go like this that's what I have time to go out to the park and I just want to figure out if we need dresses were doing good right now looking like cocktail dress that file basically you are the orders that you can eat off of me that's why I love them and then one more thing I want to make sure that we bring up before we end the podcast is also we're looking for audience members for Colton Dunn new show RTE ice or receive Entertainment System they're taking the Sunday October 27th I posted a journal on the overseas website so you can check that out right now and for much of the 3 taping so if you live in Los Angeles or California so it's okay :-) so if you're looking for a good laugh on the afternoon check it out call me dude so funny going to be awesome to check it out I was drunk and I was like I guess Ryan Seacrest has a line of like button down shirts and stuff now so I was like I guess somehow he does too and they're weird I thought about it but I was like I don't know right look like I do that all the time technically no nothing like to lose your virginity if you did it in the butt I feel like it's more intimate it's like that dude's face or woman is in is in a group ride somebody you know but the but is more okay let's go so the moral it's like you don't for the we'll talk about the button in a moment thanks so much for watching the podcast long story short Tom Hardy find Ed Hardy not fun and very cool well thank you guys for watching we'll see you on Tuesday for a sports bar at 5 p.m. central Wednesday at 4 o'clock for the past Thursday for the return of bonds but its at 4 o'clock this week because the Blazer game for me that night and I think that's all for this week and we'll see you next Monday for the pockets as well when I was younger