#343 - The Future Forehead

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman and Burnie Burns as they discuss "future" tech plus all things space - The Super Blood Moon, Water on Mars and The Lazer Team premeire on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on September 29, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-the-future-forehead-r-t-podcast-343

Recorded: 2015-09-30 15:09:19

Runtime: 01:31:57 (5517.33 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

water movie podcast Casper Pizza Hut and trunk club hello powde he was like you need to move for the show and I think he was joking barbar triangle in your eye is doing something vaguely remember us talking about this in the past I ordered it the moment we talked about it on the thought that maybe you have a stupid piece of plastic on your forehead this is why explaining this while holding a woman going to be with a coin with a plastic triangle to have on drinking out of metal is one of those little road that is different there's a guy by the way deep into the LA has one of those boards we would have been down with the big gun on every 2 min River Region the mecca for those that come rolling into a lift and then roll out person Nikon do you like nollie Smooth camera moves when you get off right now I feel like 1100 bucks okay what the fuck is on what happens is that like I predicted so you just put in charge from the back of your head through your head so you done right by taking a shower giant white eyebrows everyday would like to take a class let me know if you want to question stimulus that stimulates the frontal lobe of your brain and then threw it and it provides there's two settings you can do 1:50 if you could you do a 5 is what they called it was about a 10-minute session and you can add or subtract time for that and then this whole but I have to touch the back of my neck attaches to the right behind ban gu cancer relaxation to get to the backyard home I had to struggle for their life when I wear them I think 50 Digital Trends top Tech of 2015 CES Award winners is it just like to get a coffee but with your ad you can see the energy equivalent of drinking a cup of coffee with different amounts of shots of espresso what's your brain wake me up at 2 a.m. happy healthy focus is that the gist of it if you'd like if you want to come but you would like you're all set. You want to come down you put this on and then you like play a live session and some of them were good 5 Section let me ask you a question go ahead of you when you first did exactly two hours with this thing so I'm not an expert in this product but it has a thing where you do like an introduction by and turn it up to the level at which you can feel it and if you're not here on your temple are you doing with this the people in New York and they're like in a boardroom and it showed up in there I want to triangle on my head I have my next question really feel about that have you touched that you asked her to do not attached at different places like you they are very specifically say do not put this over your chest people also say stuff like don't look at the sun we all do that anyway First Energy top like that looks like it's touching at Temple repurpose this thing here or reset it so that you had a clue area code the better though because I have to back out the back and I said don't worry about it gavi the light mean when it flashes that's your phone and then when you start the Vibes the same thing to your phone can be as greedy as you want you can you play music in your head. what was the engine my ex had a thing where she had she had to think of digital medicine one time that you tried which is like electrostimulation it worked really well for a family kind of thing if you could if you could put something on my head and I could split myself immediately I definitely do that blue myself with sleep machine that you did it sleep apnea study what was you're like super apnea what are you do you like you yeah I stop breathing Jason Auction the percentage of oxygen in your blood when you try to oxygenate there you go exclamation so far it how much does it cost 300 Xbox bring stuff to 99 and wrap this thing around there when it could just go around it like normal water head baby if I go to bed I just have made getting some sandwich stuff around the house and then like static shock you like right there and I know you know where it is this is this is the Pinnacle of Ridiculousness on the way last year last year some of the lessons that PO cost in England what I was doing that billboard stuff and I told them I'm getting them for Christmas don't tell him I told you they didn't I just listen to that next time the camera can do about that can we put on barbar what if you put the front of barbar on the back on you and your barbar it was things like it's a hand and get the stuff that's kind of like what this gummy stuff is like and then fix you a nice nap and on there and it's like this revolutionary it makes you have a coffee maker barbar got it turned on barbar all right you don't you will do it will do it like alcohol does with people people sit on top burni how do you think he's been total on shit electronics and we started doing water instead of researching it I got so hooked on buying stuff and like that and like contributing to the kickstarter San Diego California campaigns and Indiegogo campaign contributor to the garbage like the coin and the vessel between pretty good at making the best of a thing doesn't work yet angles and the blood vessel with baking thyn me to come with you I have fun taking that long to do it thanks to the release of what that's why I'm doing this now anything you feel that this is 670 calories a Big sack and then measure yourself or you can buy in the bottles and that's the amount you have to drink for one day the rest of the water like that wouldn't you how many days is blue like Star Wars blue milk the drink that improves moisture Farm what happened to you while I was gone to visit that's what happened please I think that kind of girl no idea horse like it's like this different kinds of fish fry just like regular building or I don't know it was it was a restaurant in horse restaurant specializing in horse meat really and it was nothing was like a five-course meal and all you can drink alcohol 4:33 bucks all the horse you can the alcohol you can drink one of those was horse horse horse navigate to work it's Friday they were all over that look like The North Door I'm sorry the North Face The North Face horse horse that was cut up and take the horse and raw egg the middle one looks like to when you ate it had like yeah that would you have horse again absolutely sad that I cannot eat that here in the US if there is no horse restauran the ban from every single thing of course it was Uncle tell me the price yet I'll ask you this question you tell me what you eating or not. Horse dolphin dolphin yes would you eat dolphin safe dolphin gu eat dolphins you would not like not like dolphin fish which I mean no that is not what it was communicate with you and you could see it was sad that you're going to eat it would you still eat it probably not shrimp shrimp shrimp it's regarding your grandparents a reason would you eat a tiger Nicole I think it's actually a baby horse foals the foals never heard she's a real thing but I never heard of the foals foals never heard of the band that's never had a record deal and you probably could interchange way Toronto the foals band this year in that folder 5 Piece English indie rock band from Oxford England for the 2005 they're currently signed to Warner Brothers records we would have valuable let them cross me like he doesn't know he's talking about you have a poker face that you put on that you make it seem like you're dumb but you're not smart smart cookie Jack Bevan which was your friend infinite love with you dick head you some fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh food and fruit that like pasta and stuff like fresh past the light read emails as your job and you didn't like refrigerated fresh food you know I like you better when you're in tea if you like name one song because I got to hear her anymore. did you find everything you're looking for blood his waitress we were not supposed to be but we just couldn't say stuff in some way like when someone said thanks it was supposed to say not a problem because it was negative I'm going to say my pleasure you're welcome have a nice day because it sounds too American having I couldn't tell you friendly and it's like you don't really want them telling us that you say MP3 the nearest beer and have a good day thank you English people English people don't like in conversation and I was watching the waitress asked you questions and I was like get the 3 questions to get the three questions with Gavin he's like a fucking loser through the second question what kind of bread you on that one what kind of frosting on your beans do you want what do you want your being here on a Friday when is beans and a disappointment like this point to bring whatever the rest as it come bring the food you bring that food that I said I eat the food that would be fun to take stuff out and put it in that I will teach you it's very American phrase but you can never use which is just say surprise me just bring me whatever the conversation question if you just didn't get your damn it I couldn't really funny moments stream the loss of that I don't know we were somewhere and just get the information when you're done thanks see you later are you going to but I want to wait to the shop now probably out there I would know if you received it or not but I took off my train about to eat a meal fill up the remainder of that this is how the Wildcatter Saloon the first ingredient the first ingredient is an artificial sweetener aspartame organic golden flax seed that's kind of rough rice flour protein which tea de Soleil or plant protein as marked on the Box by the way you're going to eat protein every plant protein is disgusting like I always really liked it informs that some people they can't drink protein drinks and then ask you one time. 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stuff the control room we have a show this on the street everything wrong with pre-packed with these girls I can't reach over there and talk to him 230 Garfield Avenue through a bunch of seeds in it quest to be a futuristic person have a new method by which the only way I could stop now you suck the air out of it and then I vacuum seal everything and then I put it in a water bath in cooking what's wrong with you it's always comes out overcooked and dry and the people who do this you're awful we should one time when you've made mistakes as much as me especially with a great source and then we drink that like to joke that was a soldier my own marinade for steaks conversation could you could you do mine and on a plate and 30 minutes you would get pizza BBQ grill that looks like next time will the post office take off and I'll be the judge and I can wear that little house in the watch tapping at me was not talking to me because it tends to barbar on did you want to try some of that oh God no you can tell because the picture about tonight maybe you can come over there I'm just I'm just so calm for 2 weeks between Japan and I want to vacation in Hawaii and I was just like so relaxed with her and now like the anger is like flared up it's like you thought the fire was extinguished Backdraft you can explode hell is that is like this like this like Cocoa Puffs what you doing at 4:03 me login how long can I go with Debbie to give you time to Jeff and I Sonoma he was like you were going to fucking eat some right now and I went I remember that like it was like for you and I saw my face in a meeting if I do not need to go eat something so I went to the break room I chose this I got those out of the vending machine crackers peanut butter and it was like my head tingling super nauseous and everything else from eating all the time Julie's weight on it not on the recliner sofa covers appointment remember what they did and apparently she lost like 30 or 40 pounds doing that Master Cleanse set reminder for Alan sucrose out of a straw I would like to go into work for 10 minutes airplane outfits W and I came back he did it because we could have beat the record but when someone is being really bossy call that's okay show me the names out and then independently at the same time Sprint Erin Markey Arryn zech miles Josh Flanagan not his girlfriend Chris Chris's girlfriend I don't work here and I would even know anyway Family Game Nights Fun good looking ridiculous look the future the future the triangle fucking nothing but I think it's great but it is it cuz you had it if you don't mind Every Witch Way pictures 1411 really horse mating and then like a fair weather fan you didn't get the game YouTube playing I forget who but it was Saturday night we're going out for errands going away and don't worry about it Oklahoma state that day at the fucking California thank you and they were down by 20 points or somebody that you love them 1417 the bar they're showing it at the game and I had come back and it was 44 to 45 and then they missed the kick and moves real quick the extra point and missed it you missed a good football or something public holder grab the ball puts it down and then which whatever the Lakeway the latest point in a lazer that can affect which way the ball goes and so you have to be very careful about the placement of laces and you have to get a very do it for taking a step back a certain distance to do it that's it I'm kicking the ball to kick your ass you're a hundred percent lifetime an extra point of you taking them 1720 yard field goal and they mailed I feel like I could do that so try and try but if you could be 200% 51 and 5 to the Oklahoma TCU next 7115 Los football program at the Collegiate level in America careful coming home I was just saying the other day when I was fell asleep last night I fell asleep on the plane he was talking about how that massive screen had to be written up because they kept like kicking the foals looked out the window I store it was right like out my window with my radio I got so mad at Airline on my way back to to the US Congress on the way back to Austin I was on a plane from Hawaii to Los Angeles on our flight and I boarded your plane has television and Internet TV internet on the plane and fly to DirecTV Wi-Fi Soccer United my five hours are going to be doing email or something cuz it's going to hear nothing for 5 hours Peyton on playing flute Australia over the fucking ocean and have Wi-Fi the whole time do you still like beam it from the ground when I can be into space LOL but yeah that's what if you fly the 787-9 would you fly from Hawaii to LAX food post office, hummus makes you fart cuz I bought some for lunch and Mike was like you're going to be farting up a storm and other thing hasn't happened yet yeah I guess you know when you lose weight and I was like how do you lose weight actually let you sweat it out I'm sweating I guess I just let it again so if you look great I lost like 5 pounds I was in Tokyo all the fucking everyday I walk between 8 and 10 you're fucking shit for iPhone Craigslist in Tigard open right now take it easy guys to know when you can canola oil or the name comes from that they find out that they actually look like eggs do most of their life and then they turn the long purple fruit there yet that's what they're called Blood Bank on the same block of land is Netflix a month in South America revolution revolution meaning American status but that's where both Australia and Canada reside now, what is the temperature in The Colony internet how to connect a British citizen barbar Canadian money yeah it's raining pretty good for her man that's fucking 5756 so much more quickly than women have the record in 2012 so much longer than you ever just not too much longer for 5 years on there's not believe it is I think it is only like 4 or 5 years be like me interior called the oldest just one dude in that group and he's a hundred and Seventeen years old he's not lying right I think is $112 that frenchwoman who was on during 2000 not sure what she able to probably she moved into a nursing home after she put down a kitchen at the age of 120 + 120 million great grandchildren my great-grand my grandmother was 101 when she died grandmother was any limit to the 4:45 meeting over my grandmother deliveries chair but my grandmother was way older like I was looking for you 245 my grandmother was born in 1898 if you can believe that or not and she lived she died in November the early part of November in 1999 what is really good with a hundred it's like to change about my first job out of college was running the company right that's what I get her first job out of college was like in 1916 and she was a teacher at the school and you never couple years and then one day she hears Tao New York I believe it's time for my family to bring in the town it was her job to go find out why the bill is so she goes to her barn and she gets her kids ready for bed she hooked up to the horse that took like an hour and get it already then drive to the town that takes like an hour and a half two hours she gets another the dude Pizza in Middletown she says why was the bell ringing and she says and the guy said to her the war is over we won and she said Okay and then she turns around it goes back and it all in all it took about 6 hours there and back to find out that one piece of information probably at that point that was probably about 2 weeks old I would get to know just what is a rope pulley system you could attach a note to adjust Telegraph did where she was it takes a lot of those Technologies to reach some of those smaller Mockingbird by tea chant goodbye to me so I guess crazy unbelievable to think that was less than a hundred years ago how many times you have to do everything Nigel so you probably remember you might remember seeing your first ever car like when you saw a car for the first time I remember seeing an electric light for the first time it was a big fucking deal on electric light with a bit like you if your scared of you I think of my future was talking about the other day about how we went from not being able to fly to figuring out the airplane to be on the moon in 66 years first the Wright brothers or 1903 we land on the moon in 1969 we went from not being you UT orbit to then hitting the moon Atlanta the Apollo missions you know it's just a short amount of time like some stat really recently that said if all of time was compressed into like a calendar year than humans would have started existing like cucumber 31st at like 11:57 or 11:58 I was in the first episode of Cosmos brontosaurus regretted his life of overheating PlanetSide 2 get himself the last one Mazda partly the super hard for anyone else to get excited about how many times and I think I'm finding water on Mars I think about 52 I think I'm so I was so over everyone talking about the fucking Moon book what color you are how big you are it just doesn't matter to me what's the moo no I said I will provide insights and thought it might give us light at night eclipse eclipse for every month for everything from the Earth every month right PS 28 days or something different this one every month it comes completely between them in the sun all the time giving mood I mean right but you know how I like when is the lunar eclipse there's always the ban of Ariel like where this is where you can see it last night and then this is where we don't see this Google how often are there lunar eclipse mean that is how often change oil am I crazy to like maybe I understand it but the different phases of the Moon being blocked by the Earth the part of the sun and the on the River of Life the new moon the moon the Light Side of the Moon facing away from us Gavin de loses night have a full moon what is the full moon I got it wrong the side of the moon Speedway Races Minecraft using a hundred percent correct the Crescent Moon the shadow isn't the right time right the sun is facing a different part of the Moon that we can see how often does a lunar eclipse happen 2033 the next Supermoon which is bigger 85 total lunar eclipse the graphic location on the surface of the Earth will be able to see an average 4245 lunar eclipses or about one every 2.3 years I have to see how it is but there's 40 to 45 mean that I'm like the moon coming around between the ideas coming the movie and that's only sometimes works out perfectly in line is that why I'm happy everything is well I think that everything in the solar system operates on a disk that's the way it with the rotation that everyone's everything is lined up and so that includes the moon as well my mom about doing this around the Sun and the Moon doing is like one of the planet Neptune UT are your anus the god of Uranus probably and then they took him and for butthole is it going to storm into the because during the Solar System's formation the planets formed out of a disc of dust which around the sun because it just was a because that disc of Dutch was a disco in a plane all the planets formed at the plate as well rings and discs are common in astronomy size relative to the distance of the Sun to rotate around 400 x axis rotation orbit NFL quarterback Ludo it looks like oh my God you said you really do put it was Declassified how to talk about likely they counted other planets in the solar system like if it was in the thirties that recently they were teaching school children that there were ten planets like the planet and your bodies discovered in the asteroid belt they were touching noses planet we're learning the reason I put up with because of my the point is we're seeing that other stuff so are we going to start talking about it I know where this is going where is the red planet yeah that's Master review Mirabeau Mirabeau from the Star Wars Planet weather forecast for Summerville in orbit around the Sun in its orbit intersects with all the other planets and it just hasn't smashed and everything was going to smash into Earth coming back the asteroid belt you think like flying through a really really really far apart went into each other almost nothing with it everything everything came to our solar system it would get for me it was for a long time they like the devil getting it if you like we're not in orbit around the sun anymore he still wasn't going Alan Ellis look at something on one side is just pretty much sitting up with the Sun but it wasn't like I was an object move there just like you heard the sounds of space something where they have the audio of like Jupiter and like other planets don't like it's creepy sounds like a horror film game over listen to the podcast is brought to you by Pizza Hut's new Twisted crust pizza pizza and breadsticks finally together as one and it will show you in a second it is at last a pizza with bread sticks baked right into the crust it is tarama dip them in some sauce like they got some Buffalo Ranch made with Frank's Red Hot to try that pizza for 1199 and a Pepsi 2 liter for an extra book order now at Pizza hut.com when it was before it's so obvious to things as one like the sport or beer pong what are the Great Moments of human Innovation are comparable here but I'm just totally turned off in time that that would be the only thing that would save me pizza bring me to the Buffalo spot Holy Cross Hospital Los Gatos Trench the weirdest weirdest is also yeah I really hate what he is with the people that got selected as the RV park at the bottom of balsamic drizzle that's what I wanted to know what you come to lunch with us so sorry my first time in the history of the podcast called him by his real name you take me to PA today Jack McCollough tea just put up don't want to read this I don't want to spoil it for myself I want to see the finished product only going to read my lines and that's it like I did the same thing Brooklyn surprised by your text I really want that shirt that says video game I'm a good idea I think you like me like this if you were an anime character what would your name be and I just replied mr. eyebrows and I guess that's why I did it sometimes in the booth that was at number 374 you like a bumblebee today thank you so I think Colton who works in live-action he said I look like a nineties Bumblebee Arnold dead 210 Pizza according to you feeling green on Twitter it's been assigned have you won the on the show is the most wrong we've ever been we're talking school that is just not right they don't correct until you get to a little later class like I remember when I took AP Chemistry for the first time my mind was blown when they first explain how electrons actually orbit an atom cuz I don't know it's not like what you've been waiting for 15 years actually different energy levels they move between them and have like these different shapes the wrong way to make it easy and then they teach you the right way later you know remember that it's wrong and it's longer blood in school anymore why were wrong and they don't know please tell me how long it will take to the exact same speed as its orbit otherwise it would orbit and we did it's all about you put your your face point in terms of light in terms of what moving what is it like if you stop in space Hyundai parrot that came back okay hold on if you hear about the parrot that came back here to me know any parents there was a family that lost their pet parrot and then it was gone for a long time and then it returned or follow them over a great distance when you play a different interpretation family had a parrot it woke up one morning the parent was dead they buried it and then later that day the parrot on Buried itself cool trick and it flew away and then return to the do something please later they came back so apparently it was a story from England that was a guy who had a parrot for a long time and it came back how do you know if the same parent like couldn't you just tell us the same 2025 the way to Japan English to the Forgotten speak now speak Spanish horse Pizza Price is Right sound different stuff I think there's some better than others like peas and beans that's what that you that you did it seems like a pretty bird that's a good thing was that was that Gilbert Gottfried Aladdin and it's like I've never liked our whistle whistle the bird never going to be with us for like 34 years you got to be around for a while so yeah we'll the bird Street assault like your stereotypical Hawaiian dude like driving this tiny little car like a Volkswagen Jetta or something and it's like sitting on his window is rolled down and like sitting on the roll down window or just his parents like you fucking dumbass what is a duck that's cool I don't like the boarding pet is pet if you can't put it it's not a pet you can parro Pirates had not given their mouth and tongue and it got too much he likes you want to do with my face what baby animals are cute baby animals that like to make its parents will love it predatory Birds baby elephants cute the missing parent was actually from the US Torrance California to the UK to Mexico in Spanish maybe you just publish website he was quite different they found Nigel he was singing and talking without control he was barking like the dogs I'm from Panama and he was saying what happened didn't happen Pizza you got something the planet documentaries the birds of paradise on their apparently forgot the name of burni I want any noise like drills or anything anybody else because everyone that speak with Richard Attenborough and David Attenborough looking at 10 the same results like doing the work is when the two males as like kill each other there's one last thing I did not like real life barbar trailer we have imagined we would go out barbar gets approached a lot like this like people like I've been a witness to it is exhausting being useful barbar is like really good about diffusing I don't have to put that it's like there was a guy who liked people having a conversation and I like jumped in the middle of our conversation and was like he was that kind of guy who comes in giving everybody shit kind of a thing like he was like but it's just like I just want burnie's at the game to pick names the team sucks but thanks for doing it and barbar like turn around she goes go fuck yourself for what you said was like okay but I can't remember what do you think you think I was probably just like Hey we're having a discussion here please leave us alone it's okay it was kind of scary in the pool and even though you dislike playing bias in the pool when there's no one else in the fucking fool it's a big ass pool some like hey there's plenty of room don't bother us we had somebody that was fucking around and yelling and yes I have a huge bruise no I was direction that we have and I had to do a stunt and I got fucking hurt doing the stuff I got her some really crazy stuff I did it all come out at some point when we have announced that we're doing I don't believe that it's been anywhere but kinda late last night and his entertainment system one of the first shows that were doing in Los Angeles did they get in the foals do not like he has a kind person is really energetic and positive I started work on the future with him as well he didn't got cast in a NBC pilot if they got picked up and there's nothing now and it's a really cool cast and pictures of fucking amazing Superstore that guy is perfect it means the ban was to work on pretty much everything on production like that I don't know how he does it we're starting up some stuff pretty soon and he's heavy into that direction for that fucking great you're talking about some of that stuff in your pictures like any of these being all of them everything I type it cuz it's probably still really far away but I think the only reason he's probably thinking how can I blood up Alan Jackson everything I didn't like some of your Productions yeah yeah yeah we just we just start we got in like right under year of like those reading it for the first time that is your visual effects shots are in the movie I think Matt said that in total is 1100 visual effects in Lazer team Division I just fucking amazing you're here in Austin I went to visit him I know you're going to visit pretty soon as a project nobody is going to make you and a half-million-dollar history in Hollywood director middle the movie the problems that you caused basically and I just try to hold this past year we had a screening last week because we were selected to show the movie at Fantastic Fest which is a festival that you're not into Jonathan Festival typical horse stuff for them independently comedies as well and then at the same time we had a screening downtown at the State Theater for all the backers who back to the level where they would come down to the Austin from here so that's when we decided to hold that at the time because we were having the premiere and Austin and additionally we're doing a premier in Australia we have not yet announced a date it'll be after everything else but we're going to go down there and have a big Australian from you as well Toronto after dark sounds like just because we talked about this last night a little bit the big question now is what we talked about the movie itself but then we come out and ask people horse with distribution is that we know we're going to some Festival there's a bunch of Distributors there they also the movie they're all were Fielding questions about that now we've been having discussions about distribution while we were editing the movie but now it's like the first step in the process and there's some moo you can sit in this stage for a year or two years before they come out luckily because of refugees in the network that we haven't already the distribution model that we have in place we don't have to wait too long like we're not going at it like if we go out once a month and there's no distribution plan materialising we have a plan for like putting it out on our own that we can totally do that we are trying to maximize you know we're trying to like you know you hit the sweet spot where people aren't super frustrated with you know how long it take you to come out but the same time it's like when it does come out working on it as soon as we have them we will let people know cuz I know that's the number one on Twitter people asking you when is it coming out I love to watch it with that room full of people all the ban though we got to tea in the past we had to leave Miss Alan ritchson with a purple screen for Q&A for the press in the festival people and I'm so sad there's some press Outlets that just they will present a conversation as though it's all folded like they say interviewer says this happens as this burni burnie's is Michael Jones but that's not a direct transcription like voices and completely type what we said in two different was really paraphrase thyn the wrong information but criticism stuff like that I just realized you have been great and everyone the screening just have nothing but like really nice things to say to me off to his wishes cool everyone had a really good time for I think about the people with your fucking brutal blood AR I was reading the reviews Star Wars website reviews of every other you know it my life is awful the terrible Pizza Thursday night when it premiered I thought it was great like I was don't take this the wrong way very surprised by you guys and Michael cuz it's like no one here is professional a professional actor and you guys all really impressed me you're still surprise me good appreciate that I appreciate that the one thing that I do want to correct which I talked a little bit about in the interview and a pair compare phrase meaning of you would have sent me is one of the concerns that I think the only really negative so far is from people who haven't seen it and they have these expectations of their worried about you worried about it they're not negative people said that he saw the movie you're going to like it because it's got a lot of our tea references in it and everyone else like a big inside joke what's the difference between jokes and things that would keep fans would recognize as reference which is exactly the Easter eggs in the background until I get that Alicia Keys fan who notices all that stuff with it number of used talk about that stuff at all about like if you read the reviews and people who are critics professional critics who don't know who should keep the law or whatever none of them however there's a lot of Rich tea inside jokes for example there's a lot of RTE can do it so I will that's not an inside joke that should be using people from the company it has any 122 directions to that which is there's a lot of internet properties that are moving to movies and some of them are kind of taking that like when the Beatles on the Monkees make a movie and it's like here's the Beatles doing something you know when a Beatles movie it's not like it's the narratives movie that happens to pass through certain people it's not like we walked out of the Richmond office in something crazy happened to watch that movie is not rooted the movie it's a great way to put it was going to be talked about in the movie the one dude that was it and he had like a 10-minute part in the whole thing I would love to see her and Jake and Amir I watched part of that on Netflix for somebody to realize was it called to remove yeah and we won't hit the middle ground where we have some mercy people in it but that we have two more household hu Li Alan and Colton and Ally but we're always win can I get like there's one shot where there's a reaction and as you in a crowd and the person that there's even going on I think was Trevor in the particular shot take it up and we don't consider that to be a reference because someone watching the movie who doesn't know who Trevor is he what is totally for the research on every movie that you watched will have whatever is full of those references you probably just don't know them because you don't know the direct deposit like SolarMovie car in all of them fishy about that car the house in those decorations within the house and there's like maybe a piece of art that looks like a rooster teeth thing I know people that we put in references there but they're not for you it's not it's not this is as much a movie about Richard Cheese as red vs blue is a show about Halo and there's a lot of Halo 2 has nothing to do with it probably enjoy Halo probably enjoy your Red vs Blue a little bit more but there's no overt Halo jokes are Halo references or anything what is a master in the very first episode about 300 we look cross the course of the whole thing there's not much I mean I did like the occasional reference to Haley but it's absolutely you can never could easily enjoy the entirety of your life the announcer 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Michael sent it to him and then Michael and I was standing a step back from gavi so we always like we're the same height and we're like up to Alan you Ashley Matt and honor but the way it's positions you and Matt have the Crown's behind your head that's on the backdrop behind you and some of my favorite oh okay I thought I missed it their High School sweethearts are really cool and talk about it like Alan went to HighSchool with Toby Turner the weirdest coincidence ever I don't know what you heard of them I don't even know an interview with him for any kind of surprised that really like a lot of questions it'll be available in theaters here and probably if you can if we can get to the point where we have a theatrical distribution for Lazer team doing a good amount of theater is a really good amount of years for us would be as a picture 250 with the crowd that's really funny actually yes I think I would say it's going to be you know places in Lake Mead we going over to get something and can of that we definitely know we can do something in Australia we wanted you something you can so hopefully we can figure something out I know you know jewelry that to you know that's what I'm thinking Derrick Comedy guys did that with their movie and I thought that was your truck sitting everywhere my brain didn't even try to for lunch and see we haven't talked about the podcast live stream is going to be available to be replayed tomorrow starting at 11 a.m. go ahead so the podcast will be available for replay earlier than typical I'm right at 11 a.m. is that correct 11 and then we'll go up for everyone else 24 hours after that just to try to get out there replay last night updates available on the website RTE S1 up like at 9 p.m. last night like I was right after it was done barbar up to this I think for the for the record one more Fast and Furious Trilogy I'll see you guys