#344 - The Free Stuff Fiasco

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais and Burnie Burns as they discuss jealousy, proper fire saftey, the purpose of the Adam's apple and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on October 5, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-the-free-stuff-fiasco-344

Recorded: 2015-10-06 15:51:46

Runtime: 01:39:15 (5955.68 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Gavin Free




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Transcript (in progress):

really hello welcome to the receipt and you Buy Braintree Dollar Shave Club and rock band 4 the 4th of the rock band Evanescence beard I'm going with a bit of snow. I'm going to bed I'm almost there Rock and you did not shave today the podcast just started like 143 probably 10 episode a panic about what we talked about I feel like I'm Number 44 in the history of the show what do you think is been the longest boring when Chris is on the podcast there's nothing to talk about sometimes Chris would always heard that those carpal tunnel turns out is my neck that was like really tight anniversary stretching my neck and doing this stop hurting my wrist really the carpal tunnel because he didn't want like she's in the data entry for the IRS one and had surgery like three months of carpal tunnel in about the mid 98 different RSI repetitive stress injury it's one of the conditions that is a class of our sides like a big thing I'm sure though that was very specifically a nerve goes through part of your hand like your wrist in your hand 44 seconds I have to get on the internet spread apart in the middle or Adams can I use one Sometimes using it whenever my wrist hurts I thought I had carpal tunnel the alphabetical keyboard that's just like your keyboar everything was perfectly aligned like that because the only reason they're so you got to hit and then the next he is like he didn't care about that I had to switch between keys and I couldn't have the pins go on the keys to type on a keyboard problem if you're in the middle between two letters one finger keyboar that's design for the letters that you use in most and its people their hands are just vibrating cream and it was like you would hold it like this and you go like this and then like moving your fingers outward also was different Keys only people who could use his can type in 225 keyboar give me a lot easier is Penn Dragon dictate tracking Fire Dragon Dictation dragon pic 90% working knowledge company all day today and our jobs that we have made yourself and so you know people talk people can you make notes on mobile devices like your weekly meeting this morning I saw our hero see if our CFO had nerve to talk about to everyone in the company should written on her hand yeah just put stuff in there have been some very long day laughing does she have her phone she does have a bleeder on Shadow coo coo yeah she's OK and she's also got a pen and paper but when it when your hands right that you don't believe it to be true you look at all the time just for fun so are you guys hungry where's the mall in the past I've talked about how I have a supply of emergency things at my house have to be a gimmick and it's not actually for real use what does that mean no way you believe that one day you have ever brought you over to my house and show you my emergency supply spot emergency supplies recently I don't have kids right now like you are a kid so you need to be prepared what is wrong with any pocalypse open the front door and go out and play you know captch the surviving the apocalypse is not to live a really long time it's just to outlive everybody else and their supply Easy Pickins 50% of my crazy crazy life Bennett saying anything to me clips isn't just feel like people dying but it's like Society breaking down there could be 10% of people dead but if laws in the world will break down temperature yeah people who Go Hmmm rapper Trina I mean a lot of water on the ground and people talking to doctors and hospitals that was crazy. So this is my this is your 5-year shelf life ration and they're meant to be kept in like a maritime environment they can vote and if it's covered in warnings about how to use them on a boat like that never drink with seawater so don't do that even if you mix the following the rules by keeping them in a covered probably use some of these were manufactured to Maritime but now there's not like lobster left right left by craft life raft at sea for every 6 hours per person eat in small pieces too well it's not like an emergency one for every four hours per person eat and smoke because I just called it is not like he took the food like you never tried these were manufactured and a half of the January of last year so they still have 4 more years till things in it right here package here so it wasn't something they expected it has for reference and only some of the better Cuban say about 3/2 inches or more than 4,500 calories in 200 1200 calories a day but you wouldn't want to do but you can survive on three days everything you need to know Rock Solid said she would take it but only if he's at a coffee shop are you allergic to apocalypse what's the flavor to this thing is like 20% we just described it exactly Sushi and I got you talking about Publix when to give baby break your waist the last one I like lemons into lemon bars shortbread distilled water coconut oil and I can pack a lot of calories puzzle seductive if you have no tennis shoes then you have a month of food some of the food would take up about this much room for some but one person a month of food get you through a month but it always comes out as a small piece of shit then what you ate speak for yourself how big is 3 days less than that in three days and three days I want to eat this stuff all the time make sure you eat a little bit of food everyday do digest food the go-ahead I want to have stuff to do and I was like what can I do that will once and then I can like to be there put in my car really easily or just not like barricade the door and then live up my bucket and you know it okay I'm starving the gutter zombie chasing you or something radiation sickness and he will be fucking Chris coming along with his bucket does a very well what do the Snapchat of solid it like a pill but it expand in your stomach of summer is what I have to do it so well if you have sex if you just had surely it would last longer because your stomach would have to break it down never to use more calories than I eat more calories breaking it down your stomach worse Tuesday night Atlanta GA headlight which cost more with a hammer running over and an astronaut has a biohazard but still like air seal the car and driving to a Biohazard you're really going to hang on guys go ahead hair like to live on like if you feel me in a car fire but I normally am is The Weeknd in the night The Weeknd it seemed like just a normal day starting to fall asleep more when I'm asleep or less depending on how high up you are in elevation causes more the ballpark this guy usually last level I'm well-rested today you're full of in an SUV you dies what carbon dioxide poisoning take the QB come out of the sad now and then Every Breath You Take like 21% of the oxygen how do you take set 6073 went through this in the Martian at one point spoiler movie did you like it okay so it's someone who read the book you like the movie what's the point when you read the book is a lot more scientific than sir there's more problem most certainly I feel like I missed some of that but I understand like as a movie it's like it's good that's one the movie and I thought it was perfect and probably a book that's actually in the book Santa is the red planet may be so we're looking for some pretty cool Landscapes right now you're talking about but basically just like air filters that are really good at filtering out the $30,000 everyone can afford in through the backdoor what my car right now if you want them open the door like banging at your door so it makes sense for that go out just as far as a doll that has a nose like a list of Linkin Park like the Wicked Wedgie and how much space they have to read a report on the Google what are you sitting down reading reports what report did you read that expression that using a news report on a website I saw one in the parking lot the guy was two guys are driving around it and I stopped them and I was like how can I get into and I'll let you know I'm serious I want to go on a ride I'm begging you please let me go and they're like sorry The Silent Age and it is it makes like a hovercraft I always thought I contacted Google he asked if I was going to surprise you and take you with me but they said no that's really not boring and the Cosgrove to safely you wanted to be just so old Roo Google Lane you fucked up but not letting me in your car I'm giving you a chance right now you can let me and Chris he will not bring his bucket we will ride in your stupid car that mean gavi so it if that's okay Google just get back to me I would absolutely do that it drives me to it what happened to it art experience without inconveniencing anyone else and if you could do that by getting a license July 4th October Ashley Knight never fight ever asterisk Hydra I drive I drive everywhere and like Jesus in the past as you like having a great time email you name it I'm headed over there because we're going to work yesterday we went puzzle room call Mike where's the puzzle room and I'm driving down the road it wasn't me the tunne patreo is in the email yes it's only the top like we just like to look at the email and then we start going and then I start typing in the address and she goes she goes careful doing that while you're driving Adam Lanza than Americans navigate that's what I do that with them at all time and by the way it's always a mistake because I'm at home is great at everything except for when you get to the car so I don't know what happened I would not trust him navigation thing I would do trust him with its figuring out where of fucking on ramp in La is if you are not on the freeway you need to get on the he can tell you how to do that maybe we would do we shop I'm leaving for 40 days 40 nights we were shooting at night in the freezing cold did you ever see Matt get like flustered one time anything like that didn't happen right now this rock but you've written and how many times like maybe half a dozen times and other drivers that me yelling back at him every time that was bolted at the Del Taco 32104 fir fir I guess what we like for a wedding or 04 of you know commissioner giant 2 because like we were when I was at Caesar's Palace we finished the wedding ceremony then we went over to like the room of their section was they weren't quite ready to stand in the hall it was good and I were standing in the hall Heather Graham walked right in front of me I was like that's crazy that we go in and later Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis show up because I guess they were all they're doing like a press junket for The Hangover 3 make ration over again for the same thing celebrity in real life to have to come in on that side up or down the scale have you ever met somebody that like you seen on television or anything about them in person and they're the exact same size so you thought it would be the perfect height what tool do I know this is a lot bigger than a lot comment that I'm a lot taller than we expect like Jeff and Matt are right about six feet right worlds like above 6 feet base and sell anything with 6 5 so it's like enjoyed it as well to like all of us here together and never really got all we all we all just of 65 Nathan Drive the world of 32559 developers around the world and embrace the Braintree v20 websites no matter what the payment type Braintree accept it it's over here APPL pay Android pay PayPal venmo credit card even Bitcoin and it's something you pops up Braintree will support that too the same payment solution used by Uber Airbnb and get home so you know that it's scales green tree has simple secure payments code you can integrate minutes and developers they got you don't worry about taking a stand to get your payments with Braintree it's done in minutes integrating into your ass is as easy as inserting a few lines of code try out the sandbox and see for yourself at Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth healing Raintree payments.com / RoosterTeeth start accepting money just money no reason to do it for the only turned it on for the first time in probably talk in Nebraska you said we're not big in Nebraska that has every Did You Wrong I was making a joke there's nothing to be confused about it soon as I got back from Lincoln Nebraska which there is and also suffers from the same thing there's not a direct flight in the world that goes to thinking about you everywhere you go to Lincoln and Austin by the way some gorgeous whether or not you're having right now my calendar is open at this point how many cemeteries like your fir for a very long time very long time last year we were getting ready for Laser team and you know we were doing the deal with full screen of like just trying over yet talked a lot about big we are helping the audiences like they're like a lot of you don't realize that you don't need me content but it's like any industry the whole like we have to go and convince video game companies run out that we have a lot of Gamers that watch your stuff and you should get it not even just like that I just get a free copy the game sometimes when you like other people with Yoshi's wooly world what's your full of shit seen someone with something before me and God damn it like the people there featuring different artists on YouTube and you were not in the election people that was featured that would not you would have something to say about that it was coming but there's tons of the turkey, can we talk about like GameStop commercial and they put somebody on it and it's like really get that we are just get like real life in your own head what is a Jewish ration Hollywood Hospital yes pilot dies mid-fligh FEMA cover dies from Phoenix to Boston pilot I didn't say whether or not he died in the air or once they were on the ground they had to divert to Syracuse the pilot dies it's like trying extra hard not to die he was 28 then it's like that's weird I wonder in that case if you'd like let's say I don't know what the procedure is for this Flight pilot becomes incapacitated he can no longer perform his duties what do they do with him do they have to bring a flight attendant to come in when I get in the pilot seat or do they put the pilot didn't put them on the ground what is a fair amount that I know on international flight that some of the airlines have places to store money today. I believe Singapore Airlines Houston the 8380 I believe you are correct crew quarters like there's a little space of beds for the crew to to sleep but it still if so then they move the pilot somewhere else the incapacitator pilot can you imagine the pressure on that other person question his seat heaters are not doing anything if I didn't have to sit there and not talk anything out there that just died anything to keep them in the chat about it because I think they need to have two people in the grass I think it's a safety thing where it's like what your belly looks like that would be so intense for the One Pilot dies in case something goes wrong something goes wrong you know right now gotta get someone else in the other Jack is going to take over for the pilot gu the laboratory they have to have a flight attendant walk into the cockpit tell me another one door and then go right. I did recently the nightmarys space for scuffle have you heard about that I mean talk about a few weeks ago that FedEx flight where a FedEx employee got on the plane he said you don't ask for a ride but when he tried to kill the crew they got into a fight in the cockpit that he took a hammer and like a spear gun and tried to kill them when he hit the two pilot in the head with a hammer I can pack opening FedEx package ended up fighting and I see pictures of playing and it's just the pilot but you're getting there so like trust starts doing barrel rolls and shit the blue crew he was also a FedEx employee just like it's going to play that your insurance is family right here trying to are you trying to make it look like blunt force trauma and that they wouldn't be able to tell that anything happened it would just look like they died in the crash and then you know it's a bunch of a first down and two people sitting on the pot and it'll let it go to fire sounds like an apple tree in Spring the ride last about a minute half of good bouncing back and forth up and down and there was a camera right there to please see the person pass out and then wake up before they released me like a minute or something Ultra bungee jump indoor skydiving you still like him but you could try almost got Ryan to go he dropped out last minute if he could get a sitter you didn't 2 of 9 people it looks fun 4% of the rooms and told her and didn't you go that's good except for the last week in the same place same thing about your rent yeah we are yeah we had a talk like a Harry Potter knockoff the presentation of it for the poor lady on Harry Potter stuff and I was like is that like Dumbledore what you mean worse you can just ignore that I was looking for someone more quietly find American Express American Express office the Postal Service Parcel Service became the first credit card who's taking of American Eagle from American Eagle it's only cuz it's only good for people who just like things like to formal today's forecast brought to you by American Eagle Outfitters used to be a used to sell what day do American Express or whatever Postal Service Postal Service Parcel Service whatever called that went outside this is a public service announcement every October Halloween is coming up and this is your yearly reminder that never in the history of the United States are probably going to roll them definitely nice date never has there ever been a recorded instance of someone poisoning Halloween candy it's never happened but every time you mention that I feel like something to do pictures of Mastiffs close to me qualify that is a guy Poison Sons candy because it's a $40,000 insurance policy I did it in 2 days later poison the candy and gave it to him to kill a cat throw up never thought of Halloween candy and hanging out to strangers that never ever happened did you hear about the Minecraft screamer or not but his butt when we got it he got it for a lighter as a gift and you're showing it off on his webcam to the Delight of viewers at home exploded in his throat if you're going to be on camera get burned out timeshares pilot Julian what kind of situations you just do like to roll in stinky favorite person 3 different apartment building most of you have to go to the hospital and one of the neighbors dies The Departed that's crazy fuse boxes for my house I never had to use them and I thought maybe absolutely glad that I have fire station fire extinguisher list at my house pretty sure I need to get my fire everyone because I don't like anyone that you know they're still fun effective if I want to fight you to be offended get little fire extinguishers and play with them that is awful but I guess your phone once you can do it foam stuff that that that somebody's fire to spread and it's like it dries out the air and how was the script like stocks everybody know each other and see which one you said was the one to play with and I was going to cross-reference that with the one fire extinguisher that I find it then same one call 4 out yet about it AT&T another fire bunch of shoes look like the opposite of different coffee different different here are the different types and they're denoted by the band on the fire extinguisher at least in the UK now just different color band on the different colors on the u.s. the green triangle ordinary combustible or flammable liquids energized electrical equipment the one I have is from my device is 4 - 4 size for current for electrical studies for of dynamite trying to sign on my tablet I'm getting the hell out of dynamite with full speed super commercial commercial lighting from reaching the thing like half a dynamite but a real where should I blow up different liquids if you take one of fire crackers firecrackers and weigh it down and drop it into water the fuse will still go if you drop it into gasoline it goes out what so you're saying that someone has a stick of dynamite tequila fuses made out of it couldn't say exactly that question the reason for that explosion Petro wow okay do you see the guy who dangerous to just do it cartoon like burning oil at one point types fire extinguisher the gas station who was filling up his car and he saw a spider and he decided to kill the spider with a fire for the lighter next to the gas tank when the fire chief was doing the time we're doing the dentist Fire Red Edmond the canister that he's using the spray like some kind of fuel to the fire and it still catching on fire so we start shaking it and it's Throwing Fire order this and you can read electronic Minecraft streamer Who lit house on fire the very first video I ever saw fir Minecraft was the dude in but I still like it could have been Water Mine different distance of the podcast is also Club Stop Shaving with an old razor it's gross you torture yourself with a girl to bleed a week after week probably because you don't want to Shell out $20 for a pack of new ones Dollar Shave club.com is Roo Dollar Shave club.com is revolutionized mean shave with Dollar Shave Club you can shave with a fresh blade as often as you want because they deliver a whole sleeve of amazing razors for just a few bucks a month there is there so good you guys enjoy and even the billion dollar razor company for freaking out instead of lowering their bloated prices to try to fool you into milky the same blade for an entire month and that's gross never go back to squeezing the weeks and weeks of shave out of a disgusting Rusty blade during Dollar Shave Club blade whenever you want it feels amazing and it's a third of the price during the millions of others who feel that the smarter way to shave during Dollar Shave Club Dollar Shave Club Now by going to Dollar Shave club.com / RoosterTeeth Dollar Shave club.com so I used them extensively I'm using my Razor to shave my neck Bow Wow what does it look like I don't know what is it on Ariel Winter worlds worse fire demonstratio the fence it's already bad what would you say is his romance with some fuel professional builder Buddies esophagus to the trachea or the outside outside outside pasta that was it you saw it right here we sit together with the actual official name of the Adams APPL Adams the laryngeal prominence often referred to as the Adams APPL e future of the human neck is the lump or protrusion that is formed by the angle of the thyroid cartilage surrounding the laryngeal prominence looks really good today very prominent prominent what's the warranty on a piece of paper I would like it if it's like everything on the inside looks like a vagina everything valve looking isn't it like breeze through it it just looks like the record is it is when you lose your voice when you get Wrightstown Wisconsin someone calling someone on Twitter is saying that he lose your voice when you die flying in it characteristic for men we know that I just feel like boobs are for women I need some I need some United APPL Muriel now she's not very quick on the answer special close to like coming to my door like so little parts of Europe what is the cleavage right here the American south of scary Wikipedia The Americans at the Adams APPL is colloquially referred to as the Google note the store lately you're hitting on a girl at the bar Louisville is in what the primary sex characteristics of men I don't know looks good and attractive thing a girl can be the omission of something Commission okay when Adams APPL is attractive attractive like penis he is attractive as a straight man your email just through genes but the lack of that is attractive to me but you do boobs are the the increase of a test vs. rock look at the look at the distance between your size for a Barbie I never I never really got the whole like I mean I'm sure they measure the proportion the Barbie that was ridiculous waist to hip ratio is crazy but I guess it was cartoon stuff that you like and that's ridiculous who's our the you do every time you're attracted to women woman is that what you think what do you do Walk of Life I think I have been if I'm wrong but I don't know how to explain it you're saying is that it makes total sense to me that you find me attractive dude with the absence of something that's exactly why I'm going to try to have something you don't know like because what characteristics are necessarily attractive it's just that they appear after puberty well I guess right after puberty really think about the boys might have some to do with it but also someone else is saying that both males and females actually have Adam's apples but they're just more prominent in males right thing that's what they're saying. Prominent laryngeal prominence a person who had a prominent Adams APPL lady could you get that reduced in some way I have it because they don't do that Total Divas like that loose skin like like this come on Irish dude I'm like half Irish people tend to wear a lot of weight in their face anyway and I forgot that my family if I got the right now I have to do something about that I think about that 308 sniper 3 Twitter there's a whole new level Twitter service got a new CEO they got Jack is now their CEO @jac ever because the founders of Twitter and now the CEO of Twitter is named Jack the things I've ever seen on Twitter and it happened picture picture picture nothing is going to happen July of last year I just received word that your 24th of July this year 25 did the CEO Twitter Chris were going to be here in a second to get ready and Kim Kardashian or Kim Kardashian wet and she is known now she made the following tweet and you play you reaching Kardashian and re Jack before he was CEO email Twitter to see if they can add an edit feature that when you misspell something you didn't have to delete and repost let's see. Place at Kim Kardashian great idea we're always looking at ways to make things faster and easier and just like that she's going to say Kim Kardashian brought a great idea great idea you can edit text Kelly just wanted to talk to him cont how do you spell misspelled I believe you spelled it correctly is it so I think so Missy I wouldn't miss spell you can make it funny from its some reasons to eat like a little number the bottom like how many characters they use to put you in there if you want to she was scrambling Chri it wasn't me the Tweet about like thinking about an added feature would have but he thought that was her thinking about what you text 61000 favorite 30000 group of followers a lot of people with many followers who don't make a tweet and just really get nothing in a very small engagement of people who have bought followers but I don't know how you do that but anyway or something like that number of people vs. people the he doesn't deserve you deserve you deserve them the first you come up can we captch understand what I keep running into a captch in a place where I don't understand why they have over there my Wi-Fi who wouldn't be human if it's on it's on I'm going to pay it and then you can access it made me I'm glad see one of those explain explain but when you they ask you account information like your address and your credit card information so it's like 8 bucks to have Wi-Fi on a domestic flight that comes up and says hey here's a captch type it in but it's always just type it in and then take me to go to after you paid for the service like to make sure that your human on a plane if it's only like 3 yeah it's only a couple hundred people who can possibly be doing that the first class to have them fucking laptop to set up a box on it the old log onto the Wi-Fi on the plane why would they want to stop that like what's that person doing like what's the just I just put it in there like a half to put it on the payment page they're preventing there with the cab is nothing I can think of something about this before you hear a position where it's like you're waiting to catch you think of anything else any other internet he's like a Russian hacker said it always use a hard life I will look in my room and I will find me that cable and I will always and about to eat 121 everywhere VPN service so I connect then immediately VPN just for no reason other than someone who has the next person listen to it the people who donated thanks Greg Miller auction.com / kinda funny patreon like you has the most money in real life but you know that I did not know cute girl and the way she sings Nataly Dawn is ever named Natalie Natalie total the Y yeah and then Jack Conte the early School having come up in a little while but I will go catch up on the stuff I thought everyone's heard of them but I feel like loads of people heard of them just regular people not even know he's probably one of the early male on male taking a large slice the percentage what percentage the Patriotic I don't know I don't know clevver news what YouTube Take actually you just say the thing that people say anything crowdfunded Indiegogo Kickstarter patreon you should like the number whatever you have and not like anywhere between 10 and 20% out of it completely and really somewhere between 15 and 20% because of credit card to take money the service takes money and in the biggest thing that nobody really knows about his the number of the Klein that you get from credit card then you get tons of coins from the 2000 rent to help my credit card charges that the truth I'm not going to bother with that they don't follow up to like make sure they got it in the car charger charge the drawback is that if you charge right away Yoga Works the way it should the benefit of waiting to charge everything until the end of the campaign is that you can then modify the campaign as you go and add items in it we just went through fulfillment of a lot of the physical good for the lazer team campaign and like the challenge coin was one of the ones that keep people seeing tweet to me that was something we had to Adams just as a separate unit because we couldn't as in the packages like we could like later in India just another 20 level your place so that's where someone is saying that the capture is probably to prevent people from saying they didn't intend to pay for Wi-Fi if you put your credit card and I think you're pretty much at any time Snap-on 1/2 Anna Conte Conte Conte Conte Conte Conte instrumentalist songwriter entrepreneur and filmmaker base in the San Francisco Bay Area who lives off the tails of MP3's online county has recorded two EP names of the peace and released along with compilation video songs going to be watching store Conti is also the co-founder of patreon a lot by the way he's also the founder of Patron this is sponsored by rock band 4 the only music rhythm game with a full band experience be sure to tune in for livestream to celebrate rock band 4 day Tuesday the 6th from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. central Time to be on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel youtube.com fly fish teeth the best music sound on rock band 4 is so much more fun. And now and received 30 bonus songs using the link below two bit leaving tune in to watch some of your favorite places on Tuesday the 6th which is tomorrow if you're watching the livestream if this is what are you up to tonight so Tuesday the 6th from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. we will be doing a livestream with rock band 4 and you can pre-order and 30 bonus songs considered the greatness and Rock Band by the way that I didn't get a chance to talk about this last week about your past but I did something really cool there is something I don't like it's like I'm really cynical about a lot of things and I'm like dr. Chuck burni and there's some Japanese YouTubers I'm really huge fan of and I got a chance to meet them hoes out there the guy said that the hamburger Challenge on my God I saw your fir when do the guys took me to the airport restaurant to eat horse different ways to do a challenge with him too often but I'm way too busy three dudes from Japan and like feeding them all including fir a weekend like an American fast food which is like okay it is like to be like you threw it in with the Salt Lake barbecue places BBQ in Australia for some reason it didn't work out so I told him that we could maybe do tacos hear something give me a few places I think they call it BBQ the barbecue going to a barbecue yeah we have that party but the actual Act of it is grilling will you have a barbecue and then you cook stuff on it okay you have like that's was like he was looking it's on my pillow stand up you can set it up I was just keep pressing what's the one by the way to find out is called in Australia send a text to my girlfriend can you come in here for a second Alexa think you should try to read text from nobody compete with his own channel is when you spell it for mocha Sunrise slo-mo you look good but I wrote it down so that I don't have a lot of what was it like plumber most record Gavin and Dan like a little like to know you stopped at the Midstream in the face and don't like this I was sick what every video I put up people coming you should have this massive High frame-rate why don't you upload it at 60 frames per sec annoying because it makes the the threat from the camera it's still what's up hey Ashley is here what do they call when you go to a place where people are grilling barbecue city called the same thing the Milton Australia you working tomorrow and I actually been doing the running the $0.06 list it can you how can I say yes I am that you are in Tennessee Simmons promotions Blaine miles and Barbara didn't even list if you need Megan Castro asking if I would do it and I got assigned to it okay I wonder why you're so beautiful a lot like burni people assume you're busy but you are busy staring at the walls hey man I know you're really busy can I talk to you that money in the checking account that's okay you can mr. when you work at waitrose that was your last job when you work in the film stuff and you're like oh man what a hard day at the same place you know so that I don't play yeah I needed that 416 hours and its like sorry I just want to go out and get a beer or whatever you would never think to call my boss and ask my boss to go out for a drink maybe because that's what you're getting at least you're getting away from that did you ever the entire time you work for that guy ask him to go out for dinner or to a movie or two drinks I guess maybe I see you wrong K member I have to organize it in fact I deal with this just recently because I went to the Streamys with Ash and Meg and Gavin and Kovach and we were there and I forget what and we were not going to make any progress unless I moved us and it was in you guys will huddle everybody for like 5 or 10 minutes I came back to the group and I'm like do we have reservations I'm like I don't know if I had to call for reservations at this time I went back to the conversation with something else pulled away talk and talk and talk and it was like nobody so it's like organizer like we were navigating all over again that's what I though it was fun I just think that white stuff right I heard you organize anything I've never been your house and you're moving someone understand what so mr. you mr. Charles Casey has maybe the best wheat of the night I got the best feature of the Apple watch making you look like an idiot is going to have to do she could have gone APPL the ability to reply to email free to let the priest was already on there just said yes so I said yes I'm a douchebag from there he couldn't say that what you can reply to emails I had no idea at the time oh yeah everything like I used any kind of like cloud services that used to be someone that out there like with cloud services so I can get that it's going to get out of that information never put anything bad to the internet okay you just told everybody who listens to our shows online that's a bad idea anything like anything like I just recently got my credit card expires this month it expires in October of 2015 and at the beginning of October I got the new credit card until I have a new number now associated with the new card and I have on my credit card numbers memorized until it's like I'm putting all the new card as long as I got you the target breach of the Home Depot breach so I went to like 3 different credit cards within 3 months and I stopped cause I can't do this anymore I used to always remember I'm just cuz he was your friend 12 times the last for the glasses will to use this way of cooking the meal that most people do that I want to talk about barbecuing food but like to call it a barbecue is like that's the thing that makes it the police just took me on an outdoor barbecue the barbecue taking event we got to barbecue place to do all the time and everything which by the way if you want to do that I will absolutely do it over cooked with seaweed what if I said you can't overcome what you mean I mean it's like it's so difficult you can't possibly do it together next week before we were talking about how he was bringing you food or whatever the hell this is Pizza food when you eat it it also turns your tongue purple because they make toothbrushes out of pig head really well let me when you realize that didn't exist since you been born I just told the story about would you tell me I was wrong work nothing wrong but what you said was so confusing to everyone that it is the fault of the wrong okay so it makes sense that the fault in the wrong I don't know there's a podcast in general he said it's so confusing the default is wrong the most people experience experience though you are a little annoyed by the camera on the iPhone because in order to adjust the frame rate for your slo-mo or to adjust between HD and 4K or whatever you can't do it in the camera right in the camera forever go in there and see that 4514 the maximum resolution for a picture with a video you sacrifice resolution that's what you can do 720p at 2:40 from the second 1080 P 220 42nd 440 at 63rd and 400 frames a second 942-401-2241 2720 to 4720 resolution that's good too for 7:35 okay so sorry because the camera dies I would never just him cuz I might forget when I go back on that now so I'll just give you 25 so it'll do it'll do 30 frames per second or 60 at 1080 and 4830 from the second then fir slo-mo Middleton 8820 or 720-2242 the 4K is stabilized then obviously you can do this and it's just like good I'm having most of my presentation that you're really cool thing okay on a cleanse this this big it it's not really 4K upscale 1080p digital shave everything was perfectly clear what does it take with arthritis look like ten years fifteen years I will prefer 48 frames per second for movies and I will prefer 60 frames per second for video 77 the patch that I preferred 30 frames per second for a video game too much of a change all of a sudden Super Nintendo 64 puzzle listen to learn gavi confidence don't immediately refute it what was the first 60 FPS on a fir made with 50 video games I was a kid I looked up I did a Google search for SNES framerate 60fps at the top of the search results I think that whole generation of gaming to be cheap to be affordable have to like behind them they were just the frame right I'm sure that we can do like twice as much was crazy too because it's like I mean I don't know how much they're doing 60 frames a second it seems like your animation Cycles would have to be have more frames in them in order to be believable animation I would think your room is very small the Hedgehog cartridge the Genesis will be returning one fifth of the overall cartridge just that voice file took it up here we're having real life captured voice playback or synthesizer that was really cool at the time it was even on the 60 frames I didn't think they had to animate for 60 frames the spray could be however animated as you wanted to be but it wouldn't move around at 60 frames you could only have 5 frames in animation 6069 that was at 8 it is 1/8 of the space that I lost my ship 2.7 shift and it does that and like the first part of game can grab it and go play this kind of seems like something like that was a benchmark in movies and things like that I don't want somebody to look at something and then look at the other you won't see your eyes move it just good like that you like somebody else look at you doing it will see your eyes moving because your brain blocks when your eyes move so that you don't see that strobing effect in a mean or you don't have that so it's like I don't want to have a perfectly Smooth Up In You know because it doesn't I don't believe this is you have to do that and why you would like throw something into water and it shut your eyes so you could see it right now so you have a memory of that exact moment that if you kept your eyes open what are you sorry my phone is the sink at Splash in the worse I would close my eyes I remember like the way this place that's really interesting because if you keep your eyes open too much too many frames and you can't remember the exact one you want animes that Gavin can take slow motion footage at like 7005 / 2nd which requires so much light in order to calculate how much light a frame a still need is like one of the hardest things to do in films like how much light do we need for the scene then you add 5000 friends and second it really diminishes the amount of time that each individual frame expands in the light and so Gavin can do that but you can also do something sitting there and then super-city exposure before you had the resources you didn't have enough lights and it's dark and stay dark but I never seem like you have you do the explosion and it completely out of the frame or anything like that I've always been amazed to hear you say that like you should do that as a kid I just think that whether or not you realize that your brain is wired for the way a camera works in the way like to the medical your brain is very white the kid and I just can't get rid of what I don't think anyone has done this before I still do that and street lights they cost a shadow across the road right time lines on the road in my head I try and figure out how many car lengths will fit between two Shadows of cellulite like that all the time you do and I'll see if it's between them stop doing that did you do anything the railroads in the car when you hear that 27 people talk about things other people find out other people do as well like somebody talked about one time I read about how pleased to sit and look out the window when they would imagine someone running next to them next of the car a man and you jump over everything like the mailbox newspaper stands come up with the same one that we went to dinner when we were talking about we can talk of sleep paralysis dinner and I talked about like being locked in place and being awake but not being able to move my body and how strange that one and tell me what it was like to have had that and then I said did you have a feeling also that somebody was in the room right now you know this is pushing you down or sitting on you like you and staring at you while you're like that come with it and I looked up a photo artist rendition of 20 years yes to finish it it's a trap of time okay so I don't know it sucks different today Bushkill of Gavin MacLeod last night hardest thing about like wrapping up in a hole we talk about the phone okay or we can push it to next Tuesday the 6th 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on the roof YouTube channel and I will see you guys next time