#345 - The Crystal Pepsi Challenge

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman and Michael Jones as they discuss drinking expired Crystal Pepsi on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on October 13, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-the-crystal-pepsi-challenge-r-t-podcast-345

Recorded: 2015-10-13 15:33:48

Runtime: 01:32:35 (5555.96 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Michael Jones




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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to receive podcast this week brought to you by seatgee Squarespace and Warby Parker are three great sponsors that we're going to talk about later seatgee but for now I'm guess I'm Gavin I'm tired I'm Michael and this is a podcast Thanksgiving weekend this year which is a big deal for me because 46 weeks on the crown downtown and it's a theater if you if you don't have enough and you know this but it's not a big deal and everything for the first time more than did you like them there and then have one more and bring it in the movie the movie The Martian do you like all the other being said I still think that the book was better cuz they like the book is constant problem a problem that's not my drink but ok there's more problems in the book or the movie something we have like 2 hours it's like all right we're going to cut out like half of the stuff that goes wrong I really want to listen to I thought it was like 20 minutes to 2 hours and 20 minutes you know he drove from one place to another the drive took seven unlimited science the shit out of this Lowe's plants Cameron Ridley I only booked so hopefully I'll be done by 10 you shouldn't watch on the plane it should be big so you mentioned that it's a really good movie and I thought it was something really interesting you know normally a movie starts in the production companies and everything and they have a car logos and what not on this movie it did not say Scott free Productions they had the long and I made a thing like that leads to his logo but it never says Scott free Productions at the very beginning at the end but I don't know what that is you really turned it around after Prometheus did not like the movie was a two-and-a-half-hour just jerk off at why did he make it yet looks like the the lore books that she made before the movie so if you have a few years old movie fuck you your scientists run to the side Violet wide protection on her cell what movies are coming this year it was really good for that character who played in interstellar what the other year he just played an astronaut who stuck by himself he's trying to sell and this makes people spend a lot of money to find Matt Damon you're like a nice picture and reverse acting ready first sci-fi movie that they think might be up for best actor in 04 okay picture the best picture to get better picture but good better best and I received in the mail this week we're going to be quick about it spent my whole Sunday trying to use it I tried it 5 places it didn't work and one where did you to Walmart to get some bath and body also stinky asshole things it's a chip card put it in the chip read I don't like Madison sucks the worst I mean in my wallet currently but I wouldn't use it to my wall and I probably haven't used it in months so you can swipe credit cards on your phone I just can use as just a button switches to the car if you leave that it can be used if it's still fun to anyone else your phone and let you pay for whatever it is that what this is really about side and hit the register at the same time and see which one works it's cool to be on the front of Technology like it's cool to have this like future device but it's so embarrassing but it doesn't work and I was it was like a day of it could be worse you think on your forehead because I did when I had really bad headaches for like the next two days don't get that thing until it's been tested you watch that video you can see you like the vein on the side of my forehead looks like it looks like it's going to pop you always have that van out there it was really bad other forces at work today so I have an idea it was amazing it was and then a bunch of people who are doing things like that as well but we showed a clip from really going through and tell people that it's going to Premier October 24th I have a parent when they went crazy I think it's weird I think New York is just a really big anime City and you're coming sounds like a really big anime show still pretty much everyone waiting list was dressed in her because player and I think someone said that we had the longest line at the condos are to me because it's like we're just Rooster Teeth Godzilla Bryan Cranston the first one contract to write that movie Bryan Cranston the hole not really who is Big Boss daddy basically being a daddy executive you I think you ever out of all of us everyone everyone I think DV the for you at 10:50 didn't want to come with us yeah he didn't feel comfortable I guess do you get on your left and right side carry I'm saying we just looked up places to go I don't think it was a gay club I think it was a mix between a strip club and an escort service because it was this tiny little room that had all these curtains and a very small there was more than a little more detail about this configuration of the curtains in the benches pictures of the bar right there and this is the whole room there was probably about I want to say 20 or so male strippers and like 3 people in there just bumping into each other literally hanging out now that they were wearing some pretty licke The Cure songs was that your benches outdoor curtains immediately in front of the bed you could see people's legs hanging off the bench like a mansion that's on the how's that been jacked up and I can talk if you want to QuikTrip playing at myself for six artichoke but it was funny it was funny that you said it like that the bit was funny alright, almost 350 episode 343 Pepsi you must go home I'll still take you on it okay thanks party happening somewhere it's on a Saturday this year so I never go for it so I don't want to go to the effort of finding a Halloween costume invariably can you get one and just a few of you trials Luigi picture of a house that you going to be like oh I don't know probably nothing for you last night together last second she probably didn't do anything I don't know shit Timberland boots ready to go on and on about Halloween and then I know it's super short on one that's okay what are going to be Gavin your DIC conscience retired isn't it I said I would try the penis off the tree and I did 3 is actually really want to retire yes I'm looking I know you want me to be there is a vagina costume but it still be seen 16 Gavin you don't have the right as a parent to be a vagina you could just wear like do you like do you like it stupid free 3D scan your nose and it for a large wearable version of my legs I'm not going to go blind Gavin to talk about some of the crazy ideas for Ikea to pick up script from last year scrap for this year I was going to say for Halloween potentially donut what episode of the podcast you buy seatgee the NFL season has started seatgee place to get tickets for this week's game or listeners can use promo code teeth in the seatgee cap and get a $20 rebate off your first seatgee purchase tickets in a minute download the app today seatgee does a ton of things other ticket sites don't do 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guaranteed download it for free today and use promo code for $20 back after your first purchase for going to go watch sports event why not lease with $23 who doesn't want to the game and you found $40 on the ground you pick it up do it that's $20 wouldn't I told you that Billy and I would pick up a 20 million can it be like James Burnett 20 when I just keep walking behind the film burning shitheadsteve cheese and beef as much as you want to be going to be dubs with Beyonce alright I mean I think I'm qualified in English have the accent oh hello blah blah blah Fontana Dam North so your giant nose comment how much else right now, it reminded me about something that we wanted to do but they wind up scrapping this is 30X and every year we go through this process where I think I'm really stupid crazy off-the-wall ideas and this year we have just described what I wanted to have these giant bobblehead constructed for every like on screen cast member but it would be like imagine if you had a bobblehead or slick but it was just the head and the head was like 6 feet tall I can't get inside of it and walk around as your head version of how to build on I Didn't Do It coincidence that ever happened to me in my entire life Facebook people interested in how many days I put in my on my Facebook I put it in and it said 10000 I was like plentiful on Friday the 27th 20054 something like that was like 41 or something you can't make it on your nose RWBY chibi why is broken it's like a little feature of your face Sand Creek we would not at all talked about like scanning and 3D printing to have their Gavin smells I want to know is like this it's the only broken it's just big anyway so even if Ticket Summer lyrics they're very distinguishing right over the head wrestling next to him why isn't Gavin with also it's pretty normal next to Gavin that's why I sit next to him I'm trying to the Wi-Fi so I can stream to the TV CMS work on on Twitter for that I don't know why your nose on the side Bruce Johnston and if I don't win I'll be annoyed if I get another one I'll be amazing telegraphic how would you how would you just that like your nose on then I'll be on stoppable we're running with what with your legs and tie crazy no idea I'm entertaining contest so I'm glad we got way off track the way I want to be on track curious because I feel like most of them don't understand what we should have done so you know they try to organize events like all of this type of product goes here all of this type of contact is go here and there like we usually do yeah I was around your cock t-shirt vendors I didn't see any games around us or anything like that so pretty much just like people doing sales but we were the only people who do not address and stuff like that as usual and we had other exhibitors come up to act like you're signing one time with me and Lindsey and they're just like you gotta move your line up in front of her food and I'm like what the fuck you want me to do you like that kind of stuff to have a manager or something it's just like well you're welcome for the traffic 3 hours a look at it around you he was like yeah for 3 hours Ice Cube an actual celebrity but like it's a light which is actually kind of work would you go up to him and be like hey your lines too long manage it Virgin Flight 41 in the middle of doing this shit how to move a line with this phone to text people if they're going back and make that stuff I don't know what it is nowhere to be seen I don't think I saw all weekend I don't know where they're doing something wrong I should be laughing too funny. I have left you me and Michael and Chris were there in 2011 in New York on a long time ago have a good time yeah the only place we went to on the trip was that Irish bar I think your cross the street from the hotel there several times the video that thinks photo the photo for arm wrestle barbar wrestling you ever have your bag of stuff arm wrestle Barbara I can remember orchestrated that it was a meeting after you would kick my ass I think so what's up and then godzill he said something along the lines of before and like for what reason would you win 50% of military have been 30% off of 2/50 Delta more than 6% I'm sure there's a lot of people who are just like athletic going to company compared to you 4 Esther at least for like 2 days what are you have that as your lock screen to I think he knows I hope not to mention finding Kevin no I'm good because you don't like it here Gaslight I'm right here this is exactly where 2 month probably picked up sealer work for months after we went to that you're kind of like a 2011 like a month or two after that there was something you know there's always like the stupid ass website celebrities building in New York 2014 found cabin store can't believe I did that then that's real question I mean if they did stop texting really tell me if it's going to be different like a watch salesman he didn't was more like monetarily how much do you have your getting on like your book we got 20 grand on me like 123 $10,000 drug dealer 5438 have you ever seen the people in New York Hotel stuff like that watches or whatever was like a briefcase people are terrible like like the watches in the donut in the car it's a real gold watch white 50 real gold watches the panhandlers like giving out shit and then trying to charge you for it rappers like my son of a bitch but if there's ever like a couple do they like you you know whoever you know the female or what-have-you the roads whatever like that'll be $10 just to the other person what time is the next level up from that here in Austin one time I was driving out of it should be over there like parking lot on 41st Street and just call you later right where the freeway so I'm like in the parking lot my car pulls in and he's like he turned in front of me and then like I kind of stopped right next to me and I still like our drivers Windows right by each other you look like a guy who enjoys rap music you want the window trust is like give me something show me something I don't stop at Subway because I got lost downtown and I couldn't I didn't I didn't want to take her back to take an hour and then you went alone into the subway in New York the Montreal said that Let's ignore the fact that no need a, I wanted to stop that clearly was like a meth addict or something and she had a cup and like the sign around her neck that said she was like a single mom I was looking for money and she went on this big red she like never ignoring her of course you have to eat a person with her cup and every single person she would like to talk to them trying to get the money money for herself and at one point some was just like no thanks man and she was like alright will God bless you into my fucking face I probably have some type of STD at this point I'm going to head off and wait for her to leave and I on a New York Subway with your mouth open maybe it was just like I left last night call Crow arrested for what Crystal my class too sweet Ford there's no way that was a real name right Bethany the cost in your face do you want them to you could happen to think of it no problem arm the public remember when we were a Con in Dallas this guy likes me again dreadlocks and one of the one of my mouth to do it you do it your first event is that right now my oldest brother on top of the bunk eating Taco Bell food isn't bad enough it's got to be taco I feel like I have a defective mouth or defective lips always drooling or dropping food out of my mouth round are the Driskill Hotel arm stretches do you guys have really come to Mom that has happened and have him at the dentist all the time that way Violet and I got stuck on like what you like Blue Jasmine I just couldn't stop it do you have to piss off the on the glands in Jesus your employees dreaming small Jets of saliva all over the fruit Lighting Orange with donut drink something really old Crystal methan Crystal peps of people getting hold of him drinking them now and everyone just put down them and immediately throws up don't Crystal peps look at yourself like a broke teenager and in order to promote Crystal Pepsi they had that promotion works like if you unscrew the cap you might win something if you just want to talk to me so we could look to the bottom of the bottle free drinks all the time there's no way they could make money off of it never happen now Martin ready by 4 o'clock and sequence naom good slightly yellow 20 years 25 years I just want to is going to react to it happening in that drink and in 2018 it Crystal Pepsi barbar said it was better that I didn't with that little excited so I say it again Crystal Pepsi is it called Crystal Metheny earlier joke on the street broadcast of the jokey Towing make sure it's sealed and drinking it someone had actually managed to keep it down but the thumbnail is him vomiting around three minutes later did you see that the Pepsi perfect to commemorate like the Back to the Future 2 Anniversary it's like the future they have Marty McFly and so I think it was Sunday morning there was just a sea of probably four or five hundred people dresses - explains that cuz I saw that photo with no context and I was like alright yeah some kind of Back to the Future Pepsi Pepsi perfect like 20 bucks I think player but the bottle maybe 23 years from now they'll make you feel better 2525 years okay I'm alive by the time you hit your 20000 day colon cleanser that on my 20000 day should I drink that Pepsi 54 year old Michael yeah yeah yeah weight loss older ready to listen to this Parke Austin Ally Progressive to me to listen cuz we've been doing them for 2008 have time to listen to the Friday when do you start doing that you're going to die contact hours of drivel ready like an idiot when I was 27th your life like I've been single for 7 years now sit back and listen to things that happen to me that like the side of them about 2 years ago I hear myself complain about stuff and be like that's not real dr. Lee methan about Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad was even a year and 2 years ago now I guess podcast discussion you know that's like the LG TV show going on during the podcast 7 years old you know where I'm going to start building your website today at squarespac free trial and 10% off your first purchase go to squarespace.com / RoosterTeeth with Squarespace your site will a professionally designed regardless of skill level no cooking required Gavin intuitive and easy-to-use tools and squarespac has state-of-the-art technology to power your site to ensure security and stability trusted by millions of people the most respected brands in the world squarespac starts at 8 bucks a month and you get a free domain if you sign up for a year to start your free trial today with no credit card required at squarespace.com when you when you decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure to visit squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth for free trial and get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful it's actually really cool you don't have to put any money in your credit card and you can sign up you can design a website to see what I would look like if you would like it and if you decide you like it you can and then I get 10% off your purchase right there I just wanted to let you know I didn't do anything with it usually never fucking asshole insurance company website on it can you find out with and I just have it like on the longer than you know I don't want anyone else the Jones International corporate website Michael Bourn ever be talking about you ever when it says your name just so you know there's always someone I call or Jones it will never be you it'll always be someone else available but if you could change your last name would it be I changed anything I've never thought about changing anything just redo my whole name that'd be great you are not named like no offense to people named this but like Jessica star Jessica it's like you know what you're doing it's like which Jessica whatever Santa Barbara arrested Crystal Pepsi thank you for saving my stupid joke Savers right word. Funny but I really like it the biggest problem I have with my name is when I order takeout black people say you know you with the order then what's your name do I know what name to put it under I feel like people don't expect a one-syllable name like your name Justin Comet how many other fucking Gustavo do you know there is a guy who has some stuff every now and then and it probably won't be Mildred true. Did you make barbar cool I'm sorry I forgot it lacks the originality no one ever fucked up my name but if you ask me how do you spell that you're saying how do I spell this is really how to spell free all the time and it's because people expect it to be spelled with an i or something free website for public display for letters when you have the whole yeah sure no one ever gets right at the moment elements of the way it sounds it should be ugly but the English language in the DIC without one yet Barbara Barbara Streisand room that for you as well Apple I didn't want a bra what's the Broncos Hotel barbara&barbara Viv if your performer name Barbara Barbara Barbara now like RoosterTeeth and people see at a Walmart or whatever you know I'm getting food somewhere it's pretty common to both your names now more than ever but I'm just always looking around and I see some three year old running around with before it was I don't know it now I'm just on alert at all times but you don't like Linda and I never went by that might make a note for make it my car is Mickey a nickname for Michael what happened to Lindsay a grave miles in Cary this weekend because almost every single person they would make a plan or ask for a pun or mention that have puns on standby like a list I did I always like bring a few attending events if they keep ponds on hand just for me it's usually like an on the phone message Warby creative ways to tell people to friends that they're losers because they're not here in their friends are here but it's usually you write that on there we thought you're coming little French kid with the red Crystal into your yelling what you don't know any french no I did not I did not work any French into what you're thinking people activities in the attack on a video message I don't know why but I think they'd like to be here can you tell him he's a piece of shit the rink the message nice attack or for you that was for Ruby made a big Ruby fanfic you should start shutting people down feel like fuck you watch x-rated Ruby cosplay know if there was a cop orphan head like a Bluetooth speaker in it and she recorded me saying like one of the orphans and then she played it back in the Bluetooth speaker coming out of order but he was out of hours that's like how you feel it I want it I would have taken it legally this is mine like really get myself in it pronounce E8 became a velvet from Ruby Hilda and or Sunday and then I forget what the last one was really good that's always the craziest to like our fans are so nuts they don't just show up in Cosplay have a different cosplay for every day and Prince licke from all the animated shows people came to you guys you're lucky I'll get dressed and go to the convention and close I think I'll be okay how many people tell me like now I'm going to change my t-shirt in there from today so they're good it's really impressive like one of my favorite pictures ever is all of them I think it might be an MCM in London was something like 10 different extra valve so it will be like let's write an extremely what do it was like I don't know her full name but I've seen her on Twitter like a million times but naom was that saying that but she there was the whole player or something when she gets she's got like two sewing machines I can't see like using both at the same time with each hand sewing different it's going to be someone who can do that so you can write two different could write in two different languages at the same time with each other I think it may have been a side effect of a different elements but it was like one of those old things that hold things like the two hemispheres of the brain don't communicate independently like Robin haven't had your head and rub your stomach at the beginning put your foot in a counter-clockwise and try to draw sticks and you can't do it when your foot starts moving is like a sexy interesting when your brain makes decisions reach for it sometimes I reach with one hand sometimes out there for ever decide I'll take it to him today but like it always happens if it's heavy yeah I don't know where you're going for here I don't even start with the brain and I was going to 54 like the last time is incredible maybe month is incredible I was like that is the first time I've done before I go for a fuckin fact I'm standing and achievement on Earth where you shrink into the room you're in the on the shelf and he was looking at if I'm at the shop yeah it's amazing how quickly your brain ignores the truth and it just gets like your mind wants you to believe you have David over there try to her earlier today and he did the portal one for like you expand the robot prometheu we're trying that out the awesome Jeff Jeffers playing it with him pops up these two little nunchuck type things with her Fruit Ninja because it's Crow flying everywhere just shopping and kept trying to hit the fruit with his left hand trying different stuff I can get one of these piece of fruit so I just went like making a list of things I like to do it again so I twisted the knife and I was like I really don't want to do who is Emily and I just kind of feels weird to shove a sword into my stomach and also things to do fall and the game won't start so right after I played it once the first thing I started doing was you can whack the watermelon behind you for 3 minutes watermelon turning my head around just to see how far it went old Sophie but you should get the kids yet and I still have a glove for picking up stuff from your brain know whether you can go over to clubs shut up so that should be like a bodysuit that has little full speed back there to get hit by somebody like you put a sword in his feedback and the ability for other people to appear in your virtual world where they are based on real life and you can build stuff terrifying Justin that I would be going to one of those bus that comes in a huge way the short one when you just looking at and it's just like the head part like that you know polish word for started dropping PT absolutely wood shipment I just truly believe people with like heart conditions and ship would drop that like if seeing that stuff in real life like for sure it's so annoying to try to explain like really have to try it like its it when you going to do it just out of nowhere like a real life did the actual physical stuff randomly walk into a box or something the first time you and I spoke just do it what have you done Steak and Shake pulled it out I really want to try surgery yeah if you could you could wear that thing it takes you right into the Federation and it just projected naked body may be there the penis just because you just in a different direction imagine if when they ask you to put a VR headset on the giant tooth that would be an occasional what if they don't do nothing with this thing it's a Mastiff weigh stuff in mind this whole day just getting into Ready Player One the book and it's not ready yet rereading Clash of Clans listen to Clash of Kings today before I move on to feature Crow stuff probably what will the static Ready Player one in there I didn't make it over to our friends over at Warby parker.com Warby Parker makes high-quality stylish frames for prescription glasses or sunglasses start at $95 compared to similar quality brand for sale for $300 or more Warby Parker also has a free home try-on program that's really cool you get to go to the website choose 5 pairs of frames and they send it to you so you can try them on I decide which ones you like best I got them right here so they send you the box and you got 5 pairs of glasses some of the more intense right now so for every pair of glasses you purchase order Parke offense a pair to someone in need to make sure to tweet and comment on which pair you like the most so I tried Warby Parker out for yourself to see how good you look in your friends go to warbyparker.com / wish to you and get free 3-day shipping on your final frame selection at Warby parker.com / restore key so when we did some furniture that I want to try on and when we did the sponsor supplementary podcast last week I was showing some photos from my phone and people saw in the camera roll with glasses on and I saw people posting on the website like what the fuck are these photos dresses like that I got some funny ones Violet baby glasses Warby parker.com we're not the ones they're not prescription so I can't see anything will try to set something up I'm going to distinguish here when I was younger but you do look good in those actually Michael do you have a small head with using my head got smaller it's more than that barbar thank you are you doing I want something right now actually. I think about it Warby Parker so you can get these if you want it you can look like that don't talk to me what is the flute why you think I look good please give me this Uruguay Harry Potter look like compared state with a lot tomorrow not true Rite Aid how do I get it to give me a call back I got to return them so I can get the car trouble trash and Freddie kiss glass when your called a poser hipster so he's allowed to just bullshittin Jeep contact me back and forth to their memory you can do both like it was just never know Jerk Pit how much between the face and other people as possible like glasses masks whatever makeup should I go to hide as much of this as I can you like the salad bar or Subway whatever people reach over the fucking glass you could just say what it is you know shop near where I just moved I just moved in the house and it's donut shop near licke on the way to work so I go there fairly often the delicious cookies and donuts and such like Twitter like Christina donut in the shit on it everyday give me that was doing that she knows what it is okay I'm going Andra donut the curly one lucky for us over. It shouldn't have to touch it Ariana Grande you see the video for looking donut licke surveillance video like she went to some donut shop and they were donut out on display and like I said she ordered donut someone like the person working there turned around the back of the order she like started looking the donuts they were out there no just like it was on the train and started looking for out there where she from did you hear nothing I have no idea I think you're the only one don't know that's not donut.com not looking donut she hates America and Americans and you put your phone sorry Chipotle what is it was when do the rooster roasted beets tomatoes onions cilantro jalapeno you load me up with Pikachu the good like aftertaste yeah I just had some delicious cheese and chips and then ate a piece of grass navigate Cameron to me like that you don't know but some people take longer than other people wonder about life experiences everything that you feel and you can experience in your life that you think is normal might not be normal like you might be the only person experiencing that like I mean call it the same way it's just no way of knowing to everyone people trying these glasses that correct color blindness and then seem like real colors for the first time probably know it worked because everything's really vibrant all of a sudden and they could distinguish like this flowers you can plant flowers before it look the same 20 / that would be pretty happy about it I can play 9520 price give me the substance also would you like to do a lot more to you than a regular I mean like sexually what if he put it in your mouth someone dropped a little you know he's probably pretty clean I am sure he has people take care of them like he has to be clean you know try to wash his hands for him to use the president president Emeritus you think we've ever had a president would like that personal hygiene and like no one can tell him that like he smells bad probably I mean there's probably some stinking ones in the country but I think about that sometimes like a painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence line Philadelphia the founders of a Nation scientist historic document and I think it's like famous painting in the world Dorian ready listen to Country Now time someone died in history of the queen and 5 by 4/2 how do you create a game had to be far away and if it's far away and I feel like I approach the queen but you seem like you don't like to shake your fucking hands ready for a break are the head to it so I'm just saying the queen Parke will be doing it right everyone 2 South Washington you think I will tell the queen what you just said hopefully you won't believe this Michael Johnson America's most inappropriate thing about it could happen one day at 1 you're out of here I'll give you trouble my bad sorry I didn't get it cuz I said so what can snakes drown the queen taking a shit right now I want to clean so I don't know it be cool if she was because she was like tweeting all time so she has a sweet Jason Bourne theme like five special agent chasing someone down who's running away with a turd diabetic cases when was President Taft president yet but he should Frozen that would present you want what's my time to wrap up throw out to shut the I know him he really got the Blu-ray and DVD Sun shirt on next event at 7:13 tomorrow soundtrack Central arm for truck on track you are you that is crazy about you 94 you pick it up yes I think so I'm going to do a podcast 200 200 Riot oh yeah I'll be somewhere here on a different site but that's right on the difference that I don't want this old thing barbar okay soon like a couple weeks I took it I took a cheeky peek at the set did you I haven't looked at it looks pretty cool so you know I'm jealous yeah it's cool she should be set so you're wasting your time with me beer how many hours is 3 to 4 with a spot for a fifth in case you needed gas I think people will enjoy it so look out for that if you like this podcast and podcasts like it when sit out barbar Justice what's it going to be determined but I will find out when it comes out but probably not that you can on your phone podcast get into right now Crystal Pepsi peps on E channel